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Those Other White People – by Leighton Woodhouse   When college-educated, city-dwelling white people express their deep disdain for white America on Twitter, they don’t have their educated white spouses or their white kids or their white co-workers or their white roommates from college in mind. They’re talking about the white underclass — the new unworthy poor. Like the affluent American Jews at the turn-of-the-century, white elites on both the left and the right are eager to wipe the stain of their vulgar ethnic cousins off of themselves. But unlike the Progressives, they’re not interested in assimilating them, but instead, in relegating them further into the margins as an alien class of potentially treasonous compatriots.

Defund the Police Meets the Crime Wave  My wife and I are scrambling to find a daycare for our 16-month-old son. We’ve had a “nanny share” up until now, which means we and another couple employ a nanny for both couples’ kids and split the cost. Our nanny is amazing, and she lives just a few blocks away from us. The setup could not be more ideal. But a few weeks ago, someone walked up her street spraying bullets into random houses. One of the bullets found its way into her living room, as she and her family ducked for cover. At that moment, she and her husband decided they were moving their family out of Oakland.

The shooting didn’t even make the local news. Apparently, in the Bay Area right now, you can walk up a residential street firing your gun into houses, and you still won’t be able to compete for attention with all of the other sensational crimes. Shoplifters casually walk into Walgreens stores in San Francisco filling garbage bags full of merchandise. They’ve spat on, bitten, assaulted, and thrown bottles of urine at employees. The flashmob-style “smash and grab” robberies that originated here have spread across the country. Asian seniors are brazenly assaulted in the street; one octogenarian was body slammed to death. And now freeway shootings is a thing. A few weeks ago, a 29 year-old mom on her way from Oakland to San Francisco for a job interview with her fiancé and two kids was randomly shot and killed in her SUV at the Bay Bridge toll plaza at nine in the morning. In an interview, the victim’s mother recalled being heartbroken after hearing the story of Jasper Wu, a two year-old who was sleeping in his car seat heading down the freeway when he was shot and killed by a stray bullet fired from another car driving in the opposite direction. It was not yet two weeks later when she lost her own daughter the same way.


Democrat unveils bill to allow only House members to serve as Speaker | 

“These Are Numbers that Have Not Been Seen Before This Is Worse than When Nixon Was Walking Out to the Helicopter.” – Steve Bannon on Biden’s Cratering Poll Numbers   27% is unprecedented ladies and gentlemen.  These are numbers that have not been seen before.  This is worse than when Nixon was walking out to the helicopter.  These are unprecedented numbers.  Talk about killing the crib.  Eviscerated.  This administration is done.  You can’t come back from numbers like this.

“A Child Who Has No Idea What She’s Talking About” – Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Joni Ernst and Her War Cries Against Russia (VIDEO)

Senator Ernst:  He needs to say to Vladimir Putin that we are no longer going to allow you to continue with the Nordstream II Pipeline. We need you to know and understand that we will defend Ukraine.  We will provide them assistance.  He needs to make that very clear.

Tucker Carlson: Putin is so bad we’re going to cut off natural gas to Western Europe in retaliation against him in December. We’re going to freeze Germany and Luxembourg and that’s going to teach Vladimir Putin. Again, what you just saw there is a child who has no idea what she’s talking about but keeps talking anyway.  We will defend Ukraine, says Joni Ernst.  Remember, this is a senator from Iowa.  So what happens if we don’t defend Ukraine, Joni Ernst?  Will kids in Des Moines grow up to speak Russian?

California Safeway Fortifies Store to Address Shoplifting Surge   A journalist at Breitbart News wrote, “A Safeway in San Francisco’s Castro District is taking the law in its own hands by fortifying the outlet to reduce the surge in shoplifting.” This crime is primarily committed by two groups: Africans and Hispanics.

Many Americans want to adequately restrict Hispanic immigration in order to protect the United States of America (USA) from potential immigrants who refuse to assimilate into Western society. Two strong indicators that an ethnic or racial group lacks the will or the intellect to assimilate are (1) exhibiting a disproportionately high rate of violence and (2) demanding preferential treatment. Hispanics commit murder at 3 times and 6 times the rate at which European-Americans and Asian-Americans, respectively, commit murder. (Get more info @ tinyurlDOTcomSLASHy9zuyuzy )

Just as I expected, Ethan Crumbley fooled not only his parents but the school counselors – The New Neo

Jussie Smollett arrives at court for closing arguments in his ‘hoax’ race attack trial  Special Prosecutor Dan Webb tore through Smollett as he addressed the jury, telling them the actor deliberately ‘tailored’ his testimony to avoid the truth and lied to them repeatedly under oath. ‘Mr Smollett didn’t want the crime solved. He wanted the exposure. He doesn’t want the police to catch on to the brothers. There is no question that Mr. Smollett is the person who orchestrated it. Mr. Smollett went on that witness stand and made many, many false statements to you.  ‘He lied under oath to you jurors in the course of this trial,’ Webb told the jury.

‘He knew there was a substantial amount of evidence that showed he did exactly what the brothers said he did.  And he knew there was surveillance and GPS evidence,’ he said, adding Smollett deliberately labeled his attackers as white because he knew it would make it a more convincing hate crime.

‘If I say it was whites, that makes it more real. It gives it more credibility (that it was a hate attack). I don’t think there can be any doubt in anyone’s mind who sat through this evidence that is was the Osundairo brothers, who are Black, who attacked him.’ 

Tourists scramble for cover after armed gang arrives at Cancun beach on jet skis and open fire |The Puerto Morelos shooting came two weeks after a California travel blogger and a German tourist were killed in a similar shootout in the beach town of Tulum in October. A San Jose, California woman born in India, Anjali Ryot, and German citizen Jennifer Henzold were apparently hit by crossfire from the October 20 drug dealers’ shootout in Tulum, south of Puerto Morelos. Three other foreign tourists were wounded in the shooting at a street-side eatery that has some outdoor tables, right off Tulum’s main strip. They included two German men and a Dutch woman.

Hamptons bartender who accused Don Lemon of sexual assault brand CNN ‘a predator protecting machine’ |  Hamptons bartender who is suing Don Lemon for sexual assault brands CNN ‘a predator-protecting machine, rife with perverts’ and reveals he was offered $500,000 to settle.

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  • Mike Austin December 9, 2021, 3:51 AM

    About “Those Other White People”: I know them well, having been one of them.

    My biography is not unique: born illegitimately, tossed into an orphanage, raised in poverty and violence, having to work from the age of 9, kicked out of school, lived in housing projects, and survived off government commodities. Now I have heard for some time that millions of “progressive” Americans hate my guts and wish me wiped off the face of the earth. These sorts are not at all secret about their plans for the “white underclass”. They preach their hatred behind the safe walls of Big Tech and from the comfortable suites of the US Government. There is also this about them: They are all—every single damn one of them—-as soft as dough and as strong as rotten string. They possess the courage of a possum, the honor of a bitch in heat, the sentiments of a sexual degenerate, and the passions of a pedophile—which many of them are.

    Some kind words of advice to my “oppressors”: It is said that talk is cheap. And so it is. Your hatred toward us is palpable, that much is certain. Well then, come and get us. Be bold! Be determined! Have the courage of your convictions! We who are so despicable to you await your coming—with glee, with smiles, with laughter, and with shovels.

    “Defund the Police Meets the Crime Wave.” Nothing at all new here. The author points out at great and tedious length things that have been obvious since Sumer. A man unshackled from law and dismissive of government power will take what he wants from those too weak and cringing to stop him. This is not news, this is History. The author is himself is a coward, as he does not mention the race of the ferals involved in the crime wave. Why not?

    On Biden’s poll numbers: Bannon claims that the “president’s” numbers have not been seen before. Oh really? Bush’s were worse during his second term: 37 percent approval v. Biden’s 41 percent approval. Bannon needs to get out more—and cut his hair and get a shave.

    Our rulers in Washington DC believe that they can force Putin to bend to their will. Anyone who thinks this knows nothing of Putin and nothing of Russian History. Expect surprises. Quick, a show of hands: how many of you want to send your sons to die in the Ukraine?

    So Safeway stores in—wait for it—California are going to “fortify” their businesses to prevent stealing. Try not to laugh when you read of their plans:

    “The supermarket also has added barriers around its self-checkout area, funneling customers through only one exit. Checkout aisles that aren’t staffed are blocked with large physical barriers rather than just a cord, and the entire side entrance to the store has been closed and blocked off by a large display of plastic water bottles.”

    Yep, that’ll stop ’em! Large displays of water bottles work every time! The idiocy: It burns.

    • Gordon Scott December 9, 2021, 1:55 PM

      A pallet-sized stack of 24-packs of water is a very heavy obstacle.

      The fact that they’re taking measures at all tells you how bad things are. Grocery stores in such neighborhoods live off EBT-food stamps. They will tolerate a lot of theft. But it must be really bad.

      I was doing a project that required me to visit a lot of little bodega stores in Phoenix. There was one that was immaculate and fully and attractively stocked. I was complimenting the clerk on this when I noticed he was strapped on the hip. Oh, so that’s why.

      • Jack December 9, 2021, 2:54 PM

        A few other minorities might join in these theft parties in Californicate and the rest of the United States of Africa but mostly….it’s just the negro. I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a long number of years and blacks in Tulsa pride themselves on being citizens in a city where, in 1921, the locals experienced a race massacre. No one alive today even remembers the thing but it’s tale is always told from a black point of view and whites are demons. The City and County have been using old maps, wild tales and seismic to search the city for the purported mass graves but not a single kinky hair skeleton has been found…but they persist and will persist until By God….whatever. But, I digress.

        Tulsa’s north side is the epicenter of the so-called black community and the local King Louie’s are always trying to grow that area. Over the years grocery companies with great business plans have set up shop to provide the peep’uls with access to local groceries and every one of them have closed within a year or so due to constant theft and killings in the store or their parking lots. Other businesses have tried and failed too for the same reasons.

        In Jackson, Mississippi years ago corporations constructed huge shopping malls and within a few short years the shoplifting, car thefts and murders caused all of those malls to close too.

        Other cities all across America have experienced the same dismal events. Only the location and the names and faces of the bruthas and sistas change. And here’s the best part: If you kill one of them for trying to steal you blind or otherwise get involved…they’ll kill you too or take you to court where you will go to jail or lose everything you have because the damn jury will side with the poor negro.

        See….There is no moral except: clear up your crazy headed thinking if you do not understand these people and do your best on a daily basis to stay away from them. Do not help them and do not associate with them.

        • Mike Austin December 9, 2021, 5:02 PM

          Integration is and has been a disaster. It would have never happened without the power of the State behind it. Blacks and whites simply cannot live together. To believe otherwise is to deny History and biology. The races are not the same. Anyone who has been around blacks for awhile will tell you the same thing. The races will self-segregate if left alone. Let’s call it voluntary Jim Crow.

        • Mike Austin December 10, 2021, 3:39 AM

          My grandfather was a policeman in Tulsa during the so-called “massacre”. I still have some old black and white photos he took. And incidentally, here is a black guy on that race riot:


      • Mike Austin December 9, 2021, 3:32 PM

        Is that pallet of water bottles enough to stop 20 joggers? But both of us know perfectly well what would stop them. So does that bodega owner.

        Imagine living or working or—horror of horrors, both—in an area where the majority of “consumers” live off food stamps.

  • MMinWA December 9, 2021, 4:27 AM

    After following that link, I didn’t realize how far left The Hill has become. It just reenforces my view that there is no way in hell this country will remain as it’s been for several 100 years.

    It’s a fight to the death.

    • John the River December 9, 2021, 6:21 AM

      Imagine being feared the way the Left fears DJT?

      The voting system fixed yet? No? Then more of the same for sure.
      If driving down the road and having your child killed, or sitting in your living room and watching your wife killed by a ‘stray’ bullet isn’t enough to get to you to at least change the party you have been voting for; what is?

  • ghostsniper December 9, 2021, 4:57 AM

    He “tried” a cat. HA HA HA HA HAAAA

  • Dirk December 9, 2021, 6:57 AM

    Cancun? People are idiots, even knowing this gun plays going on,,,, daily murders,,,,,,, the dumb ass Gringo’s are still going, south. I don’t think “ Issues” in Mexico land are going to get better anytime soon.

    A land where Narcos, are ruthless, and the Govts corrupt!.

    Yea vacationing in Mexico sure sounds like a good idea. Just remember, “ ITs Never going to happen to you, your loved ones”!

    Next the narcos will be HAHOing or equivalent in cuz they can.

    Wife’s cousin was CAO, Walmart Mexico and Central America. They have an awesome place, on the cliffs of Acapulco, we keep getting invited. We’re frankly out of excuses. So I let my pass port go. Fixed that.


  • John Venlet December 9, 2021, 7:41 AM

    Jordan Peterson, in noting that a man must be prepared to be cruel, but also must control his cruelty, is channeling Josey Wales.

    “Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

  • Casey Klahn December 9, 2021, 7:57 AM

    Victor Davis Hanson, no less, has it that American conservative isolationism walked us straight into WWII. Isolation, while very attractive, is not an attribute on its own. It’s a strategy, nothing more or less. It is a pathway to getting what America needs to survive and to thrive. It has a cloak of morality to it, and yet what would be moral about masochistically cutting yourself down in size and weakening yourself? Also, is it good because it is a default stance? America is isolated, but we don’t have to be isolationist in order to defend ourselves from aggression.

    World War Zero was fought for almost no pretext whatsoever. A religious quarrel used as cover for being less-than-enthused that Russia was sailing new ironclads in the Black Sea. But, the world went to war and cleaned Russia’s clock in the Crimean War (1853-1856). Basically, the allies in that war – England, France, others – were actually interested in keeping Russia in its place. They saw Russia as a threat.

    Is Russia a threat to anyone? Or, to the point, to us? Is invading Europe a normal event, and worthy of no challenge? Just because the world has been united against invasions of Europe in the past is no reason to go to war now, you might argue. OTOH, you could argue where will Russia stop if the tanks roll on Ukraine? Will they make plans to take the Baltics or Finland? They’ve always been horny for those neighboring countries. The answer is that it is a potential outcome of failing to defend Ukraine. We don’t want to be defenders of other people’s stuff; I agree that is too mush and also we sit here with gay brigades and probably the poorest national and military leadership we’ve ever suffered. That would be my reason for not fighting. But isolationism is no reason.

    Here are some good reasons to fight Russia, but they may not amount to the decision point for going to war in Europe. Russia is weak. They almost always have been, and they suck at the military arts. Ukraine does not belong to Russia, anymore than Crimea should belong to Russia. This may be the decisive point, however: do you really want to give more power to a nuclear opponent? My preference would be to keep the bear’s power minimized, and diminished if possible.

    Now, here is my map guidance for (theoretically) how a war in Ukraine would go. I’m not using American troops in my scenario (keep your shirt on, John Birch), but maybe NATO would be interested in defending against Russia.

    Map: The Ukraine is bisected, form North to South, by the Dnieper River. That is a military barrier, and to make it extra effective, the Ukrainians have rough country, with forests and mountains to the West of the river. To the East of the river they have: tank country. Belarus (Russian friendly) is to the North, some shithole country that loves Russia to the West, and the Black Sea to the South. BTW, NATO and the US have not ceded the Black Sea to the Rooskies, and we actively patrol it in order to keep it open and, basically, non-Russian. The gem that Russia already took is The crimea, sitting in the Black Sea. Also, across the Black Sea is a little country called Georgia, which Russia invaded and half-took in a war about a decade ago. What’s South of the Black Sea? the Middle East, basically.

    If you don’t think the world is interconnected, add some more sand to that hole you’ve got your head buried in.

    War: the Russians, in the event of war, will roll tanks through Eastern Ukraine and close up to the D River on a wide front, and establish a more solid land bridge to Crimea. Boom! Game over, right? No, not at all right. The mountainous West of the Ukraine gives Ukraine a solid defensive territory and will prevent the Russians from destroying the Ukraine’s armed forces utterly. Their strategy should be to deny and destroy, in effect, to win the war. The tactics should be to allow the Russian armor, by means of a withdrawal, and in some places a withdrawal under pressure, up to the river. It will be a fake “retreat”. The Russian armor will attrit itself; they suck at tank warfare and they super suck at logistics and maintenance. So, after they break down at a rate of better than 20% and probably more like 40% of their vehicles deadlined from road wear, they will have closed up to The Crimea in what is essentially a salient (think Battle of the Bulge salient, also called a pocket). Ukraine will have saved it’s armor and may now cut across the salient, to the sea and opposite Crimea, and pocket the Russian’s best forces. Huge kill pocket. Now commit the air forces. Commit the armor and most of the artillery.

    If, and I’m not advocating this, but if the US were to send 2 Ranger battalions, and one very pissed-off national guard division to the western part of Ukraine, there would not be any Russians crossing that river and living to tell about it.

    Black Sea: dominate the Russian navy and keep them in port as best you can. Engage them in good old fashioned surface battle and humiliate Putin. Make fun of him and belittle him. Drive self propelled artillery pieces down to the sea shore and pound away at his ships.

    Casey lights a cigar, and pops a can of beer. Blows smoke.

    I know I’ll get flamed by the isolationist Right, but take your best swing.

    • Casey Klahn December 9, 2021, 8:11 AM

      Nukes. Don’t threaten to use nukes if you don’t intend to have a ground game. It’s an empty threat. having a ground game may be the best preventative from going nuclear, and, of course, just giving the Russians a bye is the another way of preventing a nuke war this time. But, it makes next time that much more dangerous.

      Yes, the whole thing is a shit sandwich, presented to you by: Biden’s poopy drawers. Would Russia be this uppity if trump were president?

    • Mike Austin December 9, 2021, 8:47 AM

      It was not “American conservative isolationism [that] walked us straight into WWII”, it was Wilson’s intervention in World War I. Had this fool kept his promises to the American people not to intervene in what was yet another European civil war, the Germans would have crushed the French yet again. There would have been no Versailles Treaty—termed by Keynes as a “Carthaginian peace”—a treaty that the Nazis referred to again and again as a reason for their expansion, rearmament and mobilization.

      America was hardly isolationist in between the world wars. This idea should have been put to rest decades ago.

      “In the 1920s, American policy was an active involvement in international affairs, while systematically ignoring the League of Nations. Instead Washington set up numerous diplomatic ventures, and used the enormous financial power of the United States to dictate major diplomatic questions in Europe.”

      I have no interest in spilling yet more American blood in yet another European internecine conflict. As far as I am concerned, I look upon the Europeans as Lawrence looked upon the Arabs:

      “A little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous and cruel.”

      The population of Europe is 750,000,000. The population of Russia is 150,000,000. Why cannot the Europeans fight their own damn wars?

      • Jack December 9, 2021, 3:12 PM

        Mike, I appreciate what you’re saying but Uncle Adolph was interested in world conquest and had he kept his agreement with Stalin and after splitting Poland, concentrated the entirety of his forces on the decimation of Eastern Europe, England and likely the entirety of Africa, the US would have been in a helluva mess because Hitler wanted us, too.

        There is an interesting movie on NF or Prime or something right now called The Man In The High Castle. It’s a dark tale about post WWII where the Japs control the western 1/3 of the US and the Nazi’s control the rest. It’s Gestapo and dystopia right down to the last jot and tittle and it takes liberties but without much information on the back story, most of the Americans in this miserable place have just rolled over and said…’whatever’…kinda like what most Americans would happily do if faced with having to defend their country. I’m into the 5 or 6 episode and I’m trying to hang in just to see what happens but, had Roosevelt not helped Europe there is a likelihood that we’d all be living in a Hell beyond our own comprehension.

        Men have to fight and die to protect what is sacred and righteous and while I know that America, as represented by our government and most of the spineless fuckers who call this place home, is anything but sacred and righteous, it is still worth killing a lot of sobs over. But I agree with you, Europe should unite and present itself as its own savior and not rely upon anyone but God.

        • Mike Austin December 10, 2021, 3:26 AM

          Uncle Adolf certainly was as you said. But it was the German defeat in World War I and the resulting Treaty of Versailles that gave rise to the Nazi Party and thus to its main avatar. The reason the Germans were defeated was because of American intervention 1917 – 1918. Had the Americans not intervened nothing that stemmed from that dammed treaty would have occurred: German defeat, a “Carthaginian Peace”, a German admission of war guilt, German disarmament, French occupation of the Ruhr, German war reparations, the destruction of Weimar’s economy via hyper-inflation, the German claim of being “stabbed in the back”, the rise of the Nazi Party and the coming to power of Hitler.

          It was the Versailles Treaty that the Nazis referred to again and again as a reason for revenge upon Western Europe. From his jail cell in 1923, in his “Mein Kampf”, Hitler referred to that “disgraceful treaty” 22 times.

          “Versailles was a scandal and a disgrace and that the dictate signified an act of highway robbery against our people. .. One must have the simple mind of a child
          to believe that the revision of the Versailles Treaty can be obtained by indirect means…”

          No American intervention, no German defeat. No German defeat, no Treaty of Versailles. No Treaty of Versailles, no Nazi Party. No Nazi Party, no Uncle Adolf at the helm of Europe’s most powerful nation—and no World War II. Thus, the true cause of World War II was Woodrow Wilson and his damned foolishness in getting the US into World War I. There was absolutely no need to send American troops to Europe in 1917, just like there is no need to send American troops to the Ukraine today.

          Incidentally, some of the most intriguing scholarship these days is being done concerning Hitler and Stalin in the years 1938 – 1940. Did Hitler launch a pre-emptive war? Was Stalin planning to invade Germany?

          I have heard of “The Man in the High Castle” but found its premises highly implausible. Japan scarcely had the resources to hold what she had seized 1941 – 1942. There is no way she could have controlled one-half on the US. Same with the Germans 1939 – 1942. Germany barely had the strategic reach to hold Western Europe and parts of the Balkans. When a new front opened in Northern Africa Germany was stretched to her absolute limits. Conquering two-thirds of the US was out of the question.

          Pearl Harbor was a strategic disaster for Japan. So was Germany’s declaration of war against the US. The first ended in the destruction of the Japanese Empire; the second, in the destruction of the “1000 Year Reich”.

          The late great Rutger Hauer made the film “Fatherland” in 1994. It imagines Nazi Germany having won the war in the West.

    • James ONeil December 9, 2021, 10:59 AM

      OK Casey, siting up here atop the world I’m all for isolation. Frankly I’d rather send our boys to defend our southern border to stop what is a real invasion of our country, than to defend the Ukraine.

      Another thing to consider; today’s American military under today’s leadership? If we did send them to the Ukraine I suspect that would assure a Russian win.

      Now sending, selling at bargain prices, pallet loads of surplus armament to those guys with a Russian boarder problem I’m down with.

      Nope, our government shouldn’t send our troops to defend their border.

      Now on the other hand, if, say, a bunch of our veterans get together and form a battalion or more of mercenaries, and the Ukraine wanted to hire them I’d like to see our government do everything to facilitate said transaction including simplified egress and ingress from America. Shucky darn, maybe lease the mercenaries tanks and planes, US government markings removed, of course.

      Also, meanwhile in the Pacific, China, Taiwan, it appears an assault is likely, Chines troop movements, ships and munitions readied etc. A friend in Japan tells me there’s unusually, almost unprecedented, high activity on and around our US bases there. Just to assure right of way in international waters we may find ourselves involved in a dust up there. But again, with today’s US military leadership…

  • Mike Austin December 9, 2021, 8:07 AM

    Vacationing in Mexico—as long as you didn’t drive a nice car there—was entirely rational and cool until about the late 1980s or so. Nowadays, forget about it. Of course, with the COVID nonsense vacationing anywhere save for some parts of the USA means masks, “vaccines”, quarantine, testing requirements and social distancing. Nope. And nope.

    Corruption in Mexico has been going on since the 1780s. It is not going to stop or slow down. It might get worse, of course—if that’s possible.

    The Narcos’ tactics and strategy are simple: damage the Mexican government where it hurts—all those high-rent areas where foreigners bring in dollars—and so force all parts of the government to bend the knee. Any official or journalist or judge—or anyone at all—who opposes the Narcos is killed, sometimes in outlandish ways. My favorite was when a sack full of severed human heads was rolled onto a popular disco dance floor. Now that is style!

    The popular belief in the US about the Narcos—that they are Latin gangs who need to be hunted down and destroyed by US Special Forces, an idea promoted by the US government and the media (see the movie “Sicario”)—is entirely false. Narcos exist because gringos—non Latinos—use drugs. Period. If the gringos stopped using drugs, the Narcos would be unemployed. Americans simply cannot pull themselves away from their cocaine, their meth, their heroin and their marijuana. Every time an American takes a puff of marijuana or a snort of cocaine he is adding another head to that bag rolled onto that dance floor.

    For the Narcos and the Latin governments they control, America’s drug problem in not a problem at all. It is a solution.

  • ghostsniper December 9, 2021, 1:28 PM

    I don’t understand how any sane person can condone or support the largest criminal organization the world has ever known, the US govt, to do anything at all. It has a long history of destroying everything it encounters on a global scale and just look at how it is treating it’s own citizens.

    • Mike Austin December 9, 2021, 3:44 PM

      Yep. One of the first acts of the new US government under the new Constitution was to make war upon its own citizens in the Whiskey Rebellion (1791 – 1794). The whiskey rebels fought for the same reason that the colonists fought against Britain . Yet the new regime crushed them, and several were sentenced to hang. The Articles of Confederation were a superior form of a government, one of federalism, self-representation and states rights. Alas.

  • Flatulent Filbert December 9, 2021, 7:37 PM

    Good Peterson clip.

  • Casey Klahn December 10, 2021, 7:13 AM

    Reflecting on my post about Ukraine. My strategic and geo-political (not new World Order) beliefs are oriented around this view of America that pre-dates Biden. It’s difficult to wake up and smell this cup of coffee: the current state of american power is such that we have political generals in the pentagon, and a civilian chain of command topped by Joe Biden, whose in bed with corruptocrats in Ukraine, Russia and China. Given war powers, our exalted president would spike the well, and give away the farm. Or some analogy like that. IOW, a nightmare awaits us that probably no analogy exists to liken it to.

    We have a war on the homefront.

    However, to quibble, Mike you do write well but VDH has proven that the Versailles Treaty was not as odious in actual terms as it’s been made out to be. The VT did not lead to Naiziism and to WWII.

    Also, on Mexican illegals, et al., we’re almost to the point where that is another front we won’t be able to manage. Do you want to send national guard to the border? Will it look like the op they pulled for us in DC? The Green Zone, the barbed wire? Excuse my sarcasm, but there are no parking garages to house our guardsmen, and no food vendors to serve them rotted meals down there.

    We’re more on our own now than ever before. Just make sure that whomever is sent to fight in Europe is vaccinated against “Omicron” and all of that.

    BTW, now that Omicron is here, who will fight the Decepticons?

    • Mike Austin December 10, 2021, 8:12 AM

      Why Casey! You? Quibble? Never. Actually, your writing makes me think, which leads me to write, which leads me to think, which leads me to write…and so on ad infinitum.

      I am well acquainted with Victor Davis Hanson, having read almost every book he has written—some times more than once. Right now in front of me I have his essay on the Treaty of Versailles. I have some major disagreements with it, but they do not matter. Actually, my opinion of that treaty does not matter. Your opinion of that treaty does not matter. Dr. Hanson’s opinion of that treaty does not matter. What matters was the Germans’ opinion of that treaty. Their thoughts on it could be a complete fantasy, pure escapism, a denial of reality—but so what? To the Germans their opinion of the Treaty of Versailles mattered a great deal. It mattered so much that in the elections of 1933 in the Weimar Republic the Germans freely and democratically put the Nazi Party in power. It was put in power by and large to dismantle the treaty. You know “the rest of the story”.

      So enamored were the Germans with their ideas of the treaty that it took a world war and 60,000,000 dead to disabuse them. As I have written many times, “War settles things.” But it did not settle whether or not the Treaty of Versailles led to the war, it settled whether Germany could conquer Western Europe, the Western USSR, the Baltics and Northern Africa. No, as it turned out.

      There were some prominent leaders and intellectuals during the time of the Treaty of Versailles who claimed that the treaty would lead to another war. Among them were economist John Maynard Keyes—who attended the peace conference—and Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France, supreme commander of the Allied forces in World War I. They were right.

      • Casey Klahn December 10, 2021, 9:59 AM

        Fukn Versailles should’ve been much harsher. Like the unconditional surrender we demanded in 1945.

        Glad you read VDH; he’s way out ahead of the pack. He had it that the Germans actually had won the war, and then they did the crazy and invaded Russia. And japan picked a fight with the West, exspecially us.

        Yes, the Germans had the pretext of the VT. Would they have some other if not for that? Yes. I like their pretexts much better than the pap we are fed daily nowadays. Climate? Covid? Race? Now I heard a prof bitching about the Industrial Revolution and I know she’s got the idea in her head that Marx would fix that shit. Capitalism is so superior, it even funds their freak show.

        Your rhetoric and mine make me wonder what the history books (if there are any) will say about these times. I’m still noodling about that.

        • Mike Austin December 10, 2021, 10:42 AM

          Had the Versailles Treaty been harsher, there would have been no World War II; Indeed, there might not have been any Germany to speak of. Fine by me. I have had a bone to pick with the Germans since their defeat of the Romans in the Teutoburg Forest (9 AD). Yeah, I hold grudges.

          Something like the later Morgenthau Plan after World War II would have pleased us both:

          “The Morgenthau Plan was a proposal to eliminate Germany’s ability to wage war following World War II by eliminating its arms industry and removing or destroying other key industries basic to military strength. This included the removal or destruction of all industrial plants and equipment in the Ruhr.”

          My primal inclination in warfare is either to force them to surrender unconditionally—Grant at Fort Donelson (1862)—or to utterly destroy them as Rome did to Carthage in the 3rd Punic War (149 – 146 BC). The US since 1945 has pussy-footed around how to end wars: Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq are only a few examples. We used to know how to kick the shit out of our enemies—as in the Mexican War and the Spanish-American War—but our “rulers” have grown weak and squeamish and worthless. God how I despise them. To paraphrase Caligula, “Oh that our leaders all had but one neck, that I might slit it!”

          Anyone, no matter his status, wealth or race, if he sings the praises of communism, should be immediately exiled forever.

          Casey, you and I should write a book: “The History of Our Times”. Gerard could edit it and write the introduction.