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Strange Daze: “Legendary bottomless holes have a demonstrated bottom that people simply chose to ignore.”

 “There are few productions of the natural world that exhibit a greater variety of kinds or species than marble”, wrote a correspondent for The Monthly Review in 1776, praising Adam Ludwig Wirsing’s Marmora et adfines aliquos lapides coloribus suis exprimi (Illustrations of marble types and some related stones).

The owner of a single New Jersey deli boasts a $105 million market cap – despite making only $14,000 in sales last year A New Jersey deli owner’s stock has tripled in the past year, valuing it at $105 million. Hometown International’s total sales were $36,000 over the past two years. “The pastrami must be amazing,” investor David Einhorn joked this week.

Who cast Napoleon Bonaparte’s death mask? Was it Francis Burton — Surgeon of the 66th Regiment of Foot and uncle to Sir Richard Francis –” who searched for gypsum by torchlight to mix the plaster of Paris mold? Or François Carlo Antommarchi, the fallen emperor’s personal physician on the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena, whose boorish personality led his patient to figure him ‘an ignorant and unreliable bungler’? And might it be true that Madame Bertrand (attendant to the dying, dethroned king) annexed the matrix, barely dry, mashing its ears by crushing their helices into the conchae?

Vox Popoli: Poking the Bear If the Ukrainians try to retake Donbas, the Russian army will beat them badly and continue on to Kiev. The presence of NATO’s troops will not deter Putin. As for the Democrats, they can push Kiev to attack, but they will end up losing the Ukraine in the process. If the point is to poison relations between Russia and Europe, they can try to do so, but if they think the Russo-Ukrainian war is going to drag on, they’re mistaken. And if they think Putin won’t defend the Donbas, they’ve made a serious miscalculation.

Never Yet Melted » Asperger’s Fascists Given their history and the monomaniacal, focused manner in which they got there, I would wager many of them suffer from Asperger’sœa neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. They get technology, they get business, but they don’t really get people. They don’t read widely, only within their world. Their machines have revealed the truth and they want to make sure the world follows their orders, which are, after all, politically correct. When they censor they are doing what they are convinced is the right thing. They are what we may call Asperger’s Fascists.

Found: Page 25 of the CIA’s Gateway Report on Astral Projection The Department of Defense’s ambitions are made clear in the report’s conclusion: McDonnell suggests that if the military were to experiment with astral projection, it could find “practical application,” but also noted that it should “be intellectually prepared to react to possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporeal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded.” It kicked off years of attempts by the US Army to train psychic soldiers to conduct “remote viewing” missions to regions across the world.

The last Japanese samurai in color images, 1860-1900 – 

“Why is everyone swallowing Biden’s lies?” – The New Neo  One more thing – the degree to which many people simply swallow whatever the MSM tells them was driven home to me most dramatically back in 2012. Romney was the candidate, and I figured he was probably moderate enough that some Democrats would vote for him or at least not hate him. But when I went to my book group in the fall of that election season, a while after Democrats and the MSM were harping on Romney’s “binders of women” statement in order to cast him as some sort of woman-hater, I discovered that virtually all the women in my book group had bought into it. They hated Romney, the woman-hater – it was a done deal.

That was quite something to behold, and the inanity of the charge against Romney did nothing to stop them from swallowing it whole. These are not unintelligent women. But they are Democrats…

Messerschmitt KR200, the stylish bubble car of 1950s  Fritz Fend, a former Luftwaffe technical officer, had secured a small workshop, where he began to experiment with ultra-simple personal transport – a ‘Flitzer’ (meaning to dash along): a man-powered tricycle employing cranks and levers which could be used by the disabled. This became first semi-enclosed then fully enclosed and, in 1948, powered. Later Flitzers had a 98cc, 4.5hp Riedel two-stroke engine (a Me 262 starter motor), and wheelbarrow wheels replaced the earlier bicycle wheels (dire days, indeed).

How Students Built a 16th-Century Engineer’s Book-Reading Machine –  

Agostino Ramelli’s Theatre of Machines (1588) –   Most prescient, perhaps, was his book wheel, which Megan Garber has called “the Kindle of the 16th century”. Borrowing the epicyclic gearing mechanism from astronomical clocks, Ramelli envisioned the machine to be of use to “anyone who takes pleasure in study, especially those who are indisposed and tormented by gout.” More impressive than its workings was the circular form — which some read as an anticipation of how printed and digital texts came to circulate globally — and its system of shelves, which work almost like web-browser tabs.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sends team to probe fatal Tesla crash with no driver that killed 2 in Spring, Texas –   Investigators are “100% sure” that no one was driving the 2019 Tesla Model S that ran off a suburban parkway, hit a tree and burst into flames, killing two men inside, Harris County Precinct Four Constable Mark Herman said. But they’re still trying to determine whether the electric car was operating on Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist system, or if the company’s “Full Self-Driving Capability” system was in use. One of the men was found in the front passenger seat of the badly burned car, and the other was in the back seat.

The horse breaks out of the gate at a slanted angle headed for the arena’s right-side fence. Just as the animal is nearing top speed, more than 40 miles per hour, it meets the first of the track’s three metal barrels. The rider, who to this point has been speeding her steer with spurs and vocals, must stop her 1,200-pound partner on a dime and twist the horse around the barrel as tightly as possible without knocking the barrel down. It takes an incredible deal of skill and guts to orchestrate such an extreme reversal of momentum. The rider repeats the process with the remaining two barrels. The last turn sets the duo up for a straight mad dash toward the exit. Depending on the competitors’ ability and the size of the track, the whole performance can last as little as 14 seconds.  A Look at the Female-Dominated Sport of Barrel Racing

Black America, 1895 –   In the years preceding Black America, McClain worked on talent development, stage, and music direction for two enormous performances: The Battle of Vicksburg, a massive Civil War reenactment that took place on the beaches of Coney Island, and The South Before the War, a heavily nostalgic recreation of plantation life.14 His involvement in Black America was noted in the press, where he is credited at times as “amusement director and stage manager”,15 chorus leader and manager of the over five hundred performers,16 and “manager of the Black America exhibitions”.17

Off-Season Famous for beaches and boardwalks thronged with summer renters and day-trippers, the Jersey shore is an unlikely place in which to depict landscapes that are still, quiet, unpopulated. Winter is coming, and the fake palms are wrapped in plastic.

Victor Davis Hanson on the fake Joe Biden – The New Neo Joe is liberated, not shackled, by his age and fragility. Just one term, the chance that he might lose the entire Congress in 2022, the left-wing, unhinged venom of the New Democratic Party—these were never reasons to reach out or find compromise. Rather they were urgent goads to accelerate and ram through as many structural changes that would not just move the country leftward now, but become hard to undo in the future—even without a mandate, without a majority in the Senate, without a safe margin in the House, and without an agreeable Supreme Court. The more beat-the-clock extremism now, the more left-wing canonization later.

Never Yet Melted サ The Endicott Pear The Endicott tree may be the oldest cultivated fruit tree in North America and is protected as a national landmark. Historians estimate it was planted more than 380 years ago in the early 1630s. For reference, the Declaration of Independence was signed about 140 years later…

Legends and science of bottomless pits, bogs, and lakes –   The dark hole is universally scary. Whatever is down there is unknown but undoubtedly unpleasant. The light cannot penetrate far into the gloom so the bottom can’t be seen. Thus, people assume it has no bottom at all. Objects thrown into the hole aren’t recovered. The listener may hear no splash or crack of a stone hitting some surface below. As a folklore motif, the unfathomable hole is ancient. There are countless tales of bottomless lakes, pools, and bogs. These water bodies claim people (dead or alive), animals, treasure, transport vehicles, and many secrets. Like quicksand, the bottomless pit has also become a media horror trope. If you don’t die from the sheer bottomlessness of it all, you will encounter whatever nasty thing exists in the dark, forsaken void.

They are used as a handy disposal method, a perfect death trap, and sometimes, for the villain’s demise in a dramatic last scene. It’s impossible to discuss the bottomless pit or pool without its connection to hell. To fall into the “pit” is symbolic of the descent into hell and damnation.

Therefore, it might not be surprising to discover how often legendary bottomless holes have a demonstrated bottom that people simply chose to ignore.

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  • ghostsniper April 20, 2021, 8:22 AM

    Speaking of bottomless pits, I once bought a bottomless bier mug in a gasthaus in Lauterbach that cost 20DM and I’m pretty sure I got my money’s worth even though I never found the bottom. I did however find, about midnight, a 12″ thick goose down rack in my room that put me in a coma til around noon the next day. Life was mach guten in those days. (1977)

  • Casey Klahn April 20, 2021, 11:32 AM

    Ghost brings the funny. Love that story. I’m a believer: I believe I’ll have another beer.

    War, huh? OhFuhk! The writing on Ukraine v Russia is fuktup in the extreme. A thinking man will understand that a state of war exists now between Russia and the West. Try to understand it all without all that GD fear you feel of nuke war and Rooskies. Russia has weaknesses, culturally and militarily, as long as your arm. What’s all this shit about Ukraine wants to take back Donbas? The story is pulling your leg.

    Interestingly enough, we have plenty of war right here within our own borders to worry about. Conservatives have always said we ought to pull back our military and focus on our own borders. Well, guess what, JohnBirch? You fukn got that now, in spades! Congratulations on that (dumbass). Here is what I just wrote over at Brietbart (a noTrump site):

    There is a cultural attack on our military the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The libs are softening up the military and this is an agenda-driven protocol. John Wayne said: “The sun and the moon change, but the army never does”. That rock-ribbed cultural statement never had more meaning than right now. Watch for the moves the left will make to demean and diminish the military, and how they will uncouple the military from society, and at the same time they will blur the divide between the military and the civilian leadership.

    Now, we are fucked and that in all caps. That much we know. By the same token, The Ukraine (another word for “speedbump”) is totally, irrevocably and magnificently fukt and it will be one for the books to watch what happens next. Got popcorn?

    What to do if you’re Ukraine? The center of gravity is Putin, himself. Humiliate him and try to get some breathing room; lots of wars have been total military defeat in the field and yet won on the strategic level. How to humiliate Putin? Destroy a capital ship, such as a nuke sub or a cruiser. Destroy an entire field army deep inside Ukraine. These are a beginning. He may not survive that politically.

    Operational strategy. Allow the Russian tanks as deep as possible up to the Dnieper River. Ukraine is 2 parts: Mountains and deep forests (West) and tank country (East). Russia only wants half. So, allow the tanks. Ever watch those fukn T tanks on videos? Note how they belch diesel exhaust like a smoker in a lung ward. Putin’s tanks will break down in huge numbers as they drive into Ukraine. Now, hit him in the rear with short, sharp moves and hold my beer while they get destroyed like Billy’s Lego set on Sunday. At the same time, scuttle Crimea. That’s what I said: destroy it and bottle-up everything in the Black Sea east of there. Drive your SP Artillery up to the beach and whale on his big ships. The ships can’t hide, but a mechanized artillery piece can.

    Do I think Ukraine will do this? Nope. They are riddled through with corruption. NATO is a bunch of girls – not much hope from them. Biden’s in bed with Ukraine and you never saw corruption, globally, at this level before. Ukraine is a done-deal. Gonzo. Finished. But, a fine show could be made there kinetically and Putin could be embarrassed by Ukraine. It’s a suicide mission, but those are the cards as dealt.

    Having fun? I suppose my writing is making your stomach turn. Feels like war, huh?


  • gwbnyc April 20, 2021, 4:11 PM

    I have several old marble table tops stored away, two of them are reddish brown and contain remains.

  • gwbnyc April 20, 2021, 6:04 PM

    careful with that red Messerschmitt- one of those things could put your eye out.

  • ghostsniper April 20, 2021, 7:05 PM

    He killed him 3 times?

  • Gordon Scott April 20, 2021, 7:25 PM

    Barrel racing was, and continues to be a gal’s event at rodeos.

    It has taken on new life as a family event, lately. I stopped at an indoor arena one evening and found whole families competing in the event. It’s wholesome, safer than just about any other rodeo task, and people can compete against the clock, or their own personal best. It’s not inexpensive; for a family of four, you’re going to need to buy and feed four quarter horses.

    You’ll also need about $100,000 worth of trailer and heavy duty truck to cart the horses and family around.

    The horses absolutely love this. They know the routine, but it’s the rider that makes the difference. Knowing just the right instant to rein in that pony for the turn is the key. Too early, and the barrel goes over and ends the ride. Too late and critical hundredths of a second are lost in a too wide turn.

    If I was raising kids today, I’d want the family doing this.

  • Jack April 21, 2021, 9:04 AM

    I’ve always been kind of intrigued with goose stepping soldiers so much so that I tried mocking it once when I was a kid. Well, I’m here to tell’ya that goose stepping ain’t no easy trick and especially the way the Germans and these NORK broads are pulling it off, that little feat is painful.

    I guess it just goes to show you that devotees will do anything for their tyrants.