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Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

UPDATE: Currently trending at 1.5 million views in one day.


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LOREENA McKENNITT - Nights From The Alhambra: The Complete Concert

One of the more beautiful and moving concerts in recent memory. Recorded in September 2006, live on location at the Palace of Charles V, in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain. Only recently made available on YouTube. It runs about one and a half hours. Placed after the jump in order to use a larger video viewer.


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Or Do You Want God?

“The real question, John [of the Cross] suggests, is about what you are really after: Do you want ‘spirituality’, mystical experience, inner peace, or do you want God?

If you want God, then you must be prepared to let go all, absolutely all, substitute satisfactions, intellectual and emotional. You must recognize that God is so unlike whatever can be thought or pictured that, when you have got beyond the stage of self-indulgent religiosity, there will be nothing you can securely know or feel. You face a blank: and any attempt to avoid that or shy away from it is a return to playing comfortable religious games. The dark night is God’s attack on religion. If you genuinely desire union with the unspeakable love of God, then you must be prepared to have your own religious world shattered. If you think devotional practices, theological insights, even charitable actions give you some sort of purchase on God, you are still playing games. On the other hand, if you can face and accept and even rejoice in the experience of darkness, if you accept God is more than an idea which keeps your religion or philosophy or politics tidy – then you may find a way back to religion, philosophy or politics, to an engagement with them that is more creative because you are more aware of the oddity, the uncontrollable quality of the truth at the heart of all things. This is what ‘detachment’ means – not being ‘above the battle’, but being involved in such a way that you can honestly confront whatever comes to you without fear of the unknown; it is a kind of readiness for the unexpected, if that is not too much of a paradox.” -- Rowan Williams, “The Dark Night”

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R-Rated Internet Writing Lesson. Hey, Y R U Not Paying Attention?

Strong language warning, but it's all in a good cause. Besides, you probably need this or know someone who does.


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Only In America

A video riff on this classic by John Hawkins:

20 Only In America Ironies

1) Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000 a plate campaign fund raising event.

2) Only in America could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black.

3) Only in America could we have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee, BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.

4) Only in America will you find people who burn the American flag and call America an "imperialist nation," but who get offended if you say they're not patriotic.

5) Only in America can we have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.

6) Only in America could someone drinking a $5 latte and texting to his friends on an iPhone 4 complain that the government allows some people to make too much money.

7) Only in America would people take rappers who brag about shooting people and selling drugs seriously when they complain the police are targeting them unfairly.

8) Only in America would we make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege while we discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just become American citizens.

9) Only in America could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as "extremists."

10) Only in America could the most vicious foes of successful conservative women be self-proclaimed feminists and the National Organization for Women.

11) Only in America could you need to present a driver's license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.

12) Only in America can we have terrorists fly planes into our buildings and have some people’s first thought be "what did we do to make them hate us?"

13) Only in America would we think teaching kids at college is an appropriate job for communists, terrorists, and other dregs of humanity.

14) Only in America could people demand the government investigate whether the oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when for every penny of profit the oil companies make, the government tacks on roughly 24 cents’ worth of taxes.

15) Only in America could the first people asked to weigh in on the seriousness of a racial incident by the media be professional race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Ben Jealous. In other words, it's like calling in a car dealer as a neutral source on whether or not you need to get a new car.

16) Only in America does airport security put its hands on your underwear....while you're wearing it.

17) Only in America could the government force a skating rink to have handicapped parking spots and Braille on the ATM machines.

18) Only in America could the government collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation ever has before in all of recorded history, still spend a trillion dollars more that it has per year, and complain that it doesn't have nearly enough money.

19) Only in America could the rich people who pay 86% of all income taxes be accused of not paying their "fair share" by people who don't pay any income taxes at all.

20) Only in America could the people who approve of slaughtering 25 million females babies via abortion accuse OTHER PEOPLE of waging a "war on women."

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Rant and Response: Sorry, Richard, There's No Such Thing as a Happy Period

First the rant:


Then the response:


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water, water,
flesh-cord feeding
taut bundle
of woman's belly.

the brow of the child
is first to form,
while gills still
pulse in the jostled quiet.

the strong sleep
before birth hypnotizes
until shock of tongs and thrusting thighs

the song of falling haze,
veins, translucent

breath, heartbeat
and hunger.
tears and a sometimes
return to the quiet

stars in their cool
pond, bright blankness.
the depth
and the old remembering.

the wave
without the water.

-- Berkeley, California, 1966

[Found in an old notebook]

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"Doom & Gloom:" Ladies and Gentlemen, After 50 (Fifty) Years, The Rolling Stones!

Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom from Trunk Animation on Vimeo.

"Through the night your face I see.
C'mon baby won't you dance with me.
Sittin' in the dirt.
Baby won't you dance with meeeeee..... Yeah!"

1962-2012. What a long strange trip it has been. First studio record in seven years. Crank the speakers. They've. Still. Got. It.

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It's Over. Romney's the Next President. Obama is Toasted as Brown as a Benghazi Safehouse.


Undecided Voter: someone who parades their stupidity as proof of their morality. -- David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

The DRUDGE REPORT 2012 reveals this afternoon: TV RATINGS FOR VP DEBATE DOWN -27% FROM '08...

FOXNEWS 10,019,827
CBS 8,308,421
ABC 8,287,610
NBC 7,851,757
MSNBC 4,378,671
CNN 4,145,951

What does it mean? It means two things. First, Sarah Palin is a babe and without her many don't care to dial in on 90 minutes of an old geezer with bad plugs and windshield glare teeth grunting around an ernest young fellow with a predilection for putting a rutting rhino to sleep with a single spreadsheet. Absent a close race it just wasn't appointment television. The race, in case you haven't been paying attention, is no longer close.

The ratings confirm this. The drooping Veep debate ratings mean that, by and large, everyone that is really going to vote has decided who they are voting for and doesn't need to "evaluate" the Veep selections. They are irrelevant to the main business of 2012. After all, it is not called "The Vice-Presidential Election."

Yes, yes, we know all about these "undecided voters," but -- seriously -- fuck all five of them especially the four living in DC. Nobody, but nobody, is really undecided now.

Right now, today, I know, you know, we know and they know. Everybody knows. And the truth is that there are more, many more, of us in 2012 than there were in 2008. And we are all going to the polls whereas many of them are not. I know that they all say that they are, but you know how deeply and compulsively they lie so why would we believe them about this.

Our army appeared from out of nowhere back in 2010 and our army has only gotten bigger since then. It's not a standing army. We don't like standing armies. But it is an army and it knows that, come November, it has to march on the polls and eradicate this disease that has been infecting the body politic. It knows that November is the time to do it and elections are the way to do it.

If the army couldn't do it that way it would have to burn the disease out and nobody wants that. Not even Joe Biden and his rollicking sidekick. Especially not them.

Relax. We got this.

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Something Wonderful: Titanium / Pavane (Piano/Cello Cover) - David Guetta / Faure

Enough of this clown car election. Let's remember here what really matters.

And, oh yes, in case you've forgotten what these Guys are all about....


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OK, 2012 Is a Lock: "Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney... OK, Where Was I?"

With this endorsement I know, finally and without a single scintilla of a doubt, that we got this thing.... and I'm putting her forward for Ambassatrix to the Bahamas.

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Goodbye Kitty: Why It Won't Be a Total Loss If Western Civilization Ceases to Exist

Hello Kitty by Shepard Fairey
Hello Kitty, Hello Art! Book Release & Art Show at Known Gallery

Yes, sometimes once great civilizations deserve a swift kick in the backside to drive them over the cliff of history and down, down, down to dusty death on the ash heap of burned out cultures. I'd be sorry to see Real Housewives of New Jersey replaced by Real Asian Housewives of New Jersey, but a society's gotta know its limitations.

Art books celebrating Hello Kitty with a cover by that slimeball who stole the AP image for his Obama Hope poster are only a start; only a blurred milepost on the road of our steep decline. Here are other powerful arguments for the forced seppuku of "Our Town," all found at the same source on the same afternoon.


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"The Taliban Are Losing" and Other Lies the Administration Tells as Exposed by Lara Logan

Telling the truth about terror:"Our way of life is under attack. We've only killed all the slow and stupid ones." An important speech. A very important speech.

Lara Logan 2012 BGA Annual Luncheon Keynote Speech - YouTube

Lara Logan's 2012 BGA Annual Luncheon Keynote Speech:

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand, that there is a major lie being propagated . . . The lie is that America’s military might has tamed the Taliban. There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan said. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,” who claim “they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban,” she added sarcastically. “It’s such nonsense!” She made a passionate case that our government is downplaying the strength of our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as a rationale of getting us out of the longest war. We have been lulled into believing that the perils are in the past: “You’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight. In your arrogance, you think you write the script.” Our enemies are writing the story, she suggests, and there’s no happy ending for us.

Some excerpts:

"Your deadliest enemies on the Afghan battlefield have completely freedom of movement inside Pakistan with the blessing of the Pakistanis. And every commander that's sat in your shoes has had to try and build a relationship and go through the same motions time and time again. And the effect on the battlefield remains exactly the same: American soldiers continue to die because of the support Pakistan gives to America's enemies.



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Pumpkin Horrors


Oregon farmer wins Half Moon Bay pumpkin contest Danika Starr, 9, sits with her father's winning pumpkin at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival Weigh-off contest in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Monday, Oct. 8, 2012. The pumpkin weighed 1,775 pounds, making it a new California record. Starr wins six dollars for each pound, which equals $10,650.

It's a horror. A horror. The only good thing to be said is that it has been chopped off its feeding tube and can no longer consume small house pets. I know about this. I know it well from the time when I too raised, ignorant of the horror, my own giant pumpkin back in another time in a world well lost.....

Click Me and Grow Big

The Pumpkin that Ate My Backyard

It began as a $1.49 seedling at Home Depot which I bought for my step-son to plant.

He planted it, as heedless 9-year-old boys will, in an obscure corner of a sandy bed under some ice-plants. It seemed to me at the time that the pumpkin was going to have a short and shady life.

But then, after about a month, it seemed to suddely clamber across my terrace. Then it strangled the corn plants. That gave it HUNGER and it ate the chair. When it approached the deck it lunged, fell back and sprouted this "fruit" of the vine.

Now the pumpkin is trying to invade my neighbor`s yard. Last night I heard them outside calling plaintively for their new puppy to come back in, "Sloopy! Little Sloopy! Sloopy, come!"

But answer came there none.

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Something Wonderful: There Are Two Paths

At 15,584 views. Worth millions.

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In Other News...

You load 16 tons of bullshit and whadda ya get? Washington Tops List of America's Richest Cities: D.C. area residents have a median household income of $86,680, well above the national average of $50,502.

Finally there's hope for snoring women who "hate their necks."

Elsewhere Sultan Knish notes that speech and religions are hardly free in America, but the ability to get other people pay for your birth control and provide a space for your gay wedding are doing well.


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Something Wonderful: "A Declaration of War" - From the Youth of France

"Our generation are the victims of the 'May '68ers' who wanted to liberate themselves from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education. But they only accomplished to liberate themselves from their own responsibilities."


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Wait for It

"Real rootin' tootin' rainfall here.... I luuuve it!"

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A Credit to His Party: Snoop Dog's Voting Criteria


Simple truths from a simple mind:

"Over the weekend, Snoop Dogg (who, the media conveniently forgot had changed his name to Snoop Lion when he discovered that he was the reincarnation of Bob Marley, even though Bob Marley died in 1981, and Snoop was actually born ten years before that) posted a list of ten reasons why he would vote for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney." -- Everyone still hates dancing horses. :: Naked DC

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Sunday Funnies: SNL vs. MSNBC

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Red Rules Readers

This is the Amazon Election Heat Map 2012. Click it out for a state by state interactive experience.


It would seem that, in reading tastes at the very least, this Fall is a landslide for red.

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The Silence of the Legtingles


Maddow: You started anchoring at what time?
Matthews: Early, just before the first debate started. I had to sit down with a napkin from dinner in my lap. I knew I would see Obama soon and I was to aroused to stand up.
Maddow: You listened. Then something shook you, didn't it? Was it a nightmare? What was it?
Matthews: I heard a strange garble.
Maddow: What was it?
Matthews: It was... stuttering. Some kind of stuttering, like a moron's babble... but it wasn't Republican. It was like somebody blowing through a Flexstraw into a drool cup.
Maddow: What did you do?
Matthews: I went limp, flaccid, tingleless. I crept up into debate chamber. I was so scared to look inside, but I had to.
Maddow: And what did you see, Chris? What did you see?
Matthews: Obama. Obama was blathering.
Maddow: He was blathering at the podium?
Matthews: And voters were vomiting.
Maddow: And you ran away with him. You eloped with him at last?
Matthews: First I tried to free him. I... I opened the gate to his podium, but he wouldn't run. He just stood there, confused, a stuttering clusterfuck. He wouldn't run.
Maddow: But you could and you did, didn't you?
Matthews: Yes. I took Him. Held Him very very close to me, and I ran away as fast as I could.
Maddow: Where were you going, Chris?
Matthews: I don't know. I didn't have any food, any water and it was very cold, very cold. I thought, I thought if I could save just Him, but... He was so heavy. So heavy. I didn't get more than a few miles when the Network's car picked me up. The Network was so angry it sent me to live at Al Gore's station. I never saw MSNBC again.
Maddow: What became of your lamby-pie partner, Clarice?
Matthews: They killed him.

Illo and inspiration from Morgan

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The New Yorker. Yes, The New Yorker


You may recall many of the Obamtrons in the MSM mocking Clint Eastwood's "empty chair" bit at the Republican Convention. I certainly do. And yet, and yet.... that "empty chair" seems to have had legs.

UPDATE: Elsewhere....


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"Take This Job and Shove It"

In these hard times men are forced to take all sorts of degrading jobs such as this one:

HT: Joan

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Some Things Never Change


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Debate: The Taiwanese Take

Here's a news report on the debates with a kick to it.


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G2E Media GmbH



Please Donate


By Mail: Gerard Van der Leun | 6616-D Clark Road #176 | Paradise, CA 95969

It's past, long past, time.

Panel by Bornt
There is only one appropriate reaction to the kind of people who strap on bomb vests packed with nails and wait for smiling, laughing tweens to come along before hitting the detonator and ripping their limbs off and tearing their guts out.
The only appropriate reaction is righteous fury that turns into a grim determination to exact a retribution upon the bomber’s bros so thorough and so comprehensive that in a thousand years the few descendants of the survivors will still terrify their children with the story of the vengeance exacted by the avengers of the West. Fewer Tears, Fewer Lies, And More Righteous Anger - Kurt Schlichter

If my child were ever killed in such an attack,

I would go on a God-damned (and I don’t make this invocation lightly) one man Crusade for vengeance.
God may have said “vengeance is mine” but I would damn my soul to Hell to get even with anybody who attacked my family. So the passivity and magical invocations of the Progressives grates on my nerves. It’s disgustingly naive and utterly insane. It is the man who passively bows down to his executioner instead of fighting to the last. I don’t understand it. I can’t fathom it.Candlelight Progressive Magic... Again | Declination

Everybody Must Get Chipped!


Swedish Tech Company Implants Microchips in Employees Bodies to Make Their Lives Easier
“We already interact with technology all the time,” Epicenter employee Hannes Sjoblad told the BBC, in 2015. “Today it’s a bit messy – we need pin codes and passwords. Wouldn’t it be easy to just touch with your hand? That’s really intuitive.” “We want to be able to understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped – the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip,” Hannes added, convinced that this way he will be able to question the way the technology is implemented from a position of much greater knowledge.

The Revolution has moved onto a new phase.

In the French Revolution, after the White Terror, the Constitution of 1795 established The Directory.
This was the start of a new phase in which the lower classes were mostly ignored, as the new ruling class consolidated its power. That may be what we are seeing with our managerial class as they largely ignore the results of recent elections and enforce discipline in their own ranks. Ruminations On The Way Down The Mountain | The Z Blog

A Window Looking Over "Happy Acres" is Here


Tumblr killed off his site there without warning. Twitter still tolerates him, but Twitter will purge him.
For now he's at: HappyAcres (@HappyHectares) | Twitter I tried to tell him that he needs to get his own platform. If on Twitter tell him too. We will need the sites we like to survive and not be killed off by Jack and other Neojacobins of his ilk.

Trump was a political asteroid impact


The idea that someone who shakes parmesan from a can contravened the wishes of those who can taste the difference between serrano and iberico Jamón is simply unacceptable.
Maxine Waters, Nacy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer and Al Green, are so far removed from traditional America as to be alien life forms. Outside of the 6 -7 major media/political centers in the US, the rest of the population simply do not factor into the equation until election time returns. The Price of Delegitimization – The Virginia Freeman's Society

" This is Topic A -- and there is no Topic B until further notice... "

Manchester: This Time They Came for Our Children

Politicians and the media particularly must face reality. We may not like it but we are at war. You should behave accordingly. This is Topic A -- and there is no Topic B until further notice... that is unless you want Manchester actually to be the "new normal." It pretty much is already. How horrible is that for all of us, how horrible for our children. Why don't we all get together and put an end to it? It's even more important than impeaching Trump.

The truth of the matter is that modern universities are not in the business of leader-making.

Our leaders these days come from other places, or other times;
because our institutions of higher learning have turned their energy to licensing managers to serve as the officers of our managerial oligarchy. According to Patrick Dennan, students these days are “…the culmination of western civilization, a civilization that has forgotten nearly everything about itself, and as a result, has achieved near-perfect indifference to its own culture.” If You Don’t Read Books… | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

"We won’t need to build new holding cells on Guantanamo Bay this time."

In this case, the visuals will be provided by future terror attacks.

That reinforces the “evil” part, obviously. But more importantly, the Losers will be doing nothing but losing on the battlefield from now until “annihilation.” They are surrounded, and the clock is ticking. Oh, and the press isn’t allowed to watch the final battles. In other words, we won’t need to build new holding cells on Guantanamo Bay this time. No press means no prisoners, if you know what I mean. (American soldiers won’t be shooting the prisoners. We have allies for that sort of thing.)Goodbye ISIS, Hello Losers | Scott Adams' Blog

How To Make It As A Left-Wing Polemicist

Has your novel just not flowed from your fingertips like you’d imagined?
Does each year of being an adjunct professor feel less fulfilling than the last? Starting to think that no amount of Adderall can launch you past the boredom of your role as a research assistant? Could it be that so much time has passed since you last picked up your guitar that it wouldn’t even be possible to get the old band back together again?

Do you seek validation? Are you hungry for permanent and hip confrontational posturing? Still having dreams about the glory of radical nonconformity? Eager to purge your upper-middle class and white guilt? Want to do something new with your life, but want to rely on the skills you already have instead of learning new ones?

I’ve got just the thing for you: become a left-wing critic of the mainstream American Left. It’s easy, really, and no matter what, your Twitter following will increase at least five-fold. How To Make It As A Left-Wing Polemicist - Social Matter

The Japanese. Nuked Too Much or Sleeping with the Fish?


Japan's adult wrapping wellness trend is so weird it's creeping out the Japanese people | SoraNews24
In otona maki, participants lie down on a large, sheet-like piece of cloth. An attendant then wraps them up snugly, leaving their face completely obscured their knees tucked up near their waist, and their overall posture resembling the fetal position. The only openings are two small gaps near the participants’ midsection, left over from how the cloth is tied.

I am the king of lost places.


Nowhere-land. The triangular mud minarets of Sankore Mosque in Timbuktu, in front of that silent sandy plaza that used to host a university, back when life in Timbuktu had significance.
A Catholic seminary converted into a hostel in the old Belgian administrative center called Lubero tucked in the highlands of eastern Congo – blue helmets and razor wire waiting to accept the genocidaire; monsters who had decided upon the extinguishing of another race. Eating escargot and drinking warm beer with the priests. The cement and zinc-roofed house of a witch in a village in northern Nicaragua, sitting in front of her on a rocking chair imploring her to release the sick under her spell so I could take them for hospital care. The King of Lost Places | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

Occupation of a defeated America

would take a form other than garrisoning huge numbers of troops and running the place as a prison camp, the standard motif of doomer movies and novels.
The likeliest would be a Vichy-type puppet government that took care to mimic our current structure and outward forms. Just as in France, they'd have little trouble finding reliable, unprincipled opportunists already in place and eager to serve. Woodpile Report

"Black Lives Matter might more accurately be named White Killers Matter,

because it only seems to care about black lives that are ended by white people.

And that, of course, is because Black Lives Matter isn’t about justice, but about racial agitation."
But the routine taking of black lives by other blacks generates no interest in the mainstream media. Forty-three hundred people, including two dozen children under the age of 12, were shot in Chicago last year. Had 4,300 white people been shot, there would have been a revolution, and the media would have set up headquarters in the city to cover the breakdown of law and order. But because the victims were nearly all black, few pay attention—besides the police. Some Black Lives Don’t Matter | City Journal

The Way It Is

They ain't gonna do jack shitski.
At least nothing of physical context to anyone, cept maybe a couple pisswillys that needed it. On a large scale, say, several hundred people? Not hardly. Look cross eyed at em and they'll be slip-slidin in their own loose fecal matter. Then, with gas mask applied and industrial grade boot covers, just walk amongst them with a 28" Louisville Slugger crackin heads in both directions. Posted by: ghostsniper at May 20, 2017 8:25 PM

If they do break Trump, I don't think the genie goes back in the bottle.
I think the days of leftist pissants grinding our faces in the dirt under the threat of government coercion are over. How it will evolve, I don't know but I don't think it will be peaceful. Posted by: Bill Cox at May 21, 2017 5:13 AM
The Top 40: This is not about Donald Trump’s alleged character defects.

Why do many people want to deny us our past?

Why does the brutishness of our ancestors offend so?

And why do the stories of tremendous resilience, of family and purpose and fight and faith offend them? We are told that because they were not perfect – that they held prejudice in their hearts or often misbehaved – we are not to look to them; certainly not as a means to better understand ourselves. As if we are not even now brutish and vile – albeit in different ways. As if the progress we have been sold, so carefully scraped of all vestiges of the past, is even healthy – even progress at all really, instead of another dark age served to us by know-nothings.Castles, Civilizations and the Know-Nothings | Joel D. Hirst

Memes that Make You Go, "Hummmmm..."

House of Eratosthenes

Two New Things Under the Sun

Louis Réard, the inventor of bikini, with a model in 1946.
He named his creation after the Bikini Atoll, which was the site of nuclear weapon tests, as he felt his new swimsuit would create an “explosive commercial and cultural reaction.”

Why the C-130 Is Such a Badass Plane


Designed to carry only 90 paratroopers, the Hercules's belly was bursting with far more people than that.
Its lone pilot, a VNAF major, pushed its four Allison T56 turboprops to full throttle and began his takeoff down the 10,000 foot runway. At the opposite end of the runway, the airplane still hadn't taken wing. But in the runway's 1000-foot overrun, the C-130 staggered into the air. After a harrowing flight, it touched down three and a half hours later at U Tapao Royal Thai AB, southeast of Bangkok. On the ramp, American personnel were visibly surprised as they watched 452 people disembark. With herculean effort, the C-130 had lifted more than 20,000 pounds above its operational limit. -- Popular Mechanics

This is not about Donald Trump’s alleged character defects.

The Resistance would have arisen against whoever represented Americans who had voted not to be governed as they have been for the past quarter-century.
It is a cold civil war against a majority of the American people and their way of life. The members of the Resistance mean to defend their power. Their practical objective is to hamper and otherwise delegitimize 2016’s winners. Their political objective is to browbeat Trump voters into believing they should repent and yield to their betters. This campaign might break the Trump presidency. The Cold Civil War

Racism: The Last Refuge of Us All?

Race is what you cling to when you have no meaningful achievements of your own to display.
It’s a safe space for the unaccomplished. That’s why there’s been such an explosion of racism on the left, especially among some of its less successful demographic groups. When you have nothing to offer, or when you just don’t want to make the effort to be successful or productive, well…at least you have your skin. And the left has proved to be expert at making everything about skin. With so many layabouts, welfare cases, entitlement whores, and blame shifters among the masses, leftist intellectuals in politics, the media, and academia gain lots of traction by continually reassuring certain constituencies, “Hey, man, your skin color makes you special! Your skin color makes you deserving!” - David Cole

No. Just No.


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“Weapons are the tools of power.

In the hands of the state, they can be the tools of decency or the tools of oppression, depending on the righteousness that state.
In the hands of criminals, they are the tools of evil. In the hands of the free and decent citizen, they should be the tools of liberty. Weapons compound man’s power to achieve whatever purpose he may have. They amplify the capabilities of both the good man and the bad, and to exactly the same degree, having no will of their own. Thus, we must regard them as servants, not masters–and good servants of good men. Without them, man is diminished, and his opportunities to fulfill his destiny are lessened. An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.” — Attributed to Col. Jeff Cooper [via Power Tools – waka waka waka]

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