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“Yes, this is nothing like a civil rights movement.”

A WARNING, FROM A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK: A systemic defect inseparable from the system requires    wholesale replacement of the system. That’s the game with the systemic-racism canard. The goal isn’t civic equality or respect — both widely supported, both fully achievable in-system. The goal, as Matthew Peterson has noted, is regime change.

This is why you see the aggressive delegitimization of state force, police, and military alike. The capacity for violence that is properly the monopoly of any functioning state is stripped away through the closing of the necessary political space. You’re seeing it already: police won’t police, prosecutors won’t prosecute, the man in charge of the Army of the United States issues public apologies, the city fathers of Seattle abandon governance of their own urban core, even “Cops” is canceled. The state writ large, the sole bearer of democratic legitimacy, is enervated and unsure. Solzhenitsyn would have recognized it: it looks like St Petersburg in 1917. The powerful abandon their duties of stewardship, having absorbed and believed their enemies’™ critiques of themselves.

When the regime changes, the people in charge will be the same ones conducting ideological purges and smashing statuary now. It will be rule by Americans with the aesthetic ethos of the Taliban and the social ethos of Mao’s China. We aren’t there yet –but we are a long way toward it. Events accelerate, and once everyone is on board –” once the nice lady on CNN who worked on Capitol Hill as senior staff gets her wish of stripping you and me of George Washington and the whole Founding —” then the network coalesces and they seize the reins. The existing superstructure is too attenuated to use the power at its disposal, neither for its own preservation nor for the protection of the people whom it is supposed to serve.

The new one won’t be.

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  • Kevin in PA June 13, 2020, 4:36 PM

    “The existing superstructure is too attenuated to use the power at its disposal, neither for its own preservation nor for the protection of the people whom it is supposed to serve.”

    Perhaps I might add that the players of influence in this attenuated superstructure are so absorbed with their own sense of self importance and the surety that “it can’t happen here”, they are wholly unable to recognize the seriousness of the peril facing them. In a word – hubris.

  • ghostsniper June 13, 2020, 6:17 PM

    Zappa once said something like, “You’re children are going to kill you in your sleep.” That day is almost here but the kids are in for an eye opening. While they may indeed kill their parents in their common enclave, out here in the fields they will find we fight for our meals and we will kill all of them upon first sight. I never set well with city life in the first place so they can burn the hell out of all of them, I won’t bat an eyelash. We have the food and we have the guns and we have the shovels. Eventually they have to come out here to get the first one but instead they’ll get 2 and 3.

  • Foo June 13, 2020, 7:28 PM

    I’m with ghost. This wont take long and it wont end well for the systemic changers.

  • George_Banner June 14, 2020, 3:19 AM

    (Mr. Van der Leun, my respects and thank you for this blog.
    If this comment in any way abuses my welcome as a commenter and by its length or nature in any way puts me in the position of “commentard”, please just delete it.)

    We are at a war to extinction with a different species than humanity, the leftoxenomorph.

    We can discuss what a leftoxenomorph is and how they came to be but a few concepts need to be understood for us, common, normal, decent folks to have a chance, a small chance, to survive the current war and save our civilization and our country and ourselves from extinction.

    a) It is a war to extinction. As Lara Logan has pointed out “Lara Logan on Antifa ‘America has to die in order for their world to exist’” (*) It is more than a mere difference of opinions. It is a war to extinction. Like when one species of ant meets another, one of them goes extinct. The war may take time. But the end result is a given. One goes into oblivion.
    When leftoxenomorphs say “systemic racism” what they mean is “America”
    America is what they want to destroy.
    There is no part of the Constitutional Republic that is good for them.
    When leftoxenomorphs say “defund the police” what they mean is “eliminate the current police and we will become the ‘new’ police”
    They are after raw, feudal lords like, medieval, Dark Ages power over all others for themselves.
    They want a soviet with them as the nomenklatura.
    And in the end, taken as most things go, to its logical conclusion, they want an ant-hill with a one-hive-mind.

    b) Leftoxenomorphs are not human. Does it pain you to have to admit this? You refuse? Am I exaggerating? Are my words ideological fireworks? Fine. It’s your privilege. Go ahead and refuse to understand. Leftoxenomorphs are not human. What they are is a new species utterly hostile to humanity, to decency, to reason, to freedom, to individuality, to the Constitutional Republic the United States of America (not a ‘democracy’ but a Constitutional Republic – HUGE DIFFERENCE) and to Western Civilization.

    c) Like many wars this one starts with a skirmish here and there. Slowly. Few casualties. Non declared. Not officially, at least. It is totally asymmetric. One side is quite aware of the other moral qualms and is quite willing to take advantage of them. One side has no morals besides utter hostility. Spittle spraying almost insane hostility to the other side whose humanity means nothing to its members. They are not interested in humanity. We don’t count in their world view. We don’t exist in their future. To leftoxenomorphs, all those not willing to bow need extermination. In this they are quite similar to pisslims and that’s why they love them, so much. You either become one of them by sincere and contrite conversion or is off with your head.

    Theirs is the longing to be ants in an ant-hill because that is what they consider the normal and desirable with a fanaticism of faith that surpasses by far that of the most rabid religious fanatics in the history of religions and more and worse than that, too. Theirs is a modus operandi, an operative system, if you will, more similar to that of an ant than to a human. They know it. They love it. They carry it around like a banner. They want an ant-hill with a one-hive-mind. Just like ants. New World Order. One World Government. You name it. The concept is always the same. You are just another ant in an ant-hill. Obey the one-hive-mind. Obey the nomenklatura. Obey your betters. And you’ll be safe and happy and provided for and you don’t have to waste your time on thinking for yourself. Safety in obedience. Happiness in submission.

    Leftoxenomorphs are not human. This can not be stressed enough. They hate humanity with a fervor that knows no limit. Their worldview is so different from that of a normal human being that it is astonishing considering their humanoid appearance. Anything human is anathema to them. They will do anything to bring down humanity and replace it with their beloved leftoxenomorph ant-hill.
    The number of humans that will have to die to bring this about doesn’t even count for them.
    Their logic is the logic of Adolf Eichmann: this particular kind of people has to be exterminated. Period. It is not a matter of how many individuals will have to be murdered.
    The only thing akin to a morality in leftoxenomorphs is this: “we live, they die, the planet is not big enough for both of us”
    Who is “they”?
    “They” is anybody who doesn’t want to be an obedient, kneeling ant in the leftoxenomorph ant-hill with the one-hive-mind.

    Leftoxenomorphs are the destruction-maniacs of everything related to America and Western civilization.
    You may have heard that Romans had an expression “Carthago delenda est” meaning “Carthage should be destroyed” and, finally, they did destroy Carthage.
    Leftoxenomorphs would have a similar motto, “America delenda est”, if they knew any history and any Latin instead of being an species alien to humanity that cares not for anything human except to destroy us.
    But their attitude towards humanity and the USA is exactly the same Romans had for Carthage.
    “Those over there have got to go. They are not going to go (convert to leftoxenomorphism or just disappear?) on their own so we’re gonna have to kill them.”
    It is not any more complicated than that.
    They know it.
    Many people fail to see it and many who suspect it, refuse to acknowledge the truth and prefer to play the “three wise monkeys”

    d) Their methods have been seen before. As Dinesh D’Souza explains in “Dinesh D’Souza points out connection between current ‘racial humiliation’ and the Nazis” (**) we defeated a remarkably similar infestation out of Europe in the Second World War. But this time it is much more dangerous, by far. They are not across the ocean but across the street. And they have already infested most of the cultural and governmental institutions of the country. Meaning they are already, almost, won this war.

    e) They have just about everything on their side including most people’s inability and even refusal to see the horrendous truth that threatens the very survival of “the land of the free and the home of the brave”

    f) They are the very teachers of the children and the young of most of the citizenry. That means their tentacles now reach into just about every household in the country. How many of those children, like so many Hitler Youth in the 1930s and 40s germany, will be willing, in the name of social justice and bullshitsectionality and leftoxenomorphism to turn on their father and mother like leftoxenomorph rabid dogs?

    g) This war to extinction is already being fought. One side is doing its worst and winning. The other side is not yet aware that it has been marked for extinction. In the 1930s few of the millions of Jews and others involved in the planned german-nazi genocide were willing to even contemplate the possibility. A little while later they were being pushed into gas chambers. “This can’t be happening!! . . .” We can be certain that many of them died thinking that what was happening to them couldn’t actually be so. Yes, it could. Yes, it can. It did. And it is happening, again, right in our midst. The ideology is the same. The attitudes are the same. The dark logic of a war to extinction is the same. The consequences unless checked in time will be the same. Leftoxenomorphs know that millions have to be killed because they won’t submit.

    h) They have almost won. We have almost lost. Time is running out. If . . . there is still time . . . I’m not sure.

    i) We saved the world from the previous version of this. This time, nobody will come to our aid. eurabia is gone. There’s nobody else.

    j) Few will remember the particulars. The battles. The heroes. The tactics and strategies. Only one species will survive. Only one species will write the history of this war. The other will no longer exist. We should act accordingly.

    (*) “https://noqreport.com/2020/06/02/lara-logan-on-antifa-america-has-to-die-in-order-for-their-world-to-exist/”
    (**) “https://noqreport.com/2020/06/07/dinesh-dsouza-points-out-connection-between-current-racial-humiliation-and-the-nazis/”

  • Kevin in PA June 14, 2020, 6:56 AM

    There seems to be a strange similarity between communism – Islam – radical left. Collectivist at their core. Fundamentally violent in their nature. Destructive of anything not willing to adhere to their ideals.

    Interesting comment from G. Banner. I’m not sure I grasp the meaning of his new word – Leftoxenomorph. I know he was recently awarded WORDSMITH OF THE DAY AWARD (or some such). Lefto – I understand. Xeno – having to do with fear. Morph – to change? Can someone elucidate this ignorant soul.

    D’Souza link is interesting too. The NAZI were collectivist. The Chi-comms also did the ritual public humiliation bit too.

    And Ms. Logan learned a bit about mob violence. If I recall, she was working for maybe CNN in Libya or somewhere in that region and was a victim of sexual assault / rape, at the hands of an angry mob of Mohammedans.

  • Nori June 14, 2020, 8:21 AM

    It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning here in AZ. Just put the flag out.It’s silhouetted against a bright,cloudless blue sky.Crayola box Sky Blue. Temp will hit 104 later,but now it’s 79 with a very light wind. Perfect flying weather. Perfect anything weather.
    It occurred to me as I went back inside that putting the flag out is actually putting a red white & blue target on my place.
    In that discomforting frame of mind,and fortified with coffee,I sat down to visit the usual suspects.
    The mood is grim everywhere,but resolute.
    Agree with every comment above. I note with irritation that a number of generals have decided to piss on the Code of Military Conduct and denounce their CIC.
    Also recall back when MadDog/BadDog Mattis joined PDT’s team,our own Ghostsniper remarked “Don’t like him. Something about the eyes.”
    Indeed,Ghost. The much ballyhooed Mattis has revealed his inner sh*tweasel. Shameful,but leftoxenomorphs are incapable of shame.

    This IS a battle between all that is good,and decent…and pure evil.
    Recognize it and prepare. A favorite family saying (always with a smile) is:
    “ God hates cowards.”

  • Nori June 14, 2020, 8:32 AM

    @Kevin: the xenomorph is the grotesque acid-spewing life form from the movie Aliens. Couple that with lefto and it’s a perfect description of the enemy we face.
    Lara Logan’s attack happened as she was covering the (mostly peaceful) Arab Spring in Egypt.
    Mohammedans are a prime example of leftoxenomorphs. And they vote Democrat.

  • james wilson June 14, 2020, 8:45 AM

    We are farther along than St. Petersburg. The police are indeed policing and the prosecutors are indeed prosecuting. Antifa is protected by both, as is the black criminal class. Whites are arrested for protecting themselves, and increasingly for speaking their minds. This play is a century old. Perhaps we are witnessing the last chapters. Garett Garett-
    So it was that a revolution took place within the form. Like the hagfish, the New Deal entered the old form and devoured its meaning from within. The revolutionaries were inside; the defenders were outside. A government that had been supported by the people and so controlled by the people became one that supported the people and so controlled them.
    To the revolutionary mind the American vista must have been almost as incredible as Genghis Khan’s first view of China–so rich, so unaware. Why should anyone fear government?
    Its cruel and cynical suspicion of any motive but its own was a reflection of something it knew about itself. Its voice was the voice of righteousness; its methods therefore were more dishonest than the simple ways of corruption.

  • rabbit tobacco June 14, 2020, 9:26 AM

    We should have an EQUAL RIGHT
    to be UNEQUAL, the left confuses
    that concept as SAMENESS.They
    want everybody the same. In other words
    they want to paint everything beige.

  • Kevin in PA June 14, 2020, 10:03 AM

    Thanks for that explanation. Having never seen Aliens (I know it’s like 30 years since it was released. Sci-Fi is just not my thing). I fully get it now.

  • George_Banner June 14, 2020, 10:03 AM

    As [ Nori June 14, 2020, 8:32 AM ] says above, I took “xenomorph” from the movie franchise “Alien” and added the “lefto”

    “Xenomorph” translates to “strange form” from Greek xenos=strange and morphe=form.

    It may be easier to see it as lefto – xeno – morph.

    Leftist strange beings.

    (a) By their own will having abandoned the human kind.
    (b) Alien to human life.
    (c) Utterly hostile to human life.

    If you have known somebody before they became a leftoxenomorph and meet them afterwards, it is as frightening as meeting a Hitler’s Youth after the nazis brainwashed them.

    It is a different animal. Nasty. Poisonous. Impervious to reason and decency. Basically evil. Basically irredeemable and hopeless. You can see their murderous insanity lurking behind their eyes. Kind of meeting Cujo after you have known it, years before, as a cute puppy. I consider them like rabid animals. Good for nothing. But dangerous as demons fresh out of Hell if given a chance to do damage to human beings.

    Don’t think we have ever met an enemy as dangerous as leftoxenomorphs.

    I see only one way out. But in our benevolence we most likely won’t take it. The outcome looks grim.

    Put “social justice warrior” in Bing, not exactly an “alt-right” engine and look for images.
    Some people consider them a joke.
    I consider them leftoxenomorphs, the cross of ebola + common cold with the nastiness and the infectiousness of both together.
    It is a species killer.
    And the species is humanity.
    Am I exaggerating?
    Let’s hope so . . .

  • Show me June 14, 2020, 1:00 PM

    The hardest lesson to learn, and to teach, is that the world doesn’t owe you or me a d*** thing.

  • Chris June 14, 2020, 5:18 PM

    I call them “oikioiconclasts.”

    Oikophobia is fear of the familiar: “the disposition, in any conflict, to side with ‘them’ against ‘us’, and the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably ‘ours.’ ” British philosopher Roger Scruton

  • Chris June 14, 2020, 5:21 PM

    Oops. Forgot an “o” in there. Oikioiconoclasts.

  • ghostsniper June 15, 2020, 4:55 AM

    George_Banner sed: “If you have known somebody before they became a leftoxenomorph…”

    This is possible IF you knew the LOM (leftoxenomorph) before it became an adult.
    If you know what to look for you can see the transition occur at a young age, perhaps around age 5 or 6. Take a look at the patterns of early child development and you’ll see that a child developes a sense of self awareness around that age. Many parents, now, and in the past 30-40 years, have coddled the shit out of their prodigies and required the same from everyone in contact with them. The parents themselves were coddled, so there are now multiple generations of this malady stacked upon each other. It is easier to see these LOM traits in other people’s kids than in your own. Plus, denial plays a big part, “My kid would never act that way!”, but they are the worst kind. It is happening right now. All those teens and early 20 somethings that are running wild in the streets like savages have parents and these parent know that they have a societal responsibility to take these mentally infected vermin out of the picture but will not do so because, “My kid would never act that way!”

    Yes, a person experienced character identification can see the forming traits in very young children. It shines like a beacon and unfortunately when the seeds are sown the ensuing weed can only be dealt with with extreme over the top violence. A length of steel pipe to the back of the head of the demonstrated LOM will dismiss it outright and if done in front of other LOM’s will serve as a warning to reign in their behavior of else. But like all criminals and sociopaths LOM’s will keep trying over and over again because after a long period of time of cultivation of the privileged mind the synapse channels have been carved deep in the hemispheres. They probably cannot be fixed and must be destroyed. The trick is in seeing them before they see you.

  • George_Banner June 15, 2020, 4:29 PM

    Me thinks you’re right ghostsniper.