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While America Blathered

Gotta get away
from this day-to-day
running around,
Everybody knows
this is nowhere.

Let's review. Two American task forces and one Marine Expeditionary unit in the Persian Gulf conducting "war-games." 15 UK sailors and marines captured by Tehran and now pawns in what looks to become a long-running series of daily humiliations of a clearly de-fanged and neutered Britain reduced to the "Pretty please?" stage of diplomacy. Russian intelligence reports of a "build-up" of American forces on the borders of Iraq and Iran. A secretary of state at large in the Mid East enacting a sequel to "Strictly Ballroom" in Palestine.


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Riding The View with Rosie

I was going to join the blogpile on Rosie O'Donnell, but suddenly the voices in my head turned into my mother telling me that "It's not nice to mock the retarded."

"But, Mom," I said, "Rosie isn't retarded. She just played a retarded person in that horrible TV/Hallmark card. And if anyone in the history of our current phase of prehistory ever mocked the retarded it was that performance. She shrunk Rainman down into Dewgirl."

"Typecasting, my son, pure typecasting. I watched that show for three long minutes and you can't tell me that Rosie was 'acting.' Everybody


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Who? Us?

Or, as Editorialists say, "Who? We?"

As the days pass and it becomes increasingly clear that Lewis Libby has had no justice but has been pilloried by "Just us," those Americans still possessed of a shred of apolitical decency might well ask, at the very least, for an accounting by those responsible.

Of course, all those who strutted and fretted out their seedy roles in this revolting saga will look up, like dogs caught rolling in garbage, and shrug a mighty, "Who? Us?"


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The Word That Launched 100,000 Hits

"We're becoming a nation of whining, braying weenies on all sides of the political spectrum." -- Webutante

Left: What goes into your mouth can kill you.
Right: What comes out of your mouth can kill you.

"Dueling blondes," that's what you gotta think, as Anna Nicole is shipped off to be planted at last, and Anne Coulter is set-up to be planted real soon now.


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EMBRACE THE MURTHA: Part One of "Mourning in America"


Murtha: A Man, A Plan, A High Colonic

Art thou afeard
To be the same in thine own act and valour
As thou art in desire?
-- Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, 1.VII

How Nancy Can Get Her Groove Back

After their stunning electoral victories, the Democrats in Congress have hit the ground shunning. Shunning confrontation, shunning decision, shunning crisis, and shunning leadership. The "First Hundred Hours" are now stretching towards the First Hundred Days with nothing but a lot of little victories that are all that has emerged from their big promises.


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