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True North notes: My observations are that masks make people “feel like victims”. I wonder if it is a sense of silence, silencing, anonymity in the diminishing vein. The masks seem to provoke, signal, and  support fear. I do think the masks should be normalized as apparel for a person who wishes to signal a desire for social distancing because they are immune-compromised or for whatever their need for space is.

Elon Musk could save billions in taxes if Tesla moves its headquarters California imposes an income tax rate of 13.3% on its highest earners. So if Musk exercised the options while he was a California resident, he would pay $104 million in taxes. If he waits until he moves to Texas or Nevada, he would owe no state income taxes on the sale — effectively saving $104 million. If Tesla meets all the targets set out in the compensation plan, and Musk moves to Nevada or Texas, he would save more than $7 billion in state taxes on the $55 billion in estimated compensation.

United Kingdom reveals last decoded Nazi message to mark VE Day At 7:35 a.m. on May 7, 1945, a Nazi soldier identified as “Lt. Kunkel” sent a final message to colleagues from the town of Cuxhaven on Germany’s North Sea coast. “British troops entered Cuxhaven at 14:00 on 6 May — from now on all radio traffic will cease — wishing you all the best. Lt Kunkel,” the message read. “Closing down forever — all the best — goodbye.”

The shutdowns were sold as ‘two weeks to slow the spread,’ and ‘flattening the curve,’ and so on, and lots of people thought that was sensible, and it was. A two-month (or longer) shutdown is a different animal, and nobody consented to that. So now people are, mostly silently, withdrawing their consent from the state.

If you’ve got it, it came by truck. But the trailers came by train. Woodpile Report

Survivalism is unpleasant and difficult, but it’s the only alternative in unpleasant and difficult times. It won’t be about becoming a handy, well-liked member of a cozy little community. Open-handed nice people with their Norman Rockwell settlements will be ruthlessly exploited and left for dead. Viable communities will emerge, but more like the Bielski or Forest Brothers woodland partisans, minus the antique politics.

All this time, Khan stayed one step ahead of the Gestapo by constantly moving from place to place to transmit. She dyed her hair various colors and used assorted disguises. Once, she was cornered by two German officers on the metro. They noticed her suitcase, which carried her secret transmitter. They asked her what was in the case. “A cinematograph projector,” Khan replied. She opened the case slightly, allowing the officers to peer inside. “There are the little bulbs. Haven’t you seen one before?” Apparently, her confidence and boldness embarrassed the Germans so much that they accepted her story, and did not detain her.

No Savior for Dems: Michelle’s Netflix Film Flops “Variety accused the film of presenting the former first lady in a ‘manicured’ fashion.” The film didn’t present anything. The Obamas presented themselves — and I’ll guarantee you this. They presented themselves, ’cause they buy their own hype. And it bombed. Variety says, “There are no big revelations here, no gotcha moments or intimate scenes in which [the] subject lets down her guard, but the target audience hardly expects anything tougher.

Alternatives to the Drudge Report are popping up and need to be supported with visits. In no particular order, they include:

Pro Trump News.

The Liberty Daily.


Citizen Free Press.



Ace of Spades.

Bongino Report.

American Drudge Report.


Eagle Slant.


News Ammo.

Infogalactic News.

Gab Trends.

Clip and save.

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  • jwm May 12, 2020, 1:24 PM

    Why I took Next Door off my list:
    (actual quote. The real thing. No fake.)

    “Thank GOD, I watch and trust CNN, ABC and MSBC.”

    Remember. These people are the majority in many parts of our benighted nation.


  • Stargazer May 12, 2020, 1:38 PM

    I like Citizen Free Press.

  • H May 12, 2020, 6:22 PM

    And our top story tonight: apparently the judge is mucking around with the Flynn dismissal. Wants to hear from outside agitators, oops, I meant, outside “individuals and groups.”


  • ghostsniper May 12, 2020, 6:57 PM

    …masks make people “feel like victims”.

    Not me. The mask makes me feel….anonymous.
    Like a highway man.
    A desperado waiting for a strassenbahn.
    All video camera’s are now worthless, and I like that.
    Always have a creepy feeling when I know there are camera’s about, mostly hidden.
    Like I’m automatically a criminal and the camera’s are just waiting for me to fuck up. BLAM!!!

    Not uncomfortable much.
    I wear a full filtered face mask in the workshop frequently, so I’m kinda used to the effect.
    If I’m husking the hide off a dank piece of raw timber on the lathe I wear a ballistic faceshield.
    Maybe I’ll wear the shield the next time I go to Kroger.

    That staying 6′ away business?
    I’m all for it.
    Never been much for all that up in your grill stuff.
    Just stay the fuck back.
    Thenkew veddy much.
    Now I got the elbow room I’ve always craved.
    Funny, it took a massive global viral attack to get people to think about behaving like human beings again.
    It won’t last.
    Most people are basil animals and that’s all that can be said.

    Quarantine? I’ve been doing that for 30 years. yawn
    Most people aren’t worth knowing.
    I get along best with people when I’m not around them much.
    This started happening to me way back when I started stopping being a LIEberal and becoming a conservative.
    Once you cross that line you can’t go back.

    When I think about it, if I was to go back to being a LIEberal it would amount to pretending I was a child or an adolescent.
    Ignoring my responsibilities, blaming everybody else for my shortcomings, lying like a hor, yadda yadda yadda.
    I’m kinda lazy and doing all that pretending seems like a lot of work.
    shwew…I got tired just thinking about it.
    Maintaining all the lies, being terrified someone was going to beat my ass for lying, cheatin’ and scammin’ all over the place.
    You know, all the standard stuff american communists do all the time.
    If I woke up tomorrow and discovered I was a full blown LIEberal I hope I’d have the temerity to grab a 12 gauge and blow my GD head off.

  • David Foster May 13, 2020, 4:54 AM

    Noor Inayat Khan…Selwyn Jepson, the man who recruited her into SOE, wrote after the war:

    “Not only in the dark hours of solitude, but at unexpected moments of daytime activity, it is as though a shutter opens in a familiar wall which I know has no shutter in it, and she is there, briefly, the light filling my eyes. She does not haunt me, as do some of the others…she is simply with me, now and again, for a little moment.”

  • James ONeil May 13, 2020, 6:19 PM

    Mask makes you feel like a victim? Depends on which mask you choose to wear.


  • Annie Rose May 14, 2020, 5:16 AM

    I would like to take this opportunity to advocate for all of those similarly afflicted like me, who sport what some refer to as a “pug nose”. Those of us with this nose status are unduly suffering more than others in this masked time. Trudging through the grocery store is a near death experience at times as I gasp for breath while scanning empty food shelves. With every inhalation, my homemade cloth mask (with special filter pocket) is sucked tightly up against my skyward nasal passages where it remains stuck as if velcroed in place.Visions of suffocation appear as I envision the mask continuing its travel deep inside my perky nose, cutting off air. Every time I must touch the mask to adjust it, angry accusing stares are thrown my way, and even some audible inhalations of fear, as if I’m about to pull a gun and shoot someone. On behalf of those who are proboscis challenged, I ask only for a small measure of understanding and tolerance from those with prominent bird beaks that keep their masks safely away from nose openings. And to the lady last week following people around the store shouting at others over supposed COVID transgressions, like Queen Cersei’s cryer shouting “Shame! Shame! Shame!”, go take a flying leap off a very high cliff.