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Strange Daze: Camelot Cruising

1974 Ford C750 Camelot Cruiser Puts the Home in Motorhome, Even Has a Basement Garage – In terms of equipment, let’s just say you won’t be lacking much while vacationing in the great outdoors. Starting with the luxury kitchen, it comes with a stove, sink and refrigerator. As you advance forward, you arrive at the “Great Hall”, which is a large living room. Further still is the master bedroom with a double bed, a restroom and a sitting room, all fully decorated and furnished.

Tulip, Summit, Mound: can urban properties really be ‘experiences’? It was the same thinking behind the British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel, a 46-metre (150 ft)-high viewpoint costing $200m (£144m), built to increase footfall in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards luxury shopping district. Unfortunately, the visible and accessible high place also attracted suicides. The Vessel closed for several months earlier this year after the third death, reopening with a requirement that people have to buddy up in groups of two to enter. In July, a 14-year-old boy died after jumping in front of his family. Now it might close for good.Where is the world’s most expensive painting? –  Somewhere in Saudi Arabia, hidden away by order of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, is the world’s most expensive painting, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. Or is it? No one in the art world knows for sure where the painting is. Most observers agree that it is likely stashed in the Middle East, but some have speculated that it is stored in a tax-free zone in Geneva or even on the Prince’s half-a-billion-dollar yacht. Is it even a Leonardo at all? The image of Christ as The Saviour of the World was billed as The Last da Vinci at Christie’s 2017 auction, where it sold for a record $450 million (」342 million) to a proxy for bin Salman (yes, that bin Salman, whom the CIA found responsible for ordering the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi). But even then, many Leonardo experts were dubious that the painting had more than a few brush strokes by him, and those doubts have ramped up ever since.Wealthy people want their food to be cool, but not cold. There are increasingly few freezers in the homes of the rich. Sometimes there’s a tiny one for ice cream. Apparently, freezing food is just not really done anymore. Interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard says, “Freezing food is becoming less and less fashionable. People want to eat more organically.”

MOTUS A.D.: What Dreams May Come… Some idiot is planning a multi billion dollar ‘city’ somewhere in America’s desert. The plan is for some kind of utopia where fossil fuels are forbidden and everyone uses a bike to get around. The plan as presented is so stupid it requires an idiot mind to believe it could work. One of our desert states will be chosen for this ridiculous ‘city’. One only needs to ask how the tall buildings will be constructed without the fossil fuel equipment and the plan falls apart before it begins.This Guy Is Senile and Can the Media Stop Pretending He’s Not? Look, Biden is senile. He was always stupid, and always stubbornly attached to whatever dumb ideas formed in the spongy mass of cells that passes for his brain, but now it’s perfectly clear that this guy is riding the Acela Express to Dementiaville. And the media, sitting front row on what could be the biggest story in political history, just sort of pretends that the guy who is one forgotten Depends short of wetting himself on national television is A-OK.

We have this new industry of “fact checking” that answers to no one and forms questionable conclusions in a bubble and as a monolith. They label things as “misinformation” that are not false, and in some cases, are provably or demonstrably true. We have become numb to this, after years of seeing persons in positions of authority add their signatures to things that are known lies, forced to conclude what people must say in totalitarian dictatorships: “Maybe it’s a lie, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so whatevs.”

Stop that! It’s not Tourette’s but a new type of mass sociogenic illness | About half of Generation Z feels stressed or anxious with climate change being the top concern. Eco-anxiety is associated not only with fear, panic attacks, feelings of anger, guilt, and helplessness, but also uncontrollability, unpredictability, and uncertainty. COVID-19 pandemic may cause additional increase in anxiety and restrictions because of the lockdowns may result in increased stress due to home schooling, significant changes in families’ living together associated with increased rates of conflicts and domestic violence, lack of communication with friends, reduced or no contact to peer groups, and boredom.

Equality is totally contrary to human nature and to enforce it is to force human beings to live against both their natural and their spiritual instincts. It becomes a tool to push the higher down to the level of the lower. This does not mean that the higher should dominate the lower (except spiritually) but liberty and equality are not natural bedfellows despite what the ideals of the Enlightenment may pretend, and it is liberty that is the great spiritual quality as far as human beings are concerned.

On the opposite coast, in sunny California, the state is experiencing what its leftist Chicken Littles are calling a “drought,” but what in reality is simply a very dry year. 2017, 2018, and 2019 brought record rainfall to the state. 2020 was an average year, and 2021 has been dry. So of course rather than viewing the situation in context (some years are wet, others dry), CA Democrats have declared that water will never return to the state and all are doomed. Sacramento has mandated that fresh water be reserved for only the highest-priority uses, which are (in order) irrigating marijuana crops, styling Gavin Newsom’s hair, and hosing down Mo’Nique when she overheats after climbing her front steps.

Ever since the George Floyd “racial wreckoning,” corporate advertising hacks have made sure that there’s a black person in every commercial produced (“We eat Cap’n Crunch because he reminds us of the guy who brought our ancestors over from Africa!”). This fad has gotten a bit apartheidy of late, with Amazon Studios mandating that 40% of all actors in its productions must be black or otherwise nonwhite.

How The National Review Sold Its Soul to Google – by Emerald Robinson – So I had basically caught the editors of the National Review in bald-faced lies about taking money from Big Tech companies like Google to remain silent while those same Big Tech companies censored and de-platformed other conservatives. This was, of course, an unconscionable betrayal for The Flagship Conservative Magazine to commit against its own readers — but they did it anyway.

‘The smartest person in any room anywhere’: in defence of Elon Musk, by Douglas Coupland Musk didn’t just generate a few fundamental patents and move to Santa Barbara to golf for the rest of his life. Every day he tries to reinvent the wheel and it’s working. Shopped online lately? Ever wanted to visit the International Space Station? Want a new car? With cars alone, Musk pretty much single-handedly shamed and forced the global auto industry to accelerate the electric car rollout by seven to 10 years. Yet people kvetch, and it makes me wonder if there is something fundamentally flawed about our era that it is almost impossible to get people to say something nice about pretty much anyone else.

Leftists Look to Satanists as ‘Last, Best Hope to Save Abortion’ in TexasThe Great Vine of Hampton Court Palace on the River Thames in London, is the largest and the oldest grave vine in the world, having being planted at the royal palace’s conservatory in 1769, at the time when George III was the King of Great Britain and the American colonies were still under the British throne.

Ida Lewis: The Bravest Woman in America Ida made her first rescue when she was just 12 years old, pulling four men out of the water after their boat capsized. Her most famous rescue for which Ida became nationally known happened in 1869, when she saved two soldiers after their boat was swamped during a winter storm. Ida’s mother saw the two soldiers clinging to the overturned boat and woke up Ida, who jumped out of bed and ran towards the lighthouse boat without taking the time to put on a coat or shoes. When Ida reached the stricken soldiers, one of them saw her and uttered in surprise —”It’s only a girl.” The soldier nearly lost his grip when Ida grabbed him by the hair and pulled him into her boat. Later, the soldiers gave Ida a gold watch for saving them, and the citizens of Newport presented her with a boat.

Daniel Lambert: England’s Most Famous Fat Man Within three years of returning to Leicester he weighed 200kgs. Despite his increasing weight, Lambert remained a fit man. In his spare time, Lambert devoted himself to exercise building his strength to the point where he was able to easily carry 250 kg of timber. Once he walked 7 miles from Woolwich to the City of London “with much less apparent fatigue than several middle-sized men who were of the party.” In spite of his large girth, Lambert was not significantly restricted and was able to stand on one leg and kick the other to a height of 7 feet. Even more remarkable, he continued to teach swimming in Leicester, and was able to stay afloat with two grown men sitting on his back.

If one were to recruit a group of wokies, carefully so as to not reveal any subversive intent, and ask them why it feels good to be woke, they would be slightly puzzled at the question. They certainly don’t associate their passionate commitment to social justice with anything so crass as mere pleasure. That’s what their bongs and vibrators are for.

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  • Uncle Jefe September 7, 2021, 2:33 PM

    In California, 2019, the reservoirs were 110% OR MORE of water capacity. The water is continually released from these reservoirs year round so that the river temperatures are maintained for the juvenile salmonids. So the decision has been made that fish are more important than people, agriculture, and industry. The salmonids, however, have survived for millions of years without the “good intentions” of the state…they simply stayed in the ocean when there was no river flow. Dry Creek in Healdsburg is so named for good reason…
    And so Gavin has them land his chopper in the middle of dry Lake Mendocino so that he can proclaim it’s a “climate emergency”… and shut off our water.
    The same mismanagement of our resources has led to disastrous fires, as for 50 years no controlled burns or forestry practices of removing accumulated debris was allowed, and so nothing but fuel was created…
    And Gavin says it’s a “climate emergency”.
    Don’t get me started.

  • Casey Klahn September 7, 2021, 3:19 PM

    I had enough leader falls, and stones to the skull, to realize that fukn helmet is critical. Then, there was the time the frayed strap backing up the driver’s hatch on the M-113 APC, broke, and the hatch catch pin was not engaged, and a manhole-sized steel tank hatch “crained” me square on my beret-clad crown. I was just in the tank park and only driving a short distance.

    Anyway, this explains a lot of the stupid shit I often say on here. Whenever I see a tanker without his helmet, in his hatch, I yell out: “put that fukn helmet on!”

    • John Venlet September 8, 2021, 12:18 PM

      That M-113 APC hatch probably was about as hard as the forward hatch on the LA (SSN688), Casey. Rushing a sailing list off the boat prior to getting underway, after a last minute COMSUBPAC desk jockey had to come onboard to remain qualified for his sea pay. After obtaining the XO’s signature to the sailing list, I rushed out of his stateroom, just as they were beginning to crank the hatch shut. I thought I ducked enough to clear it. Nope. Cut my cranium just into the scalp line, and the blood flowed, and an immediate goose egg hatched. I still managed to get the sailing list off the boat, bleeding the whole time, and then the corpsman stitched me while we made the transit out of Pearl. No helmets on the sub.

  • John the River September 7, 2021, 5:18 PM

    Yes, Biden is a senile idiot. That’s a given. What isn’t clear is “Who is in charge?”
    There are many suspects, but no one clear winner (loser?).
    And no, it isn’t Harris nor will it ever be.
    A Troika? A Kingmaker? A Supreme Soviet?

    I do believe one thing. That they (whoever ‘they’ is) will kill Donald Trump before they allow him to ascend to the office of President again.

  • AmantesdeTeruel September 7, 2021, 5:43 PM

    Oh, I don’t know. How would Trump voters react if he was murdered by the deep state? Are they willing to take that risk? Even now there’s so much anger out there. The harder they squeeze the less they control. I think more and more people are realizing that we are Trump now.

  • Casey Klahn September 7, 2021, 5:48 PM

    I have seen 2 and a half Leonardo da Vinci paintings in my life, out of (I guess it is) 16 extant. The one in DC ( her eyes aren’t on plane: Leonardo was a fukn abstractionist) and the 2 in St Petersburg, RU, where one is misattributed. People quay up to see the Leonardos like penitents; they are there to receive something from having been there. They hardly give a shit what they’re seeing. Trust me.

    I rolled out of the quay in Russia, parked my ass on a radiant heater, and got in close to the paintings. Maybe 3 noses away. I stood in front of the DC painting for probably a half hour.

    What I like about Leonardo is: he was a raging…
    ADHD man. You thought I was going to say gay! It astounds me how a man exonerated, in court, of sodomy, nonetheless has the court case used as proof that he was gay. He was exonerated, but, shyeaHh, he was gay. Don’t mention that he died a Christian man in the court of King Frances. But, the ADHD. I probably love that about him because I am a raging ADHD man, myself. I’m also out as…gray.

    Anyway, enough of all that BS. I think it is his painting. The owners respect the Salvador Mundi painting, however they may use that respect for bad. We’ll see. It is a story not lacking on drama.

    Biden’s “boat parade”. geez, that’s funny.

    Keep em coming, Gerard! TY for the art work post and I have updated her, also.

  • ghostsniper September 7, 2021, 7:05 PM

    One of these days I’ll tell you about my incident with an M113. 3 people had broken spines and 1 was killed. Summer 1977.

    • Casey Klahn September 7, 2021, 10:27 PM

      I know there was 1 accident during a night road march when an APC made one track on the bridge, and one over open space. It tumbled and rolled. Someone got kilt. Was that Germany?
      The worst one we had (not my company, thankfully) was a ground guide who got between two M-60s; the one parked and the other that he was guiding. It popped into gear and crushed him.
      My dad warned me never to be next to a moving tank, since the driver cannot see you. I always either slept inside of my jeep, or hugged a tire, reasoning that the SOBs would at least see the jeep and not run me over.
      This story is frightful, but like many of our stories, the hand of death was not long that time. The 1SGT & I (I was the company XO) were in a long column of M-6os winding up the road at night, and it was interminable. Black-out drive, as always (for the reader this is 2 little cats eyes on your head lights and otherwise complete darkness – that’s how we drove). We did not belong to that battalion, and so we had no order of march. We jumped around one tank at a time to skip past the column. The first shirt just barely made that something was gunning downhill and head-on in our lane. We ducked back between 2 tanks, and very nearly were missed as we watched an M-60 tank ghost past us in inky darkness. We looked at one another, and said nothing as our faces were sheet white.
      But, that’s hardly worth telling, since nothing happened to us.

      • Casey Klahn September 7, 2021, 10:29 PM

        Of course, we were in a jeep. Jeep, vs. M-60 tank.

      • ghostsniper September 8, 2021, 4:59 AM

        Wow! You heard about that? It was about 5 miles out on range road and within a convoy of tracks that were going over a small bridge and a 113’s right lateral locked up rotating the track under speed to the right. The 113 went off the right side of the bridge and landed upside down at the bottom. There were 3 staff sgt’s in the cabin and a sp/4 and a captain standing up in the large top hatch.

        I was the medic on duty that day and the radio call didn’t say how bad it was so I lit out by myself in the crackerbox ambulance. I had 2 backboards in the cracker. I needed 2. The captain was throwed clear and his injuries were minimal. The inside of the track was a shambles, all the tied down equipment tore lose and I had to throw a lot of stuff out of the large back hatch in order to get to the screaming and moaning sgt’s. It was dark in there too. I got one strapped to a backboard and dragged him out the back and others grabbed on and took him to the Huey DUSTOFF (dedicated unselfish service to our fearless friends) about 1/4 mile away.

        Then the 2nd one, then the 3rd one. I didn’t know there was a 4th one. When I got the 3rd sgt out the back there were no more soldiers available to carry his backboard/litter to the chopper, so I grabbed onto the back end. At that point I was almost completely beat having just extracted 3 175 men under very difficult circumstances. But I saw what needed done and got to it. There were 2 guys on the front of the litter, as it should be, and me in the rear. We ran to the chopper and 1/4 mile is a lot farther than you think. I was totally wiped man, and I stumbled a few times, my arms were gone, but I did not stop even though 99% of me wanted to just drop. When we got to the chopper I didn’t have the arm strength to lift him up and one of the other guys grabbed onto it and shoved it into place. I turned, took a step, and fell right down in a sitting position as the chopper lifted off.

        I sat there a moment and everybody said, “Come on, the 88 is lifting the track!”, so I got up and we ran back to the site. The tank tow truck had lifted the 113 up out of the stream and turned it over. There, in the large top hatch, was soldier 4, not including the captain that was thrown clear. He was a spec 4 and he was caught in the hatch as it slammed shut when the track cartwheeled over the side. Right across his abdomen and hips the heavy hatch door slammed, pinching his torso to 1/2″ thick. It was terrible. Beyond description. The human body does awful things when it is compressed like that. This was the first time I had seen a dead body and it left a permanent impression. I continued to work on this guy after I had taken him back to the dispensary on post and prepped his body for shipping to the main hospital in Frankfurt. I’ll never forget that day. I’m sorta shaking right now.

        • Casey Klahn September 8, 2021, 8:44 AM

          Holy fukn shit.

          The lateral locked up? My story was a night march and the driver didn’t know he was putting one track into thin air. He was just following the dude in front of him

          Might be a different story; I wasn’t there.

          Did you hold a medic MOS, too? That is some shit, right there. Medics have actual jobs in the army. My respect.

  • ghostsniper September 8, 2021, 5:02 AM

    I needed 3 backboards, not 2.

  • Sam L. September 8, 2021, 8:30 AM

    “FACT” checking… Lies. ALL lies. Trust them, I will NOT!