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Noted in Passing: Nature Bats Last

… ‘Cause you had a bad day
You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don’t know
You tell me don’t lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You see what you like
And how does it feel one more time?
You had a bad day
You had a bad day
… Had a bad day
Had a bad day
Had a bad day

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  • John Venlet July 10, 2022, 4:54 AM

    Nature bats last, and knocks it outta the park! Some great video shots in that. Especially enjoyed the otherworldly blue of the water when the iceberg rolled.

  • Jack July 10, 2022, 8:15 AM

    Makes my life seem dull and boring by comparison but that’s just fine. I really don’t need any of that to remind me of how blessed are those who escape these things.

  • Dirk July 10, 2022, 9:01 AM

    Mother Nature IS the ultimate power. That the world has lil lab rats in white lab coats messing with Mother Nature is insane.

  • jiminalaska July 10, 2022, 9:29 AM

    I was just saying to myself, eight minutes and forty seconds in the video, what no volcanoes?