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“I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass that I love…”

Leaves of Grass Closing Stanzas 1855 Edition

“Walt Whitman, an American, one of the roughs,
a kosmos,.”

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  • Mike MO November 6, 2020, 5:03 PM

    Much love. Always, much love.

  • Mark November 6, 2020, 6:36 PM

    May God forever bless your brother, your family, and you. You have my deepest sympathy, but know, if he’s 1/3 the man you are, he’ll enjoy God’s eternal blessings and reward. We’ll all meet where there are no sorrows and pain. Life is temporal; a blessed eternity is forever.

  • Sally J Dungan November 6, 2020, 10:27 PM

    Almighty God, our Father in heaven, before whom live all
    who die in the Lord: Receive our brother Thomas into the courts of
    your heavenly dwelling place. Let his heart and soul now ring
    out in joy to you, O Lord, the living God, and the God of
    those who live. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • Sam L. November 7, 2020, 7:16 AM

    Soooo, not smokin’ that grass, eh???

  • Dirk November 7, 2020, 9:45 AM

    GV, timing is everything, this has zero to do with your article. We are at a crossroads, THEY will be coming for our freedomesta writers sooner rather then later. I’m concerned for you. The offer from us is always available.

    We should talk. Perhaps reach out to the gent who you FTFed with. Or call. I’ve somehow lost your stuff.

    Big D
    Little irk

  • James ONeil November 7, 2020, 11:05 AM

    After two nights and a day of winter storm, at least 16 inches of new snow atop my grass.

    Tomorrow & tomorrow night; 100% chance of snow predicted. I, and my son plowed around two miles of road and trail yesterday and are pushing the berms back today to make room to move tomorrow’s fall.

    Biden and the Camel? What Walt says and what we do is of far greater import. Sometimes we need a storm and a calm after such, to remind us the ground beneath, the sky above and friends within and beyond reach are what counts.

  • Richard G. November 7, 2020, 11:51 AM

    Robinson Jeffers

    I had walked since dawn and lay down to rest on a bare hillside
    Above the ocean. I saw through half-shut eyelids a vulture wheeling
    high up in heaven,
    And presently it passed again, but lower and nearer, its orbit
    I understood then
    That I was under inspection. I lay death-still and heard the flight-
    Whistle above me and make their circle and come nearer.
    I could see the naked red head between the great wings
    Bear downward staring. I said, ‘My dear bird, we are wasting time
    These old bones will still work; they are not for you.’ But how
    he looked, gliding down
    On those great sails; how beautiful he looked, veering away in the
    over the precipice. I tell you solemnly
    That I was sorry to have disappointed him. To be eaten by that beak
    become part of him, to share those wings and those eyes–
    What a sublime end of one’s body, what an enskyment; what a life
    after death.

  • Uncle Mikey November 7, 2020, 12:29 PM

    Love you Gerard. Praying for your brother and you too.

  • John the River November 7, 2020, 1:06 PM

    Too late to move out of Cali, Cali is coming here.

    As Dirk suggested, it’s time to think about personal security. AOC is talking about identifying and hunting down Trump supporters for punishment. And I never doubt it when a Communist tells me they intent to come for me.
    I’m seriously considering shutting down my silly little blog, and I’m certainly far down the list from you.
    I’ve actually had two threatening, mocking messages left on my answering machine, and that’s just from daring to put Trump/Spence signs out on the street.

  • ghostsniper November 7, 2020, 1:27 PM

    John sed: “AOC is talking about identifying and hunting down Trump supporters for punishment.”
    Delusional wretch doesn’t even realize she’ll go down in the first wave.

  • AbigailAdams November 7, 2020, 9:12 PM

    “I sound my barbaric yawp…”

    Only one of the top string of words ever put together in American english.

  • Dirk November 8, 2020, 7:13 AM

    John The River, my friend, “quit” is not a word our side can banter about. If your a freedomesta, a lover of our freedoms, our nation, you absolutely must press forward. We each have sweet skills, yours appears to be the poison pen, as GV. I can tell you this.

    My written criminal reports were far far far more powerful then the selection of weapons I had at my daily disposal. ” The Truth Shall Not Be Denied!”.

    I see in my minds eye, small groups of men gathered, for the common good, their families present. I see daily work being done. I see organized patrols, in area’s, I see LPs, and OP”s. I see check points on the road 24/7.

    I see our prolific writers within this setting, doing what they do best, keeping the war drum beating with truth, truth that many others don’t see, or understand, their to busy feeding protecting their families.

    I see daily written work being pass aroumd electronically and hand to hand. I see those prolific writers duties as perhaps admin, at the garden, the kitchen or meaning the Intel desk or radios. Yes even they contribute.

    And I see the Marxist becoming really really pissed off about the truths being penned by men such as yourself. Pissed off enough to attempt stupidness. I see folks on horse back, or motorcycles or bicycles riding into other areas, daily then bursting out the freedom articles.

    Keepimg it real,keeping Marxism focused.

    I see fifty percent of this nation willing to protect people, who have the will to speak truth to power.

    In my turf,I know hundreds of really really tough men no non sense men. Men who go to,church on Sunday, come home farm or repair equipment without complaint. I see these men doing the right things for all the right reasons.

    John that’s what you need to find, check that, any crew in your area needs to find you quickly and make sure your secure, not a target, doing your freedomesta best to poke the truth in the eye of uncle Marx.

    Easy Peasy!.

    My God bless you all.


  • ghostsniper November 8, 2020, 7:33 AM

    Dirk sed: “I see….
    …horrifying tarriss events all over the country in which many are killed and maimed and property destroyed by the american communists with blame laid on the rightists. This will cause the country inhabited by children to go into full manic mode justifying tyrannical politicians to shut down everything and creating laws at the state level to nullify the 2nd amendment. Remember, your natural rights are not dependent upon the constitution. Your natural rights stand alone, inviolate, and no one any where gets to say anything about it. The 2nd amendment doesn’t bestow rights, but acknowledges them and requires the gov’t to respect them. Any violations of that contract are criminal and must be treated accordingly, if necessary, by “We the people”.

  • John the River November 8, 2020, 11:36 AM

    To be given the chance to select a person to go to Congress or to the White House, in a fair and honest election is the reason we as a tribe gave over the rough and deadly games that determined “Who Rules?”.
    As the men with weak chests complete their work on dismantling free and fair elections in this country; they should pause and consider what might come next.

    “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” —C.S. Lewis

  • Dirk November 9, 2020, 6:19 AM

    Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not looking for this fight, it’s coming to us. I rather enjoy sitting in my chair, listening to Bach, on Stacked Klipsch Cornwalls with a 60s tune amp pushing out the sweet sweet notes, it’s 9 outside, 69 inside.

    I’ve no interest in ,an in a hole in the group, in defense of my clan, yet will gleefully do so, of push comes to shove.

    Interpretation is this. We all do what we do, for selfish reasons, I’m as confused as the next., As to what’s coming, but in my short 64 years on Mother Earth I was taught early on to be prepared, ALWAYS be prepared, be prepared to protect the little ones, the ones whom are unable to protect themselves.

    Be willing to hear out others idea’s thoughts, their plans, their vision. Sadly I’ve lost that last part some where’s in the past twenty years. Their is a silver lining to it. I only need to listen to 1/2the population at this time in space. God has shown me that that other half, are in it for them,selves, they are ignorant small weasels, who planned for end of life issues poorly, yet dog me, for my life’s choices.

    I’m amused at the hypocrites, I’m disgusted at the lies, I’m sad half are godless. Unfortunately it appears that we no longer get to pick our own direction. It’s being drawn for us, in a hellish place, DC Inc. a soulless place, where God is a catch phrase, and money power ARE God.

    Humans have been in this mess before, nothing new, if your a lover of true history, not the crap the winners always gin up, you will clearly understand.

    A thought, I’m a big fan of “Armstrong economics”, have been for 15/18 years. Find him to be bold enough to predict Dates, Names and circumstances, all based on the past. To date Martins been spot on.

    We are in a time in which our conservative side is researching with a shotgun, when a real scalpel research is needed.if REAL Information is power, then the info we receive must be accurate, articulate, AND we need to come to our own conclusion, not that of the author.

    This site especially is chocked full of a smarter wiser readership, who don’t need to be lead by the nose right to the authors conclusion. I’m often offended by the folks who make noise, just to make noise. This site is different, it’s a diamond in the rough, I enjoy the sharp, wise input from the supporters.

    Which leads me back to my origional point, this site, this author GV, needs to be protected at all costs. “THEY” will come for him, THEY will come for anybody spouting freedom free speech, history tells us this.

    John, ghost, I’m a big fan of you both. If I can assist in any way reach out. GV, you have my permission to provide contact info to anybody here who needs help. Friends if we don’t take care of the good guys, who will?