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"Praise be to the Stupid Old White Women Choir."

Hillary Clinton's fanatical supporters sing Gospel with "Hillary" replacing "Jesus" in lyrics.

The National Football League is on TV. It can easily be turned off.

Ingrate of the Century. So far.
The National Football League is sponsored by beer and cars and soft drinks that can easily be not purchased. Not that hard. Just turn it off.
You better be especially careful because the opening weekend of the National Football League this year is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Opening Sunday in the National Football League this year is September the 11th, the 15th anniversary. And if a number of you endeavor to try to steal the stage of the National Football League to call attention to a personal political issue, attention you could not get without stealing the stage of the National Football League, you run the risk of doing grave damage to the league and business in which you play and are paid, a business which depends on massive public love and support and attention and money. - - Rush Limbaugh

Not Sure How to Vote? Try John Adams’ Advice.

In a word? Read.
“We know it to be our Duty, to read, examine and judge for ourselves, even of ourselves what is right. … The English Constitution is founded, tis bottomed And grounded on the Knowledge and good sense of the People. The very Ground of our Liberties, is the freedom of Elections. Every Man has in Politicks as well as Religion, a Right to think and speak and Act for himself. No man either King or Subject, Clergyman or Layman has any Right to dictate to me the Person I shall choose for my Legislator and Ruler. I must judge for myself, but how can I judge, how can any Man judge, unless his Mind has been opened and enlarged by Reading. A Man who can read, will find in his Bible, in the common sermon Books that common People have by them and even in the Almanack and News Papers, Rules and observations, that will enlarge his Range of Thought, and enable him the better to judge who has and who has not that Integrity of Heart, and that Compass of Knowledge and Understanding, which form the Statesman.” | Intellectual Takeout

Then his plane caught fire, but he made it back to base.


Caldwell’s P-40 “Tomahawk” of 250 Squadron was riddled with more than 100 rounds of 7.9 mm slugs,
plus five 20 mm cannon strikes which punctured a tyre and rendered the flaps inoperative. In the first attack Caldwell suffered bullet wounds to the back, left shoulder, and leg. In the next pass one shot slammed through the canopy, causing splinters which wounded him with perspex in the face and shrapnel in the neck. Two cannon shells also punched their way through the rear fuselage just behind him and the starboard wing was badly damaged. Despite damage to both himself and the aircraft, Caldwell, feeling, as he remembers, “quite hostile” turned on his attackers and sent down one of the Bf 109s in flames. The pilot of the second Messerschmitt, the renowned Leutnant Schroer, shocked by this turn of events, evidently made off in some haste. - - WW2 Today

Tell me how this toothpaste goes back in the tube.

Chicago gangs no longer know or fear the police, and bodies pile up
"Every cop saw that video," O'Connor said. "One big difference is that now, on the street, there is no fear. Even in the '90s, with all the killing, the gangs feared the police. When we'd show up, they'd run. But now? Now they don't run. Now, there is no fear."

Central state stimulus funded by debt only creates a brief illusion of prosperity.

The problem is this: after the government funding dries up,
we still have a corrupt crony-cartel economy based on predatory privilege, parasitic rackets and central-state enforced fraud.In other words, we still have an economy that strangles productivity that could benefit the many in order to further enrich the few. - -Charles Hugh Smith

In any normal system somebody would have made their own EpiPens and sold them for less.


It wouldn’t have been hard. Its active ingredient, epinephrine, is off-patent, was being synthesized as early as 1906, and costs about ten cents per EpiPen-load.
Why don’t they? They keep trying, and the FDA keeps refusing to approve them for human use. For example, in 2009, a group called Teva Pharmaceuticals announced a plan to sell their own EpiPens in the US. The makers of the original EpiPen sued them, saying that they had patented the idea epinephrine-injecting devices. Teva successfully fended off the challenge and brought its product to the FDA, which rejected it because of “certain major deficiencies”. As far as I know, nobody has ever publicly said what the problem was – we can only hope they at least told Teva. Reverse Voxsplaining: Drugs vs. Chairs | Slate Star Codex

On Santa Cruz Island, they killed the cows, sheep, and bees. Now it’s time to finish the job.

All Queens Must Die!
She had Argentines in her backyard, of course, so she began her initial research and development there. Most poisoning systems acted too fast, killing ants either upon contact or soon after. Boser finally hit upon little gel beads, the kind used by florists in watery bouquets. Biodegradable, they soaked up the sugar water cut with poison, and kept their shape long enough, allowing the ants time to swarm and haul them homeward, back to the queens.

"Here’s a lovely recent shot of Edith and Woodrow Wilson, in matching outfits. "


Interesting Intel About Hillary, Huma and Musloid Racism | Barnhardt I, for one, can not wait until Hillary Clinton,
on some state visit to Yemen or some shithole like that, gets shuffled off to the side, because, let’s face it, the Bangladeshi slave boy that cleans out the pit toilet outranks her on the social precedence scale.

In social systems as in mechanical systems, action will always be met by reaction.

The rise of racial animosity among blacks toward whites has evoked an equal
but opposite feeling among whites toward blacks. As American whites are six to seven times as numerous as American blacks, this is not a lever that favors black aspirations, regardless of their nature. Liberty's Torch: Saxons

The news media has collapsed under an avalanche of nonsense they created.

No one believes anything they see reported.
Government has approval rates in the teens. We are well into becoming a low-trust society that can only be held together by force. A big cause of that is the daily barrage of nonsense we get through the media. There used to be a time when the responsible made an effort to stem the flow of nonsense, but that’s no more. Instead, we live in a misinformation age. It’s not going to end well. Misinformation Age

“The Modern Liberal was born into a life as close to paradise as any human being since God first created man.

Having come of age in or after the 1960s,
virtually everything that virtually every other human being, in literally every other time and in literally every other place, had had to think about – at its most basic, how to avoid things like disease, hunger, poverty and physical pain – had all but been eradicated just prior to the Modern Liberal’s entry into the sentient world.” Evan Sayet, “The Kindergarten of Eden”

It's Probably Nothing:

Report: Czech Government Tells Citizens to ‘Prepare for the Worst’ Warning follows German advisory for citizens to stockpile enough food and water for 10 days.

Linkapalooza (Mit Der Commentary of O'Remus)


If it's Tuesday it must be a new Woodpile Report

John Derbyshire: "Fifty years.... And still they riot."

Because riots work, Derb. They keep the gravy train fueled.
No one actually believed all those programs and giveaways were the "right thing to do," nor do they believe it now. Not them, not us. They were, and are, payoffs, the price of peace. As Derb points out, it hasn't worked and it won't work. We've gotten a negative return on half a century of expensive subservience, yet if our attention drifts from their self-inflicted troubles for one waking moment—riots. We're being had. Woodpile Report

Walk into a gun-shop almost anywhere and you are likely to see a picture of Barack Obama on the wall, with the caption “Salesman of the Year”.

A Pew Research Center poll released on August 26 shows that 44 percent of all households now own a gun.
This expansion of household gun ownership comes amid an ongoing streak of 15 months of consecutive gun sale background checks and various poll results showing Americans believe gun ownership makes them safer, rather than putting them at risk. According to Pew, 44 percent of all households have a gun, versus 51 percent who said they did not. This same poll showed that 58 percent of respondents viewed gun ownership as something that brings safety, versus 37 percent who believe such ownership increases risk. Defense Makes Sense – waka waka waka

Drive-By Tweetings

Lonely Parking Meter


In the small town of Winters, California there is a parking meter. It is the only parking meter in the entire town and it is surrounded by 100 free spaces.– Atlas Obscura

The tempo and drama of war headlines have obscured another significant victory dance: the race to be in at the death of Obamacare.

Dead it is. Even Vox is tolling the funeral bell.

Sarah Kliff writes. "Big insurers have quit Obamacare. That means more shoppers only get one choice. n 2016, there were 182 counties with only one Obamacare insurer. In 2017, there will be 687 counties with only one Obamacare insurer. ...There are fewer competitive markets than ever before ... Obamacare's marketplaces have become less competitive since 2014." Accidental Heroes | PJ Media

Gene Wilder: 1933-2016

America Needs a Good, Old-Fashioned Economic Depression

It will make the Great Depression look like a picnic party in the park. Why will it be worse?

Consider just two simple facts: first, supply chains are much longer and considerably more intricate than eighty-five years ago. As they fail (due to bankruptcies and business failures of those in the chain), basic necessities will not get to those in need of them. Second, compared to eighty-five years ago, the world has billions more mouths to feed, and many fewer people, including millions fewer farmers, who actually know how to produce the basic necessities. | The National Interest

Quote Of The Decade

“…All I’m saying is that Team Liberty needs to get a lot better at demonstrating reasons for people to side with it, rather than either dismissing it, or siding against it. The dedicated collectivists are a lost cause, but there are plenty of decent people who can be brought over. Simply offering greater contempt for the average person than do the leaders of the collectivist side just guarantees that most people will end up being more or less antipathetic to the Liberty side.” — WRSA Commenter | Western Rifle Shooters Association

A nation mourns

Burkina Faso bans Miss Bim-Bim' - - a big buttocks beauty contest

Kaepernick was born to a destitute black mother in Milwaukee, who put him up for adoption. His father was a deadbeat from the neighborhood

In other words, he was born into the typical black environment, but unlike most black children, he was saved by a nice white couple who adopted him and raised him as their son.
This got him into good schools, sports and a middle-class lifestyle. Later, nice white coaches helped him with his sports career, first at college and then in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh madeKaepernick a legitimate NFL player. Kaepernick has decided to respond to this amazing run of good fortune, almost exclusively the result of generouswhite Americans, by giving his middle finger to his fellow Americans. Specifically, he is his flipping the bird to white people so he can pretend to make common cause with the black people from whom he was saved as a baby. I Want A Thank You | The Z Blog

Emergency Theater for Paris Agreement: China, US rush to sham ratification

In the run-up to Paris, China has built so many coal fired stations that as its economy falters it is even closing them but only because it has too many.
It has so much coal power there is even discussion that it could sell the excess power to Germany because it can produce electricity so cheaply that even the transmission losses over such a distance don't matter — electricity in Berlin is wildly expensive (thanks to their green obsession). The Chinese have been running full tilt to develop their manufacturing and electricity base - - CO2 be damned. Last time there was a "historic" moment with Obama, China agreed to do nothing different til 2030. It was an unenforceable long term commitment with no consequences. Like all these international agreements, the net effect will be to produce more global CO2 as factories move to China where they produce four times as much CO2 as Western factories. But no one cares about actual CO2, just like they don’t care about real air pollution and the 5.5 million deaths from it. Xi Jinping wants the West to sign the Paris agreement — it will hobble the competition, plus China already profits from carbon penance even as it hopes to profit by selling coal fired electricity back to hobbled nations. - - JoNova

The prudent will stock a deep larder

using home canning, dehydrating, vacuum dry packing, salting, smoking and a goodly supply of commercial long term storage foods.
Regional events elsewhere suggest survival will be a more intense version of life itself, a marathon of hard work and routine, with occasional run-ins with dangerous people. As the well known and obvious truth has it, "there's no long term without the short term". Those who make it through the first year okay, and who use that year well, have the best shot at surviving the storm altogether. Woodpile Report

A red dawn

Todd Savage, who runs Survival Retreat Consulting in Sandpoint, Idaho, works with the more usual sort of client:
political migrants who rail against “morally corrupt” nanny government elsewhere. He does a brisk business helping them set up their food-producing fortress-homesteads. Staff train clients in defensive landscaping, how to repel an assault on their property with firearms, and the erection of structures “hardened” to withstand forced entry and chemical, biological, radiological or explosive attack. The last big frontier | The Economist

Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment. / Love is not love when it alteration finds....

Man accused of stealing sex toys and the top half of a mannequin from adult store After entering the building Doyle, police say, “walked around the store and then walked over to the ‘Eva’ mannequin and stripped the clothing off of it and takes the top half of the mannequin and takes a blonde and burgundy wig off a display and placed it on its head and walked out the front door.”

Obama has ordered the Justice Department to use “justice-involved youth” instead of “juvenile delinquent,”

and to cease using the word “Negro.”
How this will improve literacy in the ghetto is not clear. He wants schools to suspend black and white students proportionately, being unhappy that blacks are suspended at higher rates. His is the quintessential black point of view: Everything springs from racism, of which blacks don’t have any, and the solution is a federal regulation. Obama never says that black kids ought to study more or that black women ought to behave responsibly in childbearing. He clearly believes them incapable of it, a position is indistinguishable from that of the KKK. Milwaukee | Fred On Everything

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