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Traitor to His Class


Trump’s popularity, while beyond doubt, is treated not as a legitimate expression of popular will but as a mass psychosis to be diagnosed.
It would seem to be the duty of every American pundit today to explain the inexplicable and problematic rise of Donald Trump. The critical question, however, is not the source of Trump’s popularity but rather the reason his popularity is so shocking to our political culture. Perhaps Trump’s candidacy threatens a larger consensus that governs our political and social life, and perhaps his popularity signifies a profound challenge to elite opinion. --- | The Weekly Standard

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You Government at Work:


India Once Released 25,000 Flesh-Eating Turtles Into the Ganges A plan to clean up corpses failed due to lack of planning.
In the late 1980s, India's government announced a plan to release specially bred flesh-eating turtles into the Ganges river. According to Hindu faith, there is salvation in being cremated on the banks of the riverand then dumped into it. But sometimes the corpses are only partially burned, and according to the BBC, the corpses of those who cannot afford to be cremated are put in the river, too. "Hundreds of years ago, such turtles flourished in the Ganges until they were killed by hunters for meat," the Los Angeles Times reported. "Now, the government has begun breeding them on a farm near Lucknow." The turtles were raised on dead fish, "so that they wouldn't develop a taste for the living," reports Atlas Obscura.

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"And then he was dangerous."

The source of the wizard’s power was a simple discovery.

He learned that when he described to people a better version of themselves, they automatically rewired their minds to become the person of his description. At first the wizard used his method to control one person at a time. Before long he learned how to move entire crowds. And then he was dangerous. - - The Time of Kings | Scott Adams Blog

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Every Christian elected official should be determining, within the scope of their duties, which lines they will not allow the state to cross.


First, whenever we get to that elusive and ever-receding “hill to die on,” we will discover, upon our arrival there, that it only looked like a hill to die on from a distance. Up close, when the possible dying is also up close, it kind of looks like every other hill.
All of a sudden it looks like a hill to stay alive on, covered over with topsoil that looks suspiciously like common ground. So it turns out that surrendering hills is not the best way to train for defending the most important ones. Retreat is habit-forming. … The point here is not just private conscience. The right to liberty of conscience is at play with florists, bakers, and so on. But Kim Davis is not just keeping herself from sinning, she is preventing Rowan County from sinning. That is part of her job. Never Yet Melted » Kim Davis'€™s Honorable Stand

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Donald Trump and Ben Carson may have signed a desperate No Third Party Pledge -- but their voters have not.


Don Surber: Poll: Half of Republicans want Trump or Carson The party's rank and file is tired of Republican National Committee and Congressional Republicans.
Where is the vote on Obamacare that forces the president to veto?
Where is the court case that demands that the Iran Treaty get two-thirds approval by the Senate?
Where are the hearings on 307,000 veterans dying while waiting for the Civil Service-protected ingrates at VA to fulfill America's promise?
Where is the hearing on the EPA turning the Animas River orange?
Why are we still funding Planned Parenthood if the House controls spending?

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Disappear in the Wilderness


Next time you find yourself being chased by a Predator from another planet, don’t forget what you learned here:
get naked, mud up, and roll on the ground. In less than 5 minutes you’ll be an unrecognizable fixture in the forest around you. - - Natural Camouflage

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Most PPP are happy when a neighborhood transitions from sacred people to Hispanic.

Even though most will be on welfare, they are not robbing and murdering like the sacred people.
Plus, a fair number who do work, work very hard and that flatters the typical PPP in SWPL-ville. Europe has a different problem. Their immigration is coming from two places, the MENA and sub-Saharan Africa. These populations have high degrees of clannishness, fanaticism and violence. The Czechs and Slovaks parted ways with a handshake and good wishes. Syria is breaking up in a bloodbath. Similarly, sub-Saharan Africans slaughter one another for sport. The Invasion | The Z Blog

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All across the Old Continent we are seeing massive flaunting of law and order as thousands, tens-of-thousands, maybe more, of so-called refugees

flood into Europe and then slosh about from one country to another looking for the best deal.
The UK has become a particular target as "refugees" try to make their way to Britain's generous public benefits. Recall that in a fit of Euro madness the leadership of the UK,traditionally the sole repository of common sense and hard-eyed realism in Europe, agreed enthusiastically with the construction of the absurd Chunnel, putting thereby an end to one of the country's historic defenses, the sea. What would Drake and Nelson have to say about that? -- The DiploMad 2.0

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Yam a lam a ding dong!


Each year, a man grows yams for his sister, and his daughter if she is married. The husband does not provide yams to his wife. The more yams a woman receives, the more powerful and rich she is.
The husband is expected to give his wife's father or brother a gift in turn for the yams they give his wife. When the woman is first married, she receives yams from her father until the woman's brother thinks his sister and her husband are old enough for him to give the yams. At the beginning of the yam harvest, the yams stay on display in gardens for about a month before the gardener takes them to the owner. The owner is always a woman. There is a great ceremony for this every year. The yams are loaded into the woman's husband's empty yam house. Young people come to the gardens dressed in their most festive traditional clothes early on the day the yams are delivered to the yam house. The young people are all related to the gardener, and carry the yam baskets to the owner's hamlet. When they get to the owner's hamlet, they sing out to announce the arrival of the yams while thrusting out their hips in a sexually provocative motion. This emphasizes the relation between yams and sexuality. A few days later, the gardener comes and loads the yam house, and the man is now responsible for the yam. Yam Exchanges Trobriand Islands

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An Ode to the Humble Safari Jacket [Bumped]

Hemingway on Safari with essential supplies.

Within the Safari jacket’s four front pockets, they stashed their binoculars, their notepads, their guns, their ammo, their guidebooks, their souvenirs, and any other adventuring accoutrement that they had stocked up for these excursions.
Today, the purpose is the same, but the inventory is just a touch different. Nonetheless, whether you’re Teddy Roosevelt lugging shotgun shells in the twenties, Yves Saint Laurent toting a flask in the sixties, or just a guy with more iPhones than ears, the Safari Jacket is the ultimate in “where-able” technology. | A Continuous Lean.

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This is known as "bad luck.”

“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as 'bad luck.' ” ― Robert A. Heinlein
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Kiss the Constitution Goodbye

Recent supreme court decisions have simply negated the Constitution entirely, building on decades of ignoring and twisting the document, inventing things not in it until its simply trash. And all of this happened because of well-meaning tiny little steps, any one of which the founding fathers would have been enraged at, but we sigh and shrug at today. There is no rational basis for thinking that any government will reverse this. Word Around the Net: THE CONSEQUENCES
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The European 'Refugee Crisis' Is Funny

Liberals consider it responsible and humanitarian to say pious things
about caring for the wretched masses, even though as individuals none of them bear either the cost or the responsibility for the health of their countries. It costs nothing to say something pious about the refugees, but it’s quite risky — and in some cases illegal — to stand up and say that states can’t provide free lunches to everyone everywhere in perpetuity with no conditions attached. - - Henry Dampier

Europeans expect their continent to become a comfortable retirement village dutifully supported by Muslim immigrants. How likely is that?

— Lawrence Auster (@LawrenceAuster) August 11, 2015

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From the dissolution of the single great continent you call Pangea,
I arose from the gneiss of two billion years pre-biotic sedimentation to stand mute beside the Tethys Ocean. The waters receded and reformed and countless lives and extinctions preceded you, upright bipeds. Now your cities have risen and fallen and risen again. You struggle on the constant brink of self-annihilation, your animal instinct for survival warring with your reptilian desire to kill. Now, I'm not racist, but my main point here is that if a police officer asks you to do something, I observe no possible reason to disobey. - - SA

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Let's Brainstorm Some Ideas for Our New ISIS Video

More heads on bigger poles. Throw paint on all the fur coats. Lecture people about carbs. Shoot pet dogs. Okay, okay, our messages are getting a little mixed. Not enough history. I like the heads and the poles. Always very strong. How about I remix those other ideas and we shoot people we catch with books and then feed them to dogs? No, I don't really know where carbs will factor into it. - - SA
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For many years the Third World has functioned as the sump of toxic Western ideas.

Ideas too dangerous for any sane person to actually try were boldly exported there.
Years ago a Bavarian friend remarked that the most destructive German export of all time was Karl Marx; far more catastrophic in effect than that perennial rival for ideological malpractice, Adolf Hitler. There’s something to this. Marx’ disciples Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro and the Kim family have between them killed many more people than perished at the hands of Adolf. Yet after each catastrophe, the intellectuals would go back to the drawing board and try again with the highest hopes — since the inhabitants of Africa, Asia and South America seemed perpetually ready to be sacrificed on the altar of ‘scientific’ socialism. Marx Materializes at the Border | Belmont Club

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How the Ballpoint Pen Changed Handwriting


Ink is where László Bíró, working with his chemist brother György, made the crucial changes: They experimented with thicker, quick-drying inks, starting with the ink used in newsprint presses
. Eventually, they refined both the ink and the ball-tip design to create a pen that didn’t leak badly. (This was an era in which a pen could be a huge hit because it only leaked ink sometimes.) The Bírós lived in a troubled time, however. The Hungarian author Gyoergy Moldova writes in his book Ballpoint about László’s flight from Europe to Argentina to avoid Nazi persecution. While his business deals in Europe were in disarray, he patented the design in Argentina in 1943 and began production. His big break came later that year, when the British Air Force, in search of a pen that would work at high altitudes, purchased 30,000 of them. Soon, patents were filed and sold to various companies in Europe and North America, and the ballpoint pen began to spread across the world. - -The Atlantic

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New American Magazine Hits the Stands


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Names, said Confucius, had to convey the truth.

If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. … Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.

Modern politicians appear to believe the opposite: social disorder can result from telling the truth. Better the lie. The Politics of Symbolism | Belmont Club
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The annual Burning Man festival sounds a bit like a socialist utopia:

Why the Rich Love Burning Man:
Black Rock City has had its own FAA-licensed airport since 2000, and it’s been getting much busier. These days you can even get from San Carlos in Silicon Valley to the festival for $1500. In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg flew into Burning Man on a private helicopter, staying for just one day, to eat and serve artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches. From the New York Times: “We used to have R.V.s and precooked meals,” said a man who attends Burning Man with a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. (He asked not to be named so as not to jeopardize those relationships.) “Now, we have the craziest chefs in the world and people who build yurts for us that have beds and air-conditioning.” He added with a sense of amazement, “Yes, air-conditioning in the middle of the desert!”

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Nothing but bastards all the way down...


The Moynihan Report at 50:
“The fundamental problem … is that of family structure. The evidence—not final but powerfully persuasive—is that the Negro family in the urban ghettos is crumbling.” On the day his report was released, about one quarter of black kids were living only with their mothers. Moynihan called this a crisis, as indeed it was, but 50 years on between 70 and 75 percent of all black Americans are now born out of wedlock, a tripling of the trend Moynihan had spotted. More than half of Hispanic children are also born out of wedlock today, and 29 percent of white babies.

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Everywhere, the design of creatures involves anticipation.

This is not the exception but the strict, unvarying rule.
Biology thus requires an Aristotelian — a teleological — approach to gain genuine, provable knowledge. It always did. Even the Darwinians, to learn anything at all, must keep asking themselves the elementary question, “What is this for?” The “neo-Darwinian synthesis” still tries to deny this: not on the basis of any experiment or proof, but because faith in Atheism demands this denial. Nature, to the godless Darwinoid apprehension, must be stupid, bumbling, uninformed and clueless. Their problem is: she’s not. Phenotypic plasticity : Essays in Idleness

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We allow these butchers to accomplish the ultimate feat: not just killing innocent people, but luring the rest of us into participating in their evil.

That isn’t to say we are all guilty of murder, but when we exploit a grotesque travesty, using it to make an entirely disingenuous point about gun control or whatever, we disregard the dignity and sacredness and decency and beauty of human life.

We play the killer’s game. We look at things through his lens. We dance like puppets for him. I think part of the problem is that we don’t know what else to do. These days, when some broken, barbaric predator goes out and inflicts his wrath and hatred on unsuspecting victims, we don’t know how to handle it, so we just spout rhetoric and leave it at that. Nothing improves. Nothing ever gets better. But if we could come back to a basic understanding — or at least recognition — of good and evil, then we could begin to understand why bad things happen, and how we might mitigate them in the future. -- Our Problem Isn’t Guns or Mental Illness, It’s Godlessness

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The anti-reactionary alternative is on display with Trump in the GOP primary

For all his faults, Trump is his own man and he has his own opinions about how to do things.
In contrast, the 17 other candidates have built their entire political resumes in opposition to the Cult of Modern Liberalism. Their positions, career choices and priorities are all about what they think the Left will think of them. They are not men; they are shadows. Arx-holes | The Z Blog

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Drudge is an aggregator, not a news source, but he has an amazing sense of collage.


I’m so happy that Matt Drudge has kept that classic design. Silly people claim he’s stuck in the past, but that’s absurd. Drudge is invoking the great populist formula of tabloids like the New York Post and the New York Daily News, which were pitched to working-class readers.
Andy Warhol, who came out of a working-class immigrant factory family in Pittsburgh, adored the tabloids and reproduced their front pages in big acrylic paintings. The tabloids were always the voice of the people. I admire the mix on Drudge of all types of news stories, high and low. The reason that nobody has been able to imitate Drudge is because he’s an auteur, stamping the page with his own unique sensibility and instincts. It must be exhausting, because he must constantly filter world news on a daily basis. He’s simply an aggregator, not a news source, but he has an amazing sense of collage. The page is fluid and always in motion, and Drudge is full of jokes and mischief. -- Camille Paglia Interview

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"We have come to the wrong star."

We did not speak again until we had left Lierre, in its sacred cloud of rain, and were coming to Mechlin, under a clearer sky, that even made one think of stars.
Then I leant forward and said to my friend in a low voice--"I have found out everything. We have come to the wrong star." He stared his query, and I went on eagerly: "That is what makes life at once so splendid and so strange. We are in the wrong world. When I thought that was the right town, it bored me; when I knew it was wrong, I was happy. So the false optimism, the modern happiness, tires us because it tells us we fit into this world. The true happiness is that we don't fit. We come from somewhere else. We have lost our way." G K Chesterton's Essay: The Ballade Of A Strange Town

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We don’t make stuff anymore. We make assholes.

The store is an Asshole Factory. Our world is now full of Asshole Factories. That’s what the stores, offices, industrial parks, skyscrapers, malls, low-rise blocks, gleaming headquarters, whimsically designed corporate campuses, really are. It’s the grand endeavor of today. We don’t make stuff anymore. We make assholes. The Great Enterprise of this age is the Asshole Industry. --The Asshole Factory

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A nation divided by hot sauce....


If you ever need to get your bearings while traveling across the U.S., just check the hot sauce that’s on the table.
A bottle of Frank’s Red Hot is a likely sign that you’re somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, while the sombrero-wearing visage staring from a Tapatio label means you’re out by the California coast. Or if you’re in Louisiana cajun country, keep an eye out for Crystal, Tabasco, or one of the many other fiery condiments that hail from the bayou. But don’t expect to find much Texas Pete in the Lone Star state—it actually comes from the inland hills of North Carolina. 7 Hot Sauce Recipes to Keep Your Cooking Spicy

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A popular weekly TV series called Voetspore (literally “Foot tracks”), broadcast in Afrikaans in South Africa.


Voetspore is a low-budget program in which a few Boer 4 x 4 enthusiasts in two pick-up trucks explore every country on the continent. It shows the real Africa, far from the rhetoric of official reports and the media. There is an undercurrent of irony in the commentary, usually expressed by describing varying levels of chaos and catastrophe in over-polite terms. The first thing viewers realize is that the frail infrastructure on the continent cannot even sustain the current population, let alone the extra three billion who are on the way. Even the toughest vehicles break down on African roads that are mostly dirt tracks through the bush. It can take the Voetspore drivers weeks to get through a country, as they bog down in mud, get sick and have to be flown back to South Africa, wait for corrupt bureaucrats to stamp their passports, etc. An African Planet?

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