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Open thread 2/12/24

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  • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 8:35 AM

    Happy “Axe Handle” Abe’s burfday!
    That effin tyrant.
    You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating, “Boothe’s biggest mistake was timing, he was 4 years too late!”.

    Earlier today I was scopin’ out Abe’s history and it appears he did most of his axe handlin’ about 60 miles southwest of where I am right now. As a child, maybe 10 yo, I read a biography on him and I thought those formative years were spent in Illinois. The times, they are a changing.

  • Casey Klahn February 12, 2024, 10:33 AM

    No idea what’s going to happen this year. So much in play with the democrats and the POTUS “election”. They’ve already begun to cheat and they are in full throttle cheat at every opportunity mode. They are making opportunities to cheat faster than you can theorize about them. Then, they’re like: you dumb conspiracist.

    I saw a map of every state where they’ve either attempted and been denied to remove Trump from the ballot (Washington is one of those), or they have initiated removing him but haven’t adjudicated it or are waiting for the POTUS, or they’ve once removed him (Colorado and Maine). The map of these states is: half or maybe more than half of the states. It’s chilling, to say the least. Current theories are that the removals will get struck down in the supreme court, but that the sec states in many states will remove Trump in violation of the supreme court rulings.

    All of this no matter who the democrats nominate. Biden has gone from slow rolling towards the exit to now tumbling down the plane stairs at full speed. His own administration has back-stabbers at every corner; they are fixing to take a step back and let JB get slaughtered.

    Everything is in play, and it makes me nauseous. Could electors come from a caucus system and end-around the corrupt secs of state? I’m trying to war-game in my mind a truckload of legal challenges to elections everywhere, and yet they already played that card and the democrats wiped the GOPe’s ass on that.

    Seriously, the democrat party needs to be dismantled like Damascus in the Bible. No stone on any other stone. Washed by the sea.

    I see my own rep. in Eastern WA, a republican’t, has opted not to run again after 20 years in the US House. She’s getting out with just the tiniest shred of dignity left to a politician, and I applaud her decision. There’s the screen door; thanks for your service (while the US went totally to hell around congress).

    Trump has to be so powerful in the polls and the media and amongst the populace that he goes in on a tidal wave of votes and support. His win has to be bulletproof because the dems are ready to do anything and everything no matter how devious or illegal to keep him out.

    This is why I never gave two shitz for Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News, FoxNews, and every other never trumper on our side. They haven’t the common sense of a butt tick. This is more like hand to hand combat than it is an election. Get mean, and don’t look backwards.

  • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 10:34 AM

    Quote of the Day
    “Joe Biden will never be the man Michelle Obama is.”


  • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 11:14 AM

    On Super Bowl Sunday, the following 18 Republican senators supported the Ukraine war funding:

    Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
    Bill Cassidy (R-LA)
    Susan Collins (R-ME)
    John Cornyn (R-TX)
    Joni Ernst (R-IA)
    Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
    John Kennedy (R-LA)
    Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
    Jerry Moran (R-KS)
    Markwayne Mullin (R-OK)
    Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
    Mitt Romney (R-UT)
    Mike Rounds (R-SD)
    Dan Sullivan (R-AK)
    John Thune (R-SD)
    Thom Tillis (R-NC)
    Roger Wicker (R-MS)
    Todd Young (R-IN)


  • Anne February 12, 2024, 11:28 AM

    Glad to see neither of the MT senators voted to support Ukraine funding! Thank you!

    Second Item:
    As you know Casey I lived in Western WA for 20 years. One of their last Republican Senators told me directly that the reason he hadn’t put any signs out for his upcoming election was that his DD’s best friend (D) was going to be the next senator–it had already been decided!
    I also experienced one former state congressman tell me that “if you can get elected the first time “they”(the powers that really run that state) will keep you on as long as your doing what they want!
    I also had a local municipal court judge tell me the same thing!
    This was all 20+years ago. Don’t worry nothing has changed except that Melinda Gates really does believe she should run the world.
    Sorry your still there.

    • Casey Klahn February 12, 2024, 2:13 PM

      Hi, Anne. So true! WA is a soviet communist state, sure as shootin’. The only way we’ll ever get a fair election here is to fill every polling place in King County with biased observers wearing brass knuckles and surely looks on their faces. Force the counters to do it right, and while they’re at it, sit on the AG’s head and neck for the following month after the election.

      Even our corruption is corrupt.

      I live in Eastern WA now, which is redder than Santa’s rump cheeks. Super conservative. My county, which is huge geographically, small in population, and BIG on guns, is plenty free if the state keeps its distance.

      I grew up on the coast. That’s where some ANTIFA hippies tried to go camping, and the locals fell the trees on their egress road. The little creeps called the sheriff to rescue they fool asses. My hometown(s) are exactly what Jason Aldeen wrote his Try That song about. Only meaner.

      Outside of the I-5 Corridor, we really are a conservative state, and the pencil nex in Olympia shudder in their shoes over it.

    • Anne February 12, 2024, 9:15 PM

      Correction we only have one Republican senator and he DID NOT VOTE to support this mess. Of course our Democratic senator did! We do however have one Republican congressman and he also voted against the Ukraine bill. But, we will loose him this year as he plans to run against the Democratic senator and he is much loved by all Montana. That means one of our R congressman will be replaced by a female Dem who has lost several times.

  • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 11:56 AM

    Regarding the above mentioned Ukraine theft from the taxpayers that piece of shit McConnell said this: “We equip our friends to face our shared adversaries so we’re less likely to have to spend American lives to defeat them.”

    How much stolen Ukraine citizen money did Zelensky give to McConnell to thwart the attack on the American citizenry through the southern border?

    See? Z has no concern about the 30mil attackers wading across the Rio Grande so why does Turtle call him a friend? And, what kind of a friend steals from his own citizenry to give to foreign “friends”.

    With a gov’t like this who needs enemies?

    Just because I feel like it I’m getting the brown bess out and jamming a pointy thing on the end of it then I’m gonna grab a powder horn and go sit in the fucking woods til suppertime.

  • azlibertarian February 12, 2024, 12:50 PM

    My late father was born on Lincoln’s Birthday.

    As his cancer drifted from manageable (but never curable) to terminal, he got a little sentimental. He had always kept guns, but he was thrifty to the point of squeaking and his guns were all low-end versions of guns that I might have purchased at the time. As an example, he had 4 of these Mac-90’s, which he purchased for $289 each. The Mac-90’s stupid thumbhole stock was a way to get around the stupid California (or US, I forget which) “assault weapons” (sic) definition, and the gun itself is just crap. Chinesium. Why he didn’t just buy a decent AR, I’ll never know. Also, I can’t imagine why someone today is getting $1850 for a Mac-90 (historical reasons?), but maybe I should consider selling (but selling my guns, especially those I have inherited, just goes against my grain.).

    However, as the cancer was taking him, he ordered one of these for my brother and I. I guess he thought he needed to give us something tangible to remember him by….as if our lives themselves weren’t testiment to what he’d done for us. It’s a nice gun, never been shot (and never will, in my lifetime), and in fact, it sits in the back of my gun safe, hardly ever getting out into the light of day.

    Anyhoo, Happy Birthday, Dad.

    • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 1:27 PM

      Yes, happy birthday to your dad.
      That Mac-90 didn’t look like what I was expecting, never heard of it before.
      I wouldn’t bitch too much if it was in my stable.
      Back in the 80’s a friend got a deal on 3 brand new Cobray Mac-11’s, which is what I was imaging the Mac-90 to look similar to. He sold one to me and one to a friend for $250 each. In a moment of need I sold it, like so many other guns, and guitars in my yoot. sigh

      I’m torn about them “tribute” guns. Seems they’re meant to be looked at and not used. Kinda goes against the grain of a guns inherent reason. That one appears to be a .22. I likes me some Henry and would like to add a standard .22 lever to my quiver. Maybe I need to make a run to Bass Pro (closest Henry dealer) down by Louisville. Road Trip!!!

  • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 1:48 PM

    If you’re wondering why he’s called Yertle, consider the amount of neck meat he drags around.


  • DT February 12, 2024, 4:35 PM

    Lincoln is not on my list of “best” Presidents. Started an unnecessary war against those “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another …” and destroyed the concept of a union of sovereign states in favor of Federalism.

  • azlibertarian February 12, 2024, 5:14 PM

    I decided a long time ago that I should lead an honorable life, and so I must reply to you here……

    I have to confess: I’m an idiot, ghost. I’ve had these guns from my dad for over a decade and I’ve always thought of them as Mac-90s. It should have always been capitalized as MAC-90s, but that’s not what makes me an idiot. These are not “MAC-90s”, but instead “MAK-90s.

    And after watching a couple of YouTube videos, I now understand that the term MAK-90 is derived from Modified AK of the 90s. [insert an image of my hand slapping my forehead here]. After the GHWB ATF banned the import of 43 named “assault weapons” (sic) in 1989, in 1990, the Chinese made a couple of tweaks (thumbhole stock being the most obvious), and began importing guns under the new name of “MAK-90”. The origin of the name couldn’t have been more obvious, and I missed it completely.

    • John A. Fleming February 12, 2024, 10:42 PM

      It doesn’t matter if it’s made of chinesium. Somebody in the neighborhood has got cans full of 7.62×39. It’s good they have slings. Just like a person has to be ready, so do the firearms. Make sure they are sighted in, have slings, have cleaning kits, lots of magazines. Have some ammo yourself, make sure the arms like the ammo. Make sure you know the manual of arms. When it comes to it, you might have to have your neighbor carry it, with ammo, cuz the neighborhood needs defenders on the entry points. Your safe just might be the neighborhood armory. An armed man or two gets everybody’s attention.

      Yeah, that’s a problem with firearms. You can afford to buy them, but can you afford to keep them? Time and money, a safe full of arms is, and there’s not enough of either.

      • azlibertarian February 13, 2024, 4:44 AM

        “….Somebody in the neighborhood has got cans full of 7.62×39…..”

        Yeah, there might be others, but if not, I’m that “somebody “. Dad left me with a 2-can crate along with the guns. And all my semi-autos have at least 6 magazines.

        • Snakepit Kansas February 15, 2024, 4:12 AM

          The MAK90 that I acquired years ago had a nice bluing finish as well as pretty good wood on it considering the stupid thumbhole stock. It was a Federal law outlawing “assault rifles”. I ended up giving that rifle to an uncle in WVA as a gift as he had taken me hunting and got me started on reloading. I think I paid $190 for that Chinese rifle including tax. Should have bought 10 of them at that price.
          I like accurate bolt guns much better. I am weak for a Ruger #1 falling block and have a couple of them. Took one to South Africa in 2002 chambered in .300WbyMag. Shot a zebra and a black wildebeest while I was there. The local wine was quite good and the ticks and mosquitos were horrid. Picked one off my forearm after I returned to the US. Nearly every tree had thorns on it. I picked up a bacterial infection from all the bug bites. I’m rambling now.
          It is always good to have a good rifle that you can operate efficiently and have a gob of ammo with it. Stockpile ammo as one day the new currency will be Snickers bars and 9mm ammunition. Once the EBT cards quit working the hordes in the neighborhood will not be the welcome wagon.

  • Joe Krill February 13, 2024, 7:36 AM

    The more I read about Lincoln the less I like of him.

    • ghostsniper February 13, 2024, 7:57 AM

      I mentioned it here before, years ago, I’ll mention it again.
      When I learned to read I became a word magnet and in the age range of 8-10 I consumed unholy amounts of biography’s of famous people. These were kid books, 100-150 pages, in the elementary school classroom library. One of them was about Lincoln. Keep in mind I was born and spent my early years in Gettysburg. So from my yoot I had a favorable impression of Lincoln.

      Zoom ahead a whole buncha years and in the late 90’s I encountered some people online that had delved deep into Lincolns behavior as an adult politician and that knowledge unraveled everything I thought I knew about him.

      I started finding out things about many of the other famous people I had read about as a child that were not like they had been portrayed in the books. It infuriates me to no end how history had purposely been rewritten as it had and as far as I know those books are still out there doing damage. Just about all of the american politicians have been utter assholes and tyrants. Access to power, it seems, makes most people become the total asshole they always wanted to be.

      • Joe Krill February 13, 2024, 1:22 PM

        To all; I highly recommend the following book for all history buffs. One of the most disturbing accounts of sheer greed that I have ever read. Twentieth century genocide of the American Indian.
        Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann.
        Made into a movie but it did not come close to doing the book justice.
        Sold by Barnes and Noble.

  • Anne February 13, 2024, 8:50 AM

    We had well educated and thoughtful friends in MS. I understood them to be Episcopal liberals. They took us on a road trip down through the old towns and abandoned mansions of the cotton era. It became quite clear in putting together the dates and events that, in fact most of the Civil War motivation was caused once again by the greed of New York, which is hardly ever mentioned in the textbooks! I am glad we held this country together and I am also glad we “freed the slaves”, but I will not forget the underlining cause.

  • ghostsniper February 13, 2024, 2:53 PM

    Quote of the Day
    From Claire Wolfe

    “Personal note: I am not anti-immigration. I have always been pro-immigration and even believe, at least in theory, in open borders. But I’ve also always said you can’t have open borders with a welfare state. And now, with the federal government and global NGOs* encouraging and facilitating the entry of millions of random strangers (including violent criminals, foreign agents, carriers of exotic diseases, permanent leeches, and people who neither know nor value freedom) and moving them into the interior of the country with no vetting and no transparency, … well, to hell with them all and those who sent them. It’s a true invasion, and our own fifth-columnists are fully responsible.”

    *When things formerly called charities or foundations get called “non-governmental organizations,” you know they’re absolutely working dishonestly on behalf of governments

    • Snakepit Kansas February 15, 2024, 4:23 AM

      As I have mentioned here prior over the years, my wife is Filipina. I lived and worked in the PI for most of two years and we were married in Metro-Manila. The short version is that she was able to come to the US on a visitors visa. I got her pregnant in the US at my sister’s house on my birthday after I drank quite a bit of wine. It was inevitable regardless, heheh. We applied for US citizenship plus paid $800 and once her paperwork was received they made her go back to the PI and wait. The US Gubmint lost the paperwork and we had to refile and pay $880 again. During this process our daughter was born in the PI. It took over a year for her to be able to LEGALLY come back to the US and WAIT for her citizenship. I went to the PI a few times for conjugal visits and see my daughter. My good wife has an engineering degree, no criminal record and it was difficult and expensive to get her here legally. Biden is just waving the entire third world over the border and giving them free stuff. Uneducated military aged men by the train load. What could go wrong?

  • ghostsniper February 13, 2024, 5:55 PM

    DePopulation 2025

    In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery.

    One such intrigue revolves around Deagel.com, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities and eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025.


    • ghostsniper February 13, 2024, 6:11 PM

      The above link is mandatory reading and you’re not going to like what you read there.

      “How can there be an election in Nov if there is nobody around to vote, or to vote for?”
      “I’m going to be around and I’ll tell you who I’ll vote for. Me! I’m the sole occupant of the Raging Patriot Party.”
      –gs, 2099

  • ghostsniper February 13, 2024, 6:57 PM

    On Monday, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) shared a memo sent to his Republican colleagues in Congress which outlines an “impeachment time bomb” hidden in the text of the Senate’s Ukraine funding bill in case Trump wins the November election.

    According to the memo;

    President Trump has said, in regard to the war in Ukraine, “We got to get that war settled and I’ll get it settled.” He has stated that he would resolve the war in 24 hours.

    The bill includes $1.6 billion for foreign military financing in Ukraine, and $13.7 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. These funds expire on September 30, 2025 — nearly a year into the possible second term of President Trump. These are the exact same accounts President Trump was impeached for pausing in December 2019.

    If President Trump were to withdraw from or pause financial support for the war in Ukraine in order to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion, “over the objections of career experts,” it would amount to the same fake violation of budget law from the first impeachment, under markedly similar facts and circumstances.”

    According to Vance, Democrats “would seize on the opportunity to impeach him once again.”


  • Joe Krill February 13, 2024, 9:06 PM

    Had what appeared to be a healthy 70 year old neighbor who contacted cancer–dead in 90 days. Spread fast. Cannot believe how many obits say that the individual died unexpectedly —and the politicians sit back and do nothing. Polytics—-Poly-many. Tic-blood sucker. I know I misspelled Politic but you get the idea. How about Al gore mortis—temp of body after the person has died. Fits the former polytician to a T

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