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American Perversions: The Not-So-Great Generation and the Vision That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The World as a Group of Fantasy Islands. A project off the coast of Dubai, 2012 

“I wait for a sign to begin your work.” The voice died away. A wind had sprung up, gentle, bringing with it the sigh and whisper of leafy branches and grasses and a whiff of carrion from the dump up the road.

There was no sound but that brought on the breeze. The figure stood silent and thoughtful for a time. Then it stooped and stood with the figure of a child in his arms.

“I bring you this.”

It became unspeakable. — Salem’s Lot, Stephen King

“The unnamable vision always leads to the unspeakable crime.” — AD Commenter Gloria

In the past few decades,  self-loathing has drenched many  Americans of the Left and the CuckedRight. This self-loathing has reached its apotheosis in those “Americans” that love the hallucinogenic fantasy of an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero, a sanctuary California,  a Hillary forcefully installed as Big Granny President for Life, a Bidenist White House Forever, and Donald Trump’s head on a stake over the main gate to DC. All so they can get back to sitting in their dark cave and watch their dream-world socialist vision screened on the back wall; a vision of a world that has always quickly become unspeakable.

After the rise of Obama, the most anti-American American president in history, their perverted vision became rapturously anti-American. It is now self-evident what their “path to success” is in the minds of those who both embrace and live the progressive vision. It is a vision very much alive, kicking and in residence in the DNC, the Obama Vineyard mansions, the Clinton Crew’s Castles, the Petrified Groves of Academe, the Gender-Bending Bidenists, and the dark, Satanic propaganda mills of the media, news as well as globohomo advertisements and “entertainment”.

Millions of Americans, unknowing, uncaring, or not gulled by the Left cannot see this vision. This vision, as far as the masses are concerned, is unknown and unknowable. It is very much a secret.

It is “the vision that dare not speak its name.”

What is no secret is that classical liberalism,  in the mold of FDR, JFK, and LBJ that reached its apotheosis in Hubert Humphrey, has long been consigned to the rag-and-bone shop of American politics. What has taken its place hates to be tarred with the brush of liberalism because, frankly, it isn’t. It prefers to be called “progressivism” even though “psychopathic and sociopathic political and social recidivism” more accurately describes it.

What now stands in the place once occupied by classical liberalism is a kind of perverted one-world idealism in which “the world as it is” is constantly measured against “the world as [we say] it should be.” Classic liberalism at least had the argument that it was being done for the greater good. The new perverted progressive liberalism variant is one in which policy and plans are made because it makes the initiators yearn to “feel good” in the manner that compulsive masturbators obsess over pony-girl fantasies implanted before puberty. Those that make and support these measures hold themselves in high regard, seeing each other as, in the French phrase popular when many of them were young,  citoyens du monde, (citizens of the world).

The donations come in the front door and the Creches go out the back. All done with a nudge and a wink to “the protection of liberty and diversity”


Typically these citoyens du monde  are people who have “gone beyond” nation-states in their own minds and, if they can afford it (and many can), in their personal lives as well.

These are people with access to enough money to afford private jets or enough money to pay the premium prices of a Tesla. Ten-dollar gas doesn’t even begin to slow them down. They do not dwell in the same nation as their fellow, less-fortunate citizens. Instead, they can afford to spend their time spreading a gospel whose high costs and marginal benefits are always carefully hidden from the middle of the middle class and those below. This is never seen by those spreading the progressive gospel to their poorer citizens as a kind of noblesse oblige, only as something that is “good for them.” They view themselves as like vegetable hamburger as Americans who are “Beyond American.” 

Writ large we see this in grandiose projects like the Gates Foundation’s plan to “Save Africa.” Among the citoyens du monde, “Saving Africa” is a noble goal of distinguished lineage. For awhile it was all the rage for the citoyens du monde  to jet over to Africa and collect a few African orphans for their home zoo in the Hollywood hills. Saving Africa has been around longer than Free Tibet. It’s been around forever and promises to continue in its need of saving for the duration of the millennium. Few can gainsay the deeply humanitarian impulse behind it, only the likely outcome of many more criminal Africans made millionaires that can leave that continent behind and buy ten-bedroom pied a terres in Paris thanks to the Gates Foundation.

On a smaller scale, we see thousands of continuing efforts to spread “correct thinking and correct behavior and correct belief” in the endless bullying of small organizations by larger “clear-headed” organizations such as the ACLU.  For this once noble organization the ACLU has become all their way or the lawsuit highway; a kind of fiscal extortion racket modeled on the Southern Poverty Law Center and the deeper grifting of BLM.

The donations come in the ACLU front door and Christian Creches are thrown into the trash out the back. All done with a nudge and a wink to “the protection of liberty and diversity” at the same time that diversity of the “bad” kind is reduced. Like latter-day Leona Helmsleys, these visionaries are always at pains to “thank the little people” for letting them have it their way.

These erstwhile American citizens do not think of themselves as actual Americans (although they play them easily and glibly on TV), but as a new and better breed that only retains their “American” status for the clear and present benefits. Instead, they prefer to think of themselves as inhabiting a rarer, more personally fragrant realm of ideals that the rest of us do not see and cannot aspire to. It is a realm continually made more fragrant via Progressive flatulence such as that seen wafting out of any three minutes of “The View.”

This new and more wonderful world is the Holy Realm of The Church of the Planet; a religion whose crusade goes forward under the sign of The Gleaming Escutcheon of United Nations; not as the grotesque assemblage of thugs and thieves that it is, but as it should — in the perfect world to come — be. Indeed, nothing in this realm is ever seen as it is, but only as it should be.

The sweet. The elite. These are the non-elected, self-appointed and peer-selected Government of the Happy World

There are no armies in this realm, only the zombie legions of NGOs without borders. There are no Popes or Saints, only the Gates, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Gores, the Bezos, and the Bidens, and those who can jet into the annual Green Vatican convocation at Davos. The sweet. The elite. These are the non-elected, self-appointed, and peer-selected Government of the Happy World who swap honors and awards as freely between themselves as participants in a Sexual Freedom League Fornication Festival.

In their own strangely perverse way the Green Golem Goblins of this realm, like those on the extreme lower end of the scale in imploding 3rd world countries, are still dependent on nation-states, particularly the United States, for charity and scarce resources. This need accounts for much of the funding of the United Nations, an organization whose thirst for the perfect world in the very near future (We promise) is exceeded only by its thirst for American money in the here and now. Dreams do not require food and protection, only the dreamers dreaming from their unshakable sleep; Dreamers safe in their pods like the endless ranks of the living dead seen by the awakened in The Matrix.

The rest of  “American Perversions: The Not-So-Great Generation and the Vision That Dare Not Speak Its Name” is now playing for paying subscribers at The New American Digest


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  • Indy Derricks November 1, 2022, 2:13 PM


  • Electro Audio Botz November 1, 2022, 2:18 PM

    A random pod find said that the internal CPUSA comrades think that they are dealing with the faux conservative wing of the Uniparty with the CCP but only the wall and squad awaits useful idiot quislings.
    WOKE is KGB labs 101 and a certain colonel is taking advantage with Taiwan up next.
    Didn’t the WEF say that American dominance would be over by 2030? (rhet.)

  • Anonymous November 2, 2022, 9:36 AM

    Bared He Obackside.

    There’s a first time for everything, bruh…

    and it don’t get better.

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