"Bio-Duck" turns out to be a 'Minke

Mystery of 'ocean quack sound' solved The strange sound was first detected by submarines about 50 years ago.
Those who heard it were surprised by its quack-like qualities. Since then, the repetitive, low frequency noise has been recorded many times in the waters around the Antarctic and western Australia. Suggestions for its source have ranged from fish to ships. The researchers now say they have "conclusive evidence" that the bio-duck is produced by the Antarctic minke whale.

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These Guys Made Up a Fake Case to Get on 'Judge Judy'


What did you guys do with the money?
We divided it between us. After we left the taping, we took our food stipend, went to a dispensary, rented a next-year model convertible red mustang, and we drove that past the studio and sat outside for a second, just like, tempting fate, flicking off Judge Judy for a moment. Then we went to Musso and Frank's and used our money to have a lavish, silly lunch, then took the convertible to Malibu and hung out in a hot tub with friends and drank champagne all day. | VICE United States

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When guns are outlawed only vaginas will have guns.

"I wouldn't want to go off half-cocked."

Cops find loaded gun in Tennessee woman's vagina: A female cop was performing a routine search when she noticed an "unknown object" in Archer's groin.

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"For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; / Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds."

Obama the Sweet-Smelling Flower: Carl Scott once accurately described Obama’s role in Illinois politics as that of the “sweet -smelling flower.” He doesn’t get anywhere near breaking any laws himself and takes a high tone about ethics in politics and public service, but he directs his specific attacks on the opposition.
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No meaningful public debate over belief and unbelief is possible.

Not only do convinced secularists no longer understand what the issue is;
they are incapable of even suspecting that they do not understand, or of caring whether they do. The logical and imaginative grammars of belief, which still informed the thinking of earlier generations of atheists and skeptics, are no longer there. In their place, there is now—where questions of the divine, the supernatural, or the religious are concerned—only a kind of habitual intellectual listlessness. -- Gods and Gopniks by David Bentley Hart | Articles | First Things

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An open letter to Chelsea Clinton’s unborn child

You get to be that real-life prince or princess, in a real-life castle where Mommy Chelsea is also a princess,
Grandma is about to be crowned Queen, and Grandpa Bill is a retired ex-King . Inside the castle towers you will find that Mommy, Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy Bill are all really good at make-believe games. So you get to pretend all the time! Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy even pretend to still be married even though they’ve been living hundreds of miles apart for 14 years! | New York Post

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If it is true that only I can prevent forest fires,

I'm taking Earth Day off.


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Cool culture is death culture.

It’s cool to do heroin, which must mean it’s cool to O.D. because that is how most junkies end up.
If you have cancer, useless natural medicine is in and effective chemotherapy is out. It’s cool to be pro-choice which means it’s cool to wipe out the black population. Euthanasia is cool. Preserving life is not. Old age isn’t cool. You’re supposed to “live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse.” Gavin McIness: It's Cool to Love "Not Cool" | Truth Revolt

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100 Items to Disappear First

1. Generators - Good ones cost dearly; diesel generators are the best - more run time per fuel volume.
Fuel storage is risky; and a generator's noise attracts thieves. 2. Water Filters/Purifiers 3. Portable Toilets 4. Seasoned Firewood. Wood takes about 6 - 12 months to become dried, for home uses.... - - Sean Linnane

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We are federally admonished not to choose our own friends and neighbors as if our lives were our own business.

No. Instead we must follow the social directives of the Potomac Soviet, whether anyone wants to or not. Few do.
In Washington, on the Hill, upper Connecticut, the inner suburbs, the outer suburbs, everywhere, clubs and restaurants are either almost perfectly white or perfectly black. Whites happily patronize Latin American restaurants intended for the general trade, yet in mini-barrios many venues tacitly are for browns only. So what? It is how people want it. If freedom of association is racism, I am for it. So what? - - Fred On Everything

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Crazy people hear voices, right?


In Washington everybody hears them.
At the airport of course the gurgley over-enunciated “security” announcements by some dimwit elocution major who sounds like she wants to lick the microphone. On the subway we are urged by other recorded Mommies to watch each other and report suspicious behavior. What behavior isn’t suspicious late at night on an urban train system? “Yeah, officer, they’re like, swarthy and got beards and funny clothes and talk some weird language….”

Voices, instructions, warnings. We are the Admonished People.
Free? No. Brave? No. Watched, warned, told, herded, yes. Urban robots. Just what Georgey Wash and Tommy Jefferson had in mind, I think. - - Fred On Everything

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Everything You Hate About D.C. Is in the Podesta Divorce

After 11 years of marriage, and charges of Heather’s unfaithfulness,
their contentious divorce is centered on who gets the $5.6 million mansion in Washington, as well as homes in Virginia, Italy, and Australia. Then there is the “world famous” art collection with 1,300 pieces estimated to be worth hundreds of millions, in addition to the jewelry, investments, and both businesses with prestigious Fortune 500 clients. Most intriguing will be the valuing of the “Podesta brand” that Heather insists she helped build. Splitting these assets will buy the best divorce lawyers in the city their “new vacation homes.” - - PJ Media »

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On the [Longest] Road


Owning a Toyota Landcruiser HJ47 is a dream.
Turning that HJ47 into a adventure mobile with custom plumbing, bedding, and solar panels, then driving from Bend, Oregon to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, well—that's living the dream. With the hope to inspire others as they once were, Colby and Alita are on one hell of a trip. - - Huckberry | Wander With Me

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The Gay Fashion Accessory


Over the last two decades, having a homosexual on your piety bracelet has been the hallmark of progressive fashion.
It is so well established now that it is inconceivable to them that any civilized person would have a contrary opinion on homosexual marriage, homosexual rights and so forth. It is why young males today work so hard to adopt bathhouse fashion, going so far as to get beard transplants so they can look like a young George Michael. The Z Blog › The New Russia

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When the Civil War ended, thousands of Confederates chose

to leave the United States entirely and settle in Brazil.
About 10,000 Southerners made the trip to Brazil, where most settled in the state of São Paulo. Today their descendants form an ethic subgroup. In the city of Americana, the 300-member Fraternity of American Descendants holds an annual festival with Confederate flags, uniforms, and music, and a local cemetery holds the remains of W.S. Wise, the great-uncle of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. - - Confederados – Futility Closet

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The Ultimate Self-Help Book: Dante's 'Divine Comedy'


Reading Dante uncovered the sin most responsible for my immediate crisis. Family and home ought to have been for me icons of the good—that is, windows into the divine—but without meaning to, I had loved them too much, seeing them as absolute goods, thereby rendering them into idols. They had to be cast down, or at least put in their proper place, if I was going to be free. - - WSJ.com
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"I've come a long way. Baby."

LIZ JONES: Hooray for sexual liberation! Now I can die lonely and poor: I am a feminist,
I really am (I’ve never let a man pay for anything), but feel the current generation of women in their 60s, the first to abandon the way of life of their mothers, which meant they pursued careers, married and had children late, had affairs then got divorced, all in the name of liberation, are now imprisoned in debt, alcohol abuse and loneliness, wishing they could die, and do it soon.
HT @ Small Dead Animals
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The old Bill of Rights extended rights irrespective of group membership.

The new one wipes out universal rights and replaces them with particular privileges.
Entire amendments may sink beneath the waves, but a few groups get comfortable deck chairs on the Titanic. Why is one group protected rather than another? Why do gay activists get a government-bonded right, complete with Federal enforcement, while polygamy is outlawed? The only answers are rationalizations. Sultan Knish: Wrong is the New Right

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Truth In Packaging




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7. Google Home Page on Easter.


He is Risen.

Google is Evil.


Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard: April 21, 2014

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Do you trust GM?


It is not a stretch to state that probably millions of people now believe that GM is capable of almost any form of skullduggery.
Such people will never buy a GM car -- €“ no matter how rave the reviews, no matter how otherwise appealing they may be. Mistakes are one thing. But when people associate you -- or your brand --€“ with serial and deliberate assholeness, it'€™s a bridge burned that can'€™t be rebuilt. Untergang for GM? » Eric Peters Autos

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A racist is one who approves

of rigorous education, good English, civilized manners, minimal criminality, and responsible parenthood, among other things. I am, then, a racist. I see no reason to grovel about it. I decided long ago that if, while I was doing a radio interview, a caller-in told me, “You a racist!” I would hesitate as if puzzled, and say “…So what?” - - Fred On Everything
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The world will soon wake up to the reality that everyone is broke and can collect nothing from the bankrupt, who are owed unlimited amounts by the insolvent, who are attempting to make late payments on a bank holiday in the wrong country, with an unacceptable currency, against defaulted collateral, of which nobody is sure who holds title. -- the woodpile report
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Cooking the Books

Now no lie is "too big to tell:"The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates For the case of Tiara Groves is not an isolated one.
Chicago conducted a 12-month examination of the Chicago Police Department’s crime statistics going back several years, poring through public and internal police records and interviewing crime victims, criminologists, and police sources of various ranks. We identified 10 people, including Groves, who were beaten, burned, suffocated, or shot to death in 2013 and whose cases were reclassified as death investigations, downgraded to more minor crimes, or even closed as noncriminal incidents—all for illogical or, at best, unclear reasons.

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Attack helicopter confiscation


The Apache helicopter makes for a formidable weapon.
192 of them which currently are in possession of various state governors across America are about to be transferred to active duty military. That number represents every Apache which is currently assigned to National Guard units. ol remus and the woodpile report

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Mohammed Pedro Whitaker ID'd as Kansas City Highway Shooter; Charged With 18 Felonies

A shooter named "We'd rather not say:" Police Chief Darryl Forte said at a news conference that the suspect is male and lives in Grandview,
a suburb south of the city that is home to the Grandview Triangle, where several highways intersect and where at least six of the reported shootings happened. Forte didn’t release the name or age of the suspect.... - - Epoch Times

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Notes on the Devolution of Flying

In the beginning
The Seventies

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The perfect jelly bean


Traditionally fruit-flavored, made with smooth and succulent pectin, with a lovely and slightly translucent sheen, they go down easy. Maybe too easy; it is possible to eat quite a few before realizing what’s happening. Take it from one who knows. neo-neocon サ Blog Archive サ
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Wargame out the Second Civil War [Bumped]

“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with.
They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” And lemme tell ya, he had the list… - - The Pig Trap « Taxicab Depressions

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Christianity Rising... in China

Surely, it is more than passing strange.
A nation that is still ruled by the Communist Party seems to have fostered free enterprise and Christian worship. It is happening while so-called free nations have been running away from free enterprise and from religion. Had Enough Therapy?:

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Christ’s resurrection reveals that we do not die, “period”; we die, “comma.” On Easter God turns pain to power; God transforms tragedy to triumph and pushes through crucifixion to resurrection.... Sense of Events: He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

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Governments and kingdoms of men have tried to exterminate the Truth, but all have failed.

No religion has accomplished what Christianity has accomplished. No ideology. No school of thought. No idea, no government, no political system. Nobody else, nothing else has ever lit the world on fire like the Gospel. Hallelujah, Happy Easter | The Matt Walsh Blog
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First World Frozen Yogurt Problem

"There's zero room for error."
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Picture, if you will, the Russian Fire station.

The phone is ringing off the hook. There is a wide assortment of supermarkets, apartment buildings,
buses, trains, planes, trucks, cars, scooters, nuclear power plants, and mulecarts fully aflame all over the immediate area. There are pools of flammable hazardous waste leaking out of everything, and even the infants smoke. The Dalmation has three legs left from the last time they all got a notion to do something fun. Great Moments In Cyrillic Firefighting | The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys

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Scalia and Ginsburg Chat


Scalia: [The Bill of Rights] should not be painted as the foundation of the American democracy… Don’t forget the Bill of Rights was an afterthought. It was not what they debated about in Philadelphia in 1787… What they thought would preserve a free society was the structure of government — that’s what they debated about in 1787. And if you think that’s false, just look around the world. Every tin-horn dictator in the world today has a bill of rights. It isn’t a bill of rights that produces freedom. It is the structure of government that prevents anybody from seizing all the power.

Ginsburg: I do not think the rest of the world is regarding our legislature at the current moment as a model to be followed. - - About Snowden, Twitter - Law Blog - WSJ
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The West didn't lose Ukraine,


an independent nation of 45 million people. It simply let it go.
According to this newspaper Tuesday: "The White House reiterated that no lethal assistance was planned" to help Ukraine defend itself. The U.S., however, did send ready-to-eat meals. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's comments were antiseptic: "The Ukrainian government has a responsibility to provide law and order." It is fitting that churchgoers the world over this week are hearing the story of Pontius Pilate. Henninger: Cold War 2.0, the Videogame - WSJ.com

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$79 billion and 20 years later, no scientific correlation between man's activity and global warming.

Think of what $79 billion would have done for pancreatic cancer research. - - Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard
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“You live in a deranged age,

more deranged than usual, because in spite of great scientific and technological advances, man has not the faintest idea of who he is or what he is doing.” Walker Percy [HappyAcres]
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Putin Isn'€™t a Genius - We Are Complete Idiots

Americans play Monopoly, Russians chess: We landed on Park Place fair and square, and that gave us the right to put down a hotel.
Never mind that Ukraine is a basket case with a per capital income a tenth that of the European Community, whose best young people (along with some of its worst) have left the country, with a ruined economy and a declining population. Putin isn’t playing by the rules printed on the inside top cover of the board game. He’s another Hitler! Where is our Churchill? It’s a Monty Python remake of Dr. Strangelove. A few provocateurs holding a Russian flag pass out handbills demanding that Jews in Eastern Ukraine register with the authorities, and the whole of the media as well as the Obama administration hyperventilates, until the affair is exposed as a hoax.Spengler »

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Why does the BLM have guys with rifles and mechanized infantry?

The whole militarization of the federal government is disturbing.
These guys don't swear allegiance to the US Constitution, they don't come from a culture of patriotism like most military volunteers do. They aren't barred by US law from being active on American soil. Its like an end run around the military by the executive department, who apparently wants its own private army it can use against Americans. - - Word Around the Net: WHAT A WEEK

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