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Strange Daze: And… MOTUS A.D. has the kickoff

MOTUS A.D.: This Crap’s Been Going On For A Very Long Time: Throwback Thursday Edition

The next target in the war on normalcy appears to be the nuclear family — which is what all the gender nonsense has been about all along. There is no more critical institution to dismantle in order to make the State your daddy than the actual family. This of course is well documented and exemplified by the Black family where thanks in large part to Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats’ Great Society they’ve been transformed from 80% intact nuclear families in 1960 to today where 80% are fatherless households.

Europeans could have cheaper energy, both for heating and driving, but their leaders won’t allow that.

They decided that energy prices will be high, very high; so you’ll feel every degree of Centigrade/Fahrenheit in your pocket. Putin stated the Europeans miscalculated when they decided to abandon traditional fuels. Perhaps he said so out of kindness, because there is not the slightest doubt: the European and North American leaders knew that ‘clean’ fuels are much more expensive and much less reliable, and still they chose it.

Cat Owners Have Started Making Tiny Crochet Couches For Their Pets

Red China Tried To Go Green, Now It’s Going Dark

This year, China is importing American coal to keep the lights on in its cities. China’s desperate buying spree has sent the price of lignite coal, the dirtiest coal, up from $20 to $120. While Democrats are trying to destroy coal in America, our shipments of coal have increased 30 times making China our second biggest coal market.

Nurse fired for posting photos of newborn with birth defect “Your intestines posed [sic] to be inside not outside baby!”

Help and gratitude afterwards

In 1998, these SF men got a tattoo to snag free tacos for life. Here’s what happened after.

Long Overdue: Afrofuturism and Ethnic Studies become graduation requirements for California students

 “Migration Stories and Oral History,” “#BlackLivesMatter and Social Change,” “Afrofuturism: Reimagining Black Futures and Science Fiction,” “US Undocumented Immigrants from Mexico and Beyond,” “The Immigration Experience of Lao Americans” and “This is Indian Land: The Purpose, Politics, and Practice of Land Acknowledgment.”

Berkeley police recover 4 guns in 4 days; 3 were ghost guns

Police identified the arrested man as 42-year-old Jermaine Coleman of Berkeley. He was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, brandishing a weapon and other violations. Coleman — who was out of custody with a felony drug sales case pending at the time of his arrest — was scheduled for arraignment Wednesday morning at the East County Hall of Justice in Dublin. Coleman was charged this week with multiple felonies, including assault with a firearm and several other gun violations, according to court records online. (He remains in custody but his next court appearance had not been posted as of publication time.)

A couple’s reaction after being charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse after they refused to get help for their 10-month-old child who died of malnutrition and dehydration.

The Power is on the Side of the Killers, Not Their Victims

This is not about justice, it’s about who has institutional power. And it’s the killers who have all the power and their victims who have none. After Johnson got through beating three people, poor people, to death with hammers, lawyers and judges took up what he had left undone. Even Rep. Cori Bush and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver took a turn swinging the claw hammer.

More Info Surfaces On Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations and Pilot Push Back Against Vaccine Mandates –

If they can force you to have a medical procedure, and then carry documentation of that procedure in order to work… why can’t they force you to get a small electronic implant of your identification, which would coincidentally include your medical authorizations for work? It’s just a metal detector…. it’s just taking off your shoes… it’s just wearing a mask…. it’s just a vaccination….. it’s just a COVID passport… it’s always, “just”.

She was Pfeizered. Vaccine-Pushing Austrian MP Collapses During Parliament Speech “Trust in the results and tests of science: The skepticism about becoming sterile through the corona vaccination is unfounded! We are vaccinated!”

“The question I’m left with now is how long elites can remain elite when their ‘elite’ educational system is turning the next generation into ignoramuses, people who have never been allowed to think for themselves, androids who know only how to repeat the approved slogans and adopt approved attitudes. A decade from now, won’t the children who have been brought up on great literature, encouraged to think for themselves, taught how to argue and speak with eloquence, urged to develop their full humanity, children who know history and poetry and philosophy—won’t they become the new elite, the ‘true nobility’?”

The Dust That Measures All Our Time

Chicago Police Union to Defy Vaccine Mandate

DRIFTING ALONG WITH THE TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS... COVID-19’s latest odd side effect: ‘Restless anal syndrome’ As days passed, the patient observed that physical activity seemed to relieve his stressed anus, while lying low only increased his discomfort, which also spiked during the evening hours.

Walmart’s Critical Race Theory Training Program |

American executives, among the most successful people on the planet, can collect accolades and social status by promoting fashionable left-wing ideologies. Meantime, their hourly workers, making between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly, are asked to undergo dishonest and humiliating rituals to confront their “white privilege” and “white supremacy thinking.”

Oregon Governor Kate Brown quietly signed a bill last month that removed the requirement for graduating high school children in the state to be proficient in reading, writing, and math,
in an effort to aid “students of color.” Wowee, that must terrify them over in China’s engineering departments, where students are years ahead of American in mathematics. This sort of thing goes on across America.

Florida to shipping companies: Our ports are open “Why pay to moor off the coast of California, when Florida shipping lanes are open and serving as the gateway for getting goods to America’s market,” Rubin said in a press release.

“Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” – Thomas Sowell

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  • PA Cat October 15, 2021, 10:40 AM

    Went to the SFGate website to continue reading about the guy with the taco tattoo, and found this pitch in the Shopping section for a vaccine card protector (sold on Amazon, natch):

    “Keep your vaccine card safe with this $4 protector . . . In searching Amazon for travel supplies for our upcoming trip, I found a vaccine card protector that I deemed cute. I didn’t want one of those basic plastic holders that looks like you’re meant to clip it onto a lanyard. I wanted something I could store safely in my purse next to my wallet. I also wanted to be able to open and close it easily, in case I needed to show it before entering a museum or restaurant. . . . When I bought this protector just a few weeks ago, it was $8. Now it’s over 50% off and marked down to just $3.74 in two colors, and $3.93 in the remaining two colors. Outside of being a cute marble pattern, this protector is slim enough to easily fit in any bag or pocket. It has two slots for two vaccine cards, in case you misplaced your card after your first shot and only found it after getting your second dose.”


    Well, if you can’t find a suitable Christmas gift for friends and family because of the rapid spread of China Joe’s Empty Shelves Syndrome, you can always give him/her/them/xem this PU Leather (whatever that is) vaccine card protector in its “cute” marble pattern for less than $4.

  • Dirk October 15, 2021, 11:04 AM

    Some say it’s gonna get bad, real bad. Son in law ordered 10.000 gallons of diesel for the ranch. Afraid next summer’s going to be rough, drinking diesel and making dust. Their organic hay farmers, spud, and other seasonal crops, plus 500 pair of Angus. The ranch is on a very large aquifer, for water.

    Lots of solar. Which is useless in big operations like theirs.

    There spooked, having poacher problems often now, they say the poacher things hot-cold, economy’s good, not much, as things go to shit poaching occurs. Loaned em a couple sets of NODS.

    Am amused, the poopoo told em there’s nothing they can do if poachers take cattle.?????

    Yea right. Steal my cattle motherfucker, they just may found you hung yourself, left a note in crayon, telling about your fucked up child abused life.

  • julie October 15, 2021, 3:31 PM

    Re. the people bringing their kids up outside of public education, for my family there’s no illusion that our kids will be “elites.” It’s really more about making sure they are functional, capable, and fully-human human beings. To the extent that they seem to be “elite” compared to their peers, I suspect this will more likely be a difficulty than a benefit. Keep a populace ignorant, and their dominant motivations in life will be envy and greed, and their greatest thrill will not be raising themselves up but watching others get thrown down. Our goal is not to be higher than anyone else, it is to be a remnant; a status I believe best achieved by remaining humble.

  • Mike Austin October 15, 2021, 6:38 PM

    “Europeans could have cheaper energy, both for heating and driving, but their leaders won’t allow that.” Why should they? All the hoi polloi need do is work, reproduce and shut the Hell up. “Hunger Games” has nothing on those European “elites”. But don’t worry: They will have all the energy they desire for their own needs. But might they freeze this winter anyway due to green shenanigans and their desire to screw Putin? Yes. Why should I care? The only good European is a frozen European—or something like that.

    “Red China Tried To Go Green, Now It’s Going Dark.” Can we cease and desist all the slobbering over China? She wants to conquer the world but cannot even keep the lights on. (Someone tell Vox Day.)

    “China, like California, is desperately rationing energy. Some places are only allocated a few days of power a week…Even while Chinese propaganda touts new skyscrapers and bizarre bridges, its cities are going dark and the residents are buying candles. It’s not unusual for Chinese drivers to navigate evening roads with no lights and for Communist officials to urge people to open their windows instead of turning on air conditioners and to use “natural light” instead of electricity. ”

    China is a country of the future—and always will be.

    “Long Overdue: Afrofuturism and Ethnic Studies become graduation requirements for California students.” California should say, “The Hell with it!” and just issue High School Diplomas to everyone who wants one. And what the Hell is “Afrofuturism”? Africa has a future? Is it Wakanda? And “ethnic studies” are simple. Just repeat after me an infinitum: “White man bad. Non-white man good!” That after all was the entire thesis of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”.

    Remember that the more bizarre—actually it’s all bizarre—teachings of “Afrocentrism” is that all of civilization was invented in Africa. That it was Africa who taught the Ancient Geeks, that long before Athens emerged as a democracy black Africans in Egypt had developed flying machines. And Beethoven was black, don’t you know? See? Get it now?

    “The Power is on the Side of the Killers, Not Their Victims.” Now this is one truly gruesome tale. Do not read it unless you are accustomed to the more horrific elements of crime. Just because the US has the death penalty does not mean that anyone is really put to death—at least not after years of appeals, challenges, retrials and such shenanigans. There are 2,528 inmates awaiting death in the US. The number of such reprobates executed yearly is 22. Get going, damnit. Keep ‘Old Sparky’ busy.

    I yearn for the days of the Old West, when thieves, cheats, weirdoes, malcontents, perverts and murderers were put to death immediately after sentencing. Some of these were humorous. When Billy the Kid was sentenced to death, the judge told Billy he would hang “until he was dead, dead, dead!” Billy responded with, “And you can go to Hell, Hell, Hell!” Those were the days.

    ” COVID-19’s latest odd side effect: ‘Restless anal syndrome’” Oh no! Not another story about Pete Buttigieg!

    And that’s all folks.

  • ghostsniper October 15, 2021, 7:03 PM

    For the 3 people on the planet that didn’t know, it’s called a taint.
    Bootygig isn’t one of the 3.

  • Lance de Boyle October 16, 2021, 10:40 AM

    Sound advice for sufferers of restless ahole syndrome…
    1. Take your ahole for a walk. Perhaps go to the zoo. Show the monkeys. “Hey, Bosco, check this.”
    2. Take a page from the Book of Blimp–that spandexed hippo in green–and shove a few Krispy Creme’s up the fundament. Not necessarily YOUR fundament, you understand. The point is for your bored ahole to join you in innocent fun. Just approach an unsuspecting citizen. Say, “Look, up in the sky. Is that a bird. Is that a plane. Nay, say rather it’s neither bird nor plane.” And slam the pastry into battery.

    Leave your card in case they want to call you later.

    3. Take an online course in proctology. Your ahole will appreciate the courses—as aholes are pretty self-absorbed.
    “The history of the ahole, from Babylon to Fauci.”
    “The anus in medieval art.”
    “Poems celebrating the anus.”
    I have a little anus.
    I made it out of clay.
    And when it’s dry and ready,
    With anus I shall play.
    Ooobee doobee doobee
    And haydee haydee hey.
    [With apologies to Cab Calloway.]

    “The anus in war and peace.”
    “How did Buttibugger get here?”
    “Hey! Get that g d thing away from me!”

  • PA Cat October 16, 2021, 7:15 PM

    You guys are just envious that Bootygag is enjoying his second month of paid paternity leave:

    Meanwhile, in regard to the ahole, here’s a song in praise of colorectal surgeons, “Misunderstood and much maligned, Slaving away in the heart of darkness, Working where the sun don’t shine.”

    This song was performed at an annual meeting of the specialty in question, and was greatly appreciated by the audience:

    • jwm October 16, 2021, 7:20 PM

      Workin’ in a coal mine
      goin’ down down
      Working in a coal mine
      Whoops, ya got to get down…

      (sorry for the earworm)


      • gwbnyc October 17, 2021, 9:21 AM

        ‘lawd I’m I’m so tired addat…

  • gwbnyc October 17, 2021, 9:26 AM

    why crochet when all ya gotta do is put a flattened paper bag, a cardboard box, a dish towel, a folded shirt, anything on the spot you want the cat to be and, son-of-a-bitch, it’ll just go to it and have a seat.