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Open thread 2/9/24

Here’s a video that Gerard posted back in November of 2020:

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  • ghostsniper February 9, 2024, 8:11 AM

    My mutt(s) treat the leaves like water. Just completely indulge.

    Speaking of mutts.
    Take a look at Old Yeller, doing what he does best.

  • ghostsniper February 9, 2024, 9:16 AM

    Part 1

    Tucker-Putin Interview: Complete Transcript
    This is an autotranslation of the transcript provided by the Kremlin.

    Vladimir Putin answered questions from Tucker Carlson – journalist, founder of the Tucker Carlson Network video platform.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Mr. President, thank you very much.

    On February 24th, 2022, you turned to your country and nation when the conflict in Ukraine began. You said you were acting because you came to the conclusion that with the help of NATO, the United States can start a sudden attack, attack on your country. For Americans are like paranoia. Why do you think America could deliver an unexpected blow in Russia? How did you come to this conclusion?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It’s not that America was about to deliver an unexpected blow in Russia, I never said. Do we have talk shows or do we have a serious conversation?

    TUCKER CARLSON: This is a beautiful quote. Thanks. We have a serious conversation.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You have a historical basic education, how I understand, huh?


    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Then I will let – just 30 seconds or one minute – give a little historical help. Do you mind?

    TUCKER CARLSON: Please of course.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: See where our relations with Ukraine began, from where did she take it, Ukraine?

    The Russian state began to gather as centralized, it is considered a year the creation of the Russian state – 862, when Novgorodians – there is such a city of Novgorod in the north-west of the country – invited Prince Rurik from Scandinavia to the prince, from the Varangians. 862 year old. In 1862 Russia celebrated its 1000th anniversary statehood, and in Novgorod there is a monument dedicated 1000th anniversary of the country.

    In 882, the successor of Rurik, Prince Oleg, who performed, in fact, the functions of the regent in the young son Rurika, and Rurik died by this time, came to Kiev. He removed two brothers from power, who, apparently, were once members of the Ryurik squad, and thus Russia began to develop with two centers: in Kiev and in Novgorod.

    Next, a very significant date in the history of Russia, – 988. This is the Baptism of Russia when Prince Vladimir, this is the great-grandson of Rurik, baptized Russia and received Orthodoxy – Eastern Christianity. Since that time the beginning the centralized Russian state is being strengthened. Why? Common territory, single economic relations, one language and after the baptism of Russia – one faith and power prince. Central Russian begins to take shape state.

    But for various reasons after the introduction succession – also in ancient times, Middle Ages – Yaroslav the Wise, a little later, after he passed away, the succession was difficult, not transmitted directly from father to elder son, and from the prince who passed away, his brother, then sons on different lines. All this led to the fragmentation of Russia – of a single state, which began to take shape as one. Nothing this is not special, the same thing happened in Europe. But the fragmented Russian state has become easy prey to that the empire that Genghis Khan once created. His successors, Khan Batiy, came to Russia, plundered almost all cities ruined them. South the part where Kiev was, by the way, some other cities, they simply lost their independence, and the northern cities retained part of their sovereignty.They paid tribute to Horde, but part of sovereignty saved. And then with the center in Moscow, the beginning a single Russian state is taking shape.

    South part of the Russian lands, including Kiev, began gradually reach for another « magnet » – to the center that was developing in Europe. It was the Grand Lithuanian Principality. He was even called Lithuanian-Russian, because the Russians made up significant part of this state. They spoke ancient Russian, were Orthodox. But then the union of – the union of the Great princes of the Lithuanian and Polish kingdom. After for several years another union was signed already in the spiritual realm, and part Orthodox priests obeyed power Pope. So these lands were part of the Polish-Lithuanian state.

    But the Poles for decades engaged in the impoverishment of this part of the population: they introduced their language there, began to introduce the idea that these are not entirely Russian, that, since they live near the edge, they are Ukrainians. Initially, the word « Ukrainian » meant that man lives on the outskirts of the state, « near the edge », or is engaged in border service, in fact. It didn’t mean some special ethnic group.

    So here the Poles polished in every possible way and in principle treated this part of the Russian lands quite harshly, if not cruelly. All this led to, that this part of the Russian lands began to fight for their rights. And they wrote letters to Warsaw, demanding compliance with their rights so that people, including Kiev, are sent here…

    TUCKER CARLSON: When it was, in what years?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It was in the 13th century. I will now say what happened next, and I will name the dates so that there was no confusion.

    And in 1654, a little earlier, even – people who controlled power in this part Russian lands, appealed to Warsaw, I repeat, demanding that sent people of Russian origin and Orthodox faith. And when Warsaw is basically nothing did not answer and almost rejected these requirements, they began to turn to Moscow so that Moscow would take them to itself. You didn’t think that I came up with something, I will give you these documents…

    TUCKER CARLSON: I do not think that you are making up something, no.


    VLADIMIR PUTIN: And yet – this documents from the archive, copies. Here are the letters of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, then man, who controlled power in this part of the Russians the lands that we now call Ukraine. He wrote to Warsaw demanding observance of their rights, and after I received refusal, began to write letters to Moscow with a request to take them under the strong hand of the Moscow king. Here [in folder] copies of these documents. I will leave them for you to good memory. There is a translation into Russian, then translate into English.

    Russia did not agree to accept them immediately, because proceeded from the fact that the war with Poland would begin. Still, in 1654, the Zemstvo Cathedral – it was a representative authority of the Ancient Russian state – the decision was made: this part of the ancient Russian lands became part of the Moscow kingdom.

    How and it was supposed that a war with Poland began. She walked for 13 years, then a truce was concluded. And in total, after the conclusion of this act of 1654, after 32 years, in my opinion, peace with Poland was concluded, « the eternal world », as it was then said. And these lands, all the left bank of the Dnieper, including Kiev, moved to Russia, and that’s it the right bank of the Dnieper remained with Poland.

    Then in the time of Catherine II, Russia returned all its historical lands, including south and west. This all went on until the revolution. And before the First World War, taking advantage of these ideas of Ukrainianization, Austrian general the headquarters very actively began to promote the idea of Ukraine and Ukrainianization. Everything is clear for what: because on the eve of the world war, of course, there was a desire to weaken potential adversary, there was a desire to create favorable conditions for yourself in the border strip. And this idea, born once in Poland that people, living in this territory, not quite Russians, they are supposedly a special ethnic group, Ukrainians, began to advance and the Austrian General Staff.

    Ascended and theorists of independence of Ukraine already in the 19th century, who spoke about the need for independence of Ukraine. But, true, all these « pillars » Ukrainian independence said that it should have very good relations with Russia, they insisted on it. However after the 1917 revolution the Bolsheviks tried restore statehood, unfolded Civil war, including [war] with Poland. Peace was signed with Poland in 1921, according to which the western part, on the right bank of the Dnieper, again went to Poland.

    In 1939, after Poland collaborated with Hitler, and Poland collaborated with Hitler, and Hitler offered – all the documents we have – with Poland to conclude peace, a treaty of friendship and alliance, but demanded that Poland give back Germany so called the Danzig Corridor, which connected the bulk of Germany with Königsberg and East Prussia. After the first World War II, this part of the territory was given to Poland, and instead of Danzig the city of Gdansk appeared. Hitler begged them to give peacefully – the Poles refused. Nevertheless collaborated with Hitler and engaged together section of Czechoslovakia.

    TUCKER CARLSON: May I ask? You say that part of Ukraine is actually Russian lands hundreds of years. Why then, when you became President, you simply did not take them, 24 years ago? You because there was a weapon. Why are you taking so long then waiting?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Now I’ll say, I’m already finishing this historical background. She is boring, maybe, but she explains a lot.

    TUCKER CARLSON: She’s not boring, no.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, great. Then I am very pleased that you appreciated it so. Thank you very much.

    So, before World War II, when Poland collaborated with Germany, refused to comply with Hitler’s requirements, but nevertheless participated with Hitler in the Czechoslovakia section, but since she did not give the Danzig corridor the Poles forced, they played and forced Hitler start the Second World War with them. Why the war began on September 1 1939 from Poland? She turned out to be intractable. Hitler had no choice when implementing his plans, start with Poland.

    By the way, The Soviet Union – I read the archival documents – behaved very honestly, and the Soviet Union requested Poland’s permission to conduct its troops to help Czechoslovakia. But through the mouth of the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Poland’s affairs it was said that even if Soviet aircraft will fly towards Czechoslovakia through the territory of Poland, they will be shot down over the territory of Poland. Well, it doesn’t matter. And the important thing is that the war began, and now Poland itself has become a victim of the policy that was pursued in relation to Czechoslovakia, because according to the famous Molotov protocols – Ribbentrop part of these territories went to Russia, including Western Ukraine. Russia called the Soviet Union thus returned to its historical territories.

    After victory in the Great Patriotic War, like us we say this is World War II, all these territories were finally assigned to Russia, to the Soviet Union. And Poland, in order to compensate, is supposed to have received western, originally German, territories – eastern Germany, part of the land, this western Poland today. And, of course, they again returned the exit to the Baltic Sea, again returned Danzig, who began to be called in Polish. In this way this situation has developed.

    At the formation of the Soviet Union, this is already 1922, the Bolsheviks began to form the USSR and created Soviet Ukraine, which is still generally did not exist.

    TUCKER CARLSON: All right.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: At the same time, Stalin insisted that these republics, which were formed, be included as autonomous entities, but for some reason the founder of the Soviet state, Lenin, insisted on, so that they have the right to secede from the Soviet Union. And, too, for unknown reasons, he endowed the emerging Soviet Ukraine land, people living in these territories, even if they had never been called Ukraine before, for some reason, when forming, it was all « clicked » to the Ukrainian SSR, including the entire Black Sea region, which was received during the time of Catherine II and, in fact, had never had any historical attitude towards Ukraine.

    Even if we remember, we will come back, 1654, when these territories returned to the composition Russian Empire, there were three or four modern regions of Ukraine, no Black Sea there was close. There was simply nothing to talk about.

    TUCKER CARLSON: In 1654?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes exactly.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You encyclopedic knowledge. But why didn’t you talk about this for the first 22 years of your presidency?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: So, Soviet Ukraine received a huge amount territories that never to her had no relationship, first of all, the Black Sea. They once, when Russia their received as a result of Russian-Turkish wars, called Novorossia. But that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Lenin, the founder of Soviet states, created Ukraine just like that. And for many decades as part of the USSR The Ukrainian SSR has developed, and the Bolsheviks, too for unknown reasons, engaged in Ukrainianization. Not only because there there were immigrants from Ukraine, in the leadership of the Soviet Union, but in general there was such policy – « rootization » it called. This concerned Ukraine and other union republics. National languages, national cultures were introduced, which in general, in principle, of course, is not bad. But in this way Soviet Ukraine was created.

    And after World War II, Ukraine received still part of not only Polish before the war territories – today Western Ukraine, part of the Hungarian territories and part of the Romanian. Romania and Hungary also took part of the territories, and they, these territories are part of Soviet Ukraine and are still there. Therefore, we have every reason to say, that, of course, Ukraine in a certain sense – artificial state created by will Stalin.

    TUCKER CARLSON: And what do you think, does Hungary have the right to take its land? And other nations can take their lands and maybe return Ukraine to the borders of 1654?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I do not know how to the borders of 1654. Stalin’s reign is called Stalin regime, everyone says that there were many violations of human rights, violations of the rights of other states. In this sense, of course, it is quite possible, if not to say that they have the right to this – to return these lands, then, in any case, it is clear…

    TUCKER CARLSON: Did you tell Orban about this that he can regain part of the land of Ukraine?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Never said. Never, never. We didn’t even have any talk about this. But I reliably know that the Hungarians, who live there, they certainly want return to your historical homeland.

    More of that, I will tell you a very interesting story now, I’ll be distracted, this is a personal story. I’m somewhere in the early 80s by car from then Leningrad, from St. Petersburg, went just on a trip to the Soviet Union – through Kiev, to Kiev, and then went to Western Ukraine. He drove into the city, Beregovo called, and there are all the names of cities, towns in Russian and in an incomprehensible language for me – in Hungarian. In Russian and in Hungarian. Not in Ukrainian – in Russian and in Hungarian.

    I’m passing through in some village, sitting near houses men in black suits and black cylinders. I say: are these some artists? They say to me: no, these are not artists, these are Hungarians. I say: what are they doing here? How what is it land, they live here. All the names! In Soviet times, in the 80s. They keep Hungarian, names, all national costumes. They are Hungarians and feel like Hungarians. And of course, when the infringement is happening now…

    TUCKER CARLSON: Yes I think that there is a lot of this. Most likely, many countries are unhappy with the change in borders during changes in the 20th century and before. But the fact is that you have not stated anything like this earlier, until February 2022. And you talked about how you felt a physical threat from NATO, in particular, a nuclear threat, and this prompted you to act. Do I understand you correctly?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I understand that my long dialogs probably don’t include in such an interview genre. Therefore I am at the beginning of you asked: will we have a serious conversation or show? You said you were serious conversation. So don’t be offended by me, please.

    We approached the moment when it was created Soviet Ukraine. Then there was 1991 – the collapse of the Soviet Union. And all that Ukraine received as a gift from Russia, « from the bar shoulder », she dragged with her.

    I AM I am now approaching a very important moment of today. After all, this collapse of the Soviet Union was initiated, in fact, by the leadership of Russia. I don’t know what was guided by then Russian leadership, but I suspect that there there were several reasons to think that everything would be fine.

    Firstly, I think the Russian leadership came from from the fundamental foundations of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. Actually a common language, there, more than 90 percent spoke Russian; family ties, there every third has some kind of kinship, friendly relations; general culture; common story; finally common religion; general presence within the framework of a single state for centuries; the economy is very interconnected – all this is so fundamental things. All this underlies inevitability our good relationship.

    Second – very important, I want you to be like American citizen and so that your audience they also heard about this: the former Russian leadership assumed that the Soviet Union had ceased its existence, no more dividing ideological lines do not exist. Russia voluntarily and proactively went even to the collapse of the Soviet Union and proceeds from the fact that it will be understood by the so-called – already in quotation marks – « civilized West » as a proposal for cooperation and alliance. That is what Russia expected from both the United States and the so-called collective West as a whole.

    Were smart people, including in Germany. Egon Bar – was such a major politician Social Democratic Party that insisted personally in conversations with the Soviet leadership before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he said, what you need to create a new system security in Europe. Need to help unite Germany, but create a new system where the United States, Canada, Russia, others Central European countries. But not necessary, so that NATO spreads. He said so: if NATO spreads, everything will be the same as in the conditions of the « Cold War », only closer to the borders of Russia. That’s all. Clever was grandfather. Nobody listened to him. Moreover, he somehow angry – also in the archives we have this conversation: if, he says, you will not listen to me, I will never come to Moscow again.Angry at the Soviet leadership. He was right, that’s all this is what happened as he said.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Yes, of course, his words are realized, you they talked about this many times, it seems to me that this is absolutely true. And many in the States also thought that the relationship between Russia and the US will be normal after the collapse Soviet Union. However, the opposite happened.

    However You never explained why, it seems to you, this happened, why it happened. Yes, maybe the West is afraid strong Russia, but the West is not afraid strong China.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: West is afraid of strong China more than strong Russia because there are 150 million people in Russia, and in China – one and a half billion, and China’s economy developing with seven-mile steps – more than five percent per year, was even more. But that’s enough for China. Bismarck once said: the main thing – is potentials. China’s potential is enormous, the first economy in the world today in terms of purchasing power parity, in terms of economy. Already overtaken the United States and long enough, and the pace growing.

    We now we will not say who is afraid of whom, we will not, let’s reason in such categories. And let’s talk about that after 1991, when Russia expected, that she will be taken to the fraternal family « civilized peoples », nothing like this has happened. You deceived us – when I say « you », I don’t personally mean you, of course, and the United States, – promised that there would be no NATO expansion to the east, but five one, five waves of expansion. We all endured, they persuaded everything, they said: no, we our own now, as we say, bourgeois, we have a market economy, there is no power of the Communist Party, let’s to negotiate.

    More that, I also talked about it publicly – now take the elcin time, – there was a moment when « the gray cat ran ». Before that, Yeltsin went to the USA, remember speaking in Congress and talking wonderful words: God bless America. He said everything, these were signals: let us in.

    No, when the events in Yugoslavia began … Before Yeltsina praised – as soon as the events in Yugoslavia began and when he raised his voice for the Serbs, and we could not help but raise our voices for the Serbs, in their defense … I understand, there were complex processes, I understand. But Russia could not help but raise its voices for the Serbs, because the Serbs – is also special, a nation close to us, an Orthodox culture and so on. Well, such a long-suffering people for generations. Well, it doesn’t matter, but the important thing is that Yeltsin expressed support. What did the United States do? In violation of international law, the UN Charter the bombing of Belgrade began.

    The United States released this bottle genie. Moreover, when Russia objected and expressed its indignation, what was said? UN Charter, international law is outdated. Now everyone refers to international law, but then they began to say that it was outdated everything, you need to change everything.

    Really, something needs to be changed, because the balance of power has changed, it is true, but not in this way. By the way, Yeltsin immediately began to pour mud, to indicate that he was an alcoholic, did not understand anything, did not understand. He understood everything and understood everything, I assure you.

    Oh well. I became President in 2000. Thought: okay, that’s it, Yugoslav theme has passed, you must try to restore relations, nevertheless, open this door that Russia tried to pass into. And more of this, I publicly spoke about this, I can repeat, at a meeting here in the Kremlin, with Bill Clinton – leaving power, here next to the next room – I told him, asked a question: listen, Bill, what do you think, if Russia raised the question of joining NATO, do you think this is possible? Suddenly he said: you know, this is interesting, I think so. And in the evening, when we met at dinner, he says: you know, I talked with mine, with my team – no, now it’s impossible. You can ask him, I think he will hear our interview – confirm. I would never say anything like that,if it weren’t. Well, now it’s impossible.

  • ghostsniper February 9, 2024, 9:17 AM

    Part 2
    Tucker-Putin Interview: Complete Transcript
    This is an autotranslation of the transcript provided by the Kremlin.

    Vladimir Putin answered questions from Tucker Carlson – journalist, founder of the Tucker Carlson Network video platform.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You were sincere then? Would you join NATO?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Listen, I asked a question: is it possible or not? And I got the answer: no. If I was insincere in his desire to find out the position of the leadership…

    TUCKER CARLSON: And if he said « yes », would you join NATO?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: If he said « yes », the process of rapprochement would begin, and ultimately it could take place if we saw the sincere desire of the partners to do this. But this did not end. Well no, no, okay, good.

    TUCKER CARLSON: What do you think, why? What are the motives for this? I feel that you are experiencing bitterness about this, I understand. But why do you think the West then pushed you away like that? Where does this hostility come from? Why failed to improve relationships? What were the motives for this, from your point of view?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You said that I feel bitterness from the answer. No it not bitterness, it’s just a statement of fact. We are not the bride and groom, bitterness, resentment – these are not the substances that take place in such cases. Just us they realized that they were not waiting for us there, that’s all. Okay, okay. But let’s build relationships differently, we will look points of contact. Why did we get such a negative answer, you ask your leaders. I can just guess why: too big a country with its own opinion and so on. And the United States – I saw how issues are resolved in NATO…

    I AM I will give one more example now regarding Ukraine. US leadership « clicked » – and all NATO members obediently vote, even if they don’t like something. Now I will say in this connection what happened with Ukraine in 2008, although this is being discussed, nothing new here I won’t tell you.

    Dark no less later, after that, we tried differently build a relationship. For example, there were events in the Middle East, in Iraq, we are very soft, calmly built relations with the States.

    I AM repeatedly raised the question of the United States not supporting either separatism or terrorism in the North Caucasus. But still they continued to do it. And political support, information support, financial support, even military support came from The United States and its satellites in relation to terrorist groups in the Caucasus.

    I once with my colleague, also the President of the United States, raised this question. He says: can’t you have evidence? I say yes. I was ready for this conversation and gave him this evidence. He looked and you know what he said? I apologize, but it was, I will quote, he said: well, I will kick their ass. We were waiting for the answer – there was no answer.

    I AM I say to the FSB director: you write to the CIA, is there any result of a conversation with the President? Wrote once, two, and then received an answer. We have an answer in the archive. The answer came from the CIA: we worked with the opposition in Russia; we believe that this is right and we will continue to work with the opposition. It’s funny. Okay. We realized that there would be no conversation.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Opposition to you?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course, in this case, separatists, terrorists, were meant, who fought with us in the Caucasus. That’s who it was about. They called it the opposition. This is the second moment.

    Third moment, very important, – moment of creation US missile defense systems, the beginning. We talked for a long time The United States does not do this. More than that, after I was invited by Bush’s father, Bush Sr., visit your ocean, there a very serious conversation took place with President Bush, with his team. I suggested that the United States, Russia and Europe jointly create a missile defense system, which, in our opinion, created unilaterally, threatens our safety, despite the fact that officially it was told by the United States that it was being created against missile threats from Iran. Reasoned the same creation of missile defense. I invited them to work together – Russia, USA, Europe. They said it was very interesting. I was asked: are you serious? I say: absolutely.

    TUCKER CARLSON: When it was, in what year?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I do not remember. It easy to find out on the Internet when I was in the USA at the invitation of Bush Sr. It’s even easier I’ll tell you from whom now.

    To me said: it is very interesting. I say: just imagine if together we will solve such a global strategic security challenge. The world will change. Probably, we will have disputes, probably economic and even political, but we will radically change the situation in the world. Says [in response]: yes. Me asked: are you serious? I say: of course. We need to think, they told me. I say: please.

    Then Minister of Defense Gates, former director, came to this office, where we are talking with you now CIA, and Secretary of State Rice. Here for this table opposite, you see this table, they sat down from this side. I, Minister of Foreign Affairs Affairs, Minister of Defense of Russia – from that side. They told me: yes, we thought, we agree. I say: thank God, great. – « But for some except ».

    TUCKER CARLSON: That is you twice described how American presidents made some decisions, and then them teams put these solutions downhill?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Exactly. Of course the end we were sent away. I will not to tell details, because I consider it incorrect, yet it was a confidential conversation. But that our offer was rejected, – is a fact.

    Then, it was then that I said: Listen, but then we will be forced to take retaliatory measures. We will create such shock systems, which will certainly overcome the missile defense system. The answer was this: we are not doing against you, and you are doing what you want, proceeding from the fact that it is not against us, not against the United States. I say good. Let’s go. And we created hypersonic systems, and intercontinental range, and continue to develop them. We are now ahead of the creation of drums hypersonic systems of all: and connected States and other countries, – we have them improve every day.

    But we didn’t do it, we suggested going the other way, and we were pushed back.

    Now regarding NATO expansion to the east. Well they promised: no NATO east, inch to east will not be like us has been said. And then what? They said: well, they didn’t fix it on paper, so we will expand it. Five extensions, loaded there and the Baltic states, and the entire East Europe, and so on.

    And now I turn to the main thing: we got to Ukraine. In 2008, at the Bucharest summit, they announced that the doors for Ukraine and Georgia then to NATO open.

    Now about how decisions are made there. Germany, France seemed to be against it, just like some other European countries. But then, as it turned out later, the President Bush, and he’s such a strong guy, strong politician, as I was later told: he pressed us, and we had to agree. It’s funny, like in a kindergarten simple. Where are the guarantees? What a kindergarten, what kind of people are they? On them, you see, « clicked », they agreed. And then they say: Ukraine will not be to NATO, you know. I say: I do not know; I know that you agreed in 2008, and why do not you agree in the future? « Well then clicked on us ». I say: why tomorrow they will not press – and you will agree again. Well, some nonsense. Who to talk to there, I just don’t understand. We are ready to talk. But with whom? Where guarantees? None.

    So, began to develop the territory of Ukraine. What would was not there, I told the background how it developed this territory, what relations were with Russia. There, every second to third had some kind of connection with Russia. And in the elections already in an independent, sovereign Ukraine, which gained independence as a result of the Declaration of Independence, and, by the way, it says that Ukraine – neutral state, and in 2008 suddenly, in front of her opened the door, or gate, to NATO. Here is an interesting movie! We didn’t agree. So here are all the presidents who came to power in Ukraine, they relied on the electorate, or otherwise well treated Russia. It is southeast Ukraine, this is a large number of people. And « to kill » this electorate, which was positive for Russia, was very difficult.

    Viktor Yanukovych came to power, and how: for the first time he won after President Kuchma – organized the third round, which is not provided for in the Constitution of Ukraine. It state coup. Imagine someone didn’t like you in the USA.

    TUCKER CARLSON: In 2014.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, before. No, no, that was before. After President Kuchma, Viktor Yanukovych won the election. But his opponents did not recognize this victory, USA supported the opposition, and appointed a third round. What is this? This is a coup. The United States supported him, and came to power as a result of the third round … Imagine that someone didn’t like something in the USA – organized the third round, which is not provided for in the US Constitution. Nevertheless, there [in Ukraine] they did it. Okay, Victor came to power Yushchenko, who was considered prowestern politician. Well, but we also established relations with him, he went to Moscow on visits, we went to Kiev, and I went. We met in an informal setting. Western so western – let. Let it, but people work. The situation should be inside develop, in Ukraine itself independent. After how he led the country,the situation worsened, and Viktor Yanukovych still came to power.

    Maybe be, he was not the best president and politician – I don’t know, I don’t want to give ratings, – but the question arose of association with the European Union. But we are for this always treated very loyal: please. But when they read this association agreement, it turned out that this is a problem for us, because we have a free trade zone with Ukraine, open customs borders, and Ukraine was supposed to open its borders to Europe – and everything flowed into our market.

    We said: no, then it won’t work, we then we will close our borders with Ukraine, customs borders. Yanukovych began to consider how much Ukraine will win and how much will lose, and announced to his counterparties in Europe: I still have to think, before how to sign. As soon as he said, the opposition’s destructive actions, supported by the West, began and everything came to to the Maidan and to the state coup in Ukraine.

    TUCKER CARLSON: That is, he traded more with Russia than with the European Union, Ukraine?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course. It’s not even a matter of trade, although more. Case in cooperative ties on which she stood the entire Ukrainian economy. Cooperation relations between enterprises have been very dense since the Soviet Union. There, one enterprise produced components for final assembly both in Russia and Ukraine, and vice versa. Very close ties were.

    We made a coup, although I will not be from the United States now to speak in detail, I consider it incorrect, but still it was said: you calm Yanukovych there, and we will calm the opposition; let everything is on the path of political settlement. We said: ok, agree, let’s do it. Yanukovych did not apply, as requested us are Americans, no armed forces, no police. And the armed opposition in Kiev held a coup. How to understand this? Who are you at all? – I wanted to ask then United States leadership.

    TUCKER CARLSON: With the support of whom?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: With the support of the CIA, of course. An organization in which, as I understand that you once wanted to work. Maybe thank God that you weren’t taken. Although this is a serious organization, I understand, my former colleagues, that I mean, I worked in the First Chief Management – is intelligence of the Soviet Union. They were our opponents always. Work is work.

    Technically they did everything right, got it, what they wanted, – changed power. But with political point of view is a huge mistake. Here, of course, the political leadership unfinished. Political leadership should it was to see what this would lead to.

    So, in 2008 they opened the doors of Ukraine to NATO. In 2014 conducted a state coup, while those who did not recognize the state coup, and this is the state coup, began to pursue, created a threat to the Crimea, which we were forced to take under their protection. Started the war in Donbass since 2014, using aircraft and artillery against peaceful citizens. After all, it all started. There is video recording when airplanes strike at Donetsk from above. Accepted one large-scale military operation, another one, failed – still being prepared. And still against the background of the military development of this territory and opening of doors to NATO.

    Well, how can we not show concern about what is happening? For our part, that would be criminal carelessness – that’s what it would be. Just political the leadership of the States approached us to hell, for which we could no longer cross, because it destroyed Russia itself. And then we could not leave our co-religionists and, in fact, part of the Russian people under this war machine.

    TUCKER CARLSON: That is, it was eight years before the conflict began. And what provoked this conflict when you decided that you still need to take this step?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Initially provoked a conflict of state revolution in Ukraine.

    By the way speaking, representatives of three European countries arrived: Germany, Poland and France – and were guarantors signed agreement between the government Yanukovych and the opposition. Signatures of their set as guarantors. Despite this, the opposition made a coup, and all these countries pretended that they did not remember that they were the guarantors of a peaceful settlement. They immediately threw it into the stove, no one remembers.

    I AM I don’t know if they know anything in the United States about this agreement between the opposition and the authorities and about the three guarantors, who instead return this whole process to the political field, – no, supported the coup. Although there was no point in this, believe me. Because President Yanukovych agreed with everything, was ready for early elections in which he had no chance to win, to be honest, there was no chance. Everyone knew that.

    But why a coup, why the victims? Why threats for Crimea? Why then started operations in Donbass? This is what I do not understand. This is where the miscalculation is. CIA brought its case to implementation state coup. And, in my opinion, one of the Secretary of State’s deputies said that they even spent a large amount on this, almost five billion [dollars]. But political the mistake is colossal. Why did this have to be done? All the same could be done, only in the legal way, without any casualties, without the start of military operations and without the loss of Crimea. And we wouldn’t move a finger if it weren’t these bloody events on the Maidan, it would never have occurred to me.

    Because that we agreed that after the collapse The Soviet Union should all be so – on the borders of the union republics. We agreed with that. But we never agreed with the expansion of NATO, all the more we never agreed that Ukraine would be in NATO. We did not agree that there would be NATO bases without any talk with us. We only begged for decades: do not do this, do not do that.

    And what served as a trigger in recent events? Firstly, today’s leadership of Ukraine said that they will not implement the Minsk agreements that were signed as You know, after the events of 2014 in Minsk, where a peace plan was outlined settlement in Donbass. No, the leadership of today’s Ukraine, Minister foreign affairs, all other officials, and then the President himself announced that they did not like anything in these Minsk agreements. In other words, they are not going to fulfill. And the former leaders of Germany, France directly said today – a year and a half ago, – they said bluntly to the whole world that yes, they signed these Minsk agreements, but they never intended to implement them. We were just taken by the nose.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Have you spoken to the Secretary of State, with the President? Maybe they were you afraid to talk to you? And you told them that if they continue pump up Ukraine with weapons, then you will act?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We are constantly talking about it talked. We turned to the management United States, European countries to this process stopped immediately so that the Minsk agreements were implemented. Frankly saying, I did not know how we would do it, but I was ready to do it. They are difficult for Ukraine, there is very many elements of independence for Donbass, for these territories was provided, this truth. But I was absolutely sure, I will tell you now: I sincerely believed that if all the same will be able to persuade those people who are in Donbass live, – they still had to be persuaded to return to the framework of Ukrainian statehood, – then gradually, gradually the wounds will heal. Gradually when this part of the territory will return to the economic life, in the general social environment, when pensions will be paid, social benefits – all gradually, gradually will grow together. No,nobody wanted it, everyone they only wanted to resolve the issue with the help of military force. But we could not allow.

    And everything came to this situation when in Ukraine announced: no, we will not [execute]. We started preparing for the military actions. They started the war in 2014. Our goal is – to end this war. And we did not start it in 2022, this is an attempt to stop it.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Do you think you succeeded now to stop? Have you achieved your goals?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, we have not yet achieved our goals, because one of the goals of – is denazification. This is meant prohibition of all neo-Nazi movements. This is one of the problems that we discussed during the negotiation process, which ended in Istanbul at the beginning of last year, but not on our initiative ended because we – Europeans, in particular – said: it is necessary to create conditions for the final signing of documents. My colleagues in France and Germany said: « How do you imagine how they will sign the contract: with a gun attached to the temple? Needed withdraw troops from Kiev ». I say: OK. We took troops from Kiev.

    How only we took troops from Kiev, immediately our Ukrainian negotiators threw into the trash all our agreements, achieved in Istanbul, and prepared for a long armed confrontation with the help of the United States and their satellites in Europe. This is how the situation developed. And the way she looks now.

    TUCKER CARLSON: What denazification? What does it mean?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I just want now to say about it. This is very important question.

    Denazification. After gaining independence, Ukraine began seek, as some analysts in the West say, their identity. And I didn’t come up with anything better, how to prioritize this identity false heroes who collaborated with Hitler.

    I AM already said that at the beginning of the 19th century, when theorists appeared independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, they assumed that independent Ukraine should have very good and good relations with Russia. But by virtue of historical development, by virtue of when these territories were part of the Commonwealth, Poland, Ukrainians were brutally persecuted, seized, tried to destroy this identity, behaved very cruelly, it everything remains in the memory of the people. When it started World War II, part of this is extremely the nationalist elite began to work with Hitler, believing, that Hitler will bring them freedom. German troops, even SS troops, they are the dirtiest work to destroy Polish the population, the Jewish population was given just to the collaborators who are with Hitler collaborated. Hence this brutal massacre Polish,Jewish population, Russian too. At the head were persons who are well known: Bandera, Shukhevich. Exactly these people were made national heroes. Here what is the problem. And they always tell us: nationalism and neo-Nazism are in others countries. Yes, there are sprouts, but we push them, and in other countries they are pressed. But in Ukraine – no, in Ukraine they made national heroes, they erect monuments, they are on flags, their names are screaming crowds that walk with torches, as in Nazi Germany. It people who destroyed the Poles, Jews and Russians. We must stop this practice and theory.and in other countries they are pressed. But in Ukraine – no, in Ukraine they made national heroes, they erect monuments, they are on flags, their names are screaming crowds that go with torches, as in Nazi Germany. It people who destroyed the Poles, Jews and Russians. We must stop this practice and theory.and in other countries they are pressed. But in Ukraine – no, in Ukraine they made national heroes, they erect monuments, they are on flags, their names are screaming crowds that go with torches, as in Nazi Germany. It people who destroyed the Poles, Jews and Russians. We must stop this practice and theory.

    Of course, any nation, it has grown, believes part there people … I say that this is part of the common Russian people, they say: no, we are a separate people. Okay, good. If someone considers himself an individual people, has the right to do so. But not based on Nazism, Nazi ideology.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You will satisfied with the territory that you have now?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’ll finish now. You are asked a question on neo-Nazism and denazification.

    Here Ukrainian President arrives in Canada – this well known, but hushed up in the West, – and represented in the Canadian parliament a man who, as the speaker of the parliament said, fought during World War II against the Russians. Well, who fought against the Russians during World War II? Hitler and his henchmen. It turned out that this man served in the SS troops, he personally killed both Russians and Poles, and Jews. SS troops formed from Ukrainian nationalists were engaged in this dirty work. President Ukraine stood up with the whole parliament of Canada and applauded to this person. How can you imagine this? Incidentally, the President of Ukraine – is a Jew by nationality.

    TUCKER CARLSON: And what will you be with this to do? Hitler has been alive for 80 years, Nazi Germany no longer exists, it’s true. You say that you want to put out this fire of Ukrainian nationalism. How do it?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Listen to me. Your question is very subtle… And can I say how I think? Will you be offended?

    TUCKER CARLSON: Of course I won’t.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: He would seem, thin, he is very nasty, this question.

    You say: Hitler has been gone for so many years, 80 years. But his business lives. People who destroyed Jews, Russians and Poles, alive. And the President, the current President of today Ukraine applauds him in the Canadian parliament, applauds standing! Can we say that we are entirely uprooted this ideology if that we see happening today? That’s what denazification in our understanding. We need to get rid of those people who leave this theory and practice in life and try to preserve it, – here what is denazification. That’s what we are under this understand.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Good. Of course I do not defend Nazism or neo-Nazism. But my question is practical: you do not control the whole country, and it seems to me that you want the whole control her. But how are you then you can uproot ideology, culture, some feelings, history in a country that you do not control? How to achieve this?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: And you know, no matter how strange it seems to you, during negotiations in Istanbul we still agreed that – there is all this in writing – neo-Nazism will not be cultivated in Ukraine, including number and will be prohibited at the legislative level.

    Mr. Carlson, we have agreed on this. This, it turns out, can be done during the negotiation process. And there is nothing humiliating for Ukraine as a modern civilized state. Is any state allowed to promote the Nazis? After all, no, right? That’s all.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Will there be negotiations? And why so far such negotiations – peace talks – regarding there was no settlement of the conflict in Ukraine?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: They were, they reached a very high stage of approval positions of a complex process, but still they were almost completed. But after, as we took the troops from Kiev, I already said, the other side, Ukraine, threw away all these agreements and accepted the instructions of Western countries – European under the visor, United States – to fight Russia to a victorious end.

    And more than that: the President of Ukraine is legislative banned from negotiating with Russia. He signed a decree prohibiting everyone from negotiating with Russia. But how will we negotiate if he himself banned himself and forbade everyone? We know that he puts forward some ideas about this settlement. But in order to agree on something, you need conduct a dialogue, right?

    TUCKER CARLSON: Yes, but you will not speak with Ukrainian President, you will speak with the American President. When was the last time you talked to Joe Biden?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I don’t remember when I talked to him. I don’t remember, you can see.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You do not remember?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, but what, should I remember everything or what? I have mine full of affairs. We have domestic political affairs.

    TUCKER CARLSON: But he finances the war you are waging.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, he finances, but when I’m with him talked, it was before the start of a special military operation, of course, and by the way, I then said – I will not go into details, I never do this, – but I then told him: I believe that you are making a huge mistake of a historical scale, supporting everything that happens there in Ukraine, pushing Russia away. I told him about it – spoke repeatedly, by the way. I think, that it will be correct – here, on this I will limit myself.

    TUCKER CARLSON: What did he say?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You ask him, you are welcome. It’s easy for you: you are a citizen United States, go and ask him. I’m wrong comment on our conversation.

    TUCKER CARLSON: But since then you have not talked to him – after February 2022?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, we didn’t talk. But we have certain contacts. By the way, remember, I am for you talked about my offer together work on a missile defense system?


    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You can ask everyone – they are all, thank God, alive and well. Both the former President and Condoleezza [Rice] alive and well, and, in my opinion, Mr. Gates, and today’s director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mr. Burns – he was then ambassador to Russia, in my opinion, a very successful ambassador. They are all witnesses to these conversations. Ask them.

    The same thing here: if you are interested in what Mr. President Biden answered me, ask him. In any case, he and I spoke on this topic.

    TUCKER CARLSON: I understand this very well, but from the outside, for an external observer, it may seem like all this could result in in a situation where the whole world is on the edge wars, maybe even nuclear strikes will be inflicted. Why don’t you call You won’t say to Biden: let’s somehow decide this question.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: What to decide? Everything is very simple. I repeat, we have contacts through various departments. I will tell you what we say about this and what we bring to the leadership of the United States: if you really want to stop fighting, you need to stop delivering weapons – everything will end within a few weeks, that’s all, and then you can agree on some conditions before you do – stop.

    What easier? Why should I call him? What to talk about or what to beg for? « Are you going to bet such and such weapons to Ukraine? Oh, I’m afraid, please do not supply ». About what to say something?

    TUCKER CARLSON: Do you think NATO is worried that it all can outgrow in a global war or even in a nuclear conflict?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Anyway, they talk about it and they try to intimidate their population with an imaginary Russian threat. It obvious fact. And thinking people – are not ordinary people, but thinking people, analysts, those who are engaged in real politics, just smart people – are well aware that this is a fake. The Russian threat is swelling.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You mean threat of a Russian invasion, for example, to Poland or to Latvia? You can imagine the script, when will you send Russian troops to Poland?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Only in one case: if there will be an attack on Russia from Poland. Why? Because we have no interests in Poland or Latvia – nowhere. Why do we need this? We just have no interests. Some threats.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Argument – I think you know well – this is what: yes, here he invaded Ukraine, he has territorial claims on the whole continent. You unequivocally say that you do not have such claims of territorial?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is absolutely excluded. No need to be any analyst: this is contrary to common sense – get involved in some kind of global war. And the global war will put on the brink of destruction all of humanity. It is obvious.

    There is, of course, means of containment. We all the time everyone was scared: tomorrow Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons, tomorrow it uses – no, the day after tomorrow. So what? It just horror stories for the inhabitants, for that to knock out US taxpayers, knock out taxpayers Europe extra money in confrontation with Russia at the Ukrainian theater of operations. The goal of – to weaken Russia as much as possible.

    TUCKER CARLSON: One of the senior senators of – Chuck Schumer seems to be yesterday said: we need to continue to finance Ukraine, or in the end, American soldiers will have to fight in Ukraine instead of Ukraine. How are you rate such a statement?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is a provocation, and a cheap provocation. I don’t understand why American soldiers should fight in Ukraine. There are mercenaries from the United States. Most of the mercenaries from Poland, in second place – mercenaries from the USA, on the third – from Georgia. If someone has a desire to send regular troops, this will certainly put humanity on the brink very serious, global conflict. It obviously.

    It need the United States? What for? For thousands kilometers from national territory! Do you have anything to do? You have a lot of problems on the border, problems with migration, problems with state debt – more than 33 trillion dollars. Nothing to do – need to fight in Ukraine?

    Isn’t it better to agree with Russia? To agree, already understanding the situation, which develops today, realizing that Russia will fight for its interests to the end, and, realizing this, in fact, return to common sense, start respecting our country, its interests and seek some solutions? It seems to me that it is much smarter and more rational.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Who blew up « North stream »?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course you are. (Laughter.)

    TUCKER CARLSON: I was busy at that day. I did not blow up « Nord Stream ».

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You personally can be, have an alibi, but the CIA [CIA] there is no such alibi.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Do you have evidence that NATO or the CIA did it?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know I won’t go into details, but always in such cases they say: look for someone who is interested. But in this case it is necessary look not only for someone who is interested, but also for someone who can do this. Because there can be many interested, but climb to the bottom of the Baltic seas and not everyone can carry out this explosion. These two components must be connected: who is interested and who can.

    TUCKER CARLSON: But I’m not quite I understand. This is the largest act of industrial terrorism in history and, more the largest CO emission2 into the atmosphere. But taking into account the fact that you have evidence from your special services, why you will not present such evidence and do not win this war propaganda?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: In war propaganda it’s very difficult to defeat the United States, therefore that the United States controls all world media and so many European ones. End Beneficiary the largest European media are American funds. Do you know this? Therefore, you can get involved in this work, but this, as they say, is more expensive for yourself. We can just we will not achieve our sources of information, but we will not achieve the result. To the whole world and so it’s clear what happened, and even American analysts are talking about it directly. Truth.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Yes, but here is the question – you worked in Germany, it is well known, and the Germans clearly understand that their NATO partners are did, of course, it struck the economy of Germany, – why then the Germans are silent? This confuses me: why did the Germans say nothing on this issue?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It surprises me too. But today’s German leadership is not guided national interests, and guided by interests of the collective West, otherwise difficult explain the logic of their actions or inaction. After all, it’s not only « North Stream – 1 », which blew up. « Nord Stream – 2 » damaged, but one pipe is alive and well, and gas can be supplied to Europe, but Germany does not open it. We are ready, please.

    There are another route through Poland, Yamal – Europe called, too, a large flow can be carried out. Poland closed it, but Poland bites from the Germans, receives money from pan-European funds, and the main donor to these pan-European funds – Germany. Germany feeds Poland to a certain extent. And they took and closed the route to Germany. What for? I do not understand.

    Ukraine, in which the Germans supply weapons and give money. The second sponsor after the United States in terms of financial assistance to Ukraine – this is Germany. Two gas routes pass through Ukraine. They took one route closed simply, Ukrainians. Open the second route and please get gas from Russia. They do not open.

    Why Germans do not say: « Listen guys, we give you money and weapons. Unscrew the valve, please skip from Russia gas for us. We buy at a tripod liquefied gas in Europe, it drops the level our competitiveness, the economy as a whole to zero. Do you want us to give you money? Give us it’s normal to exist, to earn money from our economy, but we give ». No, they don’t do it. Why? Ask they have. (Knocking on the table.) What is it here that they have – the same thing in their head. There people are very incompetent.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Maybe the world is now divided into two hemispheres: one hemisphere with cheap energy, other – no.

    I AM I want to ask a question: now the multipolar world – You can describe alliances, blocks, who is on whose side, what do you think?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Listen you said the world is divided into two hemisphere. The head is divided into two hemisphere: one is responsible for one area of activity, the other – is more creative and so on. But it’s still one head. It is necessary that the world be united, so that security is common, not designed for this « golden billion ». And then – only in this case – the world will be stable, sustainable and predictable. And as long as the head divided into two parts, this is a disease, severe disease. The world goes through this period of difficult diseases.

    But it seems to me that thanks to honest journalism – they [journalists] how doctors work – can be, it will be possible to somehow combine it all.

    TUCKER CARLSON: I will give one example. The American dollar united the whole world in many ways. Do you think the dollar will disappear like a reserve currency? Which how did sanctions change the place of the dollar in the world?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, this is one of the gross strategic mistakes of political United States Guides – Use dollars as an instrument of foreign policy struggle. The – dollar is the foundation of US power. I think that all this is perfectly understood: how much don’t print dollars, they fly around the world. US inflation is minimal: I think three percent, about 3.4, acceptable to the United States absolutely. And they print endlessly, of course. What is the debt of 33 trillion talking about? This is an emission.

    Dark no less is the main weapon of conservation US power in the world. As soon as the political leadership decided to use the dollar as instrument of political struggle, they inflicted a blow to this American power. I don’t want to use any non-literature expressions, but this is stupidity and a huge mistake.

    Here see what happens in the world. Even among US allies are declining stocks in dollars now. Everyone is looking at the fact that happens and start looking for an opportunity protect yourself. But if in relation to some US countries restrictive measures such as limiting calculations, freezing holdings, and so on, this is a huge alarm and signal for the whole world.

    What happened to us? Until 2022, approximately 80 percent of external settlements Russian trade was in dollars and euros. At this dollar was about 50 percent in our settlements with third countries, and now, in my opinion, only 13 percent left. But we did not prohibit the use of the dollar, we did not strive for this. US decided to limit our calculations in dollars. I think that complete nonsense, you see, from the point of view of the interests of the United States itself, taxpayers of the United States. Because that it strikes the US economy, undermines the power of the United States in the world.

    By the way, the calculations in the RMB were approximately three percent. Now 34 percent we pay in rubles and about the same amount, 34 percent with a small one, in RMB.

    Why Did the United States do this? I can only explain this with arrogance. They probably thought that everything would collapse, but nothing collapsed. See more, other countries, including oil-producing countries, begin to speak and do already, they are counting on the sale of oil in the RMB. Do you understand what is happening or not? Someone understands this in the same United States? What are you doing? Cut yourself off … All experts ask any smart and thinking person in the States: what is a dollar for USA? You kill him yourself.

    TUCKER CARLSON: I think it’s really fair rating.

  • ghostsniper February 9, 2024, 9:19 AM

    Part 3 – Final
    Tucker-Putin Interview: Complete Transcript
    This is an autotranslation of the transcript provided by the Kremlin.

    Vladimir Putin answered questions from Tucker Carlson – journalist, founder of the Tucker Carlson Network video platform.

    The next question. Maybe you exchanged one colonial power to another, but more so sparing? Maybe BRICS today is in danger that a better colonial power – China will dominate there? Is it good for sovereignty, what do you think? You are worried it?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: These horror stories are good for us known. This is a horror story. China and I are neighbors. Neighbors, as well as close relatives, do not choose. We have a common border with them of thousands of kilometers. This is the first.

    The second – we have been used to living together for centuries.

    The third – China’s foreign policy philosophy is non-aggressive, China’s foreign policy idea is always looking for a compromise, and we see it.

    Next such a point. We are always told, and now you tried to set out this horror story in a soft form, but nevertheless this is the same horror story: the volume cooperation with China is growing. Growth rate China’s cooperation with Europe is greater and higher than the pace increased cooperation with China of the Russian Federation. Ask the Europeans: are they not afraid? Maybe, and afraid, I don’t know, but to the Chinese market try to get into anything, especially when they are now colliding with problems in the economy. And Chinese enterprises master the European market.

    Is there little Chinese business in the USA? Yes, political decisions are such that they trying to limit cooperation with China. Mr Tucker, to your own detriment, you do it to your own detriment: limiting cooperation with China, you are damaging yourself. This is a delicate area, and there are no simple linear solutions here, just like with a dollar.

    Therefore, before introducing any illegitimate sanctions – illegitimate in terms of United Nations Charter, – how to think. In my opinion, those who make decisions have problems with this.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You said a minute ago that today the world will be much better if there are no two competing alliances that compete with each other. Maybe today’s American administration as you say how you you think you are opposed to you, but maybe the next administration in the United States, the government after Joe Biden wants to establish contacts with you and you will want to establish contacts with them? Or it doesn’t play roles?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’ll say it now.

    But to finish the previous question. We have $ 200 billion, we set the task with my colleague, friend, with Chairman Xi Jinping, which is year should have reached 200 billion dollars of trade with China. And we exceeded this bar. According to our data, this is already 230 billion, according to Chinese statistics – 240 billion dollars, if we count everything in dollars, we have trade with China.

    And a very important thing: we have a balanced one, this trade turnover, and it complements each other both in the high-tech sphere, and in the energy sector, and in the field of scientific developments. He is very balanced.

    As for BRICS as a whole – Russia has become the chairman of BRICS since this year, – then the BRICS countries are developing at a very fast pace.

    Look, God give me memory so as not to make a mistake, but in 1992, in my opinion, the share of countries « sevens » in the global economy was 47 percent, and in 2022 she fell somewhere, in my opinion, to 30 with a little. The share of BRICS countries in 1992 was total 16 percent, and now it exceeds level « sevens ». And this is not connected with any events in Ukraine. Trends the development of the world and the world economy are what they just said, and this is inevitable. This will continue to happen: as the sun rises – impossible to prevent, it is necessary to adapt to this.

    How Are the United States adapting? With the help forces: sanctions, pressure, bombing, use of armed forces. This is due to arrogance. People do not understand in your political elite that the world is changing due to objective circumstances, and you need to correctly, on time, on time make the right decisions to keep your level, excuse me even if someone wants a level of dominance. Such rude actions, including in relation to Russia, say, other countries, lead to the opposite result. This is obvious fact, today it has become apparent.

    You I was asked now: another leader will come and change something? It’s not about the leader, not in the personality of a particular person. I had a very good relationship, say, with Bush. I know he was represented in the States some village guy who thinks little. I assure you that this is not so. I think, that in relation to Russia, he also made many mistakes. I told you about 2008 and the decision in Bucharest to open doors to NATO to Ukraine and so on. It was the same with him, but he pressed the Europeans.

    But in general, at the human level, I had very good and good with him relationship. He is not more bad than any other American or Russian, or European politics. I assure you, he understood what he was doing, as well as others. I and Trump had such a personal relationship.

    Case not in the personality of the leader – it is in the mood of elites. If in American society prevail the idea of dominance at all costs, and with the help of power actions, then nothing will change – will only be worse. And if in the end comes the realization that the world is changing due to objective circumstances, and you need to be able to adapt to them on time, using the advantages that the United States still retains today, then probably something can change.

    Look, China’s economy has become the first economy in the world according to purchasing power parity, in volume they overtook the United States for a long time. Then the USA, and then India – a half billion people, then Japan, in fifth place – Russia. Over the past year, Russia has become the first economy in Europe, despite all the sanctions and restrictions. This is normal from your point vision? Sanctions, restrictions, impossibility settlements in dollars, disconnection from SWIFT, sanctions against our ships carrying oil, aircraft sanctions – sanctions in everything, everywhere. The largest number of sanctions in the world apply, apply against Russia. And we became the first economy in Europe during this time.

    Tools that the United States uses do not work. Well, you need to think what to do. If this awareness comes to the ruling elites, then yes, then the first person of the state will be act in anticipation of what is expected of him voters and people who make decisions at various levels. Then something may change.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You describe two different systems, say that the leader acts in the interests of voters, but at the same time some decisions by the ruling classes are accepted. You head the country for many years, do you think, with your experience, who makes decisions in America?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I dont know. America – is a complex country, such, on the one hand, conservative, on the other hand, rapidly changing. It’s not easy for us to figure this out.

    Who makes decisions in the election? Is it possible to understand this when each state has its own legislation, each state regulates himself, someone can be removed from elections at the state level. This is two-stage electoral system, it’s very difficult for us to figure this out. Of course, there are two parties that are dominant: Republicans and Democrats. And within the framework of this party system – decision-making centers preparing solutions.

    Then, see why in relation to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in my opinion, such an erroneous, rude, completely unreasonable policy was carried out pressure? After all, this is a policy of pressure. NATO expansion, support for separatists in the Caucasus, creation of a missile defense system Defense – these are all elements of pressure. Pressure, pressure, pressure … Then dragging Ukraine into NATO. This is all pressure, pressure. Why?

    I AM I think, including because there were created, conditionally speaking, excess production capacities. There have been many the centers were also created by specialists in the Soviet Union, who did not know anything else. They thought they were convincing political leadership: we must continue to hammer Russia, try to spoil it, create several quasi-state entities on this territory and already subjugate in a divided form, use their combined potential for future struggle with China. This is a mistake, including that it is associated with the excessive potential of those who worked to confront the Soviet Union. Need to get rid of this – there must be new, fresh forces, people who look to the future and understand what is happening in the world.

    Look, how Indonesia is developing! 600 million person. Where to get from this? Nowhere. You just need to proceed from the fact that Indonesia will enter, it is already included, in the club of leading economies of the world, be that as it may – someone likes it or I do not like.

    Yes, we understand and realize that in the United States, despite all the economic problems, nevertheless, the normal situation and decent economic growth – 2.5 percent GDP growth, in my opinion.

    But if you ensure the future, then you need to change the approach to the fact that is changing. As I said, the world is everything will change equally, regardless of even how the events in Ukraine end. The world is changing. In the States themselves, experts write that gradually the States still their they change their position in the world, – your experts themselves write, I read them. The only question is how this will happen: painfully, quickly or softly, gradually? And they write it people who are not anti-American, – they just look at the development trends in the world. That’s all. For in order to evaluate them, change policies, need people who think, look forward, can analyze and recommend some solutions at the level of political leadership.

    TUCKER CARLSON: I have to ask. You clearly said that NATO expansion has become a violation of promises and is a threat your country. But before you sent troops to Ukraine, at a security conference, The US Vice President supported the desire of the President of Ukraine to join NATO. You think that including provoked military operations?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I repeat again: we repeatedly, repeatedly offered to seek a solution problems that arose in Ukraine after state coup 2014, by peaceful means. But no one listened to us. And more than that, the Ukrainian leadership, which was under the full control of the United States, suddenly stated that it would not comply with the Minsk agreements – they don’t like anything there, – and continued the military activity in this territory. And parallel the development of this territory by NATO military structures under the guise of various centers for training and retraining of personnel. Essentially started there create bases. That’s all.

    In Ukraine announced that the Russians are – the law was adopted by the – non-titular nation, and at the same time adopted laws that restrict rights non-titular nations. In Ukraine. Ukraine, having received all these southeastern people as a gift from the Russian people territory, suddenly announced that the Russians on this territory – non-titular nation. Fine? This is all in the aggregate and caused a decision to end the war that neo-Nazis in Ukraine began in 2014, armed way.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You think Zelensky has freedom, for that to negotiate a settlement this conflict?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I dont know. There details, of course, it’s hard for me to judge. But I think that is, in any case, it was. His father fought with the Nazis, with the Nazis during World War II, I once spoke to him about this. I said: « Volodya, what are you doing? Why are you supporting today neo-Nazis in Ukraine when your father fought with fascism? He is a front-line soldier ». I will not say that he answered, this is a separate topic, and I think it’s wrong.

    But as for freedom of choice – why not? He came to power on expectations the Ukrainian population that it will lead Ukraine to peace. He talked about this – he is due to this and won the election with a huge advantage. But then, when he came to power, in my opinion, I understood two things. Firstly, better not to quarrel with neo-Nazis and nationalists, because they are aggressive and very active – anything can be expected from them. And secondly, the West is led by the United States support them and always will be support those fighting Russia, – it is profitable and safe. So he took an appropriate position, despite the promise to his people to end the war in Ukraine. He tricked his voters.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You think that now, in February 2024, he has the freedom to speak with your Government, to try somehow with his help the country? Can he do it himself?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Why not? He believes himself head of state, he won the election. Although we in Russia believe that everything that happened after 2014, the primary source of power is the coup, and in this I mean, even today’s power is flawed. But he considers himself president, and in this capacity he is recognized by the United States, and all of Europe, and almost the rest of the world. Why not? He can.

    We were negotiating with Ukraine in Istanbul, agreed, he knew about it. Moreover, the leader of the negotiating group, Mr. Arachamiya, in my opinion, his last name, he still leads the ruling faction parties, presidential parties in Rada. He is still leads the presidential faction in Rada – in the country’s parliament, he still sits there. He even put his signature preliminary on this document, which I tell you about. But then he is publicly said to the whole world: « We were ready to sign this document, but Mr. Johnson arrived, then Prime Minister Great Britain, dissuaded us from this and said that it is better to fight with Russia. They are for us they will give everything so that we return lost during clashes with Russia. And we agreed with that offer ». Look published it statement. He said it publicly.

    Can will they come back to this or not? This is the question: do they want or not? And after that, Mr. President Ukraine issued a decree prohibiting negotiations with us. Let him cancel this decree, and that’s it. We never refused to negotiate. We all the time we hear: is Russia ready, ready? Yes, we did not refuse! They publicly refused. Well, let’s cancels his decree and enters into negotiations. We never refused.

    And the fact that they obeyed the demand or to the persuasion of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mr. Johnson, it seems to me that this is ridiculous and very, as it were, sad. Because, as Mr. Arachamia said, « we still a year and a half ago they could stop these hostilities, end this war, but the British persuaded, and we refused this ». Where now Mr. Johnson? And the war continues.

    TUCKER CARLSON: This is a good question. Why did he do this?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, hell knows, I don’t understand. The overall installation was. For some reason, everyone had the illusion that Russia could be defeated on the battlefield, – from arrogance, from a pure heart, but not from a big mind.

    TUCKER CARLSON: You described the connection between Russia and Ukraine, described Russia that it is an Orthodox country, You talked about it. And what does it mean for You? You are the leader of a Christian country like you you describe yourself. What effect does this have on you?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, as I said, in 988 Prince Vladimir baptized, he himself was baptized following the example of his grandmother – Princess Olga, and then baptized his squad, and then gradually, for several years, baptized and all of Russia. It was a long process – from pagans to Christians, for many years took. But ultimately this is Orthodoxy, Eastern Christianity, it is deeply rooted in the minds of the Russian people.

    When Russia expanded and absorbed other nations that profess Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Russia has always been very loyal to those people who profess other religions. This is her strength. It is absolutely definitely.

    And the fact is that in all world religions, which I just spoke about and which are traditional religions of the Russian Federation, in fact, the main points and core values are very similar, if not to say, they are the same. And always Russian authorities were very careful about the culture and religion of those peoples who came into the Russian Empire. This, in my opinion, forms the basis of both security and the sustainability of Russian statehood. Because everything peoples living in Russia mainly consider her motherland.

    If to you, say, from Latin America people relocate, or to Europe – even clearer and a clear example of – people come, but they came from their historical homeland to you or to European countries. And the people who profess different religions in Russia, they consider Russia their Motherland – they do not have another Motherland. We are together, this is one big family. And the values of traditional ones are very similar. When I said « this is one big family », but everyone has their own family, and this is the basis our society. And if we say that the Motherland and the family are specific to each other are very connected, then it is. Because you cannot provide a normal future for our children and for our family if we do not ensure a normal, sustainable future for the whole country, for the motherland. Here why patriotism is so developed in Russia.

    TUCKER CARLSON: If you will allow, religions are different. The fact is that Christianity – non-violent religion, Christ says: « substitute the other cheek », « do not kill » and so on. And how can a leader be Christian, if you have to kill someone else? How can this be reconciled in yourself?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Very easy when it comes to goes about protecting himself and his family, his homeland. We are not attacking anyone. Where did it start events in Ukraine? From the coup and from the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass – that’s why. And we protect our people, ourselves, our Homeland and our future.

    What concerns religion as a whole, you know, because not in external manifestations, not in go to church every day or hit your head on the floor. She is in the heart. And we have a human-oriented culture. Dostoevsky, which is very known in the West as a genius of Russian culture, Russian literature, – spoke a lot about this about the Russian soul.

    Still, Western society is more pragmatic. Russian a person, a Russian person thinks more about the eternal, thinks more about the values of moral, moral. I don’t know, maybe you won’t agree with me, but still Western culture more pragmatic. I’m not saying this is bad, this enables today’s « gold the billion » to achieve good success in production, even in science and so on. There is nothing here bad – I’m just saying we’re kind of how we look the same, but consciousness is a little built differently.

    TUCKER CARLSON: That is, you think, is there something supernatural acting? When you look at what is happening in the world, do you see the work of the Lord? Do you tell yourself that here I see actions some superhuman powers?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, I honestly don’t think so. I think that the world community develops according to its internal laws, and they are what they are. There is no escape from this, it has always been in the history of mankind. Some nations and countries rose, multiplied, strengthened, then they left the international arena in the quality to which they are used. I probably don’t need to give these examples: starting with the same Ordinary conquerors, from Genghis Khan, then from the Golden Horde, ending the great Roman empire. In history humanity, it seems, there was nothing more like the great Roman Empire.

    Dark no less, the potential of the barbarians gradually accumulated, accumulated, and under their blows the Roman Empire fell apart, because that there were more barbarians, they started as a whole develop well, as we say now, economically, they began to strengthen. And that mode, which was imposed by the great Roman empire in the world, it fell apart. Truth, fell apart long – 500 years, this the process of decomposition of the great Roman Empire took 500 years. The difference with the current situation is that change processes today go much faster than during the great Roman Empire.

    TUCKER CARLSON: But when then the empire of AI begins – artificial intelligence?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You are me in more and more complex questions immerse yourself. In order to answer, you need be, of course, a specialist in the field of large numbers, in the field of this artificial intelligence.

    Humanity has many threats: research in the field of genetics, which can superhuman create, a special person – a warrior man, a human scientist, human athlete. Now they say that in the USA Ilon Musk has already introduced a chip into the brain of a person.

    TUCKER CARLSON: What do you think of this?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think that The mask cannot be stopped – it will still do what it sees fit. But we need to somehow negotiate with him, we need to look for some ways to convince him. I think he’s smart man, that is, I am sure that he is a smart person. We must somehow agree with him that this process needs to be canonized, subjugated some rules.

    Humanity, of course, it should be thought about what will happen to him in connection with the development of these latest research and technology in genetics or in artificial intelligence. Prognose approximately what will happen. Therefore, when humanity felt a threat to its existence from nuclear weapons, everything nuclear weapons owners began among themselves to agree, because they understood that their sloppy use can lead to a complete, total destruction.

    When there will be an understanding that the infinite and uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence, either genetics or some other modern directions to stop which impossible, anyway, these studies will, just as it was impossible to hide what gunpowder is from humanity, and it is impossible to stop research in one or another area, these studies will still be, but when humanity feels a threat to itself, humanity as a whole, then, it seems to me, will come period to negotiate on the interstate level about how we will regulate it.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Thank you very much for the time you are paid. I want to ask another question.

    Evan Gershkovich, he is 32 years old, American journalist, he is in custody already more years, this is a big story in the USA. I want to ask you: you are ready as a goodwill gesture to free him, so that we took him to the USA?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We have done so many gestures of goodwill that it seems to me that we have exhausted everything limits. We are nobody on goodwill gestures never answered with similar gestures. But we, in principle, are ready to say that we do not exclude the possibility that we can do this in the oncoming movement on the part of our partners.

    And when I say « partners », I mean primarily representatives special services. They are in contact between by themselves, and they discuss this topic. We do not taboo on not solving this problem. We ready to solve it, but there are certain conditions that are discussed through partnership channels between special services. It seems to me that this is possible to agree.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Of course everything is happening for centuries – the country catches a spy, delays he and then exchanges for someone. Of course, this is not my business, but this situation is different in that this person is completely definitely not a spy – it’s just a child. And maybe he, of course, violated your legislation, but he is not a spy and certainly did not spy. Maybe he still in a different category? Maybe be it would be unfair to ask in exchange someone else on him?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, you can say what it is spy that is not a spy, but there are certain things prescribed by law. If a person gets secret information does it on conspiratorial basis, then this is called espionage. He did just that: he received classified, secret information, and he did it conspiratorially. I do not know, maybe he was dragged in, someone could drag him into this business, maybe he did all by negligence, by own initiative. But in fact, this is called espionage. And everything is proven, because he was taken red-handed – upon receipt this information. If it were any far-fetched things invented, unproven, then that would be a different story. He was taken red-handed when he received secret information on conspiracy basis. Well what is it?

    TUCKER CARLSON: You say that he worked for the American government, for NATO, or he is just a journalist who received information that should not have been in his hands? It seems to me that there is still a difference between these two categories.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I don’t know who he worked for. But I repeat again: obtaining secret information on a conspiratorial basis is called espionage, and he worked in the interests of American intelligence agencies, some other structures. I do not think that he worked for Monaco – it is hardly Monaco interested in receiving this information. These special services should agree among themselves, understand? There are some developments there, there are people who, in our opinion, are also not connected with special services.

    Listen, here I will tell you: sitting in one country, country – United States ally, a person who, for patriotic reasons, eliminated a bandit in one of the European capitals. During events in the Caucasus, you know that he [bandit] did? I don’t want to talk, but nonetheless I will say: he laid out our soldiers captured on the road, and then drove through their heads with a car. What kind of person is this and is it human? But there was a patriot who eliminated it in one of the European capitals. He did it’s on your own initiative or not – it another question.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Evan Gershkovich nothing he didn’t do this, it’s a completely different story.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: He did something else.

    TUCKER CARLSON: He is just a journalist.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: He is not easy journalist, I repeat again. This is a journalist who received a secret information on a conspiratorial basis. Well yes, this is a different story at all.

    I AM just talking about those people who are, essentially under the control of the US authorities, where they did not sit in prison, and there is a dialogue between special services. This should be decided quietly, calmly, at a professional level. There are contacts, let work.

    I do not exclude that the person you spoke of, Mr. Gershkovich, may be in his homeland. Why not? It makes no sense to keep him in prison in Russia more or less. But let the colleagues of our intelligence officers on the American side also think about how to solve the problems that our special services face. We are not closed to negotiations. Moreover, these negotiations are ongoing, and there have been many cases when we agreed. We can agree now, but we just need to agree.

    TUCKER CARLSON: I hope you him let out. Thank you very much, Mr. President.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I would also like to, so that he goes home after all. I speak sincerely absolutely. But, I repeat, the dialogue is going on. The more we make public things of this kind, the more difficult it is to solve them. All should be calm.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Honestly, with the war, I don’t know, it works it or not. If you will, I will ask another question.

    You may not want to answer for strategic reasons, but are you not worried that what is happening in Ukraine may lead to to something much larger and much more terrible? And as far as you are ready, you are motivated to call, for example, to the States and say: let’s negotiate?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Listen, I’m already said: we did not refuse to negotiate. We do not refuse – this is the western side, and Ukraine, of course, is a satellite of the United States today. This is obvious. True, I don’t want it to sound like some kind of curse or insult to someone, but we understand, yes, what is happening?

    Financial support – 72 billion – gave, Germany is in second place, other European countries, tens of billions dollars go to Ukraine. A huge flow of weapons goes.

    Tell me today’s leadership of Ukraine: listen, let’s sit down, negotiate, cancel your stupid decree or decree and sit down, talk. We are did not refuse.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Yes, you already have it said. I understand perfectly, of course, that this is not a curse. And in fact, it was reported that Ukraine was not allowed to sign the world at the direction of the former Prime Minister Great Britain, which acted on orders from Washington. That’s why I ask why you do not directly solve these issues with the Biden administration, which controls the Zelensky administration in Ukraine?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: If the administration Zelensky in Ukraine refused to negotiate, I proceed from the fact that they did this on the instructions of Washington. Let now, if they see in Washington that this is the wrong decision, let them refuse it, find some kind of pretext subtle, not offensive to anyone, find this solution. We did not make these decisions – there we made a decision, even if they refuse it. That’s all.

    But they made the wrong decision, now we have to look for a way out of this wrong decision, tails to record, correct their errors? They are done, let them correct. We are – for.

    TUCKER CARLSON: I want to make sure I’m right I understand. That is, you want to achieve in the way negotiations on the decision of what is happening now in Ukraine, right?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Correctly. But we are achieved this, we created a large document in Istanbul, which was initialed by the head of the Ukrainian delegation. There is his signature, on excerpt from this contract – not on everything, but on aging. He put a signature mine, and then he said: « We were ready sign, and the war would have ended a long time ago, a year and a half ago. But Mr. Johnson came, dissuaded us from this, and we missed this chance ». Well missed, made a mistake – let them return to this, that’s all. But why should we fuss and correct someone’s mistakes?

    I understand, we can say that our mistake is that we intensified actions and with the help of weapons decided to end this war, as I said, started in 2014 in Donbass. But I will return you even deeper, I already talked about this, we are now discussing this. Then we will return in 1991, when we were promised NATO not to expand, we will return in 2008, when the gate to NATO opened, back to the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, where it proclaimed itself a neutral state. Let’s get back to the fact that NATO bases and American bases, English began to arise in Ukraine, to create these threats for us. Let’s get back to the fact that the coup committed in Ukraine in 2014. Meaningless, right? You can roll this ball there and back endlessly. But they are stopped negotiations. Error? Yes. Correct it. We ready. What else?

    TUCKER CARLSON: Do you think that it would be too humiliating for NATO now to recognize Russia’s control that two years ago compiled Ukrainian territory?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: But I said: let them think how to do it with dignity. There are options, but if there is a desire.

    Still noisy, shouting: we need to achieve strategic defeat of Russia, defeat on the battlefield … But now, apparently, awareness comes that this not easy to do, if at all possible. In my opinion opinion, this is impossible by definition, this will never happen. It seems to me that now the realization of this has come to those who control power in the West. But if so and if this awareness has come, think now what to do next. We are ready for this dialogue.

    TUCKER CARLSON: Are you ready to say, for example, NATO: congratulations you won, let’s make a situation keep as it is now.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, this is a subject negotiations that no one wants to conduct with us or, more precisely, they want, but they don’t know how. I know what they want, – I not only see it, but I know, what they want, but they can’t understand how to do it. They thought of it, brought it to the situation in which we are. We didn’t bring it, but our « partners », opponents brought it to this. Ok, let them think now, how to turn it the other way. We do not refuse.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. This endless mobilization in Ukraine, hysteria, internal problems, all this … Sooner or late anyway we will agree. And you know what? Maybe even strange in today’s situation will sound: everything equal relations between nations will recover. It will take a lot of time, but it will recover.

    Absolutely I will give unusual examples. On the battlefield clash, a concrete example: Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded by – this is a concrete example from life, fighting – our soldiers shout to them: « Shans no, give up! Come out, be alive, give up! ». And suddenly from there in Russian, shout in good Russian: « Russians do not give up! » – and everyone died. They are still Russian feel.

    In this sense, what is happening is, to a certain extent, an element of civil war. And everyone thinks in the West that fighting is forever pulled one part of the Russian people from another. No. Reunion will happen. It nowhere and never gone.

    Why Ukrainian authorities pull out the Russian Orthodox Church? Because it does not unite the territory, but the soul, and no one will be able to divide it.

    Finish or something else?

    TUCKER CARLSON: I have everything then. Thank you big, Mr. President.


  • ghostsniper February 9, 2024, 9:22 AM

    Tucker – Putin Interview video here:

    • Terry February 9, 2024, 10:43 PM

      Tucker is a national treasure-

      Now go here for some mind blowing truth:

      “What Nobody Told You About Ukraine”


      Get rid of your TV. You are being manipulated to Hell.

      • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 7:40 AM

        I’ve seen similar stuff before.
        During supper last night my wife and I watched the Andy Griffith Show on the ME channel, then we fired up a DVD player and watched another episode of the 50’s TV series “Steve Canyon”.

        We enjoy that stuff so why in the world would we want to get rid of it?
        That same TV is off 23 hours a day.

        • Terry February 10, 2024, 10:04 PM

          “I’ve seen similar stuff before.”

          The Andy Griffith show or TV in “general” has no relevance here. You would need to absorb the whole enchilada served at the site to become informed on the subject. There is much depth to the information. I know it takes a couple hours to get through it.

          The entire context of the information at the link I provided is meant to enlighten people to the Ukraine disaster that is being orchestrated to essentially depopulate the planet.

          A person can be ignorant of some fact and that is OK. It only means that that person is uninformed, of the fact. However, to be an ignoramus, means to be broadly ignorant and that is not a place to be.

          When a commenter supplies a block of information that pertains to the current disaster being played out on our planet, a serious member of the population targeted, you, me, and the rest of the people on this planet would be best served to educate themselves. Not take the easy road and be possibly ignorant of known information. More like an ignoramus.

          Kindly, if you would, not flame me too much, as I flunked out of S. I. Hayakawa’s semantics class at SFSU around 1969. In other words, I may not have chosen the right word or words above.

          I do not intend to be critical of any individual here on this thread. When I was mentoring people on group defensive strategy, the emphasis was on working TOGETHER as a group to attain the desired goal. One dissident in a group is disaster.

          • ghostsniper February 11, 2024, 7:37 AM

            Terry, sometimes the written word is a poor conveyance of thoughts, ideas, and speech, and that is what has happened here.

            Lemme see if I can straighten this out.

            Regarding the link you provided above about the disinformation (lying) by the media about Ukraine, with all the inappropriate pictures that they claimed were what they were not. THAT is what I was referencing when I said, “I’ve seen similar stuff before.”
            While on that site I did indeed peruse many of the other sites and links there, and I am in agreement with you on all of it.

            Regarding my comment about the Andy Griffith Show (AGS). My comment was a reply to your, “Get rid of your TV. You are being manipulated to Hell.”, comment. While I do agree with you that TV “News” shows and much other stuff on TV today is manipulative I don’t agree that the AGS is nor do I believe old 1950’s TV shows that we watch on our DVD player are manipulative, at least not in the way you are implying or suggesting. AGS is a wholesome family-small town oriented show with good values. Steve Canyon also demonstrates decent values with an Air Force orientation to it. In particular, I like watching actual footage of vintage aircraft.

            FWIW, I have not seen any news on TV for a decade or 2 and my exposure to any TV in general is very minimal. I have an entire fleet of things that I find far more enjoyable to do than watch TV, besides the content of TV today is the worst it’s ever been, and lastly, because I have what they call ADHA on steroids even watching the shows we do watch is unbearably boring and when I’m done eating and we are still watching a show I frequently grab a tablet and see what’s happening, or my Fernandes Nomad electric travel guitar and play it through headphones. I am probably the most anti-gov’t person you will ever encounter and I have a huge justification for being so.

            I have long believed you and I are more similar than diff.

            • Terry February 11, 2024, 6:58 PM


              You and I are on the same track. I appreciate your reply above. I liked Andy G also.

              My frustration level has been above typical lately.

  • Casey Klahn February 9, 2024, 3:33 PM

    I was expecting something on the order of Frost interviews Nixon, but in spite of the gravity of our day, I got much less than I expected. My son and I listened to the whole thing while cooking dinner, and decided to take a shot of vodka every time Put-In said: “Ukraine should”. We took 2 shots.

    He stayed off of Ukraine, really, as much possible. I read that he cooled Tucker off for 2 hours, making Tucker wait in another room. Then, he screwed the pooch at some length with his history of Russia and her territorial story. I’m a history nerd, and anytime someone of some level of authority is willing to summarize 1,000 years plus another (was it 150?), I am good with that. Not sure the Novgorod-Kiev axis is that impressive to me, but there it is in Puthin’s head. Tucker was outmaneuvered there, and I think he never took back much in the form of initiative, but he did get in some goodies. He did say the history was nice but does a country have a right to take back old terrain, and what’s this got to do with right now in Ukraine? Still, I picture Frost, or even Barbara Walters vs. Purtin, with much bigger stonnage against the interviewee. When Tucker made the remark, last year, that there’s no military advantage to blowing a dam, I pretty much had it with his assessment skills. He’s a lightweight.

    Pu It In said the same shit he’s said about the Russo-Ukraine War, with the Nazis and it’s NATO’s and the CIA’s fault. That was rather droll manure. His repetition of the German excuse for invading Poland (Danzig is what he’s talking about) is dry manure and it uses the same rationale as “I invaded Ukraine because I was forced to”. Hell’s bells that’s a good one.

    BTW, what is NATO allowed to do as far as expansion? That’s correct! Whatever the fuck it wants! When the Soviet Union shrank, and the West backfilled the void, this is supposed to wreck Pu-Inz life? As it is, since his Ru-Uke war began, NATO doubled its borders with Russia, and that is rather directly a result of the invasions of 2014 and 2021.

    I would’ve asked him about the time the whole of Europe allied against Russia to beat their asses over the Crimea in what was essentially World War Zero (The Crimean War 1853-1856). Just for fun. Put-It-In did establish that Catherine made the ballsiest moves in the history of Russian expansion, and he admitted what the Russian neurosis is in Europe: everyone else is a cool guy in Europe except us. We’re not in with the in crowd, and we can’t stand it.

    Buy our gas, please! Not the best pitch, Vlad. He did give you the proper questions to ask about Nordstream and other things like it. Whose got the motive, and whose got the ability? Ukraine, and the Norwegians. There, I solved that.

    Backtrack to the long history. He talked about the establishment of Russia in the First Milennium AD, but then he forget to mention how the Kahnate raped the fuck out of the Rooskies for several centuries. I note he did bring up Kahn, which is telling. He tries to equate Rome and the US or The West, but he places the central reason for the Roman demise on barbarians, when the central reason was internal decay. One of his contemporary themes has been The West is corrupt (and he isn’t) and this is why he’s the standard bearer against Globalism. That is some weak borsht. I think he’s using every lever he can to get into the American psyche (this whole thing was aimed at Americans, of course), but I ain’t havin’ it.

    He talks about Xi and Xhina a lot. I never heard Iran; maybe I missed that.

    The retreat from Kiev reasoning was a good one. The Ukes promised terms, and then reneged. He forgot to mention that his armor was bunched up on the roads, his infantry was scared to dismount, and his mechanics forgot the good tires (sold on the black market).

    All in all I think Putin held his own (literally) and Tucker was a bit stoogey, but deserves some credit for trying. Putin won. Too bad he won’t win in The Ukraine.

    • DT February 9, 2024, 4:32 PM

      I trust Putin more than Biden

    • ghostsniper February 9, 2024, 5:48 PM

      The biggest thing Putin has going for him is the fact the US gov’t is the bi9ggest criminal enterprise that has ever existed. There is absolutely NOTHING the cons can do or say to damage him. As George Costanza would say, Putin has “hand” and the con’s don’t and never will and there’s nothing they can do about it except kill themselves. From here on out Putin will continuously have the upper hand.

      Think I’ll saunter on over to Babble and start learning how to speak, read, and write Russian.
      Face it, we’ve been sold out and the sooner you realize it the sooner you can get reoriented.
      Or, you can down with the shit filled ship. shrug

      • Casey Klahn February 10, 2024, 5:29 AM

        Have you ever been to Stockholm? Just wondering, because you’re showing the syndrome here.

        • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 7:43 AM

          Wish I could be there to see the look in your eyes when the truth about your gov’t finally sets you free.

          • Casey Klahn February 10, 2024, 10:27 AM

            We may hate the Globalization of The West, and state of the government(s) therein, but Pooty hates Europe for snubbing the Russians (this is a long-standing personality disorder of the Russian people) and he hates The West on an existential level. It’s like an ember of hate versus a blowtorch of hate. You cannot hate your own crib, and survive that way.

            Pooteez not going after Globalization, even if, and especially if, he says so. He hates The West because The West is John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Rachel Welch, French Pastry, Italian Wine, Hollywood, da Vinci and Picasso, and Russia is Ralph the Malph minus the good character, and Bad Breath. Russia is shitty beaches on industrialized coasts that are frozen most of the year. Russia is pale white skin in a belly-high swimsuit, and America is GD Britt Eklund on a swimsuit cover.

            He told you his whole debate strategy at the start. He said he couldn’t possibly out-propaganda the gigantic US media, and then he started in to do his best at propagandizing. He flagged his move. He had stupid reasoning for blaming someone else for his invasions, and it was his whole casual link, as poor as it was. Then, he used that same excuse for Hitlur’s invasion of Poland! I used to judge HS and college debate, and that is the moment when I would’ve had to check the LOSE box on Pooteez debate score card. He shot himself in the foot.

            All that to say that Tucker lost to Pootin, and then Pootin gave up the debate with his foot in his own mouth. In a sense, Tucker won by showing up, but he’s no heavyweight mind by a long shot.

            Does anyone now feel that WWIII was averted?

            • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 3:01 PM

              I really don’t give a runny shit about “pooty” or anyone else outside the US borders.

              The worst criminal in world history has deadly tendrils within a few miles of me 24/7 and THAT occupies most of my surveillance interest.

              If I am to be caged or killed by a human entity I am 99% sure that it will be by US gov’t employees. I have numerous direct past references for my beliefs.

              When this rotten assed gov’t finally shows it’s true colors later this year there are going to be millions of US citizens whose minds will melt into a puddle when they realize what they’ve condoned all their lives while they retardedly allowed the lying assed media to coddle their child like brains. The burn-off will be glorious.

    • Joe Krill February 9, 2024, 9:26 PM

      Casey, wife and I enjoyed the entire interview. Learned a lot. I highly recommend that you go over to onthenorthriver.com and watch “Worst thing you will ever hear”. The rats are running out of darkness. Even Wray is running.

      • Casey Klahn February 10, 2024, 5:25 AM

        TY for that link, Joe. That is amazing – I’ve just started watching the sheriff.

        On my Bingo Card for this election year is the following: Biden’s gang fail to turn the border issue to their favor in the election cycle, and so for an October surprise sleeper cells effect a Hamas/Gaza style attack in America, complete with the hang gliders.

        The subjects Pooty touched on were all weaponized, just like one does in any debate, and he rubbed the border crises (I think he was saying in the US and Europe) in with glee. I’m not saying how, but the immigration attacks are strategic attacks. Thank God for these sheriffs.

        • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 7:59 AM

          I’m betting multiple portions of the electric grid will be sabotaged at the exact same time in a variety of locations across the US and there will be lots of “evidence” (made up of course) proving that it was all done by MAGA rednecks with black rifles. The eff-bee-eye will arrest a few bipodal carbon unit wind-up toys in their early 20’s wearing MAGA hats and identifying as males and have online manifesto’s on various social media platforms citing anti-everything hateful messages as proof. This will be a strong enough October Surprise to thwart or delay the election and the supreme court assholes will step in again and effectively kick the can down the road and tangle the whole mess up even further.

          Expect massive rioting and mayhem like never seen before, all in coordinated efforts and it will have all the built-ins you’ve come to expect, and some new ones. By the end of Sept you should have your bolt holes firmly ensconced because by then will be your last chance to do so.

          We’re going back to the 18th century whether you like it or not and will most likely stay there for at least a few decades and people all around the globe will find out what true freedom, and stark communism and tyranny is all about, in living (and dying) technicolor.

          Got tribe? Got solar? Got water?

          • Joe Krill February 10, 2024, 8:28 AM

            ghost sniper. You have a way with words that is second to none. Please take that as a compliment.

            • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 5:07 PM

              Thanks Joe.

    • azlibertarian February 10, 2024, 2:02 PM

      Some random thoughts on Carlson, Putin, Carlson’s interview of Putin, and various assundry topics…..

      But first, I’ve been drawn here over and over again because of Gerard. I genuinely thought of him as my internet-friend, and I have that same affection for his commenters. I didn’t agree with everything that Gerard, or any commenter posted, but I accept these differences as a friend. With that said, some of what I’m about to write will go against the tide, both here and in the conservative world more widely. Please accept it as a difference-of-opinion received from a friend.

      On Tucker Carlson….
      Honestly, I’ve soured on Carlson. While I will generally agree with what I see as his conservative/libertarian take on things, where we differ, we differ harshly, and now I find him hard to take. There are a couple of reasons for this.
      ▪ One is a mannerism thingi that drives me wild: His hysterical laugh. He will break this out when he often mis-characterizes and/or over-simplifies an opponent’s views and then laughs as if to say, “See? Can you believe that they actually believe such a thing?”. He erects these straw-men and then strikes them down with that laugh. Also here, if I am to criticize Kamala Harris for her ridiculous laugh (and I do), how am I supposed to react to this?
      ▪ Another difference that I have with Carlson is that once he takes a position, he will brook no alternative views. He just completely dismisses them (sometimes with that laugh). As an example, his acceptance that the Nordstream Pipeline was blown up by the US. Paraphrasing Carlson, “Of course it was the US. Seymour Hersh said so! Besides, who else had the motivation or the ability to do something like this?” When other possibilities are offered….the Russians themselves, the Ukranians, either directly through their military or via cutouts, the Norwegians (who Hersh partially blames), the British, or other possibilities….Carlson’s reaction is to go straight to that it was a US op. He completely dismisses that there are other valid theories–which at this point is all anyone has (Sweden was investigating the event, but stopped and haven’t produced anything).

      On Putin….
      Well, if at this point, you don’t know that Putin is not only a politician, but a commie politician, then I don’t know what to say to you. All politicians lie, mis-characterize events, deflect opposing views or otherwise twist the truth. They do this to bring you to their side, but Putin (and other commies) do this very well.

      On the Carlson-Putin interview….
      I’ve come to a realization: I am in my mid-60’s and while I am (relatively) healthy, I only have so many hours of my life left. I already waste enough time online, and 2 hours of my life spent with an interviewer I don’t really respect getting the thoughts of a Commie Madman don’t strike me as time well-spent. From the few clips and reviews I’ve seen, Carlson wasn’t going to be the guy to ask the questions that I would want asked, and Putin certainly wasn’t going to give any forthcoming answers. And with all due respect to my commenter-friend, Ghostsniper, while I appreciate the effort to provide the transcript of the interview, it too is far too long for me to try to digest. I’ve had other battles this week: Preparing to file my taxes, the weeds have sprung up like crazy in my yard, and most importantly, my lovely bride has been down with a hard cold which has turned to covid.

      Related topic to the interview…..
      I’ve got what I call my “60% Rule”. Sixty percent of what I read on the internet is either flat-out wrong, biased, premature, written-with-an-agenda, or some combination of all of the above. I say this because Terry, above, points me to David Sorenson’s “What Nobody Told You About Ukraine”. Who is this David Sorenson? I dunno. Why am I supposed to take his word about anything? Dunno about that either. In the very first paragraph, Sorenson cites a Udo UlfKotte (who?) who tells us that “I’ve been a journalist for 25 years. I was taught to lie, betray, and never tell the truth to the public. I was paid by the CIA, American billionaires, secret services, etc. to push for war with Russia…..” I’ll come back to this point below.

      But the article then goes on to show how images are misleading the public, and how the truth is hidden and that Ukraine really is full of Nazis (a claim that Carlson holds on to).

      So which is it? Are journalists liars, bent on manipulating the public? Or should I take on faith what Sorenson, Ulfkotte, Carlson (not to mention a host of others) are telling me about Ukraine being rife with Nazis and that the whole of the country is completely corrupt? In the same article, Sorenson tells me both that journalists are liars and that everything that he’s telling us is the truth. He can’t have it both ways. Why should I exclude Sorenson or Carlson or O’Keefe or Snowden or Assange from my 60% Rule? Must I always fall back on Confirmation Bias?

      I’ve got other thoughts on the Ukraine War too (Not to mention the other wars. I think that they’re all interconnected), but this has droned on long enough and I’ve probably already lost my audience.

      • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 6:02 PM

        Very good AZ.
        You did not lose me.
        I wish I hadn’t posted that whole interview.
        Consider it a learning experience.
        I only watched a few mins of the interview vid and I skimmed the transcript.
        I can only barely tolerate Carlsons schtick and there’s a little something about him that just rubs me the wrong way. Not to mention he comes across as a sissy. There, I said it.

        Frankly, my sights are set way above all this nonsense.

        I have an imaginary wall of “pigeon holes” in my mind and all of my lifely concerns are stored there. Down along the bottom are mostly inconsequential things like the stack of plywood in my workshop that was supposed to be up on the workshop ceiling years ago. It may never get done, because of all the shifting around of the various other pigeon holes of importance.

        Things are constantly changing based on my exposure to all the things that I am, and right here at eye level are the things that are most important to me and change very little. In this eye level row are all the millions of instances I have encountered through out my life pertaining to the criminality of the US gov’t. Starting at age 15, with my first paycheck from McDonalds and my dad explaining to me the cold truth about gov’t theft, through the next 54 years of life to age 69 the criminal environment of this rotten assed gov’t has never wandered far from my concern.

        I have come to the conclusion that the average citizen is not as cognizant of this crime industry as I am and therefore is not as wary of it as I. To me, there is nothing of more importance because I have experienced it’s wrath many times and I realize that no matter where I live in this country that criminal entity looms to potentially victimize me again. I know many people that have been victimized similarly to myself and I know many more people that have no idea what I am talking about. To me, the last group have led miraculous lives. In some ways I wish I lived the life they do, but then again, I’d rather know the truth than to be deceived by dishonesty no matter how harsh the outcome. That’s why I believe that when the curtain comes off later this year there will be untold millions that have realized to late for their own good.

        Everybody has their own personal horror story about dealing with some faction of the gov’t, say, the DMV as a common example, so take that experience times 1000 to try to understand what I believe looms later this year.

        Anyway, I appreciate your longer comments that require more thought and hope you’ll do many more.

  • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 3:37 AM

    Quote of the Day

    “Let me get this straight. Biden is too cognitively impaired to be charged with a crime, but he’s not too cognitively impaired to be the Commander-in-Chief?”
    — Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas

  • DT February 10, 2024, 3:58 PM

    Perhaps Putin is still a commie; perhaps not. I don’t think it matters here in N America; I don’t think Russia has aims on conquering the US. Messing with us, yes – no doubt. Do we mess with them (and almost everybody else in the world?). Yes – beyond all doubt. It’s a tit for tat game with the Russkies but they are no more than the boogyman in the night. The US must have a boogyman to stir up the population or people may begin to realize the DNC IS the real boogyman.

    How many in our govt were upset when the USSR collapsed? They lost “the enemy”. Russia invading us to take over? Doubtful. CCP is our enemy and they have infiltrated us to the extent that their Prez – FJB – and his associates worship the Chinese (US) dollar more than the America they are sworn to uphold. The CCP has already taken us over – they just haven’t shown their hand just yet. Our biggest danger here in the US is the DNC branch of the CCP. I fully expect that group to pull out all stops if they begin to feel they can’t cheat the election this time. The 2020 Summer of Love will be a picnic to what’s coming. They’ve imported how many millions of outsiders to enforce their peacefulness.

    Who knows? Maybe the blacks of this country will decide they are loyal Americans after all when the full effect of the illegals taking up all >their< welfare comes to pass.

    Luckily (maybe) I live in an area where I might be able to sit back and enjoy the show as the country collapses around us and maybe be around to help pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, I agree with ghostsniper – I expect to be eliminated by agents of my own government, especially if the Damned maintain the reins of power after this "election".

    (DJT vs RFK2? RFK2 wins.)

    • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 6:06 PM

      I have no idea where you are DT but I consider you a “virtual” tribe member and that is a rare place to be.

      • DT February 12, 2024, 4:27 AM

        I’ve been known on occasion to be a mean, nasty, ill-tempered, intolerant SOB. High on that intolerant list are tranzies, woke, illegals, and most members of the DNC. I thank you for welcoming me to the tribe. 🙂

        From where you are, I’m close to Casey (almost two tanks of gas) … but I live in deep red; as I understand it, he lives in deep blue.

        • ghostsniper February 12, 2024, 7:16 AM

          Ahhh yass,
          You live where I would call it, God’s Country.
          I’ll get there someday, or die tryin’.
          In the meantime I’ll settle for this:


    • azlibertarian February 10, 2024, 8:30 PM

      DT, I both agree and disagree with you here.

      Yes–The Russians aren’t going to “conquer” us, at least not in the military sense. Both Dr. Strangelove (which I just watched, BTW) and Red Dawn were fiction. However, as you note, they’ll screw with us every chance they can get. They’ll leave just enough of a hint that they’ve tweaked the counting of votes. Mind you, not so much as to affect the outcome, but simply to watch us tie ourselves in knots investigating one thing after another. I do think that the Commies (whether Russian, Chinese or otherwise) will hack everything that’s hackable, and/or fiddle around with markets. The Houthis, while ostensibly making most of their own decisions independently, are also the tools of the Iranians, who themselves are aligned with the Russians and to a lesser degree, the Chinese. The Houthis are effing with the ocean-born trade, which at some point will show up on the West’s retail sales and neither the Iranians, the Russians or the Chinese are telling them to knock it the hell off.

      What you call the “DNC”, I call the “Deep State”. And here I mean all the primarily-lefty bureaucrats burrowed into every agency making small and independant decisions that collectively add up to moving the needle leftwards. Think Lois Lerner, Peter Stzrok and a hundred thousand others. The Deep State also includes academia, most of the media (mainstream as well as alternative), and Big Tech. They suck, all of them, and I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of them.

      Maybe we do need a boogyman on which to focus our attention. But Putin’s Russia needs a boogyman more than we do. He has constantly chafed at the actions of the states which border to his west. These are sovereign states which can choose to enter into alliances on their own, and Russia’s opinion on those actions are immaterial. NATO is not going to attack Russia. But NATO will (and should) jointly defend it’s member states should Russia decide that they need to remove NATO from the countries bordering their west. And yeah, Putin has his eyes on the Baltic states and parts of Poland and he’s said so expressly. The fight in Ukraine isn’t about Ukraine….it is about Europe. What will Europe (not to mention the world) look like with Russia as the hegemon?

      I think I’ve used this analogy here before, but I think of China as an 800 pound gorilla, worthy of careful handling because they are large and strong and if they get angry, they can inflict a lot of damage. But the gorilla is sick…..very sick….maybe terminally sick. China’s property development sector is all-but-hollowed out. Nothing left. Zero. Evergrande–the largest, but just one company in this sector–has a debt of $300 billion. They’re in liquidation now and none of that debt will be repaid. [To put $300 billion in perspective, it is almost as much ($360B) as the entire GDP of Hong Kong.] Next to go will be their banking sector. We may complain about inflation (our’s hurts, but it isn’t nearly as bad as other countries are experiencing), but China is entering deflation and that is a death spiral. Companies can’t sell their products so they have to lower their prices. But when they do that, all their competitors do the same. Eventually factories and retailers have to shut down and put their employees out on the street. And this leads to fewer products being sold because no one has any money to buy anything. China is in big, big trouble. [BTW: That deflation that China is enduring? Buckle up, my friend. Deflation will become one of China’s biggest exports.]

      Back to agreeing with you…..
      Up until about a month ago, I’d have disagreed that we’re going to see another “Summer of Love” (sic). Yeah, I’ve always known that the DNC/Deep State is going to cheat like hell again. Ahem: I live in Maricopa County. But up until recently I didn’t think that the violence would reappear. Now, I’m starting to agree with you. I think that after last week’s performance, Biden is toast. They just can’t keep pretending that he’s even remotely capable of the job. Kamala has to go too. But given this circumstance–that neither Biden nor Harris can be on the ticket–the D’s haven’t got the players or the time to put in a replacement. They have to create some other chaos to balance out their own. And that’s where I’m beginning to fear for Trump’s life. They’ve pulled out every stop to damage him through lawfare, and they keep stepping on their own feet. I’ll crawl over broken, radioactive glass to vote for Trump, but that said, I don’t think that he’s the best that we can do. Like Biden, I think that a 78 year-old man (as Trump will be next year) is too old for the office. Too many things can happen to a man that old, and dammit, we’re the United States of America. Trump’s choice as VP will be crutial, because if he’s elected (as I hope), I believe that that VP will rise into the Oval. Pick the right person, and I’ll crawl over molten and broken and radioactive glass (I’ve kinda lost control of my metaphor, haven’t I?)

      Back to disagreeing….
      RFKjr? Not a chance.

      At first glance, he’s an attractive candidate. Younger, very fit*, and a family name linking back to Camelot. But he’s a loony. Hard core lefty. Gun control, energy, environment, size and shape of government….he’s on the wrong side of all of these. About the only position that I see the Right coming to agreement with him would be his stance on the vax.

      * RFKjr is happy to show off his fitness, to the point of being seen shirtless in the gym. While he’s got an exceptional physique for a guy in his 60’s, shirtless-in-the-gym has a certain Putin-on-horseback vibe. Also, he’s got that thing with his voice. It may not be disqualifying for the office, it is something that makes communication difficult, and I think that some American voters might allow that to affect their choice.

      As always, YMMV.

      • ghostsniper February 11, 2024, 4:04 AM

        Another “out of the park”er, keep em coming!

      • DT February 12, 2024, 4:34 AM

        Can’t see that I disagree with you too much – even on the items you disagree with me.

        Except RFK2. I wouldn’t vote for him but if it comes down to DJT vs RFK2, I think RFK2 would take it in an honest election. Too much hatred for DJT from both “Anyone-but-Trump” Republicans and most if not all Democrats.

        And we’d be left travelling the same path we’re on but with a prettier face than FJB, H, or Barry’s husband.

        It’s not the 60s anymore and RFK2 would be no more like his father than Mittens is like his father. But the name still has a hint of charisma to it.

        • azlibertarian February 12, 2024, 12:16 PM

          “…I think RFK2 would take it….”
          And yet, I can’t forget that it was just 8 short years ago that Democrat, Inc. cut Bernie Sanders off at the knees without caring a whit about who their voters supported. They’re giving RJFjr the same treatment today. RFKjr is going to have to overcome the Democrat Establishment, and I think that they’re more entrenched than the Republican Establishment is. Trump tried to buck the R-Establishment, but they, and the Deep State tried to remove him with a Death-by-a-Thousand-Cuts. The D’s won’t be so subtle with RFKjr. RFKjr’s best hope is to try to cast himself as a “Third-Way Independent”, but I’m not sure that a viable third-way exists.

          Perhaps related….
          Neither my son nor I follow football at all and neither of us had any intention of watching the Super Bowl last night. But none-the-less, there we were with the game on. And it was somewhere around half-time that RFKjr’s ad appeared. I understood what RFKjr was trying to do immediately. RFKjr is trying to connect his name back to his father and his uncle and the hey-days of the Kennedy name as it was known in the 1960’s. My son, 39 years old, didn’t get it at all. To him, the ad looked like some ancient commecial for The Jetson’s. This is just an anecdote from my son and I, but my guess is that that ad doesn’t connect at all with anyone younger than 45. RFKjr could have as easily put his picture on a “Tippicanoe and Tyler Too” campaign button.

          “…..in an honest election…..”
          The cynic in me keeps shouting, “When was the last time we had an honest election”?, and I’m not sure that I can answer him.

          “…Too much hatred for DJT….”
          I agree that there is a segment among us, my family included, of Never-Trumper Republicans, practically every Democrat, and the burrowed Deep State who will never, ever, under any circumstances, vote for Trump and will fight tooth-and-nail to keep him from office again. I wish that he had taken on the role of a Kingmaker and given his guidance and blessing to one of the other, younger possibilities out there. But he’s got a score to settle, and we’re going to see how he does.

  • ghostsniper February 10, 2024, 6:19 PM

    Old Yeller will be replaced before spring.

    • Anne February 11, 2024, 9:38 AM

      The best way that Trump can protect himself is by the decision he makes as to who should run as VP. If he chooses Hayley he will indeed be “eliminated”.

  • Casey Klahn February 11, 2024, 10:14 AM

    After we unfuck America, and how we do this I have no idea, imagine we’re back in high production in whatever factories remain or will be founded, people are able to earn high wages when they work hard, government is chagrined and docile, kids are learning in schools, the police, firemen, EMS, soldiers, and so forth, are happy as clams and skilled to the hilt but enjoying peace and quiet, artists are creating and musicians are singing and writing, science is progressing and inquisitive, trucks, trains and automobiles are busy with work and also recreation…you get me. Then what?

    I’d be personally happy if Jesus would return about then, but if He should tarry, then what will America’s place in the world be? I’m afraid to say it, but there will still be fires, and those goddamned foreigners who wish us ill. Europe, who follows the US in all trends, will improve if only we will start improving our shit. Russia, China, and Iran? Let’s just say they’ll be competitors. The Middle East will be full of crazy forkers trying to kill one another for God knows why.

    What I’m trying to say is the unfortunate thing is we have neighbors. I remember the apt argument I used to hear in the 70s. There was an important political question as to whether we should take our being out of Vietnam as a dividend and shrink the military, even though the USSR Bear was big, surly, and dominating its Warsaw Pact unfortunate captive nations. China was sort of a piss hole with lots and lots of killing going on inside and outside of its borders. Anyway, the analogy was that if we have lots of fires in our cities, we ought to for sure shrink out fire departments. It shows the stupidity of ignoring military threats, and reminds you that deterrence is a thing. After Ike shat on the military industrial complex, in his next lines he reinforced the need for deterrence.

    My point is, Russia did invade Europe, and goddamn if we all just up and fukn let him! When he annexed Crimea in 2014, plus The Donbas, I crawled out of my skin! I knew it spelled imminent doom and, in fact, the ways he did it were straight out of the Spetsnaz GRU field manual (special forces). It doesn’t matter in America because we’re isolated by those big oceans. NOT!

    IDC if Ukraine is full of nazis raping grandma, they do make a very nice buffer zone. You must admit they’re tough. While I think Biden and Schumer are rankly full of shiite for threatening war over their budgets (they deserve political jail for that). Everything Pooty said in his speech/interview had meaning. BTW I did listen to all of it, and I’m glad Ghostsniper posted the whole thing plus the link (which may go dead so good that he posted the text in total). One thing Pooty said was Poland, you’re next if I can help it! Proove me wrong.

    Every news item in the mass media, whether true, half true, or lies, is also promoted one way another as propaganda by Xi and Pootn. I suppose American media propaganda is king of the hill when it comes to manipulating the masses, and all of that shit is meant to confuse, anger, misdirect, and obfuscate. This is why I wrote, more than a month or two ago, that everything you already know is everything you need going forward. Sift the news for little nuggets of trend and sometimes even truth. Have your own opinions, and FGS use logic. The US might want the NS pipeline destroyed, but this is the reign f Biden the Terrible. He wants no fossil fuel sales out of the USA, and prefers Rushin or OPEC sales over our own. See the disconnect? Biden’s an evil motherfucker, but I can’t make the dots connect for a US op in the Baltic Sea. I haven’t been to many places, but The Baltic Sea is way bigger than you imagine from the map. You see nothing at all from the middle of it – it’s massive. Pootin wouldn’t do it, and that goes without saying. But some common taters are suggesting he’s a suspect. Ukraine is a prime suspect, isn’t it? They hired it out to the Norwegians is one theory. Norwegians are gods of the sea, BTW. They could flippin row a dorry to the op area and do the job.

    I’m going long. Soon the Super Bowl and Tucker will fade a bit, and the election will dominate the news. The Border has elevated to the number one concern of even ignorant Libs in America, and that is very good for the Trump side. My personal stance is to get more combat ready; my age is not a bonus except that I am way more jaded, mean, and dangerous than I used to be. The NG, and the Law are not going to save us when the sleeper cells emerge. Ghost is right when he says the grids will go down (saw a sheriff in Ohio saying his country gets FIVE cyber attacks from Xhina a day on their infrastructure). Those balloons that Biden liked so well were not for Xhinese tourists. Xhina has safe houses and police stations hidden inside America, and the cartels also run amok.

    Enjoy your day. Do something good for yourself today, and clean your rifles.

    • ghostsniper February 11, 2024, 11:22 AM

      I downloaded the Tucker-Putin video.
      It’s 1 hr and 10 min long, 445 mb, and took 3 hours to download – don’t know why it took so long.

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