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First World vs Turd World: Compare and Contrast

Here are  two contrasting items from long ago (4 years) on American Digest. The first (Something Wonderful: Speed Riding at night in Chamonix – American Digest) showcases an almost impossible moment in our long climb up from the mud and remaining forever earthbound in the dust. It showcases a single man, at night over the French Alps near Chamonix-Mont-Blanc swooping high and low, pirouetting in his parachute, his brightly illuminated parachute — over  mountain peaks and valleys draped in  shawls of snow — descending down with skies on his feet, in an exercise of pure joy. It is a scene of clear crisp white nights. Its elements proclaim the triumph of man over nature. And it is all done to promote not only awe from those of us who do not have the skill and courage and means to replicate the feat, but to sell small cans of flavored water mixed with caffeinetaurineB vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12), sucrose, and glucose… a global blend called  Red Bull.

The elements that must come together to make this moment not only possible but viewable by us pretty much sum up the acme of technology and civilization available on the Planet Earth in the Year of Our Lord, 2022 AD:

  • Advanced parachute design and the fabrics necessary to make said parachute.
  • A kind of extremely bright LED lights powered by extremely light and powerful batteries.
  • An insulated helicopter to film the stunt.
  • The powerful cameras and lenses necessary to make the film.
  • The clothes that keep the skier from freezing to death.
  • The skis on his feet.
  • The global internet distribution system that enables you to see the stunt.

On and on and on in a cascade of things replete with wonder and awe and, to the savage, pure magic they cannot hope to emulate, only to — somehow, someway — sponge off of.

We call this convergence of intelligence, innovation, and invention the First World. From it vast improvements in life, in comfort, in spirit, in hope, and in freedom are spun off on a minute by minute basis to such an extent that a man brought in from, say, 1899, would be struck dumb and in need of severe anti-anxiety 21st-century medication just to begin to get used to the reality we all take for granted from the moment that the alarm on our smart phone sounds in the morning.

At one time in the not too recent past, there were three (3) worlds. The First, the Second, and the Third. The Second world was thought of as those countries that were part of what was then known as The Soviet or Eastern Bloc. With the collapse of the Second world in 1991 those countries in the Second blended into the First and left only the Third.  And it left the denizens of the Third world with a deep, burning desire to move from the Third to the First. There were two major problems with this. [continue reading…]


Strange Daze: En Route to Raleigh

Love these guys. Love this song. Love this video. What’s not to love? “And if I die in Raleigh at least I will die free.”

And now comes word that at this year’s meeting of the global elite at Davos, a “shaman room” will be set up where the participants can partake of “healing hallucinogens” like MDMA, LSD, ayahuasca, and frog poison.

Ah yes, the Pride. . . the PRIDE!Gran Canaria pride festival attended by 80,000 investigated as monkeypox superspreader event – is linked to Spanish monkeypox outbreak as well as two cases in Italy while European total reaches 100.

Settled Things Strange — Five Rules for Living Faithfully in the Digital Age | 2. Practice Conversation The epidemic of loneliness and isolation among the most “connected” generation of Americans gives away the fact that these technologies inhibit relationship rather than cultivate it. What humans need is embodied conversation. Our voices and facial expressions—even the dreaded “awkward silences”—connect us to each other in a way that texting, DMs, and a “Like” cannot. One way to make social media technology serve your analog values would be to call instead of comment when you see a friend’s post about significant news in her life. Build time in your week for lunches with other people rather than succumbing to the temptation of scrolling endlessly through your phone while you eat. Again, we should expect that such practices cause confusion or awkwardness at first. A friend who serves at a local college recently told me that the younger students at his school can barely look people in the eye, so habituated are they to the digital tics of e-communication. Press through the initial discomfort for the sake of love.

BLM? MORE LIKE LBM (LUCRATIVE BABY-MAKER) Feeling as untouchable as a Hindu latrine-cleaner and ten times as pungent, last week Cullors went on MSNBC to boast about all the “white guilt money” she be throwin’ around. She also declared that questioning the use of BLM funds is racist, and IRS tax laws are “triggering.” When asked how any of this relates to the death of George Floyd, Cullors responded, “Who? Oh, right, that guy. I planted a tree in his name in my mansion’s yard. Had to cut it down, though—the leaves were clogging my infinity pool.”

Scott Ritter’s Unforced Error  Third, who the hell is going to operate the stuff the west is sending? We are not seeing hordes of Ukrainian young men lining up to join the national defense. Instead, Ukrainian authorities are rounding up middle-aged guys forcing them into the army. Many of these “new” recruits are on video complaining that they are nothing more than cattle fodder. Then there is the training component. Teaching a soldier how to operate and maintain a new weapon system is not a one-day affair. This further complicates Ukraine’s ability to stay in the fight. [continue reading…]


[Protip: If you know nothing about this, this is all you need to know about this.]


Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit




CAUGHT in the black nets strung between stars,
Forge-formed from matter fused in sun’s marrow,
Sent up from long sleep woven with wave’s songs,
Born of and possessing while possessed by the light,
You awake, you awake.

Touch senses the groundswell, the flicker of slate fins,
The red feather gills that pulse, lunge, and drift
Down through the flesh of the ebony depths.
In blood’s channels, the surge bursts up the slope
of the stones and the shells, of the ear and the bones.

Beneath pearl veneer, your eyes gaze past the spray,
Observing the blued breath, the raised face of day
That glazes the sea’s skin and goes out and goes out
To that flint edge of light where the fogs and the storms,
That shrieked in those nights without number or name,
Scud and dissolve to be merged with the moon,
Their signatures smoothed by tendrils of wind.

You drift in the calm between current and breakers,
Where yesterday’s darkness can no longer enmesh you.
Shedding night, shedding sleep, in long light you awake.


The Ocean

[continue reading…]



Noted in Passing: That was the week that was

Senate blocks $48 billion aid package for restaurants, other small businesses | The Hill
April 19
Biden signs $40B Ukraine aid package into law | The Hill
April 21



Noted in Passing: Satanic Demon Denied Communion


Baited Ambush by Michael Yon

18 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

If you are a Cop or Combat Soldier you know about a baited ambush. Pashtun love to fight and they are good at baited ambush and a lot more.

Baited ambush is one of the endless fighting techniques. US military also makes common use of baited ambush. Amazingly, though we all know the moves, the moves often still work. Like a chokehold. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

Never underestimate your enemy, and never be frozen by fear. When in doubt, attack. When confused, attack. When defending, attack. When outgunned and you have means of escape, run like hell. When you sense ambush, leave the kill zone at once unless the enemy is close — when close, attack.

Our enemies are sowing confusion and tossing chaff.

Notice the UFO squirrel. We’ve had generations and yet they wheel it out now.

The Buffalo shooting is not sticking. We sense another trap. They never stop lying. We ain’t buying their bullshit so they whip out UFO — and Fox runs with UFO. What is Fox up to? If they don’t produce little green things, they are either fooled, fooling, or both.

Authoritarians just ripped the heart out of much of the world with the manufactured pandemic.

Then poison jabs.

And a baited US-Russia war in Ukraine.

Now comes epic energy and food catastrophe set to greatly reduce the world population. All while invading our borders and creating hate crimes around the country principally by fatherless blacks on blacks, and on everyone, and blamed on white folks.

Most of this is a product of the Democrat Party since before the Civil War, and then with their Ku Klux Klan, and on and on and on, targeting and ripping apart black families so they never can get a hold. Democrats have been fixated on controlling blacks since the beginning.

Democrats are responsible for aborting millions of babies in their Democrat eugenics.

Democrats baited the Mexicans and Japanese into wars, and now Russia.

Not that Mexico or Russia were innocent babes that needed much provocation, but the Japanese required severe provocation, and yet even today most Americans seem to think we were just sipping iced tea when Japanese Zeros started rolling in on our fleet. That was all heavily provoked and baited. Japan was backed into a corner. We and our allies cut Japan’s oil, rubber, tin, and more. Japanese were desperate and trying to negotiate. Finally, backed into a corner, Japan attacked.

The dirty warmongering Democrats did similar on 06 January and stole an election. And constantly provoke white folk now to make some bold move that Democrats can use to unleash hell inside America as they have done with Mexico, Japan, Ukraine, and beyond.

Democrats continue to trot out their bait. Such as Dementia-Joe, and Harris the bar-tramp. Now their diversion is some black-gay-something to replace dodo-Psako as the new spokes thing — diversion — which of course Fox chases and diverts from the more serious problems.

Biden is not President. We all see.

And he didn’t win those votes.

Separately, at least millions of Biden’s Twitter followers apparently is just Twitter making up air. Twitter is so fake that their board and leadership all shit plastic turds. Parag Agrawal is so fake she does not even need toilet paper. She just throws her plastic turds out with the recycling.

All this UFO stuff is a diversion from the actual ambush unfolding. Why now? This is a multi-dimensional fight. War is not 4d, but more like 1,000d. This all is as easy as 3x 1.

But there are a few simple combat rules that can help in most situations.

Such as:


We are at war.


Hungry? You will be.


File Under: “From your lips to God’s ear.”


When your grifted mansion’s rockin’ Candace Owens comes a knockin’!

Their grift is deep. Deep and criminal. Criminal and perverted. Perverted and vile. But with their protective fear-founded force fields folded around their decrepit, putrescent,  and flatulent souls they will never spend a day in prison or a dollar on lawyers. Perhaps Satan is puffing on the coals of their dedicated rotisseries. I live in hope. 

BLM ‘transferred millions to Canadian charity run by wife of co-founder for Toronto mansion’

  • Black Lives Matter ‘transferred millions to Canadian charity run by the wife of co-founder Patrisse Cullors to buy Toronto mansion formerly owned by the Communist Party’
  • BLM Canada in the summer of 2021 purchased a three story Victorian mansion in Toronto to turn into a 10,000 sq ft arts center and meeting space
  • The $6.3 million mansion was bought by M4BJ, a Toronto-based non-profit set up by Janaya Khan – wife of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors
  • On Saturday, The New York Post reported that the funds for the arts center, named Wildseed, were provided by Black Lives Matter Global Network 
  • Cullors was executive director of the group until she resigned in May 2021 amid scrutiny of her $3.2 million property empire 
  • On Thursday, The Washington Examiner reported that no one seemed to know who was currently running BLM, or managing the group’s $60 million funds

“Tax returns filed by BLMGN in 2019 give an address in Los Angeles that does not exist; when a reporter with The Washington Examiner went to a similar address, and same zip code, a security guard said that many people make the mistake but there was no BLM presence in the building.

An unnamed BLM spokesman told the paper by email: ‘In response to your request for a copy of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s 2020 Form 990, we wish to inform you that at this time we do not maintain a permanent office.’ “


Broomstick riding monster now in charge of food for America’s Babies

House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro has introduced a spending bill that includes $28 million to stem the baby formula shortage.


Strange Daze: From Russia with Love

Fresh from the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg: Russia won’t export food. Zakharova tells Kuleba to ‘Swallow’ and other stories from SpB

Ancient Active Shooter These historical mug shots reveal intriguing criminal stories, 1880-1930 I   n February 1926, Frank Carter, dubbed the “Omaha Sniper,” terrorized the city of Omaha. He shot people at random, sometimes using a silencer on his pistol.

Omaha newspapers recommended a blackout, as people were shot as they stood at their lighted windows. Carter brought Omaha to a standstill, with empty streets, for over a week.

He was captured on Feb. 26 and tried for the murder of two people, but he claimed to have killed 43. His lawyers tried to plead insanity, but he was found guilty and executed by electrocution in June 1927. Carter’s last words were reported to have been “let the juice flow.”


I suggest a disguise if you want to attend and film…. : 

If you go down in the woods today, you’d better not go alone
It’s lovely down in the woods today, but safer to stay at home
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain because
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic

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