Why Google wants to replace Gmail

I'm predicting that Google will end Gmail within the next five years. The company hasn't announced such a move -- nor would it. But whether we like it or not, and whether even Google knows it or not, Gmail is doomed. -- Mike Elgen | Computerworld
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There is no sculpting of meat into swans, bowling balls, angels, or any other shape.

The 6 Weirdest Rules in Professional Barbecue: As for scoring: There is no perfect 10. The scale goes from 2 (inedible) to 9 (excellent). Submissions get a 1 if they're disqualified for any reason.
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Things We Aren’t Allowed to Say:

What is taught as “history” in the government education system is, in fact, a propaganda narrative indistinguishable from the liberal orthodoxy of the Democrat Party.

This orthodoxy extends privilege (yeah, I speak academese quite fluently) to the descendants of Catholics, Jews and other non-WASP immigrants, a sort of “Get Out of Whiteness Free” card, so they can exonerate themselves from the genocidal atrocity narrative of the American founding: “We didn’t exterminate the Native Americans! We did not enslave African-Americans! My great-great grandfather was [insert Immigrant Nationality here] who came here with nothing! My ancestors were victims of the Evil Hate Machine, too!” You’re welcome, non-WASP Americans. My WASP ancestors did all that for you, so you could feel superior to me. Glad to help.
Racism, Classism and Catcalling (or, #Feminism Is for Rich White Lesbians) : The Other McCain

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This is the epitome of intolerance and hatred of the other.

Whether Palin is done for politics or not, she's representative of the left's approach toward anyone who dares defy their order of things.

If you happen to belong to one of their favored groups and won't go along with their ideology, they hate you more than the white male. Whether you're hispanic or black or homosexual or female or any other protected group, if you won't go along with the left politically, you're worse than an enemy. You're a traitor who loses the right to be even called part of that group. You're not black, you're a conservative Uncle Tom. You're not a woman, you're a Republic**t.
- - Word Around the Net: BEATING ON PALIN

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Are blacks in Chicago killing each other in large numbers?

The solution might be to stop doing it, might it not?
While I do not wish these young dead, I can do nothing to stop them, and it is not my problem. Are black children growing up illiterate? This gives me no pleasure, and I have various reasons both selfish and moral to wish it were not so. But perhaps the solution is for their parents, or parent, to see that they do their homework, or even to teach them. I cannot do this for them, and it isn’t my problem.
Fred On Everything
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The word “unbelievable” has lost all force.

Things that ought to be unbelievable, and once were, have become routine. Still, there it was: Don’t expect a junior-high teacher to have the level of literacy I had in the fourth grade. Instead, make it dangerous to notice her stupidity. Fred On Everything

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"In a moment you're going to see a terrible thing...."

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Chicken Fried Double-Double


1) Mince up a bunch of onion as fine as you can and sautee in some vegetable oil on high for 5-7 minutes.
Yo want a good amount of caramelization on them and they’ll cook hella fast. 2) Right when the chicken fried steaks come out of the hot oil, as per the recipe above, throw a slice of American cheese food on each so it melts. 3) Slice a brioche bun in half and toast that sum’bitch. Assemble your sandwich in this order. Botton bun, sausage thousand island, chicken fried steaks, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, and a whole lot more sausage gravy thousand island. The goal is to make it look exactly like a double-double, but, like, way better because it’s chicken fried.
- - Culinary Bro-Down
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During a moment in the checkout line at Costco,

it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be the worst time for the apocalypse to strike. There might have been two hundred souls in the building, and if we were suddenly thrust into a survival situation by nuclear attack or zombie outbreak, we would have hundreds of tons of food, along with plenty of pharmaceuticals, first aid supplies, and toilet paper on hand. How to Be a Good Stranger

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Anyway, the tactics used by the rainbow party have always been dishonest.

They were one of the first to bully advertisers to pull ads from people the rainbow party disliked.
They organized boycotts aimed at liberal nitwits who would then join in and force normals to go along with whatever the gays were demanding. The harassment of Christian bakers is the most recent example of the petty and nasty habits of the “gay rights” crowd. Seeing the tables tuned on them and their fellow travelers in the anti-humanism wing of the Cult of Modern Liberalism is just too funny.
The End Of The Homo-Verse at The Z Blog
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Antler Farm

On these farms, deer with names like X-Factor, Big Rig and King of the Mountain have been bred to grow antlers that, at their largest,
can be so thick and bulbous that they look like patches of mushrooms sprouting out of the deer’s head or like thick growths of coral, surfaced from the sea. Sometimes the antlers will have errant branches that drip towards the ground like candlewax. Sometimes they’re just huge.... The largest of these, on wild deer, come in over 300 inches. The antlers that are being produced on deer farms grow much, much larger. In the past five years, farmers have produced non-typical antlers with scores of more than 500 — even more than 600 — inches.
— re:form — Medium
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Remember,kids, have an unsafe and insane Halloween!


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The man who has spent his presidency dismantling the American military should not call anyone chickenshit.


Over the years, Obama administration officials have described Netanyahu to me as recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and “Aspergery.”
Of course, American Jews have not noticed. Since they happily voted Jeremiah Wright’s protégé into the White House, they have a vested interest in blinding themselves to the obvious.
Had Enough Therapy?: Who's Really Chickenshit?
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Justice? We're Playing Way Past Justice

There's no one left in the Justice Office.
They've all gone home for the day. Stop calling. If you go out behind the dumpster at the Justice Office Building, there's a small door. That's where you should go. That's where Comeuppance keeps his office. You're dealing with him now. He has friends all over. Even bus drivers.
- - The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys
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Lena Dunham is fond of lists.


Here is a list of things in Lena Dunham’s life that do not strike Lena Dunham as being unusual:
growing up in a $6.25 million Tribeca apartment; attending a selection of elite private schools; renting a home in Hollywood Hills well before having anything quite resembling a job and complaining that the home is insufficiently “chic”; the habitual education of the men in her family at Andover; the services of a string of foreign nannies; being referred to a homework therapist when she refused to do her homework and being referred to a relationship therapist when she fought with her mother; constant visits to homeopathic doctors, and visits to child psychologists three times a week; having a summer home on a lake in Connecticut, and complaining about it; writing a “voice of her generation” memoir in which ordinary life events among members of her generation, such as making student-loan payments or worrying about the rent or health insurance, never come up; making casual trips to Malibu; her grandparents’ having taken seven-week trips to Europe during her mother’s childhood; spending a summer at a camp at which the costs can total almost as much as the median American family’s annual rent; being histrionically miserable at said camp and demanding to be brought home early; demanding to be sent back to the same expensive camp the next year.
Pathetic Privilege | National Review Online
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Secret Service Agents Pay a Visit to Anti-Obama Artist Sabo — and the Entire Exchange Is Seemingly Captured on Video

During the brief exchange, the agents asked, Sabo questions like; ”Did you send out the tweets about bringing back Lee Harvey Oswald as a zombie?” To which the artist responded, “How likely is that going to happen?” Sabo did admit to sending the three tweets in question. “I realize we have a f***head in the White House and the Constitution no longer means s**t, but as far as I’m concerned we still have the First Amendment, correct?” he said, sitting behind a desk featuring Obama’s face painted on toilet seat covers. | Video | TheBlaze.com
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It's probably nothing....

NATO says Russian jets, bombers circle Europe in unusual incidents:
That incident took place around 3:00 a.m. in Western Europe on Wednesday, when four Tu-95 long-range strategic nuclear bombers and four Il-78 tanker aircraft flew over the Norwegian Sea. Norwegian F-16 fighter jets scrambled to intercept them. Six of the planes returned to Russia, but two of the bombers skirted the Norwegian coast, flew past Britain — sending Typhoon fighter jets to scramble in response — and then finally looped west of Spain and Portugal, attracting Portuguese F-16s. Then the two bombers appeared to return to Russia, Janzen said.

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How can we cure bureaucratic bloat and managerial takeover in an institution?

The simple answer is that we can't. When there has been bureaucratic bloat and managerial takeover, there can only be destruction and replacement, because reform is (in practise) impossible.
And the replacement process must, in practise, be quick and dirty; crude and complete. If the process is strung out, powerful bureaucrats (and by definition these bureaucrats are powerful, or there would not be a problem) will entrench, will mobilize mass media opinion, will employ legal and procedural delays, will recruit the support of political parties (who will always welcome any powerful interest group).
Bruce Charlton's Miscellany: Introducing The teacher-free college
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And, just like that, human trafficking was a thing of the past!


There's always room for magical thinking! This Guy Rode His Unicycle From Canada to Mexico to Fight Human Trafficking
Gen Shimizu tackled it on a mountain unicycle! With a mission to raise money for Polaris Project and bring awareness to the modern day slavery that is human trafficking, he spent 88 days on the trail and documented his journal entries each night on his blog.

On his blog? Wowser, Gen!
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Why Nerdy White Guys Who Love the Blues Are Obsessed With a Wisconsin Chair Factory


Can you tell me a little bit about the history of Paramount Records?
Petrusich: Paramount is this incredible label that was born from a company called the Wisconsin Chair Company, which was making chairs, obviously. The company had started building phonograph cabinets to contain turntables, which they also were licensing. And they developed, like many furniture companies, an arm that was a record label so that they could make records to sell with the cabinets. This was before a time in which record stores existed. People bought their records at the furniture store, because they were things you needed to make your furniture work. So the Wisconsin Chair Company, based in the Grafton-Port Washington area of Wisconsin, started the Paramount label. And they accidentally ended up recording whom I believe to be some of the most incredible performers in American musical history.
- - - Collectors Weekly

R. Crumb

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The people who need to face up to sober reality here

should be that vast array of highly qualified Blacks and Latinos who are not quite able to get hired at Google or Oracle.
They should take a page from Michael Jackson’s book,** and take a look at the Man in the Mirror. That would really take place in an unprecedented climate of transparency. But this won’t happen. Instead, the hi-tech industry will be loaded down with the intestinal parasites of Rainbow-Push, Feminist Frequency and any other colony of loathesome loafing liver-flukes who feel the world owes them a living for things that transpired years and decades before they were ever born. This is how excellence in America dies....
How the Worm Crawls Into the Apple | RedState

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One evening on Oasis, I joined a dozen other passengers at the ship’s Chef’s Table, in a private dining room on Deck 12.


Our first course was constructed from lobster medallions, cauliflower panna cotta, paddlefish caviar,
micro-lettuce leaves, shaved beetroot, and Parmesan tuiles, all floating or semi-submerged in a cucumber-basil Martini and served in a Martini glass. (Kanvinde made a modified version, with boneless chicken breast, for a guest from Arkansas who had a shellfish allergy.) That course was followed by three soups served in small teacups, and Kanvinde explained that a key to preparing one of them—a “lemon-scented pea soup with Alaskan crab-leg meat”—was to grate just the very outermost layer of the lemon peel for the zest that provided the first note in its aroma.
Floating Feasts
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Oasis, like other very large cruise ships,

feels less like a nautical object than like a shopping-mall food court with swimming pools on the roof.
Yet something about being at sea must weaken the inhibitions that normally prevent people from topping off a huge restaurant meal by sprawling on their bed and calling room service. A person who, on land, can walk past an auction of Thomas Kinkade prints without regret may be helplessly drawn to one in the Boleros Lounge, on Deck 5, across from Starbuck’s. Maybe oceans exert a powerful transformative force that affects you even when you can’t see or feel or smell the water, and makes you hungry.
- - Floating Feasts
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Fools say, “If you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”

This might be true, or partly true, or sometimes true, or occasionally plausible, if government were benevolent.
It isn’t.The feds—whatever the intention of individuals—are setting up the machinery of a totalitarianism beyond anything yet known on the earth. It falls rapidly into place. You can argue, if you are optimistic enough to make Pollyanna look like a Schopenhaurian gloom-monger, that they would never use such powers. They already do. The only question is how far they will push. What cannot be argued is that they have the powers.
- - Fred On Everything
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“Promulgation Planet”

{Progressives} do not live on Earth, with the rest of us, because when they say “X” they don’t mean to say “We stake our reputation and our credibility on X.”
What they’re doing is showing us the moves to a sort of dance. Put your left foot here, put your right foot there, ObamaCare is working great, the Washington quote is spurious, the border is secure. It is the message itself, not the content of it or the support for it, that matters. It is the kind of warped thinking that arises, in a naturally consequential way, from valuing consensus as proof. The next step in the fallacious thinking is to try to shape reality by shaping the consensus.
House of Eratosthenes
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Which reminds me that chocolate is on my diet....

Compound in cocoa found to reverse age-related memory loss - The Washington Post
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There are many difficulties in talk of memes,

including how they are to be identified.
Is Romanticism a meme? Is the idea of evolution itself a meme, jumping unbidden from brain to brain? My suspicion is that the entire “theory” amounts to not much more than a misplaced metaphor.
An Appetite for Wonder Review: The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins
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Clown Terrorism: It's On, Baby


Panic as clown terror spreads to southern France: A wave of panic sparked by evil clowns stalking French towns has spread to the south of France
where police on Saturday night arrested 14 teenagers dressed as the pranksters, carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats. A police source said the teens were arrested in the parking lot of a secondary school in the port town of Agde, as several other complaints poured in over "armed clowns" in the region over the weekend. In the Mediterranean city of Montpellier a man disguised as a clown was arrested after beating up a pedestrian with an iron bar, while three motorists in different towns complained about "scary clowns" threatening them.

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Liberian American Cities to Avoid

Liberian American organizations estimate there are between 250,000 and 500,000 Liberians living in the United States.
This figure includes Liberian residents that have a temporary status, and American of Liberian descent. The metropolitan areas with the largest Liberian immigrant populations are New York and Washington, D.C.; other cities with significant numbers of Liberians include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Fort Worth (Texas), Hartford (Connecticut), Los Angeles and Oakland (California), Miami, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. So, as states such as Rhode Island and New Jersey.
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Social media have become overwhelmingly opposed to quarantining of the Ebola outbreak.

At one time, quarantines were considered a progressive measure, the sort of thing you would support as a thinking man or woman.
If you didn’t, people would assume you were a fool who knew nothing about modern science. So what makes the Ebola outbreak different? The difference is simple. Quarantining means that light-skinned people will be detaining dark-skinned people. So we just can’t do it. Because? Because.
The White Man’s Burden - The Unz Review
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Salt Of The Earth

Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter
His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows
And a parade of the gray suited grafters
A choice of cancer or polio
-- Rolling Stones

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Pipino: Gentleman Thief


Pipino started climbing. Over the years, salt-water from the Adriatic had corroded the surface of Venice’s ancient buildings,
leaving the bricks pockmarked and brittle. It was easy to avoid the most damaged masonry, but sometimes even solid-looking stonework was unreliable. As he neared the roofline forty feet up, the pressure from his foot disintegrated a brick almost instantly. He fumbled for a moment — a fall at this height would be deadly. Brick shards plummeted to the cobblestones below and echoed in the alley. But Pipino had been scaling the sides of Venice’s palazzos for more than three decades. He’d hung from rusted rainspouts and rotted wooden shutters. By now, he was accustomed to the risk. He took a breath, regained his balance, looked up, and started climbing again.
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Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: "Happy Hour Hotpot"


China's only penis speciality restaurant chain: Holding aloft a half-metre-long horse penis, chef Xiao Shan confidently declares it "the most delicious" of the ingredients in a Chinese hotpot of male genitalia, one of many supposed Asian remedies to boost the libido. Beijing: A chop off the old block - Travel - NZ Herald News
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The Affirmative Action Figure


This is what we get for electing an affirmative action president with forged credentials,
schooled in Islam in his youth, tutored in his teen years by a revolutionary Marxist and convicted pedophile, an adoring student of a black supremacy cult in adulthood, whose political career was kick started by a violent extremist with Final Solution ambitions for tens of millions of us, and whose administration features suspiciously large numbers of covert jihadists, race warriors and other deranged extremists. These enterovirus D68 outbreaks aren't accidental, they're the equivalent of a broad front biological attack, coordinated and carried out by agencies in DC best equipped to predict the results of what they've done. DC is taking multiculturalism to insane, homicidal levels. If there's an explanation that better fits the facts than intentional ethnic attrition, it hasn't appeared yet.
ol remus and the woodpile report
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Mortado, The Human Fountain was born in Berlin and first exhibited himself there in 1929.
He had holes bored through both his hands and feet, and, when seated in a specially constructed chair, copper tubes were fed through the wounds. Water flowed through them at a high pressure, making Mortado a “human fountain”. When he was not performing, he plugged his wounds with corks to keep them from healing. He occasionally also performed in biblical Crucifixion reenactments, placing small “blood bags” in his wounds for realism, which his assistant would puncture when he nailed him. He is pictured here at Coney Island’s Dreamland Circus in 1930.

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A New Low

I think I have just seen a new low in the thinking of my fellow conservatives.

The people who refuse to vote are going to give this election to the liberals for no other reason than their refusal to vote in a "corrupt system" (most likely), thereby corrupting the system they are against. I use to think people who said they wouldn't vote if there wasn't a perfect conservative candidate running for office were grandstanding. Now I know that they really aren't voting, and thereby allowing the liberals to take over their vote by default. In my book, if you don't vote for or against a candidate, you allowed another person to vote in your stead. It makes me sick to think that zero won because those who apposed him decided that their best course of action was to sit out the vote for no other reason that they were throwing a hissy fit over their choice of candidates.
Mike comment at [Bumped] Bill Whittle -- Make Him Own It: Why You Must Vote in the Midterms

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