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Open thread 7/3/24

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  • Casey Klahn July 3, 2024, 8:43 AM

    Happy Independance Day everyone.

    I spent some time last night reassuring my wife that a nuclear war is not as imminent as her nightmares tell her it is, and that our geographical location is sort of near some second or third tier targets, but not first tier. I told her that after the first launch, there ain’t going to be any second launches. Plus, the fun vid yesterday of the Xhinese rocket failure is another bit of evidence that the Axis threat is likely toothless.

    While I was discussing it, I realized that the poll numbers of Trump being high, and all the Trump rallies, are fair warning to our enemies that they may start something, but they won’t get the concessions they intend to get. They’ll get a boot up their collective asses, instead. WWII, then the Cold War, with Ike and Reagan and now Trump, is enough to give Ivan and Cho big pause. Israel has so much loiter time that their fukn reserve artillerymen are building biblical era catapults. Just to fukaround. In the middle of a hot war. It’s hilarious.

    Trump will get into office, and after some cooling off for the Ukes and the Rooskies, he’ll conference call them and say: “alright, you stupid sunsabitches, the war ends today”. Both ends of the stick will be offered with excrement, but they won’t refuse.

    • John A. Fleming July 3, 2024, 9:12 AM

      Hi KC. I still remain semi-convinced that the electoral fraud machine is still out there and will be used. I remember in Nov 2020 reacting with shock and horror when I realized that our elections are wholly fraudulent, both sides are in on it, our Republic is at an end, it’s gone and it ain’t coming back. Trump could be up +20 in the polls this year, and on election day that lead will magically disappear and the D’s will win by just a few votes everywhere. It won’t matter if there are 150% or 200% ballots of the registered voters, no Judge is going to stop it and all the politicians will certify it. All the illegals coming across are being registered, and the D’s are keeping track of where they end up. All this talk of polls and (D) panic and 538 calculating win probabilities is just kabuki theater to gull the rubes. Everyone is playing the game, going along because in order to get paid today they have to act as if it’s real. But they all know the fix is already in. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but to me it looks that we are living under an avalanche of lies.

      • Casey Klahn July 3, 2024, 5:01 PM

        I can’t argue with your feelings about election fraud and I’m just as scared about it. No way in hell Brandon won 2020, except for maybe we actually were in Hell. I mean the lockdowns, the fake pandemic, the violent riots, the feds dressed up like MAGAs, the bizarre Capitol Hill thing where the FBI had its hands up everyone’s asses and played them like puppets. The NG in DC for the inauguration (that was the strangest fukn shit ever, wasn’t it?) and for a few months after. Kabul airport. Vax lies and mandates. Surely that was a fresh hell we never saw coming. The bellweather counties all, save one, went for Trump. That is a statistical anomaly not be be believed by a sane man.

        So, where to find hope? We need God’s hand on our shoulder, no denying it. If Trump wins by winning big, he could overwhelm the poll mobsters. I think that even though they robbed 2020, they seemed to bust nuts to get it done. It required a lot of open and obvious cheating. Can they make worse cheating believable and for a second time?

        You’re right about polls. They’ve only ever impressed me for how they side-step from the day before the vote, to the final outcome. It’s like a hat trick, but it isn’t entertaining in the least.

        SCOTUS will just give the dems a pass because their cheating will be on a grand scale, and covered up by everyone from FOX News to half the conservative radio hosts, never even mind CNN, etc.

        I can even imagine (Heaven Forbid) VP Camela HerAss refusing to certify a Trump win, which would be ironic in the extreme.

        Makes a guy crazy just thinking of all the possibilities. I disagree with one thing you said. The Dems cheat as easily as they breath air or eat food, but examples of GOPe ballot crime are hard to find. But, and it’s a big but, they let the Dems walk away with the cheat every time. Which is actually much worse, isn’t it?

  • ghostsniper July 3, 2024, 10:07 AM

    Something seems inherently wrong with the whole process, and always has.

    It doesn’t seem right that some people get to choose what everyone else has to deal with, in other words, mob rule.

    That which is not right should not continue.

  • DT July 3, 2024, 12:21 PM

    Old, old Bob Seger (1968 when I could see him play for a $1 cover charge at some hole in the wall joint near Detroit)
    Seems pertinent on this day before the 4th and talk of re-instating the draft (and if “they” are going to do so, include women. Equality, eh? Not that I agree but I didn’t make the rules – the feminazis did)

    Ah-h … memories of Peppy on the oil drums … and Donny on bass.
    Not the version with the fuzz solo at the end


    Yes, it’s true, I am a young man
    But I’m old enough to kill
    I don’t wanna kill nobody
    But I must if you so will

    And if I raise my hand and question
    You just say that I’m a fool
    ‘Cause I got the gall to ask you
    Can you maybe change the rule?

    And you stand and call my upstart
    Ask, what answer can I find?
    I ain’t saying I’m a genius
    Two plus two is on my mind
    Two plus two is on my mind

    Well, I knew a guy in high school
    Just an average, friendly guy
    And he had himself a girlfriend
    And you made them say goodbye

    Now he’s buried in the mud
    Off in foreign jungle land
    And his girl just sits and cries
    She just doesn’t understand

    So you say he died for freedom
    Well, if he died to save your lies
    Go ahead and call me yellow
    Two plus two is on my mind
    Two plus two is on my mind

    All I know is that I’m young
    And your rules, they are old
    If I’ve got to kill to live
    Then there’s something left untold

    I’m no statesman, I’m no general
    I know that I’ll never be
    It’s the rules, not the soldiers
    That are my real enemy

    I’m no prophet, I’m no rebel
    I’m just asking you “why?”
    I just want a simple answer
    Why it is I’ve got to die

    I’m a simple-minded guy
    Two plus two is on my mind
    Two plus two is on my mind
    Two plus two is on my mind

    • ghostsniper July 3, 2024, 2:46 PM

      Hadn’t heard that before. Thank you.
      Think I first heard Seger about 1974.

  • ghostsniper July 3, 2024, 2:58 PM

    “Old age is a privilege to which we all aspire.”

  • ghostsniper July 3, 2024, 6:13 PM

    He knows what he’s talking about:

    ….meaning someone got their chocolate in your peanut butter.

    It’s important.

    Go RTWT here:

  • azlibertarian July 4, 2024, 9:07 AM

    Happy Fourth, everyone. If you can, find a way to fly a flag today.

    • Snakepit Kansas July 4, 2024, 12:17 PM

      Got two flags flying. Stars and Stripes and a TRUMP 2024.


    • ghostsniper July 4, 2024, 2:53 PM

      I’m still arguing with my wife about the flag business.
      We have 5 porch columns on the front of the house (1 right in the middle) and she says I can put up 1 3×5 US flag on it.

      Not good enough.

      I want to put the US flag in the middle, flanked by a MAGA and a Gadsden, flanked by a Confederate and a Liberty Tree. 5 total. If you’re gonna go, GO BIG!

      She says she doesn’t want the house to look like a parade float.

      Here’s the Liberty Tree flag, you already know what the others look like:


      I’m not much of a hat hoon but I’ve been wearing my MAGA all day.

  • ghostsniper July 4, 2024, 11:00 AM

    Don’t blow any fingers off.
    But if you can set your LIEberal neighbors roof on fire, please do.

    • Anonymous July 4, 2024, 12:22 PM

      I have a friend in Butler County that lives out in an area with two acre lots. A few 4th July’s ago, he came out in the morning on the 5th and his truck had burned to the ground.

      • ghostsniper July 4, 2024, 2:45 PM

        Well he must have really tied one on in order to not have heard that going down. Hopefully he collected the insurance.

  • DT July 4, 2024, 11:24 AM

    Now that it is the 4th, some more obscure doo-wah-ditties good for July 4

    Mr 4th of July – Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies

    Invisible Man – ditto

    Revolution – Tomorrow

    Cleaning My Gun – Mark Knopfler

    Declaration Of Independence – Insect Trust – with lyrics

    My constitution can’t stand it, so I’m gonna remand it
    Can’t get no amendments through
    Too many words, yeah, I’ve already heard
    I’m gonna declare my independence from you
    Too much filibuster, all the wind you can muster
    But the dark horse’s rider is blue
    I’ve got an intention to call a convention
    And declare my independence from you

    I think you’re in collusion with the forces of illusion
    And I don’t want no jive
    I’m leavin’ on the double, yeah, I don’t want all this trouble
    Just keepin’ alive
    Too much hesitatin’, not enough lеgislatin’
    Your decision is long overdue
    You don’t rеpresent me, so just try to prevent me
    Gonna declare my independence from you

    I think you’re in collusion with the forces of illusion
    And I don’t want no jive
    I’m leavin’ on the double, yeah, I don’t want all this trouble
    Just keepin’ alive
    Now, too much hesitatin’, not enough legislatin’
    Your decision is long overdue
    You don’t represent me, so just try to prevent me
    Gonna declare my independence from you

    Have a good one, all …

  • ghostsniper July 4, 2024, 11:45 AM

    The Gadsden flag of 1775 had a left facing timber rattlesnake with 13 rattles on it’s tail.
    It had become the policy of the British Parliament to send convicted criminals to Britain’s North American colonies so Benjamin Franklin suggested that Americans thank Parliament by sending rattlesnakes to Britain.

    Flag here:

  • John A. Fleming July 4, 2024, 10:39 PM

    Out here in the cities of the West, where fireworks have been illegal my whole life every place I’ve lived, it’s been non-stop boom boom boom all afternoon and into the evening. To live in a city of large size, it’s an ever-present rolling thunder, from the sharp echoing crack of the guy in the next block setting off car alarms, to the dull crumps of the medium distance, to the far background noise. The skyline is dancing with a solid layer of backyard mortars of every color. The city-run shows only last 20-30 minutes, but the people’s shows will go on for hours. It may be a blue hive, but it’s still the United States where We the People decide if we will follow the law or not, and we will have our fireworks.

    The local governments put up in June all sorts of signs and billboards warning “Fireworks are illegal in Our Fair City”, but we the people just laugh. Just in my neighborhood, there’s been 5-10 mortars going off every night for the past two weeks, and tonight it’s one every 5 minutes. A person would have to put on a massive backyard show lasting 10 minutes or more to bring the cops.

    It really is amazing. There are a few scofflaw jurisdictions that allow the sale of “Safe and Sane” ground-sparkling fountains, which supply all the neighborhoods. Dads bring their kids to pick out the small fireworks that they will let the kids light off. I have no idea where everybody is getting all the mortars and skyrockets from. I must be the dumbest guy in the city, because everybody else knows where to get them. Some people say oh, across the state line, or from the Indian reservations. I haven’t tried that, I don’t go to those places. When I was a kid, some of the families would go down to Mexico for vacations, Nogales and Rocky Point, and the kids would smuggle some back across the border under the noses of the Customs officials.

    I think the importation of south-of-the-border folk has only increased the use of fireworks. I was working in Mexico City in years past around 16 de septiembre, El Grito de Dolores, their Independence Day, and around 12 de diciembre, the Feast Day of La Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Oh my, the fireworks went off around the city every night for the whole week prior, escalating every night. It’s like that now in Our Fair City.

    We may be divided by politics, but our Independence Day reminds us that we are all still Americans yet. I would that we could keep that spirit alive in our hearts the other 364 days.

    • azlibertarian July 5, 2024, 2:30 PM


      “Scofflaw” is a great word. I’m gonna have to find a way to use it more often.

      But the thing about scofflawry is that there is a fine line between “flout[ing] rules, conventions, or accepted practices” and creating a public nuisance very close to criminal. In my neck of the desert, a good number of backyard fireworks shows are technically illegal by local law. There were several of my neighbors who put on their little show last night just as your neighbors did. But one too many roofs go up in flames and the City Council will make it illegal to launch something into the air. I like to celebrate the Fourth as much as the next guy, but not at the expense of burning down someone’s house (mine, especially).

      Likewise, I rode motorcycles as a kid before I had a license, and left donuts on the street when I could. Now-a-days, they call these “street-takeovers”, and they hoop and holler while raising up clouds of smoke to the point that even the police won’t show up. Somehow, they took it too far.

      • DT July 5, 2024, 3:33 PM

        From someone, someplace, sometime (Hammurabi?):
        “Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should do it; just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it”

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