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Open thread 6/14/24

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  • ghostsniper June 14, 2024, 10:51 AM

    Replace the black with tan and that could be my Shannon.
    Yes, she will catch it.

  • ghostsniper June 14, 2024, 10:56 AM

    For the Media

    Why do you stare Do you think that I care?
    You’ve been mislead By the thoughts in your head
    Your words waste and decay Nothing you say
    Reaches my ears anyway You never spoke a word of truth

    Why do you think I believe what you said
    Few of your words Ever enter my head
    I’m tired of hypocrite freaks With tongues in their cheeks
    Turning their eyes as they speak They make me sick and tired

    Are you confused To the point in your mind
    Though you’re blind Can’t you see you’re wrong
    Won’t you refuse To be used
    Even though you may know I can see you’re wrong

    Please, please, please open your eyes Please, please, please don’t give me lies
    I’ve ruled over the earth Witnessed my birth
    Cried at the sight of a man And still I don’t know who I am

    I’ve seen paupers as kings Puppets on strings
    Dance for the children who stare You must have seen them everywhere


  • Joe Krill June 14, 2024, 11:31 AM

    From “The Occidental Observer”.
    A patriot, according to customary definition, is someone who vigorously supports their nation and is prepared to defend it at all costs. A patriot is also someone who believes in the essential goodness or rightness of their country, particularly when it is at war. Americans are generally known to be a deeply patriotic people and a soft nationalism largely permeates much of the country. We’re inclined to think that our elected leaders in Washington, though perhaps flawed, are basically good folks who genuinely have the best interests of the people they represent.
    This might be less so today because a growing number of Americans have started to realize just how corrupt our current government is, including of course the president and almost the entirety of Congress which is deeply influenced and controlled by the Israel Lobby, military contractor corporations, and other special interest groups.
    I confess that I was once such a patriot. This was the sort of mindset I carried for many years. America, right or wrong, I was proud to call it my home and to defend its honor before its many detractors. I believed, for instance, that the North was on the right side of history when it sought to overthrow the South’s rebellion during the Civil War — a war justified because it supposedly sought to free negro slaves. I was persuaded that whatever reasons lie behind America’s entry into WW1, it was justified. The same may be said when I considered the events of WW2. I implicitly trusted America’s court historians to tell me the truth. The wars that came after, such as the Korean conflict, Vietnam, The Gulf War, and the ensuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were all necessary and grounded in vital American interests (or so I thought).
    When people questioned and challenged the official version of the events of 9-11, I dismissed them as kooks and conspiracists. I was certain that our government wouldn’t lie about something as obvious as the events of that early September morning in 2001. It wasn’t until years later that I realized how little I knew of America’s dark history, its persistent habit of creating conflicts and political coups throughout much of the world.
    I was historically and politically naïve, to say the least. To arrive at where I am today has been a fascinating journey which I have neither the time nor space to explain in this brief article. Suffice it to say, decades earlier there were a plethora of reasons to seriously challenge one’s patriotic commitment to America, its foreign policies, its authoritarian statism, and the circus that Washington has morphed into which suffocates the life of anyone foolish enough to get caught within its web. The American people, then, have every right to distrust and to even despise their government. The government has given us every reason to do so.
    Thus, at this time in history, there’s no excuse for not seeing clearly the rot of Washington and eschewing everything about it, including the 535 members that currently comprise Congress. The information is abundant and readily available if one is willing to search. In short, the federal government has proven to be the enemy of us all.
    The level of betrayal and outright treason by both congressional Democrats and Republicans staggers the mind when one stops to consider what evils they have vomited on the American people. The following is only a small sampling of what our government has perpetrated on the world and its own citizens.
    A $95 Billion Aid Package for Everyone But Americans
    If hatred for Congress hadn’t gripped you years earlier, then the most recent events should certainly seal the deal as when Congress authorized 95 billion in war aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. All this while massive numbers of Americans are homeless and poverty-stricken, unable to afford their mortgages or medical insurance, including an infrastructure that is largely neglected and dilapidated. Mind you, this was after the U.S. had already given $107 billion worth of aid to Ukraine!
    Additionally, “The U.S. government has purchased seeds and fertilizer for Ukrainian farmers. America is covering the salaries of Ukraine’s first responders, all 57,000 of them. The U.S. funds divers who clear unexploded ammunition from the country’s rivers to make them safe again for swimming and fishing” (‘In Ukraine, U.S. Tax Dollars are Funding More Than Just Military Aid,’ CBS News, by Aliza Chasan, 9/24/2023).
    Does anyone really think that such astronomical taxpayer funds given to Ukraine (or any country for that matter) will receive the level of fiscal oversight it deserves? Congress has rejected oversight on Ukraine funding for years, and Ukraine has gained a well-deserved international reputation for being rife with corruption at its highest levels. Why, then, would any sane nation trust billions in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine knowing full-well the level of corruption that exists there? Whether this is a ginormous money-laundering scheme or something far more sinister, this is precisely what our Congress has chosen to do with little concern for what is best for the American people. How can we expect there to be any serious oversight and accountability in Ukraine when there is little of it here in the states?
    According to an article in Responsible Statecraft, “The Pentagon failed its sixth audit in a row last month. And “failed” is putting it generously . . . But semantics aside, one major reason the Pentagon keeps failing its audits is because it can’t keep track of its property. Last year, the Pentagon couldn’t properly account for a whopping 61% of its 3.5 trillion in assets” (‘Pentagon Can’t Account for 63% of Nearly 4 Trillion in Assets,’ by Julia Gledhill, 12/4/2023).
    The U.S. Complicit in the War Crimes of Israel
    Congress has also given billions to support Israel’s war efforts against Hamas and the Palestinian people. Congressional Republicans are even pushing for military aid and monetary benefits for any American who possesses dual citizenship (Israeli/American) and is called to serve in the IDF. Our congressional traitors seem to have no qualms about such exorbitant spending sprees distributed on behalf of foreign nations rather than the people they were elected to serve. How is such excessive spending justified when the national debt registers at over $34 trillion?

    And what ‘vital interests’ does the U.S. have in supporting Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians? Thousands of women and children have been killed as result of Israel’s bombing raids. In fact, according to a press release published by the United Nations Human Rights Commission, it was noted that “women, girls and children overall are among those most exposed to danger in this conflict, and that as of 29 April 2024, of 34,488 Palestinians killed in Gaza, 14,500 have been children and 9,500 women” (‘Onslaught of Violence Against Women and Children in Gaza Unacceptable: UN Experts,’ 5/6/2024).
    Such atrocities and bloodshed committed against civilians by the Israeli government is not something widely supported by the American people. Yet both Democrats and Republicans have united to lend both moral support and huge sums of taxpayer funds to help Israel. Does any of this sound like a government that harkens to the will of its people? How many nations does our government have to internally disrupt and bomb before we realize what an evil and grotesque institution we have unleashed on the world?
    “BRICS” and its Move Away from the American Dollar
    The U.S. federal government has caused so much misery and ruin overseas, that an alliance has formed among a growing number of nations (“BRICS”) to move away from the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency status. The times have changed, and the nations of the world are fed up with America as a bully who goes about seeking to impose its “democracy” and degenerate western values on every country. They have tired of the persistent efforts of American neocons to uproot countries and erect puppet governments throughout the world that they can exploit. They have tired of the CIA’s long track record of destabilizing South American and Middle Eastern countries and in creating color revolutions that run counter to the will of the people. Does anyone think that the federal government’s efforts at causing unrest and conflict throughout much of the world will work out well for the average American citizen? There is no reason to think so.
    Illegal Immigration
    The U.S. federal government has for many decades turned a blind eye to illegal immigration. More often it has pretended to ‘get tough’ on those who have illegally crossed onto American soil while doing nothing to stamp it out permanently. Some presidential administrations, granted, have been more diligent in trying to secure the border than others. Yet the problem persists.
    Now, under the Biden administration, not only are America’s borders wide open, but the federal government actively encourages and incentivizes millions of illegals to enter our country. Efforts to stop crossings at the Rio-Grande, including the use of barbed wired to keep out hordes of newly arrived immigrants has been opposed by the Biden administration, almost all of it favored by federal courts. Whether incentivized illegal immigration is for the purpose of replacing its majority demographic (Whites) or for mass recruitment into our military since a large percentage of the invaders are males of military age, there can be little doubt that none of it will fare well for our citizenry.
    What kind of nation is this that allows millions of non-assimilable immigrants from Third-World countries to enter unchecked? How could this not have disastrous effects on our economy? Why should White Americans have to compete with illegal immigrants for the few remaining jobs available? How will any of this reduce the already existing racial troubles that America is known for? The Biden administration has concocted a recipe for the fall of America and the complete displacement of Whites within their own country.
    The Government Has Turned Against its Founding Stock
    The U.S. federal government has for many years supported the rising tide of anti-White sentiments and propaganda. It has given aid, taxpayer funds and various resources to groups and political organizations that stridently work to racially and culturally displace Whites as the majority demographic in the U.S. Aside from federal Affirmative Action policies which explicitly discriminates against Whites, the federal government promotes DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) which in a host of practical ways works against the White majority. It is meant to demoralize Whites, to villainize them, and to weaken any efforts at solidarity among them.
    What kind of government is this that seeks to dispossess the founding stock of its own nation? I know of no other government in the world that works as fervently as the U.S. federal government to create hardships, policies that mandate reverse discrimination against Whites, and the eventual displacement of those whose ancestors created the nation. Is this the mark of a benevolent government seeking what is best for its people, or one that is deeply adversarial toward its founding stock? The answer should be obvious.
    Americans Are Excessively Taxed
    The U.S. federal government excessively taxes the American people. Everyone knows this, and yet Congress does nothing of substance to relieve this burden. Our nation’s tax code is so complicated and convoluted that it requires highly educated tax ‘experts’ to make sense of it all. Everything we own or possess is taxed, re-taxed, and then taxed again on both federal and state levels. We are, seemingly, allowed to make barely enough to stay economically afloat, and a growing number of Americans aren’t even able to do that. Almost everything has become unaffordable for the average American, particularly housing and food.
    What kind of government is this that allows its own people to wallow in poverty and homelessness, especially when it possesses the resources needed to improve their condition? Does this sound like a government that places the welfare and health of its citizens as top priority?
    The Government Complicit in the Covid Scam
    During the Covid pandemic, the U.S. federal government worked tirelessly to make sure every American got the vaccine. As it turned out, those same vaccines caused enormous amounts of harm and medical complications (e.g., blood clots, myocarditis, immune suppression, and a plethora of vaccine injuries). Has the U.S. federal government ever apologized? Has it conceded its role in causing enormous harm to the American people? Has it sought to make amends in any meaningful way? Of course not, and I doubt it ever will. Perhaps the greatest deception ever foisted upon Americans was performed by our own federal government, and never forget that both Democrats and Republicans allowed it to occur.
    The Government Seeks War with Russia
    And now, our continually warmongering federal government is doing all in its power to instigate a war with Russia. We are literally on the precipice of WW3, and yet our congress does nothing to put a stop to it. Where are the voices of reason within our government? Where are all the anti-war peace activists that were seemingly everywhere during the Bush era? Apparently, they only take to the streets when it’s a republican president in the Oval Office.
    What kind of government seeks a military conflict with another nation that is not only nuclear capable, but possesses even more nuclear warheads than we do? They may have their reasons for such aggression toward Russia (e.g., to salvage the American dollar, to retain American and Western hegemony, to obtain Russia’s vast resources, to secure forever the liberal international order of the West, etc.), but how can they not see that their efforts at poking the Bear will inevitably bring about the deaths of millions of Americans, including Russians?

    To demonstrate just how fast events have escalated, the Biden administration recently gave authorization for Ukrainian forces to employ U.S. manufactured missiles against Russia’s interior. While it may be Ukrainian soldiers launching the missiles, Russia knows well that they have been provided to Ukraine by the U.S. When viewed in this light, it’s obviously no different than our own U.S. military directly launching them.
    Is it any wonder why Russia speaks openly of the possibility of a nuclear exchange with NATO?  In a statement given to Reuters, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, said the following: “We do not rule out additional steps in the sphere of nuclear deterrence, because our command centers and the locations of our nuclear forces will be in range of American forward-based missiles” (5/30/2024).
    I cannot think of any other time in our nation’s history where we have been this close to nuclear war, except perhaps during the Cuba missile crisis in October of 1962. Unlike our dementia-ridden president currently in office, both Nikita Khrushchev and John Kennedy were of sound mind and body and, thankfully, cooler heads prevailed at the time. Yet both houses of Congress refuse to step in and put an end to this insanity! Continuing in its warmongering trajectory, the U.S. and Britain recently bombed Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, in a retaliatory effort against the Houthis who have launched attacks at shipping vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.
    Thus, while engaged in covert military operations in Ukraine against Russia that has brought us to the brink of WW3, the Biden administration is also engaged in warfare against Israel’s neighboring countries. In truth, neocons within the federal government for over twenty years have created so much destabilization and destruction within the Middle East that we now find ourselves at war with multiple countries.
    A Military Draft Seems Inevitable
    And because of it, the U.S. federal government is now considering the possibility of a military draft. The American people are largely war-fatigued after having to endure a host of seemingly endless wars beginning in 2001 when we waged war against Afghanistan and later when we invaded Iraq in 2003. Most young adults have little interest in fighting foreign wars in countries they couldn’t even begin to find on a map. The government’s solution, then, is not to ramp down its fiery rhetoric nor to cease its aggression toward Russia. Rather, it is to conscript huge numbers of American males and females for the upcoming meat grinder!
    While the government and its complicit media currently denies any intention of creating a military draft, there is little doubt that conscription would be the only reasonable avenue for a warmongering government like ours. Our current all-voluntary force is barely able to meet its current obligations and challenges, and rather than reducing its operations throughout the world, we seem hell-bent on expanding them into every region. This will require a significantly greater number of trained troops. The wars we waged in Afghanistan and Iraq were largely fought against insurgents with limited arsenal and resources. This will not be the case if the U.S. were to find itself in a full-scale war against Russia, China or Iran.
    In an article published in The Atlantic, military analysts Jason Dempsey and Gil Barndollar noted that a “major conflict would break” the voluntary military, and that such realities are “an open secret in defense circles” (‘The All-Voluntary Force is in Crisis,’ 7/3/2023). The government and media deny the inevitability of a military draft because it would alarm too many Americans. It would provoke a fury of public challenges as to why it was needed and whether such a war would even be necessary. It would create a panic, and many Americans would find creative ways to not comply. It seems more likely that our government will announce a draft after it has already committed itself to some kind of overseas conflict, and then use it to justify the draft.
    The prevailing U.S. military philosophy for the past few decades has been to rely on high-tech war systems, precision strikes, and fewer troops. But having fewer troops will likely prove disadvantageous when fighting large-scaled armies that both the Chinese and Russian militaries possess. Thus, waging wars against countries that have technologies on par or close to us — especially if they have large standing armies, naval ships, and equivalent air power — would seem to require a draft if we intend on meeting such perceived threats.
    Yet, when one considers how vile the federal government has been toward the American people for the past 60 or so years, including its many unnecessary wars which has only created chaos and destruction for much of the planet, why would any American seriously consider enlisting? Were the U.S. to find itself in a war with China, Russia or Iran, the number of returning body bags would be unprecedented! The scale of it would likely be greater than the deaths registered during WW2 due to the sheer power and accuracy of modern weapons. What sane parent would be willing to send their children to such a miserable death for a cause that makes little sense?
    Consider also the character of those who serve as our elected officials in Washington. Do any of them even begin to inspire confidence and loyalty? Are these the caliber of people you’d be willing to sacrifice your children on behalf of? Do you seriously think any of them will send their children to the meat grinder?
    Naturally, there are going to be patriot-types who possess little discernment and who haven’t learned a thing about America’s long history of warmongering who will gladly show up at the military recruitment center. The U.S. is filled with this kind and, unfortunately, the greater number of them come from among White Americans. Like a battered wife who keeps returning to the husband who constantly disrespects and beats her, so also young White males will eagerly sacrifice their lives for a government that despises them.
    Whites who are considering joining the military might want to also consider what kind of military they are joining. This is not the military of your father’s or grandfather’s era, but a military marked by open acceptance of homosexuality and Transgenderism. Today’s military leadership is led by persons who are openly homosexual, lesbians, and men pretending to be women. While not every higher ranked military official may be this way, every enlisted person is expected to go along with it and to never oppose it in any fashion.

    Every branch of the U.S. military is committed to DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) which amounts to acceptance or ‘tolerance’ of any and every deviancy one can imagine. This is our military’s version of the rainbow flag. Recruitment has been so low that our armed forces have been compelled to lower its standards and, essentially, accept anyone no matter how odd or unacceptable they are to customary standards of military life. In a Department of Defense article, Bishop Garrison, the senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense for human capital and DEI, has said that “the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion to be a consideration or a part of all decisions in the military” (‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Are Necessities in U.S. Military,’ by Jim Garamone, U.S. Department of Defense, 2/9/2022).
    Beginning in 1993, homosexuals in the U.S. military during the Clinton administration were urged to follow a policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” This officially ended in 2011, and now openly homosexual, bisexual and Transgender persons are not only allowed to join the military, but they are not barred or reprimanded for making known their sexual proclivities. If one cares to see just how in-your-face they are about it, YouTube and TikTok are filled with videos and ‘shorts’ featuring military personnel parading about in their drag regalia.
    Any White heterosexual male seeking a career in the U.S. military, then, will have to endure every stripe of deviant, freak, and oddity known to society. This is the freak parade that the federal government has allowed its military to morph into, and which the American people have largely accepted.
    The American People Have Been Complicit
    It would be convenient to simply blame all of this on the federal government as if none of it were the fault of the American people themselves. Yet I’m not inclined to see it that way. I think the American people have largely been complicit in it all (some more than others). Whether due to ignorance, apathy, preoccupation with fruitless and mind-numbing endeavors (e.g., sports, Hollywood entertainment, fashion), we have been asleep at the wheel while our government has engaged for decades in endless wars, tyranny against its own citizens, and corruption at the highest levels.
    Whatever one may think of abortion, the greater number of Americans did nothing to stop the slaughter of millions of babies in the womb. They still did nothing when partial-birth and even after-birth abortions were legally permitted. Is it the mark of a sane nation that allows its most innocent persons to be butchered because the developing baby is considered inconvenient? What kind of people have we become?
    When millions of Third-World illegals invaded our soil, most Americans either didn’t care or thought it was a good thing. Little consideration was given to the long-term effects of mass immigration, especially from people who share neither our race, our culture, our worldview, our religion or values. And now Whites are becoming minorities in their own country. How’s that racial ‘diversity’ propaganda you’ve been fed your entire lives working for you?
    When the federal government, including local governments, taxed many of us into poverty, did the American people unite and revolt? No, we are much too fractured.
    We have no one to blame but ourselves. In the end, we get the kind of leaders we deserve.
    Will the American people wake up? It would be nice to think so, but I suspect they will do so only after they have lost all their modern comforts, pensions, 401k savings, their homes, and are driven into extreme poverty. Hardship and adversity have a way of sobering us up. They will awaken from their slumber only when it’s too late. Even though the signs of national decline were evident many years prior, most Americans are unable to discern that the U.S. is a dying empire and will reach its end as all empires throughout history have done.

    • ghostsniper June 14, 2024, 12:50 PM

      What a sad story. And the ending will be much sadder. If we knew today, what will happen tomorrow, we’d not let tomorrow happen. Blow it up, from the inside out.

  • Snakepit Kansas June 15, 2024, 5:00 AM

    I have zero sympathy for Hamas. Civilians always suffer the most casualties in war, which is simply fact. During WWll we carpet bombed German cities and nuked Japan. I see no difference between that and Palestinian casualties. Palestinians have spent billions of worldwide aid trying to kill Jews instead of trying to turn that man made shithole into something that resembles a nation. They shit in their mess kit as Casey would say. What else is there to expect? Hamas could turn the killing off all by themselves. Give back hostages, quit shooting rockets out of schools and hospitals into Israel, and give up a few ringleaders. Over.

    • ghostsniper June 15, 2024, 6:38 AM

      Careful there Hoss.
      Everything you “think” you know about this subject has been filtered for at least 80 years.
      There is a rumor that the history goes back a lot farther than that.
      Regardless, I can’t get too worked up over that stuff.
      All my attention is closer to home.
      There are thousands of deranged criminals 25 miles to the east of me, 25 miles to the west of me, and about 50 miles north of me. Most sane people in this country can say something similar.

    • Casey Klahn June 15, 2024, 12:47 PM

      Snakepit I agree with your assessment. Years in the future, military doctrine will be tailored by the meticulous approach Israel has taken in its ops in Gaza. It’s that well applied, and the more Hamms deny it the more convinced I am. I think I read that although Egypt won’t expatriate any people from the Gaza Strip, they nevertheless had tunnels under the border to run arms into the Strip.

      I think it’s more than just anecdotal that Hamms hang glided or putt-putt air carted into Israel, shot up everyone they could and then kidnapped youngsters to, if I’m not incorrect, be raped in captivity.

      The Gaza Strip is, and has always been, one big human shield for crazed Mizlams. At any rate, Israel applies the kid gloves because it’s humane and the world watches and bitches about Israel. Only Israel gets the bitch treatment from the world community to the degree they receive it.

      Also, I don’t particularly believe that the US is doing anywhere too much to help an ally – the singular democracy – in the Middle East. I do think Biden’s stupid pier is a disaster but that’s another story.

      American conservatives are right to put America first, but we need to not apply that isolationist shit too dogmatically. Just because you don’t like, want, or care about overseas problems, doesn’t mean they aren’t headed for your door at hyper sonic speed. It’s not fair. It is a shit sandwich. It is a crying assed shame. But, there it is.

      The current state of WWIII is that it is ongoing and there is an axis who want a piece of us destroyed, and they are acting in concert. But, but, but…but nothing. It’s happening. Would that it were not so. By the way, the grounding of any good defense, on the strategic level, is to have alliances. Prove me wrong.

      • Casey Klahn June 15, 2024, 12:55 PM

        Tipping my hand: as good as Ukraine has done at defending itself thus far, they are nevertheless budget-rate Russians. They deserve good things as a people but the endgame now is for Trump to get elected, and broker a severe deal that hurts like mad for both sides. Each side should feel enormous pain in this deal, and the war must end. I picture Trump saying, “alright, you dirty sunsabitches, here’s what’s going to happen.”

        However, to keep the bear at bay, we need to have a big fluppin deterrence and as close to their border as possible. Provocative? And, what’s your point?

      • ghostsniper June 15, 2024, 1:07 PM

        A speck of fly shit in the middle of the dessert is NOT an ally. It’s a place to launder stolen money.

        If there’s going to be a WW3 then ALL US forces need to be circling their wagons and preparing for it. Instead, you see red tied, soiboi’s with inflated gnatz nadz running their yaps all over the place and poking pointy sticks in all directions – sadly, thinking their fag encrusted ships and planes will protect them.

        Over the past 50 years our country’s security, sovereignty, and ability to provide for itself and protect itself has not only been neglected and abused, but flat out ignored and sold out, by legions of goddammed suited criminals that continue unabated. Meanwhile the silly boneheaded citizens with their eyes in their ass line up behind them while mouthing hollow platitudes. The US is in such a debilitating state now that if WW3 was to occur it would almost be a relief. Finally, ALL of us get to be outlaw criminals, not just the select few at the top. Smoke em if you got em gentlemen.

        • Casey Klahn June 16, 2024, 11:11 AM

          Israel is not our ally, eh? Interesting take. I suppose a guy could argue we help them and get nothing back; we’re their ally but no reciprocal. Until you look at a…map! There is still geography, pilgrims. Israel holds down the middle of the Middle East, and absorbs a whole buncha shiite that we’d otherwise have directed at us. As it is, I expect to be Hammed here on the Home Front soon. However, the better Israel does, the lesser the power of the militant Mohammedan. So, Israel is our ally.

          Is the US military on its ass? Be careful because that’s a hard equation to calculate. There is no doubt that the generalship of the West Point variety have sodded the pooch and converted to Woke-e-whack-eism. That is critical. OTOH, the ship of the armed forces is plowing forward through the waters of being on the vestiges of force recently extinguished since Obama/Biden. The engine is cold, but the ship has momentum. The soldiers are doing the things they’ve done for decades, and have their hands on the levers of power – the weaponry and the tracks and the wheels and the wings and the radios and the computers. That shit is all working and G.I. Joe ain’t in his party dress quite yet. The fukn Ranger battalions, the national guard brigades, the cannon batteries, all have competent people in them. Taking the other side of the equation, there are, in my estimate, fully 20% or more of personnel in the combat arms who are hors de combat. Undeployable due to command failures. Pregnant. Female. Gay. Transitioning. Cowardly. Vegan. Familial. In transit from one job to another. Incapable of turning a wrench, or setting a fuse.

          So, my assessment is the military is big, powerful, strong in the middle but crusty on the margins at the top and the bottom. Our gear is second to none, with few exceptions, in comparison to any military anywhere. Out NCOs and junior officers are reasonably good, and our privates are great (60-70% of them).

          Russia wants us all to think we’re fukt from the start. That gives me plenty of pause to make my own mind up about things. They actively sew this shit in all the media, and especially in the conservative media. Conservative media sux the tiddy of Russian information warfare, if you ask me. Liberal media is on another planet altogether.

          Casey unfolds his map, and places it on the jeep hood. He wrinkles his brow, scowls, and lights a $12 cigar. I did not want this war, and yet I’ll be damned if I’m not going to have to sit here and watch the sonofabitch cap off in Europe and/or Taiwan. I’m pissed, I’m mean, and I have no shits to give. We can’t be out here in flyover country and pretend it isn’t real when the T-72s roll across European borders. It isn’t our direct fault, but it is our ass.

          Enjoy your day.

  • Snakepit Kansas June 15, 2024, 8:44 AM

    I certainly agree that our focus should predominately be here in the good ol USA.

    • ghostsniper June 15, 2024, 12:51 PM

      WARNING 1
      A few years ago a family about a mile from here, with a college age daughter, entered her in that foreign exchange student program. Cell phone coverage is spotty around here at times so people stand outside to get a better signal. One day I drove by that place and a young woman in a burka?, barka?, whatever, the full length attire including face coverage, all black, was standing out in the driveway yapping on the cell. She was probably an exchange student from the middle east.

      WARNING 2
      Couple years ago a convenience store about 10 miles from here was bought out and taken over by middle eastern people. I went there 2 weeks ago and got gas and then went inside to get a lottery ticket. The place was crawling with 20something doods with turbans on. The employees too. They sold hookas and all the stuff that goes with them. TURBANS! ALL of them! I bought my ticket and the employee struggled to understand what I was saying.

      In my OWN country I had to put up with someone that barely was able to use OUR language. WTF is going on around here? Why are parts of MY rural little community flooded with 3rd world country invaders? Am I going to have to participate in raiding parties on these places in the near future?

      I’ll sit that 4′ tall porcelain and chrome hooka right in the middle of the coffee table. I’ll reach into that 4 lb bag of whiskey infused, dark arabic tobbacco and jam a big gob in the top of that hooka’s snoot. Hit it with my propane torch and get it going. Then sit back and let that sinewy braided hose entwine around my legs as I pull a 8 second snort off that hose tip. Then exhale and roll that bellow across the ceiling….raiding has it’s privileges.

      • SK June 16, 2024, 5:29 AM

        At least they are working and likely paying taxes if they own a gas station/convenience store. If they were wearing turbans they were probably Sikhs who come mostly from Punjab and are very religious, clean and hardworking people. They were also brave soldiers for the British during ww2. I’ve never seen them with hookahs though so maybe they weren’t Sikhs.

  • ghostsniper June 15, 2024, 2:34 PM

    Read an article over on American Thinker that caused me to wonder again, “Who is in 2nd place?”

    Yes, Biden. If he is removed from the race who will replace him?
    There’s seems to be no 2nd place participant.
    But, the same is true for the other side.
    If Trump, some how, cannot run, who is his 2nd?

    This is where American politics is right now.
    2 men enter, 1 man leaves.
    The Thunderdome cage fight.

    How did it get to be that of all the 300mil+ people in the US only these 2 old, decrepit doods are available? Further, consider the stygian depths of criminal despair that one of those 2 decrepit doods will head up. What a effen disaster this has become. No matter who wins the election the criminal enterprise will continue. It is self sufficient and will never cease until it is burned hard down through the roots and all of it’s massive network of tangled tendrils.

    One man cannot do this, as one man did not cause this. It will require a tiered team working toward a common goal.

    “The Salvation of the Nation.”
    -gs, 2099

    But back to the central question, that everyone here thinks about off and on every dam day.
    Who is in 2nd place on either side if the 1st places should fail for any reason. Bear in mind, if either 1st place fails, the other side’s 1st place will automatically win, because there is no capable 2nd place on either side.

    Look at Trump’s conundrum, he still has to choose a 2nd place. As far as I can tell, there is NO ONE in current gov’t employ capable of being 2nd. Trump’s choice for 2nd place MUST be completely outside the loop.

    Trump’s 2nd place must:
    white male
    40-45 years old
    singularly married with children
    staunchly conservative
    private religious belief
    business owner
    army veteran
    IQ 100+
    physically fit

    • azlibertarian June 15, 2024, 4:28 PM

      On Trump’s VP choice….

      Like it or not, his VP will come from the political, and not the business world. This means that there is a fair (but not certain) chance that s/he will also be an attorney.

      I like Byron Donalds or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but I’m prepared to be surprised.

      • Snakepit Kansas June 16, 2024, 3:32 AM

        Byron and Sarah are good ones. I like Tulsey Gabbard and Tim Scott.

    • azlibertarian June 15, 2024, 4:41 PM

      BTW, I agree that we’re at a particularly vulnerable moment in our politics. Biden is a washed up husk, and as if that weren’t bad enough, his VP is even less capable of the office she was elected to step into.

      Trump has my complete support and I believe that the D’s and the Deep State are doing everything possible–regardless of legality or morality–to keep him from returning to office. That said, a year ago, I would have preferred someone else based only on his age. No one would be surprised if a 77 year old man tipped over for any number of reasons. He should name as his VP a young, vigorous, conservative sooner rather than later.

  • DT June 15, 2024, 3:17 PM

    Time for another little ditty – from 1970:

    I still have doubts that EITHER #1 will actually be on the ballot come November. I have less doubt that Mike – by hook or crook, probably crook – will end up serving out his wife’s 4th term.

  • ghostsniper June 16, 2024, 3:51 AM

    Smart Watch
    Who wears a smart watch?

    My wife wears one everyday and it rules her life regarding how many “steps” she takes.
    If she doesn’t reach 10,000 steps by about 5pm she’s pissed and sets out to correct that.
    Last evening as we set on the porch yappin she said her watch showed 13,500 steps because she had been working on the pool and her flower garden all day.

    Then she started yappin about the sleep function on it and how it divided the 2 diff types of sleep.
    It does other stuff too but by then my eyes were glazing.
    About 3 years ago she bought the same one for me but I never even put it on and she sent it back. I stopped wearing watches (and stopped watching watches) back in 1988 and have no desire to start again. But I did get to wondering about the quality of my sleep. So….

    My wife said her watch is not a name brand one and only cost about $50 but that amazon seller no longer sells it. So what kind of smart watch do you use? Name and model. Also, which ones are NOT recommended? I might be interested after all. Thx.

    • azlibertarian June 16, 2024, 12:24 PM

      I wear a Fitbit Charge 5.

      Many years ago I had a little Fitbit model that clipped on my beltline. That one eventually broke and I got another. That second one also eventually gave up the ghost (no pun intended), and I upgraded to a model meant to be worn as a watch but I ditched the watch band and kept it in my pocket.

      That eventually quit working and I went without anything for some time. Two Christmases ago, the wife unit was after me to give her a gift idea and I broke down and agreed to again start wearing a Fitbit fitness watch.

      Pro’s: My nature is to be lazy and if there isn’t a number attached to my activity throughout the day, I can easily spend much of it in my recliner. It does motivate me to get out for my walks.

      Cons: You have to reconcile yourself that the data you are collecting on yourself is going to be shared with someone. In my case with my Fitbit, that someone is Jeff Bezos. My Charge 5 works well enough for me in all regards* except tracking my sleep. My pulse is usually low…sometimes into the mid 40’s….and there are portions of my night where the Fitbit just thinks that I’ve died and stops registering any of my sleep.

      * There are ways to track your water intake and mood, and I don’t do anything with those.

  • ghostsniper June 16, 2024, 9:04 AM

    Hey Snake.
    I’m wearing my brand new Fathers Day red MAGA hat right now.
    Took a couple mins and sized it right, then bent the bill and crown properly.
    Then I used a fine Sharpie to write todays date inside the right side headband.
    Gonna hafta put another nail in the wall over there where my other hats hang.

    I can’t wait for a skwishey headed maroon to confront me over the hat.
    It will learn how to soil it’s britches.

  • Snakepit Kansas June 17, 2024, 3:04 AM

    Good for you! Wife and kids got me TRUMP 2024 flags for Father’s Day. Flying outside currently.

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