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Strange Daze: Russia Cannot Be Cowed

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

Total Destruction: Women Vandalize New York Bel-Fries Business, Injuring Employees | According to the employees, the women threatened them with death and were about to use a taser . “I wanted to defend myself, but I couldn’t find a way, because they are women. It only occurred to me to take out the phone as a defense, in case something happened to me, so that it would be recorded,” said Rafael Nunz. “I  thought about using a knife, or pouring hot oil on them, but none of that seemed appropriate. Then I felt a lot of impotence, anger. Don’t fear. Impotence because I wanted to get even, but I didn’t know how, ” he admitted. The women left the business and the police arrived. They managed to catch up and stop them. The New York Police Department confirmed the arrests of the three women: Pearl Ozaria , 27, Chitara Plasencia , 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson , 23.

Fourth of July – Searching Day Light||  As the grand finale winds up a few large drops begin in earnest. Quickly we fold our chairs and walk back toward the car. By the time we get there it is really starting to come down, a major summer rain storm. Lightning bolts light the sky, followed by the crack and roar of thunder. The thunder actually shakes the air. We load up quickly, already half soaked. The rain is coming down in sideways sheets, our wipers are full on and it’s still not enough. Low spots in the road are starting to flood and we slow to a crawl through the standing water.

Every car is inching along as we pass Walmart, and as more lightning illuminates the road, I am surprised to see one lone man, an older Latino gentleman on a bicycle, riding the sidewalk beside us. Bags of groceries hang from his handlebars as he peddles through the puddles, into the driving rain, toward home I assume. We lock eyes for a moment and he nods his head at me. I nod back through the glass, one American to another. Safe travels my friend.

The Dark Path to Increasing The Birth Rate Men Neutered, Women’s Nature Hijacked: The modern man is pathetic. Unfuckable. He spends a lot of time inside, watching regime propaganda, playing vidya, staring at the internet. He has a messy home, bad skin, and is either obese or skinnyfat. He has no idea how to put together a decent outfit. He can barely look a beautiful woman in the eye when he talks to her. He’s likely to be a male feminist. He’ll think and say exactly what the regime expects him to. Certainly no alpha, certainly no patriarch. Certainly not a man that women want to fuck.

The nightlife is, in fact, enhanced by the chaos and the seemingly infinite assortment of visual stimuli that Lebanon offers. In London, chain bars, airport-style security, and £7 drinks temper the vestigial bacchic vitality of a night-out. In Beirut though, on the dizzy hunt for a late-night shawarma, one steps from rooftop cocktail and pool venues on onto dimly-lit mystical alleys festooned with, say, the stylized beaming face of Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah or the colour-inverted swastikas of the Syrian National Socialists, all the while the early morning call to prayer sounds and Burqa’d woman walk past lingerie and sex toy shops as the sunrise casts a reddish-orange hue over the Mediterranean.

Trump in Anchorage: Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska

Ignition… Lift-off! – Kunstler The most persuasive real-world clues point to China’s Communist Party (the CCP). Where did the “Wuhan Flu” (Sars C-19) emanate from? (Trick question.) At whose 2019 Wuhan World Military Games did the first outbreak occur? (Ditto.) Whose policy model was adopted in the US and Euroland for dealing with that punk-ass virus with lockdowns? Which current President of the USA has been on the payroll of the CCP for nearly a decade via shady business deals grifted up by his son? Hmmmm.

Notice, too, that, having winkled the Pentagon into “vaccinating” all our troops (including our military women-with-penises and men-with-vaginas), we now have an army programmed to drop dead on any battlefield they find themselves at without an enemy firing a shot. How do we even propose to defend North America if, say, China took a notion to seize our land by main force?

Hidden Camera VIDEO: Nurse at Abortion Clinic ‘House of Horrors’ Reveals Chilling Truth to Undercover Investigator

Neighbors say people are squatting in vacant SE Portland homes | 

The second thing worth bearing in mind is that this novel exhibition of backbone by the Right is due almost entirely to Donald Trump. The promiscuous desire to be liked is a common character flaw. Donald Trump does not suffer from that disability. What just happened on the Supreme Court would never have happened absent Trump. And indeed the little eruptions of resistance to the Left and emasculated Right are possible only because of his example. This is a reality that many people have yet to take on board. But it is nevertheless an important truth about the political and moral configuration of the United States circa 2022.

CNN big boss David Zaslav asks network to return to ‘journalism’ as ratings tank |

Reality Can Not Be Canceled“Are we allowed to clap for a Russian?” They asked looking at one another. The confused crowd who all held their secret politely were further punished by Rybakina’s grace and humility which eventually allowed the people to see that a Russian-born tennis player and rising star, was still, actually human. As Rocky Balboa did in Rocky IV in Moscow, with her trophy acceptance speech, she eventually won them over in her favor.

She didn’t rub their faces in it or shame them for banning fellow Russians (that’s my job). She didn’t gloat, collapse to the grass in an overly dramatic fashion, or race into the crowd to embrace her mother or father. Actually, she couldn’t do that because they weren’t allowed to attend with travel from Russia to the U.K. now verboten. Rybakina was instead forced to react to the discomfort of the short-circuiting borg reckoning with the folly of their denial of reality and collective embrace of all things “hate Russia!” She did so with tremendous elegance and dignity, by hardly reacting at all.

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  • TrangBang68 July 12, 2022, 7:03 PM

    The Hoodrat female auxiliaries also known as the hysterical ‘ho’s must have gotten a good batch of meth

  • ghostsniper July 12, 2022, 7:21 PM

    “I wanted to defend myself, but I couldn’t find a way, because they are women. It only occurred to me to take out the phone as a defense, in case something happened to me, so that it would be recorded,” said Rafael Nunz.

    I had to read that a couple times.
    Still doesn’t make sense.
    Does it?

    If you are in a position to where you believe you need to defend yourself how is it possible to not know how? And don’t gimme any of that bullshit “gentlemanly” thing about the attacker being a female. Throughout human history, and probably before that, if you are attacked gender isn’t even part of the equation. You knock the motherfucker out and grab ahold of the next one, til you’re done.

    Does this Raphael Nunz not have a father? A brother? Uncle? Does he not know any males at all?
    Has he never read a book, never seem a movie, hell, never watched TV? Has Raphael Nunz even lived at any time during his entire life? Or was he born an NPC and continues in that role til he dies?

    That right there is a parasite. And it needs to be purged. Humanity in general is much better off in the absence of these blobs of diseased organic matter.

    • KCK July 12, 2022, 7:36 PM

      I had a gut reaction: knock her out.

    • Terry July 12, 2022, 8:29 PM

      Nunz is the typical male of late. Will be dead in early stage of coming storm.

      The best part of this post (thank you Gerard) is the calendar girl. Reminds me very much of the best parts of my ex-wife, the full blooded Finnish girl I was married to for fifteen years. My advice is do not marry a Nordic woman. They have an insatiable zest for bedroom gymnastics during the winter months.

  • Size 20 Clown Shoes July 12, 2022, 7:55 PM

    You mean the descendants of Vikings who beat Napoleon and Hitler don’t fear the rainbow bathhouse, don’t they acknowledge the magnificence of the faculty lounge apparatchik state Chiquitastan?

    Just read about a Grand Old Politburo comrade commissar saying that there is no dollar amount on what can be sent to Ukraine to keep Right Said Fred Zelensky quiet err I mean save muh democracy.

    Squat in the glorious peoples republic of CHAZ/CHOP at your own risk.

    A buddy on a work trip witnessed a homicide at a stoplight and requested the San Francisco run after that for the feces/needle encrusted CPUSA/CCP West HQ upgrade.
    He found some choom or weed in the hotel spa, some of that Cali Cherry Trainwreck stuff.

  • Princess Cutekitten July 12, 2022, 8:48 PM

    “…that means that a small group of Gigachads are having way more sex while the skinnyfats are left to fap to Onlyfans.”

    Now, who could argue with that? 😄

    Seriously, if anyone can translate that into English, please do.

    • Vanderleun July 13, 2022, 7:13 AM

      The alphamales of society — alpha from looks, build, power, or money — will have as much sex as they want with alpha females (who will throw themselves at them in hopes of snagging a mate and a divorce that will set them up for life) while beta and below males will only have sex with alpha women via masturbation and porn using the Onlyfans web pages.

  • jwm July 12, 2022, 10:18 PM

    Oh Holy Cow.
    That hit my blood pressure like sixteen ounces of gas station coffee, and an unfiltered Camel.


  • Dirk July 13, 2022, 7:38 AM

    Backbone on the right? Right!