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Long Read of the Day: Bidenomics & the Vilification of Trump | Armstrong Economics

“The demonization of Trump has divided the nation and in the process, it has set in motion its decline and fall.”

From the article “Bidenomics & Vilification of Trump” at Armstrong Economics  BY MARTIN ARMSTRONG

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QUESTION: The general view is that Trump has turned the Republican Party into his Party – Trumpism. You seem to support Trump. Would respectfully explain why?


ANSWER: This is a very clever tactic by the Democrats to try to turn Republicans against the Republican Party and to vote for the Democrats while never explaining why they have become so WOKE, dividing the country and setting it up for its destruction. Adolf Hitler used the same tactic of demonizing any opposition as fascists or communists. The German False flag used by Hitler was known as the Reichstag Fire. Hitler had a problem. He won less than 35% of the vote. The Reichstag Fire was an arson attack on the German parliament in Berlin on February 27th, 1933 to polarize the nation.

To this very day, the Ukrainian Nazis hate Russians because of that very propaganda that they were all evil communists. The Roman Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for the Great Fire of Rome and began the Christian persecutions. That is why they had often called Nero the anti-Christ.

Vilification of political opponents has become standard practice yet it degrades the public discourse and undermines any hope of democracy. There will be people who have just been brainwashed and refuse to open their minds to the fact that both sides engage in propaganda. The most important factor here is seeking the truth for the demonization of Trump, a single man, which is then used to justify the hatred of all Republicans that is the necessary step to win an election or even support a cry to unleash the dogs of war.

Leaders who think they must now paint the opposition as evil to get people to vote or even die on a battlefield believing it is for some just cause. In Islam, they call it a Jihad or holy war in the name of God to move the people to sacrifice their lives for the interpretation of a leader. Politicians are polarized between Marxism and freedom and this Wokeness has divided the people far worse ensuring that as long as the people argue among themselves, then they need the government to stand guard and protect them from their evil opponent.

We must be mindful of how leaders create war in politics or on the battlefield by the vilification of someone like Trump or even Putin which is then used to hate all Republicans or Russians for example. This is a basic strategy in leadership 101. Politicians have known this for centuries. I know of nobody in the geopolitical or domestic political arena who does not know this strategy is a winning one near term, but they do not look at the cost long-term and how it divides a nation ensuring its fall. That does not say very much for the mental capacity of the common human race. But this has been a strategy since ancient times and Nero used it to hate Christians.

The strategy of vilifying the enemy has always led to hatred unleashing a vicious cycle of violence throughout history. The vilification or demonization of the enemy renders all diplomatic solutions impossible – you cannot sit down with a devil to negotiate. It historically becomes a battle to the death and the total destruction of the political state.

Just look at Ukraine. Zelensky is even releasing criminals to fight for territory that has historically been part of the Russian Empire long before the USSR that is why there are Russians there in the Donbas. This is all about hatred and Zelensky has been using it well. Ukraine will be annihilated in the process for the demonization of Putin will lead only to war and the total destruction of Ukraine. The demonizing of Putin eliminates any compromise or peace. That the long-term cost of this strategy and history confirms that every time.

There can be no hope for peace now in Ukraine or the world and it becomes a bitter war consumed by hatred all because of demonizing Putin and evil so you cannot negotiate with the devil. There are no peacemakers only warmongers so peace cannot now be negotiated only because the hatred will never vanish. True peace now necessitates total annihilation. This is the end result of depicting the enemy as particularly evil that inspires feelings of deep hatred and in the case of the United States, Wokeness has now ENSURED the division precisely as we see in Ukraine – a civil war of hatred that fills the air.

The portrayal of one’s enemy as demonic has typically been to attack the leader and then paint the entire population as evil. What unfolded in the aftermath of defeating Hitler was the theory that the German people were somehow different and could kill Jews without a feeling of remorse. Germans were all evil. That led to the experiments of Stanley Milgram to see if Germans were somehow different. His studies showed that people off the streets anywhere, even in NYC, would torture a fellow human being when told that this was necessary by a higher authority. Stanley then wrote his book – Obedience to Authority. This is what develops as the result of the vilification of an opponent. The very process reduces an opponent’s more complex motives to the simple promotion of pure evil. Calling anyone a “Trump supporter” is invoking that very process.

Even if we look at the Chinese revolutionary theorist Mao Zedong who was very smart and understood strategy historically, we find the same understanding. Mao delivered his comments on this vilification or demonization of an enemy. He always painted his opponent as “[o]ur enemies are all those in league with imperialism” which was invoking the hatred of the British. Yet speaking about this very tactic, he commented that it was a very good thing to drive an enemy to such insanity to demonize you. He explained:

I hold that it is bad as far as we are concerned if a person, a political party, an army or a school is not attacked by the enemy, for in that case, it would definitely mean that we have sunk to the level of the enemy. It is good if we are attacked by the enemy since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.

To Be Attacked by the Enemy Is Not a Bad Thing but a Good Thing (May 26, 1939)

I have explained, that when Trump was elected, there were many career Republican politicians who hated him – McConnel was one. Why? Trump was naive in saying he would drain the swamp to cheers because Trump channeled the fury of average Americans against Washington. But the swamp was on both sides. CNN gave him so much press and actually made Trump president because they thought he would lose so they gave all the news to Trump against the 17 Republican opponents assuming Hillary would win.

All the truth has surfaced about how Hillary created RussiaGate all on fake news to win. Had Hillary won, things would have been far worse than anyone would have imagined! She was conspiring with the Oligarchs to take control of Russia back in 2000. All the bankers were only donating to Hillary. Goldman Sachs ordered their staff to vote for Hillary.

Bidenomics will now take hold with the Inflation Reduction Act that goes beyond 87,000 armed IRS agents who will now harass small businesses. They will especially attack every small business that is operating as an LLC. They will storm their homes and offices if they are still open after COVID. They will hone in on every expense and attribute business expenses to really personal and seize bank accounts and impose property liens. That will be just the beginning. They have demonized the rich – small business owner. What made America is being destroyed.

The Government will get much bigger now but it will ONLY benefit Big Business supporters of the Democrats. The benefits for the environment and consumers are fiction. Anyone who believed that the Inflation Reduction Act’s massive swelling of ‘investment’ in climate action will actually succeed as advertised is a total fool. We have pension funds asking if we could design a “green” portfolio that does not lose money. Bidenomics has completely ignored the long record of nothing but the failure of government subsidies for green energy. CALPERS, the California pension system for state employees, was directed to invest in “green” projects for political reasons and lost. They have been trying to cover-up their politically correct investment decisions.

The big Democratic supporters will get a windfall of money and they will fill their pockets at the expense of the economy and the people and cheer and America fall. They said that of Rome for when it fell, they were still laughing and cheering at the spectacle of games (sports). How many sports nuts today even know the name of their Congressman?

The lobbyists held champaigne parties in Washington to celebrate Bidenomics. This has been nothing more than a payoff masquerading as an energy and climate bill. Trust me, all the investment companies are already falling all over themselves to figure out who will be the biggest windfall from this Bidenonmic spend and grab. Real businesses will be destroyed and money poured into companies without a viable future.

Bidenomics now included subsidies for rich people to buy new electric cars and the auto manufacturers are raising prices to compensate for the tax credits. Meanwhile, the lower classes can’t afford electric cars and a friend who had a Toyota Prius in St Petersburg could not even drive to our conference in Orlando without stopping to recharge. I laughed and said if there was a major hurricane coming, you could not get out of its way.

Bidenomics offers $1.5 billion to oil and gas companies for meeting its goals of cleaning up their acts. The significant beneficiaries of the climate-related provisions of this massive tax and spending bill will be those who will contribute nothing to GDP but accelerate America’s decline. The very subsidies in this bill are a Santa Claus wish list of power-industry companies who will be rolling in dollars like a pig in the mud at the expense of our living standards.

All the renewable project developers like NextEra Energy and AES and the wind turbine manufacturers, such as TP Composites, and the parts suppliers like Borg Warner and Aptiv for electric cars will get their windfalls. Indeed, Borg Warner had hired the lobbying firm that was that of former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. That’s why they take these positions only so they can feed at the trough.

Even the Mining companies for lithium and nickel will be looking to expand now big time because there is actually not enough battery power to create all the cars Bidenomics thinks will be there. There is ZERO consideration that all an adversary needs to do is target the power grid and they can defeat a country. Everything being electric makes a country vulnerable now in war.

In Switzerland, the only voice of reason, Fredy Fassler, the head of the Security and Justice Department in the canton of St. Gallen, told the daily Blick that a blackout would have “far-reaching consequences.”

Imagine, you can no longer withdraw money at the ATM, you can no longer pay with the card in the store or refuel your tank at the gas station. The heating stops working. It’s cold. Streets go dark. It is conceivable that the population would rebel or that there would be looting,” he said, adding that the country’s authorities should take measures to prepare for such extreme scenarios.

Trump had to be removed to get this agenda through. They needed to demonize him and then they turned to Putin and they are turn on Xi Jinping. This is all about creating a one-world government which is the dream of George Soros and Klaus Schwab. Cheer for your vote is doing to the destruction of everything we built since World War II – freedom and democracy.


They needed this strategy to get people to hate Trump, which in turn polarized the nation and will ensure we end up in civil war. My support for Trump was not about him, it was because I knew what the agendas and the goals truly were. The very filmmaker who did the Forecaster on me also did the Forum on Schwab. I am not making up stuff out of the blue. I do not engage in conspiracy theories. If I cannot verify something I remain silent. Schwab is a Marxist and you will now hear about implanting chips in people which will then be used to control what we can do and every movement. I know Schwab – he is a control freak. If everyone is controlled, only then will his economic Great Reset work.

Schwab will fail and we will see civil wars because these elitists are unrealistic. Schwab thinks humanity is just ants in an ant farm he can watch on his desk contained between two panes of glass. They are all climate zealots who want to destroy the entire world because they think the warming from the bottom of the Mini-Ice Age during the 1600s was caused by the Industrial Revolution and fossil fuels. There is no talking to them because this is their religion. They will ignore all the facts and only look at the data since 1850.

The Protestant Reformation was funded by rich businessmen who wanted to get into banking. But the sin of usury barred Christians from profiting by lending to people. The Arabs also prohibited usury. So the Protestant Reformation was funded to allow Christians to become bankers and that is where historians draw the line for the rebirth of Capitalism post-Dark Age. Climate Change has been funded to create a one-world government in the same manner. Instead of demonizing the Pope, it started with Trump, Putin, and Jinping – all of who rejected handing sovereignty to the United Nations in this plot by Soros and Schwab.

The Democrats will indict Trump. The Democrats have brought numerous actions against him and the documents seized from his residence were predominantly on RussiaGate according to reliable sources. It was pulled off by the very same FBI agents who were in charge of RussiaGate and were under investigation by John Durham. The Florida office of the FBI had nothing to do with it. This is all about

(1) demonizing all republicans for the November election to try to get the Democrats to vote for them and not overturn the Hill which would stop their agenda so they need you to hate everyone who is a Republican.

(2) They are desperate to prevent Trump from running in 2024. They need to get him in prison and there are a lot of Republicans who do not want him to run.

This is how the United States will end – not from a foreign enemy invading, but it will self-destruct from within the same as Rome. Then the barbarians will rush in for the pickings – today the U.N. They have created such hatred between left and right, there is no coming back. Once the Democrats took this path, they sealed the fate of the nation. Sorry. It is over!

Those who are in Blue states that disagree with the politics had better move to a Red state. The nation will divide along the same lines historically where there were tensions. We should expect it to be the South against the North and those mid-West states that are Red will be joining the South and the Pacific states will separate into their own little fiefdom. Even the Roman Empire split into three parts. Beware, those who are Republicans in California, for example, will be hunted down like the Jews in Germany – they will be painted with the same brush as they have used on Trump. Their houses will be vandalized. This is the way it always unfolds.

Even during the American Revolution, they hunted down anyone who supported the king. They confiscated all their property and assets and treated them as traitors. Do not forget the Japanese prison camps that even the US Supreme Court upheld. They were imprisoned and property stolen and lost simply because they were Japanese even when born in America.


The demonization of Trump, the attack on Mar-a-Largo, and his coming indictment will only backfire. It may secure the Democrats and fuel their hatred of Republicans even more, but Trump channeled the fury of average Americans against Washington back in 2016 and that will become the battle cry as a result of this attack. I am getting emails from overseas and they view the raid on Trump as politically motivated and as such, the respect of the United States has begun to crash and burn. This is how the West will collapse and, like it or not, our computer is not political. It shows that Russia and China will win. So the demonization of Trump has divided the nation and in the process, it has set in motion its decline and fall.



Gerard Van der Leun // 1692 Mangrove Ave Apt: 379
Chico, CA 95926

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  • pbird August 22, 2022, 12:20 PM

    If one cannot entertain an idea that one does not already believe, there is no hope for progress, or in fact, peace of any kind.

  • Francis W. Porretto August 22, 2022, 12:45 PM

    While this article is on the pessimistic side, the historical references are accurate, and the logic is compelling. As the GOP has sided de facto with the globalist Establishment and has refused to fight the Usurper Regime in any substantial way, a return to a state resembling the normality of the Trump years is now against the odds. Americans who want to be sure to come out of the next few years alive and relatively unscathed should be making their plans now.

  • ghostsniper August 22, 2022, 1:16 PM

    I’m looking for a small land island.
    A piece of land that is surrounded not by water but land, big land, between my little slice of paradise and society at large. A moat, as it were, and a drawbridge.

    • robert kendall August 22, 2022, 7:45 PM

      challs,idaho or elk river, idaho, or even atlanta,idaho

    • Denny August 23, 2022, 7:25 AM

      Ghost, as sympathetic as I am concerning your possible preparations for
      disaster, I feel I must warn you that; – a moat and drawbridge now days,
      are a very poor defense from modern mortars and .50 cal. machine guns.

      Personally, My wife and I are still looking for the perfect place to hide

      • Vanderleun August 23, 2022, 9:01 AM

        Try 1955.

        • jiminalaska August 23, 2022, 10:11 AM

          I did, and I highly recommend it.

        • Denny August 23, 2022, 10:12 AM

          You want me to do this sh*t all over again?

          • Vanderleun August 23, 2022, 10:24 AM

            Only if you feel you have the time.

      • ghostsniper August 23, 2022, 2:45 PM

        Notice I gave no detail in how that moat would be detailed out.
        Same with the drawbridge.
        Remember, I’m an ex-combat engineer, demolitions specialist, architect, builder, and creator.

        The bridge will be a trap and the moat a burial ground for delinquent souls.

    • jiminalaska August 23, 2022, 10:09 AM

      I’ve got my 120 acres, can’t see my neighbors but am getting more and more of them.

      Plans and alternate plans; Also have a small piece of ocean front, salmon streamed remote property down in Prince William Sound.

      Four hot springs within a tank of gas distance from my 120, emergency relocations? Maybe.

      Summer; I could put canoes in the river on the edge of my property and have close to two thousand miles of river with mostly uninhabited banks to float and find a new remote living location. Not impossible, not even improbable. Years ago a friend of mine ran away from home, boat in the Chena River, down through the Tanana into the Yukon to the coast, across the sound and around the point to Kotzebue and set up a bakery shop.

      I live in miles and miles surrounded by miles and miles, plenty of safe places to be and/or go if things get dicey(er).

      • Casey Klahn August 24, 2022, 5:17 AM

        I live in the Hole in the Wall Gang’s secondary fall-back position. Secondary to this is either the North Cascades, or the remote Olympic Mountains. Like, this guy:
        John Tornow. The Wildman of the Wynoochee

  • John the River August 22, 2022, 1:33 PM

    Trump didn’t radicalize me. The insanity of the Left, the tramping on every virtue and symbol I respected, did that. I looked around for who was standing up or speaking against it and among others, I saw Trump.

    Trump isn’t my natural leader. But when I realized that we were being pushed over the edge, towards a course of capitulation or resistance again I looked around and only saw a few making a stand, and again I saw Trump. Hell, when he announced he was running for President for the first time I laughed as hard as anyone and shook my head.

    I’m no seer, I can’t look into the hearts of men or women and see the good or the evil. But I see so many in the political arena that have built great fortunes while ‘In Office’ decade after decade, and prove again and again that they are above the laws the rest of us must obey. Then I see that Trump served for four years only and lost over a billion dollars of his personal fortune. I see that he still pits himself against the Dark State and makes himself and his family their number one target. And frankly, I don’t give him much of a chance of surviving their assault. I mean I think he’s going to lose his life because of it.

    And I think he knows that’s likely. So I think he has put his Life, his Liberty, his Fortune, and his Sacred Honor at stake. I think he is good.

    I believe the Armstong scree is correct. That it is never going to go back to the country we had. But we will have one more chance to try. And the only man I believe might be able to do it is Donald Trump.

    I wouldn’t take a chance on anyone else.

    • ghostsniper August 22, 2022, 5:50 PM

      Well said, John.

  • Casey Klahn August 22, 2022, 2:33 PM

    Fornicating A.

    Great scope in this article. In many ways it dovetails with what VDH said on FoxNews with Pete Hegseth. The Libs talk non-stop Civil War and want to pin everything on you. Meanwhile, they are in full-blown revolution and insurrection. They are pissing on your bag, and telling you it’s raining.

    They want you starting your own fire while they tie you to the pyre.

    • Casey Klahn August 22, 2022, 7:33 PM

      Stop the presses! Stop the Earth. This flarping guy uses any and every rationale to fill in his theories. You can believe some – maybe even half – but then he’s got everything under the sun rationalizing any damn thing he wants it to rationalize. He quotes Mao, and earlier he’s got Russia owning Ukraine historically. JFC, Vietnam was China deep in the past, too. Let’s just crawl up Mao’s dark ass and toot.

      I mean: Hitler…ziiiippp: Ukrainian Nazis. That was a tidy move, huh? I have an article saved from today to the effect Putin has his own Nazis. Uh huh. Not buying either argument, sorry!

      It’s Trump, but it isn’t Trump, it’s the idea of a Trumpian character. Piss that down someone else’s leg. Trump took arrows, bullets, bio weapons, you-name-it, for the wider revelation that the Earth is now fukt politically; deeply and existentially fucked. I didn’t know it to exactly that extent before. Trump’s presidency was an act of moral courage.

      I spotted our representative, who was the House Speaker for a time, boarding the plane from Denver to Spokane. This was maybe the end of Trump’s first year as POTUS, and the feeling we all had was that the GOPe was not playing for our team, but wearing our rugby shirt. I leaned in when he sat in his 1st Class seat to say, in the noisy boarding line, that he needed to support Trump in the cigar filled rooms of GOP-dom. He said some stupid shit like, well he’s done some good things. I said, no, Congressman, we LOVE Trump. He must be supported up there in DC.

      After I sat down I realized that I’d had one shot of whiskey during the long layover, and I must’ve smelled of it. I hope he felt some heat from that. I’d love to get in Mike Pence’s ear and tell him a thing or two.

      Whatever we do, now, my brothers and sisters, we must keep our heads, and set the ground rules ourselves. Don’t deploy in response to spoiling attacks. Let the Left do the stupid shit (Lord knows they are very good at that).

  • Dirk August 22, 2022, 3:27 PM

    Armstrong’s been around a long time, folks should be reading Martins’s work weekly if not daily. Information shared by Martins Armstrong, is critical if a group is trying to long-term planning historically. How Martins uses past and present history “ facts” to determine what’s coming has always seemed logical to me.

    Trump’s made many mistakes, he got “ partied” Dem and Rep, he got set up, and he got played. His ego is easy to manipulate. That said, he has my/our vote, I don’t care for Trump, I do find him amusing when he bitch slaps the communists.

    It is his AMERICA First Policies that draw me to his circle.

    How do we turn 4 yrs into 8, and how do we turn 8 yrs into 12, Yrs, are my short-term needs.

    Only one possible way. Trump/ Desantis, then Desantis and Desantis again. Pro-American leadership, with a strong backbone, is needed, we simply can’t have straight-up communists in the box.

    Face it Washington DC is by every measurable matrix a communist country. With communist objectives. That won’t work for me.

    I’m amused with men and women assuming it is truly Trump that draws real Americans to the voting booth. It’s not, it’s the goal of a whole nation again.

    Much change is needed. The change needed is going to require outstanding leadership, with balls made of titanium!

  • Overturn the Tables August 22, 2022, 6:35 PM

    The Grand Old Politburo fellow travelers don’t want Trump.
    The problem with Big Lies and Steals is that you have keep the lumpen prole comrades insulated from the consequences but the firewall of smoke and mirrors propaganda happytalk with good feelz has reached the end of the line.
    When the New Man utopia is nowhere to be found under the permanent left wing of Uniparty rule, republicans will be the Kulaks and the NKVD/CHEKA are gearing up now for the Final Solution to the deplorables question.

  • Donald Sensing August 22, 2022, 7:13 PM

    The Left’s repetitive declaration that Republicans = terrorists is setting the stage for the massive post-midterm election riots that will rock America, making the summer of 2020 seem like a walk in the park. The Democrats and the media will immediately announce that the rioters are Republicans and, “we have been telling you that the Republican party is terrorist and insurrectionist for months!”

    Antifa et. al. will of course be the rioters, as the Dems and media will well know (in advance, of course). But Antifa will wear clothing and carry symbols (rosaries, anyone?) and signs to false-flag themselves as right wing and Republicans.

    Oh, let us be angry but not surprised when some Republican Representatives-elect or Senators-elect get raided by the FBI, which the still-Democrat chambers will then at least try to use to disqualify them from taking office.

  • Gordon Scott August 22, 2022, 10:35 PM

    What a lot of folks wrote above. I have no illusions about Trump. He wasn’t my first choice. He’s far better off Twitter than on it. And should he take office again his first move should be to make Ric Grennell, with all Ric’s flaws, his personnel guru, with the power to reach into every agency and fire those who can be fired, and for those who can’t, a desk in a basement without a phone or computer They can reopen Shemya AFS for the military quislings. Cut the National Security Adviser’s staff from 220 to 20. Cut the SWAT team out of every agency, and every person whose job title includes “diversity” or “equity”. Move Interior to Billings. Move Agriculture to Omaha. Veteran’s Affairs to Phoenix, the county with the second highest number of vets, because really, it would be too cruel to put them in LA county. Labor to Cleveland. Energy to Texas. Education should be chopped, but Salt Lake City for now. Justice . . . Tennessee? Perhaps Florida. Treasury to South Dakota. Health and Human Services to Fairbanks. Transportation to North Dakota.

    • Casey Klahn August 23, 2022, 3:01 AM

      You are correct: disarm and move every agency that you don’t outright close down to middle America, and in sections.

      You are incorrect: Trump. Who was choice one? Jeb? Just the fact that Jeb was on a ticket puts the panties on the Republican party. Twitter? Listen, some mean shit will need to be said and the meaner the better. Trump said too much: that’s good! What are the limits to what one can say in the public square? Why?

      • Dan Patterson August 23, 2022, 3:33 AM

        Agreed Casey. Some smart guy said something like “It is past time for being nice; things won’t change until some of these shitasses get their damned heads handed to them”. I forget who that was, probably one of my inner demons.

      • John the River August 23, 2022, 3:50 AM

        But Trump diverged from the Presidential Deportment Guide as written in the US Constitution…

        … Oh, wait.

    • Dan Patterson August 23, 2022, 3:31 AM

      You are correct, and you are preaching to the choir.
      Getting the rest of the back-row Baptists involved will make a difference. Just like tossing the tea into Boston Harbor did.

  • Gordon Scott August 22, 2022, 11:17 PM

    Carrington, North Dakota. It’s a major highway and rail junction. Land is inexpensive. North Dakota knows how to put up housing in a hurry. There’s no air service, but our boy Pete likes to ride his bike. The more I think about it, small towns are the answer. Not Phoenix for the VA, but Apache Junction. They’ll have a nice view of the mountains. Energy to Midland, TX. Education to St. George, UT. And so on.

    And knock down the old buildings in DC, to be replaced with parks.

  • Dan Patterson August 23, 2022, 3:28 AM

    Armstrong conducted a master class with that article, and rightly referenced the Milgram experiments in explaining the psychology American politics. The Charlie McCarthy example might be useful as well: A pretend personality is animated by another party, all the while the audience pretends not to notice the manipulator seated with the puppet on his knee. Charlie is bright and engaging but other characters are needed for relief; Mortimer Snerd fits that slot. Replace Charlie with Obama and Mortimer with Biden; other characters can be introduced but all are sitting on the knee of the puppet master hiding in plain sight.

    Not a perfect example, agreed, but we are happily led into a make-believe world and easily manipulated by characters just beyond our threshold of perception. All that theater is worn to the cords but throngs of people just can’t get enough, so…on goes the show. Again.

  • RevBroGenerik August 23, 2022, 7:01 AM

    Make these alinskyites suffer with their playbook: They hated TRUMP and so spoke out and voted against us/TRUMP. We hate corruption so we speak out and vote against them/Biden.

    That makes us, in debate, not necessarily ‘pro TRUMP’, but anti corruption. Anyone but Biden and the only viable candidate is TRUMP. All we have to debate is corruption. Keep bringing that topic to the fore and Hunter et al will keep displaying corruption.

  • Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) August 23, 2022, 9:47 AM

    I woke up this morning feeling pretty good for an old fart. Then I opened up The AD and read the Armstrong piece. Then I read all the comments. Now I don’t feel quite as good. Thanks, everyone.

    • ghostsniper August 23, 2022, 2:52 PM

      Don your t-shirt, shorts and hiker boots, load a small pack with H2O and light grub, don’t forget the firearm and blades, then set out in the woods somewhere (no people) and walk it off.

      DO NOT take a cellphone.

      Don’t turn around or aim for hotel sierra until 10 miles have passed under your feets.

      By the time you get back to the AO your attitude will be completely diff, I guarantee it.

  • Foo August 24, 2022, 6:49 PM

    The Left is calling for Civil War, saber rattling by Gramna Pelosi.
    Dont be suckered by Feds trolling in comments, to make wild threats or reference to preps, but be ready. Its coming.