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Your 2015 Prancercise Pony Girl Is In Da House!

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get a New Workout

"I’m going to give you more
Of what you’ve been asking for,
But... Oh....
With a little less camel toe.
I’m uninhibited,
As I’ve already exhibited,
So let them stare and gawk,
I’m going to do my Prancercise walk...."

In the beginning there was.... Prancercise: The exercise sensation that's sweeping the nation @ AMERICAN DIGEST

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Trolling before it was cool by Queeditch


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Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: "The Challenge"
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How Cold Is It? The Ocean Has Turned Into a Slurpee.


With that wonderful dead crab and wet kelp flavor.

Giant Frozen Waves Infused with Ice Slowly Roll in off the Coast of NantucketEarlier this week photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh was walking along the coast of Nantucket when he noticed something odd about the waves crashing on shore. The high temperature was 19°F (-7.2°C) and while the waves weren’t completely frozen, they were thick with pieces of ice, much like the consistency of a Slurpee, or an slushy, or an ICEE, or whatever.

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Random Kayak Karnage

Explain to me, once again, the mystical allure of this "sport."

Love that "[Stay Safe]" at the end.

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How It's Made: BOOZE!

AKA 'The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes'

Yeah. Right.

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Happy Birthday Mr. President


"The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty." -- Avalon Project - Washington's Farewell Address 1796

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Why does anyone even start to argue with the anti-vaccine people?


Results in. Case closed. Move on.

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Spins and Wins, Bumps and Jumps, Rides and Slides, Hicks and Pix, Slo-Mo and No-Mo, and Selfie-Sticks

Human beings...... "Nothing like us ever was..."

And the wind shifts
and the dust on a door sill shifts
and even the writing of the rat footprints
tells us nothing, nothing at all
about the greatest city, the greatest nation
where the strong men listened
and the women warbled: Nothing like us ever was.

-- Carl Sandburg: Four Preludes to Playthings of the Winds

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The post-totalitarian system touches people at every step, but it does so with its ideological gloves on.

This is why life in the system is so thoroughly permeated with hypocrisy and lies:

government by bureaucracy is called popular government; the working class is enslaved in the name of the working class; the complete degradation of the individual is presented as his ultimate liberation; depriving people of information is called making it available; the use of power to manipulate is called the public control of power, and the arbitrary abuse of power is called observing the legal code; the repression of culture is called its development; the expansion of imperial influence is presented as support for the oppressed; the lack of free expression becomes the highest form of freedom; farcical elections become the highest form of democracy; banning independent thought becomes the most scientific of world views; military occupation becomes fraternal assistance. Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics. It pretends not to possess an omnipotent and unprincipled police apparatus. It pretends to respect human rights. It pretends to persecute no one. It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.
{10} Individuals need not believe all these mystifications, but they must behave as though they did, or they must at least tolerate them in silence, or get along well with those who work with them. For this reason, however, they must live within a lie. They need not accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it. For by this very fact, individuals confirm the system, fulfill the system, make the system, are the system.
-- Vaclav Havel "The Power of the Powerless" (1978)


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"Low, Short, and Squatty:" Great Moments in Entertainment

I think there's raunchy sub-text going on here, but I'm not sure I want to know exactly what it is.

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UPDATED & BUMPED: Bruce Jenner to Sue General Mills Over Undisclosed Wheaties Side Effects


UPDATE: Bruce Jenner Involved In Fatal Car Accident | Truth Revolt

On Saturday, Jenner made the news again but for a very different reason, following a car accident he was involved in that resulted in one woman's death. Police are now reportedly investigating whether Jenner was texting when he rear-ended the vehicle of the victim.... Although it was initially reported that Jenner blamed chasing paparazzi for his driving, CNN cites Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department official Lt. John Lecrivain as stating that there was "no indication that Bruce Jenner was being chased by paparazzi at the time of the crash."

Of All The Days To Go Without A Bra

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Missile Guidance: How Does That Work Again?

HT: Maggie's Farm

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Incoming: "Media vita in morte sumus"

"Dramatic footage shot by an employee of the Taiwanese television station TVBS showed the moment TransAsia passenger plane turned on its side in midair, clipped an elevated roadway and then careered into a river shortly after takeoff from the island's capital of Taipei."

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News to Me

1) Parade Burgonet, bearing a fearsome lion’s visage on the visor. Made in Milan in the mid-16th century, the helmet belonged to Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol.


2) Los Angeles Photographer Discovers Skid Row’s Most Fashionable Residents OG, a famous Skid Row activist in Gladys Park


3) Iron Age shoes (ca. 400 BCE to 400 CE) found on body found in European bog.


4) Smart Pipe: Tomorrow's Pipe Today:

5) An Astounding History of Scientific Space Art from the Past 200 Years

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News to Me

1) A Most Violent Year | NYC, 1981 | A Documentary Short

2) The Beatles' Rooftop Concert in 1969 This was their final public performance.


3) The nine teeth examined while studying fossils of unidentified hominins. Fossils May Belong To New Primitive Human Species


4) A Schiaparelli necklace of metal insects mounted on clear plastic from 1938. -- Collectors Weekly


5) A Soda Jerk And A Mormon Walk Into A Podcast.


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Ocean Gravity

Ocean Gravity: Spectacular Footage of Freediver Guillaume Nery Flying through Swift Ocean Currents North of Tahiti | Colossal "Filmed late last year by director and underwater cameraman Julie Gautier, this amazing footage shows free diver Guillaume Néry as he’s carried by swift currents through Tiputa pass, part of the Rangiroa atoll about 355 km Northeast of Tahiti."

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Family Unboxing

It's come to this. Nothing but neuters all the way down.

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I Need a #Hashtag! :"It's both a mnemonic and a catastrophic extremist-destroying device..."

Like a Chris Brown fan or girlfriend
free speech is under attack
and so like Hannah Storm folks are
trying to find the best way to push back

But I won't care tomorrow
and I did not care yesterday
Is there anything I can do to pretend
that I care today?

I need a hashtag
I need a hashtag on display
Yeah I'll tweet to the world
and Boko Haram will be like "okay!"

I need a hashtag
I need a hashtag for today
to show that I care
when I really don't care
and that's just what I'm doing today
faking outrage

Sure there are lots of people
who really care about the fight
but anyone who tweeted these
should probably be disqualified

Should we try to fight for change?
Embrace more freedom here at home?
Or should we use the most effective
tool mankind has ever known?

We need a hashtag
How about a hashtag and call it a night?
it's both a mnemonic and a catastrophic
extremist-destroying device

We need a hashtag
A hashtag will bring them to their knees
Even though it's been said that
the First Amendment wasn't
written to protect pleasantries

[HT: Powerline]

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"Steel Boils at About This Temperature:" Global Warming Comes Back with a Vengence

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Boomer Anthems: "Satisfaction" is 50 Years Old

Then: In June, 1965 it begins its journey...

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Grounds for Divorce

She was so happy to see him when he got back unexpectedly from his business trip that he snapped this picture of her joy.


Later it became exhibit A when he filed for divorce. Can you see why?

Answer if you should choose to...

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Something Wonderful: Porsche 911 Engine Plant, Assembly Line Zuffenhausen

So calm. So quiet. So considered.

As a friend of mine (and Porsche owner) once succintly explained it: "When the Germans make the cars, the rest of the world can just sit down."

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Life in the Fast Lane

Going Down: Candide Thovex's commute is not to the job, it is the job.

[Note: You don't want to think to much about 3:50-4:10.]

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Something Amazing: Gravity Glue

More by Michael Grab HERE @ YouTube

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If this keeps up I'm going to have to create a category called; "The Japanese. Nuked Too Much or Not Enough?" **

100 Sizzling Japanese maids in Action

[** Phrase coined by Kathy Shaidle ]

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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People


"Turns out great minds don’t think alike.

Discover how some of the world’s most original artists, writers and musicians structured their day, based on ‘Daily Rituals’ by Mason Currey. Filter the different categories by toggling on or off, and hover over the colored bars to learn more about the daily routines." See Daily Routines @ Podio for the full interactive experience.

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Something Rich and Strange: Saw Hero

Sippican Cottage: I Set Up A Web Camera To Document The Building Of My Last End Table

As you can see from the screen capture thumbnail, three of the fingers on my hands are webbed. Comes in handy when I'm trying to hold on to screws while using my cordless drill. It's not supposed to be cordless, I just cut the cord off accidentally when I was using the chop saw; but those buggers are expensive, so I keep using it that way.

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And now a word from American Digest's New Sponsor!

HT: G& J

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Boomer Anthems: "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"

He said, "Fellas, it's been good to know you."

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The National Mood: "I still owe money to the money to the money I owe"

"I still owe money to the money to the money I owe
I never thought about love when I thought about home
I still owe money to the money to the money I owe
The floors are falling out from everybody I know."

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Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

The Voice of The New York Subway System from Vici Shaweddy on Vimeo.

"Charlie Pellett is a veteran news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg Radio.

He is based in New York City. Pellett joined Bloomberg in 1992, serving as a member of the original Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg Television anchor teams. Pellett's voice has been designated as the official "voice" of the New York City subway system. Every day, riders can hear him imploring them to "stand clear of the closing doors.""

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Luckily for me everything on this taco is on my New Year's Resolution Diet!

HT: That ravenous gourmand NeoNeoCon.

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Christmas: Behind the Scenes

Has Christmas really become too commercialized? Why would anybody say that?

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Merry Woofmas!

Any resemblance to my family's Christmas dinners is a slur on our reputations and will be answered by lawsuits that will give our enemies a permanent facial twitch.

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Crown of Creation: Best of Web Videos | 2014

Luc Bergeron (aka Zapatou)

has put a gigantic sampling together for his annual supercut “Best of Web”. This year he’s stitched together a whopping 233 viral video clips to create 6 minutes of non-stop action.

What were they all? Go here for the Official list of Best of Web 7

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The Winner and Still Champion After 10 Years Even Though It Has Ceased to Exist

The Amazing Grace Christmas House was located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and designed and programmed by Richard Holdman. A small little charity box placed in front of the display has raised more than $40,000 for the Utah Make-a-Wish Foundation. The display started in 2006 but traffic became too much of an issue and is no longer running.

You doubt me? Here's the complete show from 2010 in all its 15 glorious minutes of relentless inevitability. You can see why it had traffic backed up on the interstate all the way to Salt Lake City:

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"I'll have a submarine sandwich with a side of fresh guacamole."

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At least this is more realistic than that Rolling Stone gang rape story...

Mindboggling Haut Mexican Cultural Artifact. From the same culture that brought the world the bouncy car. On the other hand it is refreshingly direct and without a smidgen of political correctness. HT:Stever Sailer

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Advance look at the cover of Rolling Stone's "Rape Fantasies" Issue


With Jann Wenner's special report on Gay Rape Fantasies. -- Twitter

Street Artist Sabo Blasts Lena Dunham, Bill Clinton in Fake Rolling Stone Covers - The Hollywood Reporter

A former U.S. Marine, Sabo has recently been scrutinized by the Secret Servicefor a series of tweets that appeared to threaten President Barack Obama. (His video of his encounter with two Secret Service agents at his apartment has received more than 200,000 views on YouTube.)
In addition to posting banners on utility boxes on the Westside, Saboplaced smaller versions of the spoofed Rolling Stone covers among magazines at various Los Angeles newsstands.


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WorkHarder: A Non-Funding Online Platform For Creative Projects

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Let's Review: How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police

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The Japanese: "Nuked Too Much or Not Enough?" -- 3 seconds Cooking detonation velocity fried shrimp

Since this recipe is dangerous, please do not imitate absolutely.

"Today's theme is fried shrimp to cook in 3 seconds. Heck, how Will finish in 3 seconds to.

Please pay attention to wonders of the cooking speed. Order to represent the characteristics of the full-LTE called "two bands LTE only", developed / manufactured all cooking apparatus such as shrimp pop out two lanes for the current imaging was.... and speed shrimp pops out, wheat flour, the timing of egg, bread crumbs, flame, each out wipe is all a careful calculation, has been programmed by verification. Also, cooking the landscape without using the CG, gave a shot in live action. Come in this video, please experience the speed of full LTE! After the end of the ingredients that were used photography, staff gave delicious."
Got that? Good.

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The sign in the middle's gotta be photoshopped, right? Right?

-- Twitter

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Sippican Cottage: Here's Wishing You An Adequate Generic Christmas

"The wonder of Generic Christmas Song is that it's the only recording by Unorganized Hancock

that you can purchase and download for your MP3 player, or your iPod, or whatever those things with the fruit on them are called. Just 0.99, and all the proceeds go to a good cause: Us. You can pay more if you like, or you can listen to it for free on YouTube if you're broke losers like we are. It's all good. Merry Christmas! Tell a friend."

Unorganized Hancock on Bandcamp "Unorganized Hancock is a Homeschooled Pop Duo from Western Maine. The drummer is only 10 years old and he's still better than you. He also has Perfect Pitch, which is completely useless since he's the drummer. The Guitar player and Drummer claim to be brothers, but have not yet released their long-form birth certificates."

Sippican Cottage: Here's Wishing You An Adequate Generic Christmas

[We approve this message!]

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"OK, Here are the names AND ADDRESSES of the 2 NY Slimes Nazi Liberal hacks who published Officer Wilson's address..

This just in.... Reckless move: The NY Times publishes Darren Wilson’s address | Fox News

The New York Times, whether consciously or not, has just endangered Darren Wilson’s life.

With tensions running high in Ferguson over the lack of an indictment for Wilson’s killing of Michael Brown, the paper has published the officer’s approximate address -- the street and town where he lives with his new wife, who also is named.


Via Johnny Jones on Twitter Why not drop in if you're in the neighborhood?

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Turkey Drop: A Thanksgiving Tradition Since 1978

"It's a helicopter, and it's coming this way. It's flying something behind it, I can't quite make it out, it's a large banner and it says, uh - Happy... Thaaaaanksss... giving! ... From ... W ... K ... R... P!! No parachutes yet. Can't be skydivers... I can't tell just yet what they are, but - Oh my God, Johnny, they're turkeys!! Johnny, can you get this? Oh, they're plunging to the earth right in front of our eyes! One just went through the windshield of a parked car! Oh, the humanity! The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement! Not since the Hindenburg tragedy has there been anything like this!"

Oddly enough, this famous WKRP episode was loosely based on a real event! Back in 1946 (some sources say 1945), Yellville, Arkansas inaugurated the "Turkey Trot Festival" which included a wild turkey calling contest, a turkey target shoot, a Miss Drumsticks Pageant and oh yeah: a live turkey release from the roof of the courthouse.
After a few years, someone thought it might be fun to actually toss the poor gobblers out of a low-flying airplane for the event. This repeated for a number of years until 1989 when a national animal-rights protest cast the event in a bad light and the "National Enquirer" splashed a photo of the event across the nation forcing promoters to abandon the turkey drop. WKRP in Cincinnati's Turkey Drop Episode

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Some See a Challenge as a "Why?" Most See It as a "WTF!?"

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Of the Continuing Greatness of Matt Drudge and the Drudgereport


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Gruberade from Concentrate

Watch as he savors the flavor of his lies; as he guzzles down his glug; as his fey little voice wisps along; as he inhales his own rich wiffle!

And here he is meeting with Obama. Not as the White House now says he didn't, but as the White House logs recorded he did on July 20, 2009:


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Riot, Mayhem, and Pillage: Now Just "Natural Disasters"


"Please make sure your home and family are prepared for a period of disruption, just as you would in the event of a storm."

Exactly why the nation continues to put up with this sort of thing is something that is beyond my poor powers of comprehension. I guess we've just decided that large segments of urban populations have reverted back to a previous stage of development and have to be given more love and understanding and tolerance than other segments of the population. How long this will continue without a serious course correction in the general direction of society seems to be anybody's guess in our new and improved post-racial nation.

St. Louis area schools and townships are warning residents to stock up on water, food and medicine before the Mike Brown court decision. The City of Berkeley, near Ferguson, released this statement warning residents to stock up on water, food and medicine before the verdict is announced. #MikeBrown Decision | The Gateway Pundit
Let's all hope for a change of heart among those threatening this sort of thing. If not, let's hope for a change is the level of tolerance for this sort of thing.

In the meantime I guess the new phrase that pays is, "In the event of social disappointment, STOCK UP!" I note in passing that "ammuniton" is not on the list of "Stock Up" items. Seems to me it should be cosa numero uno. "But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong."

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How the Democrat Sees the "New Washington"


New Democrat slogan: "Come, let us reason together."

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Something Wonderful: Il Capo
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Boomer Anthems: Refugee

Admit it. You know most of the words. Especially the refrain.

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"Wanderer above the Sea of Fog" -- Then and Now


In the foreground, a young man stands upon a rocky precipice with his back to the viewer.

He is wrapped in a dark green overcoat, and grips a walking stick in his right hand.[1] His hair caught in a wind, the wanderer gazes out on a landscape covered in a thick sea of fog. In the middle ground, several other ridges, perhaps not unlike the ones the wanderer himself stands upon, jut out from the mass.[2] Through the wreaths of fog, forests of trees can be perceived atop these escarpments. In the far distance, faded mountains rise in the left, gently leveling off into lowland plains in the east. Beyond here, the pervading fog stretches out indefinitely, eventually commingling with the horizon and becoming indistinguishable from the cloud-filled sky. - - La Wik


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[UPDATED] Anchors Aweigh and to the side

The Lockheed Martin-led industry team launched the nation's seventh Littoral Combat Ship into the Menominee River on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014. The future LCS Detroit was formally christened prior to her launch by Mrs. Barbara Levin.


"Side-launches are always interesting because of the drop; and the ship is always light being launched. The ship gets most of its equipment and weight after launch, in fitting-out. Many steamships would not have the boilers fitted during launch, those would be lowered in afterwards. So "ohmigosh it rolls" is normal.* What these corvettes will be able to do - heck, I don't know. I don't think anyone can say for certain. I do know, however, that I am looking forward to her commissioning.**
*There are a lot of videos of side-launches and they are really dramatic - as in standing directly across a narrow water from one is a good way to take a bath! I think there is one of launching the new USCGC Mackinaw that shows the wave going across to spectators.
**I do surface patrols for the USCG Auxiliary, most in the Detroit River, and as USS Detroit is to be commissioned in Detroit, I am looking forward to those security patrols for the fun and the photos.
PS: I remember back in the late 1970's-early 1980's how many commenters said the advanced tech US and NATO allies equipment would break down and be unusable if the Soviets invaded and other equipment should be bought, and so on. And then, after Gulf War I, all that talk went away as the US and NATO equipment held up and did what it was advertised to do. Now when I hear complaints about something I keep a salt cellar on hand because I really do not know enough to know how something will turn out. I lost my sure belief in my correctness."
Comment by Michael Jorris

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Maddie the last surviving Original 1955 Nomad

Meet Maddie, one of the best unrestored, original paint & interior examples known of the rare & iconic 1955 Belair Nomad wagon.

Out of nearly a million Chevy Belairs built in 1955, only about 8100 Nomads were ever produced; this example is in the most desirable regal turquoise with India ivory top. First year of Chevy's small block V8, the 265, it is mated to a 2-speed cast iron powerglide automatic transmission. All mechanical components are original to the car as it left the factory. All 55 Nomad bodies were produced at the Cleveland plant then assembled & finished at various plants around the country; this one in Oakland California. Born Aug. 15, 1955, it is one of the last 55 Nomads off the assembly line before production switched over to the 56 model in September of that year. In astonishingly clean condition, Maddie will turn 60 years old this coming year. She looks pretty damn good for an old girl. Enjoy!

The seller had left me alone with the car to look it over.
I was sitting in the driver’s seat, just taking it in, and it was dead silent except for a faint ‘tick, tick, tick.’ I looked over and realized that not only was the original dash clock ticking, but the time was correct! I just about lost my mind, and decided at that moment I had to have that car.”
Factory-Fresh 1955 Chevy Nomad Emerges From 40-Year Hibernation | Collectors Weekly

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Something Wonderful: Rototiller Races

World Championship Rototiller Races in Emmerson, Arkansas.

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FRONT DRIVER's Last Port of Call -- Gadani Beach Pakistan Where Greenpeace Is Nowhere to Be Seen



At Gadani Beach, 40 kilometers west of Karachi City, where men with saws made of fire come every day to do a job of work.

Shipbreaking: How it begins.

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Contemporary Classics: Heavy Fuel

Music to unpack everything you own by.....

Last time I was sober, man I felt bad
Worst hangover that I ever had
It took six hamburgers and scotch all night
Nicotine for breakfast just to put me right
Cause if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool, you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel

My life makes perfect sense
Lust and food and violence
Sex and money are my major kicks
Get me in a fight I like dirty tricks
Cause if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
Yes if you wanna run cool, you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel

My chick loves a man who's strong
The things she'll do to turn me on
I love the babes, don't get me wrong
Hey, that's why I wrote this song

I don't care if my liver is hanging by a thread
Don't care if my doctor says I ought to be dead
When my ugly big car wont climb this hill
I'll write a suicide note on a hundred dollar bill
Cause if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
Yes if you wanna run cool, you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel

On heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel

[If it is late at night
then you just might
Want to hit full screen
And crank up the speakers,
If you know what I mean.

Wait for the saxophone....
wait for it.]

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"Your great-great grandfather was the one who cleared the soil

Your great-grandfather was the one who worked the soil

And your grandfather turned a profit on the land

And your father was the one who sold the land

To become a government functionary

And as for you my young lad,

You don’t know what you will do

In your little 1 bedroom,

Too expensive and cold in the winter

Sometimes a vague desire comes to you

To own something of your own

Dreaming at night

Of having your own little acre of land…”

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The 2015 Social Justice Kittens Calendar




Unlike bland, privileged garbage kittens chosen for nothing more than shallow good looks, Social Justice Kittens radiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity, and all are gifted with a dazzling array of genders and orientations to go with their tiny, oh-so-kissable faces! THE STATUS QUO WILL NEVER FULLY ACCEPT THESE KITTENS! Calendar from LiarTownUSA | Square Market

HT: the ever valuable davidthompson

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A Sane Man Speaks on Ebola: "If West Africa is a gas can that was waiting for a match, the rest of Central Africa is a gasoline tanker waiting for a match, and nobody anywhere has a Plan B for what happens if this gets out further...."

This is the most honest and most lucid 28 minutes on the status of Ebola on the Planet Earth at this moment that exists today.

It is summed up at Raconteur Report: Ebola: This Is What Science Sounds Like

Highlight thoughts:

1) "The more I study about Ebola, the less I know about it."

2) "Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."
(Tom Frieden, Anthony Fauci, call your office.")

3) Everything we know about Ebola so far is based on a total of 2400 patients from the past24 outbreaks over 40 years. the longest set of generations has been 5. (For reference, we are at 9000-20000 patients, and we're on generation 20-25, this time around).

4) People are never frightened by statements like "I don't know, but this is what I'm doing to learn." But they do get scared if you tell them A or B with certainty, and it doesn't happen; or if dueling experts tell you A and Z simultaneously.

5) We don't know what will really work. We should try everything we can. @ 9:46 "I believe the only thing we can do today is continue to try the treatment bed approach, to try to do as much as we can to isolate infected individuals,and quarantine and so forth...we've gotta do what we can."

6) It's time to reconsider our response, and if we hadn't been so dogmatic about things we didn't know, that wouldn't be so hard.

7) There's no Plan "B". If West Africa is a gas can that was waiting for a match, the rest of Central Africa is a gasoline tanker waiting for a match, and nobody anywhere has a Plan B for what happens if this gets out further, and they're not even thinking about it. We need to start thinking about those answers now. Can we fight it on two fronts if it gets out? We can't even fight it on one front now.

8) I believe we can have an effective vaccine; but there's a big difference between getting a vaccine, and actually how and where we're going to make it, how we're going to get it there, andwho's going to get it into Africans now. We need to imagine that Kinshasa is on fire tomorrow, and do all of these things at the same time, not doing one after the other.

9) We have a problem with couching things in certainty for which certainty does not exist.

10) Some Ebola patients don't present with fever, ever. Now is the time to tell people that, instead of waiting until that explodes, and the media asks you "Why didn't you tell us the complete truth?"

11) Aerosols are created, and research has indicated that with Ebola, airborne transmission has been observed between laboratory animal species. We shouldn't not tell people about this, because top Ebola virologists have studied this, seen it, and are very concerned about the possibility. What are we going to do ("Plan B") if we do have an airborne transmission, and we suddenly have a reason to be very concerned about airplane cabin transmission? We need to start making that plan before it's a problem.

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"It's Not That Contagious...."

The gift of the clip that just keeps on giving.

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[All] Road Trip

A Couple’s Incredible 550,000-Mile Odyssey Through 177 Countries Over 26 Years. In a Single Car. In moments of peak stress, boredom, or desperation for change, we’ve probably all shared the same dream: why not just drop everything and travel. Many are lucky do it for a few months, or even a couple of years, but perhaps no modern travelers have been more ambitious than Gunther and Christine Holtorf, who set out in 1990 on a tour of Africa in a Mercedes Benz G Wagon named ‘Otto,’ and never looked back. Over the next 20 years the trio would rack up almost 550,000 miles (885,139km) across some 177 countries. They never once slept in a hotel, preferring to string up hammocks or sleep inside Otto, a car that required a stockpile of 400 spare parts lashed to the roof for emergency repairs.

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Living on a Prayer: Dance like the whole world isn't actually watching....

Tommy used to work on the docks
Union's been on strike
He's down on his's tough, so tough

Gina works the diner all day
Working for her man, she brings home her pay
For love - for love

She says we've got to hold on to what we've got
it doesn't make a difference
If we make it or not
We've got each other and that's a lot
For love - we'll give it a shot

Whooaaaaaa! We're half way there
Whooooaaaa! Livin' on a prayer
Take my hand- we'll make it - I swear
Whooaaaa! Livin' on a prayer!

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Light Pillars and Human Errors

Light pillars scrape the night sky over Alaska. It may look as if an alien invasion force is beaming down to overrun our little planet but, in fact, this is a purely natural phenomenon. Light and water is all that is needed to produce this remarkable special effect.When light, either natural or man-made comes in to contact with the facets of ice crystals in the air (usually close to the ground) it does one thing: bounce.  When the source of light is close to or on the ground the light pillar will appear above the floating crystals. ~ Kuriositas

The Canine Sacrifice: Excalibur, the dog of the Spanish nurse infected with Ebola, barks from her balcony in Madrid, Spain, on October 8, 2014. Authorities captured the dog and euthanized it, drawing protests from some who asked that the dog be quarantined rather than destroyed. Photos of the Week: 10/4-10/10 - In Focus - The Atlantic

The Eyes! The Eyes!Slublog on Twitter: "Made this a couple of years ago. Totally not a cult.

“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Alfred, in "The Dark Knight” For some reason this concept always tends to catch some people by surprise. Take the New York Times for example, their headline today reads: WASHINGTON — Darkness is enveloping American politics. Hard to dispute, as it turns out, butt isn’t that, uh…racist? Michelle Obama's Mirror: The October Surprise: Our Best Efforts Are Not Good Enough

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Pixel Perfect


The Magic of Michelle Obama:

The before and after pictures above were taken within days of one another, rather underscoring the miraculous transformation. The first was at an event where Michelle was speaking to sick youngsters at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (see? We're reporting good news!) and thoughtfully she did something severe and unexplainable with her hair to give it sort of a chemo-chic look to help fit in with the sick kids. And that was a very, very nice thing to do.... In her subsequent Redbook picture, the first lady has grown a remarkably full head of remarkably straight hair in a remarkably short time, her chin has narrowed to a point, she's shed about 40 pounds, and her smiling face is as unlined as a mirror from which her husband, in his younger and less serious days, had vigorously snorted cocaine. Hope n' Change Cartoons:

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James Kelly - Burn It Down

What a ride! Stick with it. He did.

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And the next group training to jump the fence and rush the White House is....


White House fence-jumper made it far deeper into building than previously known

After barreling past the guard immediately inside the door, Gonzalez, who was carrying a knife, dashed past the stairway leading a half-flight up to the first family’s living quarters. He then ran into the 80-foot-long East Room, an ornate space often used for receptions or presidential addresses.

In other news.... Is Barack Obama's life safe in the Secret Service's hands?

A knife-wielding intruder allowed to run rampant through the first floor of the White House. Bullets that struck the window of Barack Obama's private residence but went unnoticed for days. A presidential bodyguard so drunk he passed out in hallway of a hotel. These are just some of the recent incidents that have shaken confidence in the Secret Service, the elite agency assigned to protect Mr Obama, his family and the White House.

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Secret Service to Erect New Sign on White House Fence


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Regrets? She's Had a Few

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Shit (Pretentious) Hipsters Say

HT The ever-popular Never Yet Melted

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No cop is gayer than Sheriff Michael Gayer.


Officer Friendly, he daid,Huck.

Pulaski County, home to 13,124 people, has obtained several trucks, a snow camouflage parka, a “ballistic blanket” and night vision sniper scopes, the paper reported. “We are a rural law enforcement agency and not readily served by larger agencies … to handle our emergency needs,” Sheriff Gayer wrote in his application for the MRAP. “Therefore, we are building our department with surplus equipment to handle the needs of our citizens and their safety.” Indiana sheriff on MRAP purchase: 'America has become a war zone' - Washington Times

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The Enduring Legacy of Osama bin Laden


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Why Men Rule the Automotive Universe

Wait for it.

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"You can fool all the people some of the time...."


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Gotham Gazette: The Saturday Review


How Islam Built The Very Fabric of America After the Revolution, we wrote the Constitution, which opens with "We, the subjects of the Caliphate…" What's more, the first amendment to the Constitution clearly reads, "Congress shall make laws coercing compliance with Sharia, and prohibiting the free exercise of any of the religions of the infidels; and defining freedom of speech, and of the press; and the right of the people peaceably to assemble to burn private property in protests, and to accept whatever the Grand Mufti decrees for a redress of grievances."
US Announces New Plan To Destabilize Middle East In Hopes Of Failure Kerry then turned over the briefing to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to discuss some of the plan’s military aspects. “As we speak, cruise missiles are in the air targeting the Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Al Aqsa Mosque,” said Hagel. “In order to prevent any of them from being rebuilt, the entire Temple Mount will be resettled with tigers displaced by habitat loss. We debated using lions, but decided that a non-indigenous predator would cause greater instability. Close behind the wave of missiles, 200,000 American soldiers and Marines are now en route to the Middle East. They have not been briefed on their strategic objectives, because there are none. They do not even know their destinations, which are being drawn from top hats by their pilots while in the air. This will likely cause at least some of the planes to conduct crash landings due to lack of fuel, which we hope will only add to the chaos.”
There will be a FU*K! SH*T! test MOTHERF**KING C**TBREATH! BA**S! soon:A Brief Overview of Tourette Syndrome Although some suffer from the well-publicized outbursts and swearing, many with Tourette have less severe tics. These may include vocalizations like grunting, throat clearing, sniffing and snorting, as well as movements like eye blinking, nose scrunching, jaw thrusting, grimacing, shrugging and jerking.
17 Excellent Animal Illustrations from a 16th Century Book | Mental Floss The first written description of a unicorn—which, unfortunately, is not real—appeared in the writings of Greek physician Ctesius, and it doesn't resemble the animal we've come to think of at all:There are in India certain wild asses which are as large as horses, and larger. Their bodies are white, their heads dark red, and their eyes dark blue. They have a horn on the forehead which is about a foot and a half in length. The base of this horn, for some two hands'-breadth above the brow, is pure white; the upper part is sharp and of a vivid crimson; and the remainder, or middle portion, is black. Those who drink out of these horns, made into drinking vessels, are not subject, they say, to convulsions or to the holy disease [epilepsy]. Indeed, they are immune even to poisons…This is the only way to capture them: when they take their young to pasture, you must surround them with many men and horses. They will not desert their offspring and fights with horns, teeth and heels; and they kill many horses and men. They are themselves brought down by arrows and spears. They cannot be caught alive.
Articles: Seniors Out Now! Another rationale for deporting seniors is that they are so often considered of little use here.They cannot increase the population, pick fruit, mow lawns, slaughter animals, or build infrastructure. Most are electronically challenged, to put it kindly. You rarely see seniors sitting around and texting, for example, so they could hardly be credited with adding much of a contribution to the ubiquitous “social network.” So why, indeed, keep them around?
Wealth, risk, and stuff When rich people present the idea that they’ve learned to live lightly as a paradoxical insight, they have the idea of wealth backwards. You can only have that kind of lightness through wealth. If you buy food in bulk, you need a big fridge. If you can’t afford to replace all the appliances in your house, you need several junk drawers. If you can’t afford car repairs, you might need a half-gutted second car of a similar model up on blocks, where certain people will make fun of it and call you trailer trash.
Terrorist Armies Fight Smarter And Deadlier Than Ever | We see Islamist fighters becoming skilled soldiers. The thrust of the Islamic State down the Euphrates River illustrates a style of warfare that melds old and new. U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq used to say: “Thank God they can’t shoot.” Well, now they can. They maneuver in reasonably disciplined formations, often aboard pickup trucks and captured Iraqi Humvees. They employ mortars and rockets in deadly barrages. To be sure, parts of the old terrorist playbook remain:They butcher and execute prisoners to make unambiguously clear the terrible consequences of resistance. They continue to display an eager willingness for death and the media savvy of the “propaganda of the deed.”
The Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know As for primitive toilet paper, in the winter, a snowball is actually quite invigorating, but most of the time, leaves of a plant like mullein are the go-to method. Sometimes an unopened pine cone will work, but ouch! One of the keys to this is to squat not sit. This forces the cheeks apart and means that there will be far less cleaning necessary.
Mind in the Mound: How Do Termites Build Their Huge Structures? Contrary to common notions, termite mounds are not high-rise residence halls. Rather, they are "accessory organs of gas exchange," in Turner's words, designed to serve the respiratory needs of the subterranean colony located several feet (a meter or two) below the mound. For many years, researchers looked at termite mounds and supposed that the spires worked like chimneys, drawing hot air up and out. But Turner discovered that mounds function more like lungs, inhaling and exhaling through walls that appear impenetrable but are actually quite porous.
Rabbit, jumpThe bunnies varied greatly in size and certainly in energy and eagerness. Some were quite—jumpy. Some dug in like mules and just could not be successfully prodded by their young owners to get off their duffs. The winner cleared a barrier six hurdles high. Each hurdle looked to be about an inch or an inch and a half, which doesn’t sound impressive until you look at it with bunny eyes.
Leonardo’s smile | BestQuest Because he was so influential a painter it is all the easier to forget how Leonardo shocked and distressed his contemporaries by the revolutionary nature of his art, as astoundingly original as his soon to be amassed scientific ideas explored in the Notebooks. The peculiar eyes of the women he painted were just the result of a Florentine fashion. At the end of the 15th century aristocratic women just had to shave off their eyebrows and eyelashes, and pluck out the hair at the centre of their hairline. Don’t ask.
The mirage of Russian power: Contrary to what Western observers tend to believe (or tell the public), Russia is simply not capable of large-scale military aggression. Comparisons with the machinations of Nazi Germany in the Sudetenland abound, but these comparisons do not testify to much historical insight. Nazi Germany in 1939 had a larger economy than either the United Kingdom or France, and had secured the alliance or neutrality of two other powers. The Russian economy, on the contrary, is only one fifth the size of that of the EU or the USA.
The Problem With Minimalism | The great irony of minimalism is that while it purports to free you from a focus on stuff, it still makes stuff the focus of your life! The materialist concentrates on how to accumulate things, while the minimalist concentrates on how to get rid of those things…ultimately they’re both centering their thoughts on stuff. It’s like a compulsive overeater and a bulimic. One thoroughly enjoys eating, and stuffs his face whenever and wherever he can. The other eats, hates himself for eating, and then purges it out. But they’re both obsessed with food.
888,246 Ceramic Poppies Surround the Tower of London to Commemorate WWI | Colossal To commemorate the centennial of Britain’s involvement in the First World War, ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper conceived of a staggering installation of ceramic poppies planted in the famous dry moat around the Tower of London. Titled “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” the final work will consist of 888,246 red ceramic flowers—each representing a British or Colonial military fatality—that flow through grounds around the tower.
Begging, with Camel: An employee talks with a beggar kneeling in front of a restaurant to beg for money with a camel in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, on November 25, 2013. Several beggars with their camels showed up at a business area in the city, kneeling down store after store to beg for money Scenes From 21st-Century China - In Focus - The Atlantic

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Books That Should Be: New Additions to the Invisible Library

DREAMS OF MY TWO FATHERS: World's Most Important Autobiography Revised and Uncloseted

GLIDE PATHS AND PORK CHOPS: Principles of Porcine Aviation

REVOLUTIONARY RELAXATION: How to Unwind with Small Shooting Sprees

COMPROMISE ECOLOGY: The Handbook of "The Friends of the Sierra Club and Halliburton's Earth."

STIFFED: Around the World in 80 Lapdances

LOOK MOO, NO THUMBS: A Cow's Guide to Instant Messaging

BOYFOOT BEAR WITH TEAKS OF CHAN: Zen Puns for Every Occasion

FUELISH: The Future of Electrosolarlunamethanecorn-powered Vehicles

SEX MIT SCHLAG: The Tangled Histories of Love and Dairy Products


WE'RE TWELVE STEPPING: 12 Foolproof Square Dances for AA Shindigs in Rural America

THE SPEED OF DARK: Measuring the Slowest Thing in the Universe

GENDERLENDING: Same Sex Marriage for Heterosexuals

DUCT-TAPE DROMEDARIES: Beyond Balloon Animals

MY GIRL: The Life of Jenna Bush, 46th President of the United States As Told by Her Father

PRONE YOGA: Asanas for People Too Pooped to Sit Up

THE PEOPLE, MAYBE: The Progressive Professor's Guide to Making Sure Only Smart People Vote

THE I-CHANGE: Fortune Telling with the New Commemorative Quarters

YO, GOD: The Revised Standard Hip-Hop Version of the Gospels

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When "Going Viral" Via "Social Media" Is Not a Cause for Celebration


But just because somebody decided to actually import known carriers of Ebola into the United States is no reason to be concerned. After all the Federal Government and the military have this all under control. "The country's in the very best of hands."

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Chrysler Turbo Encabulator

Semi-Transcript: For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such an instrument is the turbo-encabulator.

Now basically the only new principle involved is that instead of power being generated by the relative motion of conductors and fluxes, it's produced by the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive diractance.

The original machine had a base plate of pre-famulated amulite surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in a direct line with the panametric fan. The latter consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzlevanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that side fumbling was effectively prevented.

The main winding was of the normal lotus-o-delta type placed in panendermic semi-boloid slots of the stator, every seventh conductor being connected by a non-reversible tremie pipe to the differential girdle spring on the "up" end of the grammeters.

The turbo-encabulator has now reached a high level of development, and it’s being successfully used in the operation of novertrunnions. Moreover, whenever a forescent skor motion is required, it may also be employed in conjunction with a drawn reciprocation dingle arm, to reduce sinusoidal repleneration.

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Time to Put a Couple of Hellfire Missiles on Western Rifle Shooters Association

Somedays you just want to ask the Western Rifle Shooters Association, "Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

Only those born without a sense of decency and respect for their fellow men would publish something as profoundly unseeable as the image hidden here. I hide it so that you will ever have to unsee it. I hide it in the sure and certain knowledge that none of you will ever, EVER, EVER! .... click the link.

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World Order: Seeking to Answer the Eternal Question; "The Japanese. Nuked Too Much or Not Enough?"
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Gotham Gazette: Artisan Toilet Paper Edition

Lechuguilla Cave

The Palestinian negotiators, perhaps encouraged by the attention paid them by UN and John Kerry, were urged by memories of faded glory to make imperious demands, confident they remained world-important. But in reality their old state pals had been hung from gibbets, exhibited in meat lockers or were hunkered down in palace bunkers. Objectively the Palestinians were beggarly nobodies rocketing a country 1,000 times their own military potential in order to scare up some measly donations. It was an accident waiting to happen. So they drew their rusty pistola and the IDF drew its minigun. Belmont Club サ Missing the Big Brass Ring
The latest tale of Lois Lerner's hard driveIn either case, a scratched HD platter wouldn’t result in a complete loss of data. This would be nearly impossible, given the simple physics of the device. You don’t change the orientation of all the ones & zeroes on a thin sheet of ferromagnetic material by scratching one part of it, any more than you could change the orientation of a magnet by nicking it with your snuff spoon.
…except for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA abuses, EPA abuses, IRS abuses,VA abuses, Bergdahl-Taliban exchange, and the invasion of our former southern border. Michelle Obama's Mirror: Everything I know, I learned on television
Hell with good restaurants: New York City Is America's Unhappiest City: Study
Will he put his helmet in the ring? Darth Vader is polling higher than all potential 2016 presidential candidates
13 Insane Fair Foods You Need To Eat This Summer 14. Deep-Fried Jack Daniel’s-Infused Churro Wrapped in Bacon: It comes with a side of whipped cream and maple syrup, but I highly recommend trying the entire dish sans any of the fancy toppings and letting the Jack Daniel’s shine through. The flavors are fantastic — essentially breakfast in your mouth.
The other side of the fence we find the race deniers. Everything they believe, their sense of self and their world view, is based on race being a myth. The trouble is they are facing a mountain of scientific evidence that contradicts their belief. The mountain is not only growing, it is growing rapidly. The Z Blog › Denmark is full of Danes
These enviable youngsters appear to be the winners in the race we have made of childhood. But the reality is very different, as I have witnessed in many of my own students and heard from the hundreds of young people whom I have spoken with on campuses or who have written to me over the last few years. Our system of elite education manufactures young people who are smart and talented and driven, yes, but also anxious, timid, and lost, with little intellectual curiosity and a stunted sense of purpose: trapped in a bubble of privilege, heading meekly in the same direction, great at what they’re doing but with no idea why they’re doing it. Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. | New Republic
"What do Israel's enraged critics truly desire?" Are you new? They want all the Jews dead, Rabbi, and that includes you, your children, and your children's children should they live that long. Wake up before you feel the blade across your throat like Daniel Pearl. (24) Charlie Martin / Facebook
BLDGBLOG: Life on the Subsurface: An Interview with Penelope Boston The first time I did any serious caving was actually in Lechuguilla Cave [Above]. It was completely nuts to make that one’s first wild cave. We trained for about three hours, then we launched into a five-day expedition into Lechuguilla that nearly killed us! Chris McKay came out with a terrible infection. I had a blob of gypsum in my eye and an infection that swelled it shut. I twisted my ankle. I popped a rib. Larry Lemke had a massive migraine.
Build an Amplifying Speaker Out of a Pringles Can Here's What You'll Need :A Pringles Can (cleaned out and dried) | Toilet Paper (approximately 14 inches) X-ACTO Knife (or scissors, but be careful!) Two Binder Clips (the bigger the better) Spray Paint (choose your favorite color) Tape
At Last! A Hashtag for Middle East Peace - Rush Limbaugh: #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies This is what is becoming of what used to be serious thought. I mean, this hashtag is a direct product or a direct result of what has been said to be education throughout our public school system, conflict resolution 101, can't we all just get along, can't we all just be friends. ... So we can shame the bad people with a hashtag on Twitter. It doesn't work that way. It never has worked that way. It is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. It's not a world governed by words, doctors, clean water, speeches, or what have you.
TO argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture. Enjoy, sir, your insensibility of feeling and reflecting. It is the prerogative of animals. And no man will envy you these honors, in which a savage only can be your rival and a bear your master. Thomas Paine: The American Crisis: 6/19
John Lennon's Psychedelic Rolls-Royce - Neatorama In 1966, John had the back seat converted to a double bed. Later, a Sony television, a portable refrigerator, and telephone were installed. A "floating" record player (with perfect balance so it could be used without being effected by stops and bumps while driving) was also fitted inside. An interior and exterior sound system was included. John added blacked-out windows and was the first person in England to have this feature in his car.


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Gotham Gazette:


If it happens in the afternoon, do we run toward home, or away from the city and the blast? If it happens at night, do we let our parents huddle over us in the basement, or do we stand on the rooftop, chests forward, praying the first shock wave dematerializes our family without pain? — — Honey, You’re Scaring the Kids / The Appendix
Transistor Successor Set to Bring on "The Machine" Age Soon - The memristor, the subject of much study over the last six years, could become the basic building block for an array of new devices—from the sensors and memory chips being built into the "Internet of Things"
Kristen Gwynne Is A Very Stupid Person Then you have the stupid twat’s description of a derringer. Gun grabbers know little about guns, crime, 2A and gun culture. That’s something all 2A people know. What’s surprising is just how deep the ignorance goes with some of these people. Kirsten is an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. She is simply too stupid to comprehend her own ignorance.
The dark side of our universe | Ninety-seven-and-a-half per cent of the universe is invisible. This has got to be one of the most extraordinary discoveries in the history of science. Yet it still hasn’t trickled into the consciousness of most scientists. They still have not woken up to the shocking fact that everything they have been studying – everything science has been looking at over the past 350 years – is no more than a minor contaminant of the universe, like the frosting of snow on a mountaintop.
A genuinely Paleolithic diet, Durant concedes, probably ought to include human flesh; however, he does not advise this. How the Paleolithic Diet Got Trendy
Halbig v. Burwell Would Free More Than 57 Million Americans From The ACA's Individual & Employer Mandates a victory for the Halbig plaintiffs would not increase anyone’s premiums. What it would do is prevent the IRS from shifting the burden of those premiums from enrollees to taxpayers. Premiums for federal-Exchange enrollees would not rise, but those enrollees would face the full cost of their “ObamaCare” plans.

When the sun goes down, a new type of character appears at the border. They are known locally as “ants”, because of the heavy weight they carry on their backs: an army of volunteers from the surrounding area who carry helmets and body armor across the border, one at a time. The Ants of Medyka | Roads & Kingdoms
I'm Done Apologizing for Israel / Rabbi Menachem Creditor I ask: What do Israel's enraged critics truly desire? How is it possible to hear indignant claims of human rights violations in the context of Syrians slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands, state-sanctioned terrorism around the globe, and young immigrants treated like chattel by the US and other? Israel is doing its best, sacrificing its own children to preserve the lives of Palestinians.
The "Otherkin" If you have even one drop of empathy in your whole fucking rancid bigoted body, you might be able to relate to the plight of some hapless 14-year-old in Kansas who suffers the slings and arrows of living life as an earthworm trapped in a human body. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re just that fucking sick in the head that you don’t realize these people speak the truth and deserve not only empathy, but ample government funding.
Christ’s face engraved in a single spiral line: Claude Mellan, “The Sudarium, or Veil of St Veronica,” engraving, France, 1649. In a single line and starting from the tip of Jesus’ nose, Mellan has engraved the entire face, the folded veil, and the lettering below. The modulations in direction, from thick to thin, model the image in chiaroscuro (light and dark). Thus the shapes and volume of the engraving are achieved.


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Gotham Gazette: Monday Mayhem Edition


Third World Problem: Donkey suicide bomb stopped by Israeli troops in Gaza Troops said they were forced to open fire on the animal - blowing it up - as it approached their position in the southern city of Rafah, near the Egyptian border.
First World Problem: Winning the Customer Service Cancelation Phone Battle - Neatorama Politeness has its place, but this is not that place. To get pushed immediately through to retention, get mad. You don’t have to swear at them—cursing at a call center rep at any point is a great way to get them to hang up on you—but anger will serve you a lot better here than being nice.
Juries Now Packed with Obama Voters: Florida jury awards $23 billion punitive damages against RJ Reynolds - Yahoo News
Iraq vet cited for owning 14 therapeutic pet ducks
Have a Bueno Day: In Midwest, More Radio Stations Switching to Spanish
The Boffins are Baffled! A Giant, Mysterious Hole Has Opened up at the ‘End of the World’ in Siberia — and It’s Left Scientists Baffled
"Tranquility Base here. The Obama Has Landed:" Iran just missed our “deadline” that was supposed to result in fewer centrifuges in exchange for suspending the sanctions. No sane person now believes that the Iranians will stop nuclear enrichment, or will not get a bomb, or will not threaten to use it when they get one. What will Secretary Kerry do, now that the currency of “red lines,” “deadlines” and “step-over lines” has been all used up? Works and Days » Obama's Tranquility
Everyone In Middle East Given Own Country In 317,000,000-State Solution At press time, reports confirmed the outbreak of more than 90,000,000 new wars across the region, with sources estimating the current death toll at approximately 700,000.
Given that the other party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lunatic Inc, I’ve been in a funk for a decade now. The election of 2010 did not offer much hope. One look at Boehner made it clear he was a timid, unimaginative man with the charisma of an old sneaker. The nomination of Romney for the 2012 election was comical, in many respects. Romney is a decent man and would be an able administrator, but he represented more of the same. You cannot be a credible alternative to the lunatics if you’re just offering more of the same. The Immigration Bomb
Diversify the media, how many reporters on “right wing” or “left wing” papers are enriching vibrant people? not enough. We need more “blacksplaining” about how slavery is everyones fault, but we need it from black people, from diverse people, and not from white face. So don’t sit there and snipe “but the Guardian reporters are all white”. Threaten pickets, threaten organised boycotts, threaten online media campaigns – they have no defence. How dare they be racist and not adhere to diversity. Expansion on AAA | The New International Outlook
Baryon asymmetry of the universe in standard electroweak theory We suggest a new scenario of the baryon asymmetry generation in the framework of standard electroweak theory which is based on the recent observation that anomalous baryon number violating processes are nonsuppressed at high temperatures.
10 Baffling Scientific Mysteries Of Everyday Things If you peel certain kinds of sticky tape (including Scotch tape) in a vacuum, it produces short bursts of X-rays.
These Parents Have Given Up for the Day

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Gotham Gazette: Airport Gift Shop Edition
"This is your captain speaking. If you look out the right side windows, you can see the city of Donetsk, which is currently occupied by trigger-happy armed separatists with surface-to-air missiles. If you look closely, you may be able to see smoke drifting from ongoing artillery bombardments. Those of you on the left side may be able to make out a Ukrainian fighter jet on approach to bomb rebel positions near Horlivka. We expect a smooth ride to Kuala Lumpur, so please sit back and enjoy the flight."
Well, it is certainly a different world today than it was the last time Russian arms were used to deliberately shoot down a crowded aircraft. That was on September 1, 1983, when Soviet jets shot down KAL 007 over eastern Siberia when the plane strayed into Soviet airspace. All 269 people aboard died. Then, uniformed Soviet soldiers shot down what they knew was a civilian airliner. Today un-uniformed thugs shot down what they apparently thought was a Ukrainian military transport plane—so the initial reports suggest. But you’ve got to be very poorly trained to mistake a Boeing commercial jet with an Antonov military aircraft. Or you have to have essentially no chain of command or just not care, or both. The point: The human agents who shot down KAL 007 in 1983 were in a chain of professional military command working directly for the political leaders of a strong state, and the human agents who shot down MaH 17 today were in no obvious chain of military command and were working indirectly for the decision-makers of a weak state: today’s Russia. What the Malaysia Air Tragedy Means - The American Interest
Leading from her behind: Hillary: Let the Europeans 'Take the Lead' on Downed Plane: “The Europeans have to be the ones that take the lead on this. It was a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over European territory - there should be outrage in European capitals.” Commenter: If the plane was full of islamic, gay, transgendered, trans-testicle, illegal mexicans, then she would want us to take the lead.
Morning at #mh17 crash site. Roosters crowing, orange sun glowing. ground littered w human skeletons and plane fragments... #ukraineNoah Sneider (NoahSneider) on Twitter
THE field is filled with bodies. One has on jeans, but no shoes. A second is in a polo shirt and grey socks, one of which is charred. A third wears blue trousers, but your correspondent cannot see the face, smashed as it is under the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Passengers onboard Flight 17 had made themselves comfortable for the long journey from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. One, in black leggings, now rests next to a black duffle bag, which is somehow intact. A green luggage strap lies in the grass like a snake. Someone comments on the smell: acrid, heavy. Only death smells this way. Flight MH17: “This is not a disaster. It is Hell” | The Economist
Whenever a major sporting event comes along, the progressive media always has a desired narrative. So it was with the recent World Cup, where it was widely hoped that a racially mixed team would win, proving once again the all-conquering power of ‘diversity’. Alas, when Brazil crashed to its 1-7 defeat against Germany in the semi-final, the desired narrative took a severe beating and started coughing up blood. Argentina in Whiteface
Moral clarity in Gaza: Where are the roads and rail, the industry and infrastructure of the new Palestinian state? Nowhere. Instead, they built mile upon mile of underground tunnels to hide their weapons and, when the going gets tough, their military commanders. They spent millions importing and producing rockets, launchers, mortars, small arms, even drones. They deliberately placed them in schools, hospitals, mosques and private homes to better expose their own civilians. (Just Thursday, the U.N. announced that it found 20 rockets in a Gaza school.) And from which they fire rockets at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
The Turbulent Summer of 2014 What keeps the country afloat this terrible summer? Some American companies produce more gas and oil than ever despite, not because of, the Obama administration. Most Americans still get up every day, work hard and pay more taxes than they receive in subsidies. American soldiers remain the most formidable in the world despite the confusion of their superiors. The law, regardless of the administration, is still followed by most. And most do not duck out on their daily responsibilities to golf, play pool or go on junkets. It is still a hard thing to derail America in a summer -- but then again, we have a long way to go until fall.

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Gotham Gazette


But the UN doing nothing is what the UN does: The decision of a court to hold the Dutch state liable for the death of 300 Muslim Bosnians in the Srebrenica massacre marks the first time a UN mission has been blamed for doing nothing. It threatens to unravel the whole system of UN peacekeeping. Belmont Club サ No-Op
HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY, CENTRAL AMERICAN HUMANITARIAN CRISIS The precise reason our borders are besieged is that the 11 million to 20 million "undocumented migrants" currently living here seem just a few more bad Marco Rubio speeches away from being legalized. And the reason they entered the country undocumentedly is that Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens in 1986.
Redditors grant grieving dad's Photoshop wish "My daughter passed away after a long battle in the children's hospital. Since she was in the hospital her whole life, we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?
Sultan Knish: Winning the Moral High Ground is a Loser's Game In our modern age, things no longer exist to perform their function. Washing machines aren't designed to clean clothes, but to save water and energy. Food isn't there to be eaten, but not eaten. And armies aren't there to win wars, but to be moral. And the truly moral army never fights a war. When it must fight a war, then it fights it as proportionately as possible, slowing down when it's winning so that the enemy has a chance to catch up and inflict a completely proportional number of casualties on them.
Why Neil Armstrong Got to Be the First to Step on the Moon
Ancient man who first civilized the Earth and created a domain for himself knew it deeply. Out of the night black came predators, diseases, bandits, barbarians, demons and enemy armies. The night black was a constant reminder of the darkness of barbarism and the necessity of the civilization man built himself. Civilization’s Precipice | Ara Maxima
Buell, whose careful terror seems to be the possibility of saying something politically incorrect—the book does so much posturing, you think it’s going to throw its back out—appears to have absorbed every piety in the contemporary critical hymnal. You can see him fairly bowing to them in his introduction, as if by way of ritual preparation. There they are, propitiated one by one—Ethnicity, Globalism, Anti-Canonicity, Anti-Essentialism—like idols in the corners of a temple. How the Novel Made the Modern World - William Deresiewicz - The Atlantic
Perchance to Dream: Science and the Future -- By surpassing the bounds of empire, nature, and knowledge via experimentation, Bacon argued that humankind could restore itself to its perfect pre-lapsarian state before the fall in the Garden of Eden.
After his stint at pretending to be president Obama's in line for a natural: Marvel Announces New Black Captain America
Suicidal Maniacs These lunatics don’t care about the migrants. How can they? Many of them are gangsters and criminals. Others are just dead beats looking for welfare checks. Still others are being thrown out of their native lands as they are a burden. What these lunatic politicians do care about is breaking the back of traditional America. They hate you and they want you dead, even if it means blowing the whole country up.... Maybe normals will wake up and begin treating Progressives like the Chinese treat Falun Gong.
REPEAT UNTIL YOU COMPREHEND: All high-level politicians in the for U.S. today are PSYCHOPATHS AND WHORES who are in it solely for the money and power. Aspiring to or holding high level office today is proof positive of the psychological and moral unfitness of the given person to hold high public office. This axiom transcends and applies equally to the facades known as the Republican and Democrat parties, and any and all antagonism between the two is nothing more than KABUKI THEATER. On Jamie Dimon, Sewage, and Other Variety | Barnhardt
The Rules of Sewage : The Third Rule of Sewage is the Immersive Rule of Sewage.  Imagine an edible fish taken from that pure water, placed in sewage, and somehow surviving – no matter the fish’s immune system and other defenses, it will become contaminated.  No matter how pure you are to begin with, if you are surrounded by bad people or bad content, it will start to affect you. 
The Mighty Thor…probably my favorite super hero when I was a kid, is now a woman. They announced it on The View. The Norse God of Thunder…made him a girl, just like that. Man. Ah well, no doubt the Marvel people know a lot more than I do about what sells comic books. I wish them luck. -- Rightly Guided


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"Las Vegas (What?) Las Vegas (Can't hear you! Too noisy) Las Vegas!!!!"

"We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like: I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.... We had two bags of grass... 75 pellets of mescaline... five sheets of high-powered blotter acid... a salt shaker half-full of cocaine... a whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers. Also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer... a pint of raw ether... two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip... but once you get locked into a serious drug collection... the tendency is to push it as far as you can."


Last month, for my sins, I was sent to Las Vegas with my attorney. Strictly business. It was, for the most part, as uneventful as the first time I went to Las Vegas which, if I remember it at all, went something like this:

The important discovery I made this time is that there are now actually two cities of the same name in different universes. One is Las Vegas by Day:


The other is Las Vegas by Night:



The Night Vegas is when all the myths live and breathe:



But the Day Vegas is where reality checks in:


One of the indelible images of Las Vegas is that of the old babes at the row upon row of slot machines.

There they are at six o'clock Sunday morning no less than at three o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Some of them pack their old hummocky shanks into Capri pants, but many of them just put on the old print dress, the same one day after day, and the old hob-heeled shoes, looking like they might be going out to buy eggs in Tupelo, Mississippi. They have a Dixie Cup full of nickles or dimes in the left hand and an Iron Boy work glove on the right hand to keep the calluses from getting sore.


"Every time they pull the handle, the machine makes a sound much like the sound a cash register makes before the bell rings,

then the slot pictures start clattering up from left to right, the oranges, lemons, plums, cherries, bells, bars, buckaroos--the figure of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. The whole sound keeps churning up over and over again in eccentric series all over the place, like one of those random-sound radio symphonies by John Cage. You can hear it at any hour of the day or night all over Las Vegas. You can walk down Fremont Street at dawn and hear it without even walking in a door, that and the spins of the wheels of fortune, a boring and not very popular sort of simplified roulette, as the tabs flap to a stop. As an overtone, or at times simply as a loud sound, comes the babble of the casino crowds, with an occasional shriek from the craps tables, or, anywhere from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m., the sound of brass instruments or electrified string instruments from the cocktail-lounge shows. -- The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby By Tom Wolfe

Dr. Gonzo: Sounds like big trouble. You're going to need plenty of legal advice before this thing is over. As your attorney, I advise you to rent a very fast car with no top. And you'll need the cocaine. Tape recorder for special music. Acapulco shirts. Get the hell out of L.A. for at least 48 hours. Blows my weekend.

Raoul Duke: Why?

Dr. Gonzo: Because naturally I'm going to have to go with you. And we're going to have to arm ourselves... to the teeth!

Raoul Duke: Well why not? Shit if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!

This is the American Dream in action. We'd be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way to the end!

Raoul Duke: What Leary took down with him was the central illusion of a whole lifestyle that he helped create.

A generation of permanent cripples, failed seekers, who never understood the essential old mystic fallacy of the acid culture: the desperate assumption that somebody, or at least some force, was tending the light at the end of the tunnel. There was only one road back to L.A. - U.S. Interstate 15. Just a flat-out high speed burn through Baker and Barstow and Berdoo. Then onto the Hollywood Freeway, and straight on into frantic oblivion. Safety. Obscurity. Just another freak, in the freak kingdom. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Long after Las Vegas’ influence as a gambling heaven has gone, Las Vegas’ forms and symbols will be influencing American life.

That fantastic skyline! Las Vegas’ neon sculpture, its fantastic fifteen-story-high display signs, parabolas, boomerangs, rhomboids, trapezoids, and all the rest of it, are already the staple design of the American landscape outside the oldest parts of the oldest cities, They are all over every suburb, every subdivision, every highway . . . they are the new landmarks of America, the new guide posts, the new way Americans get their bearings.
- Tom Wolfe, “Las Vegas (What?) Las Vegas (Can’t Hear you! Too Noisy) Las Vegas!!!” Esquire Magazine 1964, reprinted in The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby 1965

And then there's the unfortunate intrusion on Day Vegas into Night Vegas: Man suffers heart attack at Heart Attack Grill


Tourists were disheartened, but not entirely surprised to hear about the incident.

"I don't think I would walk into a place, even if it's called the Heart Attack Grill, and order food, and expect that I was going to have a heart attack," said Las Vegas resident Debbie Kaye.

Customers, however, continued eating the burgers, fries, and shakes Tuesday night. And then went out to take a look at the town in the Day/Night Vegas of 2014:

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Something Wonderful: How to Rescue Ducklings from a Drain Pipe

You moment of "Awwwwwww...." from Miss Cellania @ Neatorama

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Speed Customization in Gaza

Where folks know the true meaning of "drive-by."


People gather around a vehicle targeted in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City on July 8, 2014. - In Focus - The Atlantic

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"And the Birkenstocks You Waddled In On!" Uncivil Discussions with My Neighbors


Last week I'm out for a walk to the local public library in Seattle's Queen Ann to return a book that has been overdue since one week before the invention of fire.

Upon arrival I notice, across the lawn and at the top of the steps in front of the entrance, there's a very bald and very white bearded geezer in shorts, faded Obama '08 t-shirt, and Birkenstocks (with dark socks, natch) standing at the top of the steps and shaking his head at the door. When I reach the door I see a sign announcing that the library will be closed until 1 PM because of recent budget cuts in the city.

The bald white Birkenstocks guy asks me, "Do you believe this? Closed until 1 now." I glance at my cell phone. It's 12:35.

"Hell, it'll be open in 25 minutes." I note and then somewhat absently I remark, "Besides, you gotta cut somewhere. Seattle's evidently chosen to cut library hours instead of the Bureau of Sustainability Studies or other nonsense."

He's taken a bit aback, but only for a moment. "Those cutbacks are because of all the tax-breaks we give to the rich!"

I'm taken aback, but only for a moment. "Oh please! Don't start that shit with me. Federal tax breaks have nothing to do with the local situation in which this moron-led and moron-inspired city of Bozos blows up its budget every damn year."

"It is so because of the tax breaks to the rich," he counters. I could have, at this point, been satisfied with an eye-roll and a shrug in response, but he's compelled to blather on. "And because of the damned defense spending. If we stopped spending on defense we could keep the libraries open."

"Oh spare me. Defense spending is the only thing keeping guys like you alive. I'd be glad to cut your share. But even if we zeroed out defense, dude, we'd still be deep in hock to everyone in the world for the long, long future. We. Have. No. Money."

He's getting pumped up now since it is beginning to dawn on him that I am not, like 99.2% of the Queen Anne population a card-carrying, pre-certified progressive Moonbat. His pale Nordic face begins to turn red and his breathing is coming in snatches.

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The [New] American Way


50,000 Illegals Apply For Driver Authorization Cards in Nevada While over 75% of applicants originally failed the written test,

approximately 16,400 illegals have now received their driving cards, 14 of whom have also reportedly obtained insurance. In a possibly related story, Nevada authorities are searching for answers to an unprecedented wave of auto thefts - an increase of over 16,000 from this time last year.

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So Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Pellosi, McCain, Jerry Brown, Hillary, and Bill are just standing around in a field talking when....

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Here Comes Everybody!

This is all not going to end well. Not well at all.... at sea in Europe and on land along our own borders.

Massimo Sestini's remarkable photograph of an open boat carrying 227 illegal immigrants heading north across the Mediterranean.

"In the first half of this year sixty thousand illegals have arrived on Italian territory. If the flow continues at this rate, this year's total will be 120,000 — twice as many as in 2011, the record year so far. A growing problem? Oh yeah.

Sicily alone has received 53,000 of those sixty thousand this year. That's more than one percent of Sicily's population.
Should Europe at large be afraid? Sicily's population is one percent of the EU, so you could say: "Eh, one percent of one percent — surely Europe can absorb them."
And what's to be afraid of, anyway? Immigration boosters, Club for Growth types, open-borders libertarians, the Wall Street Journal, and what Steve Sailer calls the NAABP, the National Association for the Advancement of Billionaire People — Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson — They'll all tell you that these are just willing workers whose labor and skills will grow Europe's GDP.
Maybe. But turn to the next page of the Journal and there's an article about self-driving cars. I guess we won't be needing cab drivers much longer, then. How many workers do today's robotized factories need? Are these boatloads of illegals really an economic boon to Europe?
Does the expression "the 20:80 society" mean anything? That's a society foreseen by a couple of German authors back in the nineties, one in which only twenty percent of the adult population is needed to provide all goods and services. The other eighty percent basically live on welfare. "The 20:80 society": If you haven't heard this expression, trust me, you soon will." -- Via Radio Derb Transcript

And now..... with an extra helping of irony....Neil Diamond's Coming To America

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Do Not Watch While Operating Heavy Machinery

Rube Goldberg meets MTV in MC Escher's warehouse.

OK? Go!

[How was it done? Here's how....]

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Core Samples [Updated]

The Consequences of Syria | World Affairs Journal

The reality is, however, that the United States has never been able to deter or contain Iran.
No American policy-maker has ever pushed back against the Iranians for their misbehavior. I’m not just faulting Obama here. I’m also faulting the Bush administration, the Clinton administration, and the Reagan administration which also sought a rapprochement with the clerical regime. No one has pushed back for 35 years.

Kids Today: American Exchange Student Gets Stuck In Giant Stone Vagina In Germany | The Daily Caller

The scandal of fiddled global warming data : The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record.

Kerry: 'I'm Working Hard to ... Have Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Ambassadors' [and get them assigned to Muslim countries]..... The Weekly Standard


Why attach the propeller to a perfectly normal car?

Firstly, because you can!
Second, because you can rid your car of transmission, clutch, brakes and many other conventional systems.
         Dark Roasted Blend: Cars with Propellers, Part 1

Final Proof Global Warming Purely Political |

Proof-stories are those that say
“The science predicted this-and-such, and here is the evidence verifying the prediction.” These were common in the early days of the panic, back in the late ’90s when temperatures cooperated with climate models, but are now as rare as conservatives in Liberal Arts departments. The reason is simple: there is little in the way of proof that the dire predictions of global warming are true, and much evidence, plain to the senses, that they are false.

Taste: The chili pepper that makes your head explode --

Currently rated as “the world's hottest chili pepper” by Guinness World Records, the pepper averages 1,569,300 on the Scoville Heat Unit scale, with peak levels of over 2,200,000. In comparison, a regular jalapeno pepper comes in at around 8,000 units.

Cheney: Another 9-11 Coming

"The next time, it will be with far deadlier weapons than airline tickets and box cutters.
There's been a 58% increase in the number of groups like al Qaeda -- Salafi-Jihadists, and it stretches from west Africa all across north Africa, east Africa, through the Middle East all the way around to Indonesia -- a doubling of the number of terrorists out there.

Here's why I ban laptops from my classrooms:

because we're reading and discussing books.
We look at page after page, and I and my students use both hands to do that, and then I encourage them to mark the important passages, and take brief notes on them, with pen or pencil. Which means that there are no hands left over for laptops. And if they were typing on their laptops, they'd have no hands left over for turning to the pages I asked them to turn to. See the problem?
         laptops of the Borg - Text Patterns

Neo-Conservatism, for example,

was a cosmopolitan revolt
against the traditional bourgeois conservatism of the previous era. More precisely and practically, it was an attempt to fuse the worldly liberalism of the first half of the 20th century with the traditional, American social conservatism of the second half of the 20th century. It was a complete failure.
          The Z Blog › Ramblings on Hyphen Conservatism

Occasionally life throws you a melon, an egg, or a Ming vase,

but you have to be ready.
I've seen far too many people push away perfectly good fruit, because they're scared of what people might think if they ever get caught catching bananas from strangers.
         Worst Movers Ever | The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys


“I was stunned.

House after house, block after block
was filled with incredible Craftsman homes, Tudor homes, and Victorian mansions. I'd never seen anything like it. I couldn't figure out why I'd never heard of this place,” he said.
         Los Angeles’ West Adams neighborhood

“Roth is full of shit,”

he says without hesitation.
Jonathan Franzen is undeserving of his reputation, as is Jonathan Lethem. The postmodernist Lydia Davis is “ridiculously overrated.” Paul Auster, too: “I can’t read him anymore.” The subtle redesign of The New Yorker has been a “dreadful error.” The upstart Brooklyn lit mag n 1 is a “crock of shit.”
An Angry Flash of Gordon

In a world of constant disagreement of every little thing on Tumblr nearly 250,000 people agree....


This guy [Dwight Howard] is an asshole.

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No Airstrikes But Obama Considering Special Forces To Iraq



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Contemporary American Classics: Addicted to Love

It's a simple concept: Smoking hot brunettes in tight black dresses playing ZZ Top electric guitars. You have to make a conscious effort to even notice Robert Palmer.

Result: Never. Gets. Old. Never

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Feuilleton du Jour Friday

A Retro Fathers Day Fit for a King | Envisioning The American Dream Once upon a time, but not too long ago, all Dads were king. Not only for a measly third Sunday in June, but to believe the mid-century American advertiser, the head of the household was the sovereign ruler of his suburban dominion the year round.

Who knew? Frog's tongue 'can lift three times own body weight'
America in 2034: People will gleefully abandon their privacy. The result will be an ever more extensive (and effective) witch hunt. Already, anonymous commentators in Sweden were (illegally) exposed by hackers, and the media showed no compunction about hounding them from their jobs. Donors will also be targeted. Already, “point and stutter” seems to be the sole occupation of American journalists.
IN KARACHI, THE DELIVERY MAN COMETH | One Friday night, a friend came over to commiserate because we’d had a horrible week. I served her a McDonald’s Happy Meal. On a tray.
Vanilla Is The Old Black Until 1841, when a twelve-year-old slave on the French-owned island of Réunion discovered how to hand-pollinate the vanilla orchid, its production was limited to the habitat of its natural pollinator, a small bee native to Veracruz, Mexico. Even today, vanilla is hand-pollinated, and, as a result, costs more than $100 per kilo, making it second only to saffron as the most expensive spice.

See More of BOHN against Communism, 1952| Retronaut

"This Video Seems Silly, But It Makes A Good Point" @ Clickhole
Oregon Wildfire Used As an Incredibly Dramatic Backdrop for Wedding Photos

Gary U.S. Bonds at Seventy-five : How much longer? “I don’t know—fifty years?” he said. “I ain’t going nowhere.”

Hamilton man arrested again for having sex with pool float: Edwin Tobergta, 35,was arrested Wednesday morning after a witness observed him standing naked on Route 4 in Hamilton simulating sex with a pink pool floatation device. According to the police report, the witness said he was in full view of nearby businesses and passing cars.

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