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Seattle Teaparty Turnout is Around 500

Just back from downtown Seattle Teaparty. I put attendance at around 500 people. To get this number I did a grid count from several perspectives around the crowd and spoke to the head SPD officer on scene who gave me the same estimate, "This place will hold a grand crowded and it's not crowded."

Downtown Crossing, Seattle, 5:30 PM

Downtown Crossing, Seattle, 6:30 PM

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Buh-Bye to the P. I.: Couldn't happen to a more liberal paper. Check that. It can and it will.
"These people deserve to lose, and if the newspaper industry crashes as a byproduct of the economic crunch, then it's a silver lining for a dark cloud. They have done their level best to trash the political system of my country, and I will dance on their grave when they go." -- Tim Oren's Due Diligence: The Newspaper Crash of 2009... And How You Can Help

Ah, the ironies of web-only news. My email alert for local news informs me of the death of the dead-tree Post-Intelligencer with this headline: The 146-year-old Seattle Post-Ingelligencer [sic] will print its last edition Tuesday and will go Web only.

This reduces the number of frothingly liberal daily and weekly newspapers in Seattle to... three -- Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, The [Odious] Stranger. So there won't exactly be a shortage of liberal spew anytime soon in this town.

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What The Essayists Are Saying Round 4


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