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Strange Daze: Candles for Kyle

God bless you, Bud. You’re welcome to hang out and unwind at my Van Down By the River any time. | Barnhardt

Kyle, this is FOREVER your anthem. Not bad, son. Not bad. We’re all proud of you. Now, live a life of virtue. Keep it up. In fact, build on it. Keep advancing in virtue. Never succumb to the culture that tried to destroy you.

[Or this can be your anthem and the person that you use to teach you drumming.]

Raconteur Report: Settle Down  And when the SOP in any future riot anywhere in the country is that the looters, vandals, and arsonists therein will be shot on sight until the nonsense ends, and en masse if necessary, then you might begin to think you had a functional country again, with its collective head screwed on straight.

 Here is what I thought was true about Kyle Rittenhouse during the last days of August 2020 based on mainstream media accounts: The 17-year-old was a racist vigilante. I thought he drove across state lines, to Kenosha, Wisc., with an illegally acquired semi-automatic rifle to a town to which he had no connection. I thought he went there because he knew there were Black Lives Matter protests and he wanted to start a fight. And I thought that by the end of the evening of August 25, 2020, he had done just that, killing two peaceful protestors and injuring a third. It turns out that account was mostly wrong.

When Systematic Analysis Is No Longer Necessary  Liberty’s Torch   Most of those “protesters” don’t know what communism means. But some do. For the record, and for the benefit of any historically challenged readers, it means that a small group —  let’s call them the nomenklatura –” has absolute control over a much larger one, in every aspect of life, society, industry, and commerce. That control is enforced by a secret police, a system of incentives to induce “good citizens” to betray  “dissidents” to those police, and a system of concentration camps for the dissidents.

     Within the nomenklatura there is intense jockeying for advancement, plenty of scheming and maneuvering, and enough backstabbing to make any intrigue writer’s salivary glands go into tenth gear. For there are large differences in the degree of privilege enjoyed according to one’s altitude within the nomenklatura. Yet all this is rationalized as being for “the people:” the subject group, who must stand in endless lines merely to buy a loaf of bread.

Politics is such a dead end. The culture war is like a fight to the death between two people who are so blinded by blood and adrenaline that they can’t even see each other any more, let alone remember what they’re fighting about. More and more at present I feel like I’m living inside a kind of giant hallucination –or maybe a Spectacle, as the Situationists labelled it perceptively, decades back. There are points in time at which whole cultures can become possessed. I mean that literally. There is something weirdly, unnervingly demonic going on at the moment, and it is not going to end well.

This Is Probably the World’s First Ever Suit Made of Men’s Mustache Hair

Chile’s desert dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers Some 59,000 tons of clothing arrive each year at the Iquique port in the Alto Hospicio free zone in northern Chile. Clothing merchants from the capital Santiago, 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles) to the south, buy some, while much is smuggled out to other Latin American countries. But at least 39,000 tons that cannot be sold end up in rubbish dumps in the desert.

What Happens When You Bomb a Volcano | 

“I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: “Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.” — Mark Twain

When Will the New York Times and the Washington Post Return Their 2018 Pulitzers? At the link, you can read the list of reporters who received the prize as well as the “distinguished journalists” who made the award, so I will skip over that, except to say the frequent unabashed appearances of many of these reporters on Twitter are one of the reasons I left that site some time ago. It nauseated me to see them on there, pontificating. There’s only so much self-deception you can tolerate.

→ Russiagate is falling apart: I spent many hours of my precious youth reading about Russia, learning the names of mid-level Russian leaders, getting jazzed on Rachel Maddow, doing Twitter game theory, and staring at pictures of Robert Mueller’s patrician face thinking yes good, get ‘em Mueller. And then the whole thing fell … flat. It seemed, maybe, hyped up way out of proportion? I was mad. I wanted those hours back. The media tried to swap in Ukraine shadiness, but nothing had the ole pee tape frisson. And now it seems like the whole dossier was very, very fake. The Washington Post, to its credit, corrected stories and removed erroneous portions. I wonder if they’ll return the Pulitzers. All I know is that I want the year 2017 back, thank you very much.

MEANWHILE IN THE DICTATORSHIP KNOWN AS “CANADA” Freedom Isn’t Free – Inside the Resistance

Secrets Of The Great Families – Astral Codex Ten The Darwins were even more selective: they mostly married incestuously among themselves. Charles Darwin married his cousin Emma Wedgwood; Charles’ sister Caroline Darwin married her cousin Josiah Wedgwood III; their second, cousin, Josiah Wedgwood IV, married his cousin, Ethel Bowen (and became a Baron!)

A Case for the Prairie: Taliesin & the Jerusalem of Weird – While Wright was redesigning a beer garden in Chicago, Carlton murdered Wright’s lover and her two visiting children, John (age 12) and Martha (age 8) as they consumed the soup he had just served them. The weapons were a shingling hatchet, gasoline and a match. Carlton dispatched servants who escaped the blazing home with the axe as well, including the draftsman Emil Brodelle. The dead included a carpenter and his 13-year-old son as well as a gardener in his sixties.

Approximately 80 Masked Looters Hit San Francisco-Area Nordstrom œThere was a mob of people. The police were flying in. It was like a scene out of a movie. It was insane,” the PF Chang manager added, according to CBS SF. At least one of the looters had a firearm. The masked suspects grabbed armfuls of merchandise and ran outside to waiting cars, then sped off. Drivers allegedly blocked the nearby street while looters entered the store. 

The Roche Limit – People are starting to peel away from the Democratic Party as it falls deeper into the gravity well of the Left Singularity. (Tulsi Gabbard is a prominent and recent example, but there are many others.) To which commenter Whitewall says “People falling away from this current “Democratic” party are seeing that it is now controlled by what can simply be described as bad people. Controlled by elected office holders as well as unelected.”

“I’m Heading Back, Jill, I Promise!” – Nurse Jill Has to Help Biden Along at “Friendsgiving” Celebration with Military Families|  “Now where am I supposed to go?,”Biden asked Jill. “See how she points. Look at this — get back here. You can tell she’s a professor, can’t you?”

Back when it was normal to advertise cocaine gadgets in magazines, 1970-1980 

J.K. Rowling Rips Trans Radicals: Prove You Aren’t a Threat to Women, ‘Stop Stalking and Threatening Us’

“Everybody remember where we parked.”

Mel Taylor, Drummer… give it up!

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  • Anthony Gaudio November 23, 2021, 12:06 PM

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen this song performed on film. What a knockout! You post the best videos.

    • ghostsniper November 24, 2021, 8:03 AM

      If you’re talking about the Ventures video, they didn’t make the Wipeout song.
      It was made by the Surfaris.
      The drums are diff.
      There are Surfari vids of Wipeout on youtube but the quality suffers.

  • Dirk November 23, 2021, 12:25 PM

    Already seems like the dog and pony Rittenhouse trial,,,, was a lifetime ago.

    Does anybody here really care what MSM does or says? .

    Stumbled onto the Carlson interview of Rittenhouse last night. The young man’s sharp, at 18 he’s already light years ahead of the majority of the human race, believe him to be an honest and decent human being.

    Kyle made it clear,”some people” better purchase copious amounts of “lube”. Their gonna need it.

    As an old friend mentioned, we need to savior these small victories, parley them into a winning formula.

    Congratulations to this battle proven young patriot.

  • Dirk November 23, 2021, 12:47 PM

    Sorry, a few of the others didn’t arrive until a few minutes ago.

    CANADA, is in the beginnings of seizing any and all Semi Auto weapons. It is written that Canadian govt is intending going house to house, should a weapon NOT be turned in.

    Canada, Australia, are lost. I’d like to believe somehere will actually grow a set of balls should this happen in these United States.

    Let’s Go Brandon!


    • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 7:09 PM

      Canada and Australia are indeed lost—along with all of Western Europe. But they were lost long ago; the “pandemic” just made it painfully obvious. I have no respect for any people who willingly and happily give up their guns. They gave their trust to the state, thus surrendering their freedom and their dignity. They acted like slaves and now they are surprised that their government treats them as slaves?

      What a worthless and despicable people. They should have never been born.

  • brinster November 23, 2021, 1:12 PM

    Kinda funny that the slimers in media are predicting waves of “extremist” white teenagers will insert themselves into the next peaceful protest and start ventilating innocent people. And they’ll be crossing state lines to do it. In the meantime, the new black panthers are patrolling Atlanta with AK-47s promising to mete out justice if the Arbery case isn’t resolved the way they want.

    • Dirk November 23, 2021, 4:25 PM

      The Arbery case, is straight up murder. The father and son are going to be convicted, as the facts have demonstrated.


      • OneGuy November 23, 2021, 5:55 PM

        It was straight up stupid but not murder. You must not have watched the video. Arbery swung at the guy and then grabbed his gun. What do you think would happen?

        • ghostsniper November 23, 2021, 6:35 PM

          Wasn’t murder but they’ll probably be convicted.

        • Dirk November 24, 2021, 6:54 AM

          One, I’ve spent far to long in the courts, the system to not call it what it is. This isn’t about like/ dislike, this is about Justice. They murdered a man…….,could care less if the fella’s black blue, pink or brown.

          They WILL be convicted of The murder they perpetrated. Sorry, that’s just how it works.

          My friend, I did see the video when it came out, what I saw was a black man jogging,” minding his own business” before being confronted by a couple of dumb fucks with a shotgun.

          Do the crime,,,,,Do the time. It’s really a simple formula.

          • OneGuy November 24, 2021, 7:13 AM

            I think now you are trolling us, by saying that it was just a black man jogging minding his own business. He was a criminal looking for something to steal. He has done this before AND even used the jogger excuse before.

            It wasn’t “murder”. Murder would have been shooting him with his hands up or while driving past him. Their attempt, however ill conceived, was to stop him and hold him for the police since they had seen him break the law. It was Arbery who escalated it when he punched one of the men and then grabbed the barrel of his shotgun. (Note to self; never grab the barrel of the gun as it is aimed at you! duh!).

            It was stupid for these three men to do this. NOT because they were legally wrong, BUT because given the social environment today they cannot win once it goes to trial. Do you have a right to try to stop a crime in process?? Yes! will you have to use force or the threat of force? Yes! Would it be the right thing in a fair and honest society for citizens to try to intervene in a crime? YES! But the message being created by the media and the left is don’t stop POC from committing crimes or we will put you in jail for life. THAT is a death knell for America.

            • ghostsniper November 24, 2021, 8:07 AM

              Oneguy is right Dirk, and you seem to be out of the loop on this one. Go find the vid. I suspect it may have been scrubbed.

              If you kill a POC for any reason and try to find justice in the system you will most likely fail and pay a very heavy penalty. In light of that fact, you know what has to be done if you find yourself in that position, right?

            • Dirk November 24, 2021, 9:32 AM

              This case comes down to “ actions” and applicable laws.

              In Georgia even under the original Citizens Arrest Standard. It is not “
              lawful to make a citizens arrest based on suspicion. In fact all a citizen can do is detain until the police arrive and review the facts.

              it is not lawful to THINK the guys a burglar, based on assumptions a hunch.

              it is NOT lawful to in fact make a citizens arrest post event. Meaning the arrest must occur as the criminal finish’s the elements of the crime. Not days after the burglary

              fella’s the crime of Burglary DID NOT occur. The black guy was on a public street, a place he has a lawful right to be.

              That the jogger had used this “ ploy” of a jogging burglar, is moot.

              Further to stop detain and move the jogger even one foot can be deemed Kidnapping regarding the three white guys.

              To stop detain at gun point is felony brandishing, in most states. I don’t know Georgia law, just understand that most crimes may have different titles, yet the elements of these crimes are pretty uniform across the nation.

              Burglary= entry with intent to commit a crime. “Some states require the building to be a dwelling, or Home.

              Burglary II is entry into any building with intent to commit ANY crime. Most states don’t use Burg II. An out building, barn shed etc etc.

              So “ from my view” this guy, a “alleged burglar”, is jogging, is chased down by three red necks in a pickup!

              Is confronted by two or more persons threatening him with a shotgun. Does he fight/ flight /freeze?, those are ALWAYS the three responses.

              The guy chooses to fight, “ which would be my personal choice”.

              anger,,,,,emotions,,,,,,, race,,,,,, lack of facts,,,,,,,

              I get it, these red necks feel it’s their right, duty to protect the hood. Bad shit appeared, a man’s dead, and three men are going to do time.

              Sorry my friends, I don’t get to make the facts up, I just have perhaps a bit of internal understanding. Sometimes that internal shits a curse.

              Friends I had alot of jobs in my career. I excelled at catching burglars. NOTHING is more personal then some fuck going thru your stuff, your wife’s panties, sniffing em. Screwing your place up, going in taking stuff you purchased after working hard for your money.

              I was fortunate,I always understood the burglars rational, burglars don’t just do one burglary. Daily I tracked every burglary in the county, seeking clues, patterns, evidence, “shoe prints are ALWAYS present.

              Eventually I’d discover a pattern, could be entry point selection, etc etc, burglars are creatures of habit, do the crime pretty much the same way every time.

              On average took me five burgs to recognize redundancy, the pattern. Then I went hunting. While also targeted their associates.

              Friends EVERYBODY talks, it is rare your besties going down for your actions. They give you up in a flash when it’s their freedom VS the burg.

              Snitch’s informants, good old fashioned following the facts win cases. Not bullshit.

              We’re leaving soon again Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. Make this one your best, live, love, laugh, and share with those whom are less fortunate. Believe giving is the Magic of the holidays.

              Dirk and Carole Williams!

              Even the,poopoo, would have a difficult time making a probable cause arrest under those circumstances.

      • Jack November 24, 2021, 6:11 AM

        Nah, t’weren’t murder. There was no intent to kill that thug, it was completely accidental and as we all know shit happens. And if Grand Master Jay and his negro commandos lose what little sense they don’t possess and start anything in Atlanta, they should all be gunned down. Three times.

        • Dirk November 24, 2021, 9:52 AM

          Accidental shootings don’t negate murder Jack, but then i suspect you know lesser sentences , there is no doubt they will be convicted on the facts, not emotions.


          • Jack November 24, 2021, 10:59 AM

            Murder is the unjustified, unexcused killing of one human being by another human being with malice aforethought. Manslaughter is the unjustified, unexcused killing of one human being by another human being without malice aforethought. No emotion involved in those definitions. See the diff?

            Proving intent to murder, particularly when this event was videoed, will be a mountain to climb and a murder conviction will be appealed before the ink dries.

      • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 7:46 AM

        The defendants are white and the dead guy is black. Thus, ipso facto, the white guys are guilty. No debate allowed. The only evidence allowed is skin color. White folks are guilty even if they are dead. Recall the OJ trial? He was a black guy who murdered two whites. Thus of course OJ was innocent. He “dindu nuffin”. Quod erat demonstrandum.

        Much of our judicial system, once the envy of the world, is now a madhouse that only a reader of Kafka would recognize. It is as if it is entirely under the control of that sub-IQ loudmouth Maxine Waters. Imagine being governed by the sort of illiterates who voted for her. If you were to drop Maxine into Mogadishu she would be right at home. So would her constituents.

        The Abery trial and conviction will show—yet again—that blacks can run rampant everywhere with no consequence to their actions. Today they remain just intelligent enough—barely—to understand that their antics would not go over well in all parts of the nation. Once they lose that fear and begin to expand their savagery into places like Oklahoma City…well, that’s when the circus really begins.

  • Thomas Moore November 23, 2021, 2:15 PM

    Care to explain to we readers what do you mean by “mostly wrong”? What did MSM get right? I stood to a bar a few days ago listening to a (white young chick of course) Special Snowflake complaining “dose poor black boys never stood a chance against a machine gun” and I asked her what po black boys is that? She replied to ones that Rittenhouse shot. I asked if she had smart phone and she said yes so I asked her to Google up “the attackers of Rittenhouse” and up pops of picture and she said no shit “o no this is wrong the boys he shot were black”. Shall I argue with convincing evidence with an idiot like that no I will not.

    • Dirk November 23, 2021, 4:29 PM

      Stupid is, as stupid does. Will take years to “de tune” all the physical damage done by MSMs propaganda protocols. All the propaganda communist college teachers have inflicted.

      While I see it as a problem, I do not see it as my problem.

      • ghostsniper November 23, 2021, 6:37 PM

        In time you will. It’s a very broad and comprehensive illness.

        • Snakepit Kansas November 23, 2021, 7:10 PM

          Love you man, but… not your problem? You may be last on the list, but you are still on the list. As are a bunch of us. Don’t be the boiled frog.

          • Dirk November 24, 2021, 7:17 AM

            Snake pit, your right, I’m loaded for bear. I live in a smallish community was down southern Oregon.

            I can share one example of how politics or outside attempts at politics are handled here. Two summers ago, ANTIFA rode three buses down to Klamath falls Or, from Portland.

            This community was notified by Portland Police, in roughly three hours, those buses arrived and were greeted by roughly 1000 men women and children armed to the teeth, Antifa was surrounded in a little parked known as “ sugermanns corner “and contained.

            Actually help do photo work for my old agency, although now I’m thinking some of the guys asked, but it wasn’t the actual agency,,,,,, anyway I was parked literally within 20/30 yards of the shot show, directly behind Antifa s leadership, “ On the ground, leadership”.

            I took hundreds of photos, took roughly 150 Antifa photos, on my phone, specifically of the ground commanders.

            These guys were not Americans, Slavic country folk, dress smokes and accent, and foot ware confirmed my observations.

            Point is if this community can put 1000 shooters on the ground in 3 hours, I’m not worried.

            Incidentally, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! After I spoke of the Antifa pictures on my private cell phone, recently discovered that ALL those pictures have been blacked out on my phone. I do not possess the skills to accomplish blacking the pictures out.

            This was completed at Apple, Google, or an Intel agency. This is a shot over the bow. A warning that someone knows who I am. “ which is amusing,”.

            Being vocal about shooting these fuckers in the face, is amusing. Here’s the point. American Digest IS the only site I post on, has been for years now.

            Understand this, our lonely Govt spooks are bored, like to hang out on any and all sites, perceived to be Pro United States, no Anti Communist!

            Theirs more, had two Feds at my house last week, well “Solar Panel salesman” In suits, ties,wingtips, Guess who else’s pictures are missing from my phone!

            Here’s the thing, I’m an ordinary god fearing citizen, pay my taxes, follow the rules. If their spending resources on me, I,agile what’s happening to other patriots.

            I’ve contacted APPLE, and demanded to know exactly who deleted my private pictures. Anybody here think I’ll get a response?

            • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 8:02 AM

              Dear Dirk:

              I hear you loudly and clearly. I have such stories of my own—lots of them. The fact that within a 3 hour notice that Antifa was surrounded by “roughly 1000 men women and children armed to the teeth” reminded me of Lexington Green way back in 1775. And the fact that there was decent intel in the Portland Police Department to give you warning is a good sign.

              I’m sure you recognize that your smartphone is a device used by the enemy to track you—and to steal any photos you might have. And of course you are on a list. So am I. By this time it is becoming rather lengthy.

            • ghostsniper November 24, 2021, 8:16 AM

              Dirk, the intrusion will start at the gov’t level, maybe city or county counsel. They will start to approve stuff that the citizens don’t agree with. They will apply for federal grants and bonds that have stipulations attached. You will start to see change. How do I know this? I am watching it here in the small county (15k pop) I live in. The local gov’t people are causing this.

              Second, if they can take pix OFF your phone they can also put pix ON your phone. Maybe kiddy pr0n pix. Then they have you. Soon, none of us will be able to avoid the inevitable. Our lines in the sand are being moved against our wishes.

              • Dirk November 24, 2021, 10:09 AM

                Mike, recognize the similarities!

                Ghost, spot on. In the past three years we’ve had a boat load of Californians move here. The good news is exactly all you point out. I’ve noticed some “new blood” running for the lesser elected positions. Which is exactly how the communist infiltrate.

                While I’ve not been privy to this, I’ve heard from others that, this “ new blood” have been warned about Calif politics, and our anti communist standing here usually ends with a warning regarding outsiders meddling in “ away of life, in play here”

                We are not a perfect conservative mountain, but I’ve learned over the past thirty years of making this place our home,that I’m just now being recognized as “ one of them”. And I’m dammed honored to have earned my spurs!

                This IS Gods Country! I will fight for this plot of land on a map. Its worth standing up for.

                Have a good one guys.


                • ghostsniper November 24, 2021, 1:32 PM

                  When the time runs out on my current Tracfone “smartphone” I’m going to shitcan it and get a flip phone that doesn’t take pictures. I don’t need the camera function or any of the other “smartphone” functions and since I am aware they can used against me I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Cutting loose the dead weight that is dragging me down. Lean, fast, and mean.

      • Anonymous November 24, 2021, 4:50 AM


        The Folly of Anti-Woke “Social Distancing”

        Deadlines are an unforgiving mistress. Every now and then I’ll see something right after my column posts that makes me regret not having been able to include it.

        For example, last month, in my piece about the manufactured controversy in Texas regarding “teaching both sides of the Holocaust,” I predicted that the dumbest on the right would take the bait and be like, “Yes, we should teach both sides of the Holocaust in public schools!”

        And wouldn’t you know it? The very day my column posted, the always reliable Unz Review (“reliable” as in you can always rely on it to go full retard) ran a screed by some mouthbreather titled “Why Not Question ‘the Holocaust’ in Schools?”

        “Leftists want the entire country; there’s no town too unimportant to merit their concern.”
        Because yes, America’s math- and reading-challenged kids desperately need to learn all about an obscure controversy regarding a Polish building constructed by Germans in 1943. Yep, that’ll totally help us compete with the Chinese!

        Must some of you be so predictable?

        So two weeks ago, I went on a rant about what I call the “smug fatalism” of rightists whose attitude is essentially to cede the nation, to write off blue America as inevitable (and therefore pointless to oppose), and to retreat to safe towns from which they can whittle away the days freed of the burden of having to work hard enough or be smart enough to counter the left.

        I caricatured such people’s views as, “Them blue cities is goin’ ta hell; let ’em! They voted fer it, let ’em suffer. This is what ya git in blue states! Fuck ’em, let ’em rot!”

        And whaddya know, just two days later, John Nolte of Breitbart tweeted:

        I don’t give a FUCK if Democrat-run cities burn. I live in MAGA country where it’s clean, safe, tolerant, and people of all races live together in harmony. Shithole cities are not my problem. Rage on, morons. You get what you vote for.

        It’s literally like he was parodying my parody, but in fact he was dead serious.

        So I’m gonna take another pass at explaining the flaws with “conservative cocooning.”

        To start with, let’s say you’re safe where you are. Nolte lives in Boone, N.C. (I’m not doxxing him; it’s on his Twitter profile). Population 19,000; 94% white.

        Now, let’s say he (God forbid) falls ill with some rare ailment. He’ll have to travel; maybe to the Mayo Clinic. And when Agualtitectl the indigenous Honduran transgender affirmative-action “dreamer” orderly hooks up his IV to a can of motor oil because he can’t read English, Nolte ain’t gonna be safe no more.

        Or what about when Nolte gets an invitation to be keynote speaker at the American Douchebag Convention in Boulder. He’ll likely decide to fly there.

        Mid-flight: “This be Shaniquita, yo’ diversity an’ inclusion pilot. I don’t be knowin’ what dis button do, but I gon’ press it anyways cuz YOLO!”

        R.I.P. Nolte and the passengers of flight 704 to Boulder.

        You may be safe where you are, but you can’t live like a Covid lockdown recluse for the rest of your life.

        But that’s beside the point because…you ain’t safe where you are.

        There’s an old saying I just coined: “You cannot Randy Weaver if those in power don’t want you to Randy Weaver.” You know who learned that the hard way? Randy Weaver. Leftists want the entire country; there’s no town too unimportant to merit their concern. This is the domino principle but, like, for real this time. We fight them over here so we don’t have to fight them even more over here.

        Now, if fighting “them” simply meant fighting people (like looters, Antifas, or even a presidential administration), then retreating to Mayberry could be a plan. But rightists often tout their Christianity, so they should understand the meaning of Ephesians 6:12. The fight’s not always against “flesh and blood,” but spiritual darkness, which can be interpreted secularly as pathologies like the jihad mentality that spread like wildfire throughout the Muslim world over the past four decades, and antiwhite wokeism, which is spreading throughout America now.

        You can build a wall to keep out humans, but no wall can keep out an idea. The woke brain disease can hit anyone, anywhere. Young people, and white women, are very susceptible to it. So your 94% white town is not safe.

        Nolte reminds me of a burly crew-cut dad in 1968 saying, “No way MAH daughter’s gonna run off with some longhair an’ join a hippie commune in San Francisco! Nuh-uh, not MAH little girl.”

        (Sees hippie van drive away with his daughter giving him the finger from the window)

        “Git back here, ya fuckin’ bitch!”

        When a pathology is spreading among young people, and especially among young women (as P.J. O’Rourke has noted, lots of dudes joined the hippie scene purely because it’s where the chicks were), neither a good Christian upbringing nor the occasional strap to the ass can 100% guarantee that your little angel won’t become infected.

        If you examine the minutes and internal documents of the school boards that have tried to ram CRT down the throats of children, you find that nobody was forcing the board members to do it. The (predominantly white) cat ladies on those boards were not being pressured. There were no Antifa or BLM threats, no arm-twisting. Antifa wouldn’t know a school board from a skateboard.

        Those board members acted on their own; they initiated those policies on their own. A pathology infected them; it caught fire in their minds. Wokeism is a fad that appeals to two key groups: blacks who are bitter failures at life, and whites who are economically secure but whose daily endeavors lack meaning (predominantly whites who were conditioned for wokeism in college and who reject the idea that raising a family is the highest human aspiration. Wokeism tells them, “This will give your life significance”).

        Because of the nature of the pathology, majority-white areas are not even remotely immune.

        I’ll point out that it was majority-white Hardeeville in deep-red South Carolina where a jury recently acquitted a black cold-blooded murderer in the carjacking/killing of a retired white fire chief, because the black guy’s defense was “all I wanted wuz his car. When he resisted, he skeered me, so I had to shoot him.”

        The jury bought that line 100%.

        Yet it was in deep-BLUE Richmond, Va., where that exact defense was rejected in a separate black-defendant murder trial (which I wrote about a few years ago).

        It was in majority-white Oklahoma City (which went for Trump in 2016 and 2020) where a jury just acquitted a black man whose vicious dogs mauled to death an 82-year-old white woman, even though the black guy was aware that his dogs were deadly, and even though he laughed off the concerns of his white neighbors.

        Oh, and it was Oklahoma’s “red” governor Stitt who freed a black cannibal-killer in the name of “racial justice.” Mr. “yum yum eat ’em up” proceeded to slaughter his white neighbor and devour her heart. And just a few days ago, Stitt commuted the sentence of yet another black murderer whose victim was white.

        And it’s in yeehaw Texas where the Department of Health and Human Services is apparently denying life-saving medical treatment to whites.

        “Region” means nothing when there’s a brain disease going around.

        Not to put too fine a point on a pinhead, but in Nolte’s beloved Boone, Appalachian State University (Latin motto: Rapere Asinum Ned Beattum) is totally woke. Last year, the “Black at App State Collective” (a septic menagerie of black students and white “allies”) led a 250-person walkout while touting “a list of demands in regards to the oppression and trauma Black, Indigenous students and people of color have faced on campus.” When the white female chancellor didn’t immediately bow to the demands, the group called for her head. A separate org, the Boone Anti-Racism Contingent (“privileged whites” who “humble ourselves” and “amplify the marginalized and oppressed” in order to “take responsibility for deconstructing and dismantling systemic racism that weighs on our community”), demanded the chancellor’s removal.

        Two days later, the faculty gave the chancellor a no-confidence vote.

        The chancellor issued a groveling statement about how “Black Lives Matter, and we are listening” because in the name of “inclusion and equity” we must “reinvent policing” to counter the “police violence and systemic racism” that accounts for “the success of our white students.”

        And now the school’s imported a slew of “diversity heads” to remake the campus.

        Woke pathology is not sickle cell or Tay-Sachs. It can infect anyone. Those who think the disease is confined to one group, one city, or one region are imbeciles whose smug complacency is exactly what ensures that wherever they live will eventually not be safe.

        You don’t have to like L.A. or California. But there might just be a few things you could learn from us. Like how we successfully assembled a coalition of whites and Hispanics last year to defeat an attempt to overturn our state’s ban on affirmative action.

        North Carolina has no such ban, and attempts to institute one have failed dismally.

        That same California white (male)/Hispanic (male) coalition defeated a statewide George Soros attempt to eliminate cash bail (“bail reform,” as Soros calls it; “revolving door arrest/release,” as reality calls it). At the same time, North Carolina is instituting Soros bail “reforms” all across the state.

        “Red” shouldn’t be so smug.

        My point is simply that self-indulgent “Kermit sipping tea” smarminess has never helped anyone or anything. Nolte’s tweeted a thousand times against Soros—“Ooooooh, that Nazi bastard!”—but he never once tweeted in support of L.A.’s attempt to recall Soros minion George Gascon.

        Well, that’s a fine strategy! Ascertain (correctly) that a guy is a danger to the nation, and then, when a bunch of people actually try to fight him, to weaken him, to forge a template for recalling his gauleiters, you look at a map and say, “That’s not my problem.”

        Sheer genius. And for the record, the entire Breitbart site, and the Nashvillian Daily Wire crew, refused to help in the Gascon recall. A bunch of Randy Weavers who’ll happily send their sons out to search fer possum meat because there’s no way no feds might be hidin’ in them bushes. Not up here…not on the mountain, where we’re safe.

        Smug fatalism blinds you, and if you’re in a red area, you cannot afford blindness right now. In the Deep South especially, you’re dealing with two distinct demographic changes: the influx of blacks fleeing California, and Biden’s open-border policy that’s trucking in immigrants who won’t end up in L.A. (you know what the average East L.A. Hispanic would do if a Haitian tried to move into his neighborhood? Let’s just say it wouldn’t involve sweet tea and biscuits).

        You may think that blue America’s dye is permanent.

        Perhaps it is. But red America’s ain’t. Keep that in mind before you get too comfortable.

  • gwbnyc November 23, 2021, 4:57 PM

    Whats the legal scope on looters? I recall seeing news vid years ago, maybe a huge storm or flood in Pennsylvania where residents were cleaning up their wrecked property wearing pistols on their belts. These residents were remote w/local emergency services not present, on their own, trying to recover as much of their property as they could- can one pop a looter just on the looting in those circumstances?


    • Vanderleun November 23, 2021, 5:44 PM

      As was noted above:

      • Brian_E November 25, 2021, 8:20 PM

        Brasscatchers are only really necessary for full-auto and semi-auto rifles, and pistols.

        Revolvers and bolt-action rifles don’t need them – and hence their strength when trying to remain unidentifiable.

        Just be sure to catch the brass between your fingers as you work the rifle bolt, and only extract your revolver’s spent round casings into a known container (like your hand, then into your pocket).

        Admittedly – that makes for much slower rate of fire / reloading – but different tools for different fights.

        SSS is also good advice.

    • buddhaha November 24, 2021, 11:04 PM

      There was advice given to ranchers losing livestock to “endangered species”: SSS
      Shut up

  • Zaphod November 23, 2021, 5:06 PM

    Kyle’s a true hero. I wouldn’t inflict Mad Ann on him after all his trials and tribulations. Still waiting for her to acquire a fine set of stigmata.

    • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 8:08 AM

      “Mad Ann”? Prophets are seldom recognized in their own time; in fact, usually they are persecuted. And called “mad”.

  • John A. Fleming November 23, 2021, 5:06 PM

    It’s so schadenfreudelicious to see Nordstrom’s not get eaten last. Every Nordstrom’s on the West Coast, from Emerald City to San Diego, is going to be looted by these gangs. Now we get to watch if the execudroids of these luxe brands are going to double down on their wokeness to ineffectually try and prevent the unstoppable.

    Just imagine the panic-stricken VPs, all flashing the whites of their eyes, huddled in a boardroom and crying “Oh whatever should we do? How can we appease the mob and keep our phony-baloney jobs?”. As they out-spew each other with progressive platitudes, like a bunch of Politburo dorks pledging allegiance to the Revolution while each has a knife aimed at their fellows’ backs, ready to take out the one that doesn’t exhibit unswerving loyalty with sufficient fervor.

    The mob now knows that every store can be looted without consequences. Hey, it’s reparations by other means. When these stores start resisting the mob, eventually when even the wokest of VPs sadly realize that appeasement doesn’t work. the mob in its fury will escalate and burn down the stores. And the Newsoms, Browns, Inslees, the marxist public prosecutors will do nothing.

    You voted for it West Coasties. Now you’re going to get it gooder and harderer.

    • brinster November 23, 2021, 5:29 PM

      Bowing down and eating a nice hot bowl of excrement isn’t working. Their next step is a request for some sugar sprinkled on top.

    • nunnya bidnez, jr November 24, 2021, 6:47 AM

      Stock crashed 26% today, because of “supply chain issues”.
      symbol: JWN
      Nordstrom, Inc.
      -8.41 (-26.32%)
      As of 9:45AM EST. November 24, 2021

      • Brian_E November 25, 2021, 8:24 PM

        I’d imagine so – supply is difficult when it’s flying off the shelves at such a rate (as recently seen).

  • OneGuy November 23, 2021, 5:59 PM

    In the video when the drummer was banging the drum with the foot pedal at quadruple speed while simultaneously with his other foot pounding the cymbal, I was reminded the difficulty I have putting my second leg into my underwear when I get dressed in the morning .

    • brinster November 23, 2021, 6:05 PM

      Way ahead of ya OneGuy. I put my sox on this morning without falling over. I was sitting in a chair at the time.

      • Lance de Boyle November 24, 2021, 10:27 AM

        I thought I was the only one!

        You ever try to put on cowboy boots standing up? Easy concussion as you crash into the table.

        • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 11:44 AM

          Dear Lance de Boyle: Just to spite you, I tried it. Fell onto the bed. As a consolation prize I can still put my underwear on while standing up. While sober, that is.

    • Anthony Gaudio November 25, 2021, 11:29 AM

      Try doing that with your eyes closed!

  • Skorpion November 23, 2021, 7:18 PM

    Liked the call-out to the Situationists in the Bilbro article. I’ve always considered them easily the sanest and clearest-eyed of all cultural Lefties.

  • gwbnyc November 23, 2021, 7:42 PM
    • nunnya bidnez, jr November 24, 2021, 6:50 AM

      where was that taken?

      • gwbnyc November 24, 2021, 1:10 PM

        North side of W4th St btwn 6th Ave and Jones St, Manhattan- that’s the western window.

        this is the eastern-

        I’m buying my wife a steel uke for xmas from this shop.

        • ghostsniper November 24, 2021, 1:34 PM

          I wanna see that steel uke.

          • Anonymous November 24, 2021, 4:45 PM
            • ghostsniper November 24, 2021, 7:12 PM

              A dobro uke, who’d a thunk it? Very nice. If she already plays, she’ll surely be smitten by it.

              • gwbnyc November 25, 2021, 1:04 AM

                my father had a national steel, bought it in 1934. he got it for something to do while recovering from a malady. it was the national with frosty palm trees on it.

                he liked to throw things away, I can still see it in the trash.

                • ghostsniper November 26, 2021, 4:02 AM

                  That was a crime. I’m not a fan of the uke but if I had them frosty palms I would be!

        • nunnya bidnez, jr November 24, 2021, 3:22 PM

          Used to work on Jones…
          the E corner on W4th used to be a dairy distributer;
          burned to the ground in ’75.
          Mafia had a private “social club” on the west side of Jones near W4th.
          The artist Frank Stella had his studio at 15(?)Jones;
          occasionally saw him drive up in a three piece suit, driving his BMW, usually he looked like a shlub.
          Building owned by the Guggenheim family. We used to steal his garbage on Tuesday nights; got a lot of free expensive watercolor paper that way, with his doodlings on one side.

          • gwbnyc November 24, 2021, 4:44 PM

            producer burt harris lived just down jones from 4th.

            Dylan McDermott’s father owned the W4th St Saloon at that dairy corner later on.

            I worked at the Zodiac on mercer@houston, an old garage with a dance floor, a guy Frank who was one of Chin’s guys owned it, I *think*.

            I worked at “City Limits”, too, and the Strand Bookstore.

            Chin’s mother owned a pet food store (rolls eyes) on Sullivan near 3rd, a guy robbed it. the cops grabbed him and told him who he robbed, he begged them to lock him up and he made a public apology to reporters.

  • Casey Klahn November 24, 2021, 3:58 AM

    Is this on topic? All west coasters among us have been in that Nordstrom on Union Square that got ransacked in SFO. I’d give anything to have been there.

    I worked every retail job there was for the better part of 25 years in big boxes. I always know where the secret hard aisles and eddy-outs are in box stores. All the exits and back rooms; I know who the store dix are and I watch all the customers. It’s just professional behavior ingrained over the years.

    It’d have been so easy to get a few of the stragglers into a box canyon and beat the ship out of them. Also: it’d have been the righteous thing to do. Wait! The culture (what’s left of it) says that these under-strata of urbanhood “deserve” the spoils of loot and chaos. This is modern america, after all. Isn’t it Brandon’s party that sells us that pap? You can do all the chaotic shit you please, but it better not happen on my turf.

    OK, that was fun to fantasize about. Going to take my pain meds now. Chuckles.

    • Gordon Scott November 25, 2021, 9:16 AM

      What are “secret hard aisles” and “eddy-outs?”

      Nowadays, if a store employee fails to smile and offer bags to looters, they get fired.

  • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 6:00 AM

    Some people find fault and misery everywhere, even in such a clear-cut victory as Kyle’s verdict. They claim that the trial just proves that America is “a putrefying corpse”. These are the sort of people who would look up at Christ on the Cross, and cry out “It’s all over!” when in fact, it had just begun. Why these types take pleasure in their misery—and wish to spread it far and wide—might have an answer somewhere in psychiatry.

  • Dirk November 24, 2021, 7:47 AM

    Mike, far more GOOD, happening in these United States, then BAD. Heck end of the day,,,,,,they,,,,,,, may kill is, but they can’t eat us.

    Happy Thanks Giving to you all,,, may the day of giving,,, be spent with family, loved ones, or cherished friends. The Spirit of this day is alive and well. Help others whom may need a small hand up! The gift truly is in giving!


    • Mike Austin November 24, 2021, 11:59 AM

      The pessimists, the naysayers, the complainers, the ingrates, the always morose: They all drink the same urine-tainted water. Give them a glass of fresh spring water, and they shriek in horror. The slightest bit of welcome news—even of a great victory—they turn into some kind of defeat. For them, the sky is always falling. They believe that they see the world “as it actually is”; and if you dare to disagree in the slightest they howl in righteous anger. Really, such unhappy creatures are so very tedious.

      Not even Freud could coax them out of their cage of self-imposed misery.

  • Dirk November 24, 2021, 5:08 PM

    Arrived at our camp ground, set the monster trailer up. My computer sadly tells me the three gentleman we spoke to earlier were convicted of multiple felony charges.

    They and their victim will be in my prayers.


  • OneGuy November 25, 2021, 6:54 AM

    Imagine your neighbors little girl out in her front yard is accosted and fondled by a man passing by. When he sees you he takes off running. He will probably get away because you cannot legally chase him down. And if you did chase him down and stopped him intending to hold him for the police you would be guilty of false imprisonment. And if a fight breaks out between you at that point and you are lucky enough to kill him before he kills you then you are guilty of murder because as we all know if you initiate the fight by chasing him down you cannot claim self defense. But if he kills you, he could legally get off with no charge for the just stated reason. This is effectively what the Arbery trial his told us.

    • ghostsniper November 26, 2021, 4:10 AM

      As I said before, you need to adjust your strategy’s in accordance with the times. 40 years ago a friend that had barely escaped Czechoslavakia, “When the rules get tougher the people get sneakier.”

      IF you see the perp running down the road, and IF you are an experienced shooter, and IF you have a Remington 700 in .308 you shoot him in the back of the head at 500 yards and retreat back into your bolt hole. Utter not a word to anybody and clean your gun. “Studying the anatomy of self defense against attacking savages in an upside down political world.”

      • Dirk November 26, 2021, 7:24 AM

        Ghost, gonna take more then cleaning your rifle. Hard evidence is firing pin strike, “ assuming you ejected the spent casing out” pin strike, pin needs R&R -Ed.

        Gentleman, “ murdering/killing another human, is not an easy task. Sure the physical act is, a physiological press the trigger, It’s the mental aftermath that’s the motherfucker.

        I’ve mentioned this a few times, before, killing a enemy combatant In a far off place, is nothing like killing a fellow citizen in the US, major differences. Here the wise man would “ anymore” practice the three S’s shoot,,,,,, shovel,,,,,, shit the fuck up!

        • ghostsniper November 26, 2021, 5:09 PM

          Your error, Dirk, is in referring to them as “fellow citizens”.
          The people I am referring to don’t deserve to be buried, let em rot in the streets. As I quoted before, “Buzzards gotta eat, same as the worms.”

          The Remington 700 is a bolt gun so no empty ejection necessary, and hollow points at long distance are almost impossible to match up.