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Open thread 6/17/24

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  • ghostsniper June 17, 2024, 8:38 AM

    The first time I saw it was in mid March 1980 when I was standing on the roof of a stairway at the parking garage of the Seatac airport with a friend. It was after midnight, cold, and we were sipping brews and smokin a bowl. Then, BOOM, there it was, bigger’n Stuttgart. 3 dimensional, moving slow and sinuous like a snake. We stood there with our yaps hanging open and just gawking at it. We continued to watch it over the next month or 2 that we were in Alaska. Everybody should see it at least once.

  • Joe Krill June 17, 2024, 10:47 AM

    Interesting story from Breitbart.

    A single waste management facility in Pennsylvania has collected $10 million in lost coins since it began picking them out of the trash in 2017, a company executive said.
    The Reworld waste processing plant in Morrisville uses sifting machines to carefully remove and sort coins from incinerated garbage before washing them off, leaving them shiny and clean. 
    “This allows us to better sort the coins, to determine what coins are in good condition or have been damaged, but it also lets us know which denominations we’re dealing with,” Rebecca Guardino, the director of ash processing, told FOX Business’s Jeff Flock on Monday. 
    As the worker and reporter sorted through a bin at the facility, Guardino explained how one man’s trash may become another’s treasure. 
    “We process about 20 million tons of waste a year,” she told Flock.
    The company estimates that Americans throw away approximately $68 million in change each year.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, Reworld began sorting through coins in 2017. Out of the $10 million collected, about $6 million were in good enough shape to be put back into circulation. 
    That $6 million was “turned over to a third party to be counted and deposited to local banks,” FOX Business reported.

    • ghostsniper June 17, 2024, 1:44 PM

      I saw that earlier. Kinda hard to believe that amount.
      Last week in the parking lot at Rural King I found 3 dimes.
      Yeah I picked em up.
      Brought em back here and dropped em in my counting jar.
      It’s a jar that has a cap with a digital counting device in it.
      Just looked, there’s currently $36.77 in it.

      I don’t normally carry change on me as I A) Don’t buy stuff that costs less than a dollar and, B) I don’t like holding up others in line by dallying with unnecessary cash exchanges. I only carry $20 bills and when I do pay with cash and get change back I stuff the bills and change in my shirt pocket. Then when I get back to my office the change goes in the jar and the loose bills go into an old check box after being straightened out, corners relieved, etc.

  • Anne June 17, 2024, 11:24 AM

    In 1985 or 86 DH and I were living in the cabin up the valley. No other residences for about a mile. Came home from town about 9:00 and as we were unloading the car we heard a swoosh sound and then the lights went on! All colors not just in the sky, but down on the ground surrounding us–dancing and waving and making a noise! That went on for about 2 hours!

    • ghostsniper June 17, 2024, 2:15 PM

      If air was 3 dimensional, and was different colors according to temperature, it’d look like the aurora all the time. Wouldn’t that be cool?

      What I described above is similar to what I have long thought about smells in the air. You know how when you step outside your house at suppertime and you can smell one of your neighbors cooking on the grill? You can smell it but you can’t see what you’re smelling. If you walk around the other side of your house you might not be able to smell the grill. It’s not that the smell doesn’t exist, but that your threshold for perception has dropped off. With practice you can change that but everything has it’s limits.

      I watch my Shannon all the time when she’s outside to get an idea of what’s going on in the smell world. She, as well as most other dogs, is very perceptible to smells. I believe she trusts her smeller more than her hearers or see’ers. The direction she aims her snoot, and how she fine tunes it by tilting her head, all cause her to get a better bead on the smell. I suspect that since wind isn’t consistently flat but more wavy, that’s why she tilts her head back when she’s sniffing. Gives her a better cross sectional reference.

      Couple years ago a coon died under the deckboards on the front of our house where the deck is only a foot or so above the ground. Because of the build up of dead leaves under the deck I was unable to see under there from the front. I could tell by the dead stench approximately where the coon was but not precisely. I didn’t want to tear up a whole lot of deckboards trying to find it. So I got Shannon over there to sniff it out. Within seconds she zero’d in on it. I pried that deckboard up and with a flashlight I saw that nasty fukker. It was a big un. Maybe 30 pound. Multiple deckboards had to come up.

      And the smell was absolutely attrocious. I put Shannon in my office while I worked. She doesn’t suffer the same scruples I do when it comes to unfavorable smells and I didn’t want her underfoot with her curiosity. BTW, old assed deckboards with countersunk screws aren’t easily removed. I didn’t even know what kind of tip to put in the drill!!! Fortunately they were phillips and my first guess was right.

      After the deckboards were up I could see the dead varmint had partially liquidized and was big enough that it spanned under 2 different floor joists. Wunnerful, how am I going to get that thing out of there, and not have it drip it’s nastiness on my existing deckboards and joists? My wife grabbed a big amazon box that we hadn’t cut up for disposal yet and opened it and lined it with a couple big black trash bags. I grabbed 2 shovels out of the workshop.

      Imagine eating kung pao with chopsticks, but the sticks are held by 2 diff people rather than held with one hand by one person. My wife had 1 shovel and I the other. That loosely held together mess was luckily shifted and then lifted up between the floor joists and deposited in the box. Then I used the 2 shovels myself like chopsticks in 2 hands and gathered up a bunch of the nasty soaked dead leaves and put them in the box as well. The trashbag was bunched close over it then the box lid was crisscrossed closed over that. Then I took that box most foul to the far edge of our property line in the woods and set it there. The box is still there but is all collapsed down and is dissolving into the ground. Presumably there is a skeleton inside. That could be inneresting to check out…..

  • ghostsniper June 17, 2024, 2:21 PM

    From over at Kunstlers place:

    “The United States is the only country that actively celebrates black slavery, and blacks in the US are the only ones who celebrate their past slavery.”


  • ghostsniper June 17, 2024, 2:42 PM

    All Bump Stocks Lost In Boating Accidents Back In 2017 Miraculously Wash Up On Shore

    U.S. — In one of the most remarkable miracles in human history, the thousands of bump stocks that went missing seven years ago in boating accidents all simultaneously washed ashore and have been reunited with their owners.

    “Wow, my bump stock washed ashore! And just a day after the Supreme Court ruling overturning the ban!” said local man Omar Gonzales. “What’s even crazier, my neighbor Bill also lost his in a boating accident in 2017, and his bump stock also washed ashore this morning. It’s a miracle!”

    Across the nation, tens of thousands of Americans reported similar shocking experiences. “It’s the darndest thing,” said local man John Robinson. “Every single one of my buddies at the gun club said their bump stock washed ashore today, still in great condition. What kind of natural phenomenon does that? It’s almost as weird as when everyone I knew lost their bump stocks in boating accidents back in 2017. What an amazing coincidence.”

    At publishing time, experts had warned that Biden’s attempt to ban AR-15s could lead to another horrific epidemic of boating accidents.


  • ghostsniper June 17, 2024, 2:52 PM

    It won’t end until YOU end it.
    Blade up Gentlemen.


  • DT June 17, 2024, 4:08 PM

    I seem to be in a musical mood these days. I was going to post a link … but YT now wants one to sign in “To protect our community” (that’s new) so lyrics instead. Sing along now folks

    David Gilmour 1978

    There’s no way out of here
    When you come in, you’re in for good
    There was no promise made
    The part you’ve played, the chance you took
    There are no boundaries set
    The time and yet, you waste it still

    So, it slips through your hands
    Like grains of sand, you watch it go
    There’s no time to be lost
    You’ll pay the cost, so get it right
    There’s no way out of here
    When you come in, you’re in for good

    And never was there an answer
    There an answer
    Not without listening
    Without seeing

    There are no answers here
    When you look out, you don’t see in
    There was no promise made
    The part you’ve played, the chance you took
    There’s no way out of here
    When you come in, you’re in for good

    And never was there an answer
    There an answer
    Not without listening
    Without seeing

    There’s no way out of here
    When you come in, you’re in for good
    There are no answers here
    When you look out, you don’t see in
    There was no promise made
    The part you’ve played, the chance you took

  • ghostsniper June 18, 2024, 3:58 AM

    Are Animals Conscious?
    “If we look at distinct behaviours, for example what species can recognise themselves in a mirror, how many can plan ahead or are able to remember things that happened in the past, we are able to test these questions with experimentation and observation and draw more accurate conclusions based on data,” she says.
    “And if we are going to define consciousness as a sum of measurable behaviours, then animals that have succeeded in these particular tasks can be said to have something that we choose to call consciousness.”


  • ghostsniper June 18, 2024, 2:56 PM

    Very important update from Japan on the Replicon mRNA shots that will threaten a biological tsunami on the entire world. From the interview on the Jim Fergusson Show.

    “Those who become infected are being referred to as “replicons” They will go on to infect everyone who gets near them and will in turn infect others.


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