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The revolution begins!

Justice Don Willett
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Apple: ‘We do not accept fart apps on the Apple Watch’ | Cult of Mac
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The Greatest URL of All Time [HT: Sailer]

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Obama took office vowing to end America’s wars. Now we’re in at least five

“We’re sort of seeing the world order cracking around the edges,” says Robert Kagan, a conservative author and historian whose writing has caught the president’s attention. “The only thing Obama can hope is that it doesn’t completely collapse while he’s still president.” - - World War O
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Glamorous Crossing: How Pan Am Airways Dominated International Travel in the 1930s


Starting with just a mail route, Juan Terry Trippe helped create a uniquely American luxury experience. - - Longreads

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An obsession with any advanced technological device, usually pointless and/or confusing. A condition or abnormal process characterized by an obsession with anything small and electronic." -- Art & Graft

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MLB: Here’s a Perplexing Question to Bat Around

What constitutes batting around in an inning? ‘Niners’ and ‘Team 10’ can’t agree. - - WSJ
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Blue Tears and the Milky Way

The venerable Astronomy Picture of the Day

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I Feel Like NPR Doesn’t Like My New Radio Show Idea.

It seems these days everyone has a podcast or public radio show. But nobody’s doing a public radio show where the host sits in chain restaurants in the middle of America, listening to Hall and Oates, Kansas, and Blue Oyster Cult, wondering what went wrong. Yet.
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U.S. Army and British paratroopers perform a static line jump

at Holland Drop Zone in preparation for Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise 15-01 at Fort Bragg, N.C., April 11, 2015. GOTO: Raining freedom -- Select Full Window
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How to Make Scrambled Eggs With a Waffle Maker Recipe


1. Turn Waffle maker on.... - Snapguide
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Why people are sick of newspapers


If you checked the newsroom of the Washington Post, I suspect you would find that the inmates mostly lived in pricey neighborhoods, had degrees from Princeton, drank white wine, and ate salads made from strangely named vegetables.
Most of them, I'll bet you, have never baited a hook, changed their oil, or made a raft out of orange crates and old inner tubes. Nor (I'm continuing to bet) have they ever held a gun, much less fired one, and would regard doing so as highly exotic and probably fascistic. Zero of them would have served in the military. The men likely never got into a fight in high school. The women probably think that peeing in the woods constitutes either grave hardship or high adventure. Few have hitchhiked, boozed in a country bar, done shift work in a gas station, pulled crab pots, or played in a tire swing. In short, they are privileged little snots. And have the attitudes to go with it. Fred On Everything

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"A system for allowing a shoe wearer to lean forwardly beyond his center of gravity...."


Michael Jackson patented 'anti-gravity' shoes following famous lean dance For the video of his 1987 single "Smooth Criminal," pop sensation Michael Jackson devised a dance routine. He leaned forward 45 degrees, apparently defying gravity, and completely blew our minds. (In reality, the effect was achieved by wires.) But Jackson wanted to recreate the same dance move in live performances on tour. So, along with two co-inventors, Jackson developed a special shoe.

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The 'To Hell With Them' hawks" is a really clunky way of identifying a faction.


We don't particularly care whether the Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds of Iraq put down their arms.
We only want them to put down their arms against us. Henry Kissinger famously said of the Iran-Iraq War that it was a pity both sides couldn't lose. One doesn't want to be accused of inhuman callousness; but I am willing to confess, and believe I speak for a lot of THWTHs (and a lot of other Americans, too) that the spectacle of Middle Eastern Muslims slaughtering each other is one that I find I can contemplate with calm composure. -- John Derbyshire

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The Rentier Class has no plight. They are the winners.

Rentiers have locked in complete economic security and no longer need to do unpleasant work in order to survive.

Examples of rentiers include: Cashed out entrepreneurs, Wall Street types who banked their salary and now no longer need to work, small business owners who have grown a profitable business that now runs itself, super star athletes who invested their earnings well, etc.
The rentier class is not limited solely to those who have amassed independent wealth. I count as rentiers tenured professors who love their jobs and who can pick their own research topics. A staff engineer at Google who can pick and choose projects might also count as a rentier. Great Problems: The Economic Classes and their Respective Plights

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These days I can't sit through that "I'm proud to be an American 'cause at least I know I'm free"


As Cindy Archer and others understood, when the nightmare suddenly descends, you have to be super-alert not to put a foot wrong, even by an inch or two.
She was worried they were going to shoot her barking dogs. Which the police certainly do. But, maybe if your poor dog tries to protect you and you rush to grab his collar, the sudden move will result in them shooting you - and then trotting back to the vehicle to find a taser to plant beside your body.
What I mean is, when Mr Mauser says "it's hard to know how you would react", you have to react as you would if you were raided by the Egyptian police or the Turkmen police, and figure out a way to increase your odds of surviving the encounter. But, on his general point, I'm in agreement: Americans need to recover the habits of liberty, and refuse to accept the "justice" of squalid hacks like "Judge" Kulka. And they need also to understand that there is a direct line between the contempt for law demonstrated by the super-elite in Washington and the terrifying caprices of Wisconsin "justice".
Like I said, I want a candidate who'll restore government integrity and equality before the law. These days I can't sit through that "I'm proud to be an American 'cause at least I know I'm free" song. I'd like fewer people to sing it and more people to live it. Oligarchs for Hillary! :: SteynOnline

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Are We Out of Nazis Yet?

Seventy years on, none of this makes any sense to me.
This old guy is 93. What do they expect to come of this? He’s going to croak any day now. These trials are nothing more than guilt porn. They have nothing to with justice, they never do, and they sure don’t have anything to do with vengeance. The guy is 93. I guess we will have to wait for the final Nazi to die in the next few years. There are only a few thousand left, if that many. The Nazis, in my view, cast way too long of a shadow. Marx is arguably history’s greatest monster. At least 100 million were murdered in that prick’s name. Hitler was a piker compared to the Reds, but Western Progressives see too much of themselves in the Nazis. Maybe when the last Nazi dies, the Cult will be free. Are We Out of Nazis Yet? | The Z Blog

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The Slave Caste of America

Especially since the 2007 financial crisis and the escalation of the cost of living in these cities,
this slave caste (which is often quite wealthy, as slave castes often have been, particularly in the East) has become more squeezed and dependent. It’s not uncommon to hear of particularly ambitious corporate slaves who have achieved ‘success’ only to be able to barely afford to buy a humble, lower middle class home in their favored region near the seat of power. Outside the seat of power, even a truck driver can afford to buy a beautiful home which would cost millions of dollars in the central cities. Inside the seat of power, most of the slaves can only afford to rent from either higher-end slaves or members of the oligarchical class. About the Corporate Slave Class - Henry Dampier

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The SWPL class

SWPL's are educated, urban, Bohemian, progressives.
The social network centers around the upper tier universities and the "blue"/progressive urban centers. Common activities of this class include: listening to NPR, drinking locally roasted coffee, attending an upper tier college, voting for Obama, shopping at Whole Foods, drinking a micro brew, or engaging in some activity to raise awareness. The class is mostly white, but there is a substantial minority of Asian members, and a smaller minority of black and Hispanic members. SWPL's are 'white' in the sense of what a black person from the hood says when he accuses his buddy of 'acting white.'Great Problems: The Economic Classes and their Respective Plights

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Totalitarianism, however, does not so much promise an age of faith as an age of schizophrenia.

to be corrupted by totalitarianism one does not have to live in a totalitarian country. The mere prevalence of certain ideas can spread a kind of poison that makes one subject after another impossible for literary purposes. Wherever there is an enforced orthodoxy — or even two orthodoxies, as often happens — good writing stops. This was well illustrated by the Spanish civil war. To many English intellectuals the war was a deeply moving experience, but not an experience about which they could write sincerely. There were only two things that you were allowed to say, and both of them were palpable lies: as a result, the war produced acres of print but almost nothing worth reading. George Orwell -- The Prevention of Literature

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Frightened villagers “killed” the first hydrogen balloon


It is presumed that it was carried to a height of more than 20,000 feet, when it burst by the reaction of the Inflammable Gas upon the Atmospheric Air.
It fell at three quarters past five near Gonesse, ten miles [actually, 15 miles] from the Field of Mars. The affrightened inhabitants ran together, appalled by the Hellish stench of sulphur, and two monks having assured them it was the skin of a Monstrous Animal, they attacked it with stones, pitchforks and flails. The Curate of the village was obliged to attend in order to sprinkle it with holy water and remove the fears of his astonished parishioners. At last they tied to the tail of a horse the first Instrument that was ever made for an Experiment in Natural Philosophy, and trained it across the field more than 6000 feet. Progress - Futility ClosetFutility Closet

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The computer is not expected to recover.


Man shoots computer in Colorado Springs alley, gets revenge he wanted - and a citation Strossner tweeted Hinch "executed" his computer in an alley on the 2200 block of West Colorado Avenue. The penalty for the citation will be up to a judge, police said, adding that Hinch was good-natured about the citation and hadn't realized he was breaking the law when he went Wild West on that useless piece of technology. Hinch shot it eight times, Strossner said, "effectively disabling it."
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She has been smart enough to play the skins game well enough to get rich as a colossally bad poet


Now, maybe Toni Morrison is just a stupid person. But, she has been smart enough to play the skins game well enough to get rich as a colossally bad poet.
No, I suspect she knows the truth of things. She just hates white people and would enjoy seeing more white people suffer and die. The cops could shoot a thousand white teenagers in the back tonight and Morrison will want more. I don’t blame her, really. She’s old and no one really cares what she has to say about anything. She may as well let loose with what’s on her mind. She also must think the tide of history is on the side of non-whites. Look around and ask yourself if she is wrong. Death to Whitey! | The Z Blog

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The left is at its best when it’s trying to take power.

It unleashes its egocentric creative impulses, it writes poems, plays and songs as its heroes die in doomed battles or pump their fists at protests. And then they win, get rich and fat, the people grow poor and the country becomes a miserable dictatorship. Try putting a 300 pound Che on a t-shirt. Or get inspired by Obama lazily playing golf. Sultan Knish: The Death of the Left
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The Socially Acceptable Sin


There’s one sin in particular that has pervaded our society and churches so silently
we hardly give it a second thought, and that is the constant hunt for more over what is enough. Or, in an uglier terminology, what is known as gluttony.... At its simplest, gluttony is the soul’s addiction to excess. It occurs when taste overrules hunger, when want outweighs need. And in America, where upsizing has always been part of the American dream, it’s often difficult to distinguish what is hard-earned achievement and what is indulgent excess. In this sense, even the most athletic and toned among us can be gluttons. Any of us can be. | RELEVANT Magazine

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Moron of the [Earth] Day

Gowanus Canal Swim What: Wrapped in a yellow drysuit and exposure protection gear,
Water Advocate and Swimmer Christopher Swain will emerge from the contaminated soup of the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site, on Earth Day, to call for an accelerated cleanup of the Canal. Swain’s goal is a Gowanus Canal that is safe to swim in every day. Swain will swim the entire 1.8 mile length of the Gowanus over the course of the day, from the Flushing Tunnel down to New York Harbor, navigating through industrial waste, fuel slicks, sewage, and trash. Swain is thought to be the first person in history to attempt to swim the entire length of the Gowanus Canal.... A layer of sludge 10 - 20 feet thick, spiked with coal tar, heavy metals, and toxic compounds, covers the bottom of the Canal. Dangerous levels of bacteria and viruses, including gonnorhea, have been found in the Canal’s waters as a result of raw sewage discharges.

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Hitler’s six million, Stalin’s twenty to thirty million, Mao’s fifty to eighty million…

the twentieth century’s body count is so massive that mere margins of error often run into tens of millions of human lives.
Pockets of just over a million such as we find in the Rwandan civil war (a number which also fits the Irish Potato Famines, by the way, where an element of calculated genocide was certainly present) hardly seem to bear inclusion. If we are not to be permanently, fatally stultified, however, by the depth of our own depravity, we must strive to count every body. We must no longer tolerate speech that incites violence. We must purge mass entertainment of its irresponsible representations of mayhem. We must limit the manufacture and distribution of weapons. Those instruments of doom which we have already created must systematically be dismantled…. And so the program goes. Why Is Human History an Inhuman Nightmare? | Intellectual Conservative

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Kicking the Can


The Coors company in nearby Golden, Colorado, not only makes beer, they manufacture the aluminum cans as well.
Tasty light beer, in a lightweight container that’s strong and durable and stackable. The can has a pop-top, and is recyclable when empty. It’s called “The Silver Bullet.” The cans are one of the most sophisticated pieces of engineering we encounter. The product of more than 150 years of research and development. - - Robert Fulghum

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Don't Believe the Hype

Via HappyAcres
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The Quest for the Chocolate Savior

There’s a sacramental quality to the worship of non-whites and foreigners.
I hear this from otherwise sensible people regarding Hispanics in California. They believe the state will turn around when a suitably conservative Hispanic wins the governorship. To my ears, this sounds a lot like ancients believing the right sacrifices could result in a good harvest. It’s magical thinking. In the case of Americans, my sense is many white people think that their sins can only be scrubbed from their soul if they fully and complete submit to those who their ancestors harmed. Racism has taken up the place of original sin. Christians believe you must completely submit to God. The anti-racists think they can only be cleansed by submitting completely to non-whites. -- | The Z Blog

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For Earth Day: Michael Crichton explains why there is "no such thing as consensus science"

"In science consensus is irrelevant.
What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period." - AEI | Carpe Diem Blog サ AEIdeas

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Down by Me

The Native Americans, we call them "Indians" since that's what they call themselves, they can get real spiritual here.
The Anglos, sometimes referred to as Gringos, the land could break their hearts. The Hispanics, mostly Mexicans, they get called Meskins but not in a derogatory way. They're more used to the environment down here. When I think about it, what we call each other gets pushed aside since there are Mexicans that go back three or fourgenerations and Anglos that grew up side by side with them, fighting Nature, rejoicing it, simply being ordinary folks. Spillers of Soup

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Meet Boston Corbett, the self-castrated hatmaker who was John Wilkes Booth’s Jack Ruby.


Corbett was watching Booth intently from his unit’s formation around the barn.
Through the cracks in the wall, he could see the fugitive shift in and out of view, a gun in hand. As the flames rose, Corbett trained his pistol on the image, even though the word from Washington was clear—Booth was to be taken alive. Corbett, you see, wasn’t the kind of soldier who followed orders easily, unless they came from God. | Washingtonian

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Twinkie's Miracle Comeback: The Untold, Inside Story of a $2 Billion Feast


But while you wouldn’t find Twinkies on Whole Foods’ shelves or in Gwyneth Paltrow’s pantry, Hostess had something you can’t find in a locally sourced, chia–seed snack–millions of nostalgic fans.
“The brand awareness was unbelievable,” says Jhawar. “It’s not every day you have an opportunity to acquire a brand that is ubiquitous, that had $1 billion in revenue before the bankruptcy and 80–plus years of legacy.” Acquire they did, plunking down $410 million for the cake brands and promising to inject another $250 million to rehabilitate the business. Now, just two years after buying the shuttered company, they sit atop what will likely be a $2 billion win. - Forbes [HT: Maggies Farm]

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Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George, and Georges Clémenceau


I think of them as the “Three Stooges of the Apocalypse.”
They were themselves not causes but symptoms of a disease, which for a word we might call post-modernism. President Wilson did the most permanent damage. He was the Barack Obama of that historical moment, enjoying an immense charismatic popularity in Europe. A moral and intellectual simpleton, he had handy to his lips a short list of glib progressive nostrums that appealed to great masses of the war weary. The valour deficit : Essays in Idleness

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Roseanne Barr on Losing Her Sight, Smoking Weed, Rejecting Feminism, and Not Voting For Hillary


"I might run again for the Peace and Freedom Party, but they’d have to get rid of a lot of their platform—it’s obsolete.
I thought about starting my own party, the Green Tea Party, a hybrid of freedom and safety net. That’s what I think the future is all about: a limit to government size and power, government made efficient. There’s a party called the National Woman’s Party, which started about 100 years ago: That would be a great party to run with.” - The Daily Beast

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JUST GO AWAY: The Case Against Jeb Bush for President

Giving Jeb the nomination neutralizes some of the best arguments against Hillary.
She’s a relic from the 20th century? So is Jeb. She’s a longtime member of the political ruling class who thinks she’s entitled to the presidency because of her last name? So is Jeb. She supports an immigration policy that rewards lawbreakers and dilutes our cultural identity? So does Jeb. She’s charisma-challenged and is propped up not by grassroots enthusiasm but rather by the largesse of big money donors? So is–you get the idea. Doug Giles | #ClashDaily

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On our marks.... getting set....

Pew Shows Highest Support for Gun Rights Ever Pew Research released a poll showing their highest documented support for gun rights, and 63% of their respondents said the best way to protect yourself against crime was with a gun. The survey also specifically says that Americans do not believe that more gun control will keep them safe.
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Otis Taylor, Nasty Letter: "If the devil come I've been wrongly, wrongly accused"

A face, and a voice, and a song that have all been down a thousand miles of rough roads.
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