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Something Wonderful: The Music Box

The Anchoress sends this along and say, "I likee!." And when the Anchoress says she likee! I know I will likee!. And if we likee! you likee! too. Or else.

"Only those who listen can hear."

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"Give beauty back, beauty, beauty, beauty, back to God, beauty's self and beauty's giver" The Poem Elizabeth Taylor Chose to Be Read at Her Funeral

Previously published here last December as "Something Wonderful: Richard Burton reads Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem 'The Leaden Echo & The Golden Echo'," this poetic pairing was Taylor's chosen elegy. She asked Colin Farrell to recite it, and he remarked, "Elizabeth chose it. It was a tricky poem as well. Even in passing she had me under the thumb, sweating bricks."

Or perhaps she chose it to hear a fading echo of one of her great passions, Richard Burton, recite it one last time.

Brilliant is the only word for this smashing demonstration of the power of the English language.

Richard Burton races through this Hopkins poem with unbelievable speed.

A technical tour de force. See if you can keep up with him by reading silently along. Most will fade....


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Something Wonderful: Being There in a 40-gigapixel, 360-degree image of Prague's Philosophical Hall that weighs in at 283 GB

Making the list of the Seven Wonders of the Internet for the immediate future is Jeffrey Martin and his robotic camera's massive and interactive photo of Philosophical Hall, a Baroque reading room in the Prague's Strahov monastery library. How amazing is this image that you can fly your mouse through?

What can you see? Here are three small screen shots from my tour:


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2012 Presidential Candidate Checklist


Attention All Those Who Would Be King (or Queen): This is the list by which ye shall be judged. Do not be found wanting... or be found wanting higher office.


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1,000 Photographs of New York City

Mouseover image and select full screen icon in lower right to see large images

When a man has lived a long time with a city and then decided to leave her, it seems best to make a record before departing. Otherwise, from all the years he has lived with her, all he will have left will be the shards of moments and not the mosaic complete.

The archives he retains will, invariably, be merely personal -- clippings from the local papers, a box of business cards, filched matchbooks, a sheaf of menus, random pay stubs, a well-thumbed Rolodex, and a few albums filled with pictures of friends and acquaintances remembered with varying degrees of accuracy. And his snapshots.

They will by default be snapshots of his personal celebrations; the birthdays, anniversaries, shared summer houses, days in the park and nights on the town. He'll be in some of them. Friends will proliferate in others. And the city will persist, implied -- either in the background or intruding in the middle distance -- like the air, unnoticed until absent. When you leave her, this is what you will carry away. It will fit in a medium-sized cardboard box. We've all packed this box. Mine was labeled, "New York."


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Something Wonderful: The Sad Tale of the Self-Dispossessed Mortgage Bankers Association

The motto of the Mortgage Bankers Association: "I was sad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet, and I said, 'Hey, man, got any shoes you're not using?' "

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Something Wonderful: A Brief History of Film Title Design

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

HT: David Thompson

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Something Wonderful: Pear-Shaped Americans Rejoice. Your Avatar is the World's Greatest Extra!

Jesse Heiman Rising: A short clip showing we are dealing with someone who clearly will go on to become "The Greatest Nerd of All Time."

Heiman has my current vote for the "Only in America" man of the month. A strange case of arrested development, the "Greatest Extra" is 32 years old:

Jesse Heiman (born May 23, 1978) is an American actor, best known as playing an extra in more than 50 films and television shows. -- Wiik/a>
He's working all the time with 49 film/tv jobs in ten years.

And it appears he had little doubt what he wanted to do and wasted little time in setting about it:

Jesse Heiman - Biography He lived in Austin, Texas from 1989 and attended West Ridge Middle School, Westlake High School, and Texas State University of San Marcos for education. Graduated college in May of 2000 with a BA in English.

Moved to Los Angeles in September of 2000.

Began acting in November as a background actor/extra. Has appeared in several films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos.

A typical role in his rise would be: Mr. Monk and the UFO (2009) … 3rd UFO Enthusiast

Other otherwise unremarked appearances would be in the perfect world of commericials such as, Mercedes Benz commercial - the one where the car passed a double decker bus. Jesse is the guy who takes a photo of the car in slow motion. and Vonage commercial: where he is breaking up with his supermodel girlfriend in her Ferrari and then gets hit in the head by the Vonage box.

AMA I am Jesse Heiman : IAmA

Jesseheiman [S] 42 points 1 day ago[-]
I have been typecasted sometimes to play a geek or dork or nerd and often get called to play 18 to look younger even though I'm 32 I still play high school aged all the time. I graduated from Westlake High School in Austin, TX in 1996 and went to Texas State-San Marcos for college, graduated from there in 2000. I'm SAG so daily rate for me is $139/8 hours plus overtime plus meals/travel. To be honest I just signed up for extra work at Central Casting 11 years ago and worked that night on Rat Race and since then as you know been working steadily to now. I don't know how I became more used or succesful than other extras but it just happened.

Jesseheiman [S] 21 points 1 day ago[-]
Yes I have made enough to continue living in Los Angeles for as long as I've been here, some other actors take jobs like waiting and catering but I enjoy the hands on work of extra work and work steadily enough that I'm working usually 2-3 times a week which will equal more than enough to get by for me.

Jesseheiman [S] 24 points 1 day ago[-]
I get by enough to live here in Los Angeles and steadily enough I do not need to do anything else at the moment.
I've answered number 2 a few times here
My dream role would be to play Smokey in a remake of Smokey and the Bandit

Klitzy420 9 points 1 day ago[-]
Why do you never age?....
Jesseheiman [S] 7 points 1 day ago[-]
I have no idea but it works for me eh?

How hard is the work? Meaning, you say you get paid for an 8 hour much of that is shooting, and how much of that is sitting around shootin' the shit?
Jesseheiman [S] 8 points 1 day ago[-]
It's a lot of hard work often being on your feet for 8-10 hours a day but there is enough down time within those hours to chat with friends on set and relax in holding. Plus there is always fresh food, water and coffee so it's not that bad. I enjoy my time on set and bring my iPhone and iPad with me too.

What is your secret to eternal youth while avoiding strenuous exercise?
Jesseheiman [S] 19 points 1 day ago[-]
I don't really know I think it's just the cards I was dealt.

Jesseheiman [S] 19 points 1 day ago[-]
I do it now because it's how I got started as an actor. I do it because so many people in my past told me I couldn't be on tv or in the movies, etc to proove them wrong. I did it to follow my dreams and have worked with many of my idols and now some of them are also my friends. I was starstruck by Tom Hanks and became best friend with his son Colin in the same month.

Lycurgus 0 points 1 day ago[-]
Who the fuck is Jesse Heiman?
Jesseheiman [S] 110 points 1 day ago[-]
whoever you want me to be

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Something Educational: Strapless Bra Fitting Guide | Video Tutorial by Mr. Bra

This probably won't be of any interest to my readers who are not Gyno-Americans. I am only passing it on here because of it's obvious educational value. I realize that it is, for a video, long at more than 15 minutes, so feel free to stop watching whenever it ceases to interest you.

"Fitting a bra. It's an art. It's taken me years to fit a bra. Not an easy task."

HT: Big Fur Hat who calls this The Most Important Video You Will Ever See

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On Palin Bashing by the 'Brain-Trust': "As far as coward Charles Krauthammer goes…."


Presented for your edification, a comment from one pissed-off vet found at: Rush to Palin critics: Obama is destroying the FREAKING COUNTRY! | The Right Scoop

The Right Wing intelligentsia have their sites aimed at Palin again and Rush seems mystified at their reasoning. After all, he says, Obama is the real problem, not Sarah Palin:
Look, I don’t understand all this [anti-Palin vitriol]. The problem is Obama! The Democrat party is destroying the FREAKING COUNTRY! And we’re sitting here sniping over…I’D VOTE FOR ELMER FUDD! if the Republicans nominated him, if Obama’s the Democrat.

First up in the comment thread, these thoughts from one Bob Zee:

“[Palin] is “divisive” because the conservative movement is full of cowards who bend over because they are afraid of the left and the media.

Why not fight against the smears? Why not fight for the truth? Instead conservatives run and hide and then wonder why even after 8 years of BUSH the country moved to the left!

While Governor, her state was one of 2 out of 50 that created net jobs. I COULD WRITE FOR HOURS ABOUT HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS, but it would not do a damn thing for people like Krauthammer and other fraudulent, cowardly, so called conservatives. How come the other intellectual governors that Krauthammer praises could not eke out some job gains? Odd huh?

WAKE UP!!!! Do you want to know why the jobs are gone? Do you want to to know why your nation is turning into a shit hole?


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DrudgeReport Masterpiece: Do a little. Say a lot.


Check the stack of headlines top left leading inevitably down to "Obama goes golfing..." Then check the picture and the gesture of the thumb over the main headline. Yet another moment in the news=views genius of Drudge. It's frozen in time in the archives @ DrudgeReportArchives

Taken all in all, it's another testament to this supposedly ancient and "inelegant" webpage that many slicker and much less visited web sites and designers disparage. But when you put those morons aside, you can see clearly that it is easily one of the most brilliantly designed pages in that it, seemingly, has no design.

But of course it does. It's pure WYSIWYG. Loads fast, has headlines that provoke and intrigue. The ads stay out of the way. And most of all it says, quite clearly and immediately, what for the moment is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing on the page. No hunting. No scrolling. Just point click and go.

And yet it all somehow manages to get across what the page's editor, Matt Drudge, has to say about the news of the day.

The are millions of other "news pages" on the web. But they don't get better than Drudge, they just get more elaborate.

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File under: I am not fucking around."An armed resident gestures a victory sign in the main square in Zawiya, 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Tripoli, in Libya on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011." -- Battles Across Libya

"V" for Victory gesture: Check
Shotgun: Check
Cigarette: Check
Cartridge Belt: Check
Running Shoes: Check
Big split-your-skull-in-two ax stuck in belt for close work: Check and double check.

UPDATE: Cobb, in The Truth About Hairy Chested Men has a few cogent things to say about this man:
I have been writing this essay over a period of days, and it has been hijacked by the following image into something that must include class more explicitly. This is the picture of a man who is a rebel in Libya, a foot soldier in a true people's liberation army of irregulars. And I am forced to consider him a Marlboro Man in his country. He is a man for whom I presume many American women would have considerable ick factor to overcome. I can't see his chest, but I find it difficult to imagine it not being naturally hairy, and if it is not, I find it inconceivable to imagine it shaved. There he is with his shotgun, his ax and his cigarette. He claims victory. Forget about geopolitical strife for a moment and think about American men. Think about a bearded, hairy chested American man with a shotgun, an ax and a cigarette. Could he claim any sort of victory with American women, or is he Larry the Cable Guy?

I'd go for neither. Instead, this fellow -- if he so wished to do so -- could claim a Hobbsian victory over an American woman: "nasty, brutish, and short." Indeed, I seem to recall we had a live demo of that a couple of weeks back in Cairo:Details emerge on Lara Logan attack

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[Bumped] Something Wonderful: "Save the Wight Bulb!"


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