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Nancy Pelosi’s Golden Moment

She’s got the look. “And those wonderful people out there in the dark.”

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  • ghostsniper January 26, 2020, 11:34 AM


  • jwm January 26, 2020, 2:27 PM

    Can we please, please, please See Nancy fade into black?
    I’d buy a ticket.


  • TrangBang68 January 26, 2020, 2:50 PM

    I’m sorry but I tend to relate that to a certain reptilian old bat swilling wine in an ill gotten mansion in Chappaqua, New York

  • Stargazer January 26, 2020, 3:23 PM

    Well done. Yes, Pelosi will fade into history. Another lost soul who thought she should be queen. Sad, actually. Sad.

  • Obie January 27, 2020, 5:29 AM

    Well, there’s always bobble-headed Hillary.

  • Jewel January 27, 2020, 9:36 AM

    She was less freakish and far more youthful than her current surgically enhanced descendants now always ready for their closeups.

  • Bunny January 27, 2020, 10:19 AM

    The post inspired me to watch the movie. Big difference between 50 (Norma) and 80 (Nancy), but yes, overcorrection is grotesque.

  • ghostsniper January 27, 2020, 10:28 AM

    “The post inspired me to watch the movie.”
    Agreed. I’ve been wanting to see that one for some time. This might just move it to the front burner.

  • Bunny January 27, 2020, 10:51 AM

    Lots of commercials, but after a while you can skip them after 10 seconds.

  • ghostsniper January 28, 2020, 4:09 AM

    Thanks Bunny, I’ll check em out.