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Okay…. here’s the plan!

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  • ghostsniper May 2, 2020, 1:51 PM

    A week ago, I didn’t know what a ‘Karen’ was. Today I can’t stop seeing Karens everywhere I look. It’s like that moment in They Live! when Nada puts on the glasses for the first time.

    The problem now is I can’t take the glasses off.

    And I’m not the only one. In recent weeks the failed Karen meme of a few years ago has returned with a vengeance as people realize just how much damage Karens have done to our society.

    A Karen is a person, usually a woman, who is never satisfied with the service she’s receiving and demands to talk to the manager. It doesn’t matter if Karen’s complaints are valid or not.

    This is because Karen has been incentivized by cowardly corporate officers and government officials (but, I repeat myself) to get something she doesn’t deserve simply because they want her to shut up and not disturb everyone else.

    It was one thing to indulge Karen her entitled behavior when she was getting a free order of fries or month of cable. It’s quite another when Karens become the State’s target audience for public policy.

    And the true Karens are the ones who are never satisfied. When they get the first thing they want it gives them the impetus to continually push the boundaries of what they can get away with.

    Karens, at heart, are simply spoiled children who have never had boundaries properly set. A little power creates a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

    Progressives are the ultimate Karens, never satisfied with having moved society in a terrible direction through their constant complaining. Never once do they self-reflect that maybe they’ve been wrong and all of their demands have made things materially worse rather than us not having indulged them enough.

    Progressives are the worst winners I’ve ever met. They’ve won every political battle of note for the past 100+ years and are still whining in their lattes about us electing Trump, whose presidency they’ve destroyed with their incessant Karen-isms and his inherent weakness.

    So is is any surprise that we’ve reached a point where the government is more worried about keeping the Karens from complaining than actually governing effectively?

    And when we really look at how we’ve responded to COVID-19 it’s clear that the people behind the lock down of hundreds of millions of people knew they would have an army of Karens screaming on Twitter to ‘flatten the curve’ and quote bogus statistics they don’t understand from official smart people to justify giving full flower to their inner harpy.

    You know who I’m talking about. These are the suburban women ratting out their neighbors for not social distancing, for *gasp* walking their dog or *gasp gasp* letting their kids play in the yard!

    And that has enabled the worst people in the world to destroy the global economy because a bunch of frightened Karens can’t cope with the stress of living. The State cannot have people engaging in peaceful noncompliance with their edicts.

    Karen-ness is a mental disorder. It’s the horrific admixture of narcissism, self-importance and solipsism which can only come from being encouraged to act badly thanks to cowardice. It leads to treating everyone else like they exist only to serve them.

    Karens used to be a joke at best. They used to be Veruka Salt in Willy Wonka or the starting point of a female lead in a rom-com.

    Now they run the world.

    Karens are proto-Brown Shirts. They are the ultimate useful idiots of the Elite and they are destroying the world we live in. Because they are happiest when the State does something. They have no boundaries at home, so they welcome any time the State gives them what they want and then use that to bludgeon everyone else into line.

    And the worst part is in this new age of gender fluidity, Karens are now found in both sexes. As guys who should know better join in the chorus of complaining about everything they don’t like.

    It’s the worst in genre fandom, FYI. All you Cheeto-dusted message board warriors sitting on your gaming thrones bitching about Star Wars or Marvel are simply Karens with doobs (Dude Boobs) because you feel entitled a particular story to fill your pathetic lives with meaning.

    And then when you don’t get them you want someone fired.

    Sound familiar?

    In truth, if you were real men you’d grow up and spend that time acquiring skills to become a man worthy of allaying the fears of all the Karens you say are destroying your favorite stories.

    Who knows? You might even get laid!? Just sayin’

    But it means looking in the mirror rather than at porn. So I guess that’s a non-starter.

    At the heart of this is cultural Marxism and its unquenchable envy for what the other guy has. And the Marxists have worked long and hard to undermine the institutions of culture — family, religion, community — by deconstructing everything, destroying meaning and robbing a generation of hope.

    And if you don’t think it wasn’t done on purpose you’re wrong. The goal has always been to break us down into dependence and psychosis. This is what John Carpenter was warning us about in They Live!

    The difference is we aren’t asleep. This isn’t The Matrix anymore. We jacked out of that nightmare to find a world even worse than we thought and now we’re crazy from being sleep deprived.

    So now we’re a nation of noradrenaline-addicted, cortizol-drenched doom porn addicts as we realize there’s no one competent in charge and our neighbors are a bunch of whiny Karens.

    The world is melting down financially, politically and culturally.

    We’ve run out of time to suffer Karens. We don’t need anymore Nancy Pelosis and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes extolling the virtue of Karen’s endless complaints.

    Things are this way because men have abdicated their role in the division of labor that is sexual dimorphism as the check on poor female behavior. It’s our job to exude quiet competence, bear the burdens of keeping the society from collapsing.

    So, what we actually need is Ceasar Milan to come in and tell them all, “Shh!”

    Because when we don’t do that, Karens turn to the State, exactly as the Marxists wanted.

    This has given rise to the kind of toxic femininity that is fully encapsulated in the Meme of Karen.

    And it’s why the Karens are screaming such bloody murder with the return of the meme. They know it’s true and that the jig is up.

    And the irony is that what most Karens really need is someone calling them out for being Karens and not indulging their anxiety-driven insanity.


    This is why the Karen meme has returned with such ferocity. The lock down of society in fear of COVID-19, a virus the more we learn about the less fearful we are, has a critical mass of people reaching their breaking point with being a member of Karen Nation.

    Because to continue on this path leads to depravity and violence; a breakdown of the basics of civil society.

    And to leave it is to end the rule of incompetent, cowardly men like Bill DeBlasio, Barack Obama and George W. Bush and the women who rule them.



  • Gnawbone Jack May 3, 2020, 3:51 AM

    Ghost, you type for me. I was accosted by Karen at the hardware store yesterday for being a senior not wearing a mask…

  • Annie Rose May 3, 2020, 5:20 AM

    Over a year ago I made a bet with my family that Michelle Obama and crew would find a way to get her into the WH through some backdoor finagling. The bet was that if she did it, I would get a year of back rubs from my husband and two daughters. Now there are others saying that it could happen with the scenario in this video, except she would be Uncle Joe’s VP. He steps down due to “health reasons” shortly into his presidency and she becomes the President. Thankfully the Dems fail massively at almost everything they try and I’m confident that Trump will win bigly come November.