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Strange Days: Yule Log Edition

Avoid involvement in hierarchical organizations.
If possible, avoid hierarchy in your organizations.
The Left never relents. Be vigilant. –Poretto @  Liberty’s Torch


In favor of race science – “Scientific racism” ” is intended to mix together politics/ethics and matters of fact. This is of course a deliberate tactic by communists who want to conflate the study of race differences with the non-obvious questions of what to do about them. You can see this in action on Wikipedia where such communist editors rename, reclassify and merge articles into the scientific racism article, and classifying all kinds of things as scientific racism. (If curious, look at the edit histories of some of the activist editors, e.g. Generalrelative, NightHeron, MPants, GrayFell, Aquillion, and so on)

“The depths of human depravity are bottomless” – The New Neo But one of the strengths of evil, and one of the reasons it can take hold in an entire country like the USSR, is not only that “good men do nothing” but that some otherwise “good” mean and women convince themselves that some bad things must be done in order to finally emerge into the Utopian light.

And now, starring in SLUTS ON A PLANEEXCLUSIVE: Maxine Waters Goes Maskless On Cross-Country United Flight | The Daily Wire

You want a smaller government, you gotta start cutting someplace.

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ~ Frank Herbert

Ancient Plagues – by Scott Alexander – Astral Codex Ten Also: a family in Arkansas was going through an ancestor’s possessions. An envelope fell out of a book containing a note and some weird red stuff; the note said that it was smallpox scabs from a past infection, kept as souvenirs. This sounds like a scene for a horror movie aimed at epidemiologists.


Lockdown wasn’t worth it – by Noah Carl – Noah’s Newsletter Edward Dutton’s book Witches, Feminism and the Fall of the West. Here’s an excerpt:

With sexual equality, females will be appointed over males as they will tend to be easier to work with, having higher Conscientiousness and higher Agreeableness. They will be what Bruce Charlton has called the “Head Girl” types, the kinds of popular and academically high-achieving, though conformist, females who are appointed head prefects at British girls’ secondary schools … The growth in the presence of these kinds of women at universities has fundamentally changed the culture of academia, rendering it less focused on the unbridled pursuit of truth.

And by complete coincidence, on the same day I published my newsletter, Mary Harrington wrote a piece for The Critic exploring similar themes. Here’s an excerpt:

“Administrative bloat” has been a remarked on feature of higher education for some time … Less remarked on is the sex breakdown of the growing proportion of administrators. A recent diversity and inclusion report by the University of California indicates that women make up more than 70 per cent of non academic staff … And that support system has an increasingly symbiotic relationship with student activism

“When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.” Thomas Jefferson at HappyAcres (@HappyHectares) / Twitter

Catch you later … in 80,000years ||| December 20 – The Comet and the Fireball This picture was supposed feature a comet. Specifically, a series of images of the brightest comet of 2021 were being captured: Comet Leonard. But the universe had other plans. Within a fraction of a second, a meteor so bright it could be called a fireball streaked through just below the comet. And the meteor’s flash was even more green than the comet’s coma. The cause of the meteor’s green was likely magnesium evaporating from the meteor’s pebble-sized core, while the cause of the comet’s green was likely diatomic carbon recently ejected from the comet’s city-sized nucleus. The images were taken 10 days ago over the Sacramento River and Mt. Lassen in California, USA. The fireball was on the leading edge of this year’s Geminid Meteor Shower — which peaked a few days later. Comet Leonard is now fading after reaching naked-eye visibility last week — but now is moving into southern skies.

Back to the Office in 2022 – WSJ Working in offices enhances our ability to learn. It isn’t only that serendipitous ideas spark around water coolers or chance encounters; real learning comes through osmosis. Patterns and experiences seep into our brains from working with and watching others over long stretches. Anyone who entered the working world over Zoom or Slack has been robbed of that ability to learn.

I know it doesn’t feel like it, but we learn when others push back, tell us we are wrong and challenge ingrained ideas. Even political posturing at the office has value. We can watch with awe at the guy who climbs the ladder of success hand over hand with knives in peoples’ backs. We learn never to turn our backs to anyone.

That pompous putz at a party reminds us how great our true friends really are. A boasting boho reminds us always to craft an exit strategy to escape the blather—be sure to locate the bar and bathroom in case of a social emergency. Time spent in the office reminds us how great our families really are, lockdowns included. A friend once noted, “Family vacations are overrated.” While often true, they are still better than everything else in this world. As Ferris Bueller observed, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

We all miss and crave human contact: in-person work, picnics, cocktail parties, concerts, bars with sticky floors, overcrowded restaurants, even rubber-chicken conference meals. Humans are social. We build up immunity to all the bad stuff so we can soak up the best of other people, even the annoying ones. Being social is what makes us who we are. It’s time to get back to it.

What’s the Deal With All the Perverted Behavior at CNN? | Don Lemon grabs a man’s private parts at a Hampton’s watering hole. He then assaults him in other ways that I find too tawdry to mention. Jeffrey Toobin masturbates on a Zoom call in front of his colleagues. A sexual misconduct claim led to the firing of Chris Cuomo. Ole Chris was good buddies with CNN producer John Griffin. Indeed, their public social media posts indicate a thriving “bromance.” The Feds have indicted Griffin on pedophilia charges….

I am not a cheerleader for the Republican Party. I think it has an overabundance of empty suit weenies, hiding and whimpering in the corner whenever duty demands that they have a backbone. Yet, the Dems have gone full blown cultural Marxist and represent a radical leftist agenda that I loathe and detest with all my being. CNN is the mouthpiece for this movement. It creates the cultural and social narrative that directs the gullible and disenchanted on how to be a good progressive. I can’t wrap my head around all the perversion and pedophilia in the news. I am sure that there are sick bastards who also identify as Republicans, but it certainly feels as though we are witnessing something akin to an explosive “fashion craze” where those on the radical Left think it is cool and trendy to violate social norms and conventions that have been in existence for millennia.

Inflation Devastation for the Democrats A 6.8% inflation rate is a 6.8% tax on every single dollar, with no deductions or loopholes. And the real rate not even 6.8%. That’€™s the phony baloney Consumer Price Index that is designed to hide the real inflation rate. Housing costs went up something like 30%, and math, which is now racist for some reason, teaches that 30% is a lot more than 6.8%.

“Among other common lies, we have the silent lie—the deception which one conveys by simply keeping still and concealing the truth. Many obstinate truth-mongers indulge in this dissipation, imagining that if they speak no lie, they lie not at all.” —Mark Twain

Profiles in Courage: Dr. Tess Lawrie With Julian Assange now facing extradition to the United States, valiant whistleblowers routinely being fed to the BigPharma/Big Media/Big Tech wood chipper, and ignoble liars deploying every weapon of mass deception in their forbidding arsenal, unmasking corruption is one of the most perilous adventures you can embark on in these totalitarian times.

Mike Rowe: Biden admin blames Americans’ greed for economic problems – YouTube plus Added fashion news … Kameltoe Harris models her new bulletproof vest in public.

Tucker Carlson: Biden’s COVID policies are the muscle spasms of a dying political party | It turns out Democrats are exactly what they appear to be. They’re the party of neurotic, personally unsatisfied White ladies who live in the suburbs. You know, the pretty little signs you see in the lawns of affluent neighborhoods telling you how the people who live inside love BLM and support Tony Fauci? That’s the real Democratic Party.

It’s not a national political party. It’s a professional class cultural movement that is highly unappealing to normal people. In a functioning democratic system, people, those little signs on their lawns would never be allowed to run anything because nobody likes them. …

But, political parties, like markets, often seem the strongest right before they collapsed. The problem is, at this moment, the Democratic Party is still in power, and that’s a very bad combination for the rest of us. Regimes in decline tend to become dangerous. As they weaken, they get increasingly desperate and ruthless. They’ve been rejected by voters. Democracy doesn’t work for them anymore. That means they can no longer operate within democratic boundaries and hope to stay in power. So inevitably, they swerve outside those boundaries. Instead of trying to convince the public to support them, that’s a democracy, they invent domestic enemies and national panics to keep themselves in charge. And that’s exactly what we’re watching happen right now.

As of tonight, in this country of 334 million people, there are no confirmed deaths of the omicron variant of COVID. At the same time, just this month, many thousands of Americans have passed away from heart disease and cancer, suicide, diabetes, murder, drug overdoses, not to mention car accidents, Parkinson’s, emphysema, Alzheimer’s, asthma attacks, choking to death on lobster at a crowded restaurant, just to name a few causes. Lots of people still die in America, but they are not dying of omicron. No one in this country is.

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  • Rob De Witt December 21, 2021, 2:00 PM

    It’s our holiday, dear friends.

    Scrooge not


    • Mike Austin December 22, 2021, 4:15 AM

      Not quite “Silent Night”. But funny.

  • TwoDogs December 21, 2021, 2:45 PM

    That envelope says “Scabs from vaccination of W A Yarrington’s children”. I wouldn’t be too worried.

  • John the River December 21, 2021, 6:02 PM

    The power of the Democratic Party, the Deep State, the Globalists are based on two lies. These lies are the biggest lies ever told/sold to the people and the most ridiculous. These lies are Climate Change and The Pandemic.
    The Media has been working without rest for over thirty years to sell these lies and they have been surprisingly effective at it.
    An example today. My girlfriend announced that a teenager from a family we know “Has Covid”.
    Well, I asked “How’s he doing?”. She starts to go into about how he’s been sent home from school and that his teachers are also positive for Covid; and how terrible it is… and so on.
    “Hold on”, then ask “Was he tested because he’s sick or was he tested and told that he was sick?”
    Of course, it’s the latter. The kid is fine, just bored.
    I said “Lucky kid, when he’s over the quarantine he’ll have natural immunity and have nothing to worry about and can skip the Jab.”
    But it seems that was the wrong thing to say. She’s a good woman, and considers herself ‘Not-a-Liberal’, but she watches TV, especially MSM morning shows, all the time. And that bilge has washed over her mind.
    How can so many people look at the world they live in and the what is actually going on in that world and not see that the world they are being shown on TV has no relationship to the world they themselves are actually living in?

    BTW Got my December Gas bill, up 39%. Inflation seems like an inadequate word. FJB

    • ghostsniper December 21, 2021, 6:34 PM

      Just filled our 400 gal propane tank at $2.99 per gal.
      Last year it was $1.99.
      What’s that, 50% increase?

    • MB December 22, 2021, 4:52 AM

      Karma will bite
      Has anyone studied the animal kingdom?
      What do these wildlife do when cornered? (insects included)
      They will fight back
      Just like anything that is cornered
      Claws will come back
      Remember: only the 2% rule
      If they caged the animal and beat it to submission
      It becomes useless to discipline
      It will fight at its last breathe
      The 2% forgot
      The more they push, then the shove will become a new story line of the future

    • Kevin in PA December 22, 2021, 6:03 AM

      “How can so many people look at the world they live in and the what is actually going on in that world and not see that the world they are being shown on TV has no relationship to the world they themselves are actually living in?”
      Knowing is different than believing. Sadly, these folks are believers.

      Slightly Off Topic – in my continuing treatment for arthritic knee pain, I went for a shot of cortisone yesterday. I was the only person not wearing a mask. What surprised me was that not one of the 7 nurses, radiology techs, nor the check-in folks said a word about my not wearing a mask. I was a little surprised, but I suspect that a lot of the people employed in healthcare have figured out that the masks are useless. I also suspect that some of the folks that have taken the jab as a part of continuing employment, are perhaps less than pleased that many have become ill and that there is talk of yet another booster, or even continuing boosters forever. Just my hunch.

    • KCK December 23, 2021, 7:39 AM

      Kevin, Ghost, MB, John: greetings.

      Fuel prices up. Yes, we’re feeling it and I don’t watch TV but I understand the inflation is somehow my fault, and nothing to do with the ruling party. /sarc.

      Kevin, I wonder how many nurses and doctors are nowadays regretting their decisions to ride the Covid Panic Pony. I searched for the old movie, Judgement at Nuremberg, with Spencer tracy and a brilliant cast. Nowhere to be found on the internet, but I did watch it probably 40 years ago or so. I wanted to remind myself of the case against the Nazis and the Germans who went along with medical experimentation. MB says Karma will get the Coofers. I watch YouTubes of people in the cities showing their “papers” as if they’re in Nazi Germany. You’ll recall that German citizenry had to have permission and paperwork in order to r=travel within their country.

      Austria, who up until now have excused themselves from the Nazi times by saying that they didn’t want the Anschluss, are now first up for absolute totalitarianism in Europe; making it actually illegal to be unvaxxed. I wondered how they could do it and I foresaw blood in the streets, but wondered how compliant they’ll be. Then, I saw a report that 40,000 swinging Rolfs are marching in the streets in protest.

      I bury my head in my hands and dream that the virus will go away and the peckerwoods in government will just let it pass away like a bad memory. But, then I realize that after the Coof goes to near zero, they’ll have some bunko like environment, or white supremacy, to cudgel us with. I was watching Peter Jackson’s Beatles film, and sure as shit there was white supremacy. Historians who find today’s “issues” in yesterday’s history are small-minded and possessors of vacuous minds. As of The Beatles were battling Trump. Next episode I expect some cut scene to Paul shitting on Trump, but in 1970.

      Merry Christmas, everyone.

  • jwm December 21, 2021, 6:19 PM

    Love the optical illusion. I used to really get a kick out of those Magic Eye pictures, the ones that just look like splatter on a page, but resolve into a three dimensional illusion if you relax your eyes just right.
    I had the cataract surgery, and got plastic lenses in both eyes. Miracles of the space age. But I can’t make the Magic Eye pictures work anymore. Not exactly a great loss, but it is curious.


    • julie December 21, 2021, 10:16 PM

      When I was a kid, if I took my glasses off, I could see the magic eye pictures easily. Glasses on it’s a different story, much more difficult to get the pupils to look through the image and focus on a point beyond the flat surface. Not sure why exactly.

      These days my eyes don’t like to work that hard, so glasses on or off it takes a while to see it.

  • Nori December 21, 2021, 6:48 PM

    “Kamala struggles to plug in…”
    While wearing a jacket that resembles her butt crack.
    Ass clowns,every one.

    Way O/T,but a belated thank U to Mr V for the fine Just Say No shirt & BidenGas sticker. Shirt washed & dried great,fits great,and renders me invisible-no one knows it’s me in a white shirt.Great camouflage!

  • Mike Austin December 22, 2021, 6:09 AM

    I see where the US government is attempting to terrorize Americans again—threatening the unvaccinated and their families with a “winter of illness and death”. Yawn. It seems like the only thing this weird group of pedophiles and crazed Marxists in Washington DC can do properly is to menace the very people who pay their salaries. Left unsaid is: What if Americans simply ignore the government and simply go about their lives? What then Biden? More fist shaking? More shambling about the White House, slurring words and mumbling to yourself? More drooling when a little boy or little girl comes near you?

    Graham Hancock’s thoughts on the “end of civilization” are not new. Men have contemplated such things for thousands of years. We know exactly what the Romans felt when hordes of Goths and Vandals and Huns overran their society 1500 years ago. We know what the Sumerians felt when their city-states in Mesopotamia were conquered 4000 years ago by the Akkadians, the Amorites and the Elamites. We know what the Carolingians felt when their civilization was inundated by the Vikings 1200 years ago. The fall of civilizations is not new and it is not unique. What is remarkable is that civilization arose at all.

    The “depths of human depravity” are not bottomless. They are finite because Satan is finite. What is not finite is God’s love for His creation. But let us not relax just yet. Human depravity left unchecked can wreak a preternatural havoc upon this earth that would scare the Hell out of you. As it should.

    So Zemmour in France wants to stop all immigration to his country. A good idea that has no chance of becoming fact. No chance. It would also be a good idea here; but then such a thing would be impossible to enact. Besides, a nation can have thousands upon thousands of pages of laws, but if the government does not enforce them, then they might as well not exist. The concept of Law as known since Hammurabi has been so whittled away that law itself has no real meaning. In its place is whimsy, emotion, race, status, money, illogic and happenstance. Kafka would understand. So would the Mad Hatter.

    So some Argentine building was burned to the ground by “protestors”. Good. I lived in Argentina for ten years. Let’s burn the whole thing to the ground. The Argentine elites are the most despicable pieces of humanity I have ever met. And by the way, the rest of South America hates the Argentines. Typical joke: “How do you get rich? Buy an Argentine for what he’s worth. Sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.”

    Paul Atreides calls fear “the mind-killer”. He’s right. The Spartans would have agreed with him. They believed that “flesh was the factory of fear”. To control fear, the Spartans in their Agoge educational system trained males from the age of 7 until they were 30. Beatings, forced bodily perfection, brutality, random cruelty, torture, and murder were necessary parts of the curriculum. Spartans were so used to physical pain that the terrors of combat meant nothing to them. They relished it in fact.

    “Ancient plagues” reminded me that disease has killed far more people than warfare. In fact, disease and warfare have marched hand in hand for thousands of years. The worlds most vicious plagues have always come in the wake of marching soldiers. Justinian’s Plague (541 – 549), the Plague of Athens (430 – 426 BC), the Black Death (1346 – 1353), the Antonine Plague (165 – 180), the Spanish Flu (1918), all arose from warfare. We don’t know exactly the causes of most plagues. Smallpox, typhus, Bubonic Plague, flu and dysentery all have their place.

    The slow-motion destruction of Biden’s mind proceeds apace. Everyone—absolutely everyone—knows about it, including Jill Biden, the media and every foreign leader. It does not take much of imagination to see Biden making a horse a senator, as did Caligula. How long can this charade last? Who is really running things in Washington DC? Who will take Biden’s place? The US capital resembles a three-ring circus in a house of mirrors run and staffed by madmen.

    • BillH December 22, 2021, 7:10 AM

      They’re threatening not only the unvaccinated and their families with a “winter of illness and death”, but the hospitals too, if you read the WH memo literally.

      • Jack December 22, 2021, 8:55 AM

        Fk the government and all it represents, I’m not the least bit afraid of them or of dying and I ignore everything they tell me I must do. My fondest and most fervent hope is that all of them, their mothers and fathers, children and friends develop illnesses and strains of diseases that no one has ever seen and nothing can cure and that their ends come slowly and with excruciating pain.

        Lord love ’em.

        • Mike Austin December 22, 2021, 9:27 AM

          If your “fondest and most fervent hope” ever occurred this nation would undergo a breath of Liberty that would be inebriating. Civil war would become unnecessary and even the chances of a world war would greatly diminish. Hundreds of thousands—or perhaps millions—who might otherwise have perished now would have a chance at life.

          Those feral creatures who infest Washington DC are a metastasizing cancer on the body politic of the world.

          • Jack December 22, 2021, 3:26 PM

            I know.

      • Mike Austin December 22, 2021, 9:21 AM

        You are right. I missed that and so missed its implications. What would a hospital to do when threatened by the White House? Fire more staff and so cause the deaths of Americans? Manhandle statistics so that every death is due to Omicron? The potential for deadly corruption is plain and frightening.

  • Dirk December 22, 2021, 10:58 AM

    Yup, fuck the Govt!

    JUST took my 13 yr old grandson down and ordered him his first rifle. A Ruger Preditor in 6.5 creedmore. He has a m4, just doesn’t know it. Anyway both boys are pushing hard to big game hunt. I don’t kill anymore, but I’m looking forward to teaching both in Ways of the Woods Stalking

    While at the gun store, Cam told me his teacher recently called him a Racist! When he disagreed on a race related issue. Naturally this will require investigation.

    I don’t know about you all it is NOT reasonable to call any student a Racist. O well it’s not my battle. Be interesting to see how our ex daughter in law handles this. Personally I’d be writing the state Education licensing board, asking for a investigation.

    This shit stain called one student a racist I’m certain he’s used the tactic on many others. This is straight up indoctrination.


    • Jack December 22, 2021, 3:35 PM

      Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and fix it yourself. Case in point….a buddy of mine in Oklahoma, from a well-to-do family, had a lovely younger sister who was dating an abuser. After his sister revealed what was going on with the abuser my bud called him and told him that if he ever laid another hand on his sister to harm her, that that event would be it for him.

      Less than 2 weeks later, the sister was bruised up a bit so my friend caught him coming home to his apartment late in the evening and tore him a new one. No charges were pressed and the thug quit his job and moved to another city. The lesson was exactly what that guy needed.

      Now, that thug is not one iota different from a teacher or some other POS who would jump a kid and as such, he deserves to be instructed. Society doesn’t believe in corporal discipline or punishment any more and as result POS get away with being POS without fear or worry but…it is beyond amazing to see just what an major ass whipping will do to adjust a shitty attitude. That teacher should be attended too.

      • ghostsniper December 22, 2021, 5:54 PM

        If the thugs ass is slammed properly there will be no fear that he will run to the law. He will be in fear for his very life. If you half step, he will cause you trouble. You have to make him believe he is going to be killed.

      • Mike Austin December 23, 2021, 5:53 AM

        I love it: Oklahoma Justice! I’ve been living in Oklahoma City now for 18 years, and I love it. The freest state in America.

  • Casey Klahn December 22, 2021, 1:14 PM

    I’ll have more nice things to say later, but for now just want to say to Pres. Biden: fuck you very much!

  • James ONeil December 22, 2021, 1:40 PM

    Strange Daze ; tipping point or have we dug ourselves in a hole so deep getting out is an impossibility?
    Just wondering.


  • KCK December 23, 2021, 11:46 AM

    This just in. Putin may start the big one in Ukraine for the holidays. I note that whereas I described an enveloping tactic in my map brief, I saw a map yesterday where the Poot has Ukraine enveloped, if you count troops in Belarus and Crimea who may enter the fight on the flanks. I stand by my assessment that Russia is weaker than they appear, and that Ukraine has good ground to defend upon.

    God be with them. Also: I hope there is no war in Europe. I wonder if Poot’s troops are all vaccinated, and gay?

    • Mike Austin December 23, 2021, 12:11 PM

      I hope the US stays out of this. But with the stinking messes that run Washington DC, who knows? Could get frosty. But it’s Putin’s call.

      • KCK December 23, 2021, 2:53 PM

        It’s a rather small world. Letting Putin have the initiative is the first mistake we can make. He’s beatable and it is his pride that’s his weakness. I’d start by making fun of his short stature, and then remind him that his country has never been accepted in continental company. They stink of fish, too.

        • Mike Austin December 24, 2021, 8:45 AM

          World War I started with the nations of Europe misreading the intentions of every other European nation. Even if we take Putin at his word, there is plenty of room for strategic error. One thing leads to another, then another, then more misread intentions, and…well, you can guess the rest of the story.

          Bismarck said the Balkans “were not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier.” I say the same thing about Ukraine. Not worth the bones of a single American soldier. How can Russia’s control over Ukraine matter to us? Where is our strategic interest in the Ukraine? Should we care if Putin bullies Europe? Can’t the Europeans defend themselves? How would we enjoy it if Russia placed soldiers and artillery and loads of military materiel on our border? Qui bono? Globo-homo would, certainly.

          None of these questions have been asked by the US government, let alone answered. This shit could get out of control real fast.

  • Snakepit Kansas December 26, 2021, 6:21 AM

    Maybe the Russians invade Ukrane at the same time the Chinese invade Taiwan. That would certainly freeze Biden from doing anything at all.

    Man made global warming is a hoax. I’ve done a fair amount of business travel in my time. I’ve flown over heavily populated cities such as Manila, Dallas, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Schiphol, etc. I’ve also flown over thousands upon thousands of miles of largely uninhabited open spaces. The oxygen level isn’t any different and carbon dioxide makes plants and trees thrive. The best bumper sticker I ever saw said “Save the planet. Kill yourself”.