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Open thread 1/29/24

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  • ghostsniper January 29, 2024, 8:00 AM

    I’m not convinced there is a concerted effort, neither globally or nationally, by mysterious entities to sell/kill/maim/control the population wholesale.

    What I do believe is that this country and much of the world is currently experiencing the effects of extreme incompetence, laziness, and criminality over a long period of time.

    I also expect this trend to contine unabated until such time that physics deems it impossible.
    That which cannot be, will not be.

    Everybody has their own little pet peeve as to when the train started going off the tracks and for me that line was in 1913 when the federal reserve was created and a national income tax was levied. In the absence of those two things it is unlikely we would be where we are today. A lot of things that happened since then simply could not have occurred. None of the wars since that time that the US was involved with would have occurred because they simply were not affordable.

    By taking control of the US money the Federal Reserve has created a pathway to destruction, and with the levying of the income tax, the working population has been enslaved to pay for the Federal Reserve. It is a criminal loop that has damaged all of the citizens and benefitted some. This criminal loop continues to this day and has crossed a rubicon that cannot be sustained much longer nor can it ever be repaired. The damage has gone on for so long that, like a cancer it is killing the host.

    How far can you go into debt before you cannpt go any further?
    That is where we are right now.
    The US politicians, the ones that for at least the past 40 years have not even been able to balance their own checkbooks, have wasted so much money that, combined with barely coherent accounting practices, there is no way to know how much they have wasted. Also for the past 40 years there has been a concerted effort for all levels of gov’t to favor diversity hires which has compounded the problems and crimes exponentially. Everything is so complicated and overlapping and none of the workers have the IQ to even know where to start.

    In gov’t now, nobody knows what’s going on, nobody really cares, and everybody is stealing everything they can get their hands on. There’s a feeling in the air and everybody feels it. Gov’t employees feel it too and because they are in closest proximity to the cookie jar are grabbing with both hands right out in the open. Why not? You would too if you were a gov’t employee. Free money! Who wouldn’t grab as much as they can? Nobody is held accountable for anything, so only a retarded fool would NOT take as much as they can.

    Honesty always falls before temptation when there is no accountability.
    Nobody thinks they are going to get caught, and what if they did?

    I really don’t see anyway around the massive global upheaval that looms. It is so large that it will consume everything everywhere. Nothing will be spared. Atlas himself may buckle under. There is some light at the end of the tunnel but you’re still not going to like it.

    The approaching burn off will take the low hanging fruit first. The parasites at the bottom – 1/3 of the populace. They will not fall far because they are already mostly in the gutter.

    Next, the burnishing tool will eradicate the shiny stuff on the top – 1/3 of the populace. The rungs will be knocked off their lofty ladders from the top down, one by one. They will suffer the most pain because they have the farthest to fall and what a harsh fall it will be.

    The middle 1/3 will also suffer but they will also be the most successful group because they have been dealing with trials and tribulations, successfully, all of their lives. Of that 1/3 in the middle, those in the center of that strata will be the most successful. Not the young, which need the support of others, and not the elderly that require medicine regularly due to their age and lifestyle. But those solidly in the middle of the middle, they are the ones most likely to survive what is coming. There are exceptions in all 3 groups, but those exceptions are not the rule. There will be enormous despair across the spectrum of the population and the ensuing burn off will continue for a very long time, perhaps decades. Maybe a century or more. Yes. the crater will be that big.

    I’ve heard it said that we are heading back to the 17th century. All of the industrial age, back to before the advent of the steam engine, is where we’ll bottom out. Everything that has been developed since the early 1800’s has been stair step built upon the developements before it. Yes, we stand on the shoulders of giants and when the foundation they stand on fails we all come tumbling down.

    When is all of this going to happen?
    I don’t believe it will happen all at once.
    There will not be an overnight sudden collapse.
    You are seeing collapses right now, everywhere, everyday, if you pay attention.
    As an example, note the more and more frequent airline failures. They seem to be happening weekly now. But we can’t really tell because the failed mainstream media is constantly lying and putting out false information.

    Note the medical establishments failures, those in academics, the gov’t at all levels, the corporations that are floundering and dropping out. Little by little it is all going away. Yeah, it’s a pain that the fast food joint on the corner closed a few months ago but there’s another one across the street. Then you see that they are having problems hiring people and their supply chain is having issues.

    Same with the other companies all around you, they are all facing increasingly difficult issues. Every one of them is searching desperately for direction and finding no easy way. Just inevitable failure. So they too try to loot the coffers anyway they can, adding to the overall slow-but-accellerating collapse. When you go to the store and see there is no milk or bread you’ll know it’s time to look for an exit sign. But by then it will be too late for you and your family. You will be trapped in the gyre.

    My best suggestion to you is to pay a lot of attention to Townsends on YouTube.


    I mean REALLY pay attention.
    Put yourself in the picture, because sooner than you know you may very well wish that you had.

    gs, 2099

    • DT January 29, 2024, 3:33 PM

      I’m young enough that I’ll get to see the horrors to come but old enough to not see any recovery – should there be such (and too old to be an effective fighter). I don’t expect to live out my normal lifespan; I expect to be eliminated by the govt – nominally “our” government.
      Maybe if DJT wins and is able to be effective … but somehow I doubt that is our future.

  • Casey Klahn January 29, 2024, 9:56 AM

    Early in my own political thinking, I discounted the objectives and efficacy of chaos as a tool. It didn’t make any sense to me, and I didn’t believe that it was an actual mechanism of change. Fast forward to our current times, and observation shows us that organizations (think: communist revolutionary fronts, and the KGB, as well as the CIA ir MI5) have used chaos as a tool and successfully so. The objective is to overwhelm the cognitive and material abilities of an otherwise strong opponent, and then to follow up with organized change in line with your objectives.

    Yes, there is sever incompetence and stupidity in high office. The next few days and weeks will be a doctoral-level symposium in fuctardedness brought to you by the Biden administration. Since he may not use force to achieve his goals on the border (or he may do so, but stay with me) he will try to make the political situation look like a win for his policies. He’s already begun: he’s trying to say he will close the border if congress votes for his budget. This is layered stupidity; he’s exposing his own mistakes and intentional bad faith over the past few years (and Obama’s, too). What we have now is a failure, Biden is responsible, and closure of the border is the solution, but he makes it contingent on getting his state largesse first. I imagine everyone but his absolute sycophantic base can see through that. Look for him to get better at trying to turn the border situation into a win, and to do it on the back of the win that Texas is giving us. But, don’t discount the possibility that he’ll pull a Trudeau move.

    All this to say that the immigration crisis worldwide is both ham-handed idiocy, and an attempt to bring chaos to the political systems of the West in order to bring about changes that the Left want. It’s both stupid, and evil. It’s much more than trying to stuff ones voter base.

  • Joe Krill January 29, 2024, 10:07 AM

    Gentlemen, America is at war. How long it lasts depends on the “mood” the fallen ones are in.

    • John Venlet January 29, 2024, 11:46 AM

      Gentlemen, America is at war. True. The question is, when will it go kinetic? Before November 2024, or shortly thereafter.

      • Joe Krill January 29, 2024, 12:38 PM

        I had to look up the word kinetic. Good choice. The country is being FLOODED with Military age men. Many of them bilingual. Our depleted navy is on station in the Far East and the Middle East. The moral of our Army is in the pits. Evil has bad plans for the US but evil forgets that we still have millions of good God fearing people who love America.

        • John Venlet January 29, 2024, 12:50 PM

          The country is being FLOODED with Military age men.

          Correct again, Joe, and these men are not carrying backpacks with their few measly possessions, but rucks, like troops take to the field. See this.

          • Terry January 29, 2024, 5:35 PM

            Yes, that image shows a team of guys who actually work as a team. Most likely trained in the mid east. They are possibly loosely attached to a C*A ops program. Yes C*A. Just a hunch.

            I can easily visualize what sorts of damage these guys can do and vanish with ease at pre agreed safe houses. Safe houses all across this once nation.

            I am unable to fully understand the naivety of our own supposedly aware people. Guys like this are all over the place. They just do not blend in. Not to me that is. There is almost always some tell tale, out of place whatever on their clothing, mannerisms or just bearing. They are here to bring Hell on us.

            If you see a guy squatting by a side walk gutter, eating rice from a bowl with chop sticks or his fingers, don’t bug him. That strap showing on his back is not suspenders. It is attached to a front carry Kalashnikov.

            Our enemies are not WOKE. They are well trained, experienced killers. They are not concerned about going home to a family or retiring with a huge pension.

            Should be obvious real soon. We are on our own. No one is going to save us. Except us.

          • Terry January 30, 2024, 6:53 PM

            Military age men-

            As Michael Yon has been warning for years:


            These guys are not untested boy next door types. They are trained and ready to devastate everything and everyone.

            Best get some training friends. Watching TV action shows for learning will get you and yours killed.

    • Casey Klahn January 29, 2024, 12:51 PM

      John & Joe, please read again what I said upthread.

      Put another way, there are lots of possible futures between now and November. Many – perhaps most – do not devolve into shooting. But, I think that if or when shooting starts, it’ll me some surprising scenario. A mistake, an accident, or in a worst case, a false flag. Another worst case would be the demented president just gets a wild hair and pulls the trigger. He talks, looks, and sometimes acts, violently.

      But, my current prediction is that Biden will try to make the soon-coming border turn-around look good on his resume. Barring a shooting war, the presidential election is by far the most important topic of our day. RCP has Trump up by sometimes about 5 points in a general election against Biden.

      • Casey Klahn January 29, 2024, 1:03 PM

        While I was typing, you were bringing up the illegals entering with rucks, and of military age. Anne shared the La Jolla fast boat vid the other day. That’s a third wrinkle, isn’t it? Texas vs the Feds and don’t forget the military challenge presented by either nefarious overseas actors among the illegal population, and/or the bad actors in the cartels.

        That is a very real possible kinetic scenario, but I’m not sure how it’ll fall into the possibility of a Civil War II. I mean to say that if a cell emerges and attacks US interests, a la the Hamas attack in Israel, what does that do to the Fed-State conflict? Does Texas start shooting bad guys, and the Feds don’t? I’m not seeing it as a CW II event, but maybe I just lack imagination. I am very conservative, I think, when war-gaming scenarios.

        • John Venlet January 29, 2024, 1:16 PM

          Casey, I well appreciate your thoughts in the post you first put down, and in your follow-up comments. Predictions are difficult, and walking around my area of operations, I note most people are not paying attention what-so-ever to anything, though everything is happening right in front of their eyes. I have no desire to see things go kinetic, but, I am attempting to be diligently prepared for it. America is not voting its way out of the predicament it is in. The democratic process, and suffrage for all, is leading to America’s, and the world’s, real potential ruin. Something’s gonna give, I have no idea what it will be.

          • Joe Krill January 29, 2024, 4:17 PM

            Casey, If and when it will be quick and will not offer the opportunity to rally around the flag. It is designed to further divide. Divide and conquer. These evil ones follow Rules for Radicals to a T and then add some salt in the wounds just for spite. Be like the wiseman of the house and anticipate, be prepared. TNO1

      • DT January 29, 2024, 3:36 PM

        I’m amazed FJB still polls so high. I’d ask if those people are insane but they passed that long ago.

        • Terry January 29, 2024, 5:43 PM

          FJB polls high.

          Fake polls. Everything is fake now and will be for? Ever?

  • ghostsniper January 29, 2024, 1:35 PM
  • John A. Fleming January 29, 2024, 3:07 PM

    I’ve been puzzling about the article photo. Wave action alone is too chaotic, there should be larger rocks mixed in and peeking out from underneath.

    I’ve concluded that this is a carefully staged photo of mechanically-sorted pebbles. Their irregular shapes make me think they are beach pebbles, not riverine. A very pleasing colorful composition, but not completely natural.

    • ghostsniper January 29, 2024, 5:31 PM

      See the white oblong one a little to the left of dead center?
      Has a tan place on the bottom, and perhaps on the right side.
      I’ll suggest that it is 5-3/8″ long x 2-3/4″ tall.
      I always pictured pebbles considerably smaller than that.
      They are what I would call medium river rock.
      Hydraulic sandblasting and tumbling hundreds of miles downstream over thousands of years.

      • John A. Fleming January 30, 2024, 12:53 AM

        It looks like “pea” gravel to me. From the diversity of rock types, I suspect it’s a commercial product, perhaps for aquariums. Most gravels of my experience, either seen in the wild or at the garden centers and building materials places, seem to be just a few rock types and not so colorful, lgr’s little gray rocks. The local sand and gravel pits are just mining the eroded remains of the crystalline rocks that form the mountains. These pebbles look more sedimentary and metamorphic. I see pure quartz (the white pebbles), and metamorphic with quartz veins. The surfaces look frosted like they were banging around each other. I would think river pebbles would be smoother. Also the pebbles look like they have light frosting of calcium, something I see at pebbly ocean shores.

        • John Venlet January 30, 2024, 4:09 AM

          John, along the shores of the Keweenaw Peninsula, in the U.P. of Michigan, you’ll find rocks, not pea gravel, like that galore. A real rock hound’s dream.

  • ghostsniper January 29, 2024, 5:42 PM

    One Year Ago Yesterday

    Go see the pik at the link, of Gerard with Olive.

    Gerard and Olive
    by VANDERLEUN on JANUARY 28, 2023
    This is neo again. I want to thank everyone here who has offered tributes to Gerard as well as kind and loving words to me. It means a lot.

    Here’s a photo I took a couple of years ago of Gerard in one of his gentler moments. He’s holding his cat Olive, barely visible against his black shirt. You may recall that he’d adopted her only about a week or two before the Paradise fire. When the fire came and he had to escape, he took the cat and grabbed the cat carrier, a few pieces of clothing, and his computer. He didn’t think the entire town would burn down – who did? But of course that’s what happened.

    I am posting two posts above this one, the ones that Gerard wanted to be his last two posts on the blog. From time to time I’ll probably add something new but then bump those two up so that they remain on top.

  • Terry January 29, 2024, 5:57 PM

    The pebbles atop this thread remind me of this short education in superior numbers from military history studies:


    Short video makes our current situation crystal clear. The key to remember is, authority is a myth. The exception being our creator up above.

    Larken Rose does not think within any box.

  • ghostsniper January 30, 2024, 4:03 AM

    3 dead soldiers

    The drone incident in Jordan.
    All 3 dead were negro’s, 1 male, 2 female.
    All were killed in a “sleeping trailer”. hmmm…
    All 3 were in an Engineer unit, based in Georgia, US.

    Females in an engineer unit?
    Doing what?
    I was in 2 different engineer units during my 4 years in the army, 1 in Wildflecken, Germany and the other at Fort Campbell, KY. Lemme tell you something. Combat Engineer work is very physical. Unbearably so at times. Yeah, there’s plenty of non-physical guard duty, but each soldier must be able to pivot into a very physical role in a moments notice.

    Know what a 100′ spool of barb wire weighs? Or a saddle assembly for a Bailey bridge? Or a triple nickel cratering charge? Even in the best of conditions, on flat dry concrete, moving those things will wear grown physically adept men out in minutes. Even faster on difficult terrain in bad weather. Now, try to imagine getting women or effeminate men to work like that.

    I scan back over the 40+ years since I was a spry young buck in my prime working as a combat engineer and contrast that with what I have observed about humanity since then and it pains me to know how the circumstances in the engineer units are now. Gross incompetency.

    And then “Old Yeller” claims he will seek revenge, sounding every bit like a scolded school boy. What a fucking cowardly embarrassment he is.

    It’s been said many times but bears repeating, you are on your own.
    Prepare as if your very life depended on it.

    • Casey Klahn January 30, 2024, 7:23 AM

      Females in the Combat Engineers? It’s DEI, Hoss.

      Defending forward in ISIS-Land is one thing, but in an era in which the public is averse to the smallest casualty losses, and in which they have as unserious an attitude as that shown by the deployment of small-sized women in a combat support unit, I can’t make the calculus work in my head. How strong is ISIS now?

      Instead of starting “another fucking war” (a quote by news bitch Joy Reid) with Iran over this, my take is to bring ’em home from the Middle East. We are doing nothing right in our interaction with Iran, at this point in time. It was great to throw an expeditionary army up on both sides of Iran for over a decade (seriously – that was a good move), and it’s great to engage in a small tanker war, at the invitation of Iran/Russia/Yemen, but I’d say we should contain Iran now. None of our partners in the Middle East are weak, and the Axis I just outlined around Iran is not that strong, militarily speaking.

      I want accountability from Obama, et al, on that money given to Iran.

  • Anne January 30, 2024, 9:56 AM

    Does anybody remember this crap goes all the waaaay back to Jimmy Carter and his behind the scenes handler–Bill Clinton. I remember both of them declaring that the world should have no borders and then giving away the Panama Canal. “Aww shucks” the R said “the canal needs to be fixed it’s going to cost a lot of money. Let’s just make friends with those folks down south and give them this old stinking canal.” Too, Too, Too bad none of them ever had to take geography in school ! Geography endures–ask
    Israel. Of course, I also remember the choir boy eliminating the usury laws and wreaking havoc on interest rates. Not to mention what “they” did to the gas market.
    Yes, this crap started way back then with your favorite “young son from the south” . You know the one who studied at the London School of Economics and came home to marry a Chicago (mobster?)daughter who had also attended the same school of economics.
    During those years I was trying to patch together an education and took two economics courses at San Francisco State. Angela Davis and her pack of dogs were prancing around campus every day. She was an acclaimed professor by then. On the floor of the building where the Economics Department was located there were two distinct sides. The offices on side of that floor were for the professors who taught “Supply-side Theory”. Across the hall were the offices of those professors who taught “Demand Side Theory” This is important so you can understand the London School of Economics where Bill and Hillary were studying. At that time, during those years the “in thing”, the “ever so intelligent inquiry” was into the study of Socialist economies. Those two little commies got off the boat from England and walked right into the D party and most particularly into the stunningly obvious takeover and persuasion of Jimmy Carter. Come to think of it isn’t that about the last time we lost service men to the Iranian army?

    • Terry January 30, 2024, 6:33 PM

      Anne, SFSU huh.

      I was attending that monkey and horse show from about 1966 to 1970. Graduated with nothing learned academically just after S.I. Hayakawa took over. I was studying physical geography, an earth science. I received two awards from some national honors operation totally unexpectedly. On graduation I received in the mail a diploma with no identification of what I studied.

      This fancy packaged document just stated “Bachelor Of Arts “. The words “Physical Geography”, my my science major nowhere to be seen.

      I marched back into the insane SFSU office complex and asked why I did not receive my correct diploma. After a couple months I received a letter from the school which stated I did not receive my degree due to me getting an incomplete for three classes.

      Happens to be the date the whole school was shut down due to riots with cops on horses all over the campus. All three of the classes I was given an incomplete were on that day. School shut down, cops running around after their horses bucked them out of the saddle.

      Yes, Communist, Angela Davis was a burr headed anti American POS indeed.

      College for me was a complete waste of time. The USAF G.I. bill paid for it. So the $ was nil.

  • ghostsniper January 30, 2024, 11:08 AM

    America’s Headed for Car Insurance Crisis
    Jan 29, 2024 at 1:18 PM EST

    Vehicle insurance cost should be based on the individual rather than any sort of grouping.
    Anything other than that should be criminal. Maybe I’ll get a bike….with snow tires.
    gs, 2099


    Agrowing number of Americans might no longer be able to afford car insurance, and it could have a rippling effect on the auto industry and overall economy.

    Rising insurance costs have been linked to a significant number of young Americans, roughly 45 percent, who say they’ve thought about going without auto insurance because of the cost, according to a new Deloitte report. And about one in five, or 17 percent, of those surveyed between the ages 18 and 34 say they’re already driving uninsured.

    Car insurance climbed 19 percent in 2023 compared to the year prior, marking the biggest yearly increase since 1976. The numbers reflect a darkening reality to financial experts, and it’s one they expect to fully be a car insurance crisis.

    “We are absolutely heading toward a car insurance crisis, and the results for Americans could be devastating,” Alex Beene, a financial literacy instructor for the state of Tennessee, told Newsweek.

    “We had a combination of rising automobile prices and increasing auto-related wrecks and fatalities during the pandemic that saw insurance prices soar and never come back down.”

    Beene said he has seen some Americans’ auto insurance surge by nearly 30 percent, and this can even happen to those with older models and no history of tickets or accidents.

    Insurance rates skyrocketed for a number of reasons in the aftermath of the pandemic. Insurers bumped prices initially when people returned to their offices and typical driving routines as the chances of getting into an accident surged.

    But the uptick in car repair costs have also been a substantial factor on the back of inflation and supply chain challenges. Additionally, Americans have adopted electric vehicles at a widespread level, and these cars cost more than traditional cars to repair as well.

    While Americans might be swayed into giving up their coverage because of the cost, Beene believes it would be a mistake.

    “A good rule of thumb is to not let rising insurance costs cause you to completely drop your coverage, which is unfortunately the feeling it often triggers,” Beene said. “Work with your insurance company to see where you cut down expenses, and, if all else fails, shop around to other providers.”

    Generally, you should try at least three insurers before settling on one because prices can vary, especially for newer drivers or those with a history of tickets or accidents.

    Many car insurance providers will raise rates for certain groups of the population, which is unfortunate for younger Americans and newer drivers. Christopher Hensley, a financial adviser and president of the Houston First Financial Group, said it’s one of few areas in which age discrimination is implicitly permitted.

    “Insurance companies tend to charge higher rates for individuals under 25 due to the higher statistical likelihood of accidents in this age group,” Hensley told Newsweek. “While this practice can result in lower rates for older drivers, it places a heavy burden on young adults who are good drivers but still face high premiums. As most young people are just starting out in the world, these high rates can be particularly daunting and unfair.”

    While higher insurance rates inevitably hurt your wallet, the financial pain that occurs when you need it but don’t have it can be far worse, experts said.

    Those who don’t have car insurance are often putting themselves at risk. If they get into an accident and the car is totaled without any collision coverage, they would likely find themselves without a car, impacting their job, food security and more.

    But there’s also a ripple effect that occurs when large numbers of Americans decide to opt out of their auto insurance.

    “Everyone else, including us regular insured folks, can end up paying more for our car insurance,” Hensley said. “It’s like this domino effect. Insurance companies shell out money for accidents involving uninsured drivers and then hike up premiums to cover these costs.”

    Chris Fong, the CEO of Smile Insurance Group, echoed this sentiment.

    “The future in auto insurance seems very murky,” Fong told Newsweek. “The increasing number of uninsured drivers is alarming because it has the potential to cause premiums to go even higher for those who choose to have auto insurance.”

    On a larger scale, the economy will face substantial troubles, too.

    “All the costs from accidents, legal tangles and the extra burden on health care and public resources, it’s us, the taxpayers, who often end up footing the bill,” Hensley said. “It’s a real headache, especially for people on a tight budget.”

  • ghostsniper January 30, 2024, 12:42 PM

    Does it cost more, or less, for a company to have a DIEversity hire on the payroll.

    Does a company benefit more, or less, from a DIEversity hire?

    If DIEversity is a good thing wouldn’t 100% DIEversity be the best there is?

    If that is true I wonder why ALL company’s haven’t converted to 100% DIEversity?

  • Terry January 30, 2024, 10:02 PM

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