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Open thread 1/5/24

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  • Anne January 5, 2024, 9:32 AM

    I grew up on the Pacific coast. That ocean will always be “home to me”. However at the same time I became enchanted by the views from the tops of Rocky Mountains. Love those mountain views. But, then DH got a job in TX. In the VERY FLAT part of TX. Oh gosh I was so miserable! I loved our neighbors and came to love our small community for many reasons, but those endless views of flat prairies deprived me. I felt so hopeless looking out over those long-range views of nothing. I could not understand how it was that my neighbors loved those views of nothing. For the most part those people were smart and thoughtful. One day a neighbor said to me, “we love those views because we can see whose coming!” Now, I have both– a long flat cleared area and a timbered area at our home place in MT. I’ll let you guess which gives me the most comfort!

  • Snakepit Kansas January 5, 2024, 10:19 AM

    Sunsets without mountains in the way are stunning. I never tire of the beauty of a Kansas sunset. When the sun dips below the horizon it shines up under the clouds and creates tremendous color and beauty. I hope my last moments are watching such.

  • ghostsniper January 5, 2024, 11:04 AM

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    –Frederic Bastiat

    “….and in time a whole country of nitwits come to believe this plunder is necessary and must be expanded upon indefinitely.”
    –gs, 2099

  • ghostsniper January 5, 2024, 11:10 AM

    “It’s going to be an interesting election: the party that deserves to lose versus the party that doesn’t deserve to win.”


    • Joe Krill January 5, 2024, 3:16 PM

      If we “America” can make it that far.

  • ghostsniper January 5, 2024, 5:17 PM
  • ghostsniper January 6, 2024, 7:01 AM

    ‘To Make A Snowflake’
    By J.A. Frascino

    A snowflake forms when cold water droplets freeze onto a nidus of dust or pollen in the atmosphere, creating an ice crystal. Additional droplets are added in an infinitely variable pattern, forming a unique structure. The product of a perfectly natural process taking about 30 minutes, a snowflake is a fragile entity, blown by the wind and threatened by warming, salt, shovels, and plows.

    There is nothing natural about the formation of a human snowflake. The nidus is a normal child seeking identity in a complex society. The first step is to disconnect him from traditional social foundations, viewed by the left as oppressive, while offering it nothing of substance to replace them. Teach the child that his nation was built on slavery and is systemically racist, that religion is dictatorial and science-denying, that the traditional family is patriarchal, that gender designation is repressive, and that first names are too restraining.

    Having transformed the child into an isolated, self-immersed entity without an anchor, it is next necessary to weaken his resolve. Teach the child that speech and events that may make him uncomfortable are an existential threat to his safety and well-being. Teach him to be alert to microaggressions and to bullying. Tell him that global warming will destroy the planet. Allow him to skip classes and attend bereavement counseling when the Orange Man is elected. Provide him with safe spaces. Reward him not for accomplishment, but for participation. Coddle and indulge him. Capitalize upon his exalted status as the object of permissive parenting. Discipline might be hurtful, especially for someone showing signs of emotional stress. Allow him to find identity, escape, and safety in the alternate universe of social media.

    The snowflake is now fully formed — emotionally fragile, sheltered, socially withdrawn, and vulnerable to meltdown. Just as physical stress builds strong bodies, dealing with emotional stress builds strong psyches. Creating a stressful culture, and then taking every possible step to shelter the disenfranchised from having to deal with the stress so created, is how to make a snowflake.

    Snowflake creation is but one adverse outcome of leftist “change America” activism — activism that seeks immediate gratification through vengeful attack on the “oppressors,” with apparent disregard for the outcome of its actions. Save the planet — ban fossil fuels! Replace nationalistic xenophobia with open borders. End racism by replacing merit with diversity. Reduce crime by not prosecuting it. Support the economy with fiscal stimulus. Eliminate misogyny by prioritizing career over family. What could go wrong?

    If the chaos arising from “changing America” creates snowflakes, they must simply be protected and coddled; excused from social interaction and having to go to school; and given drugs for their increased rates of anxiety, depression, drug addiction, and suicide. But not to worry — they will grow up to be part of the Democrat party base, left with no alternative but to seek solace in the embrace of a nurturing government. (As in Obama’s “The Life of Julia.”)

    Turning to the government, led by the Democrat party, to resolve the chaos created by the intentional churning of discontent in matters of race, sex, and class is the ultimate overriding goal of the left. The creation of snowflakes is an integral part of that process.


  • ghostsniper January 6, 2024, 9:45 AM

    Drink prices
    Don’t remember the last time I had an alcoholic beverage in an establishment.
    Must be at least 20 years, prolly more.
    My wife said she’s taking me to a mexican joint for lunch for my birthday.
    I looked the menu up on line.
    That Monterrey Fajita (steak, chicken, shrimps) sounds appropriate.
    Since my wife will be driving I figured I’d splurge and get a margarita.
    The drink prices aren’t on their online menu so I called em up.
    A basic ‘rita is, get this, $11.49.
    Can you believe that???? For 1 drink.
    I’ll just have water.
    No way I can justify that price no matter who’s payin’.
    I gots my limits.


  • ghostsniper January 6, 2024, 2:29 PM

    The tripe about this invasion making us stronger is provably false.

    If these future welfare leeches make us stronger, why didn’t they make their home countries stronger?


  • ghostsniper January 6, 2024, 4:32 PM

    One Year Ago Today
    From Gerard:

    by VANDERLEUN on JANUARY 6, 2023

    RESCUED from the Court of the Covid Kings by three large and amazingly strong Christian Soldiers. A very near thing. Legs, back, and eye still very weak. Made it home where I will heal and grow stronger. Very hard at present but will get better.

    God bless all of you. More later this is still difficult.


  • Joe Krill January 6, 2024, 8:04 PM

    Please pass on.

    White Bakers Banned From Competition
    Todd Starnes
    ALERT: The Biden Administration is working with Big Tech to silence conservatives on social media ahead of the 2024 presidential race. Click here to bypass the censorship by getting Todd’s free newsletter filled with conservative content.

    The King Arthur Baking Company is hosting a competition for bakeries and the winner gets a lot of dough.

    It’s called “Baking Pitchfest 2024.”

    Winners get mentorship from other bakers and financial support for their bakeries.

    It sounds like a great opportunity for the pastry and pie crowd. But there’s just one catch. No white people are allowed to enter the competition.

    Only bakeries that are owned by persons of color are allowed to participate.

    “Baking Pitchfest 2024 is more than a competition; it’s a platform for empowering People of Color to break barriers and redefine the narrative in baking,” Kathleen Casanova told Baking Business.

    That’s because King Arthur is trying to foster inclusivity and creativity by providing equitable opportunities for people of color.

    “Pitchfest 2024 is a testament to our commitment to fostering a more inclusive baking community and empowering creative POC leaders in the industry,” said Molly Lawrence, the company’s corporate social responsibility manager.

    In other words – white bakers must be excluded to achieve maximum inclusivity.

    Chocolate cake good. Classic white cake is bad. And whatever you do, don’t do Martha White or White Lily Flour.

    Organizers say Baking Pitchfest is more than just a competition; it’s a platform to empower bakers of color and to “increase racial and ethnic diversity in the field.”

    I wonder if Aunt Jemima would be eligible?

    • ghostsniper January 7, 2024, 3:46 AM

      The have a whole show on this mentally damaged subject on their website. I never knew this til now. For reasons I’ll never understand they believe that showcasing ones genitals and skin color is more laudable than simply creating a product, marketing it to all, and enjoying a profit.

      Yes, they specifically spotlight sexual deviancy and skin color, using all the popular terms of the day, and seem to be proud of doing so. In all of that, they do NOT specifically mention anything about white people or people that do not thrust their genitals into the limelight.

      King Arthur produces premium products at an increased cost and I have used them rarely so it will be easy for me to avoid them in perpetuity. Their path forward is one of failure and I will stay out of the way and let them be successful i9n that goal.

  • Casey Klahn January 7, 2024, 5:18 AM

    Is it starting to look like Biden’s or the dems upcoming campaign slogan will be: get your vaccine because COVID? I dare anyone here to tell me what Biden’s 2020 slogan was (no GooGulling).


    If the public drags its collective feet on this new virus rollout, the effect on the election will be severely dampened. I mean, last time the near total eclipse of in-person voting was dramatic and nothing more than an opportunity to suppress and monkey-with the vote. If they’re not careful, even the morons who consume CNN and NBC news will realize the similarities between the last cheating cycle and the upcoming one.

    They’ll need new ways to cheat. Any suggestions or predictions?

    • ghostsniper January 7, 2024, 6:27 AM

      But I’ll remind you, some smart dood once said, “Insanity is limitless.”

      You ask about elections but I’ll talk about Trump.
      Because, without Trump the next national election is meaningless.
      So, there is only one sure fire way to 100% prevent Trump from winning.
      Yeah, I went there.

      And, never forget, “they” killed 3000 americans to initiate their goals.
      How many next time, 30,000?
      It’s just a number to them.
      A mere drop in the shitty bucket when compared to trillions of trillions of dollars and global conquest.
      I put NOTHING past them.
      Gird thine loins and grab your battle rattle.

  • Anne January 7, 2024, 7:46 AM

    I posted this over on Neo the other day, but I will post it here also.

    I recently attended a R event where one of the local politicians was supposed to speak. He canceled at the last minute and AMAZINGLY one of the top R strategists at the national level “volunteered” to come talk. I like this guy. I have heard him speak before. He is VERY well educated both in this country and at foreign universities. Smart man with many years of experience in the R party (and at military level?) at the national strategic level.
    At this recent meeting he told us how every indicator leads to an R win nation wide. Everything is going to be wonderful even in those states that Trump lost in 2020. He spent about 40 minutes going through state by state the numbers of this and the numbers of that, but in the end I came home with a very uneasy feeling. I didn’t figure out what I felt until the next morning when it suddenly dawned on me–that prediction was TOO picture perfect! This was not a speech to inform, this was a speech to keep the locals from rioting–to keep them out there knocking on doors, making phone calls, donating money to the party. I think the R party is trying desperately to fend off any small revolts that will be arising–they have already worked out a compromise with the D party–that explains why it took so long to start the impeachment hearing.
    The R party will get a couple of extra seats in states with low populations, but they have to prove themselves by tamping down any revolt among their own ranks.

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