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Being a Social Justice Warrior

“Being a social justice warrior is tough work. But you’re welcome that I’m out to vigilantly protect the world from everybody but me. As long as my keyboard is in front of me, I can say anything to anyone without consequence. Its like I take on the virtues of cancer.”

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  • ghostsniper January 7, 2018, 4:36 AM

    In the future, if the world doesn’t implode first, and after the pendulum has reversed it’s swing, these people will go back into deep hiding. Their shitty behavior will not be forgotten and with permanent internet records on the most heinous, they will be hunted, beaten, and killed over the next few decades until all are gone. I will be gone by then but it sure would be a thrill to come in the house and see a couple pairs of them fucktards eyeballs hanging like “clackers” right there flanking my grandpappy’s shotgun over the mantle piece.