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Open thread 5/17/24

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  • Anne May 17, 2024, 8:26 AM

    Lovely photo. The rich brown color against the monotone black/grey/white reminds me of a piece I picked up in France in 2002. A beautiful springer spaniel with pheasant. The russet brown eyes of the dog matched some of the feathers on the bird–it was stunning. Took it to a very high-end picture framer and restorer in Seattle, and paid for the best museum-quality glass to protect the colors. It started fading almost as soon as it was hung on a wall. It received some direct sun for about half hour each day at a certain time of year. Unfortunately, those rich bright browns are pretty well finished now–faded into something unnoticeable! I can’t help but think that museum-quality glass–wasn’t!

    I don’t know how you can test the glass when you pick up a piece from the shop, but it would be good to know.

    • ghostsniper May 17, 2024, 9:17 AM

      Framing makes all the diff. We got a lot of our wall arts done at Sunshine Gallery in North Fort Myers and she was referred to me by the Bokeelia Art Gallery where we have bought a bunch of stuff. Yes, the owners name was Sunshine (Sunny) and she was a master at her craft. Had thousands of frame corners on display and it was overwhelming. We just gave her our stuff and told her to make it happen. She chose the frame, the matting, etc. And always “no glare” glass with UV film. I haven’t noticed any fading, not even in our original water colors which I’ve heard tend to fade over time, but then none are in direct sun and because I am used to them I might not see the fading. shrug They still look good to me. FWIW, I bought 2 original water colors by Dave Belding that were 18″x14″ plein air of places on Pine Island I have been to, and an old abandoned fish shack on the Sound. I paid $300 for each. Sunshine triple matted and framed them in a 3 color carved driftwood with the above mentioned glass and the cost was $250 each. They look stunning and everybody that has seen them has said so. They flank the fireplace on the north wall of our living room. Of course, that northern light coming in through the sliding glass doors and bouncing off the south wall is magical.

      We had a Brittany Spaniel and her eyes were almost hypnotizing.

  • ghostsniper May 17, 2024, 9:26 AM

    Tall Ships
    My wife and I did the Windjammer thing back in the 80’s and it was pretty cool but wore thin by the end of day 2. Guess we’re just not sailboat people. Really, it was all the other people on board that started to get on my nerves. If it was just her and me we might still be out there somewhere….perhaps shored up off of Papeete.

  • ghostsniper May 17, 2024, 9:39 AM

    Or whatever you want to call it.
    What percentage of the US population got at least one Covid shot?
    50%? 60%? 70%? 80%? (I got none)
    Of those 50-80% what percentage of them will readily get the shot for the next pandemic?
    I’m suggesting stupidity has no limit.

  • ghostsniper May 17, 2024, 1:02 PM

    From over at Kunstler’s Place

    May 17, 2024 at 9:50 am #
    If the government can suspend your free speech and right to protest against the Israeli tactics of bombing civilians by smearing them as antisemitic, and making them potentially criminal, then it stands to reason they use that rationale take away your right to travel freely (a right Palestinians in the occupied West Bank do not have, by the way) by calling it as a public health hazard, and making travel illegal.

    As for Big Pharma “renting out Congress”, very true. But Big Pharma also controls big media. That’s why 60 Minutes (CBS) and Fox News will never investigate COVID, and why not a SINGLE MSM outlet showed up for Senator Ron Johnson’s vaccine injury hearing in November 2021. In 2021! No interest. Big Pharma runs all these TV ads supposedly to “inform and help” health consumers–in reality, they do this to buy off the media. Either Tucker Carlson goes, OR Big Pharma stops buying commercials on Fox.

    The “cabal” mentioned today operates on many fronts. The plandemic and COVID and complete corruption and takeover of what used to be public health is only one front.

    The financial front, from which the cabal profits from massive public and private debt, which is going to financially destroy the US.

    The military-industrial complex.

    The unconditional support of Israel.

    All policies that do very little for Middle America, but are very lucrative for special interests.

    • Joe Krill May 18, 2024, 10:15 AM

      When the word root of the word “antisemitic” is examined one will find it covers a whole lot of people, not just Jews. All these antisemitic laws being passed are opening up a whole lot of trouble for the average person on the street. Shame on the blood suckers who are supposed to be representing the American people.

    • DT May 18, 2024, 7:58 PM

      Hey – look at it this way. We get to >live< a significant historical event for which students in the future will have to remember names and dates. ("Write a 3-page paper comparing the fall of the empires of Rome and America. What significant events in each are comparable? Could the fall of either have been prevented or were the collapses inevitable? Compare either to our present government")

  • Snakepit Kansas May 18, 2024, 1:54 PM

    Where at Casey?

  • Anonymous May 18, 2024, 3:50 PM

    Joe Krill–looked up the word and root and came to the conclusion that the word semite has been bastardized beyond the pale. Thanks.

  • John A. Fleming May 19, 2024, 2:30 AM

    It wasn’t that long ago when:

    A twelve year-old could get on his bike and ride with friends around town and out into the open spaces all day, as long as they were home by supper.

    A 14-year old boy could come home from a summer camp in another state by walking up to the Trailways office and buying a bus ticket to home. By himself. With his own money.

    A 16-year-old boy or girl could get their pilot’s license on their birthday, and solo while they were 14.

    A high-schooler could have a part-time job, play multiple sports, be in Scouts, and get good grades.

    When teenagers could go out to the desert to go hunting, with our firearms tied to our bicycles or slung over our shoulder, and nobody paid no never mind. Never stopped by the police. Firearms which we bought from a friend of a friend with our part-time job money, with no government oversight.

    An 18-year old could start college, have a part time job, and live in an off-campus apartment with friends, packed in two to a bedroom. All they needed was a record player, a box for their clothes, a bicycle, and a single bed.

    When a student could work their way through college and come out debt-free. Sure it took a little longer, but so what?

    There weren’t any reservations needed for going to National Parks and Forests in the summer. No campsite reservations, no wilderness permits, no parking passes. When there wasn’t a rockclimbing social scene and Ranger regulations, most days the climbers had the whole cliff to themselves.

    When it was expected that a young man or woman would move out of their parent’s house after high school. Oh they could come back for a few months during transitions, but the kid was expected to move on soon.

    The past is another country. And yet, how will the young men and women be strong and independent if we don’t encourage and provide the opportunities to grow up early?

    • Anne May 20, 2024, 8:11 AM

      Nice read and well said–we do live in another country. The tragedy is our children “NEED” a life time coach–preferably one from the NEA or the AFT. They will never feel safe making their own decisions, that has been taken away from them. Commies won’t tolerate generations of people who cannot be led.

  • Joe Krill May 19, 2024, 7:59 AM

    America has lost a beacon of truth and justice. Dr. Cyril Wecht, a world renowned forensic pathologist passed away at the age of 93. Tenacious, flamboyant and above all, honest.

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