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As part of this drive for the final minority rights—becoming a majority—

American elites now frequently switch the moral denominator from their responsibility to do what’s good for American citizens to doing what’s putatively good for all 7.3 billion earthlings.
While they find the ethical theory of open borders self-evident, they have no interest whatsoever in following out its logic to its conclusion: global democracy. Why not? Well, for one reason, in worldwide elections, foreigners would vote for their own kind, eliminating American elites’ American privilege. The Ultimate Minority Right - Taki's Magazine

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The Eternal Stupidity of the Conservative Industrial Complex

The Right concluded that in order to keep pace with the Left, they had to race into the vibrant future where the only pale penis people that matter are the homosexuals.
For over a decade they have been yapping about how immigrants are natural conservatives, apparently not understanding the glaring contradiction in that assertion.The result was a push foramnesty, open borders and the whole buffet of multicultural nonsense. The disaster that is unfolding for the GOP and the CIC is not simply due to getting too far over their skis. Mitt Romney built his campaign around polling and he knew he needed to be against amnesty. He tried to split the difference between what the data said and what the party leaders said. The result was no one believed him and he lost a winnable election. Revenge of the Dirt People | The Z Blog

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The Leftists' Utopian Eden is a false paradise built on lies and maintained by abuses.

It is not the paradise where mankind can return to a state of innocence,
but a hell whose innocence is only a willful ignorance of the crimes being committed in its name, whose followers maintain their false virtue through a steady diet of moral outrage over the crimes of everyone but their own superiors and their own ideology. Sultan Knish: The Traditionalist Rebel

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Thinking of buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV? Fergeddaboutit!

So you just can't wait for self-driving cars?
Electronic gear shifters on some newer Fiat Chrysler SUVs and cars are so confusing that drivers have exited the vehicles with the engines running and while they are still in gear, causing crashes and serious injuries, U.S. safety investigators have determined. Never Yet Melted Chrysler/Fiat Had a Really Bad Idea

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Perhaps they'll make the combat a bit more feminine

The idea of selective service registration for women (made even more absurd by Steyn's investigation into trans reg) is simply to score a big political expose, or gotchya, against the Obamatics,
who have declared that every combat job in the military is now open to women. Including shitting on your shovel, hand to hand combat (called "hand to gland combat" in the infantry), and pissing while walking. Many - I want to say most - men cannot handle the rigors of combat arms jobs, and it is reflected in the wash out rates just in the infantry. The two things the flurry of studies before this stroke-of-a-pen change have proven about women in combat arms are: if the president says women shall graduate Ranger school, then farking wimmin shall farking graduate farking Ranger school, and the standards shall be de facto lowered. Perhaps they'll make the combat a bit more feminine to make up for the shortfall. Meanwhile, at the same time, the military will now account for global warming in all activities. I'm serious about that: they must write it into every op order at every level of command. See? Just when you thought Obama was through fukking with the army, he has more up his sleeve. I cannot wait to see what's next. Posted by: Casey Klahn "Trannie, get your gun!"

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Oh let it rip, Bill. Let it rip.

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Who Says There's No Good News? Less Than 10% in Poverty For the First Time.... In the History of Mankind

World Bank Forecasts Global Poverty to Fall Below 10% for First Time |
The number of people living in extreme poverty around the world is likely to fall to under 10 percent of the global population in 2015, according to World Bank projections released today, giving fresh evidence that a quarter-century-long sustained reduction in poverty is moving the world closer to the historic goal of ending poverty by 2030.

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Self-Driving Cars: It’s time to hit the brakes for a reality check.


Despite how much Uber CEO Travis Kalanick likes to crow about our “driverless future,”
outside of The Jetsons this one is…not…happening…soon. Besides the remaining technological challenges, the liability and regulatory issues involved in letting a 3,000-pound death machine steer itself with no human at the controls are huge. Why Driverless Cars Will Screech to a Stop | Observer

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"Trannie, get your gun!"

Here's the horrible discriminatory reality of selective service:
Individuals who are born female and have a gender change are not required to register. U.S. citizens or immigrants who are born male and have a gender change are still required to register. Got that? If you're a female-to-male transgender, you don't have to sign up. But, if you're a male-to-female transgender, you do: "Trannie, get your gun!" for me but not for thee. Is there no Republican panderer willing to take a stand against the appallingly selective transphobia of selective service? Where The Bern Is :: SteynOnline

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Our 2016 Clinton Story So Far

It's like a 5-car pileup of ambition, greed, entitlement, fear, and desperation

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) February 8, 2016

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You don't want to click this link. Trust me.

NOTICE: The management will not be responsible for either permanent brain damage and/or a permanent facial twitch that could result from clicking this link because you are too foolish and uncaring of your future happiness and sanity and so like the obsessive-compulsive that you are deep inside you hover your pointer here and click this link no matter how much I have urged you not to do so.

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The "Better Mousetrap" is 155 Years Old


155-year old mouse trap claims its latest victim |
So, this retired rodent had managed to sneak past University of Reading security, exterior doors and Museum staff,  and clambered its way up into our Store. Upon finding itself there it would have found the promised land; a mouse paradise laid before it full of straw, wood and textiles. Then, out of thousands of objects, it chose for its home the very thing designed to kill it some 150 years ago: a mouse trap.

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Admirably Frank

Never Yet Melted サ
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Today’s coveted endorsement

– Knowledge is Power
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Black woman in a wheelchair? She was the perfect victim.
Nobody even questioned her claims. And it was all lies, from start to finish. She was the first fake hate crime victim I remember hearing about, although there had been plenty invented to demonize the south in the past. As if the lynchings and church burnings weren't bad enough, people invented more to make the civil rights struggles more dramatic and horrible, I suppose. I'm actually having a hard time remembering the last valid 'hate crime' even assuming the category has the slightest shred of credibility. Word Around the Net:

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Strong statements appeal to the right because we face a mental virus, liberalism, which succeeds because it is simple.


We can see the loudmouth travesty play out wherever conservatism appeals because liberalism has failed.
A normal person goes seeking answers, and gets back a rant on God, guns and the flag (plus “working hard” at do-nothing, pointless jobs). Someone goes to a white nationalist and instead of finding a working solution, encounters angry people who are more concerned with harming other races than promoting their own. Naturally, people of sound mind flee from these crazies, which gives the crazies the clubhouse they want: everyone inside must bow to their authority now, or be driven out and called nasty names. For a change, the Right should demote loudmouths

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It all works. There is no need for spirits or poltergeists to explain it. Except that it obviously can’t happen.


Consider how the bones of an infant turn into those of a middle linebacker in college.
For a very small, short hollow bone to grow into a large, long hollow bone, unlikely things have to happen. Osteoclasts inside the cavity have to eat away the bone to make a larger cavity. Osateoblasts outside have to lay down more bone. They do this in precise coordination, which is impossible because they are on opposite sides of the cavity. Look at the skeleton of an adult. The bones are smooth, and flawlessly formed. The bone also has to grow in length. The mechanism of the articulation also has to grow, and do it exactly right. All of this works perfectly, which is impossible.Impossibility Theory, An Advance over Mere Indeterminacy

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I Heart Huckabees

Mike Huckabee has decided to end his presidential campaign but I think he should be forced to carry it to full term.

— Bryan Donaldson (@TheNardvark) February 3, 2016

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Plows Working Around Clock To Keep New Hampshire Roads Clear Of Campaign Signs

Never Yet Melted サ
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I want to get back to free speech and away from all this thought policing and the right seems more likely to do that than the left.

Breitbart used to say, “Politics is downstream from culture,” and that is where Obama has done most of his damage.
Over half the country agrees that race relations have taken a nosedive since he took office and a mere 8% say they’ve improved. This is relevant because blacks who have been brainwashed into thinking America has mandatory racism are more likely to burn down the CVS when a cop shoots a black kid. Insisting Muslims are our friends allows Iran to get nukes and opens the door for #rapefugees. When our president refuses to Google the mythical wage gap, we lose billions to affirmative-action policies trying to correct a sexism problem that isn’t there. Liberal leaders are so adamant we let gays do whatever they want; it includes bullying Christians into violating their own religions. The same people who want the government out of the bedroom don’t mind the government in your brain. The Cost of Prejudice

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What is the fastest speed of any object on the earth?


The shaft had, in effect, become a enormous 500-foot long, four-foot wide gun barrel with the energy of billions of pounds of TNT released at one end and, at the other end, the now insignificantly small metal cap, about the equivalent of a bottle cap on the end of a naval gun.
As it happens, a very high speed film camera was recording the event and was expected to capture in slow motion the path and speed of any ejecta from the hole. Unfortunately, the camera, which had quite a wide view of top of the hole and and the area around and above, recorded the “manhole cover” on only one frame. There was no malfunction of the camera, it’s just that the “manhole cover” blasted out of sight so fast that the camera only saw it for one frame. Later calculations showed that the heretofore mundane four-foot metal disk had been launched at six times Earth’s escape velocity. That’s one hundred fifty thousand miles per hour. Talon Torres @ Quora

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SpaceBar: The Invisible Punctuator

Today on "Punctuation for Journalists", we tackle the proper use and significance of our friend Mr Space Bar.

— Chris Cook (@chrisckmedia) February 3, 2016

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Why bald eagles are always photographed from the side


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It’s “deer-dodging season” around Moab, Utah.

Herds of deer have been driven down into the valleys by the mountain snow.
Bored deer entertain themselves by standing around in the roadside bushes waiting for cars and trucks to come along so they can launch kamikaze attacks by bounding across the road in front of drivers. It’s a bizarre sport - played by deranged deer on one side and anxious drivers on the other – with deadly results for both sometimes. Every hunter has a deer-dodging story. “Almost got my buck – an 8 pointer – just grazed his ass when he shot out in front of my car.” -- Robert Fulghum

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Water. It’s all around, but it’s bloody hard to drink in Antarctica.


Because remember, Antarctica is a desert, and a high-altitude desert at that.
Worsley spent part of his journey climbing the Titan Dome, which rises above 10,000 feet. Every minute, you inhale dry-as-bones air, humidify it with moisture in your lungs, and expel that water into the environment. Plus you’re sweating. Tibton estimates that you’d need to drink about six liters a day—which, by the way, you can’t just scoop up from the snow as you walk along. Every drop you drink, you have to gather and melt over your little stove. People Cross Antarctica All the Time. It's Still Crazy Hard | WIRED

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The long reach of time


So that’s how it happened that my mother was raised by four people, two of whom had been born during the early 1850s.
All four of them had held and reassured my mother when those booming noises had announced the end of the Great War in that scene that constituted her first memory. So, although my mother became a modern woman who smoked cigarettes, drove a car, went to college, and voted as soon as she turned twenty-one (in that order, I believe), two of the people closest to her in her youth remembered the Civil War vividly. - - neo-neocon

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If you are a normal, traditional American of any race or religion, the Democrats hate you.

Yeah, they hate white men with a purple passion, but they hate middle-class black guys and Korean shopkeepers too.
Their appeal is exclusively to poor minorities, plutocrats, government employees and the upper reaches of the managerial class. If you are a mailman, the Democrats are the good bet, even if you are a pale penis person. If you are running a UPS Store franchise, the Democrats are your enemy, even if you are a one-legged black lesbian Elvis impersonator. That’s the thing. Their appeal is really just a relentless assault on an ever widening array of enemies. It’s a party of old rich white people promising to smash up the while middle class and give the bits to those who vote Democrat. The Null Party | The Z Blog

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The fact a man (or woman) wants to be president should disqualify him, of course;

but as there is no prospect of return to the original Electoral College, envisioned by the American Founding Fathers,
the responsibility to eliminate quacks, demagogues, criminals, careerists, the unteachably stupid, and the insane, falls on the public at large. As those Founders realized, “the people” would make an extremely unreliable “safety net,” for the preservation of their own liberties. Men of some character and understanding would be indispensable. Backhand compliment : Essays in Idleness

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It was “long distance,” and that cost money.


There were no area codes back then, so if you wanted to call long distance, you dialed 0 (“Oh”) for an operator.
She (it was always a she) would then call the number you wanted and patch it through, often by plugging a cable between two holes in a “switchboard.” Toll-free calls could be made only to a few dozen local exchanges listed in the front of your phone book. Calls to distant states were even more expensive, and tended to sound awful. Calls outside the country required an “overseas operator,” were barely audible, and cost more than a brake job. Doc Searls Weblog · The Giant Zero

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