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Open thread 5/6/24

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  • Joe Krill May 6, 2024, 8:59 AM

    With the introduction of AI artwork into the scheme of life, it is difficult to distinguish whether or not these beautiful photos are real. With AI now creating term papers, having your messages edited as you write by an algorithm from who knows where, hearing sins and asking for forgiveness as though it is an actual priest, robo calling and carrying on conversations trying to get you to buy into something, one has to stop and ask if this the Twilight Zone or have we entered the world of 1984 in full blown technicolor. With pseudonyms more common than birth names it only makes the reality of life less important. I often wonder how many people have carried on full blown conversations with a neighbor via some type of app. while using a pseudonym and never knowing the person they are carrying on the dialogue with lives across the street. I am of the opinion that life is becoming more meaningless and the sheeple are buying into it with all they got.

    • ghostsniper May 6, 2024, 10:01 AM

      So if Trump wins in Nov how will you know it’s not an “operative”?
      Does it really matter in the long run?
      I mean, you know it’s all going to come apart anyway, right?

      By staring a what’s right in front of you, you won’t see what’s in the distance.
      And thereby you’ll be caught off guard, or worse…

  • Joe Krill May 6, 2024, 11:11 AM

    You say, So if Trump wins in Nov how will you know it’s not an “operative”?
    I say, I have no idea what this “operative” means.

    You say, Does it really matter in the long run?
    I say, Everything in life means something no matter how long the run is.

    You say, I mean, you know it’s all going to come apart anyway, right?
    I say, When people stand around with their thumbs up their asses and fail to see the importance of doing something–even if it is just voting–then yes, things do come apart. It is called KARMA.

    You say, By staring a what’s right in front of you, you won’t see what’s in the distance.
    And thereby you’ll be caught off guard, or worse…
    I say, My distance starts at the tip of my nose. My sight is not corrupted by short sightedness nor daydreams. Reality is what it is and that is the only thing we can deal with.

  • SK May 6, 2024, 12:01 PM

    The there is this—- lonely parrots use Facebook messenger to talk to other lonely parrots:


    • ghostsniper May 6, 2024, 12:36 PM

      First, they got infant children addicted to the little screens, and now animals.
      I wonder if the parrots had to put up with pop-up ads featuring negro’s in unusual circumstances like, say, camping or surfing?

  • SK May 6, 2024, 12:04 PM

    Then there is this —- lonely parrots use Facebook messenger to talk to other lonely parrots.


  • Casey Klahn May 6, 2024, 2:06 PM

    Casey here. This anemia takes a few weeks of iron tablets to help – so I’m a bit less connected. Later on I’ll need an op to stop whatever small internal bleeding I’m suffering from. Probably in my stomach. See? My borderline grammar is already shaggy and wretched as I type this.

    My son finally got his hunter’s ed and so we’ll be hunting turkey. It’s mid season already, but soon the birds will be walking around in our yard anyway.

    Unfortunately, I gave up on my many years-old ZPT mower and bought a Husqi riding mower instead. I have about 5 acres of near yard plus outbuildings, and 30 acres in native grasses total. My wife & I have planned to track out a fartlick to combat my waistline creep. I’m still in the fight, so to speak.

    What’s going on in the world? Are we still in the 1937 of what is now the Third World War, to use the English? I think that if Biden’s gang wants to have a Summer of Love 2024, in order to disrupt the elections, they’ve made a tactical error by starting their riots on campuses. School’s out soon! Also, the Gaza battle will end soon.

    I noticed that Trump’s GOPe is moving to disallow the endless counting (cheating) of remote votes after election day. It’s our lawyers vs their lawyers. The state legislatures are as worthless as the tids on a bull when it comes to protecting the vote. What a bunch of criminals!

    Still waiting for a Russian summer offensive, but it’s like asking a leopard to change its spots. Russians do, and have always done, sucked at the Offensive (principle of war). Ukrainians are junior Russians in many ways. They excel at the Defense (principle of war), and I give you the past couple of years as a no-brainer example. Look closely at the Napoleonic war in Russia, and also at WWII. The Russians won using the Defense, and they sukn fugd at moving forward. It isn’t rocket science – its harder than that! Being brilliant at forward battle is no small matter.

    I’m upset that the Ukes have already lost, if the reports are true, 5 Abrams tanks out of, iirc, 31 or so that we gave them. Drones, and I’d guess mines and anti-tank missiles are to blame. But what’s really the matter? The fault lies in the failure to fight in a combined amrs manner. There shouldn’t be some stinky Roosky drone operator with his borsht-picking fingers on a control pad anywhere within range of the M1. Thin of the tanks as you would an aircraft carrier – you want to project a screen of destroyers, frigates, and planes deep into your operational area. This just shows you that Russians (Ukrainians are ersatz Russians) have no idea what a tank is or does.

    Europe is in full prep for a war defending against Russia. Time increases inevitability. Sidney Greenstreet says to Humphrey Bogart, early in Casablanca, that isolationism has quickly become an untenable policy. I don’t make up the situation, folks, I just report it. It is, my friends, a shit sandwich.

    In Washington state, we have a good conservative running for gov. He’s a dark-skinned guy with almost no political background, and a good military background. His GOPe rival is a GDmn’d ex-King Country Sherriff. The one who executed the whole flood-in of homeless drug and crime wave in Seattle and the Seattle area. He’s running on preventing violent crime. shyuhhh-yeahhh. He’s blaming the republicans and crying that he lost the state repub. convention vote 70-30 and that in spite of his behind the scenes dungeon at that convention. He’s the poster child for a RINO except hes not even repub enough for that.

    Ok that’s my report. Stay loose.

  • ghostsniper May 6, 2024, 2:32 PM

    Casey sed: “In Washington state, we have a good conservative running for gov. He’s a dark-skinned guy…”

    You don’t happen to see the built-in problem with this do you?
    You will.

    FWIW: When our son was in his early teens he was diagnosed with very low iron. Turned out, he had very high copper. Copper and Iron hate each other and copper usually wins. He took a very expensive liquid supplement for a couple years. Now, at 45, I don’t know how it is but I haven’t heard any complaints. Presume it got “cured” way back when.

    • Casey Klahn May 6, 2024, 8:39 PM

      I don’t give 2 shitz about Semi Bird’s (his actual name) skin color. He’s, I think it is, half Samoan and half negro. But there are legions of liberal voters in WA state who will identify first with the skin uniform and after that the party affiliation. I swear this is true, and I know the reader will agree: the voters cannot name one platform plank of either political party, but they blindly feel the attraction of that skin color They feel guilty of some racial sin, and they must vote in a black man if presented with the choice.

      Running a bona-fida military veteran who is conservative, and who is black, is winning hand. I’m only hoping our state can overcome the relentless cheat machine at the voting precincts. There are laws, after all. Looks as if WA state is not a solid “blue” (I hate those color identifiers for party – they lie like a lawyer in the dock) this year, but rather less democrat-leaning than in 2020.

      I’m hoping that Trump’s coat-tails gives my state a repub governor for change, and the coat-tail thing actually works both ways. Just hoping.

      You’re worried will a black governor govern from the right? I can guarantee any guv we get will deteriorate like salt in the rain from day 1 in office. Olympia is the devil’s own party headquarters. No one could survive it. We’ll take what we can, while we can.

      • ghostsniper May 7, 2024, 7:09 AM

        Semi Bird huh? Yeah, he’s gonna be a winner all right, and you can tell it right up front and center. I guess he says all the right stuff on the teevee right?

        Looked him up – just as I thought.
        From his site:
        …while fucking the hell out of the current generation.

        If I saw him in person today, I’d walk right up to him and ask, “What, exactly, have you done for the “next generation” so far, and please frame your answer in 10 words or less?”

        While he stammered I’d haul back and nut kick him into next week….I got no use for any of em, nor does any sane and productive person.

        • Casey Klahn May 7, 2024, 8:18 AM

          He’s 6 foot something large.

          The next time he’s in Spokane, I’m not asking him anything at all. I’m telling him: this state must overturn the red flag laws, and this state must stop counting extra and false votes after election day.

          Seattle is a national/ scratch that: world!/ disgrace! Did you her that yesterday Portland, OR had 15 cop cars torched by commies? That’s like 1960s level shit right there. Seattle, itslef, is a hellhole even Lenin himself would be ashamed of.

          • ghostsniper May 7, 2024, 4:53 PM

            Casey sed: “…I’m not asking him anything at all. I’m telling him…”

            LOL, ATTA BOY! Go straight for the jugular.

  • ghostsniper May 6, 2024, 5:58 PM

    Where your focus SHOULD be
    Because this is the stuff that matters, not stuff on the other side of the planet, and will hurt you BAD.

    BRICS: Major Crash for US Economy Has Begun, Expert Says

    With the BRICS alliance further pursuing its de-dollarization efforts, a major crash for the US economy has begun, according to one expert. Indeed, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the widely acclaimed book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his perspective on the state of the economy.

    Kiyosaki told his followers that “the crash has begun,” while further stating that “it will be a bad one.” Thereafter, he provided his user’s tips to cope with the trouble ahead. Moreover, his perspective is one that has been shared by many, as experts worry for the US economy’s immediate future.

    There is no understatement of the fragility in which the US economy has found itself. The Federal Reserve has enacted a wait-and-see approach to interest rate cuts. Subsequently, its potential action to curtail a two-year tightening campaign has been further postponed, much to the concern of many.

    Moreover, the growing US Debt crisis has not ceased. A plethora of experts have expressed their worry that the issue could balloon into something far more catastrophic than current inflationary pressures.

    Now, amid BRICS actions to diminish the dollar in the global finance sector, a major crash for the US economy has taken place, according to one expert. Indeed, Robert Kiyosaki expressed his belief that a “crash has begun” for the United States.

    In his post, Kiyosaki further noted that the United States crash “would be a bad one.” Thereafter, he discussed ways in which individuals could protect themselves from its impending effects.

    One of the most interesting suggestions that Kiyosaki provides is an investment in various assets. Specifically, he urges his followers to not invest in money, noting that currencies will only go down in value. Alternatively, he urged them to purchase assets like gold, bitcoin, and other assets that go “up in value, especially in a market crash.”

    The prognosis is certainly a concerning one for Kiyosaki, but he isn’t alone. Financial experts like JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon have issued similar warnings. Specifically, Dimon expressed his worry that ever-increasing US Debt concerns would eventually bring forth a far more concerning crisis.

  • ghostsniper May 7, 2024, 3:17 AM

    Using Chrome, what does this mean?

    Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from americandigest.org (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
    To get Chrome’s highest level of security, turn on enhanced protection

    • ghostsniper May 7, 2024, 3:23 AM


      This server could not prove that it is americandigest.org; its security certificate expired in the last day. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer’s clock is currently set to Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system’s clock and then refresh this page.

      Proceed to americandigest.org (unsafe)

      • Joe Krill May 7, 2024, 3:04 PM

        I am having the same problem with Safari. Expired.

  • ghostsniper May 7, 2024, 5:10 PM

    Criminal Incompetence

    It is the picture that launched a thousand pearl-clutching articles.

    A few weeks after the armed FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago in August 2022, the Department of Justice released a stunning photograph depicting alleged contraband seized from Donald Trump’s Palm Beach estate that day; the image showed colored sheets representing scary classification levels attached to files purportedly discovered in Trump’s private office.

    Included as a government exhibit to oppose Trump’s lawsuit requesting a special master to vet the 13,000 items taken from his residence, the crime scene pic immediately went viral—just as Attorney General Merrick Garland, who authorized the unprecedented raid, intended.

    At the time, even regime-friendly mouthpieces questioned the need and optics of the raid; the photo helped juice the DOJ’s justification for the storming of Trump’s castle.

    “[The] question of whether Trump had classified material with him at his Mar-a-Lago resort has captured the public’s attention. The photo published by the government appears to answer that question quite affirmatively,” Washington Post resident fact checker Philip Bump wrote on August 31, 2022.

    Some of Bump’s colleagues were more hyperbolic. An ex-CIA officer told ABC News the cover sheets indicated the highest level of secrecy, which in the wrong hands could have resulted in murder. “People’s lives are truly at stake. Without being melodramatic, anything that helps an adversary identify a human source means life and death,” intelligence expert Douglas London melodramatically warned in reaction to the photo.

    The New York Times insisted the photo was consistent with how the FBI handles criminal investigations. “[It] is standard practice for the F.B.I. to take evidentiary pictures of materials recovered in a search to ensure that items are properly cataloged and accounted for. Files or documents are not tossed around randomly, even though they might appear that way; they are usually splayed out so they can be separately identified by their markings,” reporters Glenn Thrush and Adam Goldman wrote on August 31, 2022.

    Except…that is not what happened.

    A Stunt with Potentially Case-Killing Consequences for DOJ
    New court filings in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s espionage and obstruction case against Trump and two co-defendants conclusively demonstrate that the government used the cover sheets to deceive the public as well as the court. The photo was a stunt, and one that adds more fuel to this dumpster-fire case.

    Jay Bratt, who was the lead DOJ prosecutor on the investigation at the time and now is assigned to Smith’s team, described the photo this way in his August 30, 2022 response to Trump’s special master lawsuit:

    “[Thirteen] boxes or containers contained documents with classification markings, and in all, over one hundred unique documents with classification markings…were seized. Certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status. (Emphasis added.) See, e.g., Attachment F (redacted FBI photograph of certain documents and classified cover sheets recovered from a container in the ‘45 office’).”

    The DOJ’s clever wordsmithing, however, did not accurately describe the origin of the cover sheets. In what must be considered not only an act of doctoring evidence but willfully misleading the American people into believing the former president is a criminal and threat to national security, agents involved in the raid attached the cover sheets to at least seven files to stage the photo.

    Classified cover sheets were not “recovered” in the container, contrary to Bratt’s declaration to the court. In fact, after being busted recently by defense attorneys for mishandling evidence in the case, Bratt had to fess up about how the cover sheets actually ended up on the documents.

    Here is Bratt’s new version of the story, where he finally admits a critical detail that he failed to disclose in his August 2022 filing:

    “[If] the investigative team found a document with classification markings, it removed the document, segregated it, and replaced it with a placeholder sheet. The investigative team used classified cover sheets for that purpose.”

    But before the official cover sheets were used as placeholder, agents apparently used them as props. FBI agents took it upon themselves to paperclip the sheets to documents—something evident given the uniform nature of how each cover sheet is clipped to each file in the photo—laid them on the floor, and snapped a picture for political posterity.

    That raises many troubling questions, to say the least, about the FBI’s handling of the alleged incriminating documents.

    For example, who made the on-site determination as to the classification level appropriate for each document? Did agents have security clearance and expertise related to classification? Did the agents know whether the document had been declassified by Trump while still in office?

    The hasty assessment also appears to contradict Bratt’s statements in court about the classification status of the seized documents. Bratt told Judge Aileen Cannon during a hearing last year that the records were undergoing a classification review, presumably conducted by the intelligence community, to determine the correct level of secrecy.

    Did the final analysis confirm or dispute the assessments by the field FBI agents who conducted the raid?

    Missing Paper Trial and Messy Boxes
    But Jack Smith might have bigger problems. During the raid, agents took a box in its entirety if it contained papers with classified markings; the box usually contained other items, which is how the FBI ended up with so many of Trump’s personal belongings.

    So, in order to flag the location of the alleged classified record in the box, agents, as Bratt noted, used the cover sheets as placeholders. (The classified records were then placed in a separate secure file.)

    But now defense attorneys claim, and the special counsel concedes, that some placeholders do not match the relevant document. “Following defense counsel’s review of the physical boxes…and the documents produced in classified discovery, defense counsel has learned that the cross-reference provided by the Special Counsel’s Office does not contain accurate information,” attorneys representing Trump’s co-defendant Waltine Nauta wrote in a May 1 motion.

    The motion forced the special counsel to admit the error. “In many but not all instances, the FBI was able to determine which document with classification markings corresponded to a particular placeholder sheet,” Bratt wrote.

    In other words, in their zeal to stage a phony photo using official classified cover sheets, FBI agents might have failed to accurately match the placeholder sheet with the appropriate document. This is a potentially case-blowing mistake, particularly if the document in question is one of the 34 records that represents the basis of espionage charges against Trump.

    And there is another issue in connection with the cover sheets. Defense attorneys also noted that in at least one instance, the location of the cover sheet in the physical box didn’t match the FBI’s accounting. “[The] sheet…does not appear for several hundreds of pages later than the FBI Index indicated it would. Defense counsel’s review of these materials calls into question the likelihood that the contents of the physical boxes remains (sic) the same as when they were seized by the FBI on August 8, 2022.”

    Which Bratt also admitted is an issue. After the boxes were transported from Florida to the hopelessly corrupt Washington FBI field office (another scandalous aspect of the case since the investigation should have been conducted in southern Florida not in another jurisdiction), a private company took scans of the inside of the boxes. But according to the defense team, the current condition of the boxes does not match the scans taken in August 2022.

    Bratt explained that “there are some boxes where the order of items within that box is not the same as in the associated scans.” He then offered a list of excuses including how some “boxes contain items smaller than standard paper such as index cards, books, and stationary, which shift easily when the boxes are carried, especially because many of the boxes are not full.”

    It is safe to assume Judge Cannon will not take these new revelations lightly–particularly since Bratt also had to admit in the same filing that he did not tell her the truth when she asked about the condition of the boxes during a hearing last month. On April 12, Cannon directly asked Bratt, “are the boxes in their original, intact form as seized?” Bratt replied yes, but “with one exception, and that is that the classified documents have been removed and placeholders have been put in the documents [place.]”


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jack Smith’s team might need several thousand words to weasel their way out of this mess.


  • ghostsniper May 7, 2024, 5:30 PM

    Got a spare bedroom at your place?
    Any room in the basement?
    Maybe you can just move into a tent somewhere while your crib is “repurposed”.

    see here:


  • DadVan May 8, 2024, 7:33 AM

    I still stop by. I still miss him. I will be saddened again when the two years is up, but at least I’ve had a longer runway to land my emotions. Thank you for keeping the website up…

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