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They shoot horses, don’t they? Ohio Man Arrested, Accused of Kneeling on Child’s Neck in Photo Isaiah Jackson was arrested on a probation violation after investigation of a photo posted online, allegedly depicting the 20-year-old Clark County resident kneeling on the neck of a crying toddler — whose hands are held behind his back by an off-screen individual.

Deepfake Journalist Is a Terrifying Sign of Things to Come  It’s almost impossible to tell, but the man featured in the photos below doesn’t exist. He is a deepfake, a persona created by a computer algorythim. However, the articles this “journalist” published in several popular newspapers are very real, and a sign of things we can expect from a fast-evolving AI.

Oliver Taylor first got the attention of international news agency Reuters after being alerted about him by London Mazen Masri about an article Taylor had written about him and his wife, Palestinian rights campaigner Ryvka Barnard, in which they were described as “known terrorist sympathizers”. The couple were taken aback by the allegation, especially since it came from a a university student. But the more Masri looked at Taylor’s profile photo, the more convinced he was that something was off about him…

If Joe Biden is elected, the effort to remove him by those now supporting him will begin the day after the election and it will not be as crude as rounding up a Yale psychiatrist to testify to his dementia in Congress or shaming the White House physician to give him the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test in the manner that the Left went after Donald Trump. It will be far more insidious and successful: leaked stories to the New York Times and Washington Post from empathetic White House insiders will speak of how  “heroically” Biden is fighting his inevitable decline –”and how gamely he tries to marshal his progressive forces even as his faculties desert him. We would read about why Biden is a national treasure by sacrificing his health to get elected and then nobly bowing out as he realized the cost of his sacrifice on his person and family.

The superficiality of this revolution may have been exposed by the maker of an energy drink last week. When he found out his females were going bonkers over the BLM stuff, he fired them. The Red Bull story may turn out to be an amusing turning point in the revolution. You can be sure lots of other corporate executives are looking at that story and wondering if that is not the right course. Just tell these harpies no and show them the door. The rest will pipe down in a hurry.

KFC will test 3D printed lab-grown chicken nuggets this fall – Ancient Courses: Harold Fisk’s Meander Maps of the Mississippi River (1944) – The changes the Mississippi’s course has undergone since 1765 are especially striking. Many of these are attributable to the work of European settlers: new courses dug, logjams cleared, floodgate systems installed. In the late nineteenth century, extreme deforestation led the river town of Kaskaskia, Illinois, to be flooded and permanently separated from the rest of the state that it had once served as capital. A river, however, as anyone who’s ever lived near one knows, always has a mind of its own. Floods and sudden changes of course (known as avulsions) have also played havoc on the land. Over the course of about twenty-four hours, in 1876, the Mississippi abandoned its old channel on one side of Reverie, Tennessee, and started running on the other, cutting the town off from its old state and connecting it to dry land in Arkansas.

Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something. We Italians, we got our families and we got the church. The Irish, they have the homeland. The Jews, their tradition. Even the n*****rs. They’ve got their music. What about you people, Mr. Carlson? What do you have?

Edward Wilson: The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting. The Good Shepherd

The “surge” of agents announced on Wednesday to Chicago and other American cities is part of Operation Legend  named after 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was fatally shot while sleeping in a Kansas City apartment late last month   and comes as federal law enforcement officers have already descended on Portland, Ore. and Kansas City, Mo.

Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation: Researchers Explain Why

All-Electric Mustang Mach-E 1400 Prototype

Ford’s electric car engineers go crazy with 1,400hp Mustang Mach-E |Seven motors?!? In this case, it’s a roller coaster propelled not by the force of gravity but by seven Yasa P400 R electric motors. Three of them are attached to the front differential, and the remaining four power the rear diff—each using just a single driveshaft. (Chevrolet used a similar approach in a much less extreme electric one-off built for SEMA in 2019.) At least, that’s the default configuration; Ford says that the Mach-E 1400 can also be operated in front- or rear-wheel drive modes as well as all-wheel drive.

Sullivan is a competent and productive writer, but his insights are just banal liberal boilerplate. His act was always derivative. He is a reboot of Truman Capote or maybe the literary Liberace. He is a professional homosexual, who says harsh things about normal Americans, but in a flamboyant and flippant style. The establishment subversive always puts style over substance.

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  • John Venlet July 23, 2020, 12:00 PM

    That Tina sure can rant, but man, I sure wouldn’t want to listen to her every dang day. That voice is downright irritating even in non-rant mode, I’d bet.

  • Vanderleun July 23, 2020, 12:28 PM

    That’s why God made the “Mute” button on… the wifethe husband…the remote.

  • tim July 23, 2020, 12:55 PM

    Channeling Tina…

    Hey! Governor Andrew The Asshole Cuomo, let’s be clear.
    You’re an asshole, a great, big, giant asshole. Your fucking brother Fredo too. You killed thousands of old folks because you’re an incompetent fucking asshole. Then you tried blaming everyone else for your complete lack of fucking brain cells. You fucking loser.
    You just got back from Georgia, why they fuck they want you down there is beyond fucking me, but apparently you went down there to teach them ALL you fucking know about fucking up a state during a fucking pandemic. You fucking fuck. Welcome back, Dickwad.
    While you were fucking there, do you fucking tell them that you had a reopening plan that stated it would consist of fucking 4 phases? But fucking actually, it fucking isn’t? No, of course not,’cause you’re a fucking asshole. Did you tell them that in NY some businesses, such as gyms, that were originally supposed to open during stage 4, which was 4 fucking weeks ago, FOUR FUCKING WEEKS asshole, are still fucking closed? No, of course not,’cause you’re a fucking asshole
    Fuck out o’ here, you fucker. Trump 2020

  • Kevin in PA July 23, 2020, 12:57 PM

    Tina, honey, please let yourself go. Tell us how you really feel.

    Re; Sullivan being “a professional homosexual, who says harsh things about normal Americans, but in a flamboyant and flippant style.” I’m glad someone told it like it is about that little sissyboy.

    KFC’s lab grown nuggets insures I will never eat there….not that I was evert a fan of their garbage food anyway.

    20 year old Clark County resident, Isaiah Jackson is in need of a serious beat down. Helicopter rides are fun and exciting, but too costly for the likes of such a lowlife. Rope and a sturdy oak.

  • Casey Klahn July 23, 2020, 1:13 PM

    This post enriches me. I want to savor everything.

    We need more Tina, and less Karen. If you’re not a Tina, you’re part of the problem. I wish my whiny cunt representative would grow a fukn pair and start kneeing the goddamned congress and I mean fukn daily. Groin shots.

  • M. Murcek July 23, 2020, 1:38 PM

    Tina… I’m in love…

  • Lance de Boyle July 23, 2020, 1:52 PM

    Imagine you’re a guy.
    Imagine making love with her.
    Imagine being in traction for a week.
    Imagine not taking out the trash when she asked you to.
    Imagine another round of traction.

  • John Venlet July 23, 2020, 2:09 PM

    Reading the article, and viewing the prints associated with Fisk’s Meander Maps of the Mississippi, spurred me to run to one of my bookshelves and pull a little book authored by Einstein titled Essays in Science. One of the essays is titled The Cause of the Formation of Meanders in the Courses of Rivers and of the So-Called Beer’s Law. I liked this little essay because of my love for trout streams, and wonder if Fisk had opportunity to reference this little work of Einstein’s as he developed his maps.

  • Anonymous July 23, 2020, 2:14 PM

    Did you have a link or some more context for the Joseph Palmi quote?

  • Lance de Boyle July 23, 2020, 2:16 PM

    “…a man who allegedly knelt on a two-year-old child’s neck…”

    What’s with ‘allegedly’? You can see the soulless mofo on the kid’s neck.
    If anyone ever needed killin’.
    And his partner would profit from a couple of weeks on the rack.

  • Kevin in PA July 23, 2020, 2:32 PM

    lost comment?

    Damn. It was quite pithy….but I simply can’t top Lance!

  • ghostsniper July 23, 2020, 2:57 PM

    That gurl might not be too bad if someone gave her a good crack across the yap – knock that irritating NYFC whine out of her.

  • azlibertarian July 23, 2020, 3:07 PM

    Regarding the meandering of the Mississippi River, I recommend a look at the Atchafalaya. The Atchafalaya is a distributary of the Mississippi and according to Wikipedia,
    …During the 2011 Mississippi River floods, the Old River complex was discharging more than 706,000 cubic feet per second (20,000 m3/s) into the Atchafalaya River, and the Morganza Floodway was discharging one-fourth of its capacity. If the Mississippi were allowed to flow freely, the shorter and steeper Atchafalaya would capture the main flow of the Mississippi, permitting the river to bypass its current path through the important ports of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Despite control efforts, some researchers believe the likelihood of this event increases each year due to natural forces inherent to river deltas….

    The terminus of the Mississippi is a delta. Anyone who passed fifth grade geography knows that rivers move around, especially in a delta. And yet every day the Corps of Engineers goes out to fight Mother Nature. One day they will lose that fight and the Atchafalaya will capture the Mississippi.

  • Mike Anderson July 23, 2020, 4:17 PM

    Bioprinted chicken nuggets made from lab-grown meat? All that needs is a side of Red Kibble, and you’ve got the basic Belter meal, right out of the more dismal parts of the Expanse. I can’t wait to find out what the feedstock is that makes that lab-grown meat.

  • Vanderleun July 23, 2020, 5:14 PM

    There’s a science fiction novel about an advertising controlled future where most of the protein of the hyper=populated earth comes from gigantic protein blimps that they carve meat off of with a chainsaw. I think it is called The Space Merchant and the protein blimp “Chicken Little”

    Did you have a link or some more context for the Joseph Palmi quote?

    It is from the movie that the clip is from.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 24, 2020, 5:27 AM

    Lance for the win!

  • Annie Rose July 24, 2020, 6:57 AM

    The world needs more Tina’s now. I get so fed up with the silence of my fellow women who cower on social media if someone so much as blinks at them. As for “slappin’ her upside the yap” you would be so blessed to have a Tina in your life. A Tina will always have your back, no matter what. When the world has gone to hell, your Tina will still be by your side and your biggest supporter. A Tina will make sure your kids are raised right. Only sniveling cowards worry about stepping out of line around a Tina.

  • ghostsniper July 24, 2020, 8:48 AM

    Prior to about 37 years ago I saw plenty of Tina’s, you know, that’s where the 5 F’s came from. Afterall, I was raised to not hit females and, it was against the law and I’m law abiding for the most part. Then, I met my wife. While she does have a very sharp tongue when necessary she would NEVER go out in public acting like that trash Tina. Her words signal her character. Tina most likely has a trail of divorces behind her. Yeah, really some one to look up to, eh?

  • James ONeil July 24, 2020, 12:33 PM

    Regarding Tina, I kinda like what Brodigan said over at Louder with Crowder: “Honestly, if I were Donald Trump, I’d even have her introduce me at the convention. Now THAT would be some good television!”

    Having said that, back in the day when I was a card carrying latter day Beatnik in NYC, I was quite impressed with the Bronx girls; their looks, carriage, demeanor, self assurance, … -until they opened their mouths. 😉

  • Anne July 24, 2020, 1:15 PM

    Re: The picture with the two grown men (one mixed race and the other clearly African/American) for me tells the rest of the story. White single mom hooks up with mixed race male. He and his friend teach young whitey some discipline.