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Strange Daze: All of modern life has been just “Yelling at the sky” since the sky quit answering,

and now we have become a nation trapped forever in a teeteristic buttocal ravine in which we daily debate, “Proposed: civilization is never more than four square meals away from savagery” while praying we never find out. Right? Right.

In America today, we see the Democratic Party’s obsessive focus on categorizing people by race/ethnicity. We see the irresponsible rewriting of history in the service of this divisiveness. We see attacks on free speech, both via administrative processes–now common in universities and spreading rapidly to other types of organizations–and by physical intimidation, as with the Nazi-style threats against bookstores that might carry a critical book about Antifa. We have seen attempts to intimidate juries…and witnesses, as with the actions being taken against an out-of-state medical examiner who testified in the Chauvin case. We see people losing their jobs for fear of mob action–fear of the physical mob, as openly admitted by the Mayor of Atlanta in the case of a police officer, and fear of the online mob, as seen in many cases in business and other types of organizations. We see Taliban-style wanton destruction of statues. We see the emergence of the Nazi-style idea that there is such a thing as ‘white mathematics.’ We see a drive for a government takeover of child-raising from a very early age, with obvious and predictable consequences for political and philosophical indoctrination. We see overwhelming pressure for conformity and the politicization of all aspects of life.

And we see the party, the political movement, and the individual politicians behind all of these directly totalitarian policies–many with clearly Fascist and/or Marxist lineage…being winked at or even embraced by many of those who were so quick to accuse Trump–and his supporters–of being ‘Fascists.’

My brothers and sisters, they cannot do it again. Only a race of madmen could do it again—The Children’s Pet Shows at Venice Beach, California – c. 1936

after which we can take an Instagram break as Ellen Degenerate gives his mother the Mother’s Day gift of looking like an old version of her self-hating daughter.


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PS: Check out that perverted chunk of art Elllen has decorating her “home.” Charming, what?

DEATH TO AMERICA! The Biden Administration announced earlier this week that there would not be a significant expansion of lithium, rare earth, and other mining in the U.S. for electric car batteries and renewables, dashing the hopes of labor unions.  Already unions were upset since they stand to lose tens of thousands of members if Congress follows through on Democrats’ plans to switch the country from natural gas and petroleum-powered vehicles, homes, and power plants to ones powered by solar panels made in China and minerals imported from abroad.

I know that last March, as the lockdown began and we laid in provisions, I contemplated the possibility that civil order would break down. What if the disease spiraled upward to the point where you couldn’t get any medical care? What if you had a dead body in the house and no one would come take it away? Some people would lose their minds. Then what if the food supply chain broke down? That never happened, but it could have, and it was rational to imagine that there would be home invasions in search of food.

DEATH TO AMERICA! : China chooses life while in the rapidly declining imperial USA, parents are being socially incentivized to put their little boys in dresses and sterilize their little girls with hormone blockers and surgery.

DEATH TO AMERICA! The only question remaining at this point is whether Joe Biden’s open pedophilia is considered a feature or a bug by The Powers That Be Biden is obviously demented, but the pedophilia is intrinsic to him – he was sexually into children, including his own, according to his daughter, long before any brain injuries or dementia. So The Powers That Be placed a pedophile with rapidly fading self-censoring capability as the “president” of the “united states”.

I think at this point, this is a trolling operation. I think they are positively luxuriating in the utter refusal of the unwashed masses to do a damn thing to resist them in any way.

They can literally let their front puppet openly lust on a pre-pubescent child from the podium, and nobody bats an eye. And on a military base, no less.

Odds are that the last known photo of San Francisco will look pretty much like this: The first known photo of San Francisco, CA taken in 1851.  

A Gigantic Map of the Internet Download to see in detail.

The Bill Gates Way of Getting More Bang for Your Billion Bucks: >1. Create a charitable foundation in your own name and donate 98% of your wealth to get it off the ground and never pay a dime of taxes again, AND get worshipped as a hero for being so generous.
>1a. Oh, by the way, that “Wealth” is all your stocks and bonds and real estate holdings so any capital gains on that go right to the charitable foundation and don’t get taxed. Then you can pay yourself a salary of whatever you want and only pay income tax on that part while using any and all of the foundation’s property for whatever you want. Buy a 20 Million dollar mansion on a hill, use it for quarterly board meetings and week-long team building events and you can live in it by yourself the rest of the year, and when you die your children can take over the foundation without having to pay a dime of inheritance tax on any of that property.

The Role Model for Leatherface John E. Fryer — John Ercel Fryer, M.D. (November 7, 1937 – February 21, 2003) was an American psychiatrist and gay rights activist best known for his anonymous speech at the 1972 American Psychiatric Association (APA) annual conference where he appeared in disguise and under the name Dr. Henry Anonymous. This event has been cited as a key factor in the decision to de-list homosexuality as a mental illness from the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

A troll is not quite a schemer, or a scammer, or a prankster, or a performance artist; he is a creator of chaos and dissension. If we ignore the trolls who just scream at private citizens for tenuous reasons—and we should just ignore them, because the others are actually interesting—we can say a good troll often performs a critique; his work can be a satire, or merely an “intervention.” The closest preexisting term we had might be “provocateur”—what you become when you age out of “enfant terrible”—but that doesn’t necessarily convey the mischievousness of a troll; provocation is too distant and pretentious for what the troll is after, and indeed the troll seeks to collapse distance and puncture pretentiousness in particular. You might be wondering, “Collapse distance? But trolls are ironic, and irony is distancing. . . . That’s why it’s a scourge in our culture!” This is totally wrong, but I don’t have the space to explain why.

Olympia, René Magritte’s portrait of his wife, painted in 1948.

Did Paying a Ransom for a Stolen Magritte Painting Inadvertently Fund Terrorism?   The doorbell rang at 135 Rue Esseghem, a modest row house in Jette, a Brussels suburb. The concierge was occupied with a pair of Japanese tourists visiting the apartment, which had been home to the surrealist painter René Magritte and his wife, Georgette Berger, from 1930 until 1954, and was now a private museum. It was shortly after 10 a.m. on September 24, 2009. When she excused herself to answer the door, the concierge found two young men waiting at the threshold. One of them asked if visiting hours had begun; the other placed a pistol against her head and forced his way inside.

Captives of Habit |James and physiologist Carl Lange formulated the famous James-Lange theory of emotion, which might be summarized thus: “We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh.”

Day of the Assassins: A History of Political Murder     Mossad could have wasted Ayatollah Khomeini when he was hiding in plain sight at Neauphle-le-Chateau outside Paris, and so might France’s DST. But the Shah advised President Giscard d’staing’sright-hand man Michel Poniatowski against such an action, with the results that we see today.“In the tropics it’s unusual for fires to start spontaneously,” he told us, a half century later.   Then he saw a boy. Naked. Hair down to his shoulders. This wild creature leaped from the cliffside and plunged into the water. Suddenly more boys followed, screaming at the top of their lungs. It didn’t take long for the first boy to reach the boat. “My name is Stephen,” he cried in perfect English. “There are six of us and we reckon we’ve been here 15 months.”

Thomas Mann would have a hard time surviving present-day America, where we have all been ordered to surrender our entire brains to politics—and to hold nothing back.   The meaning of the things we do or say is relentlessly referred back to our gender or skin color, both of which have become just as omnipresent and ever-malleable keystones of political propaganda as the divide between workers and bourgeois parasites was in the old Soviet Union. Who you are is rapidly being replaced by what you are, for the convenience of Facebook’s capitalists and BLM’s moralists alike.

The flag flown by the Union garrison at Fort Sumter during its bombardment by Confederate forces

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen” href=”https://theamericanscholar.org/e-pluribus-unum-3/”>E Pluribus Unum? If union inspired ambivalence, democracy brought fear and trembling. Taylor makes clear that “contrary to popular mythology, most of the founders did not intend to create a democracy. Instead, they designed a national republic to restrain state democracies.” Both Federalists and Republicans were keenly aware that all great republics in history eventually collapsed, and this impelled them to consider how little democracy they could get away with to inoculate the fledgling nation against certain ruin. After 1815, as more states expanded the franchise among white men, this democratic inoculation threatened to metastasize into a democratic insurgency. Not all anxious observers shared Edgar Allan Poe’s verdict that “Democracy is a very admirable form of government—for dogs.” They agreed, however, that a botched transition from republicanism to democracy—even one that excluded women and Blacks—would quickly degenerate into what the Richmond Whig in 1835 referred to as “Mobocracy.”

Cicero was the first intellectual to rise to prominence in politics, and his life offers perhaps the best warning on record to intellectuals to steer clear of. A novus homo, or new man, which is to say a man born without a distinguished lineage, the first of his family to enter public life, Cicero, through talent and cunning, achieved the office of consul, the highest in the Roman Republic. But, owing to thugs employed by Mark Antony, he ended with his decapitated head and hands nailed above the rostrums in the Forum.  

His name was Martial Bourdin — French, 26 years of age, with slicked-back dark hair and a mustache.    He wandered up the zigzagged path that led to the Royal Observatory, which just 10 years earlier had been established as the symbolic and scientific center of globally standardized clock time — Greenwich Mean Time — as well as the British Empire. In his left hand, Bourdin carried a bomb: a brown paper bag containing a metal case full of explosives. As he got closer to his target, he primed it with a bottle of sulfuric acid. But then, as he stood facing the Observatory, it exploded in his hands.

Thoughts After Rereading An Old Book @  Liberty’s Torch    Kornbluth wore no rose-colored glasses. Here’s his assessment from the end of the novel: Somehow for a century we’ve achieved in Syndic Territory for almost everybody the civil liberties, peace of mind and living standards that were enjoyed by the middle classes before 1914—plus longer life, better health, a more generous morality, increased command over nature; minus the servant problem and certain superstitions. A handful of wonderfully pleasant decades. When you look back over history you wonder who in his right mind could ask for more. And you wonder who would dare to presume to tamper with it.

‘Though she be but little she is fierce’ 

The Democrat Model for the Future is the Worst City in America  Rochester has the second highest urban murder rate in New York with killings up 56% and shootings up 90%. Once the 32nd largest city in the country. Rochester is at number 111 and falling. Its population shrank 6.2% since 2000. The poverty rate is at 31% and the only thing going up is STDs with gonorrhea up 77% and chlamydia rates placing second in the state. So the Democrats are using Rochester as a model for America.

In the fourth floor of Gestapo headquarters, after a short but eventful visit to the interrogation room,  Fourrier gave the Gestapo agents a name: Dr. Marcel Petiot of 66 Rue de Caumartin. The Gestapo sent a car to the address, where agents found Dr. Petiot with his wife and son. This doctor matched the rough physical description the Gestapo had assembled for Dr. Eugène: Tall, dark, and a medical doctor. Agents found hundreds of vials of morphine⁠—many more than a doctor would ordinarily keep on hand⁠—and a cache of the hallucinogenic drug mescaline, also known as peyote. The agents arrested Dr. Petiot and brought him back to Gestapo HQ. For multiple weeks, on the same fourth floor that broke Fourrier, interrogators submerged Dr. Petiot in ice water, drilled holes in his teeth, placed his head in a vise, and administered other such inventive torments, but the man consistently and persistently insisted that he was merely a scout for the network, not its chief officer.

The woman who walked around the world When I first connected with Maxwell over Skype in June 2018, she was already nearly four years into her journey, having walked more than 12,500 miles in 12 countries on three continents. Curious, I asked her what kind of person it takes to walk around the world. Her face gleaming, she quipped, “a stubborn one”. She then added, “It’s probably a combination of ambition, a little stubbornness and a pinch of passion – not for hiking as a sport, but for self-discovery and adventure.”

How Pizza Took Over Our Freezers The number of comments that the USDA received in 1973, after it attempted to set a requirement for the amount of cheese a frozen meat pizza could have. It wanted to set the standard at 12 percent cheese, but a lot of people complained about it, so it left well enough alone. But the dairy industry kept trying, though the public kept complaining. In 1986, the National Milk Producers Federation, which would clearly benefit from more cheese and fewer fillers on the pie, had this to say about the matter: “In the absence of revised standards, USDA continues to permit manufacturers of frozen meat-topped pizza to delude the consuming public.” Political pizza fights are hardcore, guys.

The Bob Ross Virtual Art Gallery Welcome to the Bob Ross virtual art gallery! It’s been a hard year, and we could all use some relaxation.

Don Surber: Fox News sings, “I Want You Back”  Fox often offers the same leftist BS reporting that the other channels do. Instead of the fair-and-balanced reporting of the Ailes Era, Fox offers not-openly-liberal reporting. Fox fell for the Russian hoax, the Ukraine hoax, and the Insurrection hoax. It also reported last summer’s riots were “mostly peaceful protests.”

Woman Who Said Women Have Vaginas Attacked By Invasive Species – William M. Briggs  Lisa Keogh, is a law student at Abertay “University”, which itself is in a near-frozen wasteland of strange and curious creatures, which were once largely unknown in the warmer parts of the world. Creatures like the blue-haired land whale, the sallow ballless dean, and the shrieking trannie. These invasive species, once unheard of, are of course now commonplace all throughout Europe and most of North America. They have the unfortunate habit of displacing the indigenous populations wherever they find entry.

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  • Richard June 10, 2021, 7:20 AM

    Already unions were upset since they stand to lose tens of thousands of members >>>

    ‘Life Is Hard, It’s Even Harder When You’re Stupid’ John Wayne
    Yep, just keep voting for those democrats. A party dedicated to the little people and doing everything it can to keep them little. Suckers! No sympathy whatsoever.
    As W.C. Fields said, “Never smarten up a chump!”.

  • Sam L. June 10, 2021, 7:28 AM

    “White” math???? Using black numbers and symbols??? The HORROR!!!!!!!! The horror… Sanity, where art thou??? Ahhhh, hiding out in the boonies, no doubt.

  • leelu June 10, 2021, 8:16 AM

    Art always tells you more about the owner than it does the artist.
    I doubt the ‘inside’ of Ellen is very pretty in places.

  • tim June 10, 2021, 9:04 AM

    The only thing more depressing than watching my hometown of Rochester, NY turn into the “Worst City in America” is watching America turn into Rochester, NY.

  • gwbnyc June 10, 2021, 9:36 AM


    I would never have trusted the conch.

  • James ONeil June 10, 2021, 9:50 AM

    Strange Daze indeed. I often need remember I”m 82, not 28, no need for me to save the world. I can, and should, just sit up here atop it and enjoy the show. Leave the saving to the next and next and next generations. Doesn’t mean I can’t spend a fair abound of time telling them how to do it, of course.

    Think, today, I’ll spend some time on my savage teenage granddaughter’s home schooling; take her through some practical chemistry.

    Saltpeter, brimstone, willows baked in an oxygen free environment. Can sugar replace the willow? Is the brimstone absolutely necessary? Free saltpeter in the neighbor’s horse stalls? Alternative source? First collect 50 gallons of urine…

    Idle hands are the devil’s playground. T’ain’t happening here, always something to do, something to fix something to make and well over 40 feet of book shelves and 10 musical instruments in sight of where I’m sitting.

    All in in all, why yes I’m (Though I cringe a bit to use the following word that’s so often misused.) literally and figuratively, sitting on top of the world.

    Strange Daze indeed.

  • Veeze June 10, 2021, 9:53 AM

    I must confess, at first glance I thought the Magritte painting was done by Terry Gilliam.

  • julie June 10, 2021, 12:01 PM

    You beat me to it, Gerard – I was going to comment on the creepy painting which distracted from the creepy scene of Ellen’s poor mom getting a haircut.

    These people are sick; by their fruits you know them, and also by what they choose to surround themselves with.

  • Arty June 10, 2021, 5:16 PM

    Re. Joe Biden vs the unions. Joe knows the socialist unions will always vote for the socialist candidate, that’s why he can piss on them without worrying about losing their support. Similar to how RINOs treat conservatives.

  • PA Cat June 10, 2021, 5:42 PM

    Live. Love. Mask. IOW, the ugliest example of anticlimax (in more than one sense) in recent English usage. OTOH, the mask on the sign is a FDOC (face diaper of color), so it’s at least politically correct.

  • Karen June 10, 2021, 10:42 PM

    The little girl holding the horned toad so lightly, allowing it to stretch; I think she had a tender heart. Plus, I’m a sucker for a little kid in eyeglasses.

  • Annie Rose June 11, 2021, 6:20 AM

    Ellen Degenerate is committing elder abuse on her poor mom. She must really despise her. Her mom at the age of 91 could drop dead tomorrow looking like a butchered shorn sheep. She asked why Ellen was doing that to her, which is her way of asking for help. Before assuming that this lady was unable to get a haircut due to covid, please be aware that she appears to be in an assisted living facility and her hair looks great. That’s because almost all facilities have beauty shops and barber shops. Residents also can leave to go to a salon. The one sacred point of my own elderly mom’s week was her salon day in her facility. God help anyone who interfered with the holy of holies-the blessed dressing of the hair day. Even on her death bed she complained that she had missed her weekly appointment. Hair is a very big deal for elderly ladies. When the body is failing, at least the hair can look fabulous. But Ellen took that away from her mom.

    Finally, I pity this poor woman being forced to look at that horrid picture in her room. It looks like something drawn in prison by Jeffrey Dahmer. This woman probably has been locked away in her room and kept from any human contact with family and friends due to covid for over a year, with only that bloody, violent picture for company. And now she gets butchered like a sheep. Dog groomers are more gentle than her daughter was.

  • Thud Muffle June 12, 2021, 6:50 AM

    It’s not forever.