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 by Gerard Allen Van der Ginsberg


What Socialist Party Fornication Festival of lies and slavery bashed open American skulls and sucked out their freedom, brains, and imagination?

DEMOCRAT! Darwinist Solitude! NEA Filth! Pelosi Perversion! Obamunist Onanism. NPR racism! Recycling Cans to find unobtainable dollars to pay off deficit trillions! Unborn children screaming silent under the D&C! Boys sobbing for fathers! Girls for mothers! Wives for husbands! Husbands for families! Impoverished old men and weeping in the parks!

DEMOCRAT!  Nightmare of Democrat! Democrat the loveless! Gone mental Democrat! Democrat the heavy aggregation of girly-men!

DEMOCRAT! the incomprehensible African-American electoral plantation system of perpetual ideological slavery! Democrat the skull & crossbones soulless Senate and Congress of corruption!

DEMOCRAT! whose headquarters are Fascist overbuilding with gun slits! Democrat the vast bloating stone of Deficit! Democrat the broke government of the pauper nation!

DEMOCRAT! whose mind is pure rusted machinery! Democrat whose blood is gushing tax money! Democrat whose skeleton fingers are in your wallet!

DEMOCRAT! whose breast is a transsexual dynamo! Democrat whose mouth is a smoking tomb! Democrat of the atheist thumb pulling out a plum and saying what a free to be a very bad boy am I! Democrat whose only god is Dracula!

DEMOCRAT! whose eyes are a thousand shattered factory windows! Democrat whose empty skyscrapers smolder in the long Detroit streets like endless Molochs! Democrat whose brains dream Utopia and choke in the fog of their flatulent dementia! Democrat whose fuming bongs and facial piercings crown their crapulous cities!

DEMOCRAT! whose love is lust! Democrat whose soul is welfare and affirmative racism! Democrat whose poverty is perpetual servitude to the government salad bar, no seconds!

DEMOCRAT! whose only true Doctor and Cure is Kevorkian death flatulence! Democrat whose foreign policy is a cloud of glowing Iranian hydrogen! Democrat whose whore is BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH!

DEMOCRAT! in whom I once sat lonely! Democrat in whom I once dreamt the New Jerusalem! Crazy in Democrat! Sucker of crock in Democrat! Lacklove and lobotomy in Democrat!

DEMOCRAT! of the Dot.com I’ve Got Mine Now Give Us Yours Centimillionaires! Democrat of Trump Derangement Syndrome! Democrat of the dried dugs of Ariana Huffington’s Code Pink Synchronized Menopause Flasher Brigade known as “The View”!

DEMOCRAT! who entered my soul early! Democrat in whom I was sold down the River without Huck or a raft and put over the falls of flowing ideological crypto-socialist sewage! Drowned in recycled recycled recycled compost of Democrat! Democrat who frightened me out of my natural freedom and into hive-mind chants of GLO-BA’ALWARMING-O-BA-MA, GLO-BA’ALWARMING-O-BA-MA!

DEMOCRAT! of the planet has four months to live! Democrat of lies for the common good of Democrat! Democrat of crapper rapper lies of the soul! Democrat whom I abandon!

DEMOCRAT! demanding that I give all to the State! Vomit in Democrat! Avenging Angels streaming out of the sky! Death of Democrat from above! God’s righteous fire on the heads of Democrat-Acorn!, Democrat-SIEU! Democrat-California!, Democrat-Detroit! Democrat-Chicago! Democrat-San Fraudcisco!

DEMOCRAT! Robot apparatchiks! Maoist czars! Evaporated liberties! Skeleton treasuries! Dictator judges! Demonic policies! Spectral communities of Democrat delusional control! Insane Democrat media madhouses! Olbermann siphon-suckers of Democrat septic tanks! Monstrous media leg-tingle “analysis”! Democrat of presidential prop-up! Democrat of Journ-O-list talking pointed heads! Democrat of “Too Big to Jail When Failing!”

Deception of DEMOCRAT! Voters broke their backs lifting Democrat to Heaven! Payments fees now for unborn generations mostly to be aborted, for trees, for tobacco, for tilted windmills, for tons of things so bad, very bad for you we know better pay us now for Democrat death panels later! Democrat of Constitution as toilet paper! Democrat of blowing the cities and American land to hell in a hand-basket!

DEMOCRAT! vision omens! hallucinations! miracles! ecstasies! hope of the world sold down the American river!

DEMOCRAT! destruction of legal immigrant Dreams! Democrat of border war beheadings of citizens! Graven Image Adorations made to tin gods! Crack-pipe Illuminations crammed down the throat of taxpayers! Cap and Trade Religions! Democrat rowing ashore the whole boatload of sensitive socialist bullshit!

DEMOCRAT! of a pale horse and the name that sat on him was Democrat Death! And Democrat Hell followed with him!

DEMOCRAT! Breakthroughs in suicide machines! Democrat rivers of toxic educational sludge rising to flood levels in the minds of our children! New Orleans Democrat looting! Democrat flips and crucifixions of enemies, enemies, enemies everywhere! Bill of Rights flushed down the Democrat crapper!

DEMOCRAT!  Fentanyl fueled voter fraud! Democrat Epiphanies of mandated Abortion for all not just for choosy barren Democrat! Democrat Despairs of eternal urban ghettos! Six years’ animal screams and suicide of the Republic for which Democrat does not stand!

DEMOCRAT! Colonized Minds! New lusts for nothing and Democrat kicks and food stamps for free! Mad Democrat cashed-out clunker generation!

Free people despair of DEMOCRAT!

Free people revolt against socialist utopia con-artists!

Free people sound real holy laughter in the river! They saw it all! the wild eyes! the holy yells! They bade farewell to DEMOCRAT! They jumped off the roof! to vote out DEMOCRAT! forever! waving! carrying flowers! packing heat! Down to the river of freedom! into the street of Liberty, armed and dangerous,

Free people voting death to DEMOCRAT! nightmare now and forever in God’s holy war!

Free people, mine eyes have seen the Glory!


Let’s Review 3

Journalism becomes propaganda. There was once a quaint notion that reporting should be objective and fact-based rather than biased and opinion-based. Journalists tend to view themselves as watchdogs, yet over the years have become increasingly unaccountable to anyone. As the profession’s political shift to the Left has crystallized to beyond 90 percent, it’s now so monolithic in its perspective that it can hardly help but churn out propaganda. First 3 Phases Of The Downward Slope From Freedom To Communism

From a comment on another blog: “If you’ve ever read the book by Simon Sebag Montefiore, “Stalin: In the Court of the Red Tsar”, the classic Soviet procedure was to bring forth false witnesses, then more witnesses, then forged documents. Then more false witnesses.

“And then yet more fake witnesses: but always, always, always: repeat the lie. Repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie. The Supreme Soviet could not be wrong, so any one who question them, was also a traitor. Repeat the lie.

“Another favorite technique of Beria and his predecessors was to always choose an alleged “crime” that was impossible to defend. The favorite in their era was homosexuality. Against Judge Moore, it is “pedopheeeeelia”. — Never Yet Melted サ Yglesias Does the Liberal Two-Step

Race and America’s Soul: The book does not shrink from laying the ills of today’s black American underclass not at the door of a painful history, with ample blame for northern as well as southern whites, but squarely at the feet of black Americans themselves. Yes, shameful, deeply shameful, were slavery, Jim Crow, and northern racism, and who can doubt that they left grievous scars? Still, America fought a war to end the evil institution, had a civil rights movement to try to erase its malign remnants, and spent decades on affirmative action and other nostrums to expunge even the faintest remaining traces. Whatever white Americans could do to atone for and repair the damage they caused, they have done, as much as imperfect humans in an imperfect world can do. Now, Dattel argues, it’s up to black Americans to save themselves.

Arrests for offensive Facebook and Twitter posts soar in London 625 arrests were made for alleged section 127 offences in 2010.

Why I Have Given Up on Trumpism Just think about these subjects: illegal immigration (down by more the 60 percent), energy (America is now the world’s biggest producer of energy), unemployment (4 and a bit percent), growth (3 percent for two quarters running), the market (up more than 5,000 points since November 2016), regulation (huge progress in turning back the counterproductive regulatory environment that has stymied American business), consumer confidence (the highest it’s been in a generation), the military (revitalized), taxes (a bracing if imperfect plan wending its way through Congress), Iran (declining to recertify a deal that paved the way for Iran to become a nuclear power). Et, need I say, cetera. 

The Story of the Sperry Top-Sider “Sperry designed the Sperry Top-Sider with a herringbone pattern of grooves in the sole, reminiscent of the grooves and cracks in a dog’s paw,”

We are the Cultural Borg.
You will be assimilated.
Existence, as you know it, is over.
Lower your borders and surrender your guns.
We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.
Your culture will adapt to service us.
Resistance is racist.

— | Declination

Welcome to the Corporate Culture Wars  Corporate ambivalence to free speech and hostility to the Trump agenda is matched by their regular, almost desperate attempts to pander to progressive sensibilities. Airlines are no longer happy with just telling you about the speed and comfort of their planes; they also want you to know that they support gay pride. Pepsi doesn’t just put celebrities in their ads these days; they put celebrities attending progressive rallies in their ads. Heineken has decided that “how refreshing, how Heineken!” isn’t a woke enough slogan for the present era. They now prefer “open your world,” complete with an accompanying ad toasting a “world without borders.”

 Our Culture of Rape The armies of spies, informers, PR flacks, security guards, attorneys, thugs, sycophants and handlers didn’t just enable predatory exploitation of the peasantry: they actively recruited victims and set them up, just as powerless maids were trapped in the chambers of lords in feudal times.

Explorer Goes Missing After Searching For “Headhunter” Tribe In Papua New Guinea “Last time, the Yaifo greeted me with a terrifying show of strength, an energetic dance featuring their bows and arrows,” he explained. “On this occasion who knows if the Yaifo will do the same. Nor do I have an obvious means of returning to the outside world, which is somewhat worrying, especially at my advanced age.”

The beak-nosed plague-doctor mask that continues to terrify was invented in the 17th century because of bad smells The most recognizable feature of the plague doctor costume, the beaked bird-like mask, was designed to keep the wearer from inhaling the foul-smelling air which was thought to spread the disease. The beak of this primordial gas mask was filled with a mixture of scented medicinal herbs. It was thought that the wearers could protect themselves from contracting the plague by inhaling the fresh scent of herbs while being surrounded by the polluted and infectious air. Furthermore, the mask’s eyeholes were covered with round glass spectacles and the plague doctors were supposed to wear a black top hat which indicated their profession and status.

From Hymns To Gunfire In A Country Church In Texas   Does your church have a security plan? No, I’m not talking about calling 911 or relying on the police. Do men in your church carry weapons? Have the men in your congregation met and worked together to discuss, train on and execute your security plan? Does the security plan include men stationed throughout the property and physical plant? No, I’m not talking about police. I’m talking about the men in your congregation. Do the men in your congregation meet on a regular basis and train with weapons?

This Nightmare Shark With a Snake Head And 300 Teeth Is Absolutely Horrifying – ScienceAlert The largest can grow six feet long – the size of a tall man. The shark is named after its gills, which have frilly, fluffy edges, but the cuddly factor ends abruptly there.



If this is the future, include me out.


Let’s Review 2

The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade. Around the year 2005, a sudden spark will catalyze a Crisis mood. Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.” – Strauss & Howe – Fourth Turning

Asian-American Cuisine’s Rise, and Triumph On the plate, the egg looks like an eye plucked from a baby dragon. The yolk is the green-black of smoked glass, with a gray, nearly calcified halo, trapped in an oval of wobbling amber and emitting the faintest whiff of brimstone. So begins the $285, 19-course tasting menu at Benu in San Francisco.

Snowflake, Arizona – A Desert Refuge for People Allergic to Modern Life In the decades since Molloy arrived, dozens more hypersensitive people who are overwhelmed by the modern world have gravitated toward the quiet desert town. Many in the community formerly worked as engineers and began noticing symptoms at work, while others, like Molloy, cannot pinpoint what first triggered their illness. Regardless of the origin of their disease, all of them find it impossible to live life in the outside world and are unable to work. One resident claims to be allergic to ink fumes and is thus only able to read books through a clear plastic box while wearing plastic bags on his hands.

So, let me get this straight: The New York Times published an op-ed by a black man who says that all white people look alike, and seem like they are a threat, even if they treat him kindly. If a white man wrote a column saying that all black people look alike, and seem like a threat to him, even if they treat him kindly, do you think The New York Times would publish it? The question is absurd. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – waka waka waka

It’s not the lunacy, it is the pace of lunacy. It seems to be accelerating. In one generation we went from “Maybe one day a black guy can be president” to having an exotic weirdo with a Muslim name in the White House and his supporters making war on the native stock. One day, comics are making gay jokes as part of their act and in the blink of an eye, Canada is throwing comics in jail for upsetting lesbians. The clown world spiral is accelerating. Clown World | The Z Blog



Next time you get sent a scam email FORWARD it me@rescam.org.


“If you think it can’t get worse than transexuals or pedophiles, you’re really not understanding how this works. Look at this NYT article: a black woman, ex-con, convicted of murdering her own 4 year old son. She served 20 years of prison, which she spent studying sociology or something. After leaving prison, she applied to study a PhD at Harvard, which rejected her. Progressives were on arms. How could you!

“Go to the link, and look at that woman. Look at that face. She never expressed any remorse over killing her children. She lied about it in the PhD application. She disposed of the body and never told the cops where her son’s corpse is! This is utter and complete psycho. Nobody on it’s right mind would want anything to do with this woman. But that’s precisely the point. In most human societies before 1900 she would have been killed, legally or extralegally. But precisely this kind of person, what should in all justice be the lowest status person on earth; that’s exactly the people that the Left wants on its team. You can count on her extreme loyalty to any progressive idea that the party transmits to her. And so, yes, of course, she finally got her PhD, at New York University. And unlike 97% of PhD students out there, you can bet on her getting a full tenured professorship very soon.

“Yes, it’s all madness, but it works. It really works like a charm. The richest parts of America, California and New York, are now a one-party state. America has legislation which forces every private enterprise of size to have a proportion of women, of black people and sexual deviants; which of course know they don’t belong there, and thus are extremely faithful political commissars. More faithful than the actual official political commissars that Communist China has also in their private companies.

“There’s a reason why there’s so many evil fat women in government. Where else would they be if government didn’t want them? They have nothing going on for them, except their membership in the Democratic party machine. The party gives them all they have; the same way the Communist party had given everything to that average peasant kid who became a middling bureaucrat in Moscow. And don’t even get me started with hostile Muslims or Transexuals. Those people used to be expelled or taken into asylums, pre-1960. Which is why American Progressivism likes them so much. The little these people have depends completely on the Left’s patronage. There’s a devil’s bargain there: the more naturally repulsive someone else, the more valuable it is as a party member, as its loyalty will be all the stronger. This is of course what’s behind Larry Auster’s First Law of minority relations: the worse a group behaves, the more the Left likes it…..”

RTWT @  Biological Leninism | Bloody shovel


Let’s Review #1

Never Yet Melted サ Another Decades-Old Accusation

So after being given my change, I said, as usual, “Thank you, sweetie.” Cashier With Huge Hair And False Eyelash Addiction: You know, that’s a sexist thing to say.
Me: Huh?
CWHHAFEA: Calling me “sweetie”. It’s sexist.
Me: Sweetie, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
CWHHAFEA: You can’t call me that. It demeans me. It implies you think of me in a sexual way.
Me: *continued long blank stare, mainly because I wanted to see where this would lead*
CWHHAFEA: You gonna apologize?
Me: Hon, I was just being nice. I don’t want to fuck you.

Ever since the tiny elites who cluster together in tiny swaths of America’s coasts appointed themselves the moral arbiters of an entire nation that they deem to be teeming with inbred Christofascist moral lepers who deserve to be tortured and mocked into extinction, it has been our sincerest wish to see these sheltered pervs unmasked as the corrupt and predatory hypocrites we always knew they were. For generations now we’ve been forced to endure endlessly pious chest-thumping and relentlessly condescending lectures from HIV-positive waste cases who, if they had a scrap of decency, would have publicly immolated themselves on a glowing funeral pyre made of melted crack pipes. At the moment the entertainment industry is cannibalizing itself as a result of the sort of entitled arrogance that comes from not realizing that the endless witch hunts whose flames they’ve fanned for decades would eventually burn them at the stake, too.

Libs prepare for Thanksgiving: This year, liberals are creepy crawling back, with Salon posting, “How to survive Thanksgiving if you have to spend it with diehard Trump supporters.” Notice there are no conservatives writing how-to-lecture-a-captive-audience story. That’s because the conservatives are too busy buying turkeys and trimmings. Cleaning up the house. Getting out the folding chairs. These family dinners tend to be hosted by conservatives because we took out mortgages, not student loans.

Where Are All the Tranny Dudes In Politics? Other tranny victors last Tuesday included Lisa Middleton, a male-to-female tranny who resembles Robin Williams in the role of Mrs. Doubtfire. Riding a wave of gender delusion to victory in Palm Springs, CA, Middleton became “the first transgender person elected to a non-judicial office in California.” Middleton will join three “queer” members of Palm Springs City Council—a city that currently has no heterosexuals serving in that capacity.

How Does He Do It? – It seems that hardly a day goes by lately without the ruination of another prominent man by allegations of sexual misconduct. Somehow, though, Bill Clinton sails along. Can there be any doubt that this blackguard is a sexual predator of the first order?

Peaceful Separation | The inevitable end game with race relations as America careens into majority-minority status is separation. The question is what kind of separation and whether or not it will be peaceful. Ekow N. Yankah is an accomplished guy with lpads of talent. Africa could use a man like him. Maybe the people in charge are pushing these sorts of essays, because they know what’s coming. It helps prepare the ground for the inevitable. Or, maybe they locked in the past, and they just don’t see what’s coming down the tracks.

The Dark Side of Science Physical science, when it is divorced from faith, denies that free will can possibly exist.In that view, the criminal cannot be blamed for his crimes; the hero deserves no praise.

One day, actor Richard Dreyfuss is furious that Kevin Spacey allegedly groped his son right under his nose. The next, Richard Dreyfuss is outraged that he is accused of allegedly earlier doing something himself far worse to a similar young aspirant. Hypocrisy and irony become endemic: the chargers of Russian collusion are the original colluders. The loud protesters who take a knee themselves became the targets of silent fan protests. The statue smashers can put up statues worse than what they tore down. The men who swear they are feminists do so because they are misogynists. The accuser is blamed for accusing, or for staying silent so long, or for exaggerating the ordeal; the silent non-accuser is assumed to have advanced a career through willful acquiescence. Who can sort out the crime, the collusion, the conspiracy?


The American Argument

For a transitory enchanted moment man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder. — Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Sometimes small notions indicate issues of larger moment. In the discussion of a previous post, a commenter delivers a vest pocket critique of America seen from abroad. The salient part reads:

  I don’t give a damn whether Americans kill themselves through gross overeating and under-exercising, filling their food with chemicals for short-term profit or turning their cities’ air into poison gas – not to mention handing terrorists billions of dollars to kill Americans (and others) with.

What I do mind is that Americans are setting a bad example for everyone else; as a small example the streets of Britain are filled with grotesquely large 4x4s. I am quite sure the fashion comes from across the pond. As another, the Chinese might well ask why they should restrict their economic growth when America already uses many times more fuel than they do – and they’d be right.

What I do mind is various American corporations not only trying to foist their Frankenstein food on us, but trying to make it impossible for us to tell that they are doing it – did you know that Monsanto are claiming in various court cases that labelling of food containing GM soya is against free trade treaties?

I could go on – but I won’t, except to say two things. Americans’ bad habits are a poor example for everyone else – and America’s gluttony for oil in particular, and their actions to make sure it gets fed, and the money transfers resulting from it, make the rest of the world much more dangerous

Some observations strike me as fair, others as dubious. Most strike me as those a reasonable man might form on a daily diet of the American media melange. It is a dangerous diet; a diet rich in junk and toxins and #FakeNews. In large doses it might make your head fill with harmful fat.

Once your propaganda mills are relentlessly anti-American, a real picture is hard to come by. One is pretty much a slave to one’s choices of input. Not much can be done to change a mind fed a constant drip-feed of lies and complaints from the current America-based “My country wrong or  more wrong” crowd.

I can see how the commenter comes by his impressions. I grant that he comes to them fairly by using the dross he is expected to gold plate. Those impressions don’t map well to my experience of ordinary life in America in 2007. As American life, or a simple driveabout will teach you, “the map is not the territory.” 

It is not my purpose here to flense his critique point by point, only to note that his intellectual malnutrition is, of necessity, determined by what he feeds his head.

By way of example, my day-to-day experience tells me that while the human results of having “way too much food” are more than visible in America, so is the cult of “way too much exercise.” The buffed anorexic octogenarian and the wobbling obese twenty-something are the bookends of the Big Buffet Bell-curve. Between them I see that most Americans are mindful of what they eat because they can afford to be. Making this possible is a system of food production and distribution that delivers such a wide-spectrum of food choice at cheap prices (organic, non-organic, and junk) to every niche of the landscape. Indeed, the American system of food distribution is so advanced and sophisticated that we have achieved a society in which one of the major problems among the poor that remain is obesity.

The impression that Americans are “turning their cities’ air into poison gas” is likewise well meant but ill informed. It is demonstrably not true.

Today there is still a haze over Los Angeles on most days,

but you have to stand back some to see it.

It is not true from a glance at the steadily declining levels of emission in a steadily increasing and mobile population over the decades. It is can be seen to be obviously untrue from the simple fact of living in America for six decades — decades that have seen more deep and lasting social change than at any other time in the history of the country, perhaps the world.

I was  born in Los Angeles seven decades ago. I remember the poison air of the 1950s. I remember the smog alerts, the soot that would settle on the windowsills and grind its way into the clothes. I remember the cloud of black smudge that would be visible within a block of my front yard in Glendale. I saw  that same black smudge some three decades later, not in Los Angeles, but in London.

Today there is still a haze over Los Angeles on most days, but you have to stand back some to see it. You also have to stand back in your mind and know that Los Angeles, depending on how you define it, is now home to between 10 and 18 million people (Up a tad from the 4 million of my 1950s childhood when only every family and not every single individual had a car). The only way that air in Los Angeles today could become perfect would be if you gave every resident a unicycle for transportation, a mandated vegan diet, and forbid flatulence under pain of death.Could LA’s air be improved? Certainly it could and inevitably it will.

The same observations hold true for our rivers, our reservoirs, our parks, our homes, our communities, and for all other nation-wide measures by which one might discover the true quality of life. 

Racism is the witchdoctor’s feathered fetish shaken in America’s face daily….


At the same time, as it would be in any imperfect human society of 300 million souls, it is perfectly possible to find the pockets of poison and the ghettos of despair in this protean country. Viewed over an inch of time you would note they are shrinking, but you could still stand on a street corner in South Central or Harlem and focus a camera in such a direction and frame the images in such a manner you could deliver the impression of a vile and selfish society in which the poverty-stricken obese were crushed under some corporate oppressor’s boot.

You could, and many still do, ferret out an example of racism daily if you look hard enough. But it’s an evil juju only the most poisoned of our people waste their lives in pursuing. Racism is the witchdoctor’s feathered fetish shaken in America’s face daily by the race-hustlers and rent-seekers in the Democrat Party  in order to preserve their plantations of colonized minds. Free men know it is only skillfully shaped propaganda and does not represent anything close to the truth of the American experiment and environment in 2009. Here even our poor are filthy rich measured against the world’s poor.
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Meet Richard Overton, America’s oldest veteran. Born on May 11, 1906, he has celebrated 111 birthdays (109 at the time of filming) and counting. The supercentenarian has lived through the Great Depression, served in World War II, and witnessed the rise of the Internet. From the Ford Model T to self-driving cars, more technological and scientific progress have occurred in Overton’s lifetime than perhaps any other century in history. during the 2013 Memorial Day weekend when he told Fox News he would spend his Memorial Day “smoking cigars and drinking whiskey-stiffened coffee.”


Lavender in the Labyrinth

Loiter Squad on Twitter: ““yeah it’s lavender air freshener” https://t.co/4ZPH81rP6Y”

Liberals Gather to Scream at the Sky No, I don’t see these tow-heads as fringe-kookburgers. I see them as a direction where we’re headed. We haven’t quite had anything like this before, have we? We had the hippie movement. Before hippies, there were beatniks. But this is different. It’s a heading, I think, that won’t be changed until such time as some influence from the outside produces such change. The individuals might grow out of it, as real life challenges them to recognize reality & actually solve problems. But they will be replaced by more ditzy kids just entering the phase, so that it hangs around us like a bad smell. It is the price of our success, we have all these airheads who have time to protest about nothing.

The Prophet of Affirmative Action Second, it seems probable that this group will seek personal satisfaction and public recognition by aggressive conduct, which, although ostensibly directed at external injustices and problems, will in fact be primarily motivated by the psychological needs of the members of the group to overcome feelings of inferiority caused by lack of success in their studies. Since the common denominator of the group of students with lower qualifications is one of race this aggressive expression will undoubtedly take the form of racial demands–the employment of faculty on the basis of race, a marking system based on race, the establishment of a black curriculum and a black law journal, an increase in black financial aid, and a rule against expulsion of black students who fail to satisfy minimum academic standards.

Technology Takeover? Reality Check Even McDonalds will need people to load frozen patties into the cooking robots, top off the ketchup and mustard tanks, etc. We just won’t have pre-literate Third World troglodytes and Common Core Trigglypuff grads trying to puzzle out how to input the burgers from pictures of same, and make change for a twenty without taking off their shoes. That’s akin to telling me that the DMV will be replacing the fifty people doing make-work jobs with five machines that will actually work, without taking two-hour potty breaks, and don’t come with a pre-loaded Entitlement Chip and surly attitude.

You Can Have My Ad-Blocking When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Computer. The page I landed on immediately threw up a screen-covering box demanding I either put them on my ad-blockers whitelist immediately OR pay them some stupid amount of money to “subscribe”. I’ll even name names here, that’s how pissed I am. It was TheChive. Fuckers. They try to soften the fuckery by saying ad-blocking is just not cool, and throw a little “thank you” in there, but it’s about as sincere as the IRS saying “sorry for the theft”. Okay, there are very few things in the world that will get me to add some random website to my whitelist, and demanding I do this is absolutely not one of them. In fact, demanding anything is a pretty quick way for me to tell you to go shove a rabid honey badger up your ass. I respond pretty well to “please” and “if you don’t mind”. Otherwise, it’s honey badger time.
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