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November 30, 2012

Please Stop Talking About the Fiscal Cliff

Harland Dorrinson, a forty-one-year-old carpet-tile salesman and self-described “fiscal-cliff nut”

has turned himself into a pariah with his inexplicable interest in the most tedious conversation topic ever.... If Mr. Dorrinson has a regret, it is that the fiscal-cliff issue will be resolved one way or the other by the end of the year: “I know I’m going to experience a profound feeling of loss when it’s gone. There hasn’t been anything this fascinating since the debt-ceiling debate.” -- : The New Yorker

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Corrections to "Advanced Vocabulary Training 2" Below

BillH lends a helping brain to Side-Lines: Advanced Vocabulary Training 2

Interesting, but incorrect.


Synarchy: a conspiracy of sinners.

Cicatrix: a female body part.

Ordure: a fancy appetizer.

Demiurge: The urge to pee after drinking a 12 pack of beer.

Amatory: a device for cremating dead amas.

Greensward: Moe Green's political fiefdom.

Halitus: an interruption.

Etiolate: what the bride said when Etio didn't show up on time for the wedding.

Mansuetude: a dude wearing suede.

Scintilla: a large, monster-like sinner.

Ruction: dual meaning; 1) what was there before something was built, 2) what was there before something was destroyed.

Wain: when water falls out of the sky.

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The Link Pretty Much Clicks Itself 2

MUMBAI, India — Fifteen years after vultures disappeared from Mumbai’s skies, the Parsi community here intends to build two aviaries at one of its most sacred sites so that the giant scavengers can once again devour human corpses. -- Cultivating Vultures to Restore a Mumbai Ritual

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White People Problems


Private schools cost a fortune in New York but the public schools are so terrible, the supply still can’t meet the demand. Once you’re finally afforded the opportunity to pay through the nose just so your kid doesn’t spend all day fighting Puerto Ricans, you’re still stuck with a teacher that says your boy’s progress is “Like, really amazing.” OMG. My father’s generation learned Latin for free. Today it costs tens of thousands of dollars to teach your kid to talk like a babysitter. -- Gavin McInnes - Taki's Magazine

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And Pedro doesn't mind if he don't make the scene/ He's got a daytime job, he's doing all right....

Daughter Of The Golden West: As Seen In Los Angeles, a taco cart pulled by a Range Rover.

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Advanced Vocabulary Training 2

synarchy: a “joint rule” form of government, now with conspiratorial connotations

cicatrix: new tissue over a wound, or the scar left on a plant by a fallen leaf

ordure: excrement, or figuratively speaking, an offensive action

demiurge: creator of the universe, not necessarily God

amatory: expressive of, pertaining to, or inciting love

greensward: grassy turf or an area covered in such

halitus: a breath, exhalation, or vapor in general

etiolate: to drain of color or vigor, esp. plants

mansuetude: mildness or gentleness

scintilla: a trace, particle, or spark

ruction: a din or disturbance

wain: a wagon or cart
-- Coldewey's Curiosities -- VOCABULARY: TOUCH OF TURF EDITION

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"They're pretty pickled already!"


Hell's Union: Motorcycle Club Cuts as American Folk Art Despite meeting a collector's desire for authenticity, the more unwashed, overly mended, and greasier the shoulders from hair, the more the cut represented the wearers long-term commitment to the MC. "I think Hell's Union is one of the strongest. Splattered bleach on it, leather fringe, military medals, police patches taken from police when pulled over. The back has great embroidery. It's my favorite for its aesthetic."

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November 29, 2012

When standing in a hotel ballroom

or when seated in a television studio,

it is the duty of the tribunes of the people to insist that the drug traffic be stopped, the budget balanced, the schools improved, paradise regained. Off camera, they bootleg the distribution of the nation’s wealth to the gentry at whose feet they dance for coins. — LEWIS LAPHAM, FEAST OF FOOLS [via Coldewey's Curiosities]

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John Singer Sargent, Portrait of Madame X (Study, 1883)

"Madame X" aka Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau, wife of Pierre Gautreau

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From Mel Gibson covers Vogue Russia

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Costco Obama Donors Cash In

Costco to spend $3 billion on special $7-a-share dividend Among the biggest beneficiaries of Costco’s special dividend will be co-founders Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman, and Chief Executive Officer Craig Jelinek.

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UnReality TV: CNN Announces It Will Continue to Fail

Jeff Zucker named new president of CNN Worldwide - CNN.com

Hypothetical conversation between two CNN Executives:

Exec#1: I don't get it. Our ratings are dropping like stones. Our viewership is a tiny fraction of what it was 10 years ago. We run interference for Dear Leader Barack Obama, not letting any news story that might even remotely reflect badly on him get any air time. The vast majority of our reporters are overwhelmingly liberal. As are our writers, producers and 'news' show hosts. A conservative person or point-of-view doesn't even get the light of day on this network, except to be mocked or criticized. Still, we keep losing viewers. Any ideas on how we can turn this around?"

Exec#2: "I know! Let's hire more liberals!"

Exec#1: "Brilliant!"

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It Can't Happen Here

Syria shuts off internet access across the country

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"Discrimination (to the Modern Leftist) is the ultimate sin."

"All cultures, all behaviours, all plans and courses of action, all people and all nations, are inherently equal. Therefore, no matter what anybody does, they ought always to get equal results. This does not happen. Therefore, there must be some swindle going on — in some unseen way (‘systemic’ is the usual word), those who succeed are taking away success from those who fail. To you and me, who look at facts and evidence and reason, it is obvious that a man who works twelve hours a day at productive employment will do better than the man who spends those twelve hours drinking whisky. But to the Modern Leftist, there is a priori no reason to prefer work to whisky; therefore the man who works is robbing the drunkard." -- Tom Simon commenting at The Knife and the Pony | John C. Wright's Journal

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Thank You for Smoking

small dead animals: Unenforced Laws are Not Really "Laws", Are They?

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Box in a Box

Love in bloom!

The Swiss city of Zurich is to open drive-in sex boxes in an attempt to rid the town of street prostitution.

Located in an industrial area of the city, the row of garage-like boxes will have roofs and walls for privacy, and easy access for cars. The council estimates that around 30 prostitutes will meet clients at the site of the boxes, and use the drive-in slots on a first-come-first-served basis.
Add the BoxBox to the achievement of the cuckoo clock.

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"I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."


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November 28, 2012

"Please Don't Kill Us."

The United States does not appease in pursuit of its objectives, appeasement has become the objective.

Being hated is the ultimate national security threat. Being loved is the ultimate national security objective. These aren't even sarcastic observations. They are actual policy. -- Sultan Knish: America Has No Foreign Policy

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"The white members of the Congressional Black Caucus could not be found for comment…"

House Speaker John Boehner released the proposed recommendations

for chairmen in 19 of the 21 House committees -- powerful posts that set legislative agenda and priorities in respective issue areas -- and there'€™s not one woman or minority on the list. -- Things Like This Are Very Important In Politics * Waznmentobe

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File under: "No condom thick enough."

How much would you pay for 1 hour with Sandra Fluke?

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The truth is, America has fallen off that cliff.

For a few years now, I've been comparing the nation to Wiley E Coyote running on thin air, chasing the Roadrunner, before he looks down.

Well, we looked down. Now all that's left is the funny sign Wiley pulls out from behind him to indicate his dismay. Everyone in the country knows something is not just horribly wrong, but doom is on our horizon. We all feel it, deep down; we sense it like that wet dust smell of rain before it starts to fall. -- Word Around the Net: PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999


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A Plan for Traditionalists

Maintain tradition in small things: e.g., dress more formally than is customary these days,

practice old-fashioned manners, refrain from swearing; read old books, and then discuss them around the family dinner table; join together in regular and serious family prayer, if only to bless each meal; remember your family holiday traditions, and observe them gravely and with joy. -- The Thinking Housewife

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The Original Girlfriend


M-I-C, See you real soon
K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you

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I got lots of advice when I caught the poverty.

I got it from people that I figure would lay down and die if they were in my place....
They shun us, now. It's not in the front of their head, but way in the back, but it the decision is the same: They might catch the poverty from us. Best find a way to forget our phone number. -- Sippican Cottage: I Have A Friend

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Too Expensive to Hunt Husbands in College

If you are going to college to get an education and not to meet guys,

you are insane, literally insane, delusional, in reality one is never going to happen and the other is going to happen anyway, and you could have gotten both for free at a bookstore. Worked for me. The only question for the future single mom is whether it's worth $XX,XXXX a year to meet guys, and the answer is of course it's not, even nightclubs let ladies in for free. -- The Last Psychiatrist: Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1

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Bridgeport: Crap on a Connecticut Cracker

A boom town, but not anymore. It's Bridgeport Week at Maggie's Farm: Today, Bridgeport is about 40% recent Hispanic immigrants, 30% Black, and the rest arevarious kinds of white.

There has been no gentrification of downtown because there are few jobs and not much to do. Well, nothing to do. The weekend streets, empty of traffic and foot traffic except for the occasional hoodie, give a sense of desolation but not menace. There is no critical mass of activity, which has all moved to the suburbs to escape Blue City decay and taxes. (It's Obamaville for sure. In the previous election, just enough uncounted paper votes were mysteriously discovered in bags in a Bridgeport school basement to turn the election over to a Democrat CT governor days after good Repub Tom Foley appeared to have won the election.)

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November 27, 2012


"Not showing up to riot" is a failed conservative policy. -- motto at small dead animals

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Why the World Deserves an Asteroid Strike

Judgement Day cannot come too soon! “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Eric Mistretta. A fresh hairstyle for spring 2013!


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Advanced Vocabulary Training


metonymy: figure of speech in which a concept is replaced by a related object (“the crown”)

synteresis: innate moral knowledge. In Christianity, the part of the soul connected with god

ecpyrosis: the periodic destruction and recreation of the universe (ancient Greek belief)

pother: a commotion, heated discussion, or suffocating cloud (as of dust or ash)

defalcation: misappropriation of property (or the property so misappropriated)

simoniacal: guilty of practicing simony (profiting from ecclesiastical matters)

ascesis: self-discipline, often for religious purposes (var. askesis)

chasuble: a Catholic, sleeveless liturgical garment

ydrad: the state of being dreaded (middle English)

furze: “any spiny shrub of the genus Ulex.” Gorse.

hebetude: lazy or lethargic in mind or affect

inanation: exhaustion; lack of vigor or spirit

jape: a joke or mockery (v./n.)

ambulant: itinerant or shifting

brume: mist or fog

-- Courtesy Coldewey's Curiosities

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"ZETA:" Either the Child or the Parent of PETA. You Decide.

It is truly said that, "The hun is either at your throat or at your pet." Germany to ban sex with animals

However the move has aroused the ire of zoophile group ZETA. Lobbyist Michael Kiok, who lives with his dog Cassie, told the newspaper there were more than 100,000 zoophiles in Germany. "Mere morals have no place in law," he said. Mr Kiok said he was worried that if the law took effect the authorities would try to take away his dog.

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Stoned Riders

Jeff Decker, Hell’s Union: Motorcycle Club Cuts as American Folk Art is an exhibition at the University of California Riverside ARTSblock -- Accidental Mysteries, 11.25.12: : Observatory: Design Observer
As a collector, Decker also seems attracted to the cut-sleeve cuts from the 60s and 70s because they are made from denim. The cotton fabric was particularly apt for absorbing urine, blood, and dirt, thus, capturing a patina of authenticity and individuality. Later, in the 1980s, MCs started wearing leather jackets because, in part, they were easier to clean.... -- Artbound | KCET

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The Noose Around Israel's Neck

As the noose tightens, Israel dies. Only by resisting the noose, can it survive.

Only by fighting to free its hands, can it resist. The way of surrender is the way of death. And after Israel dies, its own hangmen will be next. Because the lynch mob has only begun. Its appetite is whetted by death. Its hunger will only be sharpened by blood, not sated by it. And it will cover the world in blood, if it is not stopped. But now the noose draws tight. Only a little more air is left. What will Israel do with that air? Appeal for justice, or fight with all its strength to rip the noose away. For now the choice is still hers. When the noose has done it work, it no longer will be. -- Sultan Knish:

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Here's Looking at You, Puny Human


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Libido Dominandi

"Liberalism, by the inner dynamic of its logic, was forced to become an instrument of social control

in order to avoid the chaos which it created by its own erosion of tradition and morals. Democratic man could not be left to his own devices; chaos would result. The logic was clear. If there is no God, there can be no religion; if there is no religion, there can be no morals; if there are no morals, there can be no self-control; if there is no self-control, there can be no social order; if there is no social order, there can be nothing but the chaos of competing desire. But we cannot have chaos, so therefore we must institute behavioral control in place of the traditional structures of the past — tradition, religion, etc. Abolishing tradition, religion and morals and establishing "scientific"€ social control are one and the same project." -- E. Michael Jones, Libido Dominandi — Sexual Liberation and Political Control [The Great Zero Gate]

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The Solution!

Kimberly Rudisill said she doesn’t think the homeless problem is as bad as perceived

and that the city needs federal and state assistance to help the homeless. Schindelbeck said economic growth would enable the city to hire more police and that the homeless should be offered “a hot meal, fresh clothes, a shave and a bus ticket to send them back home.” -- Council chamber - News - Local Stories - September 20, 2012 - Chico News & Review

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November 26, 2012

Suicide bombers don’t care about the effects of their actions on others.

In the United States, we have suicide voters. These radical progressives and liberals don't care about the effects of their actions on others.

They believe their almighty ruler, government, will reward them with a utopian society that cares for them from cradle to grave. These domestic terrorists areindoctrinated in our public schoolsfrom a young age to believe that Americans are the real evil in the world, and their greed must be avengedwith social justice policies that redistribute their wealth. -- A Real Threat To America

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The ideal American soldier is supposed to avoid the Taliban,

or as one set of orders urged, patrol in places where the Taliban won't be found. And that's sensible advice,

because if the goal is to avoid creating an Incident, then avoiding the enemy is the best way to avoid an Incident. Unfortunately the enemy has a bad habit of appearing where he isn't supposed to be and creating his own Incidents, because Taliban and Hamas commanders are not concerned about being yelled at in a fictional courtroom by Matt Damon. They actually welcome Incidents. The bigger and bloodier the Incident, the more hashish and young boys get passed around the campfire that night. -- Sultan Knish: Incidentism

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" Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed"

for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. -- Declaration of Independence

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"Name me one contemporary fiction writer who required his college training to be a writer"

and if you say David Foster Wallace I swear to god I'm going to pumpkin your house.

I think the only reason The New Yorker keeps shoving him down my throat is because he-- the guy, not his work-- is an academic's aspirational fantasy, a compromise between two worlds: mild mannered writing professor by day, brooding and non-balding antihero by night, a last chance at "I can be cool, too" for the late 30s associate professor who thinks that intelligence alone is insufficient reason to be labeled a man. -- The Last Psychiatrist: Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1

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Jill Kelley of Tampa

If only she'd been hosting a champagne reception at the Sigonella air base in southern Italy,

maybe we could have parachuted her into Benghazi to defuse the situation. Jill is the woman Hillary can only dream of being – at the confluence of all the great geostrategic currents of the age. Why didn't we fly Jill Kelley to broker the Gaza deal? Instead of a patsy peddling risible talking-points like Susan Rice, why can't we have Jill Kelley as Secretary of State? .... As for Afghanistan, it seems a fitting comment on America's longest unwon war that the last two U.S. commanders exit in a Benny Hill finale, trousers round their ankles, pursued to speeded-up chase music by bunny-boiling mistresses, stalker socialites, identical twins and Bubba the Love Sponge. -- Mark Steyn The Orange County Register

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"Since the election I’ve noticed a very gloomy and defeatist mindset circulating on the right, and not just on this blog. "

Whatever happened to patience? Remember that the phrase "the Gramscian march" usually contains the adjective "€œlong,"€ as in "€œthe long Gramscian march." € When the left began that endeavor, it probably looked impossible, but they were undaunted and they were very, very, very patient. -- neo-neocon And about that anti-Gramscian march

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Stunning Close-Up Portraits of Wild Animals

Though many of the animals are wild beasts, the photographer does all of his work outside of the wilderness.
The animals are, in fact, transported to a studio where Wilson is able to focus solely on them. With the assurance that these creatures have been trained not to attack him, the photographer proceeds to snap shots of them from only a few feet away. -- - My Modern Metropolis

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"How strange it is that Western civilization,"

having spent nearly a century overthrowing God should replace him with the buff, albino humanoids of Ridley Scott's Prometheus or by Gaia or Xenu, almost as if having burned a Rembrandt the curator replaced it with a child's drawing." -- Belmont Club

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I'm a Bartender and Please Don't Ask Me What My "Real Job"

While my peers sent out resume after resume, competing with hundreds of other applicants for jobs that they were overqualified for, I continued to come home from work every night with a pocketful of cash.

During times of strife, alcohol sales increase as people seek out an escape from their problems and so I found myself with the unlikeliest of things at that time: job security. The bar became a bunker where I not only took shelter from the broken economy but, horrible as it sounds, profited from it. -- Is | xoJane

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On the Road With Google Translate

Brian Finke - Truckers Le Mythe Americain | Le Journal de la Photographie: As maids, handymen and Gynecologists, drivers tend to exist on the periphery of our consciousness,
obscure figures engaged in heavy work and far. To tell the truth, before Brian Finke not talk to me about, I did not know what a road. - Brian Finke: You know, Lady Mary. Men who lead large semi-trailers on the highway? - Lady Mary Crawley: Would you like a cup of tea, my dear? - Brian Finke: You must have crossed parked in rest areas? In the stations? - Lady Mary Crawley: It's time Winterbottom treats Beijing against fleas.

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Jamie Foxx: "Give Honor To God And Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama"

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November 25, 2012

Man Builds AK-47 From Shovel


Please be aware that hiding in your garage, there may be dozens of Killy, high-clip-capacitated, school-penetrating, children-hating,

Assault Weapons of mAss Destruction! Please send this message to all your libtard friends to make sure that they call 911 when they encounter anything that looks like a shovel. -- DIY: Shovel AK - photo tsunami warning!
HT small dead animals: Honey, I Finished The Internet

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Red Bull to sponsor US military drones

“We are delighted to contribute to the war on terror,” added Red Bull spokesman Max Heimler.
“Red Bull always seeks to take life to new extremes – whether it’s on the racetrack, at the edge of space, or over remote Afghani caves sheltering suspected terror cells.” -- | The Pan-Arabia Enquirer

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Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Robber fed Viagra and kept as sex slave by salon owner:
After demanding the day’s takings he found himself overcome by the owner – karate black belt Olga Zajac, 28, – who floored him with a kick and tied him up with a hair dryer cable. She then took him into a back room at the salon at Meshchovsk, Russia and stripped him naked, using him as a sex slave for three days to "teach him a lesson". She eventually let him go, telling him: "Get out of my sight." Victor first went to the hospital to treat his swollen testicles... | The Sun |News [HT: Rodger, Real King of Pants]

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November 24, 2012



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So who are these billionaires that we should tax the hell out of? Mostly, they are Democrats.

Of the richest 10 counties in America, 8 of them voted for Obama in the last election. What should their reward be for their votes and millions in Obama campaign contributions? Pay up, you greedy suckas! There’s lots of redistribution of wealth to be done! .... If Republicans had any cojones (which they don’t), they would jump all over jacking up taxes on the super rich and leaving those making $250,000 alone. If Republicans were smart (which they’re not), they would lock Obama into taxing the bejeezus out of his libtarded billionaire friends on Wall Street and Hollyweird! -- | Angry White Dude

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Prometheus in the desert: from atom bombs to radio astronomy, New Mexico's scientific legacy


In the telling it has the contours of a creation myth:

At a time of great evil and great terror, a small group of scientists, among the world’s greatest minds, secluded themselves in the desert. In secrecy and silence they toiled at their Promethean task. They sought the ultimate weapon, one of such great power as to end not just their war, but all war. They hoped their work would salvage the future. They feared it could end everything. -- | The Verge

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Whew! "With his last reserves of strength he had managed to extricate himself from the woman’s vice-like grip and fled naked...."

Man Escapes Death After Wife Tried To Suffocate Him By Motorboating His Face With Her 38DD Breasts | Elite Daily

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“This was not his normal conduct.... ”

Cushing man gets jail for striking estranged wife with genitalia: The incident occurred in July in Warren when his wife of 39 years, who was estranged from him, stayed at his place.

He offered her $20 for sex, and when she refused he took out his penis and struck her with it, according to the prosecution’s version of events to which he pleaded guilty. Defense Attorney Justin Andrus said Thomas was tremendously upset that his marriage of 39 years was ending. He said his estranged wife was planning to go to Pakistan to meet a man she met online.

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The Link Pretty Much Clicks Itself

Yoshiomi Kurisu and his team discuss how difficult it was to create auto-detection of penis drawings.

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November 23, 2012

There's a Reason It's Called "Black Friday"

"When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose."
You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.

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Black Friday Doorbuster Abortion Deal


Offered by Planned Parenthood - South Florida and the Treasure Coast

HT: Planned Parenthood has world’s most tasteless Black Friday deal probably ever. :: Naked DC

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"Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off

The Egyptian President has reached the stop. Or in the words of Mohammed Morsi, the man from the Muslim Brotherhood

who was  hailed by the administration as the harbinger of democracy and savior of the peace in Gaza, “political stability, social stability and economic stability are what I want and that is what I am working for. I have always been, and still am, and will always be, God willing, with the pulse of the people, what the people want, with clear legitimacy.” He was referring of course to his assumption of dictatorial powers over Egypt. -- Belmont Club » Pharaoh

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Cherry Picking Leviticus

Leviticus 19 KJV - And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.

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Israel fights another inconclusive war that,

if she had the will, she would have won easily. So it only served to strengthen her savage Islamist enemies

and set the stage for the next war. Apparently, the one chance to keep Israel's leadership honest will be the decision forced upon them by Iran: Choose life or a fiery death, Jew. And judging Israel's behavior from 1948 to the present, there's every reason to believe she will make the wrong choice. But there is good news. Our wait will not be very long. We're nearing the last straw. df -- Dan Friedman's email list : Israel Hastens The Day of Reckoning

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[Un-]American Apparel

A lot of the time when the guys from head office would come in they would take pictures of the girls in the store.
Some of the girls wanted extra attention so they would pose pretty raunchy for them, mostly they just side boob and stuff but sometimes it got kind of weird. Also, every city with an American Apparel also has a company hotel room. Personally, I never went with them, but when the head office guys came to town they would take a few girls from the store with them for the night. I heard stories about tons of weird crap going on those nights and I know for a fact many of those girls were under 18. -- Some corporate secrets you can now disclose about [Company X] now that you no longer work there?
Just keep reading the thread....

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Magic Moments from Black Friday

"This doorbuster line's not moving fast enough"

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Love is Art. Isn't It?

BLACK EDITION | LOVE IS ART The kit includes;
> 10' x 12' plastic painters tarpto protect surfaces > 41" x 54" specially treated white cotton canvas > 4oz bottle of specially formulated black, organic, non-toxic, washable paint > Two pairs of disposable slippers > Soft mesh body scrubber
How it works:
You simply roll the plastic tarp out onto the floor, place the specially treated canvas on top of the plastic sheet, pour the 4oz of specially fomulated paint onto the canvas, and then use your bodies to move the paint around and across the canvas, creating a unique abstract image. Throw the disposable slippers on and walk to the shower or bath to wash each other.

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November 22, 2012

In stark contrast to the sporadic and lackluster military prowess

exhibited by the Count of Philosophy, the Baron of Theology, the Viscount of Ethics, or the Baronet of Anthropology,

armies of the King of Mathematics march slowly but inexorably, tirelessly, without pause or respite, and utterly without even a hint of mercy. While his vanguard can be beaten back successfully in quick and highly expensive (in men and treasure) campaigns, slowly but surely the aggressor finds escape route after escape route cut off as General Subtraction, General Addition, and Field Marshall Compound Interest methodically cut off avenues of fiscal retreat and offer no terms and no quarter whatsoever. -- Contemplating Vailant Rearguard Actions Against Intractable Foes | finem respice

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Let me disclose the gifts reserved for age

To set a crown upon your lifetime's effort.
    First, the cold fricton of expiring sense
Without enchantment, offering no promise
    But bitter tastelessness of shadow fruit
    As body and sould begin to fall asunder.
Second, the conscious impotence of rage
    At human folly, and the laceration
    Of laughter at what ceases to amuse.
And last, the rending pain of re-enactment
    Of all that you have done, and been; the shame
Of things ill done and done to others' harm
    Which once you took for exercise of virtue.
    Then fools' approval stings, and honour stains.
From wrong to wrong the exasperated spirit
    Proceeds, unless restored by that refining fire
    Where you must move in measure, like a dancer."
The day was breaking. In the disfigured street
    He left me, with a kind of valediction,
    And faded on the blowing of the horn.
-- Little Gidding

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Audubon's Wild Turkey

Ben Franklin thought the turkey should be the national bird.

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People’s Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year—Mustache Edition


Look. I can't begin to describe my frustration at receiving accolades for this facial bane. My mustache!

You think it's a good time, seeing a woman countenance my visage and swoon, only to fall beneath the crushing wheels of a Sunset Strip Hummer? Wrong. When I'm standing in line at the bank, and it's held up by six men with clown masks and AK-47s, do you think it's a fun chuckle when everyone turns expectantly to me, assuming somehow that my insanely lush mustache will kickass all of us to safety? It's not a chuckle, People, not by a long shot. Those dead clowns are most certainly not chuckling. -- Afternoon Snooze Button

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Man's Gotta Know His Limitations


Via Mme Scherzo - republican101: Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

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November 21, 2012

White Lilies by Henri Fantin-Latour


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The Red Queen's race

"Well, in our country," said Alice, still panting a little,

"you'd generally get to somewhere else — if you run very fast for a long time, as we've been doing."

"A slow sort of country!" said the Queen.
"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" -- -- La Wik

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Previous Cult: “Ten thousand melodies cannot express our boundless hot love for you”

Mao gave the mangoes to Wang Dongxing, who divided them up, distributing one mango each to a number of leading factories in Beijing,
including Beijing Textile Factory, where I was then living. The workers at the factory held a huge ceremony, rich in the recitation of Mao’s words, to welcome the arrival of the mango, then sealed the fruit in wax, hoping to preserve it for posterity. The mangoes became sacred relics, objects of veneration. The wax-covered fruit was placed on an altar in the factory auditorium, and workers lined up to file past it, solemnly bowing as they walked by. -- Abandoned Footnotes: “Ten thousand melodies cannot express our boundless hot love for you”: the Cult of Personality in Mao’s China

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There Really Is No Bottom: "Ke$ha Made Bra From Her Fans' Teeth"

Ke$ha Made Bra From Her Fans' Teeth Ke$ha tells BANG Showbiz (via Female First) that she asked each of her followers to send her a tooth, and was able to fashion a bra, headdress and earrings out of the 1,000-plus canines she received.
"I asked for them to send me their teeth and I got, like, over 1000 human teeth," she explains. "I made it into a bra top, and a headdress, and earrings, and necklaces. I've worn it out!"
You know, if God is really going to punish this culture He'd better get busy lest there be too much to do.

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A History of Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin's familiar, predictable, comfortably mediocre. A welcome sign to see on a cold, sleety night of driving in the middle of nowhere. A Dunkin franchise is a cash cow for the franchisee. I know a Greek immigrant who now owns five of them. He's rich. He is fortunate in having aloyal, smart, and pleasant mostly-Hispanic staff. -- Bird Dog @ Maggie's Farm

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It's the economy, stupid! "Thanks guy from 1992.

"To the economy, the English grad is just as superfluous as the disenfranchised welfare mom in the hood

-- the college education is just as irrelevant as the skin color. Not irrelevant for now, not irrelevant "until the economy improves" -- irrelevant forever. The economy doesn't care about intelligence, at all, it doesn't care what you know, merely what you can produce for it. The only things the English grad is "qualified" for in this economy are the very things s/he is already doing: coffeehouse agitator, Trader Joe's associate, Apple customer ....................... and spouse of a capitalist." -- The Last Psychiatrist: Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1

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California's dead as a doornail.

It's just like East Germany now. Except gays can window shop in the nude, and there is no Iron Curtain or Berlin Wall keeping sane people from fleeing California. But the Stasi is still there. The same old crowd. They just wear nipple rings now. -- Velociworld: The Wild Boars Gambit

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The world was deeply moved when Arafat

waddled up to the UN podium, with his gun, wearing a mismatched cotton rag on his head

that would decades hence become the modish apparel of every third hipster standing in line with a can of 20 dollar fair trade Lima beans at Whole Foods, because his commitment to killing people in a failed cause that even he didn't believe in exchange for money from his backers in the Muslim world showed his deep commitment to the moral high ground. -- Sultan Knish: Winning the Peace

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November 20, 2012

One man cannot beat back Leviathan,

but 29 governors and statehouses can. If they coordinate, and play by the left's rules. Select specific areas where the federal government has usurped power,

from education to highway construction to Medicaid allocations to, hell, drug laws, and sue the piss out of Leviathan's minions. Sue, sue, sue. Alinsky them. Sue the EPA, sue the Interior Department, sue the Department of Health and Human Services. Sue the cabinet members individually. Sue czars. Find sympathetic federal courts and drag those czars' asses into court. Sue as groups of states, sue as individual states. Just file hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits. Most will be swept away by invoking immunity and the supremacy clause, but not all. -- Velociworld: The Wild Boars Gambit

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Twinkicide: Death By Liberalism

With all the brio of Paul Newman and Robert Redford as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid cornered by the law and yelling

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Sh……………t" as they presumably jumped to their deaths, both the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers union -- a.k.a. the 18,500 Americans who make Twinkies and other Hostess company products -- and the editors who produced the once economically viable newsmagazine Newsweek faced a stark choice. Adapt to survive and prosper -- or kill businesses that are respectively 85 years old and 80 years old. Thus killing their own jobs. .... The bakers union and the magazine editors chose death. Bye bye! --- Jeffrey Lord / The American Spectator

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"As for the moaning and keening Republicans,"

you've got an amazing number of governors, and some of them are doing spectacularly well.

The Dems are stuck with New York, Massachusetts, and California, who incarnate true blue doctrines, and are in a mess. Events are likely to demonstrate the failure of blueness in this country, as they have abroad. So stick to your principles and don't try to be "more like them." Nobody needs pseudo-blues, if people want to vote left, they'll vote for the real thing, not you-pretending-to-be-them-except-cuter. -- Michael Ledeen Faster, Please!: We're Doomed! Again!

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"The Dark Lord is trying to get us to trip and fall. "

And it is easy to get men to believe easy and stupid answers, to walk about with their eyes half closed and their minds half empty,
because the natural sloth which grows like moss in every human heart is the dark side’s ally. The darkness lulls us to sleep. The Promethean task of lighting a fire, and shaping the inner ape to stand on his own two feet like a man, ah, that is harder, and is much harder to portray. It cannot appeal to man’s lower instincts, to sneering pride or prurient lust. It can only appeal to the highest. -- The Other Side of the Picture | John C. Wright's Journal

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Gerry The Hipster is made of soy and ennui

When he was 17 the system incentivized him to destroy his life,

tempted him with beer, babes, and BS-- and the promise of an upper middle class lifestyle provided he went to "a good school" (read: gave the system $100k of his post tax, pre-interest money), never mind for what. Like a good American, he did what he was told. -- The Last Psychiatrist: Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 2

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Stalin on "The Media"

"I would like the congress to pay particular attention to the task of raising the press to the proper level. It is making progress, it has made big progress, but not as much as is needed. The press must grow day in and day out -- it is our Party's sharpest and most powerful weapon." -- Speech to The Twelfth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)

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"Conservatives think that Reagan the Baffled won a great victory over the Soviet Onion "

by spending it into penury. Grrr. Woof. But in the great sweep of things, what he did was to increase military spending. The Russians didn't matter: The Pentagon quickly found another financial pretext in Terrorism after the budgetary godsend in New York. Subsequent presidents continued the trend. From a Chinese point of view, it is wonderful. They build their economy while we assassinate ours. They don't need a military. Ours is doing the job for them. -- Fred On Everything

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There is no longer a left or liberalism in America.

There is only a politics of victimhood that looks on all allocation of employment, college admissions, rewards of any kind

as a spoils system to be divided baseded on formulas that favor formerly underrepresented groups. Visit any website offering jobs of any kind at a university and it will advertise that they are favoring women and minorities. This is not unfamiliar to anyone who was part of the new left in the late 1960s and early 1970s. -- Comment on Works and Days サ Too Few Oppressors, Too Many Victims

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"We shouldn’t be surprised in an era where our “president” sleeps with a horse."

After effectively barring conservative columnist Ann Coulter from speaking on campus last week,

the Jesuit college Fordham University welcomed infanticide and bestiality advocate Peter Singer for a panel discussion on Friday. According to Fordham'€™s media relations website, Singer, a tenured Princeton bioethics professor, spoke from 4 to 6 p.m. in a panel the university promised "€œwill provoke Christians to think about other animals in new ways." -- iOwnTheWorld.com €™

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Idiot Wind

The idiot wind of the ‘60s blew and blew and blew and ended up bottled in newsrooms and green rooms all across the land.

It ended up tenured and stupid, credentialed and wholly incapable of basic economic analysis though it is very good at regression analysis applied to polling data and Twitter quips. Ezra Klein, Rachel Maddow, Jon Chait and Chris Hayes are the heirs to and current super-egos of the great noise from four decades back, with Kos as its id. That's it: all that is left of the New Left. -- David Mamet’s The Anarchist: The New Left’s Terrible Triumph - Hugh Hewitt

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November 19, 2012

On the Lam in Belize: The official Blog of John McAfee.

"If I am captured, this blog will continue.
I have pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year. In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments." --Who is McAfee? [ www.whoismcafee.com ]-
Backstory: Now John McAfee Says He Has Disguised Himself As A Guatemalan Street Vendor With A Limp
In two separate posts today, he describes dying his beard, mutilating his nose with a "shaved tampon", darkening his skin with shoe polish and convincing a reporter from the Associated Press that he was a poor Guatemalan who sold dolphin carvings for a living. --John McAfee Disguise - Business Insider

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Zzzzzzzzzzz.... World's Most Riveting Squeaker Strikes Again

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Deep In ‘Thought’ During President Obama’s Myanmar Speech | Mediaite

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And the Death Thirsting [Copyright ©, 2002] Goes On.....

Copyright ©, 2002

House Republicans: Copyright Law Destroys Markets; It's Time For Real Reform | Techdirt

Update: Wow. It took less than 24 hours for the RSC to fold to Hollywood pressure. They have now retracted the report and attempted to claim that it was not properly vetted.

Frankly, if they wanted to win back the youth vote, this was exactly how not to do it. If you just look through the comments on our post on the original, or through the Twitter response to this report, there were tons of people -- many of whom were lifelong Democrats -- claiming that they would switch parties if the GOP stuck with this. Instead, they folded like a cheap card table in less than 24 hours. -- That Was Fast: Hollywood Already Browbeat The Republicans Into Retracting Report On Copyright Reform | Techdirt

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"I am woman. Hear me roar!"

Femke Agema's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection -- Thisispaper Magazine

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November 18, 2012

Mother Knows Best

Stalin visited his mother very rarely after the Revolution. N. Kipshidze, a doctor who treated her in her old age,

recalled that Stalin asked his mother at this meeting: "Why did you beat me so hard?" "That's why you turned out so well", Keke answered. In return, his mother asked him: "Joseph – who exactly are you now?" "Do you remember the tsar? Well, I'm like a tsar", replied Stalin. "You'd have done better to have become a priest" was his mother's retort. -- Ketevan Geladze - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The terrible “ifs” accumulate.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute discusses how "secret diplomacy" led directly to the Great War.

"Small powerful parties in France, Britain, and Russia all pushed for war and created secret treaties amongst each other. As Ralph Raico has pointed out, English foreign policy was dominated by a small, secret clique no more answerable to Parliament and the people than a dictatorship like Nazi Germany." You mean like Hillary, Barack and Valerie Jarrett? If you are getting a sinking feeling in your stomach about now, perhaps you should. -- Belmont Club "€œI Want the World And Everything In It!"

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Ding Dongs Dead. 18,500 Jobs Ditto. [Bumped]

Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike The company had warned employees
that it would file a motion with U.S. Bankruptcy Court Friday seeking permission to shutter its operations and sell its brands if plants hadn't resumed normal operations by a Thursday evening deadline. The deadline passed without a deal. The closing would mean the loss of about 18,500 jobs. "I don't know if they thought that was a bluff," CEO Gregory Rayburn said.
From the comments to this post: Check out the salaries the Bakers union officers take home:


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"They don't know any better"


Rush: Change The Culture, Change The Country And all of these people contributing and writing and posting these blogs are under 30.
And they live in a different world than I do and they live in a different world than I grew up in. The things that they just assume are true, like there is no doubt whatsoever that we are destroying the planet with global warming, no doubt. They can't even conceive of what you and I both know to be the truth, and that is, the whole global warming thing is a hoax. They do not even think it's a political issue. They do not realize that everything they believe in has been totally corrupted by politics. What they think is science is nothing more than corruption by the left, but they don't know any better. It's what they've been exposed to from as early on in their lives as their brains were capable of learning anything.

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Artist Uses 25 lbs. Of Garbage To Make Honey Boo Boo Portrait

White trash never looked so good. In a case where art imitates life this masterwork hits the nail on the head on so many levels. From the food she eats, to her family’s DNA to the sad state of modern pop culture and even the fans who faithfully watch crap TV like this. Garbage in, garbage out. -- Waznmentobe

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"It’s not that Israel has grown; it is the Arab world that shrank."

Gone are the days when the Syrian Army could launch a 5 division attack

supported by 188 artillery batteries in the Golan. The era when Egypt could mount an attack with 100,000 men, 1,350 tanks and 2,000 artillery pieces is nothing but memory. All around Israel's edges, countries are falling apart. Jordan is wracked by internal dissent, Syria paralyzed by a civil war that kills upwards of 200 people per day; Egypt bankrupt and will be lucky to avoid starvation. Libya is no more. Iraq is still prostrate. Oil in the Gulf is running out. -- Belmont Club サ The Last Man Standing

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Everybody Knows

Must see Web TV: Michelle Obama's Mirror: Everybody Knows


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Seven years ago the Israeli government decided

to forcibly evict the Jewish residents of Gaza and withdraw all bases and forces from the area.

The experts, some with the government and some with the media, assured everyone that it would be for the best and that withdrawal would actually improve the security situation in the country. -- Sultan Knish: A Moment of Truth in Israel

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Too Much Of Nothing | The Official Bob Dylan Site

Too much of nothing
Can turn a man into a liar
It can cause one man to sleep on nails
And another man to eat fire
Ev’rybody’s doin’ somethin’
I heard it in a dream
But when there’s too much of nothing
It just makes a fella mean

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November 17, 2012

"And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a 4 lb bag of sugar. "

It exploits human attentional flaws: we tend to look at the headline number and ignore the details.
That's why companies will frequently woo you with a great price on a television (and a terribly inflated shipping charge), and why big box retailers push wildly inflated extended warranties. --The Incredible Shrinking Sugar Bag - The Daily Beast

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15. Kummerspeck (German)

Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon. -- 15 Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent - Mental Floss

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Words to Live By

"Society is nothing more than individual psychology multiplied by too many to count. If narcissism is what drives this society, then only narcissism will explain it." -- The Last Psychiatrist

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"Baseball is the most important unimportant thing in the world."

Great post by Doc Merc: On America's Pastime - Maggie's Farm

- If a football quarterback completes only a third of his passes, he's benched. - If a basketball player only makes a third of his attempts, he's benched. - If a hockey player only makes a third of his shots, he's benched. - But if a baseball player gets one hit out of three, he's in the Hall of Fame. That's how difficult baseball is.

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Bird Dog Quotes:

If your main goal is to show that your heart is in the right place, then your heart is not in the right place. QQQ - Maggie's Farm

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"If feeding the destitute is a sacred duty, exterminating their children desecrates that duty."

Again, a progressive or a eugenicist, attempting to outwit this paradox,

could argue that some human life is sacred and other life is not, and that the state has the right to decree who is human and who is not, or grant to certain individuals that right. The Negro and the Jew were, in times past, were called less than human, and now it is the turn of the unborn. -- Message from Morlockland | John C. Wright's Journal

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Secret Agent Babe: Keepin' It Classy In the US Action Army!

File under, "It Just Keeps Getting Better!" When the Florida shock jock [Bubba the Love Sponge ] threatened to deep fat fry a Koran,
General John Allen , the commander of the U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan and CIA Director David Petraeus both spoke to social climbing Kelley asking to help them with a potential threat to the safety of serving American troops. -- How Tampa social climber Jill Kelley waded into a diplomatic row
In other news.... "Just visitin':" The White House lawyer who took Jill Kelley into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue THREE times | Mail Online
Kelly and her twin sister, Natalie Khawam, had two 'courtesy' meals in the mess at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as guests of a mid-level aide in September and October, a White House official said. Kelley and her family also received a tour of the presidential residence on the weekend before the November 6 election.
And of course: "The Kelley family has hired attorney Abbe Lowell, who represented John Edwards, and crisis manager Judy Smith, who worked for Monica Lewinsky." -- Who Is Jill Kelley? - ABC News

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November 16, 2012

"I suppose the subtext of the general's testimony was:"

Sure, I lied to you last time, but it wasn't under oath, and I ain't gonna admit it.

Besides, these guys had my nuts in a vise. You know how that is, boys. Plus, Obama had greased my hidskagleous, low-functioning orc-bride with a $187,000 do-nothing job. All she had to do at work was wear a Joker mask so as not to scare her coworkers. I was compromised, I tell ya! -- Velociworld: Foreskinshadowing

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This is not a war.

This is what happens when you cede territory to a terrorist group

with plenty of eager Muslim regimes supplying it with weapons. This is what happens when that terrorist group is supported by Egypt and Qatar. -- Sultan Knish:


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"Don't ask me, I don't give a damn. / Next stop is Vietnam."

A striking collection from both sides now: Vietnam in photos by Horst Faas, Henri Huet, Sal Veder, Rick Merron, Bill Ingraham, John Nance, Nick Ut.

You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong?
You may say to yourself, my god, what have I done?

-- Once In A Lifetime

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This Just In

Paula Broadwell Crashing On Petraeus Family’s Couch Until Sex Scandal Blows Over “Holly [Petraeus] has been the most gracious hostess throughout this whole ordeal,” Broadwell said.


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Superman Gets With the Program!


Superman: Red Son! -- The Super-Commie From Krypton!

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Are you being served?

These are indeed unusual times. It’s hard to say for sure when the last time was that we were served by so many people in so many key positions who know so little about anything; either by accident or design. Take Susan Rice.... -- Michelle Obama's Mirror: Let’s Just Put a Wedge in It.

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World's Oldest Music Video Discovered

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November 15, 2012

The High Price of a Degree in LSD

When the bidding closed on September 16, 2012, 7:21pm,
a torn and tattered piece of paper from 1966, measuring 8½ by 11 inches, sold for $24,255 at the Heart of Rock and Roll Poster Auction. Obviously, this is no ordinary piece of paper. In fact, it'€™s one of the most important documents of the psychedelic '€™60s -- €”Mountain Girl'€™s Acid Test graduation diploma. -- | Collectors Weekly

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2050: When most people are easy to control or kill

Projections for the year 2050 predict that most of the 8 billion people on the planet will live in megacities,

with populations over 30 million. And these megacity clusters will form a network made up of smaller cities over 1 million in population. But these incredibly dense clusters will weave through a countryside that is emptying. -- The Technium: The Average Place on Earth

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A very high proportion of hopeful Republican commentary

is about this or that ethnic group being natural Republicans, if only we can open their eyes to their economic and social interests.

It’s all nonsense, sheer wishful thinking, as one of the 20th century’s most successful politicians explained. I keep quoting this, but that’s because you don’t listen: In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion. -- Brooms and Shovels - Taki's Magazine

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Who's the Weak Sister?

Brother Leon fit the bill. Just a shill. And an especially supine one.

He's never been a Blue Light Progressive Fanatic, anyway. He's worse than that. He's just a rent seeker, a hitcher of wagons. A shoer of horses' asses. His zeal is waning, I guarantee. He's seeking safe harbor, repudiation, and a life without bars or bumfuckery. He'll cave for no other reason than everyone else has plausible deniability except him. The music's over. Brother Leon finds himself a chair short. Let the Games begin. -- Velociworld:

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Shirtless FBI Agent guy has most awesome/disappointing shirtless photo ever

"This isn’t the kind of photo you send to some chick to be all like “hey, want to have sex with me?” unless your only expereince with women is limited to picking up the dead hookers in Grand Theft Auto. This is the kind of pic you send to chicks you’re friends with because you think it’s hilarious, or because you want them to imagine what you’d look like after you got beaten with a golf shoe." -- :: Naked DC

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Jesse Jackson Jr. A Credit to His Profession

The parasites proliferate: Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. says Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is disabled and if you agree, he’ll go away. :: Naked DC Jesse Jackson Jr. says he’s permanently disabled. And that essentially means you should be permanently paying for him not to work for you, America.

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File Under: "Dog, Should Not Happpen To"

The Blessing of the police dogs (and the cows, too) -- Policemen apply vermillion powder and perform rituals on a dog during the Tihar festival at a police kennel division in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Nov 13, 2012.

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"It's a dead end."

It's Rome with the barbarians sorting through the loot.

It's China when the wall fell. It's Byzantium when the Bedouin raiders poured through and began the centuries long process of tearing apart Middle Eastern Christianity, that Islam wrapped up. It's the long fall of civilization into night with a bloody pension and a hell of a retirement plan lost somewhere in the middle of a pile of broken marble columns. But it keeps the left alive. -- Sultan Knish: The Numbers Game

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Dead Restaurant Walking

Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square - NYTimes.com
When you saw the burger described as “Guy’s Pat LaFrieda custom blend, all-natural Creekstone Farm Black Angus beef patty, LTOP (lettuce, tomato, onion pickle), SMC (super-melty-cheese) and a slathering of Donkey Sauce on garlic-buttered brioche,” did your mind touch the void for a minute? Did you notice that the menu was an unreliable predictor of what actually came to the table? Were the “bourbon butter crunch chips” missing from your Almond Joy cocktail, too? Was your deep-fried “boulder” of ice cream the size of a standard scoop?.... When you hung that sign by the entrance that says, WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN!, were you just messing with our heads? Does this make it sound as if everything at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar is inedible? I didn’t say that, did I?

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[Bumped] Petraeus: "This is what Democrats do to the gullible, and the prideful."

One can't help but ponder the pillow talk about the title

It's a tough thing for a person to become a general, a god among his men, only to realize he's actually some senator's aide's bitch. Some shrug it off and don't play the game.

They retire with 1 or 2 stars. Guys like Petraeus think they're smarter than the average bear. They won gaming theory in war college! They run 10 miles a day, and write essential policy papers for Foreign Affairs. What they truly are is dupes. Rubes. Out of their depth because they don't even understand the game they're playing. Don't know who the mark is? You're probably the mark. And so Petraeus was seduced by a Democratic political operative. Hubris. Now his mighty reputation is soiled beyond repair, his marriage is likely sundered, his prospects on the lecture circuit zilch. This is what Democrats do to the gullible, and the prideful. Don't ever get in bed with these scorpions. They are vile creatures, with no conscience and no soul. -- Velociworld: All Teed Up

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The Conservative Insurgency - Kurt Schlichter - [page]

we need to do what guerillas do and infiltrate into the enemy’s turf, slipping conservatives into the mainstream media, academia, and the entertainment world.
Springsteen may be a windy hack, but he beats Kid Rock on the Cool-O-Meter. There are a great number of talented conservatives out there – perhaps if some of the money wasted in the last election went to making conservative popular entertainment (as long as the “entertainment” part precedes the “conservative”) we might be further along. Once we get folks laughing at the left, we’re on our way.

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Insurgents maneuver their opponents into acting to alienate their own supporters.

We may not be able to stop them from letting taxes rise on those horrible, horrible wealthy folks, but there’s no reason we should help them.

Let the Democrats buy the tax hikes. Let the affluent gentry that supported him see how they like them. This is key. Insurgents maneuver their opponents into acting to alienate their own supporters. The GOP House can stop some of the left’s more disastrous programs, but it can’t stop them all – and it shouldn’t let itself be drawn into losing fights trying to do so. Sometimes guerillas have to let the populace feel the pain. Look at how Obamacare is already in the process of making 29 hour work weeks the new normal, and not one GOP member voted for it. Voters wanted Obama, so let them have him good and hard. --The Conservative Insurgency - Kurt Schlichter

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The Ascending Spiral

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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Restraint. Discipline.


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We’ll dilute our way out of it!

Republicans did poorly among Hispanics last week.

How to address that problem? The answer, they're told by Washington savants, is to back an immigration reform that .... increases the number of Hispanics! It's a plan so crazy it just might be crazy. -- The Grover Plan: More Cowbell! | The Daily Caller

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What pundits really mean when they say Mexicans are "socially conservative"

I've been trying to figure out why upper middle class white people in, say, Marin County,

people who are extremely concerned about optimizing the aesthetics of their lifestyles, like it when illegal immigrants push out the indigenous working class from their region We've been through the cheap-labor aspects of this a million times, but I'm interested here in the pure psychology of why else you'd also support policies that drive out natives that speak your language and look like yourself. -- Steve Sailer: iSteve:

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Twinkies Brinksmanship

Hostess Brands CEO said Wednesday the company will liquidate unless striking workers return to the job by the end of the day on Thursday.

"We simply do not have the financial resources to survive an ongoing national strike," Greg Rayburn said in a statement. Workers are protesting a contract imposed by a bankruptcy court. The bakers union has called the contract "outrageous." A liquidation would result in more than 18,000 workers losing their jobs. -- Hostess CEO gives striking workers Thursday deadline - kwch.com There is a silver lining in all this. As more and more unions bankrupt their employers it is exactly like parasites killing their hosts. Soon there is nothing to feed off and the parasites die off.

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Read My Rings: The Oldest Living Tree Tells All

Prometheus still holds the count for the most rings of any tree, at 4,862.
The next oldest tree, called Methuselah, was identified by Edward Schulman in the 1950s and is still alive today. Though initially made public, Methuselah'€™s whereabouts in the White Mountains of California have now been purposely obscured to prevent the tree’s destruction. Schoettle says the Forest Service conceals Methuselah'€™s location "€œso that we don't love it to death." -- | Collectors Weekly

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November 14, 2012

The Third Phase of Morality

Up until our own times men had only received two sorts of teaching in what concerns the relations between politics and morality. One was Plato’s and it said: “Morality decides politics”; and the other was Machiavelli’s, and it said “Politics have nothing to do with morality.” Today we receive a third. M. Maurras teaches: “Politics decide morality.” -- Treason of the Intellectuals (1927) by Julien Benda

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Levis from 70 years ago for only $3,000


Brooks Brothers label, plus cinch-back detailing, no suspender buttons, Capital E on the tag, arcuate without a diamond crossover and covered back pocket rivets date these 501s as late 1930s to early 1940s.... Eiji wouldn’t (or couldn’t) offer up an exact price, but I did get him to admit that you would need at least $3000 to take these home. -- Levi’s x Brooks Brothers c.1937 | A Continuous Lean.

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Fashion That Shrieks "The End of the World"

Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots

Israel-based Danielle of DaniKshoes makes sandal/boots crafted out of vintage jeans. Each pair of these denim shoes has usable pockets and are available to purchase at Danielle’s Etsy shop.

These are handmade, high quality sandals \ boots, comfortable and fun that never go unnoticed!

Since each pair is completely made by hand and from one pair of vintage jeans, there are no two pairs alike!

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Here's Comes Everybody

Assume that 75 million boomers survive to age 66. From this year through 2030, an average of nearly 4 million boomers will be retiring every year.

This translates into some 11,000 boomers becoming eligible for Medicare and Social Security every single day for the next 18 years. Black folks and Hispanics alone account now for 30 percent of the population - and rising rapidly. Yet these two minorities have high school dropout rates of up to 50 percent in many cities, and many who do graduate have math, reading and science scores at seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade levels. Can their contributions to an advanced economy be as great as were those of baby boomers of the '60s and '70s, whose SAT scores were among the highest we ever recorded? -- Pat Buchanan: The coming age of austerity | New Hampshire OPINION02

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“So, how’s that Beetle running?”

A 50% Stake in Domino’s Pizza Was Once Traded for a Used VW Beetle It happened in 1961

— just a little under a year after brothers Tom and James Monaghan had purchased a pizza restaurant, DomiNick’s, for $500. After eight months of running the business as a partnership, James Monaghan decided to trade his stake to his brother for a used Volkswagen Beetle.

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Blue Taxes? Bring Them On! Get Down!

I want you to tax the crap out of the blue states in which I live because I put country ahead of personal fortune. Not because I want to hear my tax-loving liberal neighbors squeal like stuck pigs. I'm better than that. Country first. -- Leキgal Inキsurキrecキtion

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"The difference between the left and the right"

"is that the left has a five-year plan and the right has a five-second plan." -- Sultan Knish: The Numbers Game

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There's Something About Jill -or- Party Gurls On Parade

I must confess that there’s something about this woman that makes my brain stop functioning.
I imagine that she has the same effect on other men. We know she had that effect on the unnamed FBI agent who sent her a shirtless photo of himself. But, again, that doesn’t mean that she is an adulteress. -- Trying to be fair to Jill Kelley

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There's Something About Mary - or - Perverts on Parade

Mary Kaye Henry: the very model of a modern major pervert
"Yesterday Big Guy had several of his biggest fans and supporters in for tea:
All rock stars in their own right (Big Unions and Big Community Organizing): Rubin Justin (MoveOn.org), DickieTrumka (AFL-CIO), Mary Kaye Henry (SEIU)" -- Michelle Obama's Mirror: Getting Ready for the Big Dance
The perversion just comes reeking off of them in waves, doesn't it?

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A Trillion Here, A Trillion There. Pretty Soon You're Talking About No Money

We are so far in debt that our children working their whole lives cannot pay back what has already been spent.

And our grandchildren, working all their lives. You ate them, dear voters, dear public, dear representatives, Dear Leader. You ate our children. You ate their lives. -- On the National Debt | John C. Wright's Journal

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What is going on?

We are being hit with a welter of irrelevant nonsense, and seeing our top military leadership tried by the media and publicly beheaded.

I see a deliberate assault on the military by the leftists in charge of the National Command Authority. They have been out to sabotage the military from the start: the ending of "don't ask don't tell"; implying that the military are just a bunch of racist, sexist, xenophobes; unconscionable budget cuts; and now a guerrilla warfare aimed at the most respected military officers, including the use of blackmail. In addition, we are being told that one of the greatest enemies of the US military, the treasonous John Kerry, is being considered for the position of SecDef. -- The DiploMad 2.0: Chicago Decapitates the Military

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Life Under the Rain

Steve McCurry: Right as Rain Day after day wallowing in filthy water up to my chest, or standing in the street in a torrential downpour, my shoulder aching from the umbrella propped in my armpit, an incredulous assistant wishing he were somewhere else. I began to learn the art of patience.

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Everything To Know About The Fiscal Cliff

It’s estimated that the fiscal cliff will affect 88% of taxpayers, most of whom will see a tax increase of 5%

if the tax cuts do expire and spending cuts kick in as planned. The Tax Policy Center estimates that if the cliff policies continue as planned, it will cost middle-income families about $775 a year. The top 20% of earners would end up with a tax increase of 5.8%, the bottom 20% of earners would face an increase of 3.7% and the middle bracket’s taxes will rise 3.8%. The cuts in government spending would also eliminate around two million jobs. -- - Business Insider

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Can't Tell the Players Without a Pogrom

Who's doing who in the Obama team's sex scandals: A handy guide by Andrew Malcolm

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"The future is dramatically conservative, in a very uncomfortable and dark way."

If entitlements and social programs are tinkered with to conform to budget realities,

it is cheap and easy to condemn them as mean or racist or some such thing within the political arena. If these programs stop abruptly because they have been purposefully grown to ridiculously unsustainable levels, those who refused to scale back well-intentioned programs when offered the chance will be responsible for the primitive violence engulfing our cities. The new and less noble beasts prowling the once-peaceful streets will be the creation of insane spending and decades of dishonest and vain politics. -- Articles: After Obama: The Coming Reign of Incredibly Small Government

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One Term Wonder

Christie Warns NJ Residents of Post-Storm Tax Hikes ... Dear Chris, Prepare three letters....

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November 13, 2012

"They do not need to kill you, they just have to break you."

You will live through it, and you will live well enough — for a given value of "well" — to never really have

a legally and morally unquestionable motive to rise up in arms and go full scale de oppresso liber on the tyrant. This will not be, as many of you imagine when they think about France, North Korea only with more cheese, wine and broads who don’t shave their armpits. Instead, you will find yourself in a multi-generations limbo of "too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards"—as, ironically, a Libertarian once said. -- The Frogman’s Prophecies | the dissident frogman

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"Don't Mourn. Organize." -- Joe Hill

How We Can Win: Plenty of readers will have philosophical objections to some of what follows and I respect that,

but you can either wait for the public to come around or retreat to high ground and wait for everything to collapse. Neither is a very useful strategy and it behooves us to remember that the left did not go up into the hills and wait for us to come around. They used these strategies to win. -- Sultan Knish:

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The U.S. has now reached the state of metaphysical liquefaction, of non-being,

We no longer have any norms (other than of course PC norms which are the opposite of traditional norms),

therefore we have no ability to recognize something as abnormal or strange; we no longer believe in the good; therefore we have no ability to recognize something as bad; and we no longer believe in logical consistency, therefore we have no ability to recognize or object to the grossest contradictions. As just one result of this loss of reason (which is tantamount to a loss of identity and being itself), no matter what failed policy is exposed in no matter how gross and disastrous a manner, e.g., Benghazi, it makes no impression on public opinion. -- The coming ruin of the economy under Obamacare, and who will be blamed for it

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Bat Caves for Billionaires

Last week a furore erupted when plans were released for a four-storey basement beneath a 19th-century schoolhouse in Knightsbridge, for Canadian former TV mogul David Graham.
Tripling the size of the property, this gargantuan pleasure cave would house a ballroom and swimming pool, with hot tub, sauna and massage room, as well as 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 20 toilets, plunging deeper into the earth than the height of neighbouring homes.... In a surreal competition of keeping up with the Joneses, billionaire-style, Hunt went one step further into the realms of fantasy. He proposed to dig a 22m-deep hole beneath his garden to house a tennis court, pool and gym, as well as a private museum for his collection of vintage Ferraris. The cavernous chamber would be illuminated from above, through the glass floor of a glistening rooftop infinity pool. -- | The Guardian

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The chief disadvantage of conservatives is that they have chosen to be reliant on the Republican Party,

which has for reasons of its own, decided to act almost entirely like an audience. They ask a few questions, essay a few reviews.

They may even occasionally pelt the players onstage with a few rotten tomatoes. But they remain the audience. If there any scandals behind the curtain, if the actors are thrown out without cause or if a monster has taken charge of the story there is no one for the cast to run to for help. For their entire world consists of only two places: the stage and the audience.� And the GOP is part of the audience. -- Belmont Club サ The Snowflake's Core

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Because this couldn’t get better, Petraeus Love Pentagon has Evil Twin story now.

I don’t know how this could get more awesome. Unless someone also had amnesia from a car accident.

Where the car went off a cliff. In a snowstorm. That was followed by a wildfire. That caused a flood. But only one twin had amnesia. And the other took her place and played both twins in order to throw off the authorities. -- :: Naked DC

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Infinite Queen

Queen Of The Slipstream by Van Morrison As played by The Infinite Jukebox: For when your favorite song just isn't long enough.
The Infinite Jukebox is a site that will remix any song into a never-ending, constantly changing version of itself. It works by first identifying parts of the song that are similar to one another—during playback it jumps randomly between these parts to create a (mostly) seamless, unending remix. The infinite song is accompanied by a visualization that shows what portion of the song is playing and how similar parts are connected. -- Laughing Squid

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“Social Liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command.”

The woman that set off Broadwell's fatal jealousy
Today’s feminized, trashy military: The huge-busted, narrow-waisted, bare-armed Special Operations “Social Liaison” with her chubby hubby (echo of the physical mismatch between the Petraeuses) and Vice Admiral Robert Harward in Tampa, Fla.

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"Obviously, I shared this common ground with Petraeus and had a bit of instant rapport. Additionally, four of my West Point classmates had been general’s aides to General Petraeus. -- Paula Broadwell - Claudia Chan

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The wisdom of Eowyn

Forever it has and will be true that "those who have not swords may still die upon them."
Guns, bottled water, canned food and small farms in flyover country are still cheap. Get them while you can.

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"And then Petraeus gets called after election day,"

and boom he gets called to carpet. How do you like that? I for one, don't like it. Most workplaces you can tell if your being measured for a termination notice. It strongly suggests is that Petraeus isn't a problem with something that has happened. He's a problem with something that is going to happen. There's some loop Petraeus is not part of. Something he's in the way of. -- Belmont Club The Eight Shames and Seven Dwarfs

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Dear Barack Obama (A Letter From Joseph Goebbels)

As a propagandist, you have achieved everything I set out to do. You soared to victory this week like a Bundesadler in a Leni Riefenstahl film.

I’m amazed der Juden and der junge are so devoted to your cause, as it seems you are determined to extinguish both. But what really impresses me is the blind faith with which more than half of America follows you. These are people who couldn’t care less about politics, yet somehow they are in a trance. Why? Because you promised them you care. Amazing. An entire generation of young men stand proudly behind you simply because you play basketball. And you’re not even good at it! -- - Taki's Magazine

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In Soviet Amerika

… Obama doesn’t have to kill all the Generals in his coup d’etat. They’re doing it for him. -- | Primordial Slack

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Reality can get 1.3 percent of the popular vote and still trump everything else.

In the course of his first term, Obama increased the federal debt by just shy of $6 trillion and in return grew the economy by $905 billion.

So, as Lance Roberts at Street Talk Live pointed out, in order to generate every dollar of economic growth the United States had to borrow about five dollars and 60 cents. There’s no one out there on the planet — whether it’s “the rich” or the Chinese — who can afford to carry on bankrolling that rate of return. -- The Edge of the Abyss - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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Men wanted to create their own truth

We don'€™t live in a "world without truth"€™ we simply abide on an island of lies of our own construction.

Kremlins are made by man and maintained at immense cost. Thousands if not millions of people are constantly busy patching up the walls of that fortress with the mortar of falsehood less reality leak in. -- Belmont Club » The First Emperor

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Ultimately, radical secularism fails as a religion because it has no God, only demons:

George Bush, Christian fundamentalists, Israel, tax cuts for the rich, waterboarding, Halliburton, Fox News, Abu Ghraib, corporate profits, disparities in wealth, strict constructionists, parental notification, talk radio, and so many more. -- One Cʘsmos: I Died for <i>What?!</i>

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Ikea Nation

"Proudly" -- Bookworm Room - It's a brave new [non] manufacturing world

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Its not just Petraeus

(nearly all US generals and admirals are slimy, sleazy, and political as Petraeus.)
Henry Nicholas III of Broadcom sought to build a secret sex dungeon where he had sex with prostitutes. Both LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and ex SF Mayor now Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome had sex with subordinate’s wives. See John Edwards, or pretty much any big shot in government, law, entertainment, or really any environment. -- Paula and the General: the Road to Slutdom | whiskeysplace

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"You don't even know how close to the edge you are, yet you argue with me for telling you."

FEMA, while it is a clusterfrig of titanic proportions, could not cause this much misery on its own.

Although they FAILED to have emergency generators at key fuel distribution points (read gas stations) and although they FAILED to have any kind of plan to move food and fuel to the affected areas, and although they FAILED to even have a forward based supply of bottled water and ran out last Friday, even these gold plated MORONS couldn't have frigged things up this badly alone. -- small dead animals: Blue State

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"You know why people smoke now"

The clock is banging on the seconds like a railroad spike. I begin to wonder if a man doesn't really die, just dissolves slowly in the rain. You try alcohol but it's not a preservative. -- Sippican Cottage: Last Night As I Lay On My Pillow

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"The Democrats have become what the Republican Party turned into after Lincoln, "

corrupt, elitist and widely hated. A modernist party that postures as a party of civil rights,

but views black people as walking votes and tools for extending the federal power grab of fanatical unionists. It is a party with no more vision than consolidating authority into central organizations that are run by the incompetent and it is not above pulling any and every illegal trick in the book to violate the Constitution. Its only reason for success is that its opposing party has so comprehensively disgraced itself that much of the country will not even consider voting for it. -- Sultan Knish: Giant Rats and Tiny Men

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November 12, 2012

Carny Nation

The grandchildren of Carny Nation will die in the streets, just as they do in their own home countries, but for now their future grandparents know that a baby buys a pair of shoes, 350 dollar Nike LeBron X's, and that a vote for the Democrats will keep them from having to work or route them into nice government jobs with big benefits and easy hours. And when it all comes crashing down and their children are crying for food, because 100 billion dollar eggs are hard to come by; they will never blame themselves, instead they will blame the people they were scamming all these years, rather than the scammers who scammed them. -- Sultan Knish:

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Axe worship

Personally, I just like chopping for its own sake.
There’s something warming about the ritual of it and the sense of provision. Place, stand, breathe, swing, cut. Watching the wood. Watching the radial splits out from the centre, marking the place to bring the axe down, waiting for the faint exhalation of scent from the wood as it falls. Like cooking, it provides a sense of sufficiency and delight but, unlike cooking, log-chopping has a particular rhythm to it, like a form of active meditation. You do, very literally, get into the swing of it. -- Bella Bathurst – Axe worship

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Deadline? We Forgot

Foodstamps Surge By Most In One Year To New All Time Record, In Delayed Release

This time the USDA delayed its release nine days past the semi-official deadline, far past the election, and until Friday night to report August foodstamp data. One glance at the number reveals why: at 47.1 million, this was not only a new all time record, but the monthly increase of 420,947 from July was the biggest monthly increase in one year.

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Dear journalists, this is why you are losing the faith of your readers. It’s not the Internet that’s killing your profession. It’s you.

The director of the CIA refused to accept the blame for the perfidy of a lame duck president.

Within three days of the president's re-election, he was forced to resign. It also appears that the president has used the FBI as an instrument to investigate and undermine the director of the CIA. Should this be the case, the constitutional implications are enormous. The press ought to be screaming bloody murder. They ought to be affronted at the insult that has been offered them with this glib, tenuous, convoluted, and incoherent explanation for what looks like a gross abuse of power. They are either very, very stupid and credulous, or else they are complicit in this abuse. -- Shoestring Millionaire サ The Credulous Press

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“I stood in line for four hours. They better give me a Wal-Mart gift card, or something.” Yeah, right.

First Ever City Job Fair Leaves Many Frustrated With Hiring Process Chicago

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Well now we know why Harry Reid loved Sesame Street so much!

Please Don’t Tickle Me, Elmo — Or: What’s the Muppet Age of Consent? : The Other McCain

We've learned ... Sesame Workshop lawyers recently met with a 23-year-old man who claims he and Clash began a sexual relationship 7 years ago ... when he was 16 and Clash was 45.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/11/12/elmo-kevin-clash-sex-sesame-street-underage-boy-allegations/#ixzz2C29KBGE0

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Who Says There's No Good News?

Japanese Company Develops Gas-Deodorizing Underwear


"A wide range of smells throughly cut"

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Best Petraeus conspiracy theory summary ever, from a BB commenter - Boing Boing

"Now the Global Left/Soros/Cloward-Piven/Eric Holder/Mau Mau endgame approaches. Get ready for CIA Director Dennis Kucinich."

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Only Willing Accomplices Reach Across

The important thing about staying opposed to potentially disastrous proposals is that people remember who was against it when it goes wrong.
But if on the other hand, you "reach across the aisle"€ then however noble and generous your intent, you essentially become an accomplice to the disaster. Reaching across the aisle limits your downside to about the same as your administration; but there's no real upside to it, not in this situation. That is probably what the Republican Party is going to do, and of course nobody can stop them. They are risk averse. But you can never win that way. You have to be governed by the principle of "calculated risk". -- Comment on Belmont Club » Missing the Boat

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There goes the neighborhood

An aerial shot of the explosion that obliterated two houses in Indianapolis Saturday night


Details: It's a "very good neighborhood" full of professionals, including doctors, architects, nurses.

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November 11, 2012

2 Timothy 4

I give you this charge:

2 Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage -- with great patience and careful instruction. 3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 5 But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.

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On your mark, get set...

Israel fires warning shots at Syria over Golan shelling | Reuters

"In the midst of Syrian infighting, a mortar shell fired by the Syrian army struck near an [IDF] outpost at Tel Hazeka," IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai said. The shell failed to cause injuries or damages, but was one of a series of shells that landed in Israeli territory. "In light of the policy instituted by IDF Chief of Staff, Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, a warning round was fired back into Syria. We don't believe it caused injuries or damages."

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Probably from Barney Frank's Husband

New York Times Magazine says recent 'Ethicist' column not about Gen. David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell “My wife is having an affair with a government executive,” read the missive from the cuckolded husband, whose name was withheld.

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November 10, 2012

Shoot On Sight: Hipsters on food stamps

They're young, they're broke, and they pay for organic salmon with government subsidies. Got a problem with that?

In the John Waters-esque sector of northwest Baltimore — equal parts kitschy, sketchy, artsy and weird — Gerry Mak and Sarah Magida sauntered through a small ethnic market stocked with Japanese eggplant, mint chutney and fresh turmeric. After gathering ingredients for that evening’s dinner, they walked to the cash register and awaited their moments of truth. Mak was fondly remembering a recent meal he’d prepared of roasted rabbit with butter, tarragon and sweet potatoes. “I used to think that you could only get processed food and government cheese on food stamps, but it’s great that you can get anything.” -- - Salon.com

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A. Chappell's review of Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme

"Fast and Effective"
Struggling to not bite through my bottom lip I tried to wash the gel of in the sink and only succeeded in blocking the plughole with a mat of hair.
Through the haze of tears I struggled out of the bathroom across the hall into the kitchen by this time walking was not really possible and I crawled the final yard to the fridge in the hope of some form of cold relief. I yanked the freezer drawer out and found a tub of ice cream, tore the lid of and positioned it under me. The relief was fantastic but only temporary as it melted fairly quickly and the fiery stabbing soon returned . -- Amazon.co.uk: 200 ml HT: Curmudgeonly

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Spy vs FBI: "Petraeus was outed by the FBI

who “stumbled across” evidence of the affair while investigating a computer security problem.
Meaning they hacked Petraeus’ email account and read through the archives looking for dirt, which was then used to destroy Petraeus after he and CIA refused to go along with the Benghazi coverup, and to discredit any testimony he might ever give on the matter. No doubt his coterie at CIA have all somehow been likewise neutered. And Holder—who supervises the FBI—will now retire, so that any role he might have played in this will henceforth be a dead letter. Same for Hillary." --- A theory of Petraeus's retirement
[So much for the "security" of the CIA's communication systems, what?]

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The six contradictions of socialism in the USSR

Old Soviet jokes become the new American reality | Washington Times Communities

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'Mentoring aspiring soldier-scholars:' Yeah, right.

Broadwell wrote in the preface to All In: The Education of General David Petraeus published by Penguin in January,

that while at Harvard, Petraeus passed along his card and offered to help her academic work on leadership. "I later discovered that he was famous for this type of mentoring and networking, especially with aspiring soldier-scholars," Broadwell wrote, adding that "I took full advantage of his open-door policy to seek insight and share perspectives." -- Paula Broadwell, Army counterintelligence reservist, co-wrote general's biography | Fox News

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November 9, 2012

"Benghazi will either be swept under the rug or ignored."

I have come to think that that most people are not paying attention, and even if they were, they wouldn't care as long as they get their free contraception or whatever it is they're really interested in. A corrupt and/or distracted people gets a corrupt government." -- neo-neocon Petraeus resigns

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"The evil which serves politics ceases to be evil"

When Machiavelli advises the Prince to carry out the Machiavellian scheme of action, he invests those actions with no sort of morality or beauty.

For him morality remains what it is for everyone else, and does not cease to remain so because he observes (not without melancholy) that it is incompatible with politics. … For him evil, even if it aids politics, still remains evil. The modern realists are the moralists of realism. For them, the act which makes the State strong is invested with a moral character by the fact that it does so, and this whatever the act may be. The evil which serves politics ceases to be evil and becomes good. -- Treason of the Intellectuals (1927) Julien Benda

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"The power of the administration "

lies in telling its rivals what to do and watch them meekly do it.

It provides the Republicans with a vote total from Chicago and they add it up. It tells the GOP what they should do to win next time and they do it. But while "the entire GOP elite seems to be trying to sell out en masse on immigration" in order to become more like the Democrats, Iran has decided it can open fire on US drones. Teheran has asked itself: what if we don'€™t believe the New York Times? And they've acted on the premise.... Everyone but the Republican party assumes the administration is a hollow shell. And they are treating it as a business opportunity to provide security, diplomacy and services that Washington can no longer provide. -- Belmont Club » And the Band Played On

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When Blondes Had More Brains: In 1955, Arnold photographed Monroe reading a worn copy of James Joyce’s modernist classic, Ulysses.

We worked on a beach on Long Island. She was visiting Norman Rosten the poet.
I asked her what she was reading when I went to pick her up (I was trying to get an idea of how she spent her time). She said she kept Ulysses in her car and had been reading it for a long time. She said she loved the sound of it and would read it aloud to herself to try to make sense of it — but she found it hard going. She couldn’t read it consecutively. When we stopped at a local playground to photograph she got out the book and started to read while I loaded the film. So, of course, I photographed her. It was always a collaborative effort of photographer and subject where she was concerned — but almost more her input. -- Marilyn Monroe Reads Joyce’s Ulysses at the Playground (1955) | Open Culture

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

The onset of a recession in 2013, will impact stock prices by at least 30% if not more. That correction will come swiftly and as discussed in "Recession Probability: 100%"

it is "...understanding when a recession has begun is hugely important to investors. The table below, which uses monthly S&P 500 data, shows the price declines during recessionary periods going back to 1873. The average drawdown to investor's portfolios is a little more than 30%. During recent recessions the damage has been far worse. " -- Guest Post: The Next Four Years Won't Be As Good As The Last | ZeroHedge

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On the Enormities of Kindly Men

The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint.

It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. -- Written by The Ubiquitous and quoted @ | John C. Wright's Journal

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The Stuff of Nightmares

"12 more years! 12 more years!"
In the comments to AMERICAN DIGEST: Sandy Daze Sees The Future; Teri Pittman asks:
My question though is who are the Dems doing all this for? Does Obama plan to repeal term limits for the President? So far, I don't see who they plan to run in 2016.
Really? Oh there are still some "firsts" left in the quiver. Can you say "President Michelle Obama"?

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Tomorrow's Federal Employee Today!

Man collapses on front porch; family says mailman walked by to deliver mail, didn't help dying man

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2 Timothy 3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come

2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
-- 2 Timothy 3 @ Bible Gateway

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Dead Enough: The Reality of the "Lesser Evil"

To all those now hailing the re-election of Barack Obama as a triumph of decent, humane, liberal values over the oozing-postule perfidy of the Republicans, a simple question: Is this child dead enough for you?.... -- Chris Floyd

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The New Clerisy most closely resembles the First Estate in pre-revolutionary France,

serving as the key organs of enforced conformity, distilling truth for the masses, seeking to regulate speech and indoctrinate youth.

Most of Obama’s group serves, as Bell predicted, a “priestly function” for large portions of the population. This post-industrial profile has shielded the post-industrial elite from the harsh criticism meted out to Wall Street grandees and energy executives by green activists, urban aesthetes, and progressive media outlets. -- Despite the Great Recession, Obama’s New Coalition of Elites Has Thrived | Joel Kotkin

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The executions will continue until morale improves

Obama was "fired up" and so were the voters, and so now, the mass firings begin. Here's a collection of today's headlines.....

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November 8, 2012

Remember the 10th? Use It.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." -- Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

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Greatest. Typo. Evar.

“Increasing Numbers Strain Food Panties” | The Rumford Meteor

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The People

After he was defeated for re-election in 1989, New York Mayor Ed Koch was asked if he would ever run for office again.  "€œNo,"€ Koch replied.  "The people have spoken -- and they must be punished." -- AEIdeas

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Let's Keep in Mind That This Is a Balloon Animal

Crafted @ Xtreme Baloons by Verge

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Steady and Solid gets trumped by Shallow, Stupid, and Stubborn

Now the arm chair quarterbacks, political pundits, and more than a few Tea Party zealots have begun to pick through the bones. Romney was just Obama in white face.

He wasn't far right enough. The proof is in his loss. Or so they say. I say the loss was inevitable because the standard by which we measure and admire a man has become two polar opposites. One the one hand is the weak spined metrosexual who believes we are a country that needs to pay for it's success. Offering alms for the sin of being a great nation. On the other hand is an uncompromising and angry rabble who stupidly believe that they can bend a majority to capitulate to their all or nothing mentality. Steady and solid have left the building. Stupid and stubborn have taken up residency. -- Midtown Miscreant

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Don't Give a Flying Fuck? Now You Can Fly One.

AVAILABLE NOW! @ Radio Controlled Flying F*%k Helicopter

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"Roam the wild woods gathering Flowers, and building air castles…"

The Old Hoosick Bridge 1818 | Embroidery by Grandma Moses

"I Anna Mary Robertson was born back in the green meadow and wild woods,

on a Farm in washington, Co., in the year of 1860, Sept 7, of Scotch Irish Paternal ancestry.   Here I spent my life with mother Father and Sisters and Brothers, those were my Happy days, free from care or worry, helping mother, rocking Sisters cradle taking sewing lessons from mother sporting with my Brothers, making rafts to float over the mill-pond, Roam the wild woods gathering Flowers, and building air castles..." -- The Old Hoosick Bridge by Grandma Moses | my daily art display"

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November 7, 2012

Their foot shall slide in due time- Deut. 32:35

In this verse is threatened the vengeance of God on the wicked unbelieving Israelites, who were God's visible people, and who lived under the means of grace;
but who, notwithstanding all God's wonderful works towards them, remained (as ver. 28.) void of counsel, having no understanding in them. Under all the cultivations of heaven, they brought forth bitter and poisonous fruit; as in the two verses next preceding the text. The expression I have chosen for my text, Their foot shall slide in due time, seems to imply the following doings, relating to the punishment and destruction to which these wicked Israelites were exposed.
1. That they were always exposed to destruction; as one that stands or walks in slippery places is always exposed to fall. This is implied in the manner of their destruction coming upon them, being represented by their foot sliding. The same is expressed, Psalm 73:18. "Surely thou didst set them in slippery places; thou castedst them down into destruction." -- Jonathan Edwards, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

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Words to Live By


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"The people voted for Santa Claus, not Scrooge."

Sense of Events: The permanent sunset of the Republican party is begun: Goodbye, party of Lincoln. It was fun while it lasted. Last one out turn out the lights. Before Democrat voters rejoice, they should soberly consider what this means:
A permanent decline in your standard of living and especially that of your children.... [and many more at the link]

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A Pyrrhic victory

He chose to divide the country deeply to win his second term.

He will find that the nation he will again lead is not governable by him, and he may have tipped it to where it is not governable by anyone. He is so deeply despised by so much of the country that he will never be able to do what needs to be done (assuming he even wanted to, which does not appear likely). -- Belmont Club サ November, 2012

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Where's the beef? Obamaburgers comin' right up!

Is 2013 Going To Be The ‘Year Of The Bun’? It’s expected that the meat in your sandwiches at fast food and fast-casual restaurants is going to continue getting more expensive in the next year. Which means you’ll either be getting less of it or paying more (possibly both). So what better way to justify the value of that burger than to tart up the bread?

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"Dear conservatives, America's battle is yet to fight."

It may not be your battle. But to hand it off to a basically decent and capable individual, a Mitt Romney, is to say: I see no battle.

I would rather sleep. If there is a battle, God, I'm sure, will take care of it while I'm sleeping. Surely, with our model institutions and constitutions, we cannot lose. And if we do - it was a coincidence. Dear conservatives, I have a question for you. Suppose God appeared to you in your sleep, and gave you a choice. You could lose your country, but keep your institutions and constitutions. Or, you could lose your institutions and constitutions, but keep your country. Which would you choose? -- Unqualified Reservations: Romney! He sucks!

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Kiss Your Dollahs Buh-Bye Suckas!

Sense of Events: The market reacts

Kiss your retirement plans goodbye. The Dow Jones on Monday, Tuesday and today only 57 minutes after open this morning:


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The "Win" in Washington

So basically Washington voted to let the people live the life of a perpetual college student.

Lotsa pot. Consequence-free sex with your boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. Under-employment or no employment. Freebies from an authority figure. (used to be Mom and Dad, now its Uncle Sam) Living at home, or crashing with eight friends in a flophouse. Pretending that you're somehow better than the "townies". Forever waiting for that first big break. Oh yeah, you "won" last night. -- Mumblix Grumph's comment on Side-Lines: Just in Time for a World with Less Money and Fewer Options!

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"The left is patient, very very patient."

I'€™m not so sure about the right. But that'€™s what'€™s going to be required, I'€™m afraid: patience. It'€™s easy to say "€œwe need to take back education and take back the media,"€ but it'€™s a lot harder to figure out how to do that. But I am convinced that, until that happens, we will not be winning many elections nationwide. -- neo-neocon » Blog Archive » The day after

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Just in Time for a World with Less Money and Fewer Options!

Washington voters approve legalized marijuana
Promoted by New Approach Washington, I-502 called for a 25 percent excise tax at each stage from the growers on until it is sold in stores to adults 21 and over. They could buy up to an ounce of dried marijuana; one pound of marijuana-infused product in solid form, such as brownies; or 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquids.
What is that last one? A half-gallon of dope juice?

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Cheesebuger Gift Certificates Flood into Christie Offices

The list of fools who have brought this disaster upon us certainly also will include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie,

the gelatinous clown who (a) hogged up a prime time spot at the Republican convention to sing his own praises; (b) embraced Obama as the hero of Hurricane Sandy; and (c) then refused to appear at campaign events in support of Romney's presidential campaign. Good luck with the remainder of your political future, governor. It is unlikely Republicans shall soon forget your perfidious betrayal. -- The American Spectator : Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption

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November 6, 2012

Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere


Stand up coming years
and escalation fears
Oh, yes we will find out
Well, like a withered stone
Fears will pierce your bones
You'll find out
Oh we're waiting, oh we're waiting
Oh yeah, oh yeah

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Stand not upon your going, but go at once.

Biden: "€œI'€™m going to go back home and run for county council or something." « CBS Cleveland

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Does it matter who wins? Oh? Really?

7 Technologies That Will Make It Easier for the Next President to Hunt and Kill You | Danger Room @ Wired.com

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Voting. By Effing EMAIL! In Effing New Effing Jersey! What could possibly go wrong?

Yep, There Have Been Problems With Email Voting in New Jersey - Arik Hesseldahl

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Uncertain Democrats Everywhere

Southfield Township voter appears to die, then asks 'Did I vote?' The Detroit News

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And Now for Something Completely Demented: Paganini's violin concert performed with facial expressions.

Stop. Just step away from the vehicle. You'll know around midnight EST.


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Peggy Noonan Continues to Crawl Back from 2008

I think it’s Romney. I think he’s stealing in “like a thief with good tools,” in Walker Percy’s old words. While everyone is looking at the polls and the storm, Romney’s slipping into the presidency. He’s quietly rising, and he’s been rising for a while. -- Monday Morning - Peggy Noonan's Blog - WSJ

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November 5, 2012

The United States has presided over the longest peace in modern history.

Belmont Club » In Defense of Strawberries And Cream

It did not achieve this on the back of “moral superiority”. It attained this because it had sufficient strength and wealth to plant the flowers. We ought not to let people persuade us that weakness is good; that poverty is virtuous; that a dull sameness is all we must aspire to. We ought not to think that to disarm ourselves before evil is virtue. It is folly. We will all learn that lesson at one time or another in our lives. Only some will learn it too late.

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"Reportedly, the paper has yellowed and the handwriting is now faint."

KFC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A copy of the recipe signed by Sanders is kept in a vault in corporate headquarters, along with 11 vials containing the recipe's herbs and spices.[75] According to Yum! Brands, portions of the secret recipe are known by a select few among its executives, but only two people in the entire organization know it in its entirety.[76] A third executive knows the combination to the safe where the handwritten recipe resides.[77] Less than a handful of KFC employees know the identities of the three executives, who are not allowed to travel together on the same plane or in the same car for security reasons.

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The Calm Between the Storms - Taki's Magazine

since the left-tilting media are in obvious denial mode—Sandy apparently didn’t produce the sort of apocalyptic death scenarios that Hurricane Katrina did in New Orleans. Still, since progressivism’s oinking smarm-pigs have gone to such extraordinary lengths to assert that their “low-income” constituents have been entirely well-behaved, it, well, behooves me to note several documented instances of less-than-exemplary behavior among the, er, “oppressed.” I’ll sidestep the many instances of grocery stores being pillaged for food and focus instead on cases where looters stole items that aren’t necessary for survival

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Weary Nation Loses Interest In Election

Although voting day is tomorrow, all national polls indicate that 100% of Americans really could not care any less at this point, and that we should just get this bullshit over with so we can go back to four more years of congressional inaction, partisan infighting, and a sluggish economic recovery. -- - News Makeup

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The Cloward-Pivens of the right

The fact that his vote might end up causing Romney to lose and Obama to win is irrelevant to this man.

He and others of his ilk, who might be addressed by Bill Whittle's video but who close themselves to its message and who look instead to the imminent arrival of an economic apocalypse, have more in common with the far left than they think they do. They are the Cloward-Pivenistas of the right. They believe that, if things get bad enough, the system will break down and enough people will see the light and then the true conservative dawn will break. -- conservative dawn will break. --- neo-neocon

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Voting Isn't Revenge, It's Resistance

This is our moment and in a single day we can push the occupation out of the countryside and back into the cities
. We can undermine its morale, strip it of the money with which it bribes collaborators and force it to rethink whether it really wants to spend the next few decades battling to control an unruly population. We can make men like George Soros and Ted Turner decide that their money would be better spent terrorizing Eastern Europe or Africa, instead of America by making oppressing us seem like a bad investment. -- Sultan Knish:

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Wave or undertow, it didn’t matter.

Romney by 53 to 46. Wave or undertow, it didn't matter. Barack Obama won only 11 states and DC.
They were the few lone blue islandsawash in a red sea. The effect downticket was just as bad for Democrats. They returned to the Senate holding only 43 seats (including 2 Independents). Bob Menendez, weighed down by a prostitution scandal, was further hamstrung by a Democratic electorate that, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, had things to do other than vote while, fooled by the pollsters, they complacently expected a Democratic win. In the House, the GOP returned to Washington with gains and a total of 250 seats. -- Bob Krumm. The scenarios: 5-Gallup electorate poll is right

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Grey Area | Hurricane Sandy relief T-Shirt

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"Having a black man in the Oval Office is less important for black advancement than having one in the home?"

The election of Barack Obama four years ago gave blacks bragging rights, but bragging rights can't close

the black-white achievement gap in education or increase black labor-force participation or reduce black incarceration rates. A civil-rights leadership that encourages blacks to look to politicians to solve these problems is doing a disservice to the people they claim to represent. -- Jason Riley: For Blacks, the Pyrrhic Victory of the Obama Era - WSJ.com

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November 4, 2012

Get Up and Go

Today, my husband witnessed a wondrous act of resourcefulness. A man with a horse trailer hitched to his truck was filling up individual 5 gallon jugs of gas in order to transport them back to New Jersey.

He went out into the wide world of American plenty that lies just beyond disaster. He didn't wait like a hopeless fool in a line of idling cars for gasoline that is rationed by the spoonful. His neighbors hired him because he had a big, gas eating truck, and gave him money and jugs and sent him to Lancaster County to go shopping. He brought back not only gasoline, but food, water, clothing, blankets, batteries, and other things they might need. Those people are heroes, because they used their God-given talents and brains and didn't go crying to the cameras, asking for the government to come and help. -- --- Jewel in a comment on Side-Lines: "Hurricane Sandy did

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This May Not Be The Ideal Moment Politically, But It’s Time To Talk Reparations BY BARACK OBAMA

"As you may know, the latest polls show the race in the swing states is tighter than ever, with many crucial voters still undecided.

So I realize that forcing the nation into a discussion about atoning for an institution abolished a century and a half ago, and introducing a program to redistribute wealth to black Americans—either in cash, bonds, or via a series of property reallocations—is not the most intelligent move, strategically speaking. Still, I feel this is a discussion we must have. -- - America's Finest News Source

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Okay, let's pause for a minute: This is a balloon animal.

Okay, let's pause for a minute: This is a balloon animal. - Imgur

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This Just In


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"Hurricane Sandy did what four years of Obama couldn’t do, bring the Left’s vision of sustainable growth to New York city."

People trudging miles to their jobs (if they’re lucky enough to have one) because the subways are down and there’s no gas for their cars
(again, if they’re lucky enough to have one). People without that evil polluting electricity. People eating out of dumpsters and standing in long lines out in the cold for a handout of the bare necessities. -- Waznmentobe

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“A New Weather Cannon” | Futility Closet

Kanitz has devised a simple form of cannon which is essentially a breech-loading mortar some thirty feet in length. The mortar is journaled in a rotatable carriage, so that it can be raised and lowered and swung from side to side. The charge is a metallic cartridge of blasting powder. After the discharge a loud, shrill whistling is heard, lasting for about fourteen or fifteen seconds. French and Italian wine-growers insist that by means of the gun clouds are torn asunder, so that rain instead of hail falls.

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Sleuthing Truths | Futility Closet

Secret societies, camorras, mafias, et al., have no place in a detective story. A fascinating and truly beautiful murder is irremediably spoiled by any such wholesale culpability. To be sure, the murderer in a detective novel should be given a sporting chance; but it is going too far to grant him a secret society to fall back on. No high-class, self-respecting murderer would want such odds.

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Really? Welcome. Please come in and meet Mr. Mossberg [Bumped]

Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You' -- NewsBusters.org

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Our dictatorship doesn't depend on men with guns

but men with pens and pocket protectors. Men who fill out forms all day and who know where our permanent record is. Our rule is under the empire of data.

We are less worried about informers and more worried that a form that we filled out wasn't done the right way or was lost along the way. The American headquarters of the KGB isn't in a law enforcement building, it's in the EPA and the IRS and a thousand other bureaucratic institutions. This is the kind of tyranny that the left understands and loves. -- Sultan Knish: Troops in the Streets

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Because the Navy Has Aircraft Carriers?


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[Bumped] "If there was ever a group to whom the words "YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER" applied, it is us. And we have absolutely, positively no excuse whatsoever for our ignorance."

1. We were a free culture. This isn't Saudi Arabia or North Korea, so save me your bullshit excuses.
We have been free to read ANYTHING, learn ANYTHING, subscribe to ANYTHING. This has been the most licensed culture in all of human history. Male, female, white, brown, old, young, you name it. There hasn't even been a military draft in this country for forty years. We have had the near-universal societal leisure to pursue and ponder anything and everything. And we have chosen Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians, and mentally retarded giants who chase balls in stadiums like dogs. We have chosen to be ignorant losers who revel and glory in our own inhuman stupidity, when we could have chosen to be excellent. -- Barnhardt.biz - Commodity Brokerage

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To those Jews planning to vote for Obama:

Are you prepared to explain to your children not the principles upon which your vote is cast, but its probable effects upon them?
Are you prepared to sit your children down and talk them through your vote on the future you are choosing for them? Please remember that we have the secret ballot and, should you, on reflection, vote in secret for a candidate you would not endorse in public, you will not be alone. -- David Mamet A note to a stiff-necked people Jewish Journal

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First Light

Light From Universe's First Stars Seen Astronomers have spotted light from the very first stars in the universe,
which are almost as old as time itself. Shortly after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, the universe cooled enough to let atoms form, which eventually clumped together to create the first stars. Ever since these stars ignited, their light has been filling the universe, creating a pervasive glow throughout space that each successive generation of stars adds to.

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November 3, 2012

Dat's Wacist!

Word Around the Net: PICTURE OF THE DAY

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how could Obama be both an empty black suit and a determined leftist

Noonan essentially says that Obama is an empty black suit

with an agenda to weaken America? Here’s the answer. Insofar as his (real though unacknowledged) job is to hurt and weaken America, he is serious about that job, though he keeps it mostly concealed. Insofar as his job is looking after America’s well-being, he is an empty black suit. He shows up at the presidential office (when he’s not campaigning or going to celebrity events), he goes through the motions of being president, but he’s not doing the job of president.

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Rivers of blood in Moscow: Spatial distribution of executions in Stalin’s Moscow

The Great Purge personified Even though lump evidence of crimes committed by the Communist regime in Russia
has been uncovered in the last two and a half decades all but none attention was paid to spatial analysis of executions in major cities. The Memorial Society’s database of purges of Moscow residents in 1930s-50s enables me to map victims on a house-by-house level of detail. Below is the map. Each dot is clickable and denotes at least one person, totaling 11,170 people. -- Rivers of blood in Moscow: The Great Purge personified

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A Tale of Two Crises

Look at Lower Manhattan in the dark, and try to imagine what America might look like after the rest of the planet decides
it no longer needs the dollar as global reserve currency. For four years, we have had a president who can spend everything but build nothing. Nothing but debt, dependency, and decay. As I said at the beginning, in different ways the response to Hurricane Sandy and Benghazi exemplify the fundamental unseriousness of the superpower at twilight. Whether or not to get serious is the choice facing the electorate on Tuesday. -- - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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Nanny Bloomberg

rivaled his own personal best for worst mayoral performance since that snowstorm a couple of years back.

This is a man who spends his days micro-managing the amount of soda New Yorkers are allowed to have in their beverage containers rather than, say, the amount of ocean New Yorkers are allowed to have in their subway system — just as, in the previous crisis, the municipal titan who can regulate the salt out of your cheeseburger proved utterly incapable of regulating any salt onto Sixth Avenue. Imagine if this preening buffoon had expended as much executive energy on flood protection for the electrical grid and transit system as he does on approved quantities of carbonated beverages. But that’s leadership 21-century-style: When the going gets tough, the tough ban transfats. -- A Tale of Two Crises - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

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No hurricane hit my county.

A Tale of Two Crises - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

Indeed, no hurricane hit New Hampshire. No hurricane hit “17 states,” the number of states supposedly “affected” by Sandy at its peak. A hurricane hit a few coastal counties of New Jersey, New York and a couple of other states, and that’s it. Everyone else had slightly windier-than-usual wind — and yet they were out of power for days.

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This Just In

Drop Off In Popularity Of Absentee Ballots May Signal Mainers Not As Excited To Gay-Marry Obama This Election Cycle | The Rumford Meteor

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Obamaphones vs Obamagas

The question now is: "Are you better off now than you were last months?"


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Jay Leno:

"Last night, I answer the door, there's a kid lying on the porch. He's playing dead." I said, 'What are you supposed to be?' He said, 'The economy.' He was dressed as the economy." -- NewsBusters.org

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Hurricane Vanessa

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“Obama’s Defectors”

Now, from the standpoint of the Republican Party,
whether they vote for Romney or for Mickey Mouse, they reduce Obama's vote. Now, here's a little bit of math for you: Obama got about 53 percent of the vote in 2008. Obama is only getting 84 percent of those votes this time. 84 percent of 53 percent is 45 percent. -- Charlie Martin @ PJM

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The Marching Morons of Pennsylvania Avenue

Obama's Foreign Policy: Amateur Hour at the White House

"Obama likes to think of himself as the smartest person in the room. He prefers to surround himself with mediocrities and/or trusted yes-men/women and party operatives. The result? Well, we're seeing it in Benghazi."

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November 2, 2012

Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily

Bottom line: Romney 315, Obama 223. That sounds high for Romney. But he could drop Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and still win the election. Fundamentals. -- WashingtonExaminer.com

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We Are Those Who Stand for the Day

We are ordinary people and our mission is a simple one. We are the preservers of the present.
Our task is to stand against the destroyers, the dislocated in mind and body, drawing up their plans for mutant civilizations, their distorted visions of the past and future set in ideological dogmas, for the plain and simple things of the present. While they seek to take away our nations, our beliefs and our children away from us, we fight to preserve them and to keep our world with us. -- Sultan Knish:

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Henninger: Romney's Secret Voting Bloc

"The intensity of voters in the faith community is as high as I've seen it in the last 12 years."
The driver of that intensity is religious liberty. "We took a direct hit with the Affordable Care Act," he says. Evangelicals watched the Obama administration's big public fight with Catholic hospitals and charities. What they concluded is that the health-care law was a direct threat to their own private outreach programs. -- - WSJ.com

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The Lumpenproletariat of New York


THESE Daily Mail photos of New York City after the hurricane remind me of just how ugly the streets of Manhattan are,
with almost everyone dressed in drab, uninteresting clothes that rival the uniforms of Maoist China for their homogeneity and lifelessness. America is one of the most aesthetically impoverished nations in history. I wonder how many thousands of people are on medication because they are depressed by their own clothes and their ugly, hostile environments, surrounded as they are by impersonal denim, sneakers with tire treads, plastic-covered down jackets, billboards with oppressive smiles, and the austere, chilling cliffs of modern skyscrapers. -- The Thinking Housewife

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5 Minutes On the Lies of Bengahzi

A brutal pillorying of the present resident.

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Proud Black Conservative Wonders

Use your head. • I sometimes wonder what it would be like to vote for Obama. But then I remember Fat Amy’s wise words: “I sometimes think I should do crystal meth, but then I think ‘Mmmm, better not.’”

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Kim Kardashian: A study in self-creation


In the photographs, we see how she changed by stages between 2006 and 2010.
She started out as a pretty but unexceptional young woman with ethnic features. Then the breasts get noticeably larger, the nose gets a bit narrower, and the thick lips are thinned. (Instead of being happy with her fashionable Angelina Jolie-type thick lips she was moving in the opposite direction.) Presumably her buttocks and perhaps her hips were also being enhanced to create the extreme hourglass figure. At this point she has been much changed, and is quite pretty, yet she still looks like a normal young woman. But that was not enough for Kardashian.... -- AmNation

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Sandra Fluke draws record personal best crowd of 40.

Women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke made an appearance on Turlington Plaza on Wednesday to encourage students
to utilize early voting for next week’s presidential election. Fluke stopped at UF as part of her “It’s On You” Youth Early Vote Campus Outreach tour. About 40 students gathered by the potato statue to listen. -- :: Naked DC

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Stick to Your Last

I'll stick to what I've been saying since last spring: 53-47, Romney. The pollsters simply cannot quantify the electorate's eagerness to flush this turd down the toilet of history. -- Gagdad takes a stand in Side-Lines: How about the numbers? We going to lose this thing next week?

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“If all else is equal, why not vote for your race?”

Obama's inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell “He’s not saying you should support the black guy because of his race,

he’s saying you should support a competent black person,” she said. “If all else is equal, why not vote for your race?” When asked why polls show up to 95 percent support for Obama among African-Americans despite their tough economic circumstances over the last 10 years, Lowery said, “I’d like to see it 99” percent.

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Missing Shiny

Philip Castle, Farrah Fawcett

Lately, I'm missing shiny. After two decades of adhering to the flat world, I've begun to admire the shiny stuff.
For years, clients asked for shiny and sparkly type in three dimensions on every motion design project. Of course, we didn't do that. We took the opposite point of view, focusing on the simple forms and lack of ostentation. So, why now, am I drawn to airbrush illustration of the 1970s and 80s? Everything in these images is so clean. Even skin is glossy because it's so pure. -- Burning Settlers Cabin: Putting the Gloss onto Glossy

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"The truth is, the more George Lucas is involved in any of his films, the worse they tend to be. "

Just look at the content put out by other people than George Lucas in the Star Wars universe,
from Knights of the Old Republic to the many books written by other authors. The truth is, Lucas gone from Star Wars except as a sort of adviser is just good for the property. And Disney isn't dumb about their property either. -- Word Around the Net: PRINCESS LEIA

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Octomom, Please Octodie

- Taki's Magazine

The question isn’t what’s wrong with you—that’s obvious. Everything is wrong with you. The real question: Is there anything right with you?

You are a repellent, repugnant, loathsome, attention-seeking piece of rotted flesh wrapped around a black hole that sucks the goodness out of everything in its vicinity.

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"No matter which way you want to see it, the Obama administration abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi. "

Someone definitely made a decision to leave Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans to die, be wounded and/or captured. The question is, Who? As Glenn Reynolds has answered, "Someone too big to fit under the bus." IMO, that means only two persons: Obama himself or Vice President Biden. -- Sense of Events: The Libya Standown

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November 1, 2012

How about the numbers? We going to lose this thing next week?

(Pause) .... You hold tight now.  Take care.  The governor -- he's got this.  I may be a cheater -- but I ain'€™t a liar.  The governor -- Governor Romney,  is gonna win this thing. Next week... just hang on. -- The Ulsterman Report

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4 Pop Culture Arguments That Need to be Retired #1 Music Today is Different!

In a time when you thought no one actually bought music anymore, Taylor Swift's latest album is on track to sell one million copies in its first week.
That's because Taylor Swift is writing music for the only people who ever bought music: 15-year-old girls. That's life. 15-year-old girls are the tastemakers. And now that you know that 15-year-old girls are the ones who buy music, are you still shocked that you don't like what's on the radio? Was that a surprise? Are you still holding out hope that the next generation of 15-year-old girls is going to be into some really good shit? Because that's not going to happen

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Truth Is Not Retarded

The other day Ann Coulter stepped into a sacred cowpie for calling President Obama a "retard."
But he is a retard, if by retard we mean someone who is intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, or morally arrested. The Benghazi scandal alone qualifies him for moral retardation. I mean, if no one is retarded, then no one is advanced. Which is precisely what the left wants us to believe, but only when it is convenient. Otherwise they regard themselves as morally and intellectually superior to the 99% rabble o' retards. -- One Cʘsmos: Veils and Brutes, Whores and Bullies

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Coolidge: The Last President of the Republic of 1789

Silent Cal was modest in six languages. He was the last President of the Republic of 1789.
"…About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers….” -- James Wilson quoting in Side-Lines: Calvin Coolidge for President

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Coolidge: The Last President of the Republic of 1789

Silent Cal was modest in six languages. He was the last President of the Republic of 1789.
"…About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers….” -- James Wilson quoting in Side-Lines: Calvin Coolidge for President

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Somebody Should Start The "Stuff Costs Too Much" Party



2002 Average - $1.44

2012 Average - $3.73

Percent Increase: 158%

Stuff costs too much.  Seriously.  Every time I go to the grocery store these days, I am absolutely horrified by the prices. 
I try not to buy anything that is not on sale, but the problem is that I am discovering that the new sale prices are the old regular prices.  So now paying what used to be "full price" is supposedly a "good deal".  The other way that they are trying to hide rising prices is by shrinking package sizes.  As if we wouldn't notice that a box of 21 garbage bags is now being sold for the exact same price that a box of 25 garbage bags used to be sold for. -- Michael @ The Economic Collapse

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Hate That Neck? Tape Up That Wreck.


Karakuri Neck Charm Become over ten years younger with the Karakuri Neck Charm,
a simple neck brace-like device that you slip over the back of your neck to work on your wrinkles and sagging skin. First put the tape onto the back of the Neck Charm and then tie up your hair. After fitting the bracelet around the back of your neck, you can tuck the loose skin inside the Neck Charm so that it holds that eye-sore slack.

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Calvin Coolidge for President


"When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institutions.
It is difficult for men in high office to avoid the malady of self-delusion. They are always surrounded by worshipers. They are constantly, and for the most part sincerely, assured of their greatness. They live in an artificial atmosphere of adulation and exaltation which sooner or later impairs their judgment. They are in grave danger of becoming careless and arrogant." -- Calvin Coolidge

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"Economists say rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy will give the ailing construction industry a huge boost. In fact, the storm has already created more jobs than President Obama has."

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Trick or Treat. Smell My Feet. Give Me Something Weird to Eat.

The Halloween lobster: The New England Aquarium said it’s a 1-pound female lobster with a rare coloration known as a split.
Marine officials say such coloration is estimated to occur once in every 50 million lobsters. The Boston Globe reported that scientists believe the condition results in the lobster’s early cellular development. The fisherman who caught the seasonally colored crustacean in a trap last week is from Beverly, a seaside community 20 miles northeast of Boston.

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Come On Down to Crazy Barry's! Our Policies Are INSANE!

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Portland Hipster Is Accidentally Served The Dish The Cook Keeps Under The Leaky Sink Trap; Gives It Four Stars

Read all @bout it @ The Rumford Meteor

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