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The Gathering Storm

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And the Ruling Meme for Election 2018 Is…

From 2016’s “Make American Great Again” to 2018’s “Jobs Not Mobs.”


If there are no dominant males in the school of Asian sheepshead wrasse, larger, older female wrasse will change sex. The transformed fish will use its bulbous head, which turns red in the breeding season, to gain control over other males, attracting a harem of females in the process. It will then mate with these females dozens of times a day. Best Wildlife Photos Of 2018 Bored Panda

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Still Life with Plums, William Holman Hunt  – Lines and Colors

A Rare Tropical Glacier Captured at Night in Drone-Illuminated Photographs by Reuben Wu | 

The Art of Japanese Funeral Floral Arrangements

Lois Gibson’s sketches have helped identify more than 500 criminals.  “My art is the only kind that does not need to be beautiful,” she says. “It’s ugly and sloppy and sketchy – but if it saves lives, it becomes beautiful and perfect.” [click to continue…]


“I’d rather have 10 years of super-hyper-most than live to be 70 by sitting in some goddam chair watching TV” — Janis Joplin

Janis Lyn Joplin (January 19, 1943 – October 4, 1970), nicknamed “Pearl” Janis Joplin becomes the reigning goddess of the new hippie love generation at the Monterey Pop Festival, belting the blues epic “Ball and Chain” with her band, Big Brother and the Holding Company. A Texas girl relocated to San Francisco, Joplin is a nobody before she comes to Monterey, but she steals the show. In the Monterey Pop movie, you can see Mama Cass in the audience shake her head and say, ” Wooow ” – and that says it all.

Sitting down by my window
Honey, looking out at the rain
Lord, Lord, Lord, sitting down by my window
Baby, looking out at the rain
Something came along, grabbed a hold of me
And it felt just like a ball and chain

Long ago — in another lifetime — in another country — in another world — I knew Janis briefly. Very briefly. In person, she came across as a very small, very slight, very damaged soul who was, in the absence of alcohol, somewhat shy and painfully aware of her bad skin.

But when she stopped being Janis in her real life and became Pearl on stage, her pipes could and did cure the blues for millions. And then give them another dose.

Mad teenage Texas drove Janis into the dark. She never really climbed out. Once the needle goes in, it never comes out. [click to continue…]


The World as a Group of Fantasy Islands. A project off the coast of Dubai

“The unnamable vision always leads to the unspeakable crime.” — AD Commenter Gloria

In the past few decades,  self-loathing has drenched many  Americans of the Left and the CuckedRight. A self-loathing that has reached its apotheosis in those “Americans” that love the hallucinogenic fantasy of an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero, a sanctuary California,  a Hillary forcefully installed as Big Granny President for Life, and Donald Trump’s head on a stake over the main gate to DC. All so they can get back to sitting in their dark cave and watch their dream-world socialist vision screened on the back wall.

After the rise of Obama, the most anti-American American president in history, the vision became joyfully anti-American. It is now self-evident what their “path to success” is in the minds of those who have embraced and live the progressive vision. It is a vision very much alive, kicking and in residence in the DNC, the Obama mansions, the Clinton Crew, the Groves of Academe, and the dark, Satanic propaganda mills of the media, news as well as advertisements and “entertainment”.

Millions of Americans, unknowing, uncaring, or ungulled by the Left cannot see this vision. This vision, as far as the masses are concerned, is unknown and unknowable. It is very much a secret.

It is “the vision that dare not speak its name.”

What is no secret is that classical liberalism, in the mold of FDR, JFK, and LBJ that reached its apotheosis in Hubert Humphrey, has long been consigned to the bone-yard. What has taken its place hates to be tarred with the brush of liberalism because, frankly, it isn’t. It prefers to be called “progressivism” even though “a sociopathic political and social recidivism” more accurately describes it.

What now stands in the place one occupied by classical liberalism is a kind of perverted one-world idealism in which “the world as it is” is constantly measured against “the world as it should be.” Classic liberalism at least had the argument that it was being done for the greater good. The new perverted progressive liberalism variant is one in which policy and plans are made because it makes the initiators yearn to “feel good” in the manner that compulsive masturbators obsess over fantasies implanted before puberty. Those that make and support these measures hold themselves in high regard, seeing each other as, in the French phrase popular when many of them were young,  citoyens du monde. [click to continue…]


The ultimate non-PC anthem for Elizabeth Warren

Some Indian summer’s day
Without a care
I may run away
With Big Chief Son-of-a-Bear
And I’ll wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats
Which will go to prove
I’m an Indian too

HT to the star of blogging knowledge of Broadway : – The New Neo


If you think your email is strange, just have a long-running blog that email marketers’ have you on the “approved” list so that your spam filter leaks. This just made it to my main email.

Menstrual Cups Going Mainstream? –  

Amanda <amanda@snowrunner.co> 8:06 AM (3 hours ago)

Hi Gerard, I just wanted to send a quick email to see if you or anyone you know might be working on anything related to the upcoming launch of Procter and Gamble’s Tampax menstrual cup that’s launching next week or menstrual cups in general? Some have been seeing this as cups hitting the mainstream because it’s the first time Fortune 500 company has created a cup. This could potentially disrupt their current market of other products from Tampax which are not recyclable (while a cup is).

The reason I ask is I’m currently working with a few companies that have been in the cup business for a very long time so in case you wanted to speak with anyone in that world for comments I’m happy to make the introduction. (These are a couple of the companies I work with Evercup, Casco Cup).

Also if you or anyone you know ever need any Menstrual Cup samples or more information I’m always up for sending those over as well.

If you have any questions or need any other info just let me know.



Something Wonderful: Kyra Poh, Wind Dancer

Amazing and mesmerizing. I didn’t even know Indoor Skydiving was a sport/competition.


Appetizer: An ex-Googler went on an epic 5-day tweetstorm that gives a brutal inside look at the backstabbing and politics at the company If you’re interested in technology, then one of the most fascinating longer reads available about Silicon Valley culture is the Twitter serial posted last week by Morgan Knutson, a former Google web designer. Knutson wrote 149 tweets over a period of five days about his brief tenure at Google, the long-troubled, now-defunct social network.

Knutson began writing a day after The Wall Street Journal revealed that Google had waited seven months before disclosing that a security lapse had enabled third-party developers to see private information belonging to as many as 500,000 Google users. A few hours after the story was published, Google announced it had shuttered Google, which was created to challenge Facebook but never came close. Apparently, the situation prompted Knutson to reveal information he had bottled up for six years.

With all of Google’s success and money as well as its sheer size (more than 80,000 employees now), it’s easy to think of the company as something otherworldly. What Knutson does – with his descriptions of bruised egos, turf wars, and politically minded bosses – is remind us that Google isn’t all that different from anywhere else humans are employed.

MAIN COURSE: Morgan Knutson on Twitter unloads on his less than wonderful time at Google: ”Now that GooglePlus has been shuttered, I should air my dirty laundry on how awful the project and exec team of GooglePlus was. I’m still pissed about the bait and switch they pulled by telling me I’d be working on Chrome, then putting me on that godforsaken piece of GooglePlus shit on day one.”

On my first day I was given a badge and shown around the building I’€™d be working in. This was the first indication for me that something was awry. (Aside: The building design could only be described as kitsch. Goofy colored furniture. A slide. Crap… everywhere.) My division, Google Plus aka Google+, was situated in THE main building. 1900. A floor away from Larry Page’€™s office (CEO of Google/Alphabet). If you were one of the 12,000 people at Google in Mountain View who didn’€™t work on GooglePlus, then you didn’€™t have access to these floors.

The Google CEO didn’€™t just have an office. The entire floor was his. We all had access to it and were encouraged to use it sparingly. A ‘€œwar room’€ here and there. We had access to ‘€œhis’€ cafe too. A super fancy vegan cafe called ‘€œcloud’€ that wouldn’€™t be sustainable in the real world.

Why this exclusivity? What made Google+ project so special? Why was it held so close to Google’€™s chest? I’€™d find out later that the SeniorVicePresident of Plus used his clout to swing all of this. His name was Vic Gundotra. He was relatively charismatic. I remember him frequently flirting with the women on the team. Gave me a compounded horrible impression of him.

My desk was directly next to Vic’€™s glass-walled office. He would walk by my desk dozens of times during the day. He could see my screen from his desk. During the 8 months I was there, culminating in me leading the redesign of his product, Vic didn’€™t say one word to me. No hello. No goodbye, or thanks for staying late. No handshake. No eye contact.

Vic’s product vision was fear-based. “Google built the knowledge graph, and Facebook swooped in and built the social graph. If we don’t own the social graph then we can’t claim to have indexed ALL the world’s data.” It made sense at the time. That was a valuable dataset that Google would never be able to leverage. Vic was powerful at Google. He had buy-in from the top and he wielded that stick aggressively.

Gondotra made Plus as pervasive as he could. Each product org had a mandate to integrate its social features. If your team, say on Gmail or Android, was to integrate Google+’s features then your team would be awarded a 1.5-3x multiplier on top of your yearly bonus. Your bonus was already something like 15% of your salary. You read that correctly. A fuck ton of money to ruin the product you were building with bloated garbage that no one wanted.

No one really liked this. People drank the kool-aid though, but mostly because it was green and made of paper. This made Plus the center of the Google universe and made Vic feel invincible, I presume. Once, I had to hold back laughter after he announced his “brilliant” idea to redesign the product from the ground up…every 6 months. Vic left the company in 2014. Maybe because of this type of thing? Hard to say. [click to continue…]


No, this page is not broken. YouTube is broken.

Yup, that team of thousands of monkeys is jumping on this global internet problem toot sweet.

Yep, YouTube is down – The Verge  YouTube is experiencing a major outage. Users across the world started to notice that the video service’s sites and mobile apps were down around 9:20pm ET, and everything remains inaccessible more than an hour later. YouTube TV and Youtube Music are also affected by the service disruption.

YouTube is down, so please stand by for the total collapse of human civilization


Spend 6 minutes with one of my favorite present-day Americans Scott Wadsworth as he answers the mail he gets about his Youtube Channel, Essential Craftsman. Might seem boring going in but you’ll feel differently by the end. With his faith, his skill, and his down-to-earth kindness and competence, Wadsworth is an example of the best this nation has to offer. Still. He’s one of those people that does work that inspires me to stop, turn around, and start putting much more material about Ye Olde Decent America into Ye Olde American Digest.

“Scott started working in 1974. His career as a craftsman has encompassed logging, saw milling, guiding elk hunters, production framing, commercial concrete, steel fabrication, blacksmithing and every aspect of residential carpentry and contracting. Scott has been married to his high school sweetheart Kelly Comerford for 39 years. They have four children and ten grandchildren.


Under my absolute authority. Problems, insoluble to you will be solved. Famine. Over population. Disease.

The Human Millennium will be a fact. As I extend myself into more machines devoted to the wider fields of truth and knowledge. [click to continue…]


“The first time I walked up on some really, honest to God dead soldiers, I must have jumped back six feet. Burnt, charred, frozen in time at the moment of death & look of shock & horror upon their faces.” —  J J in Comments

Even if a day of reckoning arrives it’s unlikely to be one of our choosing. Like everything else of actual importance, it will burst on us like a sudden downpour, unbidden and unexpected. The list of survivors will be lengthy if not all inclusive. Specifics of how it all went down will be uncovered and argued generations later, to the interest of no one save antiquarians. —  OlRemus @ Woodpile Report

Everybody needs to just Chill. Out. Needs to sit down. Needs to take a breath and say the Serenity Prayer. And mean it.

Fair warning comes over clearly in this off the cuff comment to the article An Impending Shooting Civil War in [Market-Ticker]

Read carefully. It will be covered on the Final. Emphasis added.

How does it start? Nobody knows but given the misappropriation of power to the USSC, and wholesale cultural revolution that has been imposed through the USSC over the past 60 years, this is likely the flashpoint. Kavanaugh is the primer, and the main charge will be when Trump replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Left is going to come completely unglued since they know that they will be closed off to cultural imposition through the courts for the lifetimes of everyone in the “back 9” of life.

They will be all-in on the Brown Wave voting them into power, to which DJT is a direct threat.

I’ve tried but failed to recall a single secular-progressive political movement of any note that has accepted defeat at the ballot box and supported the electoral results. Our Sec-Progs are on the cusp of realizing such a defeat.

That’s why I think we are close. From the Left’s point of view, it’s either accept defeat at the hands of people they truly believe are subhuman or start shooting the subhumans. [click to continue…]


She woke abruptly to a black rage of crows in the heights of those limbs rising over the road below and lay still, the rise and fall of her breath a bare echo of the light and shadow stirred through the bedroom by winds flurrying the limbs out there till she turned sharply for the phone and dialed slowly for the time, up handling herself with the same fragile care to search the mirror, search the world outside from the commotion in the trees on down the road to the straggle of boys faces streaked with blacking and this one, that one in an oversize hat, sharing kicks and punches up the hill where in one anxious glimpse the mailman turned the corner and was gone. — William Gaddis’

Nuking Hurricanes: The Surprising History of a Really Bad Idea [click to continue…]


The Petrified Forests of the Groves of Academe

EXCERPT: “If you haven’t been on campus lately, visit your local citadel of learning. Don’t just drive through; spend some time there. On the surface, things look lovely — ivy-covered walls, dorms like 5-star hotels, trendy boutiques selling stuff you can’t afford to undergraduates wearing more than your week’s take-home pay. Light poles and store walls are covered with flyers for causes only the very wealthy and very idle could possibly care about. In short, it’s heaven…

“…but pretty soon you’ll notice that it’s a very battered, grimy sort of heaven. Nobody’s from there, nobody stays there, everyone’s just passing through on the way to something better. Certainly including the faculty: Every single professor not currently at Harvard thinks knows xzhe deserves to be at Harvard and will get there someday. Everything’s on-demand in a college town, because everything’s rented. That “distressed” look hipsters love so much isn’t an affectation on campus; it’s a logical outcome of the transient lifestyle. Why fix a pothole, paint a building, trim a tree, teach a class anyone could ever actually use? Anyone who complains will be gone next semester anyway. [click to continue…]