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Strange Daze: These people are not our “opponents”, these people are our enemies.

Me and Musk are on the same wavelength. Except for him being born in a different part of the world, growing up to create the largest online payment system and eventually create re-usable rockets that launch into space and land vertically while seeding the lower Earth orbit with satellites that decoupled the internet from the deep-state controlled infrastructure on the ground, all while being the richest man the planet has ever seen, we’re pretty much the same. Elon Musk Puts Out Tweet

One thing you must know: we are not entering the wishful robotic anti-utopia of social credit control, QR code management, and World Economic Forum / Klaus Schwab transhumanism. We are veering, rather, off-the-rails into epic historic political disorder, something much more perplexing than the clear-cut crack-up of the 1860s. In this new pandemonium, the best of us will remember what has been best about us: liberty, the rule of law, freedom of speech and the press, the dignity of work, our sense of obligation to a common good, and the decorum of truth-telling. For now, strive to stay sane against all the inducements of the wicked.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that global nuclear fallout is slightly worse for the environment than drilling our own oil.  — Liberty’s Torch

What “fads” will be more quickly forgotten by history? People wearing pussy hats or people putting Biden/Harris bumper sticks on their cars? —  chris lynch

Notre Dame Reconstruction Uncovers Ancient Tombs and Sarcophagus

Man Has Backyard Stash of “Stolen Bicycles” So Big It Can Be Seen on Google Earth

Pardon my sanity in a world insane, and love me if you will, for I had rather be loved than to be called a king in earth, or a lord in Heaven.  — Emily Dickinson

The Miraculous Survival of Phineas Gage  

House of Eratosthenes This is why a lot of liberals cut discussion short by cracking some sort of lame-ass joke. It’s all about arousing that feeling of winning the argument, with or without actually saying something enlightening or persuasive. Liberals can define things just as well as anybody else. They can answer these basic questions just fine. What they’re refusing to do is commit, because that would require some intellectual honesty.

Hunter Biden helped secure millions in funding for military biotech research program in Ukraine | Daily Mail Online : Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president

‘I was excited to take control of my own body’: 25-year-old asexual actress celebrates getting STERILIZED after six-year struggle to find a doctor who would perform the surgery – having decided at age 16 she didn’t want kids Abby Ramsay, from Los Angeles, California, said she realized at age 16 that she didn’t want to have kids

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  • hooodathunkit March 29, 2022, 12:10 AM

    Never quite ‘got’ the pussy-hats …. or maybe I did and the women wearing them didn’t.
    Isn’t sticking your cranium into a pussy-hat a way of saying you’re a dick-head?
    (just asking for a friend)

  • ghostsniper March 29, 2022, 4:56 AM

    When enough people behave like the gov’t is irrelevant, about 10 minutes later it becomes so.
    Let that roll around for a spell.

    • KCK March 29, 2022, 7:53 AM

      I wonder if one reason gubmint looks so stupid nowadays is that their bullshit has reached critical mass, and they know it. The pretenses of being normal and human and nice have all been dropped, and they look incompetent. And, I think they are incompetent, but it’s because the junior varsity are the visible portion that we can see.

      But then I think: look at the bureaucratic and tech giants: they are just as revolting. Are these real people? The one guy I’m mad at this week is Billed gates, and I met him and shook his hand, in the 1990s. So, I know he’s a real person. He wants beef to become unavailable to Americans, and he has an idea of a command economy that makes it so. He’s fukn Dr Evil. Lest you think he’s all hot air, note that he is now the largest farming and, I think, grazing land owner in Washington State. But, and it grieves me to say this, he is not a CGI or central casting oligarch: he’s an actual nerd with a spot on his sweatshirt and dirty glasses.

      And WTF is that Klaus Schwab guy? Please tell me he’s a CGI. He’s a fukn comic book character, isn’t he? With that Neru Jacket that looks like a folded dried up cunt.

      • julie March 29, 2022, 11:15 AM

        Better than one of the other outfits I’ve seen him in…

    • Anonymous March 31, 2022, 3:01 PM

      Is that so?
      Then please cite just ONE example of that happening anywhere, EVER in history.
      You are obviously a lunatic. Let THAT roll around for a spell.

  • OneGuy March 29, 2022, 8:34 AM

    If you are old enough you can remember when most people were racist from mildly racist to openly racist. Somewhere between the late 60s and mid 80s white racism hit bottom and very few white people were racist.

    But racism had already proven to be a moneymaker. Most black leaders were rich and racism became a way to become a millionaire. By the mid 90s most blacks and a sprinkling of other minorities were racists. Many because it was a paying gig and others because those getting paid for it needed there POC supporters to believe it. The MSM taught it and reinforced it like Jussie Smollett. By the 2000s white racism was so rare that 99% of it had to be made up to keep the money flowing. And today it is 95% of POC who are racist and 99% of whites are not.

  • Joe Krill March 29, 2022, 9:27 AM

    Miscegenation is the downfall of mankind. Each race has everything that is unique to it to lose.

    • Denny March 29, 2022, 10:57 AM

      I rarely watch TV anymore but the last few times I’ve tuned in it appears like all the advertisers want the entire human race to become the exact same shade of brown. With a few exceptions the mix is nearly always a very black man with a white wife/girlfriend. This seems to be especially true when the commercial is for mattresses or involves a family scene.
      Shame on my racist imagination, I guess I deserve to be beaten nearly to death by a gang of peaceful “teens”.