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Extraterrestrial Highway Rachel, Nevada

ED HARRIS: (As Rear Admiral Chester “Hammer” Cain) in Maverick: ”Thirty-plus years of service, combat medals, citations, only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last 40 years, yet you can’t get a promotion. You won’t retire. Despite your best efforts, you refuse to die.”

Let’s get something straight |. …the communist left doesn’t give one iota of a fuck what you think. You can blah-blah-blah all day.

The ONE THING that the commie left has not forgotten, is that speech without deeds and action is just…SO MUCH BLOVIATING HOT AIR.
They are willing and able to get blood on their hands.

You are afraid they’ll call you… mean, hateful, and you’ll get in trouble with your government.

An American CAESAR is INEVITABLE @ YouTube

Never Yet Melted サ Film Crew Visits Cat Urbigkit   Recently, Cat reluctantly allowed a film company to visit, and she describes amusingly the interesting time she had preventing the urban-based film crew members from getting eaten by her dogs. Those are big, strong dogs.

Let’s Practice System Distancing: The Abortion Edition – Francis Berger The first thing to keep in mind is this — the System issued the communication and made sure news of it was widespread. This implies that the Establishment very much wants everyone to be acutely aware of the “issue” and to participate in the issue via the System in some way by thinking about it, writing about it, arguing about it, raising hopes about it, fighting about it, etc. Moreover, the Establishment wants everyone to “have a position” on the issue. They want people to become personally invested in this latest communication on terms the System dictates. This applies especially to Christians, for whom abortion is a big concern.

Secondly, this newest current thing is a clear example of the System wanting people to listen to what it is saying about this issue here and now and to forget about what it is not saying here and now. And there are many things the System is not talking about these days — the very same things it could not stop talking about mere weeks or months ago. . . VIA Venlet at Free Men Free Minds

MAKE MINE RARE, VERY RARE: Bizarre and terrible food ads that would probably never run today,”YES, YOU’RE RIGHT IN LIKING MEAT — AND ISN’T THE EATING GOOD?”

Bruce Charlton’s Notions: BTW – It’s Not about the USA anymore... But the present situation, in which (apparently) the US Supreme Court Judges are under siege; threatened by totalitarian-leftist violence egged on by the mass media; and leading US politicians and security agencies will neither acknowledge the fact, protect them, nor do anything substantive to discourage the situation… shows me that the USA is now a controlled nation – the US elites are middle managers for executives whose loyalties lies elsewhere.

No Compromise on Guns Why is a former (but sympathetic) government official under the impression that his past position gives him some sort of special expertise that we should defer to in terms of foundational constitutional policy, i.e., whether or not citizens should have the capacity to resist violent tyranny? The answer is that he doesn’t, and the fact that guys like him are presumably the ones who would be called upon to carry out the dirty work of a tyrannical government (in the remote but potential scenario where that might happen in the future) actually makes him the very worst person to opine on the policy.

The number one issue for voters is gas prices. The ruling class likes high gas prices because it pleases Gaia. They also like it because it harms the Dirt People, which reinforces the friend-enemy distinction. The Cloud People are largely defined by not being Dirt People. It is why administration officials start giggling whenever they are asked about gas prices. It is also why they cannot pivot to take the side of the voters and promote policies that lower gas prices.

Since the Cloud People define themselves in opposition to the Dirt People, it means their ideological position on all things political must in someway be in opposition to the very nature of the Dirt People. When hunting around for issues to distract the voters, your guy will inevitable stake out a position that separates him from the Dirt People as a matter of ideological identity. Even when trying to distract the voters you run the risk of alienating them on these secondary issues.

We see this with the current frenzy of gun grabbing in Washington. The Biden people put out word that they were going to distract people from the economy by grifting on the latest school shooting. The problem is the gun grabbers are consumed with spiting normal people who support gun ownership. Instead of the issue being a way to distract voters, it is a reminder that the people in charge hate the voters. The distraction quickly becomes a reminder of why people are unhappy.

The upcoming January 6 show trials are another example. The whole point of this thing is to remind the Dirt People of their place. They could sell some of this right after it happened, as most Dirt People are in favor of order. At this point, when shelves are empty and gas prices are soaring, the Dirt People are starting to wonder if the QAnon Shaman was onto something. This show trial is exactly what the party should be avoiding, but they cannot stop themselves. It is who they are.

Talkin’ World War III Blues |
Well, the whole thing started at 3 o’clock fast
It was all over by quarter past
I was down in the sewer with some little lover
When I peeked out from a manhole cover
Wondering who turned the lights on

Well, I got up and walked around
And up and down the lonesome town
I stood a-wondering which way to go
I lit a cigarette on a parking meter and walked on down the road
It was a normal day

Can The United States Become a Serious Country Again? | Would a serious country have run up a national debt of now almost $30.5 trillion during times of relative peace and prosperity?
Would a serious country have leaders so deeply preoccupied with domestic wrangling and partisan advantage that they fail to see that the rest of the world is watching and taking note, and that the hostile powers of the world are even now calculating the possibilities that such feckless leadership has opened up for them?
Would a serious country allow the apparatus by which it elects its leaders to become so corrupted and to fall into such disrepair that its citizenry of both major parties no longer trust the outcomes of elections?

Twilight of Tech Gods: Era Ends With Recession, Stock Market Crash, Layoffs Crypto is a stunning waste of capital and the clearest proof yet that a lot of money in tech has run out of useful ideas to chase. It has proved that it is not a safe store of value nor a viable payments network.There is constant crypto robbery with no consequences, and it is obvious that further integrating this fantasy funny money into our financial system would be a mistake. It is a Ponzi scheme, as FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried basically admitted on an episode of Bloomberg’s “Odd Lots” podcast — a box that is only valuable if more people keep putting value in the box.

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  • No Mercy No Sympathy June 10, 2022, 2:07 PM

    Magic Soil true believers as Skippy and Sal in their rainbow two seater shoot down every air force in the world to make it safe for the rainbow bathhouse.
    Kind of hard to conquer the world with a divided atomized society of warring factions having nothing in common besides shopping at the world bazaar strip mall abomination.
    The sewer pipe of Hollywood hates America just as much as comrade lefty so the really big show must be coming up.
    I don’t fear the most feckless retarded worthless traitor quisling RAT POS gov in human history and neither should you.
    Freedom isn’t free and the tree of liberty is parched.

    • ThisIsNotNutella June 10, 2022, 4:15 PM

      Just as much? Oh.. I think you’ll find that all those Hollywood Armenians hate America and Christendom with the passed down through the generations and carefully cultivated and nurtured intensity of a thousand suns. Americans are pond newts. They don’t grok yesterday or tomorrow. They don’t have ancient atavistic hatreds. Mostly they cannot even understand these. How do you explain three dimensions to a Flatlander? So they’re mostly unable to defend themselves against blows from a foe they congenitally cannot see anymore.

      Just because everything old is new again, no need to gimp around on the Muh Communists Crutch. Communism was a mere eye blink of a historical fart. It’s all the Old Gods who’ve awakened and begun lumbering about. And it’s going to take more than mail order red-letter KJVs and bumper stickers to get them back in the museum. Anyway they’re thirsty. Very thirsty. Been a long time between drinks.

      Forget the Tree of Liberty. Baal gets first dibs.

  • ThisIsNotNutella June 10, 2022, 4:07 PM

    Some of my Best Best Friends are Globalists ™…

    That being said, it’s high time both casual and strategic Anti-Globalism became respectable again. Our Ancestors weren’t total fools. In fact they had to be Carefully Taught to act against their own group interests.

    Or we could all just politely go down to perdition. Climb into those cattle cars while apologizing for our White Privilege and for not doing it faster.

    A society which allows itself to be lectured on corporate governance and morals by Larry Fink deserves to die.

    Kipling would not have stood for it. Chesterton neither. I rather like Belloc meself.

  • Dirk June 10, 2022, 5:10 PM

    Weird I got zero friends whom are globalists.

    What’s coming isn’t personal, it’s just required. As my new best friend NIKI JIZZ says, we’ll who fucking cares what ol nicki jizz says. Big fat Niglet, feeds on lil ones. Our future.

    He deserves one to the nuts, ten minutes of begging god for mercy, before I send that mercy ol nicki Jizz richly deserves.

    I don’t think heaven has homo’s or shit Stains like ol nicki Jizz. Those sick fucks got an extra special place they go to. Appropriate actually.

    • ghostsniper June 10, 2022, 7:19 PM

      Why did I have to go look that up?
      Oh, and it has no nuts.
      Just estrogen filled ovalettes.

    • Mike Austin June 11, 2022, 4:09 AM

      I have no liberal friends. I have no globalist friends. I have no sexually perverted friends. I have no racially confused friends. I have no Democrat Party friends. I have no progressive friends.

      I don’t know anybody who voted for Biden. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t own a gun. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t go to Church. I don’t know anybody who isn’t a prepper.

      My friends are all Saxons. And they are beginning to hate.

      • John the River June 11, 2022, 7:04 AM

        Thought I might be eligible to make the list until the end, Dane not a Saxon.
        And last year I didn’t own a gun.

        • Mike Austin June 11, 2022, 9:52 AM

          I’m only half-Saxon, the other half being—wait for it—Mexican of all things. My mind works like the mind of a Saxon. In my blood is the passion of Villa and Zapata.

  • Mike Austin June 11, 2022, 5:03 AM

    So an American Caesar is inevitable? Well, yes—only because human nature is immutable and men can only take so much before their inner fail-safe fails. Are you ready for 100,000,000 Americans to cry havoc all at once? Are you ready for 100,000,000 Dorners?

    Things are falling apart—and no center is holding—everywhere on earth and all at the same time. This is a controlled demolition. Those who have manufactured this dismantling of civilization believe they can direct the events they caused. They believe—they really, really believe—they have foreseen and prepared for all possible consequences. They believe—they really, really believe—that the ensuing nightmare of chaos will be to their benefit. Such naïveté is almost charming in its innocence, in its childish understanding of human nature, of History. They have forgotten—if they ever knew—that History and human nature are bitches red in tooth and claw. They have forgotten—if they ever knew—that civilization is but a thin veneer plastered over a ravenous and savage beast. Pull it away and you reveal the jungle barbarism that always exists just outside the frontiers of society.

    When the damn breaks the men on top of the dam will be swept away with those below. No ruling class can survive a 1789 or a 1917. Their bones and flesh will molder and rot and disappear into the soil of the nation they themselves destroyed. Their dreams and plans and works and days will all be gone with the wind.

    So will a Caesar emerge from all this coming darkness? We should be so lucky. What if it is a Lenin?

  • Will M June 11, 2022, 9:25 AM

    We’ve already had one Caesar named Trump. According to Spengler, Caesar-types, those who are the voice of the neglected masses, come to the fore in the late stages of civilization. The ruling elite conspire to murder them one way or the other, and the result is the same as when the original Caesar was knocked off – a series of civil wars, societal fragmentation, and the eventual rise of competing war lords. This does seem to be the time-honored historical pattern.

    • Mike Austin June 11, 2022, 9:57 AM

      Trump was no Caesar, alas. The two men have little in common. A Caesar—“a man on horseback” as Hegel wrote of Napoleon—always appears with an army. Always.

  • Will M June 11, 2022, 1:23 PM

    Trump and Caesar both came from moneyed families, yet both had a genuine ear for the troubles of the downtrodden masses, and both spoke to them and for them. By the Spengler schematic, Trump is the first of our Caesars, they’ll be others, hopefully none with the imperialist aims of Napoleon – but eventually they’ll have armies.

    • Mike Austin June 11, 2022, 2:30 PM

      Caesar’s family—mother Aurelia, father Gaius Julius Caesar—was one barely able to maintain enough wealth to keep a senatorial seat. After his father’s death Caesar and his mother lived in a poor part of Rome, the Subura, in an insula, a type of apartment building. Caesar felt he had much to prove—and he proved it.

      If any future American Caesar has not the imperial aims of a Napoleon, he will fail. To be direct: Mexico and Canada must be subdued.

  • Will M June 11, 2022, 5:56 PM

    I personally think the USA’s imperialistic days are over; we’ll be fortunate to hover just above 3rd world status. Canada as part of the Western world won’t fare any better. Mexico will remain Mexico, a dysfunctional carnival of in-fighting and incompetence, only worse.

    In any event, I expect the USA to fragment within ten years or so.