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Regarding "Trump's People: Michael Moore's Monologue Redone As a Trump Campaign Ad"


Two threads down, there are fifteen (as of this writing) comments on the original Michael Moore rant, most all of which thoroughly denigrate him for the fat traitorous ignorant commie pig that we all know him to be.
And all of that is absolutely true, as well as being absolutely beside the point. Even though we all agree on the relative (specifically, the profound lack thereof) worth of Mr. Moore to every aspect of our lives, I will "say this about that", as concerns his rant. He's indeed an idiot, but right now, he's our Useful Idiot, and we should wrest the maximum exploitation out of this, his one and likely only, foray into the realm of sanity and truth.
To the millenials the LiVs and to many others Michael Moore is an Oracle, the Brietbartian hell-raiser of their zeitgeist and their very own Alex Jones-ian rooter-out DaVinci Coded secret truths, revealer of conspiracies and every other brain-addled spiderweb of ill-logic and fantasy as exists in the mind of a LiV/leftist. So, we still afford Mr. Moore the lack of respect which is his due from us. We still hold fast to our knowledge of him being, then, now and always the loutish man his reputation lives down to. But. BUT. We use his reputation as the lever, to pry open the weak and directionless minds of the LiV, the lazily leftist, and through that wedge, we pour Mr. Moore's words into the void where those folks brain would normally nestle.
If that's not enough to convert them to vote Trump, at least squirrel them up enough to cause them to not vote Hitlery, and hopefully, not to vote at all, to the great benefit of down-ticket Republicans. I'll always still despise the fat communist slug. But if he fashions himself into a wrench to use against his leftist tribe, well, I'll put as much torque on that handle as I possibly can. And with a four-foot cheater pipe, too. And like a cheap Harbor Freight tool, when it's useful no longer, I'll just toss it aside like the cheap crap that it is.
So, for now, for this, for what it's worth, I'll email that video of him at any suitable opportunity. To liberals, to fence-sitters and to staunch conservative leaders in their respective communities. I have absolutely no compunction against turning the enemy's howitzers around 180 degrees and pulling the lanyard. Fire for effect!
Jim | Sunk New Dawn | Galveston, TX AMERICAN DIGEST: Comment
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“America Could Enslave Black People Again.” [Bumped]

Tavis Smiley, whose name is so black you don’t even need to Google Image him for confirmation, is a black man who is paid handsomely to speak as a black man on topics which may or may not have anything to do with being a black man
but to which he insists upon bringing his black-man perspective, anyway. He takes it upon himself to speak for the underprivileged and the “infirmed,” even though neither he nor his editors at TIME seem to realize that’s not a word. Smiley says he “swallowed hard” and said “whoa” to himself when a “dead serious” student asked him whether our current supercharged racial climate could possibly mean an imminent re-shackling of black Americans and a return to a life of degradation where they are forced under threat of bullwhip to pick cotton and sing spirituals like they show in all those movies. The Week That Perished

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Dust of Snow by Robert Frost


The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

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If we play small ball, we will lose.

Specifically, we will lose America’s technological and scientific pre-eminence, our dominant position as a military power,
and a significant part of our living standard. In a competitive world, “losing” doesn’t mean giving up a couple of points of GDP growth: It means the sort of decline that the United Kingdom suffered in the 1950s and 1960s, when its auto, shipbuilding gand machine-building industries virtually disappeared. Small-ball conservatism or national greatness? | PJ Media

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Official Conservatism is so far from where it started, it is a crime against the language to call it “conservative.”

The traditional American Right was always an individual liberty cause, which starts and ends with freedom of association. Everything that can be “conservative” rests on the basic idea that you have a basic right to associate with whom you like, when you like, on the terms you like. No one on the modern Right has talked about that in so long it is now forbidden knowledge. A Meandering Post About Nothing
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Tweet of the Week

The Cubs are in the World Series tomorrow and Keith Richards lived to see it. Anything is possible, folks.

— Super 70s Sports (@Super70sSports) October 24, 2016

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They're doing wonderful things with time-release heroin implants and suppositories these days.

Did she fall again? Strange gash/bump/implant appeared on side of Hillary face yesterday in NH.

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) October 25, 2016

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"Multikultistan:" The Price of Muslim Immigration in Europe

Thanks to political correctness and multiculturalism, Germany has now become a patsy:
Clearly, Germany is now well beyond the banana republic phase and has entered the realm of patsydom. Always lurching from one form of extremism to the next, Germans have now decided that the role of an über-schlemiel is a perfect fit. The New CorrectThink is: Deutschland unter alles!
Naturally, homophobia and hate crimes against gays are pervasive: 43% of gays in Berlin have experienced hate crimes perpetrated by Muslims in particular, while two thirds of Turkish high school students in Berlin display homophobia. As for assimilation, it is not happening. And not just for Muslims who arrived yesterday:Had Enough Therapy?:

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How to Legally Vote More Than Once

Prior to election day, note how lopsided the polls are in favor of Clinton.
Also point out that the pollsters are usually correct when you are this close to election day. Say you are thinking of not voting this year because lines are sometimes long and parking might be iffy. Put that thought in people’s minds a week ahead of election day. On the day before the election, and again on election day, engage Clinton supporters in conversations that involve concepts such as laziness, exhaustion, overwork, and stress. You don’t need to mention the election. | Scott Adams' Blog

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Will Hillary Accept Defeat?

The media’s focus has been on whether Trump would accept the results if he loses. Yet a better question might be whether Hillary Clinton would accept her defeat.

Even when it came to the battle for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton refused to concede defeat until the bitter end and then past it. Not only did Hillary refuse to drop out even when Obama was the clear winner, while her people threatened a convention floor fight, but she insisted on staying on in the race for increasingly bizarre and even downright disturbing reasons. In South Dakota, Hillary explained that there was no reason for her to drop out because somebody might shoot Barack Obama, "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California." There’s something disturbing in the revelation that Hillary was basing her decision to stay in the race in the hope that her rival would be assassinated. Sultan Knish:

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The Japanese: Nuked Too Much... etc.

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Everybody Remember Where We Parked


Descend into a Tomb of Imprisoned Vehicles Frozen in Time
Nobody likes a visit to the car pound. It probably as one of my least favourite places to be on earth, but you wouldn’t have a hard time convincing me to pay a visit to this particular car pound, hidden 150ft below a piazza in the city of Naples, sealed off after WWII and forgotten about for more than 60 years.…

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All wars are media wars and all wars require sacrifice.

If the people offering themselves up as leaders of your thing are easily tempted by offerings from the other side, you can never trust them.

No man is so virtuous that he can resist the highest bidder. If being on TV is your goal in life, you will sacrifice your cause for it. That’s what happened with National Review and the rest of Conservative Inc. Like petty nobles bribed with a few extra acres of land or merchants bought off with title, they decided it was better to live a lie than suffer for the cause. Observations From The Front | The Z Blog

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Free Food Forever Fattens

That hummingbird that comes to my backyard nectar feeder lebenty-leben times a day for her free food has become the fattest hummingbird you've ever seen. She can't hover at the feeder. She has to sit down.


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It's Probably Nothing....

The U.S is painting their F/A-18's to match the paint schemes of Russian jets in #Syria. Standard training, but interesting nonetheless.

— Christian Borys (@ItsBorys) October 6, 2016

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"It cannot be saved"

Add up the bits and pieces. We laugh in horror, some of us, primarily the older, at the decline of schooling, the courses like Batman and the Struggle for Gender Equity.
Comic, yes. Yet in aggregate these constitute an academic and civilizational collapse both profound and irreversible. Enstupidation does not happen in a healthy country. Who even wants to reverse this onrushing night? Not the universities, nor the teachers unions, nor a professoriat gone as daft as the “students,” nor the banks battening on student loans. It is over. Hillary may start wars in her six months before going into a sanatorium. Trump may build walls. But the rot will go on. Vox Popoli

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Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest

“If I don’t get away soon, I’ll be going blood-simple like the natives.”

In Poisonville, politics is blood sport.

Red Harvest explores how the corruption in a certain place can become so entrenched there’s no way to expurgate it except through bloodshed. Of course, this is like trying to clean house with a flamethrower. In the end there’s no mess and a lot of ashes stinking up the breeze. The Continental Op doesn’t care. He wants to see his mission of purifying Poisonville through. That’s what he’s been hired to do, clean out this spoiled little town, population 40,000. His mission is successful and meaningless. The inhabitants of Poisonville care more about power than their own lives, which means they’re just as ready to die as they are to kill. The bleakness and bile build. By the end, there’s enough blood to fill a billiard hall and nothing and nobody worth saving. A Book To Read In Times Like These: | HTMLGIANT

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Harrison loves my country too,
But wants it all made over new.
He’s Freudian Viennese by night.
By day he’s Marxian Muscovite.
It isn’t because he’s Russian Jew.
He’s Puritan Yankee through and through.
He dotes on Saturday pork and beans.
But his mind is hardly out of his teens:
With him the love of country means
Blowing it all to smithereens
And having it all made over new.


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Twitter Is Down : 9:00 AM Pacific is not available "This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found."
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The entirety of the world economy is built on one thing.

That is the rock solid belief that the US government will never miss a debt payment and never devalue the dollar to arrest its debt.
The entire global economy is built on the asset value of US Treasuries. If there ever comes a time when people begin to doubt the security of that debt, the panic will plunge the world into a new dark age or possible something worse. I Bring Bad Tidings | The Z Blog

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It's impossible for most Americans to form a judgment with which they feel comfortable,

because they do not have sources of information they can trust.
Fox News is in a civil war between the pro- and anti-Trump Republicans. The other networks are with Hillary. The major media outlets have lost credibility. Only 32% of Americans said they had "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of confidence in the news media in a September Gallup poll survey. That's the lowest level in history, and should be no surprise: the major media has to spin a new cover-up every couple of days, before it is finished putting the previous set of lies to bed. The Roof Blows Off the Echo Chamber | PJ Media

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After years of "my old friend," the Darkness is tired of being friendzoned.

"Hello, Darkness, my old friend."

The Darkness huffed. "Oh, you've come to talk to me again? You sure do like talking, don't you?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's always you, you, you. Your problems. I'm just supposed to sit here silently, pretending I don't care," the Darkness sighed. Its tears, like silent raindrops, fell.

I bristled. "Are you serious right now? I've tried to connect with you so many times. Remember how I left the neon lights for you?"

The Darkness sniffled. "Wh-what? You like me?"

"I love you. I just want you to be happy."

"Oh! I never knew...!"

And then the Darkness enveloped me.

-- WritingPrompts

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Hillary laments 'no more naps' after final debate

After taking a couple questions, she was asked about the Project Veritas videos
appearing to show Democratic National Committee operatives bragging about triggering violence at Donald Trump rallies. “I know nothing about this. I can’t deal with every one of his conspiracy theories but I hope you all have something to eat, something to drink on the way back to New York!” she told the reporters. Three minutes after her Q & A started, it was over. - The American MirrorThe American Mirror

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The electoral appeal of the Democratic party is to those who want more government,

and who feel that a whole litany of current and historical grievances can only be addressed by more government taking more from, well, from the "rich," defined as anybody who is not one of the aforementioned categories.

It is a party increasingly divorced from economic reality; it seeks to repeal the pesky and brutal laws of economics by reforming our souls, by getting us not to think or articulate bad thoughts, by getting us to give up on greed and privilege and allow the government to allocate resources and ensure the well-being of us all. And when that fails, it is a party that reverts to its violent lynch mob past to get its way. The DiploMad 2.0: A Little Piece on Nutty White Guys

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The number of percentage points being allocated to Johnson and Stein is between 7 and 14.


Notice something very informative about the wildly divergent national polls?
In 2012, the combined Libertarian/Green vote was 1.35 percent. In 2008, it was 0.96 percent. Now, let's be generous and pretend that the combined Libertarian/Green vote will be 2 percent, which would be a 48 percent increase from 2012 and 108 percent from 2008. That means that the national polls are, at a minimum, off by between 5 and 12 points. Vox Popoli: The national polls: stretch run

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Nothing beats war for waste and injustice.


We should deflect or delay war where possible, and limit it when it's not. Survivalists should also prepare as if war were inevitable, if unpredictable. Because it is. Poets and utopians say it isn't. Thousands of years of war say it is. Woodpile Report
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It's Probably Nothing:

Russia taunts US with biggest military offensive since the Cold War
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Socialism Retains Its Perfect Record

Corpses 'Exploding' In Decrepit Venezuelan Hospitals -- Doug Ross @ Journal
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"History may not repeat itself but

—oh wait, yes it does." -- Remus, Woodpile

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