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Strange Daze: From Drag Queens to Zechariah

True Colors on the Hollywood Sign

The Original “Drag Queen Specs”

Descend lower, descend only
Into the world of perpetual solitude,
World not world, but that which is not world,
Internal darkness, deprivation
And destitution of all property,
Desiccation of the world of sense,
Evacuation of the world of fancy,
Inoperancy of the world of spirit;
Four Quartets – 1 Burnt Norton

Top Gun: Maverick    For its detractors, to see an unashamed, patriotic, red-blooded, White, American man bravely rallying others to meet a threat to his country and prevail against impossible odds in The Current Year must be like presenting a crucifix to a vampire. Even worse (for them), is that the characters and the people who play them all seem so unselfconscious and bring with them an air of vitality and positivity. These are dynamic, capable, healthy, good-looking people working together as a team, taking risks, having fun, raising hell, and getting hard stuff done. 

This is the America the world fell in love with. An America that could seduce, reach within, and show a vision of some aspect of itself in a song or an image, a book, or a movie, and inspire generations. The Top Gun movies are a love letter to that country. If you’d like to take a break from all the craziness and treat yourself to an old-fashioned, lighthearted adventure movie made by people who don’t hate you and love America (what it was, is, and could be), then this movie is for you. For its kind might be truly headed for extinction.

Recommending treason : Essays in Idleness   Pride commands the acts of cruelty, leading to torture and murder, that are rhetorically suggested by our national leaders. By the rules of democracy, every voter buys in. The person who will not participate in the mental illness at the surface of public life, is quickly labelled as a “traitor” or “apostate.” For pride is ever looking for traitors.

Not all heroes wear capes

The New Top Gun Movie Highlights America’s Incongurous Military Strategy  One final thought–the continued supply of western weapons to Ukraine is a game changer in the sense that it will compel Russia to carry out devastating attacks on Ukrainian government command centers and on locations in Ukraine filled with representatives of NATO and the United States. When that happens (or if it happens) the ante has been upped and the west will face the choice of responding militarily and risk expanding the war into western Europe or the U.S. and NATO will cash in their chips and walk away to lick their wounds. The only certainty is that Russia is not going to back down and surrender Ukraine to the west.

Far Left District Attorney HAS BEEN RECALLED, Soros Backed Chesa Boudin Voted OUT Over INSANE Crime – YouTube

In case the satanic hosts in this nation have forgotten Zechariah would like to have a word with them: 12 And this will be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples that have fought against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. 13 On that day a great panic from the Lord will be upon them. They will seize each other’s hands, and their hands will be raised against each other. 14 Even Judah will fight against Jerusalem. The riches of all the surrounding nations will be gathered together—gold, silver, and garments—in great abundance. 15 Like the plague on human beings will be the plague upon the horses, mules, camels, donkeys, and upon all the beasts that are in those camps.

We now can no longer take refuge in the comfortable simplicity of faraway enemies and are beginning to grapple with the grim reality that our true adversaries are much closer to home. The clean Pentagon-approved narrative of good versus evil playing out in a war setting on the big screen now rings false or incomplete. We’ve been through too much and endured too many lies and disappointments to drink too deeply from nostalgia for a past that somehow led to now.

from a Thread by @sumlenny on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

ABOVE: From Чебурашка – медленно ракеты уплывают в даль. текст песни, слова A thread about the war-prep Russia has been doing on its own people. Here’s a song sung about nuclear war.  Translation:
Maybe we offended someone in vain,
Dropped 15 megatons.
And now the earth is burning and melting,
Where the Pentagon once was.

US tanks melt perfectly
And why did the factory produce them
Oh, what a pity that this explosion ends, It would be
better if it dragged on for a whole year.

Already in 2010, a mocking song about nuclear chemical attack on the US (“the earth is still scorching where Washington used to be”) was performed on Russian TV. Look at the happy audience reaction. The song (with other words) comes from a child’s cartoon.
“ICBMs are slowly flying away, don’t expect to see them again. We are sorry about (your fate) the US, and Europe is the next” – is the start of this song. You may see the full text under the link (there are different versions, longer and shorter): /32
Like imagine the reaction in Berlin or Washington: “You are really saying that Russia will start a global WW3 because… they have published a book about a guy teleported into Hitler’s mind, and another one about Nicolas II preventing the revolution with AGS-17 grenade launcher?”
“You want us what? Sanction NordStream2 because of these two pulp fiction books?” And same time “Russia experts” married to Russian women and living in Moscow for decades without any problem were keeping reporting on the importance of dialogue, cooperation, and understanding.

“Content Creators” AKA thieves, drug addicts, and criminals: Content Creators Break Into $8M Florida Home, Throw Huge Party With Boxing Matches & Complete Debauchery – OutKick Instead, we have the youth of this country who feel like they have to take the content game to the next level and risk a mark on their records. Digital footprint, kids. As a content creator who’s been at this since many of you were taking dumps down your legs, let me tell you that footprint isn’t going anywhere. Google will not forget that one night you decided to wreck that mansion near Clay Travis’ beach house.

Good luck getting daddy to clear your names on this one. You could’ve just thrown some boxing matches in the front yard like YouTube circa 2009.

“Before making an excuse for these kids, ask why they felt they could do this in the first place,” the Walton Sheriff’s Office continued on Facebook.

“Here’s our ask; if you were there, know someone who was there, were invited, knows who circulated the flyer for the party (yes, we know about that too) you are asked to come forward. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and let us know. Come clean and give us the information we need to hold those responsible.”

Essays in Idleness We have “human resources” departments that work by the same methods as livestock management, in the larger meat packaging firms, except, owing to bureaucratic convention, they aren’t allowed to kill or eat people, or not directly. That is a function more and more assumed by the government’s MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) service.

The employers are limited to creating a theatrical impression, of death in life. “Employees” doing useless things, or radically counter-productive, are presented as free citizens and electors in a constitutional democracy under the rule of law. This was never a believable impression, even in ancient Greece. One may penetrate through it by reading Dead Souls, by Nikolai Gogol, or the novels of Dostoyevski.

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  • Gordon Scott June 24, 2022, 11:31 AM

    I have only seen the first ten or so minutes of Top Gun Maverick. I was fully prepared to be disappointed. But the scene where he limps into a small mountain town cafe, his pressure suit smoldering, carrying his helmet, and asks, “Where am I?” Well, I think it gets better from there.

    It’s preceded by a trailer for a movie that’s already a two-parter, and it won’t be released for over a year from June 2022: the newest Mission Impossible. Cruise’s character is told that he’s a dinosaur and America is not only over, it never was, and he’d better pick a side. All you see is Tom’s jaw working, as his eyes narrow.

    Tom Cruise may be weird, but he’s got excellent taste in ex-wives, and his more-than-ever-chiseled good looks and cheerful cocky grin win you over, every single time. Honestly, I really want to dislike the guy. I really do. I cannot.

  • Dirk June 24, 2022, 12:14 PM

    We’ll, I’ll bet your all wondering what Niki Jizz has to say about this wonderful entertainment. Im sure she we’ll share her wisdom here soon.

    Some of those flying splits reminded me of Dumbo the baby Elephant.

    Did I ever tell you about my lady friends in the Philippines, could pick up ten peso’s and give you exact change, that’s talent on loan from god himself.

    My personal favorites were the lady’s who could literally lick their foreheads. That’s talent, don’t care who you are. Us “ straight Navy men”. Lovingly referred to those gals as lizard lady’s, highly sought after!

    Lord I’m amazed I made it to 65.

  • Amy June 24, 2022, 12:54 PM

    Icke is right when he speaks of “those families”, in my opinion. I’ve been using that argument myself for years: my father was a rosary slinging, pro-life marching, abortion clinic prayer within weeks of the Roe verdict. Therefore, the events and data surrounding that ghastly procedure was considered dinner conversation. Meanwhile, Gates father was something like the first manager/director of a Planned Parenthood Center. Pretty sure ole billyboy received his satanical directive the same way I did – and probably, naturally, wanted to make his father proud that he carried on and surpassed him in his Faithlessness. “Those families” hate Life, Natural Limits, and the Awesome Creator of Everything.

    I stand with Ann Barnhardt on this one: BRING. IT.

  • Dirk June 24, 2022, 3:33 PM

    Just out in my front yard watch the local air show practice. Sentry Eagle 2022 Kingsley Field, Klamath Falls Or. Air Force show is tomorrow.

    So far I’ve identified, A10 thunderbolts, what I think is an old AD-1 SPAD, it’s flying wing with one of the A-10s, F-5s, T-39s, of course F-15 C models.

    Either aF35 or a F-22, pretty far off. F-18s, Navy P-8 sub hunter, Apaches, Huey’s, Black Hawks, CH-47, I think it’s a 500, Little Bird, C-130 C-17. Could have sworn I saw an OV -1 push pull, and an OV-10.

    Pretty much have to be contract forestry, they call em SETT aircraft anymore, small highly maneuverable, turbo props, for fire fighting in really tough terrain. The OV-1 has to be a spotter. Na SETT is single Engine., I don’t know the answer of the OV-10.

    Open to the public, starts tomorrow morning 0800, we’ll be their at 0700.

    The feature show is WartHogs doing close ground support demo’s

    I watched what I think is the AD-1 working with the A10s, think the nexus is both are close ground support aircraft.

    We usually get a B-1 flyby’s, in the old days an SR-71, and twice a U-2. No Blue Angels or Thunderbirds this year.

    1st one since the China bug, should be outstanding.

    I did hear my friends Russian YAK earlier today. He’s a local crop duster. In 1987, I was taking flight lessons out of the Newell Airport, owned by City of Tulelake. I was flying a C180 with a hydronic prop, high HP motor. Bush plane.

    I did my pre flight, was taxiing to the numbers, cleared onto the active runway, “ ain’t nobody flying unless it’s a duster.

    I’m in the numbers, doing Mag checks, I’m pointed into the wind,west, right into the sun. Mags check good, I go to idle, out of nowhere my 180 starts literally hopping up and down, I about shit myself. It was old man Yancey in his Russian Yak, he dove out of the sun, I swear he was only three feet above me. Actually rattled me pretty good.

    He and my Instructor pilot were laughing, they thought that stunt was amusing. that day was my first emergency take off, max power, brake release, flaps full down, at 60mph, yard the yoke back, steeply climb to 100 ft, push the nose over to build rpm. I did my touch and go’s, landed taxied to the hanger, shut down.

    Yancey had already landed was over with the SixPac, I post flighted, we walked over to both WWII birds and drank beer with em. I took a hell of a ribbing, after the initial shock it was a very interesting student trainee flight. Being the Resident Deputy Sheriff, I was often the brunt of tasteless jokes! I loved it.

    I know of zero others who have ever been buzzed by a Russian YAK, in or near Tulelake Calif, at least on that day in 1987.

    The guys told me Yancey was at least 75 ft above me, but he stood it on its tail for a very steep climb out.

    Our other friends may show in Six PAC their 2 seat Navy torpedo bomber, they race yearly at the Reno Air Races. They both do a static display usually.

    The 180 was configured as a bush plane, stall kit, bush tires, tail dragger. My IP was a high miles Alaska Airlines pilot, took me forever to get the hang of flying a tail dragger.

    I haven’t flown in 2o something years now. I don’t miss it. With the advent of Fuel injection I’d maybe reconsider. Flyings easy, it’s landing!. I also flew a Tri Pacer, mid hp motor.

  • Hoss June 24, 2022, 8:44 PM

    Saw Top Gun Maverick with my wife and grandson. Enjoyed it all and recommend it just for the flying scenes but the movie is more than just that.

  • Dirk June 25, 2022, 12:57 PM

    Air show was awesome. It was a P-51 Mustang flying with. The A10. The AD 1 was a static display. Canada had AF18s present, several f16s, one I believe is or was a F 16 out of Israel a two seater with avionics bumps in odd and unusual places.

    The A10 kept sneaking around the hangers, right on the deck. The P-51 joined in on the demo. Once you’ve heard a P51 come by, on the deck at speed, you will never forget it, just brings a smile to anyone who’s flown or worked on aircraft.

    four F15 demo flight, turns out our neighbor a LT Col was flight leader. My wife had been all four pilots childrens k/3 classroom teacher. Another Bird Col, walked us into the active hanger as the 15, did it’s post flight pins, shut down, my ears are still ringing.

    Got some great pictures of Carole’s now 6/ 8th graders Girls, with Dad and mom, in front of the the F-15, he did the demo in. All are C models. There are 36 F15s here and, 14 F5s and T-39s, with Gen five avionics packages. Significant challenges for the F 15 students.

    Micah, Another friend is a full Bird, little doubt he will be a General someday. Another Col, Timmy’s parents are our neighbors, he use to baby sit our children 100 yrs ago. At 6.9 he’s not an aviator, but in charge of base engineering. We are at he and his wife Katie’s 25th wedding anniversary, gathering tomorrow night, at the O club on base.

    Ran into several old cop brothers doing the UC thing, security was heavy.

    During the Singing of the Star Spangle Banner,,,,,, the first flight demo, I had tears in my eyes. God I love this country, it is such a privilege to be a simple guest at these things. To walk thru the C130s, to watch KC135 refuel demo’s.

    Gotta go their flying again, going to,sit on the deck in my back yard and just watch round two.

  • Dirk June 26, 2022, 8:32 AM

    Attended my close friends daughters wedding last night. The B-17 from the air show was selling rides. The B17 flew directly over the wedding, maybe 2k,,,,, then four more time over the reception.

    Rides were 300.00,,,,,the P-51 back seat ride was 400.00 I’m told. Did not see the P-51, after the demo flights.

    John’s a Special Forces LT Col, retired, tours with Delta, and the exchange program, with the SAS for four years.

    Many in the crowd thought he had arraigned the fly overs. Regardless not many folks in the world have a real deal B-17 fly low and slow over their wedding. Made a perfect moment even more perfect.