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BLM thug lady harasses elderly couple and steals their drink in Pittsburg

This suggests two responses:
Number 1:

And Number 2:

Hanson: Cultural Suicide Is Painless Liberal elite whites themselves are now uneasy, since the abstract doctrines they so nihilistically advocated, from defunding the police to recalibrating looting as “redistribution,” are now becoming reified and closer to home. They see that when BLM protestors jam a restaurant to demand fealty or lecture on “white privilege” or march into a suburb to wake up the commuter to apprise him of his immorality, the racialists will not qualify their agendas with “except for woke whites.”

When tribalism is distilled to its innate and terrifying essence, there are never exemptions for individuals: you are reduced to what you appear superficially as to strangers. The white felon is no different than the white Harvard president, the black shoplifter is the same as the black physicist. We are all condensed to a sort of collective nothingness, or rather a racial “allness.”

Nobody Is Switching from Trump to Biden The fact is no one is moving to Biden. No one is saying “Sure, I love Trump’s leadership in foreign policy, his rebuild of the military, his ending endless wars, his tax cuts, the economy, the regulatory reform, the protection of speech, religious and gun rights, and the conservative judges, but, you know, then The Atlantic came along and assured us that four anonymous sources implied that Trump was insufficiently reverent toward some guys who were in World War I and now I have no choice but elect the Marxist marionette who can’t keep his fingers to himself.”

Desperately Derailing Donald –   We now witness surreal Biden press events. Questions are scripted from an “approved” list of reporters who apparently send fuzzy inquiries in advance and, like North Korean journalists, queue up to repeat them in public. Biden then either looks at his notes or a teleprompter for his canned answers, but stumbles through his responses. He often gives the game away by reading out loud his handlers’ prompts such as “end of quote” or “topline message,” while an uneasy rogue reporter occasionally blurts out loud in frustration that she wants to ask a question “not on the paper.” … The interviewers will try to carry Biden across the finish line by finishing his half-completed sentences, rewording and translating his garble, or abruptly changing the subject when Biden goes into screensaver mode.

And the more this does not work, the more vehemently it will be repeated.

‘It’s Just Not Worth It Anymore’: For Some Minneapolis Businesses, Wednesday’s Riots Were The Last Straw  

Mayor Bill De Blasio Plans 22,000 Layoffs, As People Flee New York City In Droves

The alleged racism of whites does not exist. The country is home to millions of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Lebanese, Jews, Thais, and Vietnamese. Few whites care. Many welcome it. Members of other races rise to a high position in America. Nobody cares. The CEO of IBM is Arvind Krishna; of Google, Sundar Pichai; of Microsoft, Satya Nadella; of AMD, Lisa Su; of nVidia, Jenson Huang; the founder of Facebook and co-founder of Google, Jews. Asians dominate the rigorous technical universities, MIT, CalTech, and so on. The Latin American population is problematic because of its size and newness, but there is no Brown Lives Matter, no Latino Knockout Game, few if any racial murders of whites. Latinos assimilate, start businesses, date whites, intermarry, and there is no problem. This is racism?

The Captain’s Journal » Antifa Reality Check: This Is A Problem Of RUF/ROE Leaders in law enforcement won’t be able to build a case against a person if the fed-up public refuses to cooperate… “Didn’t see or hear anything”™ will become common. finding young adults with skateboards, umbrellas, and helmets in dumpsters and ditches will be a message that won’t go unnoticed by their fellow cohorts.. The message will be, you can riot and destroy, Police and elected leaders may let you but once you are identified, you won’t be safe from the public.

There is no better sign you live in a third world country than rationed electricity. Honestly, if your government is too inept to deliver the basics, and other than water — something else California can’t deliver — there is nothing more basic than electricity, you live in a third world country.

The cost of compliance : We are now in the sixth month of “fifteen days to flatten the curve,” and I’ve noticed that these filthy mouth-pieces have become another urban environmental blight, on a scale even worse than the sidewalk basketball bouncers I recently decried. I spotted four discarded Batflu-spreaders on the sidewalk during a walk of less than one city block yesterday, to a deadbeat “supermarket” to fetch milk for my tea.

Revolutionary Martyrs A hundred million people may have been killed by Communism, but the world mourns the Communist because his face is on a t-shirt. Given this, it is easy to understand why antifa wants to control who can video the riots/protests in Portland.

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  • gwbnyc September 8, 2020, 10:15 AM

    saw Zulu at 15 with the guys at a friend’s house- markedly pivotal experience.

    never miss a chance to see it, and the war chants still enthrall me.

  • jwm September 8, 2020, 10:58 AM

    I’ll take #2 with a double side order of #1.

    And my fractured temper continues to slip the leash. Last night we held our almost weekly back yard BBQ, bull session, and break from the insanity for our close friends. Labor Day edition. I fired up both Weber kettles, and turned twenty pounds of pork ribs into heaven. We had lots of booze, and my old dealer came over with some top shelf OG. (I’m on the wagon, but it was fun enough watching everyone else catch a buzz)

    Throughout the course of the evening every one of our friends thanked us deeply for providing this little bit of sanctuary.

    Around 9:30 last night I noticed Buddy the Cat was missing. I walked out front and found him hiding under my truck, waiting petulantly for the intruders to begone. The night was quiet; the street was empty.

    Some guy, maybe mid-40’s was walking alone and wearing the mask of submission. I stared as he passed the house, incredulous as always when I see this. I was going to just shake my head, but the words just exploded out of me, and I confronted him.

    “Why are you wearing that thing?”

    “Just in case,” was his reply.

    “In case of WHAT?” I asked. “Just what do you suppose is gonna’ get you out here?”

    He picked up his pace a little. “I don’t have to explain myself to you, sir.”

    No, I suppose he didn’t. But I don’t doubt he had an explanation. The television people told him…


  • jwm September 8, 2020, 10:59 AM

    Comment lost in the ozone…


  • Jack September 8, 2020, 11:44 AM

    The photo stating: “They Aren’t Ready” and Jim Thurber’s accompanying comment is spot on. These MF’s have no concept of what is going to happen to them when the LEO’s step out of the way and sometimes, as I sit here and stew a little about all of this I find myself almost wishing that that day would arrive.

    I’m wondering, apart from local militias, are there any veteran or other groups who are meeting and discussing organization for that fatal day?

  • Stargazer September 8, 2020, 1:07 PM

    Zulu was an awesome movie based on a true story of incredible bravery against overwhelming odds. (And the missionary’s daughter was hot!)

  • Lance de Boyle September 8, 2020, 2:09 PM

    Fun Facts to Know and Tell.

    Oh, those were the days. The Weekly Reader. Which, oddly enough, was weekly.
    Grade 4. Miss Taylor would come to each filthy kid’s desk (all the kids were filthy), lean over, and hand them out—the Weekly Readers, not the kids. I would cleverly peek down her whatchacallit and clock her joy packs. Magical, they were. She knew that I saw and loved ’em. I think she had a crush on me.

    Anywho, when going to an outdoor eatery, fill your glass with bleach. Or, for extra fun, Drano.
    Watch in amusement as the BLMtifa whale’s eye pop out and her neck liquefies.
    Poke fun (hey, you get to have a little fun in your life!) as the aforementioned manatee in plaid tights staggers around, unable to make any speech sounds. [Well, it’s hard to tell when a BLMtifa yak IS making speech sounds, anyway.]
    Then, as the tub ‘o guts falls to the pavement, writhing in a rhythmical way (as is their wont), surrounded by the inquisitive mooing herd, take your leave in that jaunty way you have, twirling your mustache and your cane (or Whangee), and whistling something by Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald.

    Or just plug the blimp with your gat.

  • Kevin in PA September 8, 2020, 2:51 PM

    I’ve been holding my tongue on this one, but here goes….
    I find myself wondering what my reaction would be in such a situation as depicted in the picture with the fat black thing wearing the Nazi Lives Don’t Matter shirt and stealing someone’s drink…..okay, I console myself with the fact that the house is buying me another for their failure to secure their premises from animals in the dining area…..fine, but now my wife is frightened and her visible show of fear is what these savages feed on, so maybe it escalates and the fat one aggresses toward my wife….you see where this can go, right?
    First rule of avoiding a fight – Don’t be there when it starts…..but for chrissakes, we’ve been cooped up in the house and want to go have a meal out and a beverage to cool off on a late Summer evening.

    Really would not want to be suddenly be put in the situation of having to use force against someone for what essentially started out as them stealing my beer…..but on the other hand……

  • MIKE GUENTHER September 8, 2020, 3:54 PM

    Thought bubble from Bill Clinton… Damn sure glad David Crosby told me about the turkey baster when Hillary decided she wanted a child.

  • TwoDogs September 8, 2020, 4:09 PM

    I find myself watching “Zulu” again every couple of weeks on YouTube. That’s the way to deal with a BLM mob.

  • jwm September 8, 2020, 5:31 PM

    @Kevin in PA
    “But on the other hand…”
    Of course you don’t need me to tell you that that is exactly what this vermin is hoping for. And you don’t need me to forecast the result. And I write this because I have thought about this exact situation myself. I have the kind of temper that can blow very suddenly. If my wife was threatened I’d go nuclear. I doubt it would end well.


  • ghostsniper September 8, 2020, 6:20 PM

    John sed: “If my wife was threatened I’d go nuclear.”
    Imagine nuclear’s daddy.
    Times 10.
    I’ve lamented my disgust with eatery’s and people in general.
    Before there was Remus there was, me.
    I spent a half million to create distance between myself and horrible 2 legged animals that falsely claim to be humans.

    I’m in the last 10% of my life and over the past few years things have crystalized in my brain as to importance and NOTHING is more important to me than our sons mother. My wife.

    If through some sort of lapse of reason I found myself and my wife in a public facility and that bloated bag of rancid animal shit came in proximity it would immediately send up all the red flags.

    If it came in our direction I’d be inventorying available weaponry.

    If it got within 10 feet of us there would be a flash of light, a puff of white smoke, a hellacious explosion and everybody in the immediate area would be dead and my tail lights would be a distant memory.

    I know me. So I stay away. I don’t miss eating out. Don’t miss much of anything if it involves people I don’t know.

    This is our heaven on earth, why would we want to leave?

  • hooodathunkit September 8, 2020, 9:16 PM

    re: Captains Journal Antifa Reality Check
    WTF? Did not Uncle Remus say to avoid that? Seemed like every column he repeated it.

    Look, every place this is happening (more than once) has a bought-n-paid-for Soros district attorney, a ‘progressive’ Democrat governor, legislature, mayor, and council. The people who this is happening to them voted themselves into this mess … and to date they are unwilling to fix it because of their derangement. Some of it might be –is going to be– terminal TDS, their cities will never recover and go the way of Detroit after 1967. Other cities may snap out of it. In all cases, I feel sorry for those innocent idiots who have to live through it, but never enough to risk myself and mine.

    Doesn’t matter, stay away from crowds.

  • waitingForTheStorm September 9, 2020, 6:00 AM

    To ghostsniper. Your words hit home. Your situation exactly echoes my own.

    On July 4th Weekend, I sat on the town square because some antifa asshats were in town with the stated goal of defacing our county admin building and dragging down the first national flag that proudly flies at the couthouse. Two overnight vigils with a half dozen stalwart patriots.

    We witnessed what was apparently (from dress and demeanor) two separate cases of people walking the square, surveilling. They gave us a wide berth. Several cars with out-of-state license plates rode around the square and screamed crude epithets. The police stopped by a few times to make sure we were okay and to voice their support.

    One “visitor” was arrested on a combination of weapons charges and outstanding felony warrants.

    I wonder why these folks accosting peaceful citizens have not been ventilated.

  • ghostsniper September 9, 2020, 7:06 AM

    “I wonder why these folks accosting peaceful citizens have not been ventilated.”
    Why weren’t you in a dark corner with an expendable shiv in each hand dispatching these vermin?, or sitting in your living room with your family many miles from the insanity?

    I can’t relate with what you wrote.

  • James ONeil September 9, 2020, 12:03 PM

    The alleged racism of whites does not exist, linked to Fred Reed’s ‘Race: A Very, Very Dismal Reality’:

    Interesting take as he goes on to say Negros are dumb, “Low intelligence, poor impulse control, defective future orientation, emotionalism, difficulty with abstractions.”, uncivilizable and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.

    Sounds a bit racist to me but hey, I’ll cut him some slack, he’s a little old man ( though over 5 years younger than me) sitting down there at the bottom of North America looking up, while I’m up here on top of the world looking down, I suspect his ‘Negro’s are un-salvageable’ position is a reaction to the 24/7 ‘it’s all white folk’s fault!’, & there’s a lot of that reaction going around today (A cup of Z-man, anyone?).

    Me, I think there’s plenty of room for rational argument on nature vs nurture; why yes, that Bell Curve book laid out quite logically, assuming IQ reflects intelligence, that blacks are dumber than whites and that whites are stupider than yellows, -on the average. Note, -on the average. Hence I’ve no problem allowing that Tom Sowell may be a wee bit smarter than me and I’ve some Oriental friends to whom I must speak slowly and use little words.

    Regarding the Spades; nature vs nurture, how long ago, how many generations since LBJ’s “I’ll have those [expletive deleted] votin’ democrat for…?” In my view, from up here on top of the world, the nurture argument appears to win hands down, but I’m open to disagreement.