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Helicopter Rides: A Time for Choosing

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  • ghostsniper July 23, 2020, 2:37 PM

    Why waste money with flight?
    Some stout rope, a sturdy trailer hitch, a vacant road.
    I bet my ride can drag at least 8 of em at a time.
    That works out to about 512 per day, and I’m willing to work overtime.
    A month of 18 hour days, non-stop, oughta put a dent in the problem.

    Course, if you used a Chinook with the tailgate you could prolly cram about 50 in there at the same time, then take em out about 50 miles and let em go, no clean up. A 48 volt cattle prod will help em find the exit ramp.

  • captflee July 23, 2020, 7:00 PM

    It would appear that the mob has claimed another pelt. Local media reporting Prof. Mike Adams, who was to resign from UNC-W on Aug 1st and receive a half million for doing so, has been found dead in his house.

  • Callmelennie July 24, 2020, 2:53 PM

    You know I spoke a lot of Marx
    Oh Lord, I taught about Engels
    But I never said nothing
    But how Guevarra would kill
    You know I seen a lot of helos flying round
    Drop comrades thru the skies
    Aaah, but Pinochey dont cate if they lived
    Or if they died

    Goddamn, Uh huh, Pinochet
    I said God famn, God damn Pinochet man

    You know Guevarra .. Guevarra is a man
    With a love of Castro in his head
    Aaah but Pinochet is a Nazi
    Oh Lord, he’s not a Gramscian man
    Guevarra! …. on a poster
    Will sell you a Marxist pipe dream
    Aah, but Pinochet will set up a junta
    Oh Lord, he’ll put your Commie ass in sling

    God damn, uh huh, Pinochet
    I said God damn, G-D DAMN
    The Pinochet man

    (Cue sound of another “Magic Helo Ride” chopper taking off)

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