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The Other Side

The sax’s sailing
Three sheets to the wind,
The organ’s rehearsing
Original Sin.

Lead guitar’s flailing,
Falling behind,
Bass guitar’s wailing,
Losing his mind.

Drummer’s in hiding,
Can’t be spied,
But the singer’s taking
It all in stride.

He knows life on the street
Is never ever as sweet
As life out on the Other Side.

The Other Side,
The Other Side.
Come carry me over
To the Other Side.
Some may be lost,
Others abide.
Some never pay,
Others pay twice.
Some swim in fire,
Others dance inside ice.
Some stay on the sand,
Others take that ride
To the carnival shining
On the Other Side.

Everybody wants to make it,
Wants to do their dance.
Nobody wants to break it,
Shatter their trance.

Making endless music
On the edge of night,
Want them all to love you?
Well, they just might.

If your song’s not too long,
Or your face a federal crime,
If the band plays fast and loose,
If the train comes in on time,

They’ll all buy your tickets gladly,
Slip you silver on the side,
For pointing out in burning rooms
The door to the Other Side.

The Other Side,
The Other Side,
Yes, they’ve got the map to the Other Side.
They’ll never pay once,
Much less twice.
They’ll learn to eat fire,
Dance on thin ice.
They’ll never need sleep,
They’ll know how to glide
Over Shadow Canyon
To the Other Side.

Pull yourselves together
There’s something left to save.
Aren’t you getting tired
Chasing shadows in a cave?

Outside stars are singing,
Perfectly in tune.
You see it’s getting late,
There’s a circle round the moon.

Don’t need songs to tell you
Freedom’s in your shoes,
And love the only known
Cure for lovers’ blues.

In love, some found the answer,
And for love, some have died,
But it’s only love that makes you real
Out on the Other Side.

The Other Side,
The Other Side,
We’ll help you get over
To the Other Side,
Where none are lost,
Where all abide
In rainbow crystal cities
Made of drifting ice,
And swim in seas of sunlight.
It’s no sacrifice
To hold on to the music,
Let it be your guide
Through old stone walls
To the Other Side.