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He’s Alive. ALIVE! Impeachment Is FAILING So Horribly That Trump’s Betting Odds Actually INCREASED

Yes, it’s 20 minutes but Pool knows how to read and comment. And he’s no Trump booster, but “I’m looking at a Republican decade.”

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  • ghostsniper January 30, 2020, 1:33 PM

    After reading the above I turned on PBS and Shithead was running his jibber and blubbering all over the place.

    First thing I noticed is his increase in volume, apparently nobody heard him the first 1000 times, so…..more cowbell!

    Second, Shitty seems more irritated, I mean, you know how irritating those, those deplorables can be.

    Third, he is now trying to drag it all the way into the gutter from which he normally lives, by throwing insults around, saying certain people words are “laughable”. He’s continuing his “laughable” threatening tone with a bunch of “what if” scenarios. Winey little gurl.

    Before this thing is over Shitforbrains will be slobbering all over himself, pointing fingers, talkin’ shit, and maybe even reach right out and latch onto somebody. Oh I wish. At that point it would be beyond cool for Dershowitz to jump over the wall and commence slamming them $800 wingtips all upside Shitty’s brain housing group. Can’t take no more, need a bigger boat, gotta turn it off…..

  • bfwebster January 30, 2020, 2:19 PM

    Tim Pool’s comments about the lack of Dem candidates for 2024 (or, for that matter, for this year) traces back to the impact of the Obama administration. During the 8 years of Obama, the Democrats lost ground in governors’ mansions and state houses all across America. They regained a bit in 2018, but only a bit, and I suspect they will lose ground again this fall.

    Perhaps Trump’s greatest accomplishment has been to blow up all the standard Republican assumptions of how to ‘govern’ (usually interpreted as ‘don’t offend anyone and give the Dems what they want’). The GOP candidates who run in 2024 will likely all run on Trump’s record and on his approach.

    Interesting times.

  • lpdbw January 30, 2020, 6:26 PM

    I don’t like saying “Don’t get cocky, kid”, but bfwebster, consider this:

    There are Republicans, and there is Trump. I believe Republican victory is certain for some time to come. Whether those Republicans are Americans or not is the question.

    Remember, after Reagan, we were poised for greatness. Instead, we got Bush. Then Clinton, another Bush, and Obama. In part because Republican doesn’t mean American. At best, it means not the Democrat style of anti-American.

    Consider a White House with Murkowski and a Senate full of Boltons, Powells, Collins’s and Romneys. Republican? Yes. Good for the nation? Hell no.

    Where are the Republican parties Trump follow-ups? Are there many not named Trump?

  • John The River January 30, 2020, 9:02 PM

    lpdbw…Who wants another dynasty or even a abortive dynasty?
    I love Donald Trump and all he’s done for the nation. But to rally behind anyone (any girl?) simply because they are of the Blood?
    What’s wrong with this country that we can’t come up with another competent candidate without resorting to bloodlines? Good or Bad.