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Inevitably, we will learn that this is a carefully choreographed slowdown by the TSA so they can get more money.

It’s not just miniature horse keepers who will benefit.

Senator Chuck Schumer, a well regarded airport engineer and security expert, is demanding dogs be unleashed on the people standing in line. You’re standing in-line and a miniature horse just took a dump on your sneakers and then a pack of hounds trailed by fat guys in blue shirts starts chasing the horses through the terminal. Maybe that’s where the clowns come in. Like at the rodeo, their job will be to distract the animals.Send in the Clowns | The Z Blog


Vox Popoli: We don't need their platforms. We don't kiss the gatekeepers' asses.

We storm the gates, tear them down, and erect our own institutions using their skulls as decorations. The Brainstorm knows what's coming next. In August, the rest of you will too. There is nothing to accommodate. We will replace them by Fox Newsing their CNNs, Breitbarting their Salons, and Castalia Housing their Tors. They can keep the left-liberal third of the literate population. We'll take the rest.

"A little less off the top, Joe."


Joe Barca, Sr. gives a haircut to Bucky Volkmar on his 99th birthday at Barca's Barber Shop in Elmer, Thursday, May 26, 2016. Volkmar has been getting his hair cut by Barca for 60 years. On his 99th birthday, Elmer barber keeps on trimming [HT: Reader CStacy]

Perhaps there are those who do enjoy smoking Mixture No. 79 by Sutliff; I however would not be among them.


I have tempered my original review of this, in consideration for those who may find something redeeming in this tobacco, though I would strain to imagine what that would be.
However, during my travels I took note of a people who enjoyed the rind of a fruit, dipped in salt that was so bitter it was nearly impossible to keep on the tongue. There are people who bury fish heads in mud for a month and then dig it up and consume the putrid flesh. There are others who eat boiled eggs wherein the embryo has developed into a partially formed duck. So it stands to reason that there would be some within a population of respectable size, who might enjoy this tobacco. I have never eaten the flesh of rotted fish, but I have tasted "balut", the aforementioned egg of the duck; it did not taste like chicken, nor did it remind me in any way of peking duck, and I remember I required a significant amount of the local beer in order to distract my palate in hopes of avoiding an unpleasant reaction. All this is to say that, while I cannot decide which experience I would choose should it ever be necessary to revisit one of the undesirable experiences; suffice to say that I would prefer not to. again, experience either of the two. Sutliff Tobacco Company - Mixture No.79 - Tobacco Reviews

How long before we see a headline, "Terrorists Blow Up TSA Screening Area, Dozens Dead, Hundreds Injured"?

Shall we then see pre-screening screening?
Shall we be required to show up the day before our flight? Yes, this is a shakedown to restore recent job cuts. It's also the sheerest kind of incompetence , TSA's expertise aside from their daily theatre. Ever gone through a third world airport? You will, without ever leaving the country. Next. Woodpile Report

The Costanza Maxim: "Remember, it's not a lie if you believe it ."

Even if Trump doesn't even believe his own words when he says he will, WE STILL KNOW DONALD TRUMP ISN'T LYING!
"Wait a minute," you say. "What do you mean he's not lying? If he says something he does not mean to carry through on, that's a lie, right? Why, I dare say, that's the very definition of a lie."



And, everyone knows it is not a lie.

Even those of you accusing him of being a liar, even you know it is not a lie.

Want me to prove it to you?


Are You #ManEnough4Hillary?

The Campaign that couldn't shoot straight. First they put out this ad for Hillary:

In less than an hour the Internet discovers that the stock model male model has been seen elsewhere:



Haters will say "photoshopped"




"Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed." -- Barnhardt

Root and branch, tribe and family: Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob | Africa

I’ve checked out this thing about Trump being some kind of liberal.

Even in the smear jobs, he comes off looking like a mercenary who has become tired of the rules he has successfully followed. This is the very picture of the newcomer-conservative that the movement should be making efforts to welcome. House of Eratosthenes


Toilet terror as python bites man's penis while he sits on the loo before bloody battle ensues - Mirror Online

Brooklyn couple takes pictures of themselves in vagina costumes around New York

Good cause: '50 Cents. Period.' promotes women's reproductive health in underprivileged areas, | Daily Mail Online

When you’ve reached the point that coloring books are your stock in trade, the end is near.

Along these lines, too, adult coloring books, which are print but not conventionally so, helped bolster trade paperback sales, which rose by more than 16%. | The Arts Mechanical

When Orville Wright died, Neil Armstrong was already 17 years old.


“The cerebro-spinal axis of our political system"


A striking example of the strength of the British Empire in the early 20th century:
In 1911 Britain completed the “All Red Line,” a network of telegraphs that linked its possessions. The system was so redundant that an enemy would have had to cut 49 cables to isolate the United Kingdom, 15 to isolate Canada, or 5 to isolate South Africa. As a result, British communications remained uninterrupted throughout World War I.

Sir Sandford Fleming described the network as “the cerebro-spinal axis of our political system … through which would freely pass the sensory impressions and the motor impulses of the British people in every longitude.” Small World - Futility Closet

“Truly viral news content tends to be terrible.”

The wisdom of the crowd, when it comes to picking news stories for wide circulation, is indistinguishable from idiocy. | ROUGH TYPE

24 Sci-Fi Novels You Can Read for Free


Deathworld and Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison
Deathworld is a sort of parallel story to Harrison's famous Stainless Steel Rat series, taking place in the same sort of framework but focusing on a gambler thrust onto a hellish world full of dangerous beasts and awful weather on a smuggling trip. Planet of the Damned is an interplanetary Hunger Games, in which a survivor of the Twenties (a fittest-person challenge) tries to navigate a harsh realm of planets seemingly on the brink of nuclear war. There are also symbiotic aliens and more weirdness as the protagonists try to defuse worlds on the brink of destruction. -- Links here at Popular Mechanics

The Wimpening


Getting back to the Milo event, I keep wondering what would happen if someone popped one of these BLM cunts in the mouth.
If Milo had knocked her cold, I’m thinking that would be the last of these confrontations. The risk assessment by these people would change overnight. Taking on the honky would suddenly come with real danger. Whatever benefits there are, assuming there are any, of refusing to fight, there’s no doubt it encourages troublemakers like that woman to get increasingly aggressive.
Watching the reaction from his fans on-line, I feel like I’m from another planet. Frankly, I cringed watching that video. Yet, the reaction on twitter suggests most people think he was the winner in that exchange. If that’s “winning” then I don’t want to see losing. To my old eyes, that looked like a white guy being dominated by a scrawny black bitch and then slinking away. I get that he is a gay guy and maybe the rules are different, but still, it was hard to watch, much less cheer. | The Z Blog

Pensions Will Go Away In The Apocalypse

Reagan tapped the debt spigot. Resources began to flow freely, and it changed the very way we viewed them.
Suddenly, everybody had a right to a house, and college, and birth control, and diapers, and health insurance, and food, and cell phones, and anything else they could think of. Foreigners deserve citizenship, and free money, and they should even be allowed to send that money to their home country, so their families can have free money there. Nothing is worth anything, and money grows on trees. There was literally no way to communicate to the public that such profligacy would lead to a total collapse of the economic system which provided those resources, and even if there were, you probably couldn’t make people care enough to do something. Their amygdalae had grown too weak. -- Anonymous Conservative

The so-called “sweet spot” for digging tunnels along the California/Mexico border.


“Go too far west,” reporter Jason Song explained,
“and the ground will be sandy and potentially soggy from the water of the Pacific Ocean. That could lead to flooding, which wouldn’t be good for the drug business. Too far east and you’ll hit a dead end of hard mountain rock.” However, Song continues, “in a strip of land that runs between roughly the Tijuana airport and the Otay Mesa neighborhood in San Diego, there’s a sweet spot of sandstone and volcanic ash that isn’t as damp as the oceanic earth and not as unyielding as stone.” The Soft Spot – BLDGBLOG

An Entity With Earthly Allure

An entity with earthly allure with whom they can identify: who builds buildings they can admire, who rages when they are angry,
who speaks common sense when others cannot even classify gender. Who finally turns the tables to bully their tormentors. Somebody who does not inhabit the murky world of power as a “dark force the market cannot account for”: an invisible hand that seems somehow to control the invisible hand these days. Folks who produce – well nothing really but yet feed on something in the darkness until they grow wealthy, obese. People have had enough of an economic system that exists outside their understanding, outside their control – outside their access. | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

Conservative Pundit on Twitter: "Everyone just stay calm and remember that polls don't mean anything this far out from general election unless they show Trump losing."

The Obama Regime’s Criminal Syndicate

In short, the DOJ, leveraging the settlement process under threat of prosecution, has bypassed Congress
and the Courts to secure settlement agreements to provide consumer relief funds to third-party radical leftist groups. Moreover, the DOJ has used a portion of the funds agreed to under the settlements to finance the administrations housing policy goals as the DOJ inserted its own spending priorities to pick certain groups, such as La Raza, to receive funds without any requirement that the funds be disbursed to aggrieved homeowners. Officials within the DOJ have also effectively skimmed off three percent from mortgage-related bank settlements and thus have been able to create a $500 million dollar slush fund allowing them to spend the money in whichever way they best see fit. – Politically Short

There’s the great new dividing line in politics

One side is concerned solely with stability and comity at the top. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times argue endlessly about how best to organize global governance, because that’s what matters to them. They are not just indifferent to what happens in your neighborhood. They see such concern as a fault, a mental defect that should exclude you from the halls of power. As far as they’re concerned, you are no more important than the Malaysian sweatshop worker. You’re just an economic unit.
On the other side of the dividing line are the localists, the people who focus their attention on their neighborhood, their town, their city and their country. The Super Duper Global Trade Pact may be great for Mega Corp, but if it means all the jobs in your town get shipped to Malaysia, then it is not good for you. Cheap stuff at Walmart is not much good to a man without a job. Generous welfare benefits are not much good when everyone spends it on liquor and meth.
The End of Left and Right | The Z Blog

“Have you made an herbarium yet?”

Cannabis plant, loofestrife and pasture rose, bottom right.
The Lost Gardens of Emily Dickinson
Dickinson adored the plant kingdom from a young age. She recalled going on “rambles” through the woods in her teenage years and finding many “beautiful children of spring,” her epithet for wildflowers like trailing arbutus, adder’s tongue and yellow violets. In her youth, she began composing a book — not of poems, but of plants. She meticulously dried and flattened a wide range of species — chestnut, dogwood, poppies, lilac, nasturtiums, even a couple of algae — and artfully fixed them to paper, christening many with the appropriate Latin names.

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