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RTWT of the Day: 2017 — The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken

“By January, the media were playing down the Hitler stuff and going balls-out on the “Russiagate” story. According to The Washington Post (which, let’s remember, is a serious newspaper, as opposed to a propaganda organ of the so-called US “Intelligence Community”), not only had the Russians “hacked” the election, but they had hacked the Vermont power grid!

“Editorialists at The New York Times were declaring that Trump “had been appointed by Putin,” and that the USA was now “at war” with Russia. This was also around the time when liberals first learned of the Trump-Russia Dossier, which detailed how Putin was blackmailing Trump with a video the FSB had shot of Trump and a bunch of Russian hookers peeing on a bed in a Moscow hotel in which Obama had allegedly slept.

“This nonsense was reported completely straight-faced, and thus liberals were forced to take it seriously. Imagine the cognitive dissonance they suffered. It was like that scene in 1984 when the Party abruptly switches enemies, and the war with Eurasia becomes the war with Eastasia. Suddenly, Trump wasn’t Hitler anymore. Now he was a Russian sleeper agent whom Putin had been blackmailing into destroying democracy with this incriminating “golden showers” video.

“Putin had presumably been “running” Trump since Trump’s visit to Russia in 2013 to hobnob with “Russia-linked” Russian businessmen and attend the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. During the ensuing partying, Trump must have gotten loaded on Diet Coke and gotten carried away with those Russian hookers. Now, Putin had him by the short hairs and was forcing him to staff his Manchurian cabinet with corporate CEOs and Goldman Sachs guys, who probably had also been videotaped by the FSB in Moscow hotels paying hookers to pee on furniture, or performing whatever other types of seditious, perverted kink they were into.

“Before the poor liberals had time to process this, the ruling classes launched “the Resistance.” You remember the Pussyhat People, don’t you?

RTWT of the Day: 2017: The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken

HT: Liberty’s Torch: A VERY clever take on recent American politics.

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  • Dr. Mabuse December 13, 2017, 7:29 AM

    Looks like a fine array of Alabama womanhood.

  • Richard December 13, 2017, 9:07 AM

    Same as it ever was.

  • ghostsniper December 13, 2017, 11:08 AM

    Every male that has ever been in the same zip code with that ghastly head ornament needs to be castrated, disemboweled, and beaten about the head and shoulders with a blunt metal like object, repeatedly. Merry Christmas

  • Casey Klahn December 13, 2017, 10:56 PM

    Pussyhats notwithstanding, it is painful to recall the past year of the overwrought libtardedness of the left. What a display of asshatery it has been! If pressed to describe one issue that the left put forward that made even an ounce of sense, I’d be totally blank. Nothing. Made. Sense.

    If we can’t beat them in political battle, now, we suck even worse than them. Wait…

  • ghostsniper December 14, 2017, 1:08 PM

    “If we can’t beat them in political battle, now, we suck even worse than them. Wait…”

    Inneresting thought project Casey.

    Since, “All politics now are simply dress rehearsal for full scale civil war”., 2006, Billy Beck, perhaps the whole dynamic of “politics in the US” has changed from the dear and beloved system we all know into something different, something nefarious, and we haven’t gotten up to speed yet?

    To throw some nitro on the fire, notice how people no longer vote “for” their candidate of choice based on his/her principles but rather, they vote “against” the tyrant they cannot allow into the system”. Or, vote the bastards out.

    It’s no longer about voting proper people in, as it seems they are all assholes anyway, but rather getting them back out when the opportunity arises.

  • ghostsniper December 14, 2017, 1:41 PM

    Dam cat. I’m sitting on the couch with my notebook and Caramel decided she wanted to add something to the mix but started her sentence off by hitting the “Submit” button. If I’ve told her once I’ve told her a million times…..

    Anyway, if the entire political system is now backwards from what it was originally intended, that is, instead of voting citizens IN to political positions based on citizen alignment with their ideals the game plan is voting OUT politicians turned criminals that have proven themselves unworthy, wouldn’t that imply that the entire system was flawed from the git-go? If so, then what comes next?

    **Caramel is a 6 year old 19 lb Torty.

  • Snakepit Kansas December 14, 2017, 6:54 PM

    Pussy hats. The hats do not look like any of the actual’s I have seen in my life. I concede not so many, but regardless, no resemblance. Not even in color.

  • Anonymous December 15, 2017, 4:14 AM

    @Snake, to me the hats do not represent the real thing but rather the character of the wearer.
    Weak of will and morality, cowardly and immature, shifty and untrustworthy.

    A thousand years from now, if earth allows humans to exist, historians will look back on this time with amazement and disgust and the communist manifesto guide will make all of it unknowable to the masses.