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Who Is My Enemy?

Who is my enemy? He is the one who:

1. Taxes me into poverty
2. Inflates my dollars until they are worthless
3. Murders children in the womb
4. Vows to seize my guns
5. Allows crime to run rampant
6. Forces me to get the vaxx
7. Threatens to use the US Military against me
8. Forces pedophilia, sodomy and sexual degeneracy onto school kids
9. Uses government agencies to break into my house in the early morning and haul me to jail
10. Punishes opponents of the ruling class
11. Calls me an extremist and an enemy of the state
12. Conducts a coup d’état against a sitting American president
13. Rewards traitors but punishes and kills patriots
14. Hands out medals to those who perpetrated Ruby Ridge and Waco
15. Corrupts all elections and so makes my vote worthless
16. Opens the borders of my homeland to the most violent and depraved criminals ever conceived
17. Appoints Satanists, pedophiles and the sexually depraved to positions of authority and power

Neither Russia nor China nor Iran does any of these things to me. The US government does all of them to me.

So who is my enemy?


Posted by Mike Austin at The New American Digest at The Trojan Horse Is Inside the Gates

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  • Gagdad Bob September 26, 2022, 12:10 PM

    The modern State is the transformation of the apparatus that society developed for its defense into an autonomous organism that exploits it. –Señor Dávila

  • ghostsniper September 26, 2022, 12:45 PM

    It did all of these things and many more, escalating so slowly, so silently, that most, it seems, are unaware in aggregate.

    Think of the secrets. The national securities. The things the criminal gov’t is allowed to not let you know, that it does. To people, and to entire countries. It is vast. The wrong. The criminal.

    People, are at the base, as the victims and the perpetrators. People, that have been richly rewarded, for their schemes and their actions, to harm others, in thousands of ways. In secret.

    I’ve been pointing these things for years, many years, and people have become deaf and numb to it. But I keep on, hoping someone will eventually hear. Maybe the roar of the enormity of thing is such that it is not possible to hear. Maybe the enormity of the thing is so large that no one wants to admit that it is as bad as it is. It’s only when you get so close to the edge that you see how deep is the fall. You’re already fucked and there is no reach around.

    • Georgiaboy61 September 28, 2022, 12:32 AM

      @ GS

      Re: “It did all of these things and many more, escalating so slowly, so silently, that most, it seems, are unaware in aggregate. Think of the secrets. The national securities. The things the criminal gov’t is allowed to not let you know, that it does. To people, and to entire countries. It is vast. The wrong. The criminal.”

      The great Canadian-born spymaster, head of British Security Coordination and wartime advisor to Winston Churchill, Sir William Stephenson, foresaw the dangers of the vast secret ‘super state’ the Anglo-American allies created and built to defeat the Axis powers. At the dawn of the Cold War and as WWII wound down, he speculated upon the possibility of those very intelligence organizations and weapons eventually being turned upon the very people they were created to protect. His warning was to prove prescient.

      Nations need up-to-date intelligence and and information in today’s world. And when ethical and upstanding people provide it, they do a real service to their country. But the problem with these vast and largely secret enterprises is that they attract, like moths to a flame, the very worse sort of opportunists, criminal personalities and sociopaths/psychopaths, alongside the folks who are ethical, upstanding and want to perform a service for their country. And methods of separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff are far-from-foolproof. Lie detector tests can be spoofed and beaten, and so on.

      These predatory types find the following things about the field of intelligence and espionage extremely alluring…

      First, vast power with scant oversight by the remainder of the government, let alone the people themselves. In theory, the House and Senate intelligence oversight committees supervise the CIA, DIA, NSA, etc. – but in reality, these committees are rubber-stamp operations which act as a political fig-leaves should questions arise. The members of the House and Senate are afraid to cross the ‘spooks’ and the latter know it.

      In theory, these agencies of the government are subordinate to the executive branch and the president, but ask John Kennedy how that one worked out.

      The second source of human ‘cat-nip’ is the vast river of money – much of it ‘black’ – which runs through these agencies. By ‘black,’ we mean off-the-books and not accounted for in the usual manner. And when is the last time the ledgers and accounts of the CIA, for example, were open for public inspection at all? The next time will be the first.

      The last attractant is the veil of secrecy which cloaks so much of the intelligence business. Some of it is necessary, to be sure, but it is also equally true and correct that a great deal of it is not. The fact that so much of what these agencies do is secret is de facto a license to steal, or commit any other crime one can imagine.

      Even those who are more-or-less ethical get caught in the moral hazard, as legal scholars term it, of burying their mistakes under draconian secrecy laws. Make a mistake that might ruin your career if it comes to light? No problem, just get whatever it is classified and you’re home free! When it is declassified in thirty years, if anyone still cares, you’re long gone, perhaps not even alive anymore. What’s not to like if you are that kind of person?

      Sir William Stephenson is long-gone now, but if he was alive today, what would the “Quiet Canadian” say about the state of the ‘western democracies’ now?

  • Dirk September 26, 2022, 1:01 PM

    Brother Mike, great work, so much talent here. I’ve recently been reading Western rifle shooters again. Another fantastic site.

    My number one complaint on both is simply this. We are all fantastic at pointing out the problems, we suck at seeking solutions worthy of debate. I Hurt physically to bad to flame out right now.

    And I don’t want to start the blog daddy barking again. To the man and women and to their credit, all are good people. I’m just tired of the same old bullshit. The Sky Os Falling, of course it is, I’m locked up, stocked up, and ready for whatever DC brings to me.

    Truthfully“ I am hoping for another few months of hip healing. I’m walking a few miles a day now, up and down, downs especially tricky.

    • ghostsniper September 26, 2022, 1:49 PM

      Dirk sed: “….we suck at seeking solutions…”
      To create solutions you must know the parameters of the problem and we don’t know that. As I mentioned above, much of what has been going on by this criminal gov’t is secret. We don’t know the depth and degree of the problems.

      So we create small solutions as we deem appropriate. Water, food, shelter, defense, PM’s, and so on.

      There are 2 areas of concern here on the compound and I can’t find a solution.
      1. Permanent off grid potable water. I have several temporary solutions but they don’t afford the comfort that say, a 2 acre pond with solar powered pump and filtration would provide.
      2. Wood fired heat and cooking. We have a propane furnace and fireplace and wall heater and lots of smaller baseboard and space heaters but all of them are dependent upon outside sources to keep them running.

      Each of those things would cost at least $10k to create and that’s just not doable now.

      All other areas we are pretty much prepped for at least 3-4 years, maybe more with conservative practices.

      I’m expecting something to snap at any given second.

    • ThisIsNotNutella September 26, 2022, 1:55 PM

      Good luck with the continuing rehab.

      You’ll get there. Just had a thought: file away your grimaces and pains and posture and gait and general demeanour from the early stages when it was a real chore to walk. They might come in handy if you need to be the Grey Man later for a while.

    • hooodathunkit September 26, 2022, 8:36 PM

      Stock up all you want, but if the SHTF it’s for naught . . . . unless you stock up on the intangible.
      I’ve been in the company of some talented individuals, but they admit the same thing: No individual can withstand or hold out against small unit tactics. With a few exceptions (you got a battery-started 600hp flamethrower with 5,000 gallons of buried diesel, etc etc) a platoon will succeed no matter how talented and equipped the strongpoint is.

      It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s the reason squads, platoon, companies were made; to cooperate in using tactics to overcome resistance. Duh moment. And the solution is squads, platoons, and companies.

      Out in the country, people wave to each other. With hours for a tow-truck, almost the same to the hospital, people depend on each other, even if that neighbor is Catholic or Mexican or both! Watch Florida over the next few days, when a hurricane wrecks a neighborhood, how some band together to protect from looters, the carloads from NY and DC. Neighbors use each others’ comms, share food, power, even clothes; and cover each others’ backs.

      That’s your unit, other people helping each other. It’s what the conservative folks are worst at, but it works, and on their own grounds can easily counter other small units. Say ‘Hi!’ to a neighbor and share your concerns, they may have the exact same ones.
      [OK, preacher mode off]

      • ghostsniper September 27, 2022, 4:40 AM

        Our neighbors are not visible from our property.
        However they are there and we’ve spent the past 16 years cultivating relationships with them.
        They are who we get eggs and produce from and who we provide assistance to when needed.

        • Mike Austin September 27, 2022, 4:06 PM

          When SHTF, and you see a bicycle rider rapidly pedaling to your place, on a bike loaded with tent and stove and gun and food, don’t shoot! It’s me.

          • ghostsniper September 27, 2022, 5:36 PM

            You’re one of only a handful worldwide that I’d open the gate for.

  • ThisIsNotNutella September 26, 2022, 1:46 PM

    A good place to start looking for your Foreign and Domestic Enemies is to ask who points your guns and warheads at Iran and Orthodox Russia and why? And who sneakily sells your military tech to a China which is bent on global competition for influence, resources and sales, but has zero interest in filling your heads with Chinese Perversions (of which there are relatively few compared to those your actual Enemies promote in the streams and feeds and on the idiot box and the big screens — all of which they own or have editorial control and power of censorship over).

    The rest of us don’t have a dog in their ancient and modern fights. Or at least we shouldn’t.

  • Dirk September 27, 2022, 8:49 AM

    Friends, we live in a wide open country, say 10 minutes out of town. Our county alone is bigger than many states in the NE United States. We have spent thirty years learning what’s out there, and where water is, and we have allied ourselves with HUGE cattle ranches. We have handshake agreements to work/ guard their ranches, I mean many ranches.

    More importantly, we have a decent understanding of how people will flow out here. There is nothing out here, if people do flow this way, and some will, it will be via roads, existing roads. The first few waves will have destinations, others will be just passing thru, south of us are a few tiny towns, no draw.

    We’ve taken the time to learn and purchase drones. Our crew has around a dozen now, with additional batteries. We know the roads, and the terrain it’s brutal off-road, with every road having many choke points. Two long gunmen can manage them.

    The fourth wave will be toughened crews, moving cross country, away from roads. These are the raiders. Moving with what’s on their backs. The buckaroos out here push cattle for a living, there is not an inch of ground they don’t know, understand.

    Power lines rail lines and natural gas lines move cross country, and people traps are easy. Diff the topsoil, fly a drone down the road looking for shoe prints, and other evidence of human movement.

    Our here patrolling will be horseback, side by side quad foot, and drone.

    Lastly, this is a wide-open country, this ain’t m4 country, this is a big ol’ battle rifle with the ability to launch rounds out to 2 k with hits, which is desirable. We have those capabilities. Out here a hit IS a kill.

    There will be assistance available for families transiting the area. It is in our best interest to feed em and move em thru our turf. 10.000 ft peaks overlook the desert, with op/ lps 24/7, and comms to track movement.

    Most don’t realize there is more big game in the high desert than in the forests. Many will be shocked at just how many water sources are out here. From bubblers to rivers in remote deep deep canyons and creeks.

    Ya get hungry rattlesnakes everywhere. Drop a rock on its head bury the head clean it, a small fire smokeless desert scrub burns almost smokeless. It’s not my fav, but it’s protein.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking folks like me need to survive in your AO, I don’t. We may move two hundred miles to our furthest destination. SHTF, “They” know we’re coming. They’ll leave the lights on.

    I do appreciate the tips

  • rabbit tobacco September 27, 2022, 11:32 AM

    SPIRITUAL WARFARE is the name for it.

    • Mike Austin September 28, 2022, 2:07 AM

      Exactly so. Wars on earth are presaged by wars in Heaven. Both are parts of that age-old conflict between Lucifer and God.

  • Dirk September 27, 2022, 5:28 PM

    This is Nutella, I believe you are correct. 10/8 months ago our goober in chief boldly threatened to trash the Nord pipelines. Victoria Nyland is also on record to shit the pipelines down. These are bold statements from two people who do in deed have the ability to make it happen.

    I JUST discovered on Tucker that a NEW none Russian or communist pipeline is transiting that very same region. This is rotten to the core.

    These men and women doing this crap deserve death, slow painful death. Just this morning I read on one of my go-to-read spots that the US literally had a helo carrier task force right there Fri sat.

    can no longer source what I read just this morning.

    Some here feel like if the reps win they will spend all their time trying and convicting the Dems and oligarchs responsible.

    Friends our race is only as successful as the rules humans are willing to follow. These monsters need to be hunted down tried and convicted, sentence carried out within twenty minutes. We must have accountability, period.