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"There may be many reasons for who we are, but there are no excuses."- Limon

Bad Americans


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"I'm really glad the current coward-in-chief and the brass are not letting us work some ISIS columns."

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The weather station on the outskirts of Mawsynram.

I am never complaining about the rain in Seattle again. Ever. "The village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya receives 467 inches of rain per year. Laborers who work outdoors often wear full-body umbrellas made from bamboo and banana leaf. " - - In Focus

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5-Minute Arguments


I've seen two time losers running everywhere
Shouting and screamin', "I was never there!"
With their hands in the air
Hands in the air

I've seen bad news messengers avoiding kings
Cheating spouses twisting their rings
With their hands in the air
Oooh, got their hands in the air
As guilty as the wind out on the sea
Affecting who we are and who we'll be

There's a desperation, a real despair
Even the good people are starting to declare
I've got my hands in the air
Ah my hands are in the air

They're surrendering, they're giving in
They'll do anything not to go through this again
They've got their hands in the air
Ooh, their hands in the air

And they're sinking in the quicksand like a stone
Broken to the marrow of the bone, oh

The dealers are dividing up their tips
The gamblers, they're all cashin' in their chips

There's a man in the middle of a parking lot
Wondering which way he should go
There's a star on the horizon
Sinking low, low

All you death wish addicts, you corrupters of truth
You killers of the spirit, you marauders of youth
Get your hands in the air
I want to see your hands in the air

If you're selling these lies, these impossible dreams
You can keep on washin' but you'll never get clean
Get your hands in the air
Let me see your hands in the air
-- Bob Seger

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Drool-Cup Award

Headline from The New York Times, who soon swapped it out, via the immortal Michelle Obama's Mirror

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5-Minute Arguments

Counter-battery fire - The targets of CB fire are usually the enemy's guns, launchers and mortars, both the materiel and the men serving them. The formal NATO definition of the term counter-battery is "fire delivered for the purpose of destroying or neutralizing the enemy's fire support system", with the note that it may be proactive or reactive.

An army squad engages in counter battery in Ramadi, Iraq with a 120mm mortar system. This fire mission was the first to receive the "green light" from command and the first to generate confirmed kills, which is why everyone is so excited.

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Dear Lord,

Once again men of Faith and of the West face the swords of the heretics. Once again, those who oppose Thy divine Order surround the remnant of Christian Civilization like wolves against prey. Once again, dear God, we turn our eyes to You and beg Thy gracious aid. If it be thy will, dear Lord, save us. If it be Thy will, raise up a great Leader to inspire Christian hearts in this country and in all the world. If it be Thy will, O Lord, send us a leader, a man to shore up our sagging spirits and rally us to the defense of our faith, our posterity, and our patrimony.

We ask Thee, O Lord, to raise us up a Leader of men like Your servant Emperor Constantine, who, in obeying Your command in hoc Signo vinces, turned the Roman Empire to Your service at the Milvian Bridge; send us a dauntless hero like King Pelayo at Covadonga; send us a uniter and propagator of civilization like Emperor Charlemagne; a daring cavalier like King Jan Sobieski; a triumphant Conquistador like the Servant of God Isabella, Queen of Castile, and her royal husband Ferdinand King of Aragon; an implacable defender of the Church and the West like their grandson Emperor Charles V. Send us a soldier like Charles Martel; a warrior like Don John of Austria; a grim defender of Faith and Nation like Gmo. Francisco Franco. Lord God of Hosts, send Thy people a man of war who will take up the sword of Christendom and crusade against the enemies of Christ and His Church.

If it be Thy Will, send us too a crusading Vicar of Christ like Your servant Pope Saint Leo the Great, who will ride boldly out to meet the Hun in Your Name; a Pope like Your servant Saint Pius V, who assembled the Holy League and rallied the fighting forces of Christendom to smite the Muslim at Lepanto; a Pope like Your servant Urban II at the Council of Clermont, who will stand before the might of Europe-in-arms, point to the Holy Land groaning under the tyranny of the Crescent, and cry "Deus Vult!"

Lord, we pray that you smite the filthy heresy of Islam wherever its ugly stench may waft, and by Thy divine Hand bring into the fold of Your Church all those of that creed who truly seek Thy Face. In this we ask the intercession of Saint James of Compostela, and the spirit of Charles
Martel, the Hammer. We beg you to use us today as you used Pope Innocent III and the strong arm of Thy Church against the Cathar and the Albegensian so long ago. May God rebuke the soi-disant prophet Muhammad and all those who preach his error throughout the world.

God of Nations, restore to the men of Europe and of all nations their true identities as members and protectors of their diverse nationalities, and with a mighty Hand crush the evil global Revolution that seeks to destroy nation, ethny, tribe, clan, sept, and the natural human family and amalgamate all into a corrupt and infernal "new order of the ages". Teach us to live in peace with one another, each color and race in its own sovereign space, each nation united not by artificial propositions or constitutions but the the natural and lasting ties of ancestry, language, culture, and creed; and teach us to recognize as unique the only form of universal human brotherhood that exists: the brotherhood of men separated by nationality but united in Your Church.

Dear God, restore our civilization. Bring all of Your servants to the happy renaissance of a robust, lively, orthodox, and crusading faith.

And, if such be not Your Will, we beg Thee to take the mantle of Christian leadership from us, your unworthy servants of the West, and lay it upon the men of China, or Korea, or Japan, or whatever such nation You deem fit to carry the banner of the Cross down through the ages remaining before you subjugate death, hell, and all worldly powers unto Thyself.

If any of these petitions are unworthy in Your sight, may we come to know Your displeasure through your gracious and loving correction, and may Our Lady's prayers be efficacious on our behalf, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

- S.M., August A.D. 2014

Shibes Meadow in a Comment on The Dead Dark Heart of Islam

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"That's my boy!"

Well, I sailed through the storm
Strapped to the mast
But the time has come
And I’m seeing the real you at last
-- Dylan

The chittering insects that scuttle across the wastes of the middle east under the black flag of ISIS are masters of the maniac’s use of “social media." They make videos of the pleasure they take in laying hundreds of prisoners down and riddling them with machine gun bullets. They provide Facebook pages with photographs of the children’s heads they have impaled on stakes in the land where they hold sway. They pass around the Instagram moment of a man holding up the dress draped body of a little girl with her head taken off and her neck a bloodless stump. They “tweet” the 'That's my boy' image of an Australian member of their hive getting his son to hold up the head of someone, among thousands, that they have killed and killed filthy.

In all this they have done an invaluable service to the feckless and cowardly western world of the 21st century. They have not only killed those who have come under their rule and power. They have killed, now and forever, any wisp of an argument that the religion of Islam contains within it any significant “moderate" elements who are devoted to the idea of devout peace. There is no such “moderate Islam." There never was a “Moderate Islam.”

Islam is ISIS and ISIS is Islam. There is no other Islam.

Islam is religious Ebola and its only cure is fire.

Once the question was ”How can we help the moderate Islamics to help the others to a peaceful transition into the modern, multicultural world.” Now the question has become, "Can we find the leadership and the political will to burn this disease out of the human race root and branch?"

Those that seek to persuade you that somewhere within the foaming psychosis of Islam there is a moderate, peaceful religion struggling to get out, striving to be heard, are those that want you -- and your loved ones and your children -- to lie down in the shallow trench in the dry dust and have your children beheaded before you just before the sword slices through your supine and surrendered neck.

Lately there have been a plethora of posts scattered around concerning the kindly provision of Islam that if you like your religion you can keep your religion. All you have to do is pay a tax, set by Islam, on an annual basis. Deal or no deal? Either way it is a lie. What Islam wants is what is has always wanted; the enslavement and death of the infidel.

You cannot negotiate with psychopaths. There are no deals to be made or negotiations to be had with Islam. It is, first, last, and always, a perverted and vile system that has no spirit in it whatsoever. God? God’s got nothing to do with it.

Some weak and wet slaves of Islam still say, as they said to me after 9/11, “There are a billion muslims in the world. You can’t kill them all.” A billion you say? Big job. Well begun is half done.

Only by fire is fascism finished.

"There is nothing more dangerous than the conviction that diplomats should be America's first line of defense. ...America will get tough or it will get terminal." --Norman Liebmann

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Year upon year in this world's dark forests,
Heaped at the foot of the trees,
The tangles and bundles of dead brush increase
Which sunlight shall never seize.

The vampire by sunlight or stake.
The wolfman by silver in bone.
The demon by book, chant and pentagram.
The fascist by fire alone.

The ash that descends in the clearest of skies?
The leapers that swam down the stones?
Best answered by bombs from mid-heaven at prayer
With the fire that hollows the bones.

The vampire by sunlight or stake.
The wolfman by silver in bone.
The demon by book, chant and pentagram.
The fascist by fire alone.

If their god decrees war, God's war shall prevail.
His lessons are seared in the stone.
No dreams shall defer, nor wishes erase,
The answer that's burned in the bone.

The vampire by sunlight or stake.
The wolfman by silver in bone.
The demon by book, chant and pentagram.
The fascist by fire alone.

Only by fire is fascism finished.
This sin is demanded that your line may live.
Only through fire is freedom reborn.
Each generation pulls the sword from the stone.

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Grace Notes


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Mr. Praline: Never mind that, my lad. I wish to complain about this global warming prediction what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.

Owner: Oh yes, the, uh, the Climate Change Special...What's, uh...What's wrong with it?

Mr. Praline: I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my lad. 'E's stopped, that's what's wrong with it!

Owner: No, no, 'e's uh,’s his hiatus.

Mr. Praline: Look, matey, I know a when a prediction is dead wrong when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now.

Owner: No no it’s not wrong, it’s, it’s a hiatus! Remarkable prediction, Climate Change, idn'it, ay? Predicts everything, higher temperatures, lower temperatures, droughts, floods, hurricanes, even good weather!

Mr. Praline: The Climate don't enter into it. It's stone wrong.

Owner: Nononono, no, no! 'E's hiatin’!

Mr. Praline: All right then, if he's hiatin', I'll see if he will change! (shouting at the “warmers”) 'Ello, Mister Warmer! I've got some great new federal grants for you if you show...

More at The Virginian:

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It is no accident whatsoever

that it was a Travis County grand jury that indicted Perry on two felony counts for abuse of power. Travis County is essentially Austin, the Berkeley of Texas, a county with a history of such anti-Republican political indictments. neo-neocon / Rick Perry indicted

Formal photograph by The Earl of Taint

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Grace Notes


Place: Southport, Connecticut.

Time: Somewhere in the late 1980s.

Status: Married.

Mood: Pissed off.

It was one of those arguments that, if they don't end a marriage outright, threaten it with premature extinction. Like most, it was my fault. Like most, it probably started over a small thing in the way that explosions start with a spark in a primer. Whatever it was, like an explosion, it quickly escalated to the well-worn phrase that those who are wrong always use at the end, "Okay, that's it. I'm out of here!"

And out the door I went. Down to the driveway I went. Into the car I went. Out of the driveway and into the road I drove taking a hard left that would lead me down the right curve, then the left curve, then onto the main road. Halfway down this road I pulled the car over, turned off the engine and sat there listening to the crickets in the summer evening.

Well, I thought, that'll show her. I'm gone.

At which point it dawned on my small reptile brain, as it must have to countless husbands, that although I was gone I had no place to go.

Of course that wasn't quite true. In theory I had everyplace to go. Everyplace except back to the house I'd just left. I was parked close to the I-95 and the Boston Post Road on coastal Connecticut. I could go west-north-south wherever.... but I couldn't go back. At least not right then. That would be too humiliating.... too much like a Monty Python sketch. So I chose the solution that countless husbands have taken, I headed to the nearest hotel/motel.

In this case the nearest hotel/motel was an extensive establishment just off the Post Road. I pulled in front of the entrance and went inside. The check-in clerk visibly brightened as I walked in and gave me an effusive welcome. It didn't really lighten my mood to be greeted so warmly. I just asked for a quiet room where I could relax and take stock.

"A quiet room? We have a fine quiet room for you just across the parking lot. I'm sure you'll find it most satisfactory."

If the word "Whatever" had been in use then, I'm sure I would have spoken it. As it was I wasn't paying that much attention. He took my registration and credit card information and passed me the key. "Just pull across the way. It's on the ground floor. Do you need any help with your luggage?"

I needed no help at all with my luggage since I didn't have any luggage. Storming out of a house loses its impact if you pause to do anything sane like, say, pack a bag. I took the key and paused a bit looking at the indoor swimming pool that was just off the lobby. I didn't note the clerk pick up the phone and mumble into it.

The exhaustion, the adrenaline jag, that sets in after anger passes was beginning to overwhelm me. I left the lobby and drove the car about twenty yards to park in front of the my room, my rented refuge. I was looking forward to the solace of television and a fully stocked mini-bar. If I got hungry later there was a Greek Diner about a hundred yards down the road with "Breakfast All Day." It was not a good plan but it was the only plan I had. Maybe later I'd admit I'd become an extraterrestrial in my own town and "Phone home" seeking forgiveness. Maybe.

Stupefied I walked up to the motel room door, put the key in the lock, turned it and opened the door.

There were dim lights on in the room so I stood in the doorway and scanned the room left to right for a moment. Wall, bathroom entrance, wall with flocked green wallpaper and bad seascape (at least it wasn't clowns), bed, night table, donkey eating a bale of hay.

"Hold it. Scan room again please," said brain.

Wall, bathroom, seascape, bed, table, donkey eating a bale of hay. A small donkey. A large bale of hay. In the night and in the dim hotel room in the corner. A calm and not too big donkey eating hay.

Check nose. Yup, smells like a fairly clean donkey in there.

One more time. Situation same. Wall, picture, bed, donkey.... wait.... wall.... slightly at an angle instead of flat a portion of the wall where there should have been a sharp corner. Look more closely and see a thin place in the wallpaper. Hear a soft whirring noise. Then the phone rings.

The phone is on the table next to the bed and the donkey. I am in the doorway. It rings and it rings. I do not move. It stops ringing and the door of the room next to mine opens and Alan Funt's son Peter walks over to me with a clip-board, a pasted on smile and his hand held out.

"Hi, I'm Peter Funt. Smile, you're on Candid Camera!"

Candid Camera was an ancient staple of TV running from 1948 until it petered out at the end of the 1980s with a few brief returns since then. It is now virtually extinct, but it was big "laff-riot" TV in its day.

"The premise of the show involved concealed cameras filming ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations, sometimes involving trick props, such as a desk with drawers that pop open when one is closed or a car with a hidden extra gas tank."
In my case, it would seem that the gag was that random travelers of the Boston Post Road who'd come to the hotel/motel for refuge would be treated to a donkey in their room and filmed from behind a blind next to the wall. It probably seemed like a fine premise for a gag show into it's fourth decade, but I -- for one -- was not exactly in the mood.

Instead of being the good-sport the show depended on I gave Peter Funt a look that caused him to take two careful steps back and lower his hand. I reached forward and slowly closed the door to the donkey room noting that, across the way, the check-in clerk and others are in the entrance to the lobby watching what happens next. They were all, of course, in on the gag.

In the next minute or so, Peter Funt brings me into their little circle of funsters. I remember that he seemed most concerned I sign the release form he had on his clipboard. I refused and asked, "Am I going to be charged for this."

"No, of course not, the room's on us and we'll stand you for a new one for tonight with no donkey if you prefer, and dinner's on us. Just sign this and..."

He was talking to the air. I was in the car and out of the parking lot and gone up the Boston Post Road and home. Long before they'd reset the room and walked the donkey, I was softly knocking on my front door seeking forgiveness and a room for the night. Without farm animals.

I was very tired. I was glad to be home.

And now? It's. Baaaaaack! ‘Candid Camera': TV Land’s Reboot Continues the Show’s Ongoing Legacy


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La Wik notes:

"Misirlou" (Greek: Μισιρλού < Turkish: Mısırlı 'Egyptian'[1] < Arabic: مصر‎ Miṣr 'Egypt') is a song dating back to 1927, originally as a Greek rebetiko composition influenced by Middle Eastern music. The song then gained popularity among Middle Eastern audiences through Arabic (belly dancing), Jewish (klezmer), Armenian and Turkish versions. The song eventually gained worldwide popularity through Dick Dale's 1962 American surf rock version, .... The song was rearranged as a solo instrumental rock guitar piece by Dick Dale in 1962. During a performance, Dale was bet by a young fan that he could not play a song on only one string of his guitar. Dale's father and uncles were Lebanese-American musicians, and Dale remembered seeing his uncle play "Misirlou" on one string of the oud. He vastly increased the song's tempo to make it into rock and roll.

"Famous "Misirlou" is an old greek rebetiko song...

.this is the original version from Mike Patrinos from 1930. The word Misirli in turkish means girl from Egypt. The song refers to a cross-faith, cross-race, relationship, a risqué subject at its time."

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Bell flight fourteen you now can land
Seen you on Aldebaran, safe on the green desert sand
It's so very lonely, you're two thousand light years from home

It turns out that 2,000 light years is only the beginning, folks, only the beginning. So .... step right up!:

One star is about 890,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Pisces —33 times farther from the Milky Way's center than we are and well beyond the edge of the galactic disk. The only other Milky Way member at a comparable distance is a small galaxy named Leo I, which orbits ours at a distance of 850,000 light-years. If the star in Pisces revolves on a circular path as fast as we do, it takes some eight billion years to complete a single orbit around the galaxy. That's more than half the age of the universe.
- Scientific American

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We had it all
Just like Bogie and Bacall
Starring in our old late, late show
Sailing away to Key Largo


"The actress was 89. She is survived by her three children, son Stephen Humphrey Bogart, daughter Leslie Bogart, and son Sam Robards."

Bigger than life and lived a very big life. Which you can see if you....

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I am sick to death of hearing about Robin Williams. Funny guy. Sad guy. Rich guy. Famous guy. Dead guy. Buh Bye.

While it doesn't take a literary genius to understand John Donne's Meditation 17 ("No man is an island..." ), I'm pretty sure that when Donne penned:

Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,

the poet was not watching some blonde bimbette and her beta boys in blue blazers blather without stop about the endless amusement to be found in somebody who got his big break breaking out of a giant egg and then went on to a brief and hilarious classic comedy career of cocaine abuse. (Known forever after as, "When Robin Williams was really funny.")

Suffice it to say that if Robin Williams was not suicidal before his suicide, watching the reporting of it would have sent him running towards the clown throwing the cyanide pies screaming, "Me! Hit me with ten pies! Now! Dear God... Oh the humanity!".

My good friend off in the kitchen perusing the regrigerator offers the only rational explanation for this tsunami of Robin Williams, Robin Williams, and, oh by the way, here's more about Robin Williams!, "Given all else that's going on in the world right now, Robin Williams killing himself is -- strangely enough -- the 'feel good' story of the day."

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This is an invitation across the nation
A chance for the folks to meet
There'll be laughin' and singin' and music swingin'
And dancin' in the streets

Philadelphia, PA
(Philadelphia, PA)
Baltimore and DC now
(Baltimore and DC now)
Yeah, don't forget the Motor City
(Can't forget the Motor City)

If it's summertime it has to be "Let's-all-get-some-free-stuff-down-at-the-mall-time." Time to put this annual festival and movable feast in the schedule right up there along with the swallows coming back to Capistrano. Philadelphia, PA. Baltimore and DC now. Yeah, don't forget the Motor City....


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5-Minute Arguments


Living National Treasure: David Burge (iowahawkblog) on Twitter

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Search American Digest

The Top 40

The first bombs fell three days later, on June 19, 2028.

Cruise missiles came in just before dawn, targeting the State Houses in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, National Guard armories, and power plants.
The damage was extensive but largely symbolic. The State Houses and armories were empty, and the power plants were down for lack of fuel. Three waves of bombers hit us after the cruise missiles, going for bridges, rail lines and railway shops, fuel depots (also empty), and the Portland docks. In Washington, President Warner announced “the beginning of precise, surgical air action to compel the northern rebels to surrender to lawful authority.”
Victoria: Chapter 23

"The Brotherhood of Man"

What is the body count? Incomprehensible, how much human suffering one idiot phrase can cause. -- Happy Acres HappyAcres

Oh, there’s an epidemic of racial violence in America, all right.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, in 2010, 62,593 blacks were the victims of white violence.
During that same year, 320,082 whites were the victims of black violence. That’s five times as many violent attacks, but that number is misleading, since the black and white populations are not the same size. When 38 million black Americans commit five times as many violent crimes on 197 million whites as they receive, what you discover is that black perpetrators violently assault White victims TWENTY-FIVE times more frequently. When it comes to a specific kind of violent crime -- aggravated assault -- the number of black on white crimes is TWO HUNDRED TIMES HIGHER than white on black crimes. Oh, there’s an epidemic of racial violence in America, all right.
Bill Whittle: Ferguson and the Real Race War | Truth Revolt

The Sheldon Cooper Presidency

Sheldon Cooper doesn't care if someone's loved one has died. This is Thursday. We have pizza on Thursday. That's what we do on Thursday. Because it's Thursday.
No matter what happens in the world, Obama is sticking to Pizza On Thursdays. Because that's what we do on Thursdays. Thursdays are for Pizza. They're slaughtering Christians in Iraq? Thursdays are for Pizza. They're slaughtering Yazidis in Iraq? Pizza is what we have on Thursdays. Ferguson is burning? It's Thursday. Thursday night is pizza night. James Foley was beheaded by the New Caliphate in Iraq? Well, unless James Foley is our Pizza delivery guy, I don't really see how this alters our Thursday plans...
- - Ace of Spades HQ

How Ernö Rubik Created the Rubik's Cube


In 1974, a particular project had him stumped.
For months, he’d been working on a block made of smaller cubes that could move without causing the whole structure to fall apart. So far, each attempt had failed. The evidence was strewn all over the two-bedroom apartment he shared with his mother. One spring day, a frustrated Rubik left the apartment and wandered the streets of Budapest. He followed a gentle bend in the Danube River, a path he had walked countless times before. At one point, he stopped to listen to the water lapping ashore and looked down at the polished round pebbles that lined the riverbank. Suddenly, his heart started racing.
-- Mental Floss

30 Facts That Prove The American Middle-Class Is Being Destroyed

8. The price of food continues to rise much faster than the paychecks of most middle class families.
For example, the average price of ground beef has just hit a brand new all-time record high of $3.884 a pound. 9. According to one recent study, 40 percent of all households in the United States are experiencing financial stress right now. 10. The overall homeownership rate has fallen to the lowest level since 1995. 11. The homeownership rate for Americans under the age of 35 is at an all-time low. 12. According to one recent survey, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now. 13. The average age of vehicles on America’s roads has hit an all-time high of 11.4 years.
-- Zero Hedge

Chuck Hagel Goes Full Fearmonger: "ISIS Poses Greater Threat Than 9/11, Prepare For Everything"


"Running around, hair on fire, screaming, waving hands, spitting blood,
puss running freely from open sores, chased by the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, CFR saying it's OK for dogs and cats to inter-breed, mixing the races and languages, Tower of Babel collapsing, earth tremors, strange sounds of Gabriel's horns summoning all mankind to the Ultimate Blood Feast, CNN reporters already on site showing Live Death in Technicolor 24/7/365, proclamations, edicts, stalwarts marching to strengthen the state, Pharisees rising justified by YouTube videos, psalms and prayers banned, speeches delivered on blank canvasses to be fulfilled by whatever wishes desired of the audience, placation of misery and destruction, freedoms curtailed to defend freedoms, children annihilated, women sold into bondage, drugs alcohol and mind altering chemicals sprayed into the air, electromagnetic vibrations as Nibru and the End of Days approaches, pass the popcorn and Jello. This is where we began and so shall end."
- - Zero Hedge

John Muir Took the Scenic Route

Muir traveled light. He carried only a press to preserve plant specimens, a Bible, a change of underwear, and a book of Robert Burns’s poetry.
His few belongings meant that he was reliant on the kindness of anyone he passed. As he wrote, “I oftentimes had to sleep out without blankets, and also without supper or breakfast. But usually I had no great difficulty in finding a loaf of bread in the widely scattered clearings of the farmers.”
- Neatorama

The Life of a Seismic Gas Explorer in Canada’s Wilderness


It was around -35 degrees before the wind chill on the side of a 250 foot cliff 40 miles south of Nahanni Butte,
in the Northwest Territories—and the wind chill was substantial. Flurries seemed to blow right through Tyrone Burke’s clothing. He was a 1 mile slog through knee-deep snow on rough terrain to the nearest helipad, and with the light quickly fading, he had ended up in the better of two bad choices.... It involved jumping from the side of the cliff onto the three inch skid of a hovering helicopter in climbing boots prone to slipping on metal.
-- VICE United States

The US media is full of brainwashed cultural-marxist, limp-wristed, sissy men and their “you-go-girl,” change-the-world sisters.

Their complete inability to just report the goddamned facts in ANY story without interjecting some marxist agenda is a key factor for there being more blood in the streets than need be.
Rumor, innuendo, and just flat-out bullshit ruled the initial days after Michael Brown was shot. Every loud-mouthed race-baiter from across the land was dragged onto every news station to run his suckhole about a situation in which he had ZERO facts, but decided to crank up the animosity for the doe-eyed, guilt-filled, leftist lady announcers and their beta male orbiters. The bullshit continues unabated today, and will continue tomorrow, and the next day and the next. If this thing goes nuclear, I will not cry for journalists when the mobs they incited burn news offices to the ground and drag reporters naked through the streets before they string them up on lampposts.
-- #Ferguson – when assholes collide | Ivy Mike Cafe

Celebrating looters and rioters


who take their anger out on sneaker stores, liquor stores, rim stores,
and various and sundry businesses that had nothing to do with the death of a young, ghetto black American feeds every stereotype about ghetto black American culture on a parabolic scale. While the media may lionize this conduct, the rest of the country looks on it with scorn. It sucks for the protestors that are doing civil disobedience right.

To the whack-jobs out there scolding the violent for not rioting and looting in white neighborhoods: Are you psychotic?
What on earth do people think is going to happen if that starts? Is that what people want? Seriously? As my black brothers and sisters say on The Twitter, “SMH.”
#Ferguson – when assholes collide | Ivy Mike Cafe

When you get a concealed carry in most states, you learn when you can use lethal force.

The first rule you learn is the seven yard rule.
When the bad guy is within 20 feet, it is assumed retreat is impossible. About 20 states do not require any retreat whatsoever. Others have laws on the books requiring a citizen to take reasonable steps to get away from the bad guy. Once the bad guy gets close, however, you can do what you need to do to avoid harm. That rule applies to cops too. This guy is not required to take a beating just because the giant did not have a weapon.
- -The Z Blog › Self Defense

How Many Media Manias Over White Racism Have Turned Out to be Fiascos?

In this century alone, I can quickly come up with the following list of fiascos:
Kerri Dunn Duke Lacrosse Jena Six Madonna Constantine’s Columbia Noose UCSD Noose Dominique Strauss-Kahn Trayvon Martin Mohammed Merah Shaima Alawadi Oberlin Assault Blanket Marco McMillian

Urban Dictionary: shiftless

Shiftless A person or action that is slow, without purpose, lurking, mal-intented or unemployed i.e with-out shifts.

Damone was at his other baby's momma's house while his mother searched endlessly for him because he was suppose to pick her up at the airport like he had promised. Man he is so damned shiftless!
Urban Dictionary: shiftless

From [Race and Reality: A Search for Solutions, Carleton Putnam, 1967

Let a man be told incessantly that everything he and his forefathers had achieved was largely a matter of chance;
that the poverty and backward condition of other individuals and races was also largely a question of luck—in fact perhaps even the fault of himself and his forefathers; that his standards of morals, fiscal responsibility and personal integrity were no better than anyone else’s; that his civilization was mostly happenstance and really nothing much to be proud of; that since all humanity were innately equal, all actual differences must be due to the other man’s misfortune and his own four-leaf clovers—let a man hear these things often enough and his values were bound to change. And the change must soon diffuse itself through the family, the community and the nation.
The Thinking Housewife › Putnam on the Big Lie

The Weight Loss Secret Worth Billions Of Dollars


I’m about to reveal to you one of the most highly guarded secrets in the weight loss industry.
It’s mind-blowingly simple, yet if it were known and fully accepted by the general population, the weight loss industry would literally lose billions of dollars of revenue each year. Are you sitting down? The secret is this: in order to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than your body burns, on a regular basis.
- - Eat Man Food and Lose Weight: A Primer On Flexible Dieting

Bill Whittle: Ferguson and the Real Race War

And of all the promises broken by this [Obama],

surely none is more heartbreaking than the one promise that got him elected in the first place: the promise of a post-racial future. He and his racist progressive cohorts can never surrender the weapon that has gotten them everything, not the least of which is personal political power and trillions of dollars of redistributed wealth. And this latest outrage in Furguson is yet another example – as if another was needed among the economic wreckage, creeping totalitarianism, and foreign-policy disasters -- that he and his leftist cohorts would rather rule over ruins than disappear into the dustbin of a healthy and healed nation.
-- Truth Revolt


Who Says There's No Good News?

My job is to watch cable news. That's what I'm paid to do 12 hours a day. I don't watch AJAM. Not because I don't want to but because the network doesn't matter.
I might as well watch a test pattern. If AJAM got 17,000 viewers but could in some way penetrate the news cycle, the Qatar government would be happy to lose hundreds of millions of dollar every year. But AJAM just spins its wheels in total obscurity. If the Qatar government flushed that money down the toilet, it would at least have an effect: it would clog the toilet. AJAM has no effect of any kind. It clogs nothing. It doesn't exist in any form in the news cycle. Therefore it doesn’t exist at all.
Al Jazeera America Staffers Rattled By Layoffs, Catastrophic Ratings

You would think that the Ferguson rioters would understand

the historic meaning of the phrase "lynch mob," but apparently these folks are very low-information voters with special needs.

Ralph Peters Wants to Firebomb ISIL and their Goats

While the world burns,

here’s some perspective on Barack Obama’s golf habit:
If he keeps it up, Obama will play more games of golf as president than Tiger Woods has played during the same time. Since Obama first took office, Woods played 269 rounds. Because the golf-pro is out with an injury, Obama is playing at a rate that will surpass the number of games Woods played by spring. “Think about that for a minute,” writes Joseph Curl at The Washington Times. “The president of the U.S., juggling the American economy and the entire world’s problems – Iraq is in full meltdown, the Middle East is a powder keg, Russia is moving on Ukraine – has played golf nearly as much as a guy whose day job is playing golf.” No word yet on Obama’s golf score, which is probably better than the one he gets on leading the nation.
- - President Half-Ass

Thomas Sowell Wonders....

I don’t know why we are spending our hard-earned money paying taxes to support a criminal justice system, when issues of guilt and innocence are being determined on television — and even punishment is being meted out by CNN’s showing the home and address of the policeman accused in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting. Random Thoughts

In the real world, when an employer trumpets its “diversity”

you are usually being told that hiring on the basis of actual qualifications
has been subordinated to good PR about the organization’s tenderness towards whatever designated-victim groups are in fashion this week, and can safely predict that you’ll be able to spot the diversity hires by their incompetence. Real fairness doesn’t preen itself; real fairness considers discrimination for as odious as discrimination against; real fairness is a high-minded indifference to anything except actual merit.
Review: The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014

The Islamic Jihad Conquest Formula

If the latest jihad victory is thought to be secure and slave labor is desired,
the captured men and boys will be fettered in chains and put to work under conditions similar to those experienced by slave laborers under the Nazis during World War Two. They may be fed or starved at the sole discretion of their new overlords. They may be worked fifteen or more hours a day, every day, in all weather and climates with no shoes, gloves, coats or hats. Often they will be both starved and overworked to the extent that a significant percentage of them will perish every month. When these wretched slaves are too weak to haul boulders or dig trenches, they may be executed at the sole discretion of their overlords. No discipline will ever be meted out for starving, beating or killing “infidel” slave laborers.
Bracken @| Western Rifle Shooters


Obama “called and spoke with [Foley's] parents on Wednesday, the same day he held a news conference in which he vowed a ‘relentless’ effort to stop ISIS.”

You mean like the way he vowed to bring justice to the perpetrators of Benghazi

or the wrath that would descend on Assad? Or maybe he meant his efforts to #bringbackourgirls — the hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped by the Boko Haram? He means his vow as much as he meant the others.
Game Over. Play Again?


"We cannot disregard people’s need to be welcomed into society because it means that the individuals are now angry, and they have the right to be angry. "

This shuck'n jive doesn't work anymore.
Ferguson was once a middle class suburb of Saint Louis, now, along with all of North Saint Louis, it's being subsumed by East Saint Louis, itself a pest-hole rivaling Port au Prince. Maybe even Detroit. "Community"? Looters, dopers, moronic thuggers, arsonists, activists and other criminal psychopaths do not a community make. Real communities don't go from rumors to looting to burning the place down in a matter of hours. Real communities certainly aren't on international travel lists of places to avoid. Notice who and what this "community" admires, and how uncritically they believe each other's lies and rumors. Notice who their martyrs are and who their spokesmen are. Being "very, very neglectful" of this 'community' is unwarranted forbearance.
ol remus and the woodpile report

Heavy Meta: Maine Man, 19, Poses For New Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of His Old Mug Shot


| The Smoking Gun

Iowahawk on ISIS


And ..... 2016 is off and running!


Holder's "People"

Eric Holder: Black Panther case focus demeans 'my people' Holder said. "When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people," said Holder, who is black.

What did freedom mean to an Appalachian settler circa 1776?

What did it mean to a Roman legionnaire circa 43 BC?

To a Russian peasant living under the Tatar yoke circa 1230 AD? I’m not completely sure, but I do know that to a lot of Westerners in 2014, living in supposedly the most advanced*, civilized* and enlightened* society of all time, freedom means the ability to indulge in lust, greed, sloth and gluttony without incurring any kind of cost, social or otherwise. To some of these standard-bearers of bright new age, freedom means the ability to mutilate your genitalia then harass others into publicly affirming the wisdom of your choices.
Modernity's Debasement of Language

Sharpton / Crump: Credits to Their Professions

Al Sharpton — who has a cable “news” show and hobnobs with the president despite enabling so many hoaxes
and egging on so much previous destruction and being so illiterate and mush-mouthed that it’s a miracle he has yet to be laughed off the planet — rushed to St. Louis to belch out gas from deep within his rancid and corrupt bowels. Benjamin L. Crump, who unsuccessfully represented Trayvon Martin’s family in the Zimmerman trial, is now the Brown family’s lawyer. And so much of the media—mainly rich and sheltered intelligent white people who should know better but keep letting their ideology blind them and their emotions get the best of them—is already spinning limp excuses about the criminalization of blackness and the cycle of poverty and the fact that after all we’ve been through, we still have much more work to do until white America finally gets over its toxic racism.
The Week That Perished - Taki's Magazine

Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit

Obama sends racial and post-racial signals. He flips from sounding like a JFK liberal envisioning the day when all American children can live together to a Chicago community organizer who uses justice to mean resentment.
He tends to avoid explicitly racist rhetoric. Instead he empowers those who do. From Jeremiah Wright to Sharpton and Holder, he surrounds himself with race-baiters on the nastier edge of the spectrum. And while it’s easy to mistake them for the Ferguson looters, that would be a mistake. Wright is a wealthy man from an upscale family. Holder’s father was a real estate broker. Sharpton’s father was a slumlord who drove a new Cadillac every year. Despite exploiting the resentment of poor blacks in places like Ferguson or Crown Heights, they don’t have much in common with them. The same is true of Obama.
| FrontPage Magazine

The Fed and the “Salvador Dali Effect”


There is a story about the great Catalan surrealist painter Salvador Dali.
It is said that in the last years of his life, when he was already famous, he signed checks knowing that they would not be submitted to the bank for payment. Rather, after partying with his friends and consuming the most expensive items the restaurants had to offer, he would ask for the bill, pull out one of his checks, write the amount, and sign it. Before handing over the check, he quickly turned it around, made a drawing on the back and autographed it. Dali knew the owner of the restaurant would not cash the check but keep it,put it in a frame, and display it in the most prominent place in the restaurant: “An original Dali.”
- Dante Bayona - Mises Daily

It’s odd how clearly the American century is marked: 1865 to 1965.

As the 20th century historian Shelby Foote noted, the first Civil War made us one nation.
In 1860, we wrote, “the United States are.” By the end of the war, the verb was singular: “the United States is.” After 1965 and another war we disunited—deconstructed—with equal speed into blacks, whites, Hispanics, womyn, gays, victims, oppressors, left-handed albinos with congenital halitosis, you name it. The homosexuals said silence = death. Nature replied diversity = war.
a title="Victoria: Preface | traditionalRIGHT" href="">Victoria: Preface


For the life of me, I don't understand why on Gore's green Earth black people would want more black people controlling their lives.
Cities are replete with black folks in charge of other black folks: Black aldermen, black city councilmen, majority black school boards (maybe one token white), black mayors, and the real shot-callers known as the Congressional Black Caucus. Add to this a black president and a black attorney general, and you have a cornucopia of black power, all of which has led to devastation in the black community. And how is the life of Michael Brown celebrated in the black community? Looting.
-- Black Racism is Politically Correct

What occurs to me about these delusional tools

- besides their mental conformity, their vanity, and their belief that the campus belongs to them and is theirs to disrupt
– is that their places could have been taken by students who don’t strive to silence facts and ideas, and who actually want to learn something. Perhaps even a skill that’s of value to others and will thereby earn them a living. There must be thousands of much smarter, more honest people – people who don’t imagine themselves as Maoist “revolutionaries” - who would eagerly use the opportunity that these obnoxious little parasites are squandering.
davidthompson: Elsewhere

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