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Let’s Review #1

Never Yet Melted サ Another Decades-Old Accusation

So after being given my change, I said, as usual, “Thank you, sweetie.” Cashier With Huge Hair And False Eyelash Addiction: You know, that’s a sexist thing to say.
Me: Huh?
CWHHAFEA: Calling me “sweetie”. It’s sexist.
Me: Sweetie, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
CWHHAFEA: You can’t call me that. It demeans me. It implies you think of me in a sexual way.
Me: *continued long blank stare, mainly because I wanted to see where this would lead*
CWHHAFEA: You gonna apologize?
Me: Hon, I was just being nice. I don’t want to fuck you.

Ever since the tiny elites who cluster together in tiny swaths of America’s coasts appointed themselves the moral arbiters of an entire nation that they deem to be teeming with inbred Christofascist moral lepers who deserve to be tortured and mocked into extinction, it has been our sincerest wish to see these sheltered pervs unmasked as the corrupt and predatory hypocrites we always knew they were. For generations now we’ve been forced to endure endlessly pious chest-thumping and relentlessly condescending lectures from HIV-positive waste cases who, if they had a scrap of decency, would have publicly immolated themselves on a glowing funeral pyre made of melted crack pipes. At the moment the entertainment industry is cannibalizing itself as a result of the sort of entitled arrogance that comes from not realizing that the endless witch hunts whose flames they’ve fanned for decades would eventually burn them at the stake, too.

Libs prepare for Thanksgiving: This year, liberals are creepy crawling back, with Salon posting, “How to survive Thanksgiving if you have to spend it with diehard Trump supporters.” Notice there are no conservatives writing how-to-lecture-a-captive-audience story. That’s because the conservatives are too busy buying turkeys and trimmings. Cleaning up the house. Getting out the folding chairs. These family dinners tend to be hosted by conservatives because we took out mortgages, not student loans.

Where Are All the Tranny Dudes In Politics? Other tranny victors last Tuesday included Lisa Middleton, a male-to-female tranny who resembles Robin Williams in the role of Mrs. Doubtfire. Riding a wave of gender delusion to victory in Palm Springs, CA, Middleton became “the first transgender person elected to a non-judicial office in California.” Middleton will join three “queer” members of Palm Springs City Council—a city that currently has no heterosexuals serving in that capacity.

How Does He Do It? – It seems that hardly a day goes by lately without the ruination of another prominent man by allegations of sexual misconduct. Somehow, though, Bill Clinton sails along. Can there be any doubt that this blackguard is a sexual predator of the first order?

Peaceful Separation | The inevitable end game with race relations as America careens into majority-minority status is separation. The question is what kind of separation and whether or not it will be peaceful. Ekow N. Yankah is an accomplished guy with lpads of talent. Africa could use a man like him. Maybe the people in charge are pushing these sorts of essays, because they know what’s coming. It helps prepare the ground for the inevitable. Or, maybe they locked in the past, and they just don’t see what’s coming down the tracks.

The Dark Side of Science Physical science, when it is divorced from faith, denies that free will can possibly exist.In that view, the criminal cannot be blamed for his crimes; the hero deserves no praise.

One day, actor Richard Dreyfuss is furious that Kevin Spacey allegedly groped his son right under his nose. The next, Richard Dreyfuss is outraged that he is accused of allegedly earlier doing something himself far worse to a similar young aspirant. Hypocrisy and irony become endemic: the chargers of Russian collusion are the original colluders. The loud protesters who take a knee themselves became the targets of silent fan protests. The statue smashers can put up statues worse than what they tore down. The men who swear they are feminists do so because they are misogynists. The accuser is blamed for accusing, or for staying silent so long, or for exaggerating the ordeal; the silent non-accuser is assumed to have advanced a career through willful acquiescence. Who can sort out the crime, the collusion, the conspiracy?

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  • Casey Klahn November 13, 2017, 2:57 PM

    Unless Elmer molested Bugs during duck season, what he did was perfectly legal.

  • Nori November 13, 2017, 9:02 PM

    Billy Jeff Elmer sez YEAHhhh…
    puffs on cigar…

  • Mumblix Grumph November 14, 2017, 1:57 AM

    Sweetie? Who the hell do you think you are, Obama?

  • PNG November 15, 2017, 2:09 PM

    Unless Elmer molested Bugs during duck season, what he did was perfectly legal..