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“Truly viral news content tends to be terrible.”

The wisdom of the crowd, when it comes to picking news stories for wide circulation, is indistinguishable from idiocy. | ROUGH TYPE

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24 Sci-Fi Novels You Can Read for Free


Deathworld and Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison
Deathworld is a sort of parallel story to Harrison's famous Stainless Steel Rat series, taking place in the same sort of framework but focusing on a gambler thrust onto a hellish world full of dangerous beasts and awful weather on a smuggling trip. Planet of the Damned is an interplanetary Hunger Games, in which a survivor of the Twenties (a fittest-person challenge) tries to navigate a harsh realm of planets seemingly on the brink of nuclear war. There are also symbiotic aliens and more weirdness as the protagonists try to defuse worlds on the brink of destruction. -- Links here at Popular Mechanics

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The Wimpening


Getting back to the Milo event, I keep wondering what would happen if someone popped one of these BLM cunts in the mouth.
If Milo had knocked her cold, I’m thinking that would be the last of these confrontations. The risk assessment by these people would change overnight. Taking on the honky would suddenly come with real danger. Whatever benefits there are, assuming there are any, of refusing to fight, there’s no doubt it encourages troublemakers like that woman to get increasingly aggressive.
Watching the reaction from his fans on-line, I feel like I’m from another planet. Frankly, I cringed watching that video. Yet, the reaction on twitter suggests most people think he was the winner in that exchange. If that’s “winning” then I don’t want to see losing. To my old eyes, that looked like a white guy being dominated by a scrawny black bitch and then slinking away. I get that he is a gay guy and maybe the rules are different, but still, it was hard to watch, much less cheer. | The Z Blog

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Pensions Will Go Away In The Apocalypse

Reagan tapped the debt spigot. Resources began to flow freely, and it changed the very way we viewed them.
Suddenly, everybody had a right to a house, and college, and birth control, and diapers, and health insurance, and food, and cell phones, and anything else they could think of. Foreigners deserve citizenship, and free money, and they should even be allowed to send that money to their home country, so their families can have free money there. Nothing is worth anything, and money grows on trees. There was literally no way to communicate to the public that such profligacy would lead to a total collapse of the economic system which provided those resources, and even if there were, you probably couldn’t make people care enough to do something. Their amygdalae had grown too weak. -- Anonymous Conservative

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The so-called “sweet spot” for digging tunnels along the California/Mexico border.


“Go too far west,” reporter Jason Song explained,
“and the ground will be sandy and potentially soggy from the water of the Pacific Ocean. That could lead to flooding, which wouldn’t be good for the drug business. Too far east and you’ll hit a dead end of hard mountain rock.” However, Song continues, “in a strip of land that runs between roughly the Tijuana airport and the Otay Mesa neighborhood in San Diego, there’s a sweet spot of sandstone and volcanic ash that isn’t as damp as the oceanic earth and not as unyielding as stone.” The Soft Spot – BLDGBLOG

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An Entity With Earthly Allure

An entity with earthly allure with whom they can identify: who builds buildings they can admire, who rages when they are angry,
who speaks common sense when others cannot even classify gender. Who finally turns the tables to bully their tormentors. Somebody who does not inhabit the murky world of power as a “dark force the market cannot account for”: an invisible hand that seems somehow to control the invisible hand these days. Folks who produce – well nothing really but yet feed on something in the darkness until they grow wealthy, obese. People have had enough of an economic system that exists outside their understanding, outside their control – outside their access. | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

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Conservative Pundit on Twitter: "Everyone just stay calm and remember that polls don't mean anything this far out from general election unless they show Trump losing."

Everyone just stay calm and remember that polls don't mean anything this far out from general election unless they show Trump losing.

— Conservative Pundit (@DemsRRealRacist) May 24, 2016

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The Obama Regime’s Criminal Syndicate

In short, the DOJ, leveraging the settlement process under threat of prosecution, has bypassed Congress
and the Courts to secure settlement agreements to provide consumer relief funds to third-party radical leftist groups. Moreover, the DOJ has used a portion of the funds agreed to under the settlements to finance the administrations housing policy goals as the DOJ inserted its own spending priorities to pick certain groups, such as La Raza, to receive funds without any requirement that the funds be disbursed to aggrieved homeowners. Officials within the DOJ have also effectively skimmed off three percent from mortgage-related bank settlements and thus have been able to create a $500 million dollar slush fund allowing them to spend the money in whichever way they best see fit. – Politically Short

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There’s the great new dividing line in politics

One side is concerned solely with stability and comity at the top. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times argue endlessly about how best to organize global governance, because that’s what matters to them. They are not just indifferent to what happens in your neighborhood. They see such concern as a fault, a mental defect that should exclude you from the halls of power. As far as they’re concerned, you are no more important than the Malaysian sweatshop worker. You’re just an economic unit.
On the other side of the dividing line are the localists, the people who focus their attention on their neighborhood, their town, their city and their country. The Super Duper Global Trade Pact may be great for Mega Corp, but if it means all the jobs in your town get shipped to Malaysia, then it is not good for you. Cheap stuff at Walmart is not much good to a man without a job. Generous welfare benefits are not much good when everyone spends it on liquor and meth.
The End of Left and Right | The Z Blog
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“Have you made an herbarium yet?”

Cannabis plant, loofestrife and pasture rose, bottom right.
The Lost Gardens of Emily Dickinson
Dickinson adored the plant kingdom from a young age. She recalled going on “rambles” through the woods in her teenage years and finding many “beautiful children of spring,” her epithet for wildflowers like trailing arbutus, adder’s tongue and yellow violets. In her youth, she began composing a book — not of poems, but of plants. She meticulously dried and flattened a wide range of species — chestnut, dogwood, poppies, lilac, nasturtiums, even a couple of algae — and artfully fixed them to paper, christening many with the appropriate Latin names.

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Chopstick Diplomacy: Parts Unknown with Quisling Anthony Bourdain

In case you’re not familiar with Anthony Bourdain, he’s the former chain smoking, coke sniffing, heroin addicted NY chef, foodie writer and documentarian.
I liked him in his first TV incarnation - A Cook’s Tour - as a jaded wise cracking ex-chef who visited other peoples kitchens in interesting locales and ate what they cooked. Then he moved to the upper West Side and has been intolerable since. He turned into a snide, hypocritical, liberal – butt I repeat myself - TV food celebrity. Instead of being funny now he’s just ironic. Michelle Obama's Mirror:

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A choice. Not an echo.


Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God on Sunday, May 15, 2016, at the age of 68. -- Richmond Times-Dispatch: Obituaries
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Extra Credit for "Retromingency"

Beck And Erickson Are Wrong On Facebook These are the complaints of useful idiots.

They are stupid and both men should be ashamed at their dull-witted retromingency in making them. Facebook is not being shaken down in any capacity. It is being criticized not as a corporation, but in its chosen role as a media entity. Facebook curates the news; it is a news source for the vast majority of Americans. It put its trending algorithm forward as a source of news, with the false impression given that it accurately represented the trending topics of the Facebook community. Instead, it warped these results according to their ideological framework and their biases to falsely represent the top stories of the day. This is a serious accusation and one Facebook has admitted to as a problem. Yet Beck and Erickson are arguing against Mark Zuckerberg when they say that it doesn’t matter.

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How Did the Pet Rock Fad Start?

The rock came with its own pet carrier- a custom-made cardboard box with a handle and air holes.
(Not that a rock needed to breathe, of course.) Inside the box, the rock had its own bed of wood shavings to nestle in while it waited for someone to take it home. Lastly, the perfect pet wouldn’t have been complete without its very own, official training manual, which was arguably the real product being sold. - - TIFO

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"Doesn't matter what kind of family you come from in this country. You can be anything you want to be."

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Although we can regularly screen out the thoughts, sounds, images, memories, opinions and ideas of others


as foreign and potentially noxious, it ain’t the same with music.
If one of those ‘foreign’ messages gets packaged into a catchy melody or a well-crafted song, we not only let the message in and take it to heart, we might end up constantly repeating it and go searching for more of the same! The well-crafted melody or song is an extremely powerful way to colonise or influence other minds. While most of us can resist this mind control when it comes in the form of speeches, tracts, newspapers and blogs, we have much less power when that message comes as a song or a jingle. Why a well-crafted melody has the power to colonise your mind | Aeon Opinions

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In under three decades, the web has expanded to contain more than a billion sites.

Every day about 300 million digital photographs, more than 100 terabytes’ worth, are uploaded to Facebook. An estimated 204m emails are sent every minute and, with 5bn mobile devices in existence, the generation of new content looks set to continue its rapid growth. Virtual memory: the race to save the information age -
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The rise of Trump I did not foresee, although any clearheaded person should have.

For entirely too long working-class people have been dismissed as not smart enough, their passion rooted in racism, guns, and beer.
These same people have not had a raise in their standard of living since the Reagan era. In the meantime the wolves of Wall Street have all become billionaires, while none of the Goldman Sachs crooks and others of their ilk who caused the 2008 recession have gone to jail. So it was bound to happen, the awakening of the working-class white stiff who is now even told not to retain the silly old notion that single-sex, multiple-occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities should be entered based on a person’s biological gender as opposed to the one they imagine it to be. A Stinging Endorsement - Taki's Magazine

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I don't write the headlines, I just report them.

A female security guard threw out a transgendered Michelle Obama lookalike who ventured into the women’s restroom at a Giant store in Washington, D.C. The guard went into the restroom and told the tranny, Ebony Belcher, to get out. "You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women's restroom,” the guard told Belcher as she grabbed the trans from the restroom. “They did not pass the law yet." The guard was later charged with simple assault after Belcher called the police.

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Deep in my bones I imagine I can vaguely remember this

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TRUMP - 46%
Inmate #749342 - 44%

Look at this death cross about to happen! 👇🏻

— Jared Wyand (@JaredWyand) May 22, 2016

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I'll be sure to mention that to the 5-Megaton NORK warhead detonating 2,000 feet above Telegraph Avenue.


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We had the road mostly to ourselves and arrived safely home ahead of the "red".

What's "crazy" about the world these days isn't just the dangers that might be lurking at the end of dead end ghetto streets.
I am amazed at how weird it's getting everywhere. The crazy soft life problems are more troubling to me then the crazy hard life problems. I asked Four what she thought about people boycotting Target. She said people ought to use the bathroom at home if they're worried about what's going on in the next stall. My mother was worried about VD on public toilet seats, my kid doesn't seem to be worried about much of anything. True North: barely ahead of the red ...

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How? Planning. Careful, prolonged, and detail-oriented planning.

The world’s most hapless robbers are arrested after crook’s gun jams, getaway driver parks his moped INSIDE the shop, all while witness films them at Swedish jeweler’s
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Your Moment of Zen

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It's not smart to swallow your phone


An ingested mobile phone in the stomach may not be amenable to safe endoscopic removal using current therapeutic devices: A case report
The patient was brought to the operating theatre, intubated and the initial intervention was an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. The findings are shown in Fig. 3. Following failed attempts at endoscopic removal, using endoscopic snares, graspers, tripod forceps and baskets, the endoscopic approach was abandoned. The mobile phone could not be aligned correctly to allow for a safe retrieval while limiting the potential harm to the oesophagus. The use of overtube was not an option in this case due to the size of the phone. An upper midline laparotomy was then performed and an Alexis® O Wound Protector was used to protect the wound. A gastrotomy (3–4 cm) was made in the anterior stomach away from the pylorus. The phone was delivered through the gastrotomy by manual manipulation assisted by Babcock forceps. The dimensions of the foreign body were 68 × 23 × 11 mm. This was followed by a two-layer gastrotomy closure, fascial and skin closure. A nasogastric tube was placed during the surgery and secured with a bridle. The mobile phone was sent as a specimen for forensic examination. [HT davidthompson: Friday Ephemera]

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Three Rules for Contemporary Air Travel

1. Do Not Fly Where Muslim Crews Work on Planes

2. Do Not Allow Muslims to Pilot Planes

3. Why Are Infidels Still Traveling to Muslim Countries? Infidels should not travel to Muslim countries
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The White Shaman's secret


The White Shaman Cave is a very small rockshelter, located in a hot and humid area of a tiny and brushy canyon.
The rock shelter called White Shaman has an anthropomorphic figure depicting a ''shaman''. It is carved into a limestone bluff located near the confluence of the Rio Grande and the Pecos River. This is one of the most photographed pictograph sites and it has become a symbol of the expeditions. On the walls of the White Shaman Cave is a painting depicting the flight of the shaman to the land of the spirits. It is also his metaphorical death and rebirth, shown as a message from the past about humanity’s mission and a solution to the mystery of life according to the tribe, which lived there 4,000 years ago. The painting, and the message which is easy to read, surprise many who see it with its sophistication. Unraveling the secrets of White Shaman Cave | Ancient Origins

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Ladyboys and Trannygirlz, put your glands together for The President of the United Toilets

Glory Hole, Glory Hole, Hallelujah! - Obama is on the can, and there he sits, brokenhearted, because certain states have decided to keep biological men out of ladies-only bathrooms and locker rooms.

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