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San Francisco Meltdown: A Prog Takes the Red Pill

How to treat a newly red-pilled progressive

Michelle Tandler, founder of Life School, in San Francisco, Tweets that 8,000 people sleeping in the rain in a city that has a $13 billion annual budget looks like ‘the least compassionate city on the planet’. How should Conservatives respond when Progressives awaken to evidence that their ideology creates the harsh reality of a Hellscape like San Francisco?

Excerpts from “Here is what confuses me about San Francisco.”

I’m starting to develop a seriously dark view of the Progressive politicians in charge of our town. They have absolute power – act like a regime, and talk often of how “broken” the system is. Are the homeless their foot soldiers? Mascots? Mercenaries?

You have to wonder, with the funds we have as a city, state & nation – is this situation… on purpose? We saw what SF was capable of when pandemic hit. We had testing sites up in days. Hotels converted into shelter. Funds flowing. Yet here we are… Is this nefarious?

Progressives tend to blame Republicans for almost everything. Yet here we are – not a Republican in sight – and I think we may be the most deranged city on the planet. Nowhere is there such inequality. I have never seen destitution at this scale.

So here are my questions to Progressives —

  • + What do you stand for?
  • + What do you believe?
  • + What are your strengths as a political group?
  • + Weaknesses?
  • Why, after decades of Progressive rule in SF are 8,000 people in the streets?
  • + Why do we have the highest overdose rate in the nation?
  • + Why do we have the highest property crime rate?
  • + Why do we have fewest children per capita?
  • + What are the biggest “wins” of progressives in SF?
  • + What are progressives most proud of here?
  • + Who are the strongest public servants of the progressive party?
  • + Why do you think we should continue on this path?

Recently I have been having flashbacks to Junior year when I ran for class representative and lost by five votes. My opponent promised candy vending machines, parties – all kinds of fun things. He won, and didn’t do a darned thing all year.

Thought experiment — what would San Francisco look like if Republicans were in charge? If moderates ran things? If we had two party rule instead of one?

Downtown is boarded up. The children of the Tenderloin are begging the Mayor to arrest drug dealers. Our school system is on the brink of state takeover. Our DA is completely over his skis and a defender at heart. We are in crisis. And – yes, we voted for this. We know.

We probably have more “Black Lives Matter” signs up than any city in the nation. 40% of our homeless people are Black. Do their lives matter…? Or is this just about virtue signaling and moral grandstanding?

This past Thursday afternoon I dialed into the Board of Supervisors meeting about the emergency order to refund the police. Our board sat through 10 hours of debate & public comment. It was astonishing. Caller after caller saying “defund the police.”

The #1 “advocate” for the homeless, Jennifer Friedenbach – called in to say “Vote no on black lives don’t matter!” She is the head of @TheCoalitionSF — and has for decades fought against shelters – saying they warehouse people. She is for “housing first”. Well – here we are.

I would really like to know if @fbach4 stands by her advocacy. I personally believe she is the person most responsible for this tragedy unfolding in our streets. But we are all responsible. We are allowing this insanity.

I’d also like to know why the loudest voices right now against changing our approach are all white progressive women. We have Kate Chatfield from the DA’s office, Jennifer Friedenbach from COH, Hilary Ronen of D8. All yelling about defunding the police. What is this about?

Meanwhile our Mayor, who grew up in the projects of SF – and our Chief of Police (@SFPDChief) – two of the most thoughtful, kind & pragmatic people in SF – are asking for funds & help. And they are getting shouted down as racists? This is nuts!

Many people in SF came here to “change the world”. They start companies, fight for causes they believe in, recycle & compost, invest in “green” products. This is all wonderful, but what about the humanitarian crisis in our backyard?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the concept of “Civic Duty.” What is our responsibility as a citizenry? What is “civil society”? What does it mean to “contribute” to your neighborhood, city, state, nation?

One of my friends recently woke up to find a homeless person sleeping on the front step of her multi-million dollar home. I asked her what she did. “We closed the blinds.” I think this is such a metaphor for what’s going on here. San Francisco is turning its head.

San Franciscans believe they are righteous because they pledge allegiance to the righteous tribe – Democrats. They believe they are moral because they believe in higher taxes. They believe they are virtuous because they believe in big Government.

I am just so confused. If Progressives believe in big government then why aren’t they doing the bare minimum – the minimum that even F.A. Hayek spoke of in “The Road to Serfdom” in 1944? He is a famous Libertarian, and believed in providing food, shelter & clothing.


John JDec 28
I live in a small and very conservative town. We don’t wear and never wore masks. Vaccine rate hovers around 20%. This community went over 90% for Trump. People here are pretty religious. Everybody owns a lot of guns. We have next to no crime. Everyone drives trucks. We have almost zero hunger. We don’t have a police force though we do have a county sheriff, but we never see them. Drive as fast as you want, nobody is writing tickets. We don’t have any homeless people. When people need help, as often people do, we call on our neighbors and family. We even mostly plow the snow off our own roads, since waiting on the county would take too long. We don’t run out of food, because we grow it, and likely we grow some of yours too. Everything here is green, and open, and big. You can see the stars at night and you wave to your neighbors – who know way too much about your business. We aren’t a utopia. A lot of heroin ODs for a community our size, these last few years. Farm and agricultural business has suffered. We have challenges. But I wouldn’t trade your town’s problems for mine. No f’ing way. To me SF looks like a hellscape. People in SF probably sneer at where I’m from. That’s fine. I’m never going to SF. Our way works for us. My only fear is having the policies of SF forced on us here. We want to be left alone. If “Progress” means cities like SF and NYC – thanks but no thanks. Bad things happen, and when they do I’ll trust my family and neighbors over an anonymous government that treats me like a number… a statistic…. anyone looking to shoe horn me into a “Demographic” isn’t a friend. Keep the money and the laws and the “help.” My family and neighbors will see us through.

RogerDec 28
You see the problems but still refuse to see the cause of them. You think it is political tribalism. You don’t understand that the problem is the core tenants of progressivism.

Big government is always oppressive. You don’t understand that this country was founded on anti-big government values. That is what made America unique in the world.

You still call the right NAZIS . But the American right has nothing to do with big totalitarian government. You don’t even understand what the NAZIS were. Hitler didn’t use the term NAZI. He always said “National Socialism” . His policies were the same as yours. Hitler’s policies were very similar to Gavin Newsom’s policies. Do some research.

The American right want political power to be at the lowest level possible. That is why they talk about individuals and liberty. While the left talks about groups (tribes) and group rights. The right wants equality of opportunity the left demands equity of results.

Everywhere that democrats have control in this country there are the problems you are seeing in San Francisco. But those same problems are not as prevalent in areas run by the right. It is not a problem of one party rule. It is a problem of political policy.

You call for a middle path. But fence sitting between liberty and tyrannical government does nothing but empower the left.

You still don’t understand that what you are seeing is a direct result of the policies you have supported your whole life. Not just the party. Tyranny never improves the human condition. Big government is always tyrannical.

Christopher D. ThibeaultDec 29
One day a blind person wakes up with partial vision, and your response is to gouge their eyes out and screech into their ears? She lived for eighteen years as a Democrat, not a Communist. Democrat is just a machine to get people into office; communist is a literal criminal mafia under the guise of an economic theory–similar but still different. Nobody truly accepts either; we pay lip service under expectation of better treatment (bribery).

When this treatment doesn’t visibly apply to all, we either protest or doubt said arrangement. Her entrepreneur friends lack perspective and initiative; she just regained hers! Nobody is ever the sum of whatever institution they (think they) serve, including convervatism. She asks, “Where have I been?” You order her to pack her bags immediately while insulting her for not packing them fast enough. One thing at a time!

You want to recommend heading out and finding mass graves in other people’s countries so someone in the comments section blurts, “OKAY NEO CON”? You don’t deprogram someone by punching through their skull and yanking out the cerebellum. You can’t advise people to just “Google” around for the great discovery that they have associated with zombies and are therefore zombies (and then John was a zombie) the whole time.

You know why? People double down into denial–sometimes justifiably so. Then they get angry, bargain, get depressed, and just go along because they hate feeling angry over what seems like nothing special. They don’t gain any valuable insights or contribute any good vibes, let alone actual support, because they ask, like she is, “where do I start?” and must then change the bandages on those eyes you just gouged.

You have to realize you’re being bullied before you bail out, fight back, or find someone who cares enough to cover your back. You also need to realize that you’ve become a bully before you consider dropping the act. Big government is not always tyrannical–bullies are always tyrannical. A government is just their cover point, not the source. If even limited government is unfashionable, anarcho-tyranny will prove how bullies ruin everything.

Bailing out of the wrong crowd and reevaluating everything you’ve come to understand is a personal process. Don’t get uppity just because she woke up about it. Give her a chance to learn things on her own. If she doesn’t gain this knowledge for herself, she won’t feel responsible with how she uses such knowledge. Wouldn’t that be a shame, when they begin to agree with you, only you condemn them for not doing so in advance?

Jeff M.Dec 29
Christopher – That’s a well meaning and well minded, thoughtful post. Thank you for it. That being said, I understand why someone like Roger would post what he did.

When you’ve been bullied for years and been called a NAZI every time you dare preach personal responsibility or point out the flaws in relying on government as the one size fit’s all solution and nearly completely abandon the notion of personal citizen responsibility save writing your tax check (and expecting others to do the same so that your ‘team’ will provide what they’ve promised.) This is what you get. We HAVE been polarized and made tribal – it happens every night when you turn on the news regardless of what channel you watch. Working as intended.

Frankly, as well, if this person in her awakening is so utterly fragile that any online criticism will be seen as having one’s eye’s gouged out, then she’s clearly NOT the person to carry the water of reason to her side. She’ll just fold like a cheap tent when challenged. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s tougher than that – we can only hope so. If she’s just Sarah Silverman, then her entire post will be meaningless and she’ll retreat back into the obedience demanded by the tribe.

Should Roger, myself or any of us be less than our best at all times when posting and never, ever let our feelings get into our posts? Probably.

I’d like to introduce you to 2 things, however: Humanity and the Internet.

Signed: A former Californian who lives now in flyover country where I spend no time in traffic, 5 minutes at the DMV, next to no homeless, limited crime, next to zero violent crime, no mask wearing, shutdown, or large increase in covid or overrun hospitals. People go to church and help each other and that’s in a state with some of the highest minority population in the country. And, yeah, they vote largely for the ‘red’ team.

Maybe all these ‘rednecks’ aren’t right, but since I get to choose someplace to live – the choice isn’t even close. Those ‘blue’ folks can keep the hell they’ve created and it’s THEIR responsibility to make what they broke better. I wish her luck in her endeavor. Truly. That, however, is where MY responsibility ends. I voted long enough against what they now have and lost. Be careful what you wish for.

i.JohnsonDec 29
Terrific piece and dialog. I live in Seattle and wake up in a state of mild to extreme background grief daily due to what I see happening here. We are just a few minutes behind you in destroying everything I used to love about my city. The worst part of it to me is the hypocrisy and utter lack of self-reflection on the part of the left. While parroting dogma about “density” and “green cities” they have wiped every old and affordable building off the streets via up zoning, replacing the existing housing stock with colonies of luxury town houses and the smallest (in square footage) apartments built in the USA. Under the mantle of virtuous environmentalism they have also erased the character of the city’s architecture. Every day we look more like a cartoon third world city that Seattle tourists used to visit, to write home about the shocking juxtaposition of luxury towers and slums.

The key missing piece in the policies and belief systems running Seattle and the other cities in this predicament is accountability. The homeless industrial complex is never required to show what it is doing with its dollars. “Harm reduction??” We have people running around the city in vans giving addicts everything they need to keep their habit going, and housing where they can use whatever drugs they want. The stores frequently have empty shelves, if the shelves aren’t locked, and the goods stolen to feed drug habits are being sold across the street from stores in sidewalk markets. It’s complete insanity.

We need tough love when it comes to addiction. Incarceration is good if it gets you sober. And we need to invest in the intermediate steps to keep addicts in halfway houses and counseling when they get out. We have become a magnet for every addict who wants free food, clean needles and a tent in a mild climate in the middle of our best parks.

The anti jail people say continually that jail “doesn’t solve the emotional and economic and addiction problems of the homeless and those committing crime. We need to solve the root problems of capitalism…..” What they forget is that tough love and incarceration make it possible for the rest of us to function, to make the money to pay the taxes for the remediation programs–and they make it possible for the rest of us to not become victims of crime. The victim story is completely backwards: not once has a city council member spoken publicly about the homicide wave that has taken us since the George Floyd riots and subsequent move to defund the police. Not once have they sent condolences to the victims of the weekly shootings (who are 80% people of color). Thank you for writing and keep it up. I lost about 20 friends due to speaking out against the current policies, and have been called a racist, a Trump supporter and everything else. After enough abuse the effect is that I am now thoroughly vaccinated! immune! and happy to call myself “post woke.” Join me in embracing freedom of thought.

MiltonDec 28
I am very conservative, by my own definition. Specifically, I believe we should address problems in ways that work. How do we know what works? In the US, we have 50 experimental laboratories, the states, with myriad local governments, all working to solve problems. San Francisco is indeed a failure in many respects, but in the bigger picture, San Francisco is providing a great service to the country by illustrating the consequences of their poor solutions. True, it’s an unfortunate situation for the citizens of San Francisco, to which I can only reply “thank you for your service”. But you can always move to another city in another state and escape those problems, at least until San Francisco’s leftist solutions are implemented on the national level.

“Progressives” deny human nature, it’s just too harsh for them. If you subsidize an activity, you will get more of it, that’s human nature. Jobs were lost during the pandemic, so government stepped in with free money. Now we have some percentage of the population that declines to re-enter the workforce, perhaps because their sense of self-worth is no longer tied to their job. Only a progressive could be surprised when subsidizing homelessness, separate from any form of accountability, only works to increase homelessness.

Progressives despise the wealthy (and wealthy progressives despise themselves, or at least pretend to). How do you become wealthy in the US? Well, if you are self-made, and you ‘earn’ your wealth in a competitive free market, you get wealthy by providing value. In the US, you must provide, on average, $100 in value to make $5 in wealth. The other side of this coin is that confiscating $5 in wealth from an entrepreneur pulls $100 in value from the economy. Since government is doing the confiscating, the government needs to provide $100 in value with that $5, perhaps by building a sorely needed road. But we all know that much of government spending provides little or no economic value, and much gets redistributed very unproductively to buy votes.

Progressives despise accountability. This is basic human nature; nobody likes to be held accountable for failures. This is why progressives love unions (and vice-versa), and why progressives hate local control of decision-making. How many failed federal programs ever go away? If progressives can implement their policy preferences at the national level, they never have to be held accountable. Is there a better way? With a federal program, we never find out, and therefore no one is ever held accountable.

In sum, progressives are motivated by feelings, what they feel is fair, what they feel should work, feeling that their proposed solutions are obviously the right ones and shouldn’t need to be justified or subjected to an after-the-fact grading on success or failure. I don’t see much chance that San Francisco will change anytime soon, even if it’s leaders magically moderate considerably. Progressives, even moderate progressives, just have no stomach for the harsh realities of life.

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  • Mike Austin December 30, 2021, 10:28 AM

    What stood out in Tandler’s essay is this paragraph:

    “San Franciscans believe they are righteous because they pledge allegiance to the righteous tribe – Democrats. They believe they are moral because they believe in higher taxes. They believe they are virtuous because they believe in big Government.”

    San Franciscans are neither righteous nor moral nor virtuous. They are Godless. Their “progressivism” is their religion. Nothing else matters. They will sacrifice their children to prove their allegiance to their new and exciting gods. New and exciting, that is, for now.

    The cure for what ails them lies not in politics or law or more spending; the cure lies in Conversion. This, however, is something they would never allow—they in fact would abhor it. So they will continue in their living Hell of an existence while pretending that all is right in their world. They are as filthy children imagining that they are as clean as the driven snow.

  • jack December 30, 2021, 11:02 AM

    All of these people on the streets and the progressives don’t know what to do about them anymore than anyone else. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is free, shelter is free, spiritual Christian counseling is free, food and clothing for these down-and-outer souls is free. If they’re black, education is also free. All of that and more, for them, is free. But it’s not free for the the poor sobs like me and everyone else I know who works to foot their bills, whose money in taxes props up a government run by psychopaths and grifters.

    But all that free stuff won’t do anyone any good unless that po’assed, alcoholic, drug addicted, spiritual trainwreck of a smelly bastid who chooses to live the way he does decides to change his mind and take advantage of all of the free stuff and clean himself up with all of the additional help he is offered. It takes a desire, courage, time and most of all it takes a complete and personal reliance upon God to help you but most of them aren’t interested unless He comes along with some kind of quick fix.

    I’ve seen a ton of shows and heard the commentary from street peeps and they’ll tell you in one breath that they hate what their lives are and in the other they’re looking for money for a fix or for booze.

    How do you really help them? I don’t know and apparently neither does anyone else. Their plight is due to their continuous and repetitive life choices and they have the freedom to make those choices, at least for the time being.

    All of us have been warned in life and whether we like it or not we cannot escape the truth of God’s word. Joshua 24:15 give all of us that choice.

  • Mike Austin December 30, 2021, 12:12 PM


    “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

    C. S. Lewis wrote that “horrible nations have horrible religions.” I should add that horrible cities also have horrible religions.

    • Joe Krill December 30, 2021, 4:53 PM

      Mike Austin, AMEN.

  • JohnTyler December 30, 2021, 12:45 PM

    What can one say about Michelle Tandler’s comments. They confirm that she is a moron, is really dumb and stupid; she is a complete idiot.

    Fundamental to the progressive religion is the incredible belief that nobody is responsible for their own actions; that everybody in deep shit is there because of extraneous factors outside the control of the individual.

    So, that heroin needle, by some magical force, somehow by some miracle, fell off a building’s roof and, landed on my arm, penetrated the skin, and hooked me on drugs. Yep, the fact that that action is A CHOICE !!! never enters into the mind of the progressive.
    The progressive religion is a watered-down version of communism; the latter provides a govt. of, for and by the ruling elites. It is totally based upon contempt and hatred of the common person.

    The progressive religion is based upon the notion that certain ethnic groups are too stupid and too dumb to succeed and/or their lack of success has absolutely nothing at all to do with personal choices. So the progressive SUBSIDIZES – with CASH – pathological behaviour.
    And the pr0gressive, like this total idiot Tandler, can’t figure out why a few thousand addicts and psychos live on the streets.

    Imagine each street person in SF was given, tax-free, TWO MILLION $$$$.

    Who thinks that would solve the homeless and drug problem in SF??


    That is how stupid and moronic they are. They are F’N CLUELESS.

    • Mike Austin December 30, 2021, 1:05 PM

      You have landed upon a subject that is anathema to “progressives”, the subject of free will. They could never admit that every man is a free agent: that his life is a summation of choices freely made—of choices and their consequences. A man either chooses heroin or not—and for heroin substitute booze or porn or any one of the Seven Deadly Sins. They are choices. This is fundamental to the nature of man. God did not make automatons, he made men: men who could choose to love or to hate. Lucifer has no power over man other than what man gives him.

      I once knew a guy who was addicted to marijuana. His life—such as it was—revolved around weed. Out of the blue a dead aunt left him $27,000. He did just as you predicted. Some years later I ran into him again. He was homeless, toothless and looked 20 years older than he was. His life still revolved around weed.

      Is there a lesson here? Yes: Choose wisely.

    • Terry December 31, 2021, 7:36 AM

      Right on John Taylor. Tandler being a native of Frisco IS the problem. The woman is her own worst enemy. I went to a University in that insane asylum. What sort of fool cannot see what the problem is in all these homeless sh*t cities. Democrat / Communist run hell holes. Drug addicts. Where do the the drugs come from. The drugs come from the fed .gov via allowing the crap across the borders. Clinton’s, Bush crime family and the entire fed .gov deep state. Now it is safe to assume the current head of state of the US is a drug trafficker. The new drug is called The VAX. And it is free. Except the price is death.

  • Michael Anderson December 30, 2021, 1:48 PM

    “Are the homeless their foot soldiers? Mascots? Mercenaries?”

    B. Mascots, definitely mascots.

    More precisely, the Mexican mascota, which refers to both a team mascot and a pet. Like that pit bull tied to tree in the front yard, ready to savage anyone and everyone once let loose. Antifa, BLM rioters, “homeless” junkies are all the mascotas of the Blue Anon Cloud People. People who don’t give a shxt whether the mascotas live or die.

  • Dirk December 30, 2021, 2:02 PM

    CoastalCalifornia has literally achieved third world status.

    While it’s simply to blow it off, say I don’t care, would be a lie, I’m a native prune picker, born and raised. Recall leaving for the Navy in late 75, came home mid 83, the change state wide was un except able.

    My wife a young school teacher and me, recognized we did not want to raise our children, in Calif we lived in Roseville, and Rocklin, still conservative, but turning with the Sacramento bedroom community marketing advertisement.

    We sold our home, doubled our investment plus, which was a clue about what was coming. Moved way up in the ne corner of Calif, cattle Country, big Country. People live their cause they want to be left alone.

    Even there, Calif just wouldn’t leave people alone, do this, do that, drive this, drive that, your car or truck or tractors not legal anymore. Officials from Sacramento up there weekly trying to straighten shit out, he dumb ass, we are fine with how things are.

    After discovering the boondocks of Calif we’re not far enough away, I excepted a jon just across the border in Oregon. Been here 31 years now. Same house, nothing fancy, but it’s home. Here I can get lost outback in ten minutes most directions. Here to our glee we discovered nobody gives a fuck what Salem says or thinks.

    It’s not perfect but perfect is ten minutes away!

    Sorry, my point is, most folks are not willing to pack up, vote with their feet, perfectly understandable. Home is were you hang your hat. But to achieve more freedoms, less scrutiny, anymore packing leavings what it takes.

    U might see it different, no worries mate!


  • Veeze December 31, 2021, 6:49 AM

    This lady is in no way red-pilled. I’d say she pissed because the SF proggies are neglecting the homeless. She wants the city to spend those vast sums to shelter and feed them, perpetually.

    • leelu December 31, 2021, 8:14 AM

      ^Veeze, you’re close.
      What they want is to spend those vast sums on the *organizations that provide crumbs of food and tents, perpetually, keeping most for themselves.
      The grift is strong.

  • Doctor Septimus Pretorius December 31, 2021, 8:44 AM

    I find the collective “we” part of solving the failed social experiments of California to be an unending joke.
    If someone has a solution to the Bums on Broadway , then that someone should be rewarded with an abundance of wealth. It is not the burden of the working class to scrape the human shite off the porches of the naïve & wealthy SF progs . The only workable solution for the Golden Coast resident moonbats will be the employment of a Pied Piper — to symbolically march the dregs of society into the bay. Then the progs will refuse to pay the Pipers’ price, and a horrible fee upon their children will be extracted.