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Three Times Three Centuries

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  • Joe Redfield December 18, 2020, 10:35 PM

    Do the schools teach Paine and Dickens anymore? I doubt if they ever did teach Bester. I remember I was amazed in the 8th grade(1959) when my Literature teacher not only allowed me to deliver a book report on “The Stars My Destination” but gave me a B+ .

  • George_Banner December 19, 2020, 12:06 AM

    From December the 3rd my soul looks up at me, from time to time, shakes its head in disgust . . . and goes back to puking.

    All the “let’s move on” bullsh!t is nothing but that, pure and simple.
    There’s no place to move on to since the Republic died on December the 3rd.
    We are not a Constitutional Republic anymore but a 3rd world pigsty rule by tyranny like so many others.
    Venezuela comes to mind. Argentina comes to mind. Rhodesia comes to mind.

    “Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” is just cr@p in the lefto-pukes toilet.
    The lefto-pukes are using the Constitution as toilet paper.
    Their choice.
    They are traitors to the last of them.
    Treason has a price.
    Back to the beginning treason has had a price.
    Nothing has changed.

    We still have balls.
    Some have turned theirs in to wives and state.
    Some live to forget they have them.
    But many still have ours hanging tough.
    Sometimes somewhat bruised by misandry, granted.
    But still very much there.

    We are back to before 1776.
    Want to “move on”?
    Let’s build a country, first.

    We need a Constitution and proper authority duly elected.
    I can suggest the basis for one. The one we had on December the 2nd.
    Could it be perfected? Probably.

    A better, more explicit 2nd Amendment comes to mind.
    And Ayn Rand’s “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of production and trade.” comes to mind.
    And forbidding the government from involving itself in anything whatsoever that does not pertain to police, armed forces and courts of justice.
    And term limits.
    And depriving lefto-pukes of all kinds, from the franchise.
    If you hate America you don’t get to vote.
    And establishing the death penalty for election fraud.
    And you only vote in person with inviolable personal identification.
    And establishing the “we catch you and you are out in 24 hours” for illegal aliens and “we catch you again and it’s automatic 10 years forced labor”.

    We don’t have any Republic, anymore.
    What we have now is a limbo at best or a lefto-puke tyranny, most probably.
    Yes, I know, Trump is still the President.
    But for how long?
    And, in the best of cases, what comes AFTER Trump?
    And what do we do with the virtual civil war and all the traitors during the (IF) next four Trump years?

    We are straight up in the midst of a coup against the remains of our late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020)

    This is not about America anymore.
    The Republic is dead.
    If we can’t elect a government then it’s all for nothing.

    You don’t “move on” from here.
    You begin by understanding that there’s no Constitutional Republic functioning.
    That we are one day BEFORE 1776.
    And then you move on from -T-H-E-R-E-.

    Our worst enemy today is the normalcy bias.
    All of our comfort is still there.
    All of our inanity is still there.
    All of the lefto-pukes traitors still living under the protection of our benevolence and still spewing their anti-American filth are till there.
    All of our buildings are still there.
    The flag is still there.
    Our carriers and our submarines are still there.
    Our Abrams still shooting nicely are still there.
    Our trucks still keeping the country alive are still there.
    Business as usual, amiright?

    Uhh!! . . . . . . The Constitutional Republic is not there anymore . . . . . .
    It’s kind of something, you know?

    The biggest treason in our history is still there.
    And from the modesty of my humble opinion somebody, several bodies, have to pay for it.
    We have been wronged by traitors bent on enslaving us.
    We can’t have them enjoying the fruits of their treasons and our servitude as if we are some kind of fundamental pussies.

    We are a free people and we kill tyrants.
    Two times we sailed the Atlantic (and the Pacific) to free the world from tyrants.
    We are a free people and we kill tyrants.
    And our Constitution was written so we can.

    This? This is not normal. Not normal, at all. Not by a long shot. No, Sir. No.

  • Gnawbonejack December 19, 2020, 2:16 AM

    I’m cleaning my gun…

  • Kev in in PA December 19, 2020, 3:05 AM

    Nice comment, George. I am with you.
    I’ve been stuck in this funk since 11/4. I went to bed the night before confident that Trump won and freedom loving Americans did too. I awoke to the unbelievable shitshow that now be fronts us.

    I’ve been in contact with state legislators and our one republican senator (Toomey a tool of the big banks, Wall St. and the globalists). The congress-critter for my legislative district is a leftist jackass and I won’t bother to voice my disgust at him and his party’s rotten trickery. It is a waste of time.

    The only hope I can see at this point –
    Option A) There will be enough objections raised in the house and senate that the electoral college swings back to Trump.
    Option B) Trump receives the report from DNI Radcliffe and determines to invoke the Insurrection Act, call out the Special Forces, begin massive arrests of various traitors in both houses of congress (Adam Schiff I am looking at you), purge every department of the Deep State, additional arrests of Clinton, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Wray, and others…..and while I’m dreaming, may as well go for all the beans – Abolish the ATF, restructure the FBI, oh and public hangings of the guilty parties after publicly broadcast military trails.

  • Nobody Atall December 19, 2020, 4:55 AM

    Ya know, I have heard many times of the court-packing threats by FDR that bent the entire government to his will … yet I didn’t really process it. Now we have seen the Supreme bent to the will of the mob.

    I have heard many times of the blatant fraud in the Nixon-Kennedy race, and that historians now admit that Nixon actually won … yet I didn’t really process it. Now we have seen that two-state election fixing spread to all the states and burrowed so deep into the earth of the nation that I do not see how it can ever be eradicated.

    I have heard of numerous other crimes and outrages … yet I didn’t really process it.

    Why not, you may ask. I’m now coming to the realization that those outrages and crimes did not accord with the image of the nation as I was taught it. So I ignored them. I did not deny them; I simply did not process them and admit them to their rightful place in the true image. In short, I altered reality within my own mind to accord with the lovely image I preferred. And all along, I thought the left-liberal-progressive-socialist-whatev criminals were the ones doing that very thing to reality.

    This year, I am endeavoring and struggling to process reality qua reality. I acknowledge now that I have neglected to practice this discipline and have lived a lifetime of wishful thinking. Mea culpa. I do not know what the future may hold, but I pray that I may atone somehow for my failure to use the brain the Lord gave me. May the Lord have mercy on me and all Americans.

  • bob sykes December 19, 2020, 5:21 AM

    People will submit. The Three Percenters will hide in their parents basements. We will live under Maoist communism.

  • Anonymous December 19, 2020, 8:20 AM
  • gwbnyc December 19, 2020, 9:57 AM

  • James ONeil December 19, 2020, 10:17 AM

    Quite frankly, it looks hopeless,
    but so did things in 1776.

  • ghostsniper December 19, 2020, 6:42 PM

    Just wait til the food runs out.
    You probably can’t imagine what lies in store for you.